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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  December 3, 2021 11:00am-11:30am PST

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the attorney general is now coming to the bay area. the big change law enforcement leaders are demanding ahead of today's visit. good morning. thank you for joining us. mime marcus washington. yet another mob robbery under investigation. this one at a south bay mall. now california's attorney general is taking new action to hold smash and grab criminals accountable. nbc bay area's kris sanchez joining us now. just moments ago we got the
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surveillance video of that recent robbery. >> it speaks to how fast these happen and what law enforcement is up against. in about two hours, san mateo county attorney general will address that massive surge in organized retail robberies we've seen up and down the states on the heels yesterday another one in the south bay. this time a family-owned business was devastated. you can count the folks. one, two, three, four, a fifth. and within 12 minutes they smash through those display cases and make off with $70,000 of jewel ry and leave tens of thousands of dollars in damage. that all happened at san jose's east ridge mall. again, we didn't see the faces of the suspects but we did see them in that surveillance video. all of that happening within 12 seconds. in los angeles, police got a
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break in a similar situation. they made 14 arrests in a series of smash and grab robberies that netted more than $340,000 in just ten days last month. those 14 suspects, though, they're all back on the streets. they say -- law enforcement there says in part because of california's zero bail policy. that was instituted early in the pandemic to reduce jail overcrowding. while waiting for help from the state, shopping centers like the great mall in milpitas have been doing what they can. they brought in more security. some say it's starting to make them feel a little bit safer. >> there's definitely more -- we saw like two officers and a security guard when we first came in and talked to one when we were leaving. >> security guards aren't just hanging out. they're paying attention to what's going on and actually interacting. >> following this smash and grab robbery in walnut creek where about 80 people swarmed the nordstrom store, the city took action. they blocked all of broadway to
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vehicle traffic and will use federal relief funds to add more police officers. san jose also voted to spend $250,000 in federal relief funds on license plate readers in order to deter crime and solve it if they can but we're waiting to hear what attorney general rob banta has to say as he speaks around 1:00 because some law enforcement leaders say it doesn't matter if they can make those arrests if then they go free because of the no jail policy, no bail policy, i should say. so we're waiting to hear if those two messages start to align. >> a lot of shoppers i've spoken to say they hope change happens because many of them are afraid to go to the stores. >> i can attest to that. thanks, kris. new overnight, police in oakland are investigating a deadly shooting. this happened along castro street near preservation park off highway 980. officers found the victim inside a vehicle a little after 4:00 a.m. it's still not clear what led up to that shooting.
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this is oakland's 129th homicide this year. san francisco supervisor hillary ronan is urging local courts to address the criminal back cases. 451 cases have exceeded the state's 60-day maximum. 212 people remain in custody awaiting trial. some of them have been in jail for more than a year now. an independent investigation in the deadly actions of a vallejo police officer shows that officer's actions not objectively reasonable. shawn mont rosa was killed june 2020 while officers were responding to reports of looting at walgreens. monterrosa was in the parking lot. police mistook it for a gun. the report says the officers fired rapidly through the windshield of his control car responding in a tactically poor way and did not use any de-escalating techniques.
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it is now up to the vallejo police department to decide whether or not the officer will face disciplinary action. the state's attorney general has launched its own investigation. we reached out to monterrosa family. they say they need more time before they comment. fighting omicron head on. >> we are in a far better position now than we were at this time last year. >> new this midday, u.s. health leaders are laying out their plan to combat the new variant. nbc bay area's cierra johnson live for us this midday. those health officials just gave us an update this morning. what are they urging americans to do now? >> yeah, members of that covid response team say that the message is really straightforward. vaccines could clearly be our most important tool. that address was made by several members of the prominent health care community, including dr. anthony fauci, chief medical
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director to the president and director of the cdc, dr. rochelle walensky. these leaders also emphasized it's important for boosters. stressing that any american fully vaccinated before june, it's now time to receive that covid-19 booster. that advice was just one of five points laid out by president biden and reiterated by that team. those other points include helping more parents vaccinate their children, making at-home tests free to americans, increasing surge response teams in communities with those rising cases, accelerating efforts to vaccinate the rest of the world as well as strengthening those travel rules. and the scientists learn more about the variant, dr. anthony fauci addressed concerns about whether the vaccines protected against the latest variant but also the delta variant. >> there's every reason to believe that if you get vaccinated and boosted, that you have at least some degree of cross-protection, very likely
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against severe disease, even against the omicron variant. >> and now with so many folks wanting that booster because of the omicron variant, some of them are going to pharmacies like this one. others are turning to facilities within their own communities. communities are stepping up, implementing some of those booster clinics. santa clara county is partnering with community health centers as well as stanford to open those booster facilities so more folks can get vaccinated and the next level of vaccination. cierra johnson for nbc bay area news. >> thank you. 2.2 million doses of the covid vaccine were administered throughout the country on wednesday alone. the white house tweeted the announcement calling it the single highest day total since may. meanwhile, "the washington post" reports that scientists in south africa have found evidence suggesting that the omicron variant may hold a higher risk of re-infection than the delta variant. still not clear if it has more
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of a dangerous effect than other variants. just in this midday, nebraska is now reporting six new omicron cases along with that, california, colorado, minnesota, new york and hawaii also reporting confirmed cases along with the first case here in the bay area. a second case now in l.a. county. a live look from our storm ranger atop the san bruno mountain. a foggy start. and it's still pretty foggy out there across the bay area. meteorologist kari hall been monitoring that. to let up. >> yeah, it's been very slow to clear and so now as we are taking a look at this very dense fog in the trivalley through dublin, it's a slow go in a lot spots. watch out for that. once again visibility has been our biggest issue this morning. especially in some of the spots that don't typically see the fog. san jose woke up to fog but it's
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been starting to lift in some areas and getting clear. we will see the sunshine if it's just for a while this afternoon. reaching into the low to mid-60s for a lot of these spots and that's the reason why our temperatures are coming down today. we had some near record highs from the past couple of days. today we're looking at more seasonable temperatures. it's going to cool off again as quickly as it warmed up as we look at christmas in the park in san jose this evening, going into the mid-50s as we go into after sunset, later this evening. so make sure if you're doing that or enjoying what else is going on in the bay area, bundle up. we'll talk about more events. that's coming up in a few minutes. >> kari, thank you. now to a push to bring back more muni lines. san francisco supervisors are urging the mta to bring back two bus routes serving downtown and chinatown. the 8ax and 8bx bay shore expresslines were suspended at the start of the pandemic.
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the lines of vital and without those buses, routes are significantly longer during commute hours. right now they're not expected to resume those lines until next spring but directors will reconsider that plan next week. our california climate in crisis. and it's not just the planet seeing an impact. a huge industry that is also taking a big hit on the bottom line due to climate change. and speaking of big money. it's a $125 million penalty. the reason pg&e is paying that fine. what the agreement means the utility can no longer do. and curb your enthusiasm star cheryl hines is sitting down with klly clarkson. the show is mainly improvised meaning that she does not know what is going to happen until those cameras start rolling. you can find out the moment that made her burst out into tears on the set. it's something you don't want to miss. it's on "the kelly clarkson show" at 3:00 this afternoon.
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i let go of the hammer of the gun and the gun goes off. i let go of the hammer of the gun and the gun goes off. that was the moment the gun went off. >> it wasn't in the script for the trigger to be pulled. >> the trigger wasn't pulled. >> you never pulled the trigger? >> no, no, no, i would never point a gun and pull a trigger. >> for the first time since the deadly shooting on a movie set, we're hearing from alec baldwin. the actor, who is starring in and co-producing that film talked about what happened that fateful day. he was holding an antique revolver for the western "rust" when it discharged. authorities believe it was a live round. cinematographer helena hutchins was killed and another person hurt. baldwin has no idea how that
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live round got on set. >> a piece of live ammunition ended up on this property. it wasn't supposed to be on the property. it wasn't supposed to be on the truck. wasn't supposed to be in the kit. wasn't supposed to be in somebody's fanny pack. a live round is not supposed to be anywhere near the set. >> how did that bullet -- >> that's what i'm saying. that's for a criminal investigation to solve. i have no idea. >> the investigation into that shooting is still under way. a follow up. pg&e has agreed to a settlement with the state puc. this is tied to the kinkade fire that destroyed nearly 600 structures in sonoma county. as our investigative unit learned, the commission found multiple violations in the fire zone. it prevents pg&e from seeking compensation for removing abandoned power equipment. the utility has not commented.
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now to our climate in crisis. tourism here in california is taking a big hit due to the climate change. nbc's steve patterson has more of the impact, the economic impact, being felt across the golden state. >> reporter: california is wondrous. a sprawling state filled with natural beauty. people from across the world flock to the golden state every year to escape. but it's a landscape in trouble with rising temperatures from palm desert with an 85-degree plus days from november to april is expected to increase 150% to the end of the century. to the sierra mountains where they could see about a quarter of the days below freezing they do now by 2100. marshall burke studies environmental science at stanford. >> i think the tourism industry in california and really throughout the u.s. west should be worried. they need to take this seriously. >> reporter: extreme heat caused by climate change in california could cost $50 billion to $80
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billion per century. the lake tahoe region, a place almost entirely dependent on tourism is on edge. this year the caldor fire turned south lake tahoe into a smoky ghost town costing local businesses more than $90 million. >> i threw out $12,000 to $13,000 worth of food. that was just what i threw out. the sales that were lost. i lost a lot of revenue. >> reporter: restaurant owner says sales still haven't recovered. >> it looks like fires are part of our future, and just their unpredictability and all of that. that's probably the most frightening bet. >> reporter: meanwhile, on the lake, it's adapt or die. kelsey owns and operates clearly tahoe, a clear-bottom kayak tour company offering stunning views. but the fire, along with shifting temperatures in the lake's erratic water level from years of megadrought is making
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it more difficult to attract customers. >> low water levels and climate change is certainly not a good thing. it's terrifying. we've adapted. but it's a challenge every year to await the conditions and be ready to adapt to those. >> scientists say there's no doubt that climate change is raising temperatures in a region like lake tahoe where the weather is so diverse you can be kayaking on pristine blue waters on the same day you're hitting the slopes at a mountainside resort, just like this. and up here there's not enough snow. they make manmade power to open the ski season before the holiday. this year with temperatures in the mid-50s it's been too warm even for that. >> tell me about the snow production and where you're at and where you'd like to be or normally would be. >> i think we've only maybe had three or four days of production which is not enough to open a ski resort on. >> at woodward, adapting has
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become part of what they call an elastic business model. the resort uses a supercooling pond to fuel snow making in this sprawling year-round 33,000-square-foot facility. it offers indoor fun when it gets a little too warm. >> working with the weather is at the core of what we do. and we n to be more unpredictable. >> reporter: even in a new reality of creeping heat and choking smoke, the worsening climate can't dampen the golden state's appeal, but the science is clear. >> unless we get our act together on climate change, all the science suggests we're going to see more and more of the years in the future. >> and that is not what we want to see. kari, you and the whole weather department really have been giving a lot of attention to our climate in crisis. >> yeah, it's nice to see that it's also getting some national attention because we do it in bits and pieces trying to keep reminding you of what we're
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facing here. not only in california but around the world. it's a really great package there. let's get you out the door if you're heading out for lunch. in san jose, still foggy, but just like we sometimes see, suddenly it's foggy and then like ten minutes later it's completely clear. and i do think that's how quickly it's going to clear in the south bay as well as other spots that are still stocked in with fog. temperatures in the low 50s. we'll see those temperatures warming up. you can see the sunshine breaking out by 2:00 to 3:00 this afternoon. so we're not going to have all day of sunshine. that's going to help keep those temperatures down quite a bit. it's also going to cool down quickly. if you are planning to head to the coast, we'll have king tides returning for us. what does that mean? it's basically when we have higher than normal astronomical tides. we see coastal flooding due to where the sun and the moon are positioned at their closest area, closest position compared to earth. as we are going into the next
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few days, that's going to have a greater gravitational pull on our coastal waters and bring it in farther inland. we're also going to have extremely low tides. the time we see those high tides, right about now, late morning and then we start to see the tides coming down, we'll do it all over again tomorrow morning as well as sunday morning. so all of these areas that are shaded in green are under a coastal flood warning that includes the inner bay and some of those areas that typically flood with king tides. and our temperatures are coming down. once again thanks to the fog, the change in your weather pattern and clouds in the mix. temperatures reaching 64 in palo alto and concord. napa reaching 65 degrees and also 65 in santa rosa. there's a lot going on this weekend and a lot to enjoy. the bay area, half moon bay, we'll see temperatures for the nights of lights parade at about 54 degrees and then cooling down to the low 50s. i think that fog is going to
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roll right back in later this evening. golden gate park will be a nice cool evening but a nice one for enjoying all the holiday lights and festivities going on. our weather is still dry. we're seeing a long line of clouds extending to the north of here. now high pressure is moving away. that's what's blocked any chance of rain from coming in. now that we're seeing the change in our weather pattern we're going to see a couple of systems coming, especially on thursday. may bring in more sierra snow but not looking at much in the way of rain. only scattered light showers but it will be a little more unsettled than we've had recently and definitely more clouds in the mix. it's also going to be cooler so we're back to our jacket weather throughout the day and coming out of those near record highs we have from the past few days. marcus? >> thanks, kari. the santa clara university women's soccer team is now just two wins away from their second straight ncaa championship. this weekend they're hosting the final four, happening tonight
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the semifinals. if the broncos beat byu, they would play in the finals on sunday. tonight's game starts at 9:30 p.m. good luck to them. let's hope the warriors have a short memory because tonight they host phoenix. with the suns owning a franchise best 18-game win streak, including wednesday's win over the dubs back in the desert. the sharks, meanwhile, continue their good times on the road. last night against the islanders they tied the game at one and it stayed that way. in overtime, erik karlsson scored for the sharks' third straight win. coming up -- ♪♪ ♪ tomorrow, tomorrow i love you tomorrow ♪ >> beautiful voice. fresh off "annie live's" big nirkts "usa today" breaking down the best and worst live musicals recently broadcast on tv. we'll tell you the paper's top pick and which ones they want to close the curtains on. happening now, the november
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employmenterate is out and the u.s. economy added 210,000 jobs last month. plus, it was less than half of the 573 jobs forecast. and the labor department warns that the new omicron covid variant could slow job growth into the winter. the unemployment, meanwhile, did fall sharply now at 4.2%. in february 2020, this is the last month before the pandemic, it was 3.5%.
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fresh off last night's performance of "annie live," "usa today" ranking the best and worst live tv musicals in recent memory. and for its top choice, the paper promises not to betray you. ♪♪ >> that's nbc's "jesus christ superstar" live in concert. it aired on easter 2018. it starred john legend and sarah baerales and it made the top of the list. also getting a standing "o," grease live, the wiz live and hair spray live. the latter two were also produced by nbc. along with the paper's top picks, the worst live musicals. they didn't feel like the hills were alive when carrie underwood took the sound of music. maybe you coughed or even missed
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some of the others on the list. take a look there. yeah, sorry for those musicals. oh, well. maybe you loved them. so if your heart is two sizes too small you can't stand christmas. i don't know why you'd think that way but we have found the perfect holiday getaway for you. check out this cave here in boulder, utah. it's modeled after the home of dr. seuss' how the grinch stole christmas. you can rent it out for $20 a not. the multilevel lair includes an organ, coffeemaker, two bedrooms, two bath and a full kitchen stocked with the grinch's favorites that includes roast beef, who putting and who hash. the grinch cave is available to rent starting today until the 23rd. so kari, if you don't love christmas, you can go there and hang out but then you'll have to leave because christmas is the 25th. there you go. >> i think that's something you
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do for instagram. all right. let's get a look at our temperatures for the weekend. 60s sticking with us. a little cool, marcus. >> thanks, kari. that does it for our midday newscast. the next one coming up at 5:00. have a great weekend. get out if you can. we'll see you back here monday.
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♪♪ right now on "california live," we're taking you for a sneak peek into princess diana's secret world. >> then a field of dreams that's been transformed into a winter wonderland. >> and we're celebrating the holidays dodgers style. >> plus, we've got the deets. the legendary go-go girl belinda carlisle tells us how she's using her voice in a whole new way. ♪ you've got the beat ♪ ♪ so the people walking down the street ♪ >> ross is diving into some delicious dutch doughnuts. >> this is my


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