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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  November 20, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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holiday season gets underway. plus -- we are running for congress. >> a big announcement from the san mateo supervisor. why the native says he wants to help his hometown in the nation's capitol. and an accidental shooting at an airport. the search on right now.
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today repairs were underway and former mayor willie brown was in the area and shared his thoughts. >> we cannot tolerate this kind of conduct at all in this city. i mean, not at all. >> police say they responded quickly last night, arresting eight people, including the dramatic arrest of an allegedly armed person in a car. it was a long night as officers responded to numerous calls about more break-ins and vandalism at nearby businesses. >> last night what we saw was horrible. >> reporter: mayor london breed and bill scott addressed the situation today. >> we're not going to let people turn this into an ugly city. this is a beautiful city. we will protect this city. >> we will flood this area with police officers for the
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foreseeable future. as you walk around today, you see police officers all around union square, but we're not going to stop at union square. >> reporter: there were more officers patrolling today with a typical scene of ice skaters and shoppers. >> it impacts the businesses, it impacts their employees, it impacts everyone's sense of security and feeling safe. we're so fortunate the police department was here. they have plans to be here throughout the holiday season. >> reporter: traffic changes could also be coming to the area. nbc bay area news. san francisco district attorney is tweeting about the snatch and grab saying, quote, trust and safety are our core values in this city. crime in union square, the bay area district and beyond must never happen again. he stands with law enforcement to do whatever it takes to keep
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people safe. the chaos in san francisco happened several hours after the heist. you see thieves run into a louis vuitton store on wednesday. 14 people ransacked the store. no word on how much they got away with. we're following a heartbreaking story out of the sierra after four people are dead after a wrong-way crash. it happened on i-80 before yuma pass. just before that crash, someone called 911 to say three cars were driving the wrong way on i-80. two children younger than ten were killed, so were two adults. remarkably, a baby that was being held in the arms of one of the adults survived. the wrong-way driver was injured but not seriously. investigators say alcohol was likely a factor in that crash. san mateo county supervisor
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david canapa is running for congress. you see right there as canapa declared his congressional bid. he said the hospital is symbolic because it was the same place he was born. that was his birthplace for candidacy for congress. canapa said he wants to emphasize san mateo's voices. >> as you know, i am a multi-generation cultural son of san mateo county and a graduate of the college just a few miles from where we stand. i grew up in this community, i went to school in this community, i raised my family in this community and i'm going to stay in this community. >> he'll be running for the seat formerly run by jackie speier. speier announced on tuesday, you might remember, that she will not seek reelection.
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today marks a solemn remembrance for transgender victims of crime across the country. it takes on a special meaning for a south bay church. grace baptist church in san jose created a memorial for trans people and lost the violence. this comes near to the day after a deadly stabbing right there. two people were killed, another three were wounded last year. one victim, kimberly theal, was transgender. theal and john paulson who were also killed were both homeless and taking shelter from the cold. san jose state university is paying out $3.3 million to be split between 15 student athletes who were sexually abused by a sports trainer. it's the latest settlement in a scandal that prompted an investigation. the investigation found the trainer inappropriately touched dozens of female athletes during massages. it also found the university ignored complaints for more than a decade.
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payout is the second million-dollar settlement by the university tied to this investigation. today the president of the university released a statement saying changes are coming to ensure that nothing like this ever happens again. we are learning new details about that gun discharge at an atlanta airport this afternoon. police are looking for the man whose gun went off, causing panic and delaying flights. you're looking at the panic. the man was going through security when something was detected in his property. he was flagged for another search and that is when tsa agents said he lunged into his bag, grabbed his gun they believe accidentally discharged. he then ran with the gun and got away. >> we have identified the suspect as ken wales, 42 years old. we have warrants out for carrying a concealed weapon in a federal airport, discharging a firearm and reckless conduct. >> no one was shot but three people were hurt during this
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evacuation. dozens of flights were delayed. that scare comes at a very busy time for travelers. a live look at sfo. they said yesterday was one of the busiest travel days since the start of the pandemic. agents screened nearly 2 million travelers at checkpoints. that's nationwide. that's the most people since early 2020. aaa expects more than a million people to hilt the road and the skies over the thanksgiving holiday. still ahead, a safe way for people to get across the freeway to enjoy the great outdoors. we'll show you the new edition on the peninsula. plus, helping those in need in your community. we'll show you the kickoff of the annual food drive. how much money has already been donated. now we're seeing clear skies in san francisco. 59 degrees when patchy fog returns and could we see any rain chances getting closer for thanksgiving? a closer look when we come back.
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president biden made some history today and he didn't have to do anything to make that history. he made history because of his age. he's the first president to turn 79 while in office. vice president kamala harris was pictured with her, saying, i wish you the happiest day, potus. joe biden became the oldest man to occupy the white house. he got a thumbs up from his
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physician who called him healthy, vigorous, and fit to hold the office of president. speaking of big days, today a new pedestrian bridge opened in palo alto. it stretches over 1,000 feet over highway 101 just north of san antonio road. you probably noticed all the construction if you drive on 101. they held a ribbon-cutting ceremony this morning and it didn't take long for people to check it out, take advantage of it. it will allow for year-long access to the bay land. >> that's a remarkable turnout. thanksgiving fast approaching. that means it's time for one of our favorite events here in the bay area. we team up with telemundo and safeway to fight hunger. today is the first day of our annual nourishing neighbors food drive. candace nguyen was there, and we
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saw janelle, she's always involved in this stuff. marcus was at the safeway in santa cara. they talked to a man who used to be homeless but gave a generous donation of $1,000. >> i want to do everything i can to help. it's one of those things when you get up in your 70s. i want to make people happy, basically, because i went through some hard times a long time ago. >> wow. our food drive runs through christmas. and, again, you can make a $10 donation at any safeway store. do it right there at the checkout stand. that money goes right to our local food banks. >> an amazing turnout so far. if you do plan to go to safeway maybe later tonight, rob, it's beautiful out there, in the 60s. >> we don't have fog, no wind, not a lot of rain.
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it's nice outside if you're heading to river marks in santa clara. around dublin, 54 degrees. slight offshore breeze. the wind was a bit stronger earlier this morning. those north winds really helping to dry out the air, clear out the skies. seeing 58 degrees can you remember -- currently in oakland. 59 degrees, west wind at 13. visibility right now is very good. you have three miles of visibility. tonight with the clear skies and dry air, frost advisories going up for the far north bay. wind-sheltered valleys might see upper 30s around sonoma county. it will be a chilly start. we're looking at mostly mid-40s tomorrow morning.
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afterward, temperatures in the 70s. dress in layers. you'll still need that winter coat in the morning, but by lunchtime, a few 70s around santa rosa and morgan hill. recapping our rain total so far boosted by that record-setting october storm, we're still looking good for the central bay and north bay. you might have also heard not seeing big movement on the drought monitor and we did have a winter outlook in line with what usually happens with a nio winter. we have had average to above-average years for the southern coast but less odds reaching that goal in southern california. the pattern you're seeing there is playing out in the forecast the next seven days. it will be patchy, valley fog,
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the wind system dropping on tuesday. that's our best chance for showers, and beyond mendocino county, there's not much for the tuesday storm. a little more cooling and clouds. storm track staying off to the north, so that 7-day outlook, unfortunately, is looking pretty dry around the bay area. you see here, that is next saturday looking pretty dry. good news for travel plans, though, for your holiday plan. staying in the 60s, no major changes there in the forecast and our valleys staying dry for the next seven days through the holiday weekend. the ten-day outlook does try to bring more rain our way around december. a close look at that change in the forecast coming up tonight at 11:00. >> we have to keep that rain coming. we've had years where we lose a whole month. >> this looks promising. the next ten days should see a pattern change for northern
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california. up next, he turns trash into art. we'll introduce you to the santa cruz artist behind these creations and why his message is about more than keeping our oceans clean. i did some early shopping this year. one for you, one for me. awww. i love it. i got us a little something, too.
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he's a marine scientist turning trash into works of art. his name is ethan estes. gets packages from people all over the country. inside, trash pulled from the ocean that he takes and turns into art. >> greg bledsoe shows the goal wasn't just to recycle garbage but the fact that you can do
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things with all that trash. >> my name is ethan estes. i'm a trash artist. i stockpile tons of old fishing gear that i use to make artwork. yeah, this stuff is pretty. i keep a lot of junk around. all of this is full. some of it is stained by its life at sea. this came off a beach in malibu. this nice lady in florida sent me this cool net. every one of these ropes has a story. it's abundant. a lot of the plastic in the ocean comes from commercial fisheries. they illegally dump it at sea. it's a big problem for them. i got to a part in my career that people just started e-mailing me, hey, i have a bunch of trash, do you want it? i'm like, what do you got? an interesting position to be
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in, people start sending me their trash via fedex. i got an e-mail a couple years ago from a young lady. she had collected 50,000 golf balls out of the water near her home in pebble beach, 50,000. they roll around on the sea floor and they crack open and they have all kinds of weird, proprietary rubbers and metals in there that are potentially quite nasty for marine life. so we drilled holes in 20,000 of them, strung them up on stainless steel rods. i welded a giant metal wave. it was about 300,000 pounds of golf balls. even one individual, if they get people to pay attention, can kind of change policy. a giant corporation like the pebble beach company pretty much, you know, listens and adjusted their activities. i think there is a growing awareness around the issue of plastic pollution. i think when plastic was developed in the 1950s, it was just this cure-all that, oh, you
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can wrap your sandwich in this plastic bag and throw it away and it doesn't matter, it just goes away. i think there is an increasing awareness that there really is no away. i made this sculpture out of about a thousand plastic phone cases. we make all these wdgets to go with our phones and then two years later they're obsolete. i want people to internalize just how big of an issue we're in. we're producing more plastic today than we were yesterday. it's only increasing. i'm going to keep going, and i'm excited to see what i come up with in the next few years, yeah. >> what amazing art pieces there. that story originally appeared on nbclx. check out other stories like it any time at you could also watch lx on
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xfinity channel 85 or over the air on channel 11-5. let's watch anthony flores give us the big sports and the big game. >> this year is the biggest game of the year for each team. stanford won in 2020. will the ax what changing hands this year? highlights from the 124th big game coming up next in sports.
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welcome back. i'm anthony flores. are you red and white or blue and gold today? the bay area divided as stanford in cal meet one of the biggest rivals. the cardinals have won 10 of the last 11 in this series. the winner claims that, the ax, and bragging rights for the next year. trayvon clark is fast and he is gone. 84 yards for the touchdown, the
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longest td reception in big game history. 7-0 cal. more bears in the second. on first and goal, garbers finds christopher brooks for the one-yard score and the bears lead 17-3. we'll have highlights at 11:00. san francisco and their dominating performance on monday night football. who saw this coming? george killian and the niners hitting the road for jacksonville. the jags are 2-7 on the season, but this game is more about which 49ers team is going to show up. after by big emotional win, do the niners have to guard against a letdown on sunday in jacksonville? >> they're a good team and they're getting better. i don't think people let down after something like that, but you have to realize emotions going into a monday night game
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is bigger. where we are coming from was bad before that. your emotions can't be high every single day. that means we have to practice accordingly every single day and make sure we're ready to go on sunday. >> terry is asking me, who is going to win, who is going to win? >> the west coast team traveling to the east coast, always trouble. but how can i go against the 49ers? for everything niners, check out our friends in the nbc bay area. the pregame is at 9:00 a.m., then switch back to the game for analysis. you see her in there somewhere jumping up and down. why? because the washington spirit beat chicago. they beat them 2-1 in the championship. it was a close match. the winning goal came in just in time. here is mcgrady after the match.
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her proud dad is part of the nbc bay area family. he's our director of operations. tina also won a national championship with stanford back in 2018. >> i think it's amazing. not many people get to experience this, so to be able to do it with such an amazing team this year with all the ups and downs, it's just a great feeling overall. i think both teams, the stanford team and the washington team i was surrounded by has so many special talents, and to be surrounded by all of them has been such a blessing in my life, and i'm so excited to see, you know, where we go next. >>
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welcome to this world. you have some big shoes to fill. people will tell you what to eat. everyone will have an opinion. and, yes, there will be tears. lots of new introductions. sleepless nights. that's normal. okay. so many new toys. it's not going to be easy. but, together, we got this.
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kaiser permanente. thrive finally tonight, celebrating the anniversary of the apollo splashdown in grand style. >> the uss hornet had its 52nd anniversary of the splashdown. today's event included a prominent institute. everybody may remember apollo 11 for its landing.
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>> 11 proved it could be done. 12 proved you could make pinpoint landings. they made extraordinary landings on the moon and extraordinary landings coming back here with pinpoint accuracy. after that we knew we could land where we wanted to, when we wanted to and coming back there. here's what's coming up in prime time tonight. catch an all-new episode of "snl" at 8:30. actor seema lou is hosting. that will be followed by a vintage episode of "snl" at 10:00. >> there's your evening. we'll see you back at 11:00. youh for choosing to spend just a little of your evening with us. i'm garvin thomas, and my job for the next 30 minutes is to share stories of the good things that good people
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are doing that make life in the bay area a little bit brighter for others. now, it's true that sometimes a remarkable act of kindness only happens to fix an unkind act, and that's the case with our first story which played out on the streets of one of san francisco's most iconic neighborhoods. ♪♪♪ garvin: san francisco's chinatown likes to boast it's the biggest one there is outside of asia-- officer william ma: hello, ling lei. garvin: --but spend just a little time walking the beat with officer william ma, and suddenly chinatown seems very small-- william: hello, lee ho. garvin: --as in small-town small. every few feet, william runs into someone he knows. william: so, every time we walk, when we talk to people, they always say, "hi." we talk to people, greet them by their first names. william: [speaking chinese] garvin: this is, william says, his dream job, the kind of policing that's not just catching the bad guys but making sure their victims feel taken care of.


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