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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 530  NBC  November 12, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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and that's all because police across california are failing to properly log them in the state data base. >> joint investigation with the journalism non-profit called the trace discovered. that failure could jeopardy gun trafficking investigations crossing state and county lines. >> reporter: each year, law enforcement agencies across california recover thousands of guns. most of them linked to potential crimes. in 2019, the atf traced 40,000 suspected california crime guns. each of those so called crime guns are supposed to be entered into california automated firearm system. and from there, automatically routed. bureau of alcohol and tobacco.
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e trace helps atf expose people skirting the state tough gun lines. like a 2016 case out of oakland. smugglers brought in from greyhound buses. they tied those to four attempted murders and two homicides. >> it's intelligence information that assist ins the investigation to help you
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develop other potential suspects. and to help solve crime. >> the process is considered so valuable, legislators passed a law in 2001, requiring police to enter every potential crime gun they recover into the states system. and forward it to the atf for federal tracing. >> we're going after convicted felons in possession of firearms. >> he works a lot of gun crimes. with the sheriff office gang suppression unit. many guns used in crimes are stolen. or bought on the black market. so tracing a gun in that case doesn't always point back to the shooter. he says entering information on potential crime guns does give the feds critical data. >> as far as who is gathering the firearms and selling them on the black market and pinpointing who we need to go after for the investigation. >> our joint investigation with
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the trace a non-profit news room dedicated to reporting on guns and gun violence, found that law enforcement agencies across california are failing to correctly log thousands of guns they recover. each year. into the state automated firearm system. the data show more than 150 california law enforcement agencies classify less than half of the recovered guns at crime guns. between 2010 and 2020. meaning thousands of firearms were not automatically routed through e trace. here in the bay area last year, nine separate agencies did not flag a single firearm entry. as a crime gun. >> i don't know why they wouldn't use it. it should be 100%. >> one of the potential consequences when some agencies don't participate. >> it's a disservice to the community. they should be utilizing all investigative efforts and avenues they could possibly use to solve their crime.
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>> in total. california police failed to tag more than 90,000 suspected crime guns in to the automated firearm system. about one out of every four guns that should have been automatically entered. also next year, a new state law will require that cal doj evaluate their own trace data. and report back to lawmakers. >> track illegal guns throughout california. >> sacramento assembly member a aauthored that legislation. >> some of the gun dealers and make up for the share of the what we call crime guns. we can stop gun violence before it ever happens. >> still for his new law to be effective. local agencies have to properly log all crime guns. doj told us there is no penalty in the law for the agencies that do not comply. doj told us they send yearly
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letter to agencies reminding them of the obligation to enter every crime gun they recover. >> thank you, steven. if you have a story for our investigative unit. give us a call or visit our web site. president biden is focussed today on the two big challenges in front of him. consumer prices and covid cases. they are both on the rise. the president is set to nominate a new fda director. a critical post that has been vacant for months. he'll hold a cabinet meeting to push forward on infrastructure and his social spending bill. he claims will curb inflation. alice bar wraps it up from washington. >> president biden meeting with top officials in his cabinet today. rallying the troops to act on rising covid cases in several states. and soaring inflation. nationwide. consumers are feeling the pinch
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of increase prices from the grocery store to the gas pump. and spiking energy costs may only get worse in the winter months. >> you have to heat your home. and you have to pay the higher cost. >> president biden preparing to name a new leader to implement the bipartisan infrastructure billion bill. >> to make sure this money is used wisely and used well and for the stated purposes. >> he's pushing his climate and social spending package in insisting it will ease inflation by reducing cost from child care to prescription drugs. >> it will create millions of jobs. grow the economy. >> accelerating inflation could make one key moderate democrat hit the brakes on supporting more spending. white house officials strategize the path forward the president set to add a critical role to the war against covid. the anticipated nominee to head the fda. it comes as 17 states have seen
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a double digit increase in infection the past two weeks. in colorado, hospitals are strained. the governor making anyone 18 and older eligible for a booster. as health officials weigh that change nationwide. >> the absolute focus need to be first and second doses. >> mounting pressure on president biden to curb rising covid cases. and cost. heading into the holiday. >> next week will be a busy one for the president. on monday he'll sign the bipartisan infrastructure bill into law. before hitting the road to try to sell his sweeping climate change and social spending plan to the american public. vice president harris wrapped up her visit to france today. at a final news conference she was asked if her visit was to do damage control with france. france had a submarine contract with trail australia. but the u.s. ended up with the deal. france was out. >> i will tell you that was not
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the purpose of this trip. we didn't discuss it. we did discuss the issues that are challenging us and the issues that are the basis for this relationship. >> president biden has previously said he regrets the way the deal was handled and he apologized personally to the french president. >> we have breaking news out of san francisco. the city now says it will offer booster shots to all adults. even if they don't qualify under the guidelines. only people over 65, people with under lying health conditions or work in high risk settings. san francisco health leader say nobody should be turned away from gettingen extra dose if they feel they are at risk. the only qualifier for getting a booster shot tht city. you must be over 18. and at least six months after your second shot of the pfizer or moderna.
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>> healthcare corporation johnson & johnson about to go through a major change. the company announced had plans to split into two companies. to separate the consumer products from the pharmaceutical business. johnson & johnson says the split will create a healthier work environment for both divisions. it could take up to two years to complete the split. the company says the pharmaceutical division will retain the johnson & johnson name. it hasn't decided yet on a name for the consumer products division. >> winter is coming. that's a warning from public health leaders. they expect a new surge of covid-19 cases to start hitting the u.s. around thanksgiving. people travel and gather together inside. because more than two-thirds of mirns are vaccinated. the spike isn't expected to be as bad as last winter. right now the delta variant is driving up hospitalization ntd mountain west and fuelling out breaks in the north. trends are improving in florida, texas and other southern states. >> a former adviser to trump has been indicted for defying a subpoena on capitol hill. this morning steve bannon failed to appear in front a committee
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investigating the capitol attack on january 6. he's being charged with contempt of congress for refusing to answer questions. he wasn't the only no show. former chief of staff mark meadows also didn't appear before the committee for his deposition. >> up next. employees leaving their jobs. how many people are choosing a different path in the so called great resignation. >> two cases here with more than $5,000 on the line. i'm consumer investigator. >> i'm chief meteorologist, i'll tell you where the fog is going to be headed for tomorrow morning. it looks like it will return. the rainfall is moving.
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britney spears is finally free. a judge ended her 13 year
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conservatorship. giving her control of her life and finances. we have the story from los angeles. >> reporter: explosion of pink confetti and jubilation from the free britney crowd outside the courtroom. hearing the end of the conservatorship. that has over seen her and her fortunate for 13 years. >> as of today, she is a free woman. >> the judge deciding to terminate the conservatorship agreement and let her take care of her own affairs. even as she was a global megastar earning millions. it kept the grip on her finances and many aspects of her personal life. defining her incompetent to make her decisions. there are broader implications than what happened to britney. >> what's dpoing on. to people who aren't megapop stars. >> in june the singer spoke out against the conservatorship and
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the need for a mental evaluation to end it. in a reversal her dad agreed. her newfound freedom will allow her to blossom and live the life she wants for herself. >> it symbolizes anything that can go wrong in hollywood. she's a living legend. we need to do the best to protect her. >> easing the control of finances. as an employee to the newly empowered pop star. >> right after the ruling, spears retweeted a video of celebrations outside the courthouse. writing i love my fans so much. it's crazy. she says i think i'm going to cry the rest of the day. >> as americans quit their jobs in record numbers the trend is getting a name. the great resignation. it also explains the many help wanted signs outside so many
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businesses. the labor department reports in september 4.4 million workers gave their notice. that means the quits rate translates to 3% of the nations labor force. that is a record. those who resigned have mostly moved up to higher salaries. a federal wage growth tracker shows over all that who change jobs saw a pay hike of 4.3%. >> lots of high fives for our by lingual consumer team. >> pair of cases where we helped viewers get their money back. >> good friday evening. let's start in san jose. asked us for help with a home improvement store. he's a builder and says the plumbing department at the store charged him ten times more than expected. for a pipe order. in theend, we straightened it out and he got $1,400 back. our team recently spoke up for
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matt. he had a dooz si. he paid $4,000 to fly his family of five from sfo to fiji. the airline changed the trip to leave from l.a. instead. which meant he was entitled to a refund. long story short. he didn't get that money. until our team contacted the airline. that is a $4,000 victory. speaking of travel trouble. that is the first topic. in our newest respond half hour special. tomorrow night. we have assemble a full 30 minutes of problem solving stories. hint for holiday travel. fire prep. how to deter thieves from stealing your catalytic converter. hope to see you then. >> jam packed show. good tips. >> happy birthday to c's candy. celebrating a hundred years of business today. headquartered in san francisco. the first opened in los angeles
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in 1921. sees made from her own recipe catching on fast. 1925 there were a dozen stores in l.a. now 250 stores across the nation. in the 1970s the company was purchased by a billionaire warren buft and the headquarters moved to south san francisco. we got an inside look at how see's candy creates your favorite treats. lucky job. you can watch the entire story online. and search candy from the heart. oh my goodness. >> yum. >> i want that assignment next time. that's the great thing about sees. you get samples. try this, try that? >> your favorite? >> the one that is rectangle. and crunchy. the coffee one. >> ma las sas chip. >> i like them all. >> the one that is in front of me. whatever is in front of me. >> there's not a bad one.
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>> okay. you deserve some chocolate and love. just because the weather is beautiful. it's such a gorgeous day outside. >> so nice. and i'll take you up on that. let's go and get you outside to the live sky cam. in san francisco. if you are headed to the city tonight for drinks or dinner. catching up with family or friends. it was cool today. and make sure to have the jacket here tonight. we'll be dropping into the 50s at 8:00. i want to bring you into something we're watching tomorrow morning. the chance of more dense ground fog. it does look like the worst of this would be over the central valley. talking visibility down less than a quarter of a mile. if you are doing a road trip getting up early tomorrow, be careful of that. on interstate 5. and 99. around the bay area we see the possibility in the south bay. over san jose. near the bay. in san francisco. some of this is going to begin to creep into alameda county for the morning. that is the picture at 7:00 a.m. i think we clear out from this
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somewhat quickly. by 11:30 a.m. most areas seeing the sunshine returning. we will see some chilly temperatures. coming on back as you move through tomorrow morning. lets look at that. upper 40s low 50s with us. heater clicking on. might need that extra blanket again over night. 50 in the peninsula. and those upper 40s for the east bay and north bay. daytime highs tomorrow i have it warming up by a degree or so. really just some subtle differences. but over all in the south bay this puts us at 75. ask it really looks very similar through the east bay. 73 concord. 73 livermore. 68 closer to the bay. the cooler breeze. 71 oakland. 70 san mateo. and 73. san francisco 60s here from downtown to the outer. downtown will be the warmest at 69. and for the north bay, 76 clear
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lake. back to napa also low 70s. okay. beautiful weather. it's been nice. what about those rainfall chances. i want to show you this in case you missed it earlier. next ten days rain chances go up towards seattle and portland. they'll get hit with atmospheric rivers and we stay dry. everything is pointed up there. early and mid-december, certainly some increasing rain chances for us. monday tuesday and wednesday we get clouds moving back in. because of the storms moving into the pacific northwest. the clouds they'll get the rain. through the inland valley. low 70s this weekend and the 60s return. as we head into next week. i think tonight and tomorrow will be some really good see's candy eating weather. this is not sponsored. >> they might melt. it's so nice. >> eat them quickly. in the morning. with your coffee. >> thanks. mix it in.
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okay. up next they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. how iceland the famous meta video. ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪
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♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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earlier we talked about inflation and the sticker shock you may have experienced as you do shopping. that's not the only problem kurnl consumers are facing. there's a supply chain issue. shortages are coming down the pike. and this holiday season is expected to be a challenging one. one expert says you can't blame covid. >> the infrastructure that is particularly in our port. and also in our trucking industry. and also in our warehousing. and time to address it. >> you can watch additional coverage on the supply chain issue. along with scores of other topics on nbclx. channel 11-5.
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or all the time at >> iceland taking a swipe at the meta announcement. in a viral tourism video. >> what do we call the not so new chapter in connectivity. actual reality. without silly looking. >> this is great. in the new video. a look alike introduces viewers to iceland verse. the tourism ad celebrates the wonders of travel. by cleverly the notion ar augmented reality can compete with real life. reaction to the video seems to be positive. with many expressing a desire to visit the country. >> i love that. the hot springs. beautiful. i would love to go. still ahead. he resigned as raiders head coach. now john gruden is slapping the nfl with a lawsuit. why his departure was orchestrated by the league.
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former raider coach john gruden is suing the nfl in commissioner. a month after he resigned from the team and responds to old e-mails that surfaced in which he made racist and homo phobic remarks. he accuses a soviet style assassination. intended to destroy his career and reputation.
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there's no justification for why his e-mails were the only ones made public out of the hundreds of thousands obtained during an investigation of the washington football team. the nfl denied the accusation. in a statement earlier today. >> okay. mr. reliable. one way to describe lawrence van. he works in media relations at san jose university. >> fans tomorrow night will hit a career milestone. even cal rip kin would be proud of. >> from setting up player interviews to filling in on the mike. during a spring game. lawrence the director tor football communications has been a fixture of the program for more than four decades. >> he's a big deal. >> saturday night will be a big deal for lawrence. he celebrates the career milestone. working his 500th straight football game. >> it's a streak that kicked off in september of 1980. and he hasn't missed a single
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game since. >> 500 games. i have never heard of that. it's so incredible. >> i have been very fortunate. health has been good. >> so has his view for the biggest moments in school history. the 67 year-old san francisco native says the closest he's come to missing a game was in the late 90s. when he was feeling under the weather for a game against stanford. >> lawrence is a legend. his attention to detail. his organization skills. he loves what he's doing. >> his love of the job goes beyond football. he's worked with several sports including spending 30 years doing media relations for the men's basketball team. and trail blazer. in 2012, he became the first chinese american inducted into the college sports information drebt directors of america hall of fame. >> there's a certain responsibility that i have.
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and that's in part one of the reasons why i feel it's important for me to be in this position. >> along with his tireless work ethic. he's known throughout the country. for the fan cake. a tradition he started in the late 80s. to enhance the pregame meal for the press. for the spar tans game against utah state, a special treat to honor one of the great streaks in bay area sports. 500 games in a row. >> institution. absolutely. when it comes to sports. you know he's the guy to call when you need something. >> the players the students. the school. they love him. what's coming up next at 6:00. >> right now at 6:00. sticker shock at the pump. high gas prices heading into the holiday season. what is causing this sharp rise? >> desperate for answers. demanding justice.


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