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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 22, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PST

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right now, organized retail robberies. multiple locations targeted across the bay area with dozens of armed thieves making off with luxury goods. the changes stores across the bay area are now making in the aftermath of these heists. plus -- >> on the ground and blood. it was really bad. >> a car plows through a crowd in wisconsin killing five and injuring at least 40 others. the disturbing details on the person now in police custody. also key deadline. tsa workers have to meet today or risk the possibility of losing their jobs.
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and how it could impact the holiday travel rush. this is "today in the bay." good monday morning. thanks for starting your week with us. i'm laura garcia p. i'm marcus washington. we'll get a look at tracking that forecast on this monday. >> good monday morning. yes it starts out clear across the bay area. we're going to wake up and head out to some chilly temperatures right now. only 45 degrees in san jose. it's going to be a while before it warms up but we have another beautiful, sunny day ahead as we head toward the low 70s in the south bay. up to 73 in morgan hill. that will be one of the warmer spots compared to the mid-60s. we'll see that in antioch today and oakland today reaching 68 degrees. and 67 in napa. more sunshine today and it looks like that continues in the forecast. i'll have more on that in a few minutes. mike, you have a nice look at the lights in the city. >> it's getting to or from the
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city, they're moving just fine. we even see more -- love that when we see the buildings lit up for the holidays. that's what you'll see around and plenty of opportunity to get over there. lights in motion here. all green lights and smooth drive through contra costa county. the north bay, we don't see that extensive fog. pleasant, easy drive. there may be a new crash in san jose. 101 around telley road. we'll check it out. san jose police say a group of suspects targeted lululemon and santana thieves made off wi undisclosed amount of merchandise. they are also investigating a smash and grab at the southland mall. police say they were called to the sam's jewelry about 5:30 yesterday afternoon. at least nine suspects stole an unknown amount of jewelry from the store using hammers to smash the display cases. police say the suspects jumped into two cars then took off.
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>> i see people running towards where the jewelry store was and then he pulls the gate down and we didn't know what happened. >> witnesses say there is broken glass and chaos as people ran through that mall to get out. stores longed their doors and the entire mall shut down early. one employee told us there was a similar smash and grab robbery at another store at the same mall earlier this month. much different scene in downtown walnut creek after dozens of armed thieves robbed the nordstrom there. we've obtained a photo showing some of the chaos inside. sergio kantana reports from walnut creek. >> dozens of people carrying bags of merchandise from the nordstrom's in walnut creek as they hop in cars waiting nearby. it looks organized. the manager of a nearby restaurant watched and then took cover. >> i had to start locking the
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front door, the back door. you never know. they're right there. they could come in here. >> reporter: in one dramatic scene, a car veered around a police suv to make a getaway, but another officer stopped him with his gun drawn. three people were arrested. all charged with robbery. one of them is also charged with being a felon in possession of a gun. nbc bay area has obtained a still image from a security camera inside nordstrom during the robbery. a company spokesperson says five of their employees were injured. police saying at least three workers were assaulted. one with pepper spray. there is still cause for concern. walnut creek police took to social media warning about the possibility of another robbery. some high-end shops like tiffany's closed early. janet and marney were the last customers in the store as staff lockeded their doors. >> how are they in there? >> they're a little nervous. they are a little nervous for sure, as i would be, too, if i worked retail in this area right now. >> the mayor of walnut creek
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says the city is actively working to prevent any of these from happening here again and you can see that they are already taking efforts. the street going through broadway plaza mall has bee day. and police officers are everywhere. nordstrom's is still closed. a bit of an inconvenience for customer frank augustin who couldn't return a pair of shoes. >> such a shame we have to worry about this. you see this in san francisco with louis vuitton friday night. >> reporter: the situation in walnut creek coming 24 hours after a similar robbery in san francisco. nine stores were either burglarized or vandalized smp store workers were also injured. there have been eight arrests so far and san francisco's police chief says there will be more. sergio quintana, today in the bay. developing in wisconsin, what started off as a celebration ended in tragedy. a holiday parade turns deadly. a driver plows an suv into dozens of people. this happened yesterday during a
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parade in waukesha, wisconsin, a suburb of milwaukee. we're now learning at least five people have died and at least 40 injured. police are questioning the person of interest. they're also investigating whether the possible driver was involved in an earlier incident that was trying to get away when he reached the parade. >> that's a live look at sfo. the travel rush is on with thanksgiving just three days away. there are growing concerns there will be a shortage of security screeners at our nation's airports. today is the deadline for federal workers, including tsa agents to show they're fully vaccinated as of last friday more than 40% of airport workers were still unvaccinated. it's possible if you are traveling this week you could face some longer lines at tsa checkpoints if large number of workers are sent home. but tsa officials believe there will be no disruptions. 4:36. it is a chilly start if you head outside this morning on our monday morning.
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we're hoping things will warm up later. >> it's going to be a nice afternoon. we have to get through some light patches of fog in parts of the bay area. really dense fog developing in novato. you can see that most of our -- looking at our visibility centers are mainly clear. and then our temperatures are now in the low 40s. and it's very likely that some spots in the north bay will dip into the mid-30s in a few areas. and looking around the bay at our highs this afternoon, reaching 70 in santa rosa. morgan hill, 73 degrees. and dublin today, 66 for a high temperature. we'll talk about what's ahead for your thanksgiving week coming up. mike, you're checking in on that crash in san jose. >> not a big deal as far as traffic flow. no major injuries reported. it was north 101 right around story road. a little slowing just tapping
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the brakes probably a crewe pen. but the earlier crash overnight that's long since cleared from daly city. low visibility reading in novato. it doesn't say it's a problem for drivers and neither does the chp, but it says what's in the area that may be a possibility. drive through oakland, a beautiful view. >> thanks, mike. holiday season in full swing and so are those sales. next on "today in the bay," the deals that lie ahead of this year's biggest shopping weekend. and what items you can save the most money on. plus, spotify make something changes to the way you listen to your music. i'll tell you the reason why adele is to thank you for the new feature.
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good monday morning. it's 4:41, and it is cold out there in fairfield. take a look at the current temperature. 37 degrees right now. we've seen a lot of these 30s in the north bay, but we go from 39 at 6:00 to 58 degrees at 11:00. we're headed for the upper 60s. we'll get a look at all the microclimates in the rest of our forecast coming up. >> we're looking at the san mateo bridge on the right. see where that sign 65 is on the right. someone had pulled over. looked like they shuffle someday stuff in their trunk and got back on the way. not sure if that was the best idea on the span on the san mateo bridge. let's check in on business
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and our friend savana. >> good morning. i'm sylvana. the markets are closed on thanksgiving day and are open for half a day on friday. and if history is any guide, stocks could post positive returns because since 1945 the s&p 500 has gained an average of more than a half a percent for the entire thanksgiving week with the best returns coming on wednesday and black friday. in focus today, a report on existing homes. also a report on fed watch as president biden is expected to name his next federal reserve chairman some time this week. amazon is giving customers a sneak peek today of deals it will roll out this coming weekend ahead of cyber monday. you'll be able to find discounts on popular and must-have items including samsung and lg devices, cuisinart and hasbro and alexa-enabled devices. also deals available from third
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party sellers and prime members will get 30 minutes of early access to lightning deals through the holiday season. and spotify has removed the shuffle button as a default option from album pages forcing songs to be played in order. the move apparently coming at the request of adele who asked the songs on her new album be played in the right order. spotify got the message tweeting to adele, anything for you, while the shuffle button no longer appears on the album page, the option is still visible when you click to view a specific track. back to you. >> that's power. >> the clout she -- i don't like the way that runs. >> what adele wants, she gets. >> take it easy on her. >> thanks, sylvana. meteorologist kari hall is tracking that workweek forecast. >> you may have the heat or inside the house and maybe in the car on your way to work. it's 41 in walnut creek and we'll see a lot of sunshine
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today as it gradually warms up. we'll get a look at our thanksgiving forecast coming up in a couple of minutes. >> you may note the pedestrian bridge over highway 101. we don't see any problems here. a smooth drive. we'll show you how things are developing farther east. plus, a nationwide supply chain issue impacting this year's holiday dinner table. the one solution experts say could help you and your family. stay with us. you're watching "today in the bay."
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a very good monday morning. taking a live look outside. 880 up in oakland. folks already up and out the door. grab a sweater or jacket as you head out the door because it's a cold start to your morning. which is why i wore sleeves. >> i looked at that this morning and i was in the closet. uh-uh. not today. >> i had to blow dry my hair so i get really hot. >> this is not much better either. we're starting out with chilly temperatures. yes, you need a jacket or sweater or something to help keep you warm. we're going to see that the next couple of hours as we start out with mostly clear sky in san jose. we'll continue to see those temperatures warming up, and it will be so much more comfortable for the short sleeves or sleeveless this afternoon reaching 71 degrees at about 2:00. and we'll see some upper 60s for
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later today. the seven-day forecast is already up at the bottom of the screen. today we're headed for the low 70s for much of the south bay. even up to 74 in gilroy this afternoon. cupertino, a high of 70 degrees and upper 60s for much of the east bay with danville today looking at 66 this afternoon. and 68 in san mateo. for san francisco, we're in the mid-60s today. downtown reaching 66 degrees. and some upper 60s for ukiah and clearlake while santa rosa will see a high of about 70. that's after this chilly start. let's see what's down the line, what's ahead for us. we always look to see what the satellite imagery shows for the clouds in the pacific and here's another weather system that will be approaching, but unfortunately, as it gets here, still doesn't bring us any rain. we can see it just passing on by with more clouds tomorrow. and even going into the weekend we're still not seeing any rain which, of course, some people are excited about because it's a busy travel week. and we don't look at any -- we don't anticipate any problems
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with any rain. we'll see temperatures staying chilly with highs reaching into the 60s. mid-60s for the rest of the week into the weekend and for san francisco, it's going to be nice and cool. a lot of sunshine and light winds. not expecting any problems here. mike, you're c sensor goes. kari you've been talking about quarter mile visibility from novato. that may be an issue for the north bay but not a major problem. from benicia and carquinez. brentwood down to vasco road. there's a disabled mini cooper but where it's only one lane in each direction so that will be a factor as you approach the area on the north side. getting out toward the county line, no delays there. a little slowing north 101.
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there may be a tow truck that's arrived. there you go. back to the speed limit. guess it's okay. back to you. >> thanks, mike. the countdown to thanksgiving is on with now just three days to go. and a little creativity may be the key to avoiding higher prices and supply chain issues that might affect what ends up on your holiday table. kerry sanders takes us shopping. >> reporter: we've all heard about the empty shelves at stores this winter, worrying many americans that their thanksgiving preparations may come up short. while some stores like this regional chain have managed to keep stocking the shelves with turkeys. >> these are the fresh turkeys we're getting from the shenandoah valley right here. >> reporter: but it has not been business as usual. one of our large suppliers cut our order 30%. and we had to scramble. we went to a local turkey farmer that we've been dealing with for 25 years. they grow their own feed. there's no supply chain
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disruption. >> reporter: stew leonard jr., a third generation ceo, says turkey farmers may have underestimated demand this year. as american families get together again in large groups. first of all, the early bird gets the worm, okay? don't wait until the last minute to buy your turkey. >> reporter: according to the american farm bureau federation, the average cost of thanksgiving dinner is up 14% this year. grocery stores like win dixie are trying to hold prices down but much is out of theirin issue with the things we like to put on our thanksgiving table? >> the supply chain is definitely bending. it's not broken. >> reporter: in stores like this in south carolina and california, temporary turkey shortages. the strain is resulting in a more expensive dinner. a 16-pound turkey up 24% this year. to $23.99. frozen pie crusts up 20%.
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and fresh cranberries up 11%. >> supply chains in general as they relate to specialty crops have just gotten more expensive. so cranberries in wisconsin have to deal with much more expensive trucking rates, for example. and so that has an impact on what we'd expect to pay at the grocery store. >> i can see the prices went up, and i actually feel bad for a lot of people. >> i guess you can just say i'm hoping for the best. i don't have much control over this. so what can i do? >> reporter: to save money, retailers suggest make dishes from scratch instead of buying premade. look for generic brands and keep an open mind. >> we sometimes need. it might not necessarily be the brand that they particularly want, but they'll find what they need. >> and that's especially true this thanksgiving? >> absolutely. >> reporter: with progressional thanksgiving back on the menu, this year a little creativity may be the secret ingredient to
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a happy holiday. >> kerry sanders reporting there. another tip for you is to shop local if possible. of course, you'll be supporting your local community, but local smaller grocery stores they will probably be able to likely be well stocked and avoid some of the supply chain issues impacting the big chain stores. a small sign of relief. next on "today in the bay," the progress after the kidnapping of 17 christian missionaries taken in haiti. and the new response from the group they were all volunteering for. and happening now for you, a state committee will soon meet to discuss expanding gender neutral bathrooms on college campuses in california. the committee will be comprised of students and staff. some students say they will go the entire day without using the rest room because they felt unsafe. school superintendent tony thurman says that he was alert to the problem when he spoke with students during an lgbtq history month.
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welcome back. a southern california community mourning the death of a 13-year-old boy shot and killed while playing video games in his home. he died from a stray bullet through his window saturday night in his death sparking a lot of grief and a growing memorial outside of his home. it's also raising new questions about gun safety from the chief of police down there. >> he's a straight-a student. he spends all his time inside his room with his family, and today he's not there. so we have to ask ourselves what we want to do about this as a community with the gun violence. this needs to stop. >> definitely has to stop. so the chief of police, the
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gunfire may be the product of a recent surge in gang violence in pasadena, including other shootings offer the past few weeks. the identity of that shooter still a mystery. a follow up on the group of 17 missionaries taken hostage in haiti last month. they were kidnapped after visiting an orphanage near port-au-prince. the ohio-based christian aid ministries says two members have been released. the two are, quote, safe, in good sports and being cared for. they didn't release any more information, however. the group of 17 missionaries, including five children, were captured after visiting the orphanage in october. it's believed the gang 400 mawazo is behind the kidnapping. 4:57. still ahead -- your latest weather and traffic updates. kari has a look at how things are looking. >> plus brazen robberies across the area targeting multiple stores. steps being taken ahead of a big holiday weekend. stay with us.
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you're watching "today in the bay."
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right now at 5:00, up in the air. the deadline the tsa workers must meet today or risk the possibility of losing their jobs. a live report on the impact it could have on the holiday travel rush. >> and a step in the wrong direction. new mandate now in effect in santa cruz county and the region local leaders say it's necessary. plus, water woes. the reason san francisco residents may soon have to cut
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back on their water use. drastic changes the city may soon ask you to implement in your home. this is "today in the bay." thanks for joining us. we're traditionally broadcasting to your television but we also stream live on take us with you on the go. good monday morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. monday morning. let's get a look at the forecast. meteorologist kari hall has a look. and something to smile about. it's kind of nice. >> it's going to be a nice day. it's cold and in some spots, patchy fog. we're starting to see that drift around parts of the north bay. and this is what you're walking out the door to in fairfield. it's 39 degrees. 40 in santa rosa. 42 in 43 in livermore. after this cold


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