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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  November 16, 2021 2:06am-2:41am PST

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president and china's leader hold a virtual summit. trump ally steve bannon surrendering to the fbi to face charges for refusing to comply with the january 6th investigation. his defiant words. the shooting near a colorado high school multiple children injured. what we're learning. fears of a new covid surge heading into the holidays. cases rising in nearly half the u.s., and the major city joining several states jumping ahead of the cdc to offer boosters to all adults the terror blast at a u.k. hospital and the taxi driver hailed as a hero. the rising prices for your family's thanksgiving meal. how to save. and the 13-year-old whose wish is inspiring america. this is nbc "nightly news" with lester holt. good evening, everyone two closing arguments today and two very different portraits of kyle rittenhouse as the homicide case is about to go to the jury which will now have one less count to deliberate the judge today
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dismissing the charge of illegal gun possession the teenage gunman who killed two people and wounded another during a wisconsin protest last year described by the prosecution as having provoked the violent encounter and then walking off like a hero in a western. the defense, however, arguing that rittenhouse had been ambushed and fired in self-defense tonight authorities in kenosha are on high alert as a tense verdict watch is about to begin gabe gutierrez is there with the latest. >> he's guilty of all counts. >> reporter: tonight kyle rittenhouse's fate is about to be in the hands of the jury as closing arguments wrap up in his double homicide trial. >> he showed no remorse for his victims. never tried to help anybody that he hurt >> reporter: the prosecutor replaying videos of the shootings from multiple angles frame by frame, arguing that rittenhouse shot and killed two men and wounded a third last august during unrest in kenosha because he was a wanna be soldier looking for trouble. >> when the defendant provokes the incident, he loses the right to self-defense
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you cannot claim self-defense against a danger you create. >> reporter: the defense zeroing in on joseph rosenbaum, the first man rittenhouse shot, arguing he was belligerent and chased after rittenhouse. >> he was causing trouble. he was a rioter, and my client had to deal with him that night alone. >> reporter: rittenhouse's attorney insisting his client was not an active shooter and there was a rush to judgment. >> kyle was a 17-year-old kid out there trying to help this community. >> reporter: today the judge dismissed the sixth count against rittenhouse, illegal gun possession by a minor. a misdemeanor. rittenhouse's attorneys argued the ar-15 style rifle was not short barrelled, so the wisconsin law did not apply. he now faces five felony counts including intentional homicide the attorney for gaige grosskreutz says rittenhouse created the carnage himself. >> he fashioned himself as this self-deputized police officer who was a medic.
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he didn't do anything medically for anybody. >> reporter: when you hear your son referred to as a vigilante. what do you make of it >> it angers me. >> reporter: wendy rittenhouse said she did not drive her son to kenosha that night, but she has no doubt he acted in self-defense was your son looking for trouble? >> no. kyle never looked for trouble. he is a caring young man, and he likes to help people. >> reporter: as a mother, do you want him to go down there with an ar-15 rifle? >> i didn't want him going anywhere near kenosha whatsoever. >> so, gabe, where do things stand right now? does the jury formally have the case? >> reporter: yeah, lester a short time ago, the prosecution offered up its final rebuttal the judge told the jury to come back tomorrow morning to begin their deliberations. lester >> thank you. late today
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president biden signed that $1 trillion infrastructure bill into law calling it a historic investment but in the midst of rising inflation, a new poll tonight shows the president's approval rating is suffering. peter alexander is at the white house. >> reporter: president biden tonight touting his biggest legislative victory to date. >> despite the cynics, democrats and republicans can come together and deliver results. we can do this >> reporter: signing into law that trillion-dollar infrastructure bill surrounded by democrats and a small number of republicans. the largest federal investment in infrastructure in more than a decade will provide good paying jobs, the white house says directing $110 billion to upgrade roads and bridges. $65 billion to improve high speed internet and $15 billion to replace lead pipes in the country's drinking water system. >> my message to the american people is
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this america is moving again, and your life is going to change for the better. >> reporter: still the celebration may be short-lived. the latest poll shows the president's approval rating continuing to drop, even after the infras was passed with democrats still divided whether to spend another $1.75 trillion on his social program and climate plan and as american paychecks are stretched. inflation soaring to a 31-year high prices surging across the board, including gas jumping 50%. beef costing 20% more. just today tyson foods saying it's raised its beef, pork and chicken prices because of escalating expenses. in maryland is struggling to pay the spiking costs. >> chuck roast to see my niece and her kids, and it's about like this $35, $25 just absolutely outrageous. >> reporter: the moser family in pennsylvania also feeling the pinch. >> spending $100 a week in gas is very taxing.
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>> things that i would normally, you know, spend $1.50 to $2, i'm spending $3.75 on. >> reporter: a virtual summit with china's president xi white house officials already lowering expectations for the meeting. saying not to expect any concrete outcomes, but that president biden will tell xi, he, quote, expects him to play by the rules of the road and will confront the leader on beijing's unfair economic practices, its poor human rights record and threats toward taiwan. >> peter, let's circle back to that infrastructure law how does the president taut it to the american people. >> reporter: yeah, lester president biden will head to new hampshire tomorrow and the next day to michigan. meanwhile, democrats will have to go it alone to pass his climate and social policy plans with inflation complicating their efforts to get some moderates to back that massive new spending lester >> peter alexander at the white house, thanks tonight the state department is calling a russian missile test in space reckless and irresponsible. that missile targeted an old russian satellite producing debris that threatens
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americans and others onboard the international space station. andrea mitchell is here now andrea, how is the u.s. responding to this >> reporter: lester, they are furious tonight the secretary of state and the nasa administrator both slamming russia for what they call a reckless antisatellite weapons test saying it has spread a cloud of hundreds of thousands of pieces of space debris smaller than three inches and thousands of larger pieces that will remain in orbit and threaten satellites and space missions for years. already the astronauts and cosmonauts have been ordered to shelter in their docking capsules when they spot debris the nasa administrator bill nelson telling me tonight that it is unconscionable that russia has endangered its own cosmo naughts. secretary blinken says the u.s. will now work with its allies on a response lester >> andrea mitchell, thank you. steve bannon once a top adviser to former president trump appeared in court today after being charged with contempt of congress for
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failing to appear before the committee investigating the capitol riot pete williams has that story. >> reporter: steve bannon turned himself into the fbi this morning. mobbed by cameras, his escorts clearing a path >> excuse me excuse me. >> reporter: one of those cameras was actually his, live streaming on his social media site. >> we got the hispanics coming to our side, african-americans coming to our side we're taking down the biden regime. >> reporter: his more immediate challenge is a federal grand jury indictment, two counts charging contempt of congress for refusing to produce documents or show up for questioning by the house committee investigating the january 6th riot at the u.s. capitol during a brief hearing in federal court, he was formally advised of the charges, released and will enter a plea thursday. outside the courthouse, the defiant bannon said he'll fight the charges which he called politically motivated. >> i'm telling you right now, this is going to be the
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misdemeanor from hell for merrick garland, nancy pelosi and joe biden. >> reporter: bannon is the only former white house aid subpoenaed that has totally refused to cooperate because the former president asserted executive privilege. 15 others have been subpoenaed >> if they're willing to talk to the committee about non-privileged matters, if they're willing to negotiate with the committee rather than make a blanket assertion of privilege, they don't have anything to fear. they won't be charged. >> reporter: it is clear tonight that bannon will argue he was simply following the advice of his lawyers when he declined to show up to answer the committee's questions, and in some past contempt cases, that defense has been successful lester >> pete, thank you. we're following a developing story tonight in colorado where police say six teenagers were shot and wounded in aurora outside denver tonight growing concern about the pandemic with covid cases rising in almost two dozen states many see it as a clear sign of a winter surge. now several states and new york city are
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offering boosters to all adults ahead of fda and cdc authorization. here's miguel almaguer. >> reporter: just as many americans count down the days to holiday gatherings, covid cases are shooting up across much of the nation the intersection of holiday travel and an ominous winter surge set to soon collide. tonight in nearly half the country, new infections are on the rise in six states the increase is over 40% in just the last two weeks. minnesota with the largest spike. >> i'm worried that people are going to die and they never had a chance at getting a bed. >> reporter: doctors in minnesota are facing their most crushing increase in new infections since last winter. >> the patients, they're waiting too long to be seen. they're very sick. and every day it's a fight to try to find where is this sick patient going to go. >> reporter: fearing a return to covid patients in hallways
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and at field hospitals, new york city joins california, colorado, new mexico and arkansas offering booster shots to all adults before the fda and cdc has authorized them. >> providers should not turn a patient away if they request a booster. >> reporter: as our nation now averages more than 1,000 deaths a day, authorities are trying to prevent new hospitalizations amid a jumbled booster roll-out. >> whenever you have this level of confusion, people tend to have a negative reaction and you might turn away people who really do need to receive a booster shot with a well-intended by confusing roll-out. >> reporter: in colorado where beds are scarce, this stage four cancer patient bob samson says doctors have delayed his life saving surgery because hospitals are overwhelmed. >> i'm in this to survive and extend life i mean, i'm really healthy other than this tumor being inside me. and let's get on with
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it. >> reporter: tonight the continuing cost of covid for all americans facing a resurging pandemic >> and, miguel, we hear dr. patel mention confusion, and people are seeing all adults in states like california line up for boosters when will they be authorized for more people nationwide? >> reporter: well, lester, the fda is expected to take up the matter in a few days that will be followed by a cdc review. experts tell us they expect boosters for all american adults will be available by the end of this month nationwide lester >> all right miguel almaguer tonight, thank you. in just 60 seconds, the high alert after a taxicab exploded in the u.k. we'll tell you why the driver is now being hailed as a hero and with prices going up, how to save as you plan to shop for your thanksgiving dinner
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stunning images tonight from a terror attack in the u.k. a bomb exploding in side a taxi in front of a hospital.
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the cabdriver survived and is being called a hero tonight for locking the cars doors to keep the terror suspect from getting out. kevin tibbles now with late details. >> reporter: tonight british authorities saying this was an act of terror. surveillance cameras capturing a massive blast outside the liverpool women's hospital sunday. a taxicab carrying a passenger loaded up with explosives blew up and was quickly engulfed in flames >> it has been declared a terrorist incident >> reporter: police have not released any suspected motive, but tonight the cabbie, david perry, is being hailed a hero by liverpool's mayor. perry apparently locked the suspect in the car, limiting the impact of the explosion. somehow managing to escape himself after the blast. perry's wife reportedly saying in a private facebook post, it is an utter miracle he survived and that guardian angels were
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looking over him prime minister boris johnson raising the terror threat level said britain will stand strong. >> we will never give in to those who seek to divide us with senseless acts of violence. >> reporter: the suspect was killed in the explosion. tonight named as 32-year-old emad al swealmeen. this is the second suspected act of terrorism here in a month. and tonight, the prime minister boris johnson is urging the public to remain vigilant. lester >> kevin tibbles tonight, thanks. in houston, the toll from that astroworld concert chaos has risen again. a nine-year-old is the tenth and youngest victim to die. he was sitting on his dad's shoulders when his father passed out in the crowd surge his family later found him at the hospital with injuries so severe he was placed in a medically induced coma. we will turn now to the price you pay could this year's thanksgiving dinner be the most expensive ever for your family
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jo ling kent with some ways to save. >> reporter: for millions gathering for the first in person thanksgiving in two years, be prepared to pay up thanks to a labor shortage in the supply chain the retail price of turkeys is up nine cents a pound compared to last year the other reason the higher cost of corn to feed those turkeys and inflation. >> what we're finding is that people in anticipation of perceived shortages are rushing out to buy turkeys now. our sales on turkeys were up 100% versus the same week last week >> reporter: grocery chain heb says customers should be flexible what can shoppers expect to be in tight supply or delayed. >> i think one of the areas we're seeing right now is in pumpkin pie mix is that not that we don't have it, but we may find that the shipping from the manufacturer to our stores is a day or two behind. but on the other hand, they're going to be probably six or seven other brands that you
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can choose from. >> reporter: canned cranberry sauce is more expensive because it is more expensive to produce steel cans and shipping is up packaged dinner rolls are more expensive because the price of some ingredients spiked bakeries ordered their flour months ago and were still forced to hike their prices by $1.75 a pie. >> naturally we had to go up a little bit in incremental as much as without trying to shake and stir the restaurant and our customers. >> reporter: even pie boxes are in short supply. >> i was told they're not going to have them for the rest of the month. >> reporter: to stay on budget and get what you need, experts say buy frozen options and generic brands if you are celebrating as a group, truly share the cost don't leave the host solely on the hook jo ling kent, nbc news, north hollywood, california
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back now with an alert you need to hear if you are one of the millions of americans who still has a 3g cell phone as wireless networks swift to faster 5g service, 3g networks will soon be shut down jacob ward now with what you should know. >> reporter: the year 2022 has a futuristic ring to it, but it's the end of the line for millions of wireless devices third generation or 3g phones will soon stop working as wireless companies disconnect them why? well, because the companies only have a
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certain number of frequencies they can use to connect us and getting rid of old phones frees up valuable airways to connect more expensive ones >> the people most impacted by this will be the low-income, the elderly and the people that live in those areas that do not have access to 4 or 5g because there is no easy path to an upgrade for them they might not be able to afford an upgrade to a 4g or 5g phone, and that's even saying if 4 or 5g is available in their area. >> boost mobile which sells some of the cheapest plans out there says more than a million customers could lose out and is pressing former owner t-mobile to extend service. >> are you okay? >> reporter: some medical alert devices for seniors will also stop transmitting. >> emergency call center. >> reporter: and that's it for certain roadside assistance systems in older cars
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from companies like toyota and audi. if you rely on older home security system medical device or phone, check in with the manufacturer to make sure it's not going to be disconnected next year
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finally, the boy who got to make a wish and decided what he really wanted was to help others. here's kerry sanders >> reporter: 14-year-old abraham knows he's different, but he thought because he was diagnosed with sometimes fatale aplastic anemia. but that's not what makes abraham unique make-a-wish said he
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could go to disney, have a playstation, have a 21 speed bike instead, you decided to what? >> feed the homeless. >> reporter: why >> you know, like a playstation would be nice, but to me i just feel like it would do justice, all the pain and stuff i went through. so i felt like it would have been right to feed the homeless and just to give back. >> reporter: mom, what do you think here? >> it overwhelms me. it just gives me so much joy. >> reporter: a stranger donated life saving bone marrow doctors say abraham is now on his way to full recovery since he was nine, abraham joined his parents and nine brothers and sisters feeding the homeless in jackson, mississippi. the make-a-wish gift will allow him to plate 700 meals for the next eight months. it is not every day a 13-year-old teaches us a lesson. >> most of the homeless people, you know, they had good childhoods and you don't know one day you could be
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homeless before you put your nose in somebody else's business, put your heart in their place first. kerry sanders, nbc news >> how does that not give you hope, huh that's "nightly news" for this monday. thank you for watching, everyone i'm lester holt. please take care of yourself and each other. good night [soft music] ♪ ♪ >> nicole: oh. what are you doing here, at this time of night? >> ej: i come bearing sustenance in the hope that you won't object to having company.
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>> kristen: i'm kristen dimera. >> gwen: yeah, i know who you are. why have they put you n here with me? >> kristen: let's just call it a twist of fate. if you have a minute, i'd love to chat. >> gwen: god, what about? >> kristen: my future. >> gwen: your future? what future? as far as i know, you've got a one-way ticket back to statesville. >> kristen: actually, i'm not going back to statesville. see, you're gonna bust me out. >> gwen: well, it seems the rumors are true. >> kristen: what rumors? >> gwen: you don't even know me. if you think i'm going to lift a finger for you, you must be mad as a hatter. >> kristen: right, but i know everything about your new boyfriend that i could write his memoir, and it would include a touching section on cynical old you finally falling deeply in love. >> gwen: what does xander have to do with any of this? >> kristen: oh, gwen, he's in the thick of it.
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he's the reason you're gonna get me a get-out-of-jail-free card. unless, of course, you don't mind losing him forever. >> demon susan: what do you think, john? breaking your wedding vows would be a surefire way to destroy your love with marlena. >> john: i wouldn't do that. i would never betray marlena for another woman. certainly not ms. susan banks. >> demon susan: huh. well, i will admit it might not be hard to resist susan-- >> evil kristen: but what about your old flame, kristen? [tense music] ♪ ♪
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>> john: i'm seeing things. >> evil kristen: still here. >> john: kristen? >> evil kristen: of course it's me, baby. who else could lead you right into temptation? >> male announcer: like sands through the hourglass, so are the "days of our lives." [soft orchestration] ♪ ♪ >> john: no, you're just another one of lucifer's tricks. >> evil kristen: ouch. that kind of hurts my feelings. >> john: he conjured up my son's
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dead mother the last time he did this to marlena. >> evil kristen: hmm. right, but i'm not dead. i'm right here, standing in front of you. you can see me. you can hear me. you can even touch me. >> marlena: john. >> john: i'm right here, doc. >> evil kristen: well, hello there, sleepy head. >> marlena: you! >> nicole: you know, you really shouldn't have gone to all the trouble, 'cause i already had dinner. >> ej: not dining fashionably late anymore? >> nicole: and you should have called first. >> ej: and ruined my surprise? >> nicole: ej, look, it's been a long day, and i was just on my way to bed. >> ej: ooh.
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nice to know my timing is as impeccable as ever. >> nicole: just so you know, i will be going to bed alone, so you can take your food, and just-- >> ej: i actually brought something else. chocolate cookies and cream, which is your favorite, if i recall. surely, you have room for dessert. mm-hmm. >> xander: i heard my best girl was back in town. >> maggie: ah, and i heard that you got into a lot of trouble while i was gone. >> xander: well, you came home just in time. >> maggie: oh, didn't i? >> xander: i really was so sorry to hear about your daughter's passing. >> maggie: yeah. i wish i'd had more time with summer.
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i never was a really good mother to her. >> xander: you were with her in the end. >> maggie: yeah, well, she's not suffering anymore. >> xander: have you had any word from sarah? >> maggie: not as much as i'd like, a text now and then. >> xander: and she sounds happy with rex? >> maggie: yes, she does. >> xander: that's good. no, i'm happy for her. >> maggie: really? >> xander: why wouldn't i be? >> maggie: well, because she left you so abruptly, and you're not exactly gracious with defeat. >> xander: i admit, a few months ago, if i'd heard about sarah being happy with someone else, that would have sent me on a month-long pub crawl. >> maggie: hmm, so what's changed? >> xander: i'm in love again.
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>> gwen: you're up to your neck in trouble. i mean, what could you possibly do to make me lose xander? i swear, if you've done something to hurt him, i-- >> kristen: oh, relax, gwen. i'm not gonna hurt xander. hired muscle's hard to come by these days. as a matter of fact, i have some news that i think might make him ecstatically happy. >> gwen: what news could you have that could possibly make xander happy? >> kristen: the truth about sarah horton. on the outside, i looked fine. i got really good at masking my depression. but inside was a different story. even though i'd been on an antidepressant for months, i was still feeling depressed.


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