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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 16, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PST

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rob has a look at the micro climate weather forecast. a wet one this morning. >> we've watched the rain move back into san jose. 49 degrees right now. light rain moving back through
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downtown. the trend will be drier now. as we head through the morning, you can see showers on the decrease, clearing skies into the afternoon and some chilly temperatures tonight. highs today in the low to mid 50s in the bay area with some sunshine. we'll talk more about chances of rain ahead for the weekend and our full forecast coming up in a few minutes. the storm actually leaving some pg&e customers without power this morning. take a look at this outage map. it's impacting small clusters mostly in yellow there. one outage affecting more than a thousand customers. hail in san jose, heavy rain in sausalito. send us photos and videos of what's happening in your neighborhood and we may air them
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on the air. today closing arguments begin in the elizabeth holmes criminal fraud trial. the theranos founder who went from stanford dropout to the world's first self-made billionaire faces up to 20 years in prison if she's convicted. >> the central question, did she intentionally mislead investors as theranos was crashing and burning? we have live team coverage. kris sanchez live in the south bay. >> reporter: we expect the jury will hear closing arguments from the government and the government will say that elizabeth holmes knew that her technology did not work and yet continued to take money from investors and put people's health and lives on the line. she was the last person on the stand in her own defense. through the trial she said that misstatements to investors and business partners were based on information that she believed true at the time. her legal team also introduced intimate details of her romantic
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relationship with theranos executive sunny bawani saying he was mentally and physically abuive and controlling. the jury could interpret that testimony as yet another manipulation. >> it's not just a failed startup. it's a situation where technology was put on the market, representations were made by elizabeth holmes that turned out to be inaccurate. people relied upon that and put their lives in the hands of her technology. >> reporter: the jury heard testimony from 29 government witnesses including a woman whose theranos blood test showed she suffered a mscarriage when she was, in fact, still pregnant. and a positive prostate test in
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a woman, who did not have a prostate. she testified about leaving stanford because of an alleged rape and being abused by balwani, a claim he denies. now the trial of sunny balwani will start on february 15th instead of january 11th. she faces 11 criminal fraud charges. they each carry a penalty of 20 years maximum. if they were to serve consecutively, that would be 220 years in prison if found guilty on all charges, or she could serve them at the same time. the jury is well aware that the holidays are right around the corner and thus they may feel pressure to come to a decision more quickly. >> you can hear the crowd gathering before you. there are lines of people just trying to get in to witness some of this. >> reporter: 54 people at 5:00 in morning. >> no matter what the verdict,
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silicon valley has learned some lessons from this experience. >> scott, it's clear from yesterday's testimony that holmes over promised and under delivered here. they're saying the standard practice -- >> it's a promise of too much. that's the claim. first of all, holmes and theranos didn't deliver at all. the product they say worked, the edison barely existed, certainly never went to mass market. the tests they say they ran on it often false. other tests were run on traditional equipment that theranos didn't tell people they had. the other reason is while silicon valley companies often over promise, claim a new feature for your phone is just around the corner. in theranos's case they were working on life and death technology. people trusted those tests to tell them whether they had cancer or aids. the big lesson i think silicon valley will take away from this
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is don't trust a company because it has a first class board of directors. that board of directors knows what's going on is the assumption, that they know what they're doing. theranos boasted two former secretaries of state, george schultz and henry kissinger. one former defense secretary william perry and one future defense secretary jim mattis among others. investors looked at this blue ribbon board and thought, i can trust they know what's going on. now they say they didn't either. >> in george schultz's case he was warned. >> his own grandson worked in the labs and tried to warn his grandfather that things were amiss and tried to protect his grandfather's legacy. schultz was a statesman, he was on the right side of all kinds of things and did so much for america, which is why a lot of people trusted that he knew what was happening in theranos, but
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it turns out he didn't. >> we will be following all of it. you can follow the trial online at all you have to do is click on elizabeth holmes trial coverage once again. closing arguments expected today. authorities are investigating a deadly police shooting in the east bay. surveillance video captured the tense moments leading up to that shooting. a camera at the evergreen produce market in north richmond shows a man standing in the parking loft yesterday waving and pointing what appears to be a gun. that incident terrified workers there and police quickly responded. the man then got in his car but officers quickly caught up with him. they say he ignored their orders and fired. >> the subject initially did not listen to the officers' commands, but eventually to come out of the vehicle with his
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hands up. eventually he did exit the vehicle holding an air soft gun that looked exactly like a real firearm. >> now because he was holding an air soft gun, the department of justice is now among agencies investigating. the four officers are now on paid administrative leave. to our climate in crisis and possible help against future droughts with california's first new reservoir in years. the state water commission voted yesterday to authorize more than $800 million for the project which may ultimately cost more than $4 billion. the reservoir will be located in ka loose sa county north of sacramento. environmentalists argue it will take too much water from the sacramento river and harm endangered salmon. taking a live look outside at san francisco, hoping for a little bit of clearing. we've been tracking the rain so
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far. >> rob, you told us that rain was coming today. how long is it going to stick around? >> we're starting to see the back edge of that storm pass through the bay area right now. i do think we're going to get some clearing this morning, but still an impact on your commute. there's the view on our radar into san jose. light rain at times. the trend is less green on the screen as the showers head off to the east. clearing skies into the afternoon, but cold temperatures around the bay today. highs in the low to mid 50s, drying out as we head into the beginning of the weekend, but more rain on the way. a look at that in your seven-day forecast coming up. this is where rob just told us we had recent activity right here through contra costa county. we have a crash northbound 680 around olympic. we had all lanes blocked for a short period of time. i believe they've reopened a number of lanes here.
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that will show you down heading up to highway 24. we have extra slowing out of antioch in toward pittsburg. it's clear now, but wet roads continue. slowing for 37 and an issue on the bay bridge with a disabled vehicle around treasure island and maybe a fender bender that will distract and slow you on the first half of the bridge heading toward san francisco. the dumbarton bridge is a clear drive. coming up next, another shortage affecting the holidays. the reason one company actually paying people not to make cheesecake this year. plus, turn off your phones. the new warning from the faa about 5g cell phone technology and how it can disrupt pilots in the cockpit. first, off the job. right now on more problems surrounding the sinking millennium tower.
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the online bulletin board cofounded by alexis ohanian who was once famous in his own right, now known as the guy who married serena williams. reddit is one of those things that i recommend that few people take me up on because they don't understand how it works or they don't want to try another thing. the thing about reddit is it has subject matters of millions of
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different topics. say, for instance, triplets or singing or cast iron cooking or anything you can think of is something that you might be interested in, i promise you there are hundreds of other people discussing it. this morning here's a live look at sfo. there's a new warning out from the faa with 5g cellular networks going online next month. the agency concerned about mass flight cancellations because the network may interfere with safety when pilots land planes. one airline safety advocate says solutions are possible and have been achieved in other parts of the world. >> there are ways they can move the antennas and reduce the transmission power. all of those are mitigations. this is what needs to be done.
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>> you can watch that full interview on the "today" show coming up at 7:00 right after "today in the bay." trending this morning, someone perhaps in silicon valley is waking up $11 million richer this morning and it's not from crypto currency or nfts. >> no. they won it the old fashioned way with a lottery ticket. the lottery ticket was sold at this 7-eleven near center road and coyote road in san jose. here are the winning numbers, 5, 8, 9, 19, 39 and the super lotto number of 9. that's a nice little something to put in your stocking. >> cha-ching. holiday favorite might be missing from the dinner table. if you don't know yet, there's a
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cream cheese shortage. craft offering people $20 to bring a different dessert to holiday gatherings instead of cheesecake. cream cheese shortage will not end any time soon. >> bagels anyone? >> that's what i like on my bagel. rob has a look at our forecast for today. >> right now i think by the afternoon you're not going to need the umbrella, but keep the jacket with you. temperatures right now near 50 in san francisco. it might warm up 5 more degrees later as the sun breaks out. there you see some rain in san jose right now. rain and wind overnight.
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the area really did get cleaned out by the storms. in the sierra a crisp 31 degrees at south lake tahoe. another half foot of snow coming down, weekly totals passing 7 feet of snow above 6,000 feet. scattered showers ongoing into san jose. that's about it. from here, isolated showers and we'll transition to the clearing skies. passing lunchtime, mostly sunny, a few stray showers in the north bay hills. by 5:00 showers should be done with as we head through the rest of the day. low to mid 50s from san francisco over to the east bay. low 50s for highs in the north bay and inland east bay valleys. then our attention begins to change to the next rain chance. right now looks like late sunday for the north bay and the north coast. i think tomorrow and saturday should be fine for outdoor plans. but outdoor plans monday through wednesday could get more
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challenging. we see what could be another atmospheric river connection. a slow moving storm could power up some big rainix>háotals proby through about wednesday morning. as we get toward christmas eve and christmas day, things will be drying out. temperatures staying cool the next few mornings. we'll see numbers by tomorrow morning and saturday morning cold enough for some frost. >> watch for the slippery conditions. we heard about this crash north 680. chp put a note in there saying can you please run a traffic break northbound at 24 as quickly as possible because some folks were out of their vehicle. no injuries, no crashes after that. it does look like traffic is
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being restored through the area. the commute through walnut creek builds. over here slowing through pittsburg and concord. highway 37 and the bay bridge toll plaza, things getting better across the bay bridge. they have that disabled vehicle cleared through treasure island. the build is on from the east bay. coming up next, nbc bay area responds. >> lots of people now have a new way to add their vaccine record information to their smart phone. we'll show you how.
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customer crab fishermen finally have a start date. crab season begins december 29th for the area between pigeon point and the mendocino county line. it follows a lengthy delay to protect migring whales. seth curry is now the nba's all-time three-point leader but he's also focused on paying tribute to another east bay superstar. >> especially miss regina. >> miss regina there is an oakland legend. the center is a safe space, an alternative for the streets. this is where east oakland kids can learn and play. they're donating $150,000 to the center's literacy program. that grant is part of 12 days of
6:27 am
christmas with the currys, an annual tradition honoring people who help move oakland forward. congratulations to miss regina and all of those students. coming up next, the top stories we're following today. california reinstates the indoor mask mandate. the covid case rate here in the golden state compared to other states with fewer restrictions. you might be surprised. a couple and their dog attacked coyotes.
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wealth management is planning your path together. and, it's guiding you along the way. start a relationship with citi and earn a cash bonus when you open a new eligible account and complete required activities. i'm cierra johnson. that storm is moving out. it had quite the punch. i'm following the outages as well as some rain totals. our booster vaccine regimens work against omicron. >> a dire warning from health leaders as covid hospitalizations surge across the country. new recommendations ahead of the holidays. this is "today in the bay." good thursday morning to you. 6:30 right now. i'm laura garcia.
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>> i'm marcus washington. the rain makes its way through the bay area. storm ranger also scanning from san bruno. not over yet. >> that's right. we have live team coverage. how are we looking so far? >> we do have what's making it a tough challenge for your morning commute, you have rain flying and at times reduced visibility too. 49 degrees in san jose. let's show you the radar view right there. you can see the showers passing through. showers moving to the east out toward livermore. from here, the rain will be on the decrease as we head into the afternoon, some clearing skies and setting the stage for chilly temperatures as we head toward tonight. today's highs only low to mid 50s. showers gone by the afternoon, but for now still causing some issues for that morning commute.
6:32 am
>> the rain and wind leading to some actual bay area power outages overnight. >> if you're headed out soon, be careful as you head toward intersections that are just dark. >> reporter: good morning. they're blinking right now, but about three minutes ago everything was completely dark. you can see in the distance there those flashing lights. we've also seen some pg&e trucks in the area working to make some repairs. as you mentioned, it was a whole different scene last night because this area was very dark because of that power outage. we've been keeping a close eye on the pg&e outage map. you can see there's a lot of activity on those maps, a lot of dots. one that we just noticed is in san francisco. about 1500 customers with power outages located in the nob hill
6:33 am
area. pg&e saying their preliminary determination is that the outage was caused by -- the power companies say they have restored power to customers following that series of storms that started on sunday. 1700 customers were without power near this intersection. late last night a pg&e spokesperson said water got into an underground vault and shorted the electrical equipment inside. pg&e crews were on site to make repairs. take a listen to one pedestrian who described navigating last night's outage. >> i'm wearing black so i was
6:34 am
afraid i was going to get run over. luckily the cars were nice enough to let me through. >> reporter: you hear all of that honking. that's because there was a little bit of chaos surrounding the pitch black intersection. right now, you do need to treat those intersections, if they have the flashing lights, as four-way stops. in a matter of seconds it can be dark all over again, like what we saw a couple of minutes ago. be cautious if you are driving and you do see no lights or flashing red lights. livecierra johnson. another great resource for tracking these storms hitting the bay area is our nbc bay area app. you can check out the live radar right in the palm of your hand. we also is send you updates as the rain is moving through your
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specific neighborhood. hospitals across the country are getting slammed by a new covid surge. take a look at these numbers. admissions are up nearly 8%. deaths up 5%. this is just over the past week. the delta variant is still doing the most damage, but that omicron variant is popping up in more and more states. bob redell is tracking case rates for us. experts say the vaccine is still your best shot to do away with this. >> reporter: absolutely. better than not being vaccinated. the doctors will, of course, encourage you to go to your local pharmacy, health care provider and get those two shots and get boosted. they will provide you much better protection against not being vaccinated and of course a higher chance of staying out of the hospital if you were to catch covid. what about the mandates in the
6:36 am
state of california, have they been effective? keep in mind the other day govern newsom reinstated the indoor mask mandate. we were the first state to shut down, we have the lockdowns, we have vaccine requirements for large crowds, students in schools. what are the case rated compared to other states like texas and florida who have been much looser with the requirements? you can see here's the latest seven-day average. in california, unfortunately, leads among those three states. 113 cases per 100,000 people. florida, 78 cases. texas, 102 cases. look at the vaccination rates. california, fully vaccinated, 70% of the population. florida around 62.5% fully vaccinated. 56% in texas. look at the death rates. that's where you see an enormous difference with california, even though we have more deaths, we
6:37 am
have a greater population per capita we're doing much better. 189 deaths per 100,000 people. florida 288. we are seeing disruptions in pro sports with more than 100 nba, nfl and nhl players testing positive in the last several days. and several universities in the northeast moving final exams online. we are urged to mask up in indoor public settings and take advantage of the vaccines that are free to all americans. like san francisco schools, oakland schools now reportedly facing a massive budget shortfall. it amounts to nearly $100
6:38 am
million. all of this not sitting well with the teachers union. they plan to address their concerns later today. scary moments for one san francisco couple out on their nightly walk with their dog. a pack of coyotes surrounded them and attacked their dog. this happened last week in richmond. the coyotes grabbed 13-year-old terrier roscoe and tried to take off with him. her boyfriend chased after them and shouted at the coyotes to drop the dog. roscoe had stitches and is now recovering. >> i really thought that was it. we're very lucky to still have him. >> san francisco animal care and control urging people to keep their pets on a leash or indoors in areas where coyotes are active.
6:39 am
it's been so rainy. we've been tracking the storm for you. look at the backup at the bay bridge toll plaza right now. slick roadways continue this morning. rob is in for kari the past couple of days. so finally we're going to get a break from this rain? >> that's true. saturday will be trending drier. we still have rain up near san jose. 30 right now. snow still flying. another half foot of snow coming down today. for the weekend we'll see a few chances of snow into early sunday. the main event for the sierra much like the bay area early next week will be monday through wednesday. your morning commute still has a little bit of rain in san jose. showers starting to move out in the east bay and tri-valley. showers for the early part of the morning occurring and cool
6:40 am
temperatures today. should be pretty nice with those 50s. now a look at your weekend and beyond forecast. rain coming back late sunday. monday and tuesday the rain comes back heavy at times. >> after the showers come through, there's still some standing water there. we're looking at the san mateo bridge where it looks bad, but this is good recovery. we had two crashes on the foster city side. they cleared just as the volume built between about 6:00 and 8:00. the speeds overall, the average speeds are improving, continuing to improve. the dumbarton bridge has a lighter volume of traffic. slick roads continue. be careful. fremont north 680 a crash around mission still causing slowing out of milpitas and fremont. we still have this 680 crash
6:41 am
around 24 but it's 24 at ok linus. a lot of slowing there. be careful. speaking of the rain, ahead we're going to tell you details about a deadly crash on the peninsula. in washington, president biden's build back better faces new barriers. we'll tell you the latest. ♪♪ san francisco pumping up the volume to celebrate metallica's 40th anniversary. it includes a full-on takeover this week.
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starting to see the rain moving away from san jose. the rain left behind from the storm overnight still causing issues on the morning commute. >> here's 101 moving smoothly. taillights going north from highway 84. no major delays. we're just starting the commute on the peninsula. we'll show you what the commute in the east bay has in store. >> new overnight, wet roads may be to blame for a deadly crash on the peninsula. this is new video into our newsroom. it happened around 10:30 last
6:45 am
night when a car lost control on northbound 280 in daley city hitting a power pole. sadly, that driver was killed. chp still investigating the cause. president biden will not get his christmas wish, that build back better will go up for a vote before the holidays. >> chuck schumer made that promise but he's running out of time. >> maybe running out of enthusiasm as well. one of the biggest resisters is in the democrats' own party, democrat joe manchin of west virginia has teased the white house with on again/off again resistance to helping out. the other development is this sudden interest by the fed to try to control inflation. up until now bankers have called inflation transitory. now there are plans to raise interest rates and end the fed's
6:46 am
economic stimulus in march. now on paper the central bank and build back better have nothing to do with each other, but some democrats had positioned build back better as stimulus. really it's so much more than that. it's a whole rethinking of our social contract with government. but at one point it did make sense to talk think about as stimulus. now the fed is talking about how it needs to stop helping the economy. so this may be more ammunition for manchin. president biden traveled to kentucky wednesday to tour the damage and meet with first responders and victims' families. he was flanked by a number of local politicians, democrats and republicans. the group showing the traditional bipartisanship that america used to take for granted when americans needed help. >> in kentucky, we are good people. we love one another. and we lean on one another. we open our homes to those in
6:47 am
need, not just today but every day. and we will repair our homes, our businesses and our lives. we will do all of that together. >> all the families here, keep the faith. we're going to get this done. i promise you the governor's not walking away, your county judge is not walking away, your congressman is not walking away. no one's walking away. the navy will begin to dismiss sailors who refuse to get a covid shot. they have until the second they're discharged to change their mind. the air force started discharging members who did not follow orders yesterday. we're watching everything happening in washington, talking about the fed as well. you can find me on social media, on facebook and twitter. new this morning california near the top of the list for safest states during covid according to a new study by the website wallet hub. first is washington, d.c., hawaii coming in third.
6:48 am
wallet hub looked at rates of covid transmission, positive testing, hospitalizations and deaths along with vaccination rates. san francisco is about to be the subject of a takeover. ♪ take my hand, off to never never land ♪ >> the rest is rock 'n' roll history. to celebrate the san francisco metallica takeover is happening this week including two sold out shows tomorrow and sunday at chase center. later today mayor breed expected to make some kind of announcement about upcoming concerts along with band members. >> we have some clearing skies.
6:49 am
still light rain showers around san jose. notice the reflection off the road there. in terms of storm ranger's point of view we're seeing a few light rain showers but certainly a lot calmer than it was about five hours ago. what's left of the showers will be gone this afternoon, cool temperatures today, highs in the low to mid 50s later on. then our attention turns to this atmospheric river setup. notice the time stamp that could power up more rain at times. we should be okay saturday. stay tuned for the forecast saturday night into sunday. certainly we'll get a lot of rain monday into tuesday. then some drying conditions heading towards christmas day and the end of next week. the seven-day forecast shows you showers leaving and some frosty temperatures the next couple of
6:50 am
mornings. the rain makes a big come back early next week. over here we're looking at the bay bridge where this is getting better. the disabled vehicle is cleared. the hov laned are packed. that's an indicator there is a slow drive across the span. it's not just because of the metering lights. happening now, state mediators getting involved in stalled negotiations between mt. diablo schools and the teachers union. the union was asking for a 12% salary increase over the next three years. the district is offering 7% and
6:51 am
says anything higher is unworkable. next a quick look at the top stories, including the federal investigation of a deadly police shooting in the east bay. >> reporter: closing arguments time in the federal trial of elizabeth holmes. we'll show you what the jury is expected to hear as the government makes its final case today. if you could give me some dance lessons
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welcome back. here's a look at this morning's top stories including the start of closing arguments in the elizabeth holmes criminal fraud trial. >> kris sanchez has a look at what to expect this morning. >> reporter: the line to get a seat inside the courtroom was more than 60 people long at 6:00 this morning. clearly a lot of interest in the closing arguments that begin today. there's been a lot of interest throughout this trial that's gone on for weeks now. we expect the jury will hear the government make the case that elizabeth holmes knew her technology did not work and yet continued to take money from investors and continued to put the lives and health of patients on the line through that technology. now elizabeth holmes herself was the last person on the stand in her own defense. throughout the trial she said that misstatements that she made to investors and to business partners were based on
6:55 am
information she believed true at the time. her legal team also introduced intimate details of her romantic relationship with sunny balwani saying he was mentally and physically abusive and controlling. our legal analysis says the jury could interpret that testimony as another manipulation by a woman who ran her business for ten years before bringing it to market. >> it's not just a failed startup. it's a situation where technology was put on the market, representations were made by elizabeth holmes that turned out to be inaccurate. people relied on that and put their lives in the hands of her technology. >> reporter: the jury heard testimony from 29 government witnesses including a woman who was told she suffered a miscarriage when she was in fact still pregnant. another was told they were hiv positive when they were not. and a theranos test diagnosed
6:56 am
prostate cancer markers in a woman. elizabeth holmes at timed cried on the stand about testifying about leaving stanford because she said she was raped and because of abuse from balwani, which he denies. the holidays are right around the corner and our legal analyst says the jury may feel the pressure to come to a decision quickly so they don't have this trial hanging over their head over the holidays. following the reports of the trial online at federal authorities are now investigating the deadly police shooting in the east bay. surveillance video captures the tense moments lead egg up to that shooting. a camera at the evergreen produce market in north richmond
6:57 am
shows the man standing in the parking lot waving and pointing what appears to be a gun. police caught up with that man in his car nearby. officers fired after they say he ignored orders to drop the gun, which they later determined was an air soft gun without proper markings. because of that the department of justice is among the agencies investigating. let's take a live look outside at burlingame this morning. you can see the wet roads out there. >> looks like no one's up in burlingame this morning. >> they're watching "today in the bay." >> we're seeing clearing skies on the radar. notice the trend here, decreasing activity. we're going to see this through about mid-morning. what's left of the showers will start to wind down. one exception northwestern sonoma county with maybe a few isolated showers. clearing skies setting the stage
6:58 am
for a chilly night ahead. we'll be dry friday into saturday with patchy frost. maybe some ice on the reads. watch out for that the next couple of mornings. then the rain makes a big comeback sunday through wednesday of next week. >> it looks bad on thing right side of the san mateo bridge. the volume builds this time of day so it's about the volume you might expect. the bridge recovering from earlier crashes. recovery here too, north 680 the crash at mission has cleared in the last couple of minutes. the last of the activity really focusing on fremont. this crash has cleared northbound. in the south bay things move
6:59 am
smoothly. again, watch those wet roadways. here's a view of 280 through san jose. a few minutes ago i watched this camera and it was shaking a bit from pretty strong breezes here. there were reports of hillside slippage in the santa cruz mountains. unfortunately there is a crash from highway 1 affecting folks driving from santa cruz heading up to the summit. as we come back, reports of flooding for some of the side roads and the off ramps. be careful. don't forget to follow both rob and mike for the latest road
7:00 am
conditions and weather on twitter, facebook and instagram. download our free nbc bay area app. as we hit the road this morning, we leave you with a live look outside. the "today" show is next. good morning. breaking overnight, battered. powerful storms tear across the midwest. winds up to 100 miles per hour destroying homes and knocking out power to hundreds of thousands. in minnesota what could be the state's first ever december tornado. we're live with a first look at the damage and al will tell you what you can expect today. from bad to worse? the cdc issues a new covid warning just ahead of the holidays. cases and hospitalizations expected to skyrocket in the days leading up to christmas


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