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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 12, 2021 7:00am-8:00am PST

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good morning. it is sunday, december 12th, 7:00 on the dot as we take a live look outside across the bay area. you can see a little bit of wet on our bay bridge camera there, and wet pavement at the golden gate bridge. thank you so much for starting this wet sunday morning with us. i am kira klapper. i saw some sprinkles on my drive in this morning, and meteorologist, vianey arana, has a lot to get to this morning. >> good morning. that's the reason why we are under a microclimate alert,
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because we want to make sure you are prepared at home as to what is to come. 48 degrees in san francisco. we have storm ranger up and scanning our mobile radar. this gives us a clear view of all the incoming rain. the rain is going to continue through the day, becoming more intense into the evening. the santa cruz mountains, we could see it stall out within the next couple of hours. right now current temperatures notice, a few degrees warmer compared to yesterday when we woke up in the low 30s. today we are seeing the low 40s. here's a closer look heading into the full forecast, the north bay, one to two inches of rain for today but there will also be a wind advisory that goes into effect starting at 4:00 today into monday morning, and, yes, sierra snow. if you had plans to travel to lake tahoe, it could get
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extremely dangerous when it comes to the road conditions. the impact this has and how that ties into climate change coming up in the full forecast. we will talk about how much rain you will get and how windy it will get and the timing of the storm, coming up in just a few minutes. >> thank you, vianey. meanwhile, people in the sierra are a little lighter, gearing up to hit the slopes. >> reporter: at the chevron station at author road in martinez, some customers are getting ready for the coming storm by fueling up and making plans to stay home. what are your plans tomorrow? >> not going anywhere if it's going to be raining. >> but the employees at this gas station are hoping this storm does not bring as many rain as last storm.
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the clerks could not talk with me on camera because they are still on shift, they said drivers were cutting through their lot because it was shallow enough to cut through. throughout the bay area, sandbag stations are filled up to help people if needed. while some brace for impact, others are celebrating. especially those hoping for significant snow in the sierra. >> we will be busy. >> yeah, it should be fun. >> in the town of truckee, one of the local hardware stores was helping people stock up on shovels and other snow supplies. >> we have been helping with generators, batteries, oil lambs. >> two ski resorts are
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celebrating opening weekend, and they are hoping the storm dumbs more snow, but because of the conditions the california highway patrol issued a warning for people hoping to hit the slopes. if you are not in lake tahoe, they advise you not to go until after the storm passes. >> in anticipation of today's rain, many businesses are closing. the oakland zoo will close today. anybody that already paid for a ticket will get a refund and be able to reschedule. the oakland zoo prides itself on that. you can type in your zip code and track the storm precisely as it moves into your neighborhood. turning now to that breaking
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news we brought you yesterday morning of the catastrophic damage caused by 30 tornadoes that hit the midwest. this is brand-new video from mayfield, kentucky, where cleanup was under way. it was one of the more severe storms in kentucky state history, leaving behind nearly 200 miles of devastation, and killing at least 70 people. this morning the search continues for survivors. that death toll sadly is expected to climb. ken baker spoke with one family that survived this weekend's terrifying storms. >> one of the hardest areas hit in taylor, county. nearly every home is ravaged, including jesse newton. her and her family lost about everything. >> dogs started flying through the air, and walls started caving in. >> she ran into a closet under her stairs for safety. >> when it finally -- it was
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like a moment of silence, just come over and then heavy rain started, so we got out. >> daylight illuminated the damage done, and memories and heirloom family values scattered. the roof of the home was torn off and some areas all that stood was four walls. >> but i am blessed to be alive. >> that was ken baker reporting for us. president biden approved a declaration for kentucky and is promising assistance to all of the six states hit by the storm. >> i want all the folks to know, we will get through this and the federal government is not going to walk away. this is one of those times when we are not democrats or republicans. sounds like hyperbole but it's real. we are all americans. we stand together as united state of america.
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>> california is doing its part delaying search and rescue teams from sacramento and orange county to kentucky. back here in california, governor gavin newsom is pushing for legislation to allow private citizens to sue people who make or sell ghost guns. private citizens could seek damages of $10,000 to those selling or making illegal weapons in california. newsom released a statement that reads in part, quote, if states can now shield their laws from review by the federal courts that compare assault weapons to swiss army knives, then california will use that authority where texas used it to
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put women in harm's way. mexican cultural icon, an international music star has passed away. ♪♪ >> a post on the singer's instagram confirmed his death at 6:15 this morning. the legendary musician and mexican icon was suffering declining health in recent years, including respiratory issues and a fall at his ranch earlier this year. he was 81. turning now to a follow-up of a story we brought you yesterday morning, there are growing calls in the east bay after a dramatic rampage ended in flames and gunfire in
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antioch. the typically quiet dove court remained blocked off yesterday as the investigation into the violence continued. terrified neighbors called police friday afternoon reporting that a man with a rifle was shooting at cars and homes. police rushed to evacuate the area but the suspect continued firing shots from inside a home that later started burning. police say the man set the garage on fire and tried to take off. when officers caught up with him they opened fire killing him. now multiple investigations are under way and the mayor of antioch and neighbors are calling for action to make the community safer. also in the east bay, a shooting investigation is now under way in hayward. this after gunfire erupted in a parking lot behind the grocery outlet. paramedics say the victim was taken to the hospital by other people before first responders
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got there. we have much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, we take you live to washington for our weekly interview with chuck todd for a preview of this week's "meet the press."
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and any kidney or liver problems. help protect yourself from another dvt or pe. ask your doctor about xarelto®. to learn more about cost, visit or call 1-888-xarelto welcome back, it's time for our weekly discussion with chuck todd, moderator of "meet the press." >> thank you, kira. >> was there discussion about president biden's talk with vladimir putin, russia's military buildup and where that leaves our military in regards to ukraine? >> kira, that was the entire discussion. we stuck to everything having to do with russia, ukraine, putin. you know, we have been sort
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of -- we're now seven years since putin took crimea. seven years of sanctions, and seven years of punishment, and seven years of threats and none of it detoured putin from amassing more troops on the border of ukraine. it's pretty clear our posture is to do everything we can diplomatically, and it's clear the europeans don't want to do what we are willing to do when it comes to russia, whether it's to shut off the pipeline completely, and the secretary of state says that's potential -- we're eventually negotiating with him after he has taken the hostage and holding a gun to their head, and there's a lot of
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questions there whether this is an effective strategy on that front, and we need the essentially rally europeans to take a tougher stance against russia. >> that will be interesting to watch. i want to ask you quickly, you got to talk to the governor of kentucky, and i am not sure if that interview was scheduled before the catastrophic tornadoes hit kentucky. >> right. >> how are they doing? >> well, we were actually going covid. kentucky has had an 85% spike, and he had to declare a state of emergency because of the nursing shortage, and then this happened. this is the worst -- it appears to be, perhaps going onrecord as the worst tornado when it comes to fatalities. think about this.
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i know on the west coast, tornadoes are not as a well known phenomenon out there. march, april, may, the beginning of spring, as we are getting into summer, this coming in december is very unusual and we had some very unusual warm air, and la nina, you throw it in there and here's where we are. it's pretty devastating. they have all the resources, and hopefully they will have more survivors today. >> yeah, even california is sending people to help with the search and rescue. our hearts go out to them. we look forward to seeing you at 8:00, chuck. we hope you join chuck for this morning's "meet the press." he has that exclusive interview with anthony blinken, and andy bashir and give some insight on how the state is doing following the deadly tornadoes. my gosh.
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stick here and watch after this newscast. and then now to alec baldwin. new mexico's safety leaders issued the subpoena after dave halls refused to be interviewed for the investigation on the set of "rust." he said he would give an interview only after a criminal investigation into the matter is complete. halls reportedly told baldwin the prop was a cold gun, meaning safe, before handing it to him. one was killed and one injured when the gun fired. another successful mission to space for blue origin. the company launched its new shepherd rocket. michael stray hand and lane bess
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and his son, camera. the rocket went to the edge of space before returning safely to earth. the crew experienced three minutes of weightlessness. and bess spoke with our scott budman earlier this week. san francisco's santacon is back. you may have noticed people dressed as santas or elves. this year, bars required proof of vaccination. people that came out tell us they were just happy to be part of the celebration again. >> to me, it's just being able to support the toy drive, and seeing everybody having a great time, and all the santas out here, and the really unique costumes, i think is really fun.
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>> that event helps to keep them in the black. mr. and mrs. clause visited families with the students from the school were given toys, turkeys and a $50 gift card to target. it was along with help from second harvest food bank that helped with the turkeys. time to check in with vianey arana for the microclimate forecast. we have wind advisories and a little rain hitting parts of the bay area already, and it's just going to get worst as the day goes on. is that right? >> exactly. that's the reason why we are under a microclimate weather alert to get you prepared for what is to come so you can know what to expect in your area. we are already seeing rain out
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there. i want to give you a look at the satellite radar. look at snow there coming down. if i zoom this in closer using our mobile doppler storm ranger, you can see we had rain move in to parts of the north bay, but we are getting light rain right now in san francisco, and starting to move down into the san josé area. this is expected to intensify with the next couple of hours. in addition to more rain, we also have more wind. if you are worried about the time stamp, it's right up here. notice what happens as this pushes further down, right into the overnight hours into monday morning, it creates a bullseye over the santa cruz mountains. it's really going to start coming down tonight into early monday morning in the santa cruz area, and it looks like this could stall out quite a bit over the santa cruz mountains. a dangerous commute expected for
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tomorrow. this will carry over into monday. as far as how much rain we are expected to get, i want to give you an outlook of the one-week rainfall totals. we see that rain shadow down to the south bay, four inches, and several inches up to the north bay especially for the coastal mountain areas, and that's rain totals for the week. in addition to the rain, we're worried about the wind. 40 plus-mile-per-hour winds gusting into the south bay and that is why the wind advisory will take effect at 4:00 through tomorrow morning. be sure and stay ready and stay vigilant. not a good time to drive up to the sierra. potentially upwards of 90 inches of snow expected out of this storm, gusting winds and also headed into monday, as the cold front passes through with the cold air, we could see local snow on top of the bay area
7:21 am
mountains. i want to take this opportunity to explain what is a atmospheric river. it's a long narrow flow of tropical air that brings about 50% of the rainfall. think about it as a river in the sky. it has a lot to do with climate change. they may be longer and wider with 50% more rain, and how does this impact us? the big changes in that is there could be a higher change of larger swings from drought to flooding. we have been in extreme drought in california for quite sometime, and it's having an impact on how we see the rain here and how much or how often or how not often these impacts comes to the area. the next several days, we will have active rainfall totals through wednesday, and we will get a cold air blast heading into sunday and monday, and then the storm really making its
7:22 am
impact overnight tonight into monday morning, so be prepared. >> we will be, thanks to you. it's just shy of 7:22. we have much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, steph curry falling short, not close enough to break the all-time record. sports is next.
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good morning, everyone. i am anthony flores. steph curry's quest to be the all-time leader in three-point buckets. he came in needing 10 to pass ray allen for the top spot. steph just did not have it in this one. in his first three, they did not come until two minutes before the half. the warriors had a 13-point lead in the third quarter, but the sixers come storming back.
7:25 am
check out steph curry, the drive and the bucket, and he puts the game on ice. curry now seven away from the record. >> trying to keep it out of my head and just play basketball and take the shots that i want to take, and play the game as i normally do. i appreciate the attention on what happens. i will continue to play the game in the process. >> at the shark tank, it's meyers spinning and shooting. the sharks beat the stars 2-1. there's a chance samuel might return to the field today at cincinnati. he's questionable because of a groin strain. they are facing the bagels team led by one of the nfl's young star quarterbacks. >> it's just about putting that
7:26 am
performance behind us and on to the next. i mean, this league is all about getting better, so as long as we get better, i think we have a good chance. >> yeah, you want to perform the right way. >> be sure and check out 49ers pregame live at noon on nbc sports bay area, and then once the game is over switch back for postgame reaction and analysis. alabama's bryce young wins the heisman trophy. coming up, now is the time to prepare. we are tracking a powerful atmospheric river headed to the bay area, already hitting parts of the north bay. this is a live look at our storm ranger scanning from san bruno mountains. vianey arana will break down the forecast, coming up. plus, thousands of college
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good morning. it is sunday, december 12th, 7:29 on the dot. as we take a live look at the radar scanning, our mobile doppler radar, and a look at a cloudy san francisco and walnut creek. some are already seeing rain and wet pavement this morning. thank you so much for starting your morning with us. i am kira klapper. vianey arana joins us for all that and more in your microclimate forecast. >> it's raining in parts of the north bay, and the golden gate bridge, and it's going to go get more intense and that's what we are tracking into the afternoon. 47 degrees in emeryville. temperatures starting out in the 40s. look how beautiful this shot of
7:30 am
lake tahoe is, and it's about 30 degrees and it's going to get extremely stormy and they are expecting a lot of snow. if you are not already there and have plans to head over tomorrow, be careful. the mobile radar is up and scanning. you can see the rain pushing through san francisco, and it's moving into the san josé area. we could see that getting more intense into the afternoon especially for the santa cruz mountains. it looks like it could stall out overnight into early monday morning. wind advisories take affect, and that could create downed trees and power outages possibly. the heavy sierra snow, we could see snow on our local mountain tops here in the bay area. i will guide you through the timing and how much rain and what to expect coming up in my full forecast. >> look forward to seeing you
7:31 am
soon. thanks. and as mentioned, people are preparing for that storm and people in the sierra are getting pumped for all that snow to come. >> at the chevron station, many are fueling up. >> what are your plans tomorrow? >> not going anywhere if it plans to be rainy. >> the employees at this gas station hopes it's not the same as last time. the clerks could not talk with me because they are still on shift and they said the rain ronnoff were so deep in the intersection, there was a special crew that had to be sent to help manage the flooding. sandbag stations were set up for homes if needed, and in san
7:32 am
francisco the public works lot on marin street will have special sunday hours because of the anticipated rain. while some brace for impact, others are celebrating, especially those hoping for significant snow in the sierra. >> it should be fun. >> in the town of truckee, one of the local hardware stores was bustling with people stocking up on shovels and all other kinds of snow supplies. >> we have been working some of our generators and power loss, as well as flashlights, batteries, oil lamps. >> heavenly and kirkwood, operators there are hoping the storm will dump more snow. the california highway patrol issued a warning for people hoping to hit the slopes. if you are not already in tahoe, they advise not to go until after the storm passes. in martinez, nbc bay area news.
7:33 am
in anticipation of today's rain many businesses are closing. the oakland zoo is one of them. it will be closed today and that includes the famous glow safari exit. the oakland zoo prides itself on being open year round. you will have access to storm ranger. it's an exclusive mobile radar. you can type in the zip code and track the storm precisely as it moves into your neighborhood. turning to the midwest and the disastrous tornado that hit overnight, 30 of them, in fact. this is new video from mayfield, kentucky. this morning cleanup and search and rescue remain under way. it's being called the most severe storm in kentucky state history, leaving behind nearly 200 miles of devastation, killing at least 70 people.
7:34 am
this morning the search for survivors continues. the death toll is expected to climb. ken baker, with one of our nbc stations, spoke with one family that survived the weekend's terrifying violent storms. >> this stretch of highway 527 is one of the hardest areas hit in taylor county. nearly every home is ravaged, including jesse newton's. >> the windows started breaking and dogs were flying through the air. i didn't know what to do. it was scary. >> she ran into a closet under her stairs for safety. >> when it finally -- it was like a moment of silence. just come over, and then it started heavy rain so we got out. >> daylight eluded the damage done. memories, family heirlooms and valuables scattered and tossed, and she called family that tried to collect some of the most
7:35 am
valuable possessions. the roof of the home was torn off and some areas, all that stood was four walls. >> but i am blessed to be alive. >> back here in california, governor gavin newsom is pushing for legislation to allow private citizens to sue people who make or sell an illegal weapon like a ghost gun. private citizens could seek damages of at least $10,000 of anybody manufacturing, distributing or selling illegal weapons in california. it's in response to the supreme court decision in favor of the texas abortion measure. he said in part, quote, if states can now shield their laws from review by the federal courts that compare assault weapons to swiss army knives, then california will use that authority to protect peoples'
7:36 am
lives where texas used it to put women in harm's way. bay area congressman met with some of the afghan refugees yesterday. >> this 12-year-old whose mother was killed because of her advocacy for women's rights, he's here with his grandparents and with his uncle and they are in a house with 16 people. >> the family says without a permanent address, it has been difficult for the boy to enroll in school and for his uncle to get a work permit. it's frustrating they have not
7:37 am
been able to help them more quickly and he pledged to speed up the process. and an in-person graduation is set for san josé state university. it has been nearly two years since the last in-person graduation there. thousands of students in the spring, summer and fall classes of 2020 and 2021 are expected to attend. there will be 13 graduation ceremonies in all. they will take place over a four-day period from december 14th through the 17th. it starts next tuesday and will also be live streamed. for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic, the diocese of san josé welcomed back worshippers for an in-person tribute and mass for the virgin of guadalupe at our lady of guadalupe parish.
7:38 am
this is video from last night's mass dedicated to our lady of guadalupe. a shrine is surrounded by flowers and candles. just beautiful. well, you might know that we have less than two weeks to go until christmas eve, and where are you shopping? that's the question. from supply chain issues to shipping delays, if you are out of luck when it comes to getting your gift on time for christmas, vicky nguyen is here to help us. >> shoppers facing the dreaded out of stock message everywhere. those notices tripling with prepandemic levels. if you still need to buy
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in-demand items, check online market places, just expect to play big. >> sony's play station five retails for $500, but on east bay some have it listed for more than triple the price. >> and other sites to check out, you can deal with local sellers. if you find that gift, meet somewhere safe. and beware of scams. if you are looking for electronic and toys especially, check out toy inventory trackers. these sites allow you to search a particular product and see which retailers like amazon, target and walmart have it in stock. >> when it comes to find hard electronics or toys, what do you suggest? >> you can buy refurbished,
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gently used -- >> to avoid shipping delays, consider bopis, buy online and pick up in store, and look at a service call shipt. if you need a christmas miracle, offers this. subscription services, and one-time or monthly gift boxes that could ship immediately. make sure you check to see what is in them and read the reviews. >> that was vicky nguyen reporting for us. still to come on "today in the bay," a look at our doppler radar. meteorologist, vianey arana, times out the storm after the break.
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we are under a microclimate weather alert. we have rain already. you can see a live look in downtown san josé. christmas in the park, the pavement is wet and we are expecting the storm to intensify and i will time that out for you. right now, san francisco, gloomy skies and 49 degrees, and look at satellite radar. you can see that storm already starting to see snow as well into the sierra. i want to zoom this in but using our mobile doppler radar, storm ranger. if you are in the north bay, you saw the rain since last night. i want to take a look at how much rain we are expecting and what to look forward to tonight. the time stamp is right up here, right around 2:30. notice rain shadow action going on in the south bay, but the focus tonight will be on the santa cruz mountains. looks like it will stall over the area. you can see the yellow and orange, the heavier pockets of rain. really, this area, even down
7:44 am
through the san josé los gatos areas, several inches of rain possible. in addition to the rain, we are also concerned about the wind. look at the wind gusts right now, kicking up tonight overnight into the early morning hours. 43 miles per hour winds in the higher elevations, and there could be a wind advisory that goes into effect starting at 4:00, and that could mean tree damage and so please be careful out there. if you don't have to drive, don't do it. in addition to not having to drive, if you have plans to head to the sierra, if you are not already there there are going to be way too dangerous conditions to think about heading there. upwards of 90 plus inches of snow into the next couple of days. it's also going to be gusty up there. get this, after we see the cold front pass we will get a cold blast that could mean local sierra snow for some of the
7:45 am
higher mountain tops here in the bay area. if you are wondering how much rain we will get, the one-week rain outlook potential over the next couple of days, look at that, a little more of the rain shadowing. a couple inches for sure. wednesday night into thursday, we do have more rain on the way. we also have a little bit more of the wind gusts action heading into monday evening as well. now, looking way out ahead into next weekend, it looks like we go into a drying pattern into next weekend, so next saturday and sunday, here's a closer look at your 7-day forecast. of course, we're going to see the storm make its arrival into the night, and then windy conditions remain. next weekend things will start to dry out, but an active weather pattern. join me on facebook after the show for a live q & a. coming up, nbc bay area
7:46 am
political analysts, larry gerston, talks about the controversial supreme court arguments heard this week. ♪give my regards to broadway!♪ ♪remember me to herald square!♪ ♪tell all the gang at forty second street♪ ♪that i will soon be there!♪ ♪whisper of how i'm yearning♪ ♪to mingle with the old-time throng!♪ ♪give my regards to old broadway♪ ♪and say that i'll be there, 'ere long!♪
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welcome back. inflation seems to be impacting us in every which way, and now having a beer to ease the stress of rising prices might cost you two. that's because the craft beer industry is having a can shortage. a minimum purchase requirement. >> from one truck load to five truckloads, that's a million cans and a lot of the breweries in san diego, there's no way they will use that many cans.
7:49 am
it's 7:48. just last week the u.s. supreme court decided opponents of a new texas abortion law could challenge the legality in court, and the texas law would end a woman's right to choose after six weeks. nbc bay area political analysts, larry gerston joins us this morning. good to see you. what is the significance of how this all plays out for texas? >> good morning, kira. texas, and maybe the whole country, actually. we have to go back to roe v. wade for a second, and in that decision the supreme court said the woman has a right to privacy, and that is implied in the constitution, and she has a right to choose when she wants to have an abortion, should she decide to do that. 23 weeks was the limit the court set, approximately.
7:50 am
this court is saying we don't know that the constitution says that, we don't see that. we see it plainly speaking. if there is no right to privacy in the constitution, then it's up to the states to decide. if the texas decision goes as many of us think, that in fact, it will be upheld, 26 states are ready to move forward with similar legislation, and ten of them saying conception begins immediately, which means no abortion whatsoever. >> if states are left to write their own abortion laws state by state, where does california fit in to all of that? >> you had a nice graph a second ago, kira, and you are right on the money with this thing. we see that california is very, very different than texas. in california, overwhelmingly people believe in the right of a woman to choose and if you look
7:51 am
nationally, it's almost equally divided. 54% say yes, and 46% say no when it comes to upholding roe v. wade. and even republicans agree. you are talking about a very different approach to abortion and a woman's right to choose in california, and one that is not likely to change. >> it's safe to assume, i would assume, the state legislature will not be changing abortion laws here? that's a lot of abortions. >> yes, and more. and i will tell you why. the california governor, newsom, and the leaders in the legislature, now are considering a law to make california a sanctuary state for women who want an abortion. imagine that, just like we do with immigration. if in this law, if it takes place, the state would fund
7:52 am
women, poor women that want to come and get an abortion. people in this state are very pro choice. the question is how will they feel about the legislature that would decide to go ahead and fund people that want to come here to california. that may be a bit more controversial than people might expect. >> thank you, larry, for all that this morning. we appreciate seeing you. up next, we have a quick look at the stories we are following including the push for new legislation to allow private citizens in california to sue people who make or sell assault weapons. welcome back.
7:53 am
7:54 am
7:55 am
here's a quick look at the stories we are following. governor gavin newsom is pushing for legislation that would allow private citizens to sue people who make or sell an assault weapon or ghost gun. it would work in a similar way like a texas law that allows private citizens to sue those performing abortions. we have video from the typically quiet dove court yesterday, still blocked off as
7:56 am
multiple investigations continue. yesterday a man with a rifle was shooting at homes and cars. police rushed to evacuate the area but the suspect continued to fire shots from inside a home that later started burning. the suspect started the garage on fire and tried to take off. when officers spotted the man they open fire, killing him. turning to lighter news. it has been two years since the last in-person graduation at san josé state university and graduates soon will be able to receive their diplomas in person. thousands from 2020 and 2021 are expected to attend the ceremony coming up. there will be 13 in all. that will take place over a four-day period from december 14th through the 17th. it starts next tuesday and will be live streamed as well. let's turn to vianey arana for one last check of the forecast on this wet sunday.
7:57 am
>> yeah, look at storm ranger. it's pretty active right now. we are the only ones in the bay area that has stormranger. over the santa cruz mountains, expect the rain to intensify into this evening. wind advisory goes into effect at 4:00 today and we are expecting heavy sierra snow. i will be on live facebook after this, so join me for a q & a. >> thank you to all of you for making us part of your sunday morning. no 5:00 or 6:00 news tonight, instead it's football. stay tuned for sports sunday, that's at 8:30, followed by a special edition of bay area news at 9:00 and again at 11:00. until then, stay up-to-date on or download the free app and you can track the
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storm over the next few days. stay dry, stay safe, and have a great sunday. ray loves vacations. but his diabetes never seemed to take one. everything felt like a 'no'. everything. but then ray went from no to know. with freestyle libre 2, now he knows his glucose levels when he needs to. and... when he wants to. so ray... can be ray. take the mystery out of your glucose levels, and lower your a1c. now you know. try it for free. visit
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this sunday, tornado catastrophe. >> this will be, i believe, the deadliest tornado system to ever run through kentucky. >> 100 or more feared dead. mostly in kentucky. >> if you had to describe what's happened to your town, what would you say? >> it's gone. >> rare december tornadoes crash through six states. >> they're working on trying to save some people that are trapped in the rubble. >> an amazon warehouse destroyed in illinois. >> i have no idea the building looked that bad, and i'm just worried sick. i just want to know if he's okay. >> we'll get the


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