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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  November 18, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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interview. they were really excited about. she was in the passenger seat. the driver was her fiance. a shot rang out. and what was incredibly disturbing according to to the family the fiance didn't realize that his partner was shot. it was her little boy just five years old who noticed that his mother was slumped over and bleeding. >> the 5 year-old actually saw it. and he asked me he said as soon as he walked in the door. he asked me have you ever seen anybody die? i didn't really respond. he said mommy had blood on her and the police say asked me questions. >> how do you explain the unexplainable to two little boys. struggling to find the words. her son, his fiance and her two
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boys were in the suv this morning. a little after 9:00 a.m. heading to san francisco for a job interview. she was in the passenger seat. according to chp, someone fired at the car. as it was heading towards the bay bridge toll plaza. >> he heard the shot. and he didn't even know she was hit. the boy said, what happened to mom? the oldest one. and my son looked and that was when he noticed she was gone. blood everywhere. >> the shooting was completely random. and reminiscent to the death of the jasper woo. shot when his family was driving in oakland earlier in month. >> he wasn't even two. >> she was 28 years old. and was living in antioch. working to provide for her boys. >> she was doing the intsa cart thing. and worked and tried to keep
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herself going. >> the only way i think that it can be solved is if the public gets involved. somebody saw something. somebody. come on. it was in the morning. >> you heard from miss judy. detectives are investigating. if you were heading from oakland to san francisco on the bay bridge around 9:00 a.m. this morning, and you saw something chl maybe you have dash cam video. police want to hear from you. >> thank you. according to chp there have been 75 highway shootings including today. in alameda county this year alone. the most recent deadly shooting was of baby jasper woo. stray bullet hit and killed the toddler three weeks ago. his funeral is tomorrow. $10,000 reward offered to anyone who helps track down the killer.
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>> just an hour before the shooting, near the bay bridge, oakland city counsel man joined black community leaders to introduce various ways for the city to fight crime. among them, allowing the police department to rely more on technology. like surveillance cameras. to solve crimes. also increase rewards for witnesses to come forward and reduce the number of unanswered 911 calls by half. >> it's not enough for us to merely extend thoughts and prayers. they are helpful, nor is it enough for us to have a vigil. it's only attended by those who are not considering picking up a gun in the first place. >> the counsel man filed paper work to run for mayor. next year. >> we're following breaking news. a man air lifted from a strip mall on willow avenue. after being shot multiple times. he was alert and talking. police are trying to figure out
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what happened. they witness told police two suspects were involved and officers were able to recover a gun. that car in the parking lot that belongs to a shop owner. you can see it. it was riddled with bullets. police say they'll know more once they are able to talk to the victim. after he recovers from his wounds. okay, talk about a poorly planned prank. that's what police are calling the abduction of a 15 year-old girl. and the alleged abduction ended up triggers an amber alert. she was taken by her boyfriend. and his friends just as a joke. outside of a station here. they were headed on a road trip down to los angeles. this surveillance video from the station, they saw the teens standing with family members near the corner. around 1:30 p.m. when a man in an orange shirt ran across the parking lot. grabbed the girl. put her in the vehicle. and took off.
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once the girl was in the car. she realized she was actually with her friends. and that nothing bad happened. >> fortunately, the female juvenile returned home. safe. detectives spoke with her and learned this is not a case of child abduction. rather a poorly planned prank. >> so now it's unclear if any charges will be filed. related to this fake abduction. >> dramatic and very personal testimony in the trial of elizabeth holmes. the jury heard from patients who were given inaccurate diagnosis by the machines and her heard on tape from holmes herself. let's head over live to downtown san jose. scott has been in court. every day of the trial. there was a lot to take in. how did the courtroom react? >> good question. they were quiet and really listening intently.
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especially when elizabeth came on tape. and given they had just heard from a couple of witnesses who testified that they had been given the wrong information by the machine. it was a day of powerful testimony. >> the prosecution started the day focussed on faulty testing machines. first testimony from erin of arizona. who was told by a test that she had hiv antibodies. only to find out later, the test was wrong. >> another witness doctor burns talked about one of his patients who took a test. that wrongly detected prostate cancer. the jury listened intently. >> this is going to resonate far more with the jury. than sad tales of billionaires who lost a couple hundred million dollars investing in a company. >> then journalist who wrote this fortunate magazine cover
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story. the jury heard recorded interviews between them. speaking with the distinctive deep voice. the interviews could create a problem if holmes chooses to take the stand in her own defense. >> i think it's a very dangerous gam bet. on behalf of the defense. if the jury is sitting there and see such a duality. between holmes the persona as the start up cofounder and the person. that's very close to seeing someone as fraud. >> i should mention that three months into the trial the prosecution now says it is on the verge of wrapping up their side of the case. which means the defense soon gets to take over. which means we will soon get an answer to the question i have been asked 5,000 times. will she testify. we'll be back in court tomorrow morning. >> that's what people have been
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wondering. scott has been following the story from the beginning. follow him on twitter. you can get live updates from inside the courtroom. as well as other business and tech news. his twitter handle is @scott budman. >> golden gate bridge outside looks beautiful. it is a lot cooler than it was. temperatures are bit down today. and now we're tracking showers as well. chief meteorologist joining us. with some of the changes that are happening. sunshine today to quite chilly. >> such a big stark contrast. you can see the satellite and radar. that storm system is arriving. there's not a lot of moisture back out here. we'll get you into storm ranger. we're getting a few showers now developing moving off towards the east. then picking up showers over martinez. and concord at 5:43. later on tonight, we'll see a second batch here. rainfall develops around. and that would bring in more shower chances.
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as we roll through tomorrow morning. coming up in 15 minutes we look at that. the forecast for the weekend and thanksgiving. we'll get you ready to go. >> all right. thank you. more push from the nations top doctor to get americans boosted. dr. fauci says we are seeing a rise in hospitalization. among people who are fully vaccinated. but haven't gotten their booster yet. the head of the cdc says they're starting to see a decline in vaccine efficacy among older people and people in long term care facilities. many of the those people among the first to be vaccinated last winter. encouraging everyone to go out and get the booster. let's look at the hospitalization rate here. in california. this is the break down of the last three weeks. three weeks ago more than 4,200 people in the hospital. last week the number dropped to 4,000. this week some 3,700 people are in the hospital. with covid-19.
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here's our positivity rate. a little bit of a different story. trending a bit up. tuesday 2%. climbed now we're at 2.4%. so, can you get an appointment for the booster? that's the big question. it should be a little easier now. the move by the state and where you can find an open slot. that's coming up. >> instagram is dangerous for your kids. and may have broken the law. that's the accusation coming from california attorney general. he launched an investigation today. of the company meta. >> no clue how to use instagram. >> she is visiting san francisco with her teen. and avid user of instagram. a closer look at how it operates couldn't hurt. >> young kids pay attention to how the other kids look. and appear. and sometimes that they compare
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themselves and want to be like that. of course it creates some self-esteem issues. >> attorney general is among a group of state attorneys general that want answers. in a statement he said quote for too long met a ignored the havoc instagram is reeking on the mental health and well being of teens. >> they spent hours scrolling and scrolling. with no physical movement. such little mental stimulus. i see it among all my peers. >> the investigation is looking at how the social media giant promotes use of the platform no young people and whether laws were violated. the electronic frontier foundation about the probe. >> we need more transparency. as many people probably know there have been leaks that have offered kind of a window into
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behind the curtain. of facebook and instagram. i think we need more. that is my first key thing. i'm glad that there's going to be an investigation. >> a spokesperson responded to the investigation. in a statement that red in part. the accusations are false and demonstrate a deep misunderstanding of the facts. we continue to build new features to help people who might be dealing with negative social comparisons or body image issues. >> still ahead. firefighters are battling the second largest fire in state history. one man was making it harder for crews to get the job done. what a professor is accused of. >> it started out as a are rejection from his boss. it created a bay area non-profit that helps low income students. >> how one man is bridging the digital divide.
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a college professor accuse of starting fires behind firefighters has been officially charged. 47 year-old has been indicted on five counts. he set a series of fires in the national forest in the weeks after the fire started. the fire burned nearly 1 million acres and the second largest wild fire in california history. he's believed to have worked at california colleges. >> technology it is something many of us take for granted. when we use it in our day-to-day
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lives. >> to high school students without access to basic tech. like a computer at home. the road to a bright future can be a total rough one. people made it their mission to put the right tools in their hands. we have that story. in tonight's bay area proud. >> he was consulting for a health company when they were about to send hundreds of laptops to be recycled. he said those can help students today. can you donate them. the answer was no. he got an idea. that led to hundreds more. >> inside this east bay storage unit. where he keeps hundreds of laptop computers. these days. >> those are the refurbished computer. >> the story of why goes back many years and to a single computer. the first one he ever used. a radio shack 80.
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it was in the mid-1980s, his introduction to computing. >> i was in school. it was a school computer. i did the extra work. and started programming every day. >> he fell in love with programming. and is to this day an it consultant. you could say that one computer changed his life. which brings us back to the reason all the other computers were in the storage unit. they could very well do the very same thing. for a young person today. >> he's the founder and president of triple r computer. a non-profit that takes donations of used laptops from corporations. and refurbishes them and donates them to students who otherwise wouldn't be able to afford them. >> on this day, 50 computers are going into the hands of freshmen.
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at hayward high school. >> what are you studying? >> in the past six years. they have been able to give out more than 200 computers. >> those computers are worth $149,000. to the students. >> the laptops usually just a few years old, might have out lived their usefulness to companies. but to students, they open a world of possibility. >> it will change how she does the basic school work. >> my home work. i have always done it on my phone. >> he believes the computers taken good care of will take the students all the way through their high school career. to the doorstep of college. he believes not just a needed tool in today's world. but a key to unlocking a brighter future. >> one small example of what that means. take college applications for example. the school issued laptops
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sometimes they don't work well with the college application site. you need a better computer to do that. we're talking about even getting into college. and computers like this can help the student dos that. >> it's almost impossible to do anything without a computer. you are so behind the 8 ball. >> let's take a look at the weather now. we're expecting tom showers. >> a little bit of shower activity. this was so hard for everybody to deal with today. after all of that sunshine we had yesterday. clouds came back and with a vengeance. looks beautiful. the system offshore. the problem with getting big rainfall. there's not a big moisture tap. we have the clouds. and also seeing the possibility of showers. already getting some as you'll see on storm ranger. this small band here moving towards the east. picking up rainfall in concord. pittsburg a chance here in 6:08
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tonight. now as we move into later on this evening a second batch here of rainfall. develop at 11:30. here's the deal with this, as it moves down to the south over night, it's really going to break up. not much left here for the morning commute. at 5:30. then after that, it continues to just fall apart. by 1:30 tomorrow we'll get sunshine back here for the north bay. everyone else likely has the cloud cover lingering frg us. totals on this continue to remain low. we're looking at trace amounts to about two tenths of an inch for the north bay. everywhere else a few sprinkles. no problems with this. we'll get through it just fine. tomorrow morning we have the cold weather back with us. 49 in the south bay. trivalley 48. coming in with 47 for the north bay. temperatures tomorrow going to have a real hard time warming up with the cloud cover in place. it's going to be probably jacket weather for a lot of you. all the way through the day.
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putting us at 64. moving through the east bay. close to the water. 62 fremont. 59 oakland. peninsula clouds through the afternoon. wind out of the northwest at 4. light winds. san francisco the coolest spot on the map. 50s from downtown. let's move to the north bay. temperatures are chilly. especially up to clear lake. only 58. 59 santa rose. napa upper 50s. bring in the 7-day forecast. thanksgiving is yes now in view. you'll see as we hit the weekend. we have sunshine returning saturday. and sunday. wind on saturday. otherwise dry weather hilting thanksgiving next thursday forecast. right here, going up to 67 on sunday. then the temperatures do drop off. still looking really really good. for thanksgiving, 63.
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going to be dry. and hopefully your turkeys are not dry. the weather is going to be. >> dry turkey is never good. >> extra gravy. >> i can't cook a turkey. coming up. it was the unexpected flooding that put the south bay neighborhood under water. now hundreds of san jose residents get a pay out from the city. how much they're getting. that's coming up.
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four years after they sued the city. more than 200 flood victims have satisfaction today. this week san jose city counsel approved an agreement to settle the lawsuit for $750,000.
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that money will now be split between the plaintiffs. it's been four years since heavy rain made the reservoir over flow. this in turn made the creek top the banks and flood several neighborhoods. we covered that for you. 14,000 people ended up being evacuated. residents sued the water district. that trial is set for next may. >> a set back for the san francisco school board trying to change an admission policy. a judge ruled they didn't follow state law when it voted to end the competitive academic admission policy. in february the board voted to repeal the policy and replace it with a lottery system. the judge says the district didn't follow the brown act. which requires officials to provide information on agenda about items that will be considered. the association filed a lawsuit against the district and said it's glad the judge recognized the board quote used the process to change the admission policy.
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the school board says it's reviewing lt decision to figure out what to do next. >> we'll be back with the super-size donation just in time for thanksgiving. on]
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thanksgiving is just a week away. many people in the bay area will have trouble putting an adequate meal on the table. it is tough. >> san francisco mayor took part in the city's 15th annual turkey give away. helping distribute turkeys to a number of people. more than 5,500 turkeys were given away. roughly 85 sites across the city. san francisco housing authority and human services agency helped provide all of those turkeys. >> of course we're doing the nourishing neighbors food drive through christmas day. and check it out online. we'll be right back.
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