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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  November 12, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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seats, we got shot. >> reporter: michelle remembers feeling a burning sensation in her arm. it was a tray bullet hitting her. >> a piece of my bone broke off. >> another bullet grazed her hip. >> it looks like a rug burn. >> reporter: her girls are grateful mom is okay. >> they don't want to go back to oakland anytime soon. they are happy that is with them. >> reporter: oakland is grappling with a string of senseless shooting. today, the oakland chamber of commerce announced a reward of at least $10,000 for any information leading to an arrest. the group wants to rent a billboard an 880 with the following message. >> see something, say something. but most importantly, do something. >> reporter: speaking of seeing something, the oakland police chief says he is in full support of adding surveillance cameras
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and other crime-fighting technology on local freeways to stop the surge of freeway shoots. at least 76 in the past 12 months. >> it will be helpful in the investigation. and it would have helped in this crime, as well. >> reporter: the city's privacy advisory commission would have to look into it first. and she has concerns. >> grabbing information like cameras and facial recognition and some of the things that go along with that, have negatively impacted black communities and led to racial profiling. >> reporter: in oakland, melissa colorado, nbc bay area news. >> melissa has been following the strategy of jasper wu. you can find coverage on that case at just search jasper wu. turning to covid. the number of people eligible for the covid booster shot up today. san mateo county, has caught up to any adult that has waited a
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month since their last covid shot. scott budman is in redwood city. >> reporter: the state of california says every adult should be eligible to get a booster shot. now, we're starting to see some counties go along for the ride. doug just found out he qualifies for a booster. san mateo county starts to follow the state recommendation. >> i think more people should do it. it will hopefully end this nightmare that we're going through. >> reporter: as of today, anyone over 18, whose last covid shot was at least six months ago, can get the booster in san mateo county and santa clara county. the san mateo county says it
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makes sense with winter coming. >> we've been through this before. it's the wintertime. what do people do? parties? holidays. get togethers. >> reporter: dr. monica gandhi says she doesn't think the boosters are necessary if you're otherwise vaccinated. agrees it's an extra layer of protection. >> it will make your nose, a primary entrance point for the virus, less likely to see a virus. it's though we haven't shown this yet, it's possible that you would be less likely to transmit it. >> reporter: and doug says, that's enough to sign him up. >> thank you, scott. tonight, 66% of californians are fully vaccinated. more than 3 million people have received their booster shots. the data is incluing numbers for 5-year-olds to 11-year-olds.
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and 3% have gotten the first shot. that's 110,000 kids. revealing information about the shooting death of a popular belmont high school football star in january of 2019. robert honka has the exclusive details made public for the first time. it's a story you see only on nbc bay area. >> reporter: there's four defends. one is an adult, in an indiana jail, facing separate charges there. the other adult, antonio valencia, was in court today. it is the start of a legal process that almost didn't happen. it's easy to see why the shooting death of then-17-year-old mohammed ahmad, was a case that the community wanted solved at all costs. the high school student was a popular football star. and his funeral was filled with devastated friends. he was found on january 9th, 2019, shot to death. four people were taken into custody then and released. three years later, they were
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formally arrested and faces charges. >> there's a number of people involved. not everyone was honest in the beginning. trying to sort out what happened that night took quite a bit of time and a great deal of information. >> reporter: the court records say they met with a group and a suspect, to buy marijuana. police accounts say they believe the drug deal was a setup, meaning the suspect didn't have the pot. they believed that he had show money but not enough to make the buy. it was an effort to see if they could get away with it without paying for it. >> reporter: and one had guns. >> one lost his life. >> reporter: valencia and gonzales-magallanes and two others, because they are in juvenile court. the district attorney says there was two shooters was
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acknowledges they don't know which is the killer. >> each fired once. we don't know the fatal shot or one that grazed the victim. legally, irrelevant. >> the defends will remain out of public view. the one in the indiana jail has to face charges there first. robert handa. we are learning about two carjackings in the east bay. each one involving a child left in the car. an arrest has been made in one of them. the first one in pittsburg, off bliss avenue. that triggered an amber alert. a man got out of the suv to talk with a friend, just feet away from the vehicle. that's when a woman walked up and asked for a cigarette. then jumped into the suv.
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today, we did speak with a witness that saw it unfold. >> crazy it was a mistake. crazy. >> two hours later, an emotional reunion at the police station. the child was checked out and is okay. the police say they found and arrested the 24-year-old for the crime. incredibly, it happened again in concord. a woman left her 4-month-old strapped into a car seat and went into a restaurant. that's when someone stole the van. the van and child were found safe about 30 minutes later. that suspect is still on the loose tonight. following up on the crash that killed a san francisco educator in front of an elementary school. police have arrested a driver. police say the driver ran a red light and crashed into a car on wednesday morning. the car slided into andrew who was standing in front of the
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elementary school. he was a teacher's aid there. >> i know he still had a good life while he was living. >> oh, yeah. it's scary to walk down the street. >> the driver is being charged with vehiclely manslaughter. they do not believe she was umpired. a teenager is accused of making bomb threats to three schools. the teen is accused of making false bomb reports. due to his age, the authorities aren't identifying the teen or releasing the school that he attends. we woke up to a foggy morning in parts of the bay area. a live look in san jose, san francisco. a bit of lingering fog in the distance in walnut creek. jeff joins us now. what can we expect over the weekend?
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we can expect more of the fog come our way. we have seen that linger. it has started to clear out. although, over the sacramento valley, we're dealing with more dense fog continuing. this is different than our typical fog. it's ground fog. it can reduce visibility down to a half-mile and/or less. as we move through tomorrow morning, 7:00, we expect the fog over the peninsula. right near the bay. also down towards san jose. i think some of the central valley fog will make it to contra costa or alameda counties. this should clear out by 11:00 in the morning. i have a full look in less than ten minutes. >> see you in a bit. surging gas prices are creating a lot of pain at the pump for a ul of us bay area drivers, right? so painful. that's why we at nbc bay area have been hunting down the
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cheapest places to fill the tank. one of our cameras spotted gas for $3.99 in san jose. not too bad, right? this is located at safeway. it is the only place we could find with gas less than $4 per gallon. gas prices are reaching record numbers right now. for a list of the ten-cheapest in the bay area, visit our website, you might have seen our breaking news coverage at this time. it was a protest against vaccine mandates at the golden gate bridge. the protesters gathered in a park area on the side of the bridge. that triggered a crash. an suv hit a sweeper truck. the truck hit two chp officers and three golden gate bridge workers who were there monitoring the demonstration. paramedics rushed four of them to the hospital. the good news, no life-threatening injuries and everyone has been released from the hospital. it is the victory millions
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of britney spears fans have been waiting for. up next, what happened today that gives the pop star her life back. plus this -- >> the substitute teacher shortage. what is causing it and who is having to step in?
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you may have heard, britney spears is a free woman. her fans are celebraing in the streets of l.a. dozens of people carrying signs and flags marking the moment after 13 years a judge has finally dissolved spears' conservativeship. it was created in 2008, when her mental health was called into question. since then, her dad has had
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control of her finances and medical care. britney is a mother of two and has been trying to regain her independence. a found judge her conser conservatorship is no longer necessary. amid one of the worst substitute teacher shortages today. >> seattle got so bad, they had to close some schools. we go to the franklin mckinley school district in san jose. they say the problem is clear but the solution is not. >> reporter: one of the concerns is that many of the substitute teachers are retired teachers of older age, who are afraid to exposure to unvaccinated children. they hope that changes soon. ? the meantime, it's all hands on deck. you will find juan touring one of his schools.
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these days, he is spending their time making sure there's an adult in every classroom, something that's getting harder and harder to do. >> today, we have a number of support staff that are filling in to fill some of the vacant substitution positions. >> reporter: there was a need for 30 subs today in franklin mckinley alone. there's nowhere near enough people in the sub pool to fill the vacancies. while dealing with an internal crisis, the superintendent had to fill in for a p.e. class for one period. schools might end up combining classes in one room. >> obviously, we don't want to do that. especially with covid. we want to keep the classes contained. sometimes that's the only option we have. >> it's even more challenges because multiple school districts are sometimes competing for the same group of subs. the district raised a stipen to $200 per day and $240, if the
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sub commits to consecutive days. parents worry about a learning lag, caused by the shortage of teachers and subs. >> they have to have teachers. kids need teachers. >> reporter: short falls and letting academic goals, he has to sort out the sub puzzle many days, looking for ways to make sure every student has a teacher, even if that means doing the job himself. >> thank you. a mysterious case of animal cruelty in the north bay. someone shot and killed this horse on monday, while he was in his pasture about three miles from the sonoma coast. buddy was a 26-year-old quarterhorse. the sheriff's rural crimes task force is investigating the shooting. if you know anything about it, call the sheriff's office. california's insurance commissioner is barring insurance companies from dropping their coverage from
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homeowners that live in wildfire zones. it brings the total number of protected homes to 618,000 in 31 counties. after the huge fire losses in 2017 and 2018, some insurance carriers dropped tens of thousands of homeowners in fire-prone areas of the sate stated. california could see its first big reservoir run dry. mendocino is a little more than a large pond. rain over the past few weeks has lifted the lake above its october low, the reservoir is only 35% of its targeted levels. officials worry the wet winter season won't bring enough to meet next year's water demands. >> have to see what happens. right now, we're going through a brief dry spell, right, jeff? >> certainly, after we get finished with one storm, i'm asked when are we going to get more rainfall? things are looking up toward the end of the month.
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in the beginning and mid of december, we could see a moderate system bringing us rainfall. maybe chances around thanksgiving. we're still running a rain surplus. we have to start somewhere. we are doing good considering where we are in the rainfall season. let's get you into storm ranger doppler radar. we're seeing the ground fog beginning to clear. we have dense fog in the central valley. that's an indicator of what we will be in for tomorrow. i want to get you ready, in case you're headed out to meet up with friends or family. just know you're going to need the jacket wherever you are. 66 in san francisco. a little fog, starting to push back in. we're down to a chillier 58 at 8:00 p.m. right near the bay. we're looking at 66 degrees. and we have chillier 50s at 8:00, 9:00 and 10:00. this is the inland valleys. this is the coolest spot.
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we started with the ground fog. we're starting to see the ground fog in the central valley. got a lot of cool air lingering around. 50s moving in at 7:00, 8:00 and 9:00 p.m. let's bring back the fog for tomorrow morning. if you're up around 7:00 or 8:00 in the morning, you can see it right here. the fog over san francisco. the bay and possibly some dense fog down in the south bay. and we got really thick fog expected in the central valley. some of that is going to move into contra costa and alameda county. when we hit around 11:30 in the morning, we should clear out from that. that's going to set us up with a sunny picture, that you can see right there, for tomorrow afternoon. besides this, it will also start off cold tomorrow morning. we have upper 40s and low 50s. that's what we had all week long. 52 in the south bay. trivalley down to 49. we'll continue with the 40s.
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in the east bay, san francisco and the north bay. look in the south bay, once we clear the fog, getting up to 74 in san jose and light winds and sunshine all the way over the east bay. 72 in antioch, and up to vallejo, 68. up to 73 in palo alto. san francisco, staying in the 60s across the board the marina right on down to the ingleside. and to the north bay, 76 in clear lake. on the seven-day forecast, you will notice, we stay dry the next seven days. i'm seeing the clouds increase next monday, tuesday and wednesday. that's from storms moving up towards seattle and portland. we stay dry but will get the clouds. and in tin land valleys, 70s through sunday. it gets cooler next week. i arranged it perfectly. the weekend is shaping up good.
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monday, we get the clouds back. >> appreciate you did that. coming up, a bay area favorite is welcoming visitors again. we're going to take you to the grand reopening that's out of this world.
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welcome back. peninsula representative jackie speier introduced a resolution to censure a fellow congressman. we've been talking about paul gosar's tweet, in a video that depicted him killing alexandria ocasio-cortez and with a sword against president biden. threats against elected
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officials, especially women. >> he suggests it's a cartoon. it's not a laughing matter. we have censured members of congress, for using unparliamentary language or criticizing the speaker. this goes far beyond that. >> censure is the second-harshist form of punishment in the house. gosar removed the video after posting it. elon musk has sold another chunk of his stock after pledging on twitter to liquidate 10% of his holdings. he sold about 5 million shires. he asked on twitter if he should tell his stock to pay taxes. 61% of those responded said yes. while the stock has dipped 15% this week, it's up 150% over the
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last 12 months. a special election is heading to san francisco. governor newsom has announced the race to fill the vacancy left by david chu. the election is set for april 19th. nasa has landed in oakland. >> it's part of a new exhibit with the science center. officials from nasa were on-hand for its reopening. a lot of excitement there. it included 30 enthusiastic oakland schoolkids. the center had been closed sings the start of the pandemic. staff spent that time to transfer display rooms into a big exhibit area. 100 artifacts from nasa's mountain view campus will be displayed there. >> a fun time for kids. we'll be back with a special 85th birthday next.
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on this day, 85 years ago, one of the most iconic landmarks opened for the first time. it would change our day-to-day lives. cars started rolling across the san francisco oakland bay bridge, on november 12th.
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franklin d. roosevelt took part in the ceremony. it is the most used bridge in the state, with about 250,000 passengers each day. >> that's a lot. a lot of drivers. look how beautiful it is out there tonight. >> it is a gorgeous night. garvin thomas joins us with what's coming up at 5:30. >> right now, at 5:30, president biden is juggling two big challenges that are facing his administration. he has to tackle consumer prices and covid cases. both on the rise. and she is finally free. an l.a. judge ends britney spears' conseconservatorship. how the pop star reacted to the judge's decision. first, it's a critical statewide system, aimed at getting illegal guns off the street. tonight, we investigate why some bay area police departments aren't following the rules.
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and that's all because police across california are failing to properly log them in the state data base. >> joint investigation with the journalism non-profit called the trace discovered. that failure could jeopardy gun trafficking investigations crossing state and county lines. >> reporter: each year, law enforcement agencies across california recover thousands of guns. most of them linked to potential crimes. in 2019, the atf traced 40,000 suspected california crime guns. each of those so called crime guns are supposed to be entered into california automated firearm system. and from there, automatically routed.
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