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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  December 30, 2021 12:37am-1:38am PST

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[ cheers and applause ♪ [ cheers and applause ♪ >> announcer: from 30 rockefeller plaza in new york, it's "late night with seth meyers. tonight -- javier bardem. stars of "sister swap," actresses, kimberly williams-paisley and ashley williams. an all new "closer look. featuring the 8g band with nikki glaspie. ♪ [ cheers and applause and now, seth meyers >> seth: good evening. i'm seth meyers. this is "late night. we hope you're doing well. and now, if you don't mind, we're going to get to the news amid tensions over possible military action in ukraine,
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president biden will meet on a video call tomorrow with russian president vladimir putin because there is no better deterrent than a long video call with a 79-year-old man. [ laughter ] "you know, what? this is not worth it." [ laughter ] cnn announced over the weekend that it has terminated host chris cuomo. and if you're wondering what you have to do to get fired from cnn, jeffrey toobin still works there. [ laughter ] and if you don't know it, don't google it. [ laughter ] the biden administration announced today that u.s. will stage a diplomatic boycott of the 2022 beijing olympics. and in retaliation, china announced that the iphone 14 is going to look like this. [ laughter ] arizona senator kyrsten sinema announced in an instagram story over the weekend that she had officially qualified for the upcoming boston marathon but fair warning to the other
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runners, she loves holding things up at the finish line [ laughter ] in a recent interview, actor george clooney said that he turned down $35 million to appear in an airline commercial because the carrier was associated with a country that does not have a good human rights record. is it american [ laughter ] new york mayor bill de blasio announced today that all private employers in the city will soon be required to mandate coronavirus vaccinations for workers. otherwise, it's back to remote work for times square elmo [ laughter ] i don't -- i don't think times square elmo has a plant in his office [ laughter ] i don't think that's real, shoemaker. [ laughter ] the "new york times" published a report yesterday detailing a series of coronavirus infections stemming from an anime convention held last month in new york well, something tells me they'll be fine with quarantining.
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"oh, you want me to stay inside for 10 days? not a problem. [ laughter ] according to the latest numbers, the average cost per day for a rental car during the holiday season is up by 75% compared to 2019 even worse, they consider this a chevy malibu or similar. [ laughter ] and finally, a man in italy reportedly wore a fake silicone arm last week to avoid getting the coronavirus vaccine. and wait until you hear how he got out of his vasectomy [ laughter ] "mama mia! that was a monologue, everybody. oh, man. [ cheers and applause we have a fantastic show for you tonight. he is an oscar-winning actor you know from films such as "no country for old men" and "dune."
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he plays desi arnaz in "being the ricardos," which is out this friday javier bardem will be joining me [ cheers and applause you guys, it's so exciting they are two great actors, they are sisters in real life, and their new films "sister swap: a hometown holiday" and "sister swap: christmas in the city" are part of hallmark channel's countdown to christmas kimberly williams-paisley and ashley williams will be here in studio [ cheers and applause good friends of mine so excited about that. but before we get to our guests, former president trump secretly tested positive for covid before coming into contact with more than 500 people, including joe biden at their first debate. meanwhile, republicans and fox news are suggesting a new variant of the coronavirus is a liberal hoax for more on this, it's time for "a closer look." ♪ [ cheers and applause >> seth: despite receding to his hideout in mar-a-lago where he's occasionally glimpsed giving horrible toasts on blurry cell phone footage like a florida
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swamp ghost who haunts weddings, donald trump remains under multiple serious investigations. there is the investigation into his election meddling in atlanta, the investigation of his business in new york, and the congressional investigation of the insurrection he stoked on january 6th. plus, i don't know, like a dozen other investigations i've stopped keeping track of he's probably still got a pending case over the time he left air force 1 parked next to a fire hydrant in time square. [ laughter ] "officer, i was just running in real quick to grab some m&ms from the m&ms store. we love -- we love m&ms. don't we folks we love 'em? [ laughter ] the cocky red one, the nervous orange one, and, of course, the sexy -- the sexy green m&m [ laughter ] women want to be her, and men want to be with her. [ laughter ] i met her backstage in '86 jon bovi concert i said jon bovi, i meant bon jovi [ laughter ] i flubbed it i flubbed it you know, there is one thing we know about the donald, i admit when i made a mistake.
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[ laughter ] when i get it wrong, i own up right away [ laughter ] i met her at a bon jovi concert. [ laughter ] and yet, even with those various investigations intensifying, trump is still freely confessing to crimes from past investigations over the weekend, he essentially confessed to obstructing the russian investigation by bragging about the fact that he fired then-fbi director james comey to protect himself >> don't forget, i fired comey had i not fired comey, you might not be talking to me right now about a beautiful book of four years at the white house and we'll see about the future the future is going to be very interesting. but i fired comey, that whole group. and now that group is coming back again i mean, it's not believable. >> seth: he was definitely expecting his interviewer to jump in there with a "good point, sir."
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[ laughter ] trump always forgets that even his most fervent supporters sometimes can't follow what he is talking about i also like that trump literally starts a confession by saying, "don't forget. he's like a defendant jumping up in court saying, "whoa, whoa, before you return that murder weapon to evidence, maybe dust it for prints? [ laughter ] trump supporters always want to know why people can't stop talking about his crimes when he can't stop talking about his crimes in fact, trump was so intent on reminding everyone he obstructed justice during the russia investigation that he again came back to it later during the interview out of nowhere >> i was going to say before if i didn't fire comey, they were looking to take down the president of the united states if i didn't fire him -- and some people said, "you made a mistake when you fired comey." [ light laughter ] and now those same people said it was the most incredible, instinctual moves that they've ever seen. 'cause i wouldn't -- i might be here with you, perhaps, we'll be talking about something else
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but i don't think i could have survived if i didn't fire him. because it was like a hornet's nest when i fired him, they all went crazy. >> seth: what are you talking about? [ laughter ] even i don't ramble that much to my therapist i'm just kidding i don't have a therapist i have you guys. a therapist -- [ laughter ] a therapist would never -- [ cheers and applause i mean, it's cheaper a therapist would never put up with this many tangents. "i think, seth, it would just be more helpful if we dug into your childhood. "yeah, sure, sure, sure, sure. but what if al pacino had been in 'dune'? [ laughter ] like, what -- what would that even sound like? 'all right, let's go the house of atreides will bring peace to arrakis oh, yeah!' [ light laughter ] i genuinely wonder if -- i genuinely wonder if even trump fans are capable of understanding what he is saying.
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or if the stream of consciousness rambling is just a soothing way for them to fall asleep because i will say i would definitely listen to one of those nature sound cds with trump's voice to help me doze off. [ birds chirping ] >> i never understood wind you know, i know windmills very much they're noisy. they kill the birds. you want to see a bird graveyard? go under a windmill some day you'll see more birds than you've ever seen ever in your life [ light laughter ] >> seth: now the congressional investigation into trump and the january 6th insurrection has been impeded in part by the fact that some of his cronies have refused to cooperate, like his former chief of staff mark meadows, who cited executive privilege and said he would remain loyal to trump and defy a congress subpoena asking him to spill any trump secrets he might have. >> former trump chief of staff mark meadows, who also happens to be a former member of congress he was a no-show today despite the one-six committee's demand that he appear for a deposition, 10:00 a.m. sharp
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meadows has also invoked trump's claim of executive privilege >> seth: there you go. mark meadows is claiming executive privilege. his interactions with the president are private and confidential and as a loyal friend and ally, he would never betray that sacred -- i'm sorry. what's that? he wrote a book? [ laughter ] that he got paid money for is it called "home gardening tips, but no secrets about donald trump"? it's not well, what's in it juicy details about all his private interactions with donald trump but what about executive privilege? all right, you know what i really feel like you guys got to explain this stuff to me before the show. i mean, even wally's even confused [ laughter ] yeah yeah, you're right the clip packages always do a good job of explaining stuff the only problem with the clip packages, is they never have any al pacino. all right, whatever, let's roll it >> donald trump tested positive for coronavirus three days before his first debate against joe biden on september 29th, 2020 this stunning revelation is in a
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new book by former white house chief of staff mark meadows that was obtained by "the guardian. a positive test the country never knew about despite the positive test, trump attended an indoor event with gold star military families. two days later on tuesday the 29th, chris wallace at fox says trump was not tested at the debate because he arrived late, and they allowed him on stage because they were relying on the honor system later that week on thursday the 1st, trump officially tested positive according to his doctor >> hoo-ah! [ laughter ] >> seth: first of all, i like that trump's aides won't talk to congress, but if they get a book deal, they'll tell the entire world the worst [ bleep ] they can possibly think of. "i'll never testify before congress about my good friend, and loyal steward, donald trump, a man i admire and look up to, who i would never betray you'll just have to read my book titled 'trash can human being.'" [ laughter ] so, it turns out that trump
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tested positive for covid before a presidential debate with joe biden, and kept it a secret. although, in retrospect, i feel like maybe we should've known from that debate that he had something, based on his performance. it was either covid or rabbies >> i'll ask joe. >> i -- no no >> the individual -- [ talking over each other >> no, mr. president - no, mr. president. >> no, no, go ahead. >> no, no, no, mr. president mr. president. >> three and a half million joe. >> hoo-ah! >> no. mr. president -- [ laughter ] >> can i be honest it's a very important question >> try to be honest. >> he stood up >> no. >> he stood up - >> the answer to the question is no >> seth: oh, good. so, not only did he have covid, but his mouth was open the entire time. [ laughter ] it's like he was trying to spread it. if you had a 4k tv, you could actually see the coronavirus particles coming out of his mouth. [ laughter ] trump secretly tests positive for covid, didn't tell anyone. then he went to an event with military families and a presidential debate knowing he was spreading covid. in fact, the "washington post" reported, "from the day he tested positive until his hospitalization, trump came in contact with more than 500 people." he's like the johnny appleseed of covid [ laughter ] now, people keep saying that trump looked terrible and we
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should have known he had covid but i mean, when does he, you know, not look terrible? i mean, look at this are we supposed to be able to tell [ laughter ] i mean, look at these pictures when was the covid [ light laughter ] he was never exactly the picture of health, you know? you know how at the end of pill commercials they quickly list all the possible side effects? they should just replace that with a photo of trump. [ laughter ] he always looked like a patient on "house" who gets saved at the last minute by some unorthodox treatment. "donald, there's only one way to save you we're going to hook you up --" i'm sorry. "donald -- [ laughter ] "donald! there's only one way to save you. we're going hook up your heart to a pig's heart, and have you swap brains. [ laughter ] suffice it to say it's a relief to know he's no longer in charge as we face the prospect once again of rising cases, a winter surge, and now a new, possibly even more transmissible variant. now, thankfully, scientists, being the cautious, measured people that they are have given it a totally benign, and not at all, terrifying name -
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the omicron variant. [ thunder [ evil laugh ] [ laughter ] "the omicron variant" sounds like a paperback i read at grandma's house because they was [ bleep ] else to do [ laughter ] no, grandma, i don't want to read your stories. the [ bleep ] is this? [ laughter ] seriously, the omicron variant i thought scientists were supposed to be mild-mannered, analytical types who don't want you to panic i get that they're just going by the greek alphabet but the greek alphabet is very scary. i propose we start naming the variants after popular child stars of the '90s. [ laughter ] i would just panic less if fauci was on tv telling us about the lipnicki variant [ laughter ] "you know, the lipnicki variant much like the actor it's named after, it's infectious." [ audience aws ] anyway, omicron, aka, haley joel omicron -- see, it works -- is already here, and yet republicans of fox news are dismissing it as some sort of liberal hoax, with one republican calling it the midterm election variant
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another saying joe biden wants to make covid the forever pandemic and fox news hosts suggesting biden just came up with it to help him politically >> the emergence of the new covid variant is sparking a fresh round of conspiracy theories former white house doctor turned maga congressman, ronny jackson, tweeted, quote "here comes the mev. the midterm election variant." >> democrats are already using this to jam through their pro-lockdown, anti-freedom agenda but we're not surprised. a new scary variant is another liberal cover-up for joe biden's ongoing and many failures. and maybe that might help in the upcoming midterm elections >> there's always a new variant. >> and you can always -- count on a variant about every october. every few years. [ laughter ] >> yep you know, you're probably right. >> however, they could speed up. the variants could come more quickly. >> we're going need a new variant here >> seth: all right, first of all, i hate to nitpick here, but that's not how you mime holding a phone. [ laughter ] see, if you're pretending to hold a phone, you hold it like
12:53 am
this your hand isn't the phone, the phone is in your hand. like, for example, if i were to mime taking a phone call, i would do this. "hello president of nbc uh-huh, yes. this is seth meyers. i've used up my show's entire tangent budget for the year? [ laughter ] which year 2022?" anyway, back to fox news [ laughter ] are you out of your [ bleep ] mind you think anyone wants this pandemic to keep going you think that's good for democrats politically? everyone is miserable. no one wants this thing to keep going. we all go back to normal. i can't believe i'm saying this, but i would give anything to be on a packed f train high fiving rats, and reconnecting with the dude who insists on bringing his bike on during rush hour [ laughter ] i miss that guy! why do you have a bike on the train though why are you bringing one mode of transportation onto another -- [ laughter ] slower mode of transportation? just ride the bike to work you'll beat us all there [ laughter ] we're all still dealing with the once in a century catastrophe that has resulted in mass suffering, and we have one party that either thinks it's a hoax, or actively tries to spread it
12:54 am
to as many people as possible. we all desperately want to get back to normal the difference is one side has a bunch of proposals for how to get there, and all the other side can say is -- >> yabba dabba do. [ laughter ] >> seth: in what context did he say that [ light laughter ] this has been "a closer look." ♪ [ cheers and applause we'll be right back with javier bardem. ♪ [ cheers and applause >> announcer: for more of seth's "closer looks," be sure to subscribe to "late night" on youtube.
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♪ [ cheers and applause >> seth: give it up for the fantastic 8g band right over there! [ cheers and applause sitting on drums this week, she's travelled the world and recorded with artists like beyonce, maceo parker, tim reynolds, and more she'll be a featured performer at this month's modern drummer festival and is a founding member of the nth power, whose new album "reverence" is available now. nikki glaspie is here! [ cheers and applause welcome back to the show, nikki! >> thank you, thank you. >> seth: our first guest tonight is an academy award-winning actor you know from movies such as "no country for old men," "skyfall," and "dune." he plays desi arnaz in the new film, "being the ricardos," which opens in theaters december 10th and is available to stream on amazon prime video december 21st. let's take a look.
12:59 am
>> i didn't check the wrong box. >> you saw the headline. >> you can see the headline from outer space. >> then please - >> grandpa fred raised me from when i was age 4 he cared about the little guy. he cared about workers' rights it was a tribute to him. and to say that i -- >> grandpa fred, grandpa fred. grandpa fred was wrong, lucy yes, he didn't tell you the part where they throw your father in prison for the crime of being the mayor of a city. i was chased to this country, lucy believe me, you checked the wrong box. >> seth: please welcome to the show javier bardem, everybody. [ cheers and applause hello, javier! >> how are you >> seth: how are you >> pretty good >> seth: i just want to get this out of the way, because i am a huge fan of your work. i also think you have had some of the greatest hairstyles in film [ laughter ] and "no country" gets a lot of attention, and, look, we all love the "no country" hair, just for anybody who is foolish enough not to have seen the film [ laughter ] but you know what i think gets overlooked, javier
1:00 am
"the counselor." this -- i think about "the counselor" all the time. [ laughter ] >> yes >> seth: and that looks to be, like -- that just -- that's your hair, isn't it >> it is my hair, and it took like a good hour and 30 minutes to put that thing up [ laughter ] but i guess -- what's scary is it's a character that is always on the edge of his nerves, because he's so anxious and so scared about what's going to happen next that his hair should be like that [ laughter ] >> seth: yes, it's very clear to tell this is not a calm man who would ever do that to his hair every morning. you know, we know you -- you know, you've played some very memorable villains over the years. i would imagine -- you know, obviously, desi arnaz was known as a much lighter character. this film shows the more complicated side of him. but i have to imagine as a person he was fascinating to play >> yes he was a very complex person i mean, like we all are, i mean, come on. we all have shades and light inside of us he was a great entertainer
1:01 am
he was great -- very intelligent mind that was running the production of the "i love lucy" show he was running desilu productions. he -- but most of it all, he was a husband madly in love with his wife that wanted to protect her and wanted to protect the show and at the same time, he was a foreigner, one of the first foreigner people in this country in the '50s who was capable of really making room for himself and being respected for what he was, not for what he was coming from >> seth: aaron sorkin directed the film, he wrote the script. he's known as a writer with a very specific style of dialogue that i love a great deal was it stressful to do a sorkin script or is it just a thrill? >> it is stressful because he's very demanding it's so rich in detail and layers that you have to bring some organicity, some truth to it truth in the sense that that's why they hired you, to bring the flesh and blood of those
1:02 am
beautiful, masterfully words -- masterful words that he put together but the same time, he gives you room to bring your own take on it and he's -- he was so generous and so caring. and i'm very protective as well, because we -- all of us were so scared of playing these iconic characters like he was always counting us down >> seth: that's a very helpful thing for a director to do you also had to do some singing. you had to play some congas. was that something you knew coming into the film >> yeah, i knew that i had to do it, and that's why i was like, "oh, no! [ laughter ] he said, "yeah can you sing?" and i said, "no. [ laughter ] "well, can you play the congas?" "no. "okay, well then you better learn. [ laughter ] and i learned. i was -- i learned through the conga playing, through one of the most masters of the whole drumming world, which is walfredo reyes jr., which is a master but all of it through zoom,
1:03 am
which is kind of weird to learn to sing and play the conga through zoom it's like -- it's strange. but it happened. it was fun it was great >> seth: and now, do you think you'll continue to play the congas or do you think - >> yes, i'm touring. i'm touring. i'm opening a show next -- [ laughter ] i'm opening on friday in new york >> seth: oh, great, great. >> madison square garden >> seth: we'll put up information for tickets if anybody wants to - >> it's only one song, but oh, my god, what a song. [ laughter ] >> seth: you're doing a one-song concert? >> one-song concert of two hours. >> seth: okay. [ laughter ] hey, so you grew up in spain did you know "i love lucy" was that a show that made its way over there >> nothing not that i know. i guess some people might have seen the show back in the '60s there or in the '50s, but i didn't know anything i just start to dig in into what it was, the whole show and desi and lucy like years before the project happened once i knew that the project was happening, i started to really investigate about those two amazing, iconic people
1:04 am
>> seth: you also did a fair amount of painting, i read, over the pandemic was art something you've always done >> i like to paint i like to draw and i like to -- but it's something that i will never expose or show anybody >> seth: okay. [ laughter ] >> it's not that good. you don't want to see it [ laughter ] >> seth: now, you're married to penelope cruz. >> yes >> seth: and i'm just wondering, is that -- would you ever use her as a model is she someone that you ask to sit for your painting? >> no, no, because otherwise the result will be so far from what she is [ light laughter ] she's a beautiful person, and the result will be such a disaster of a painting that you don't want to face that. >> seth: you know what you know how i know she loves you very much? >> why >> seth: because she was in this film with you and she stayed with you [ laughter ] >> exactly exactly. and that hair will stay for hours after i wrap let me tell you. >> seth: yeah. [ laughter ] so you guys were in "vicky cristina barcelona" together as well, but you've known each other for years before that. correct? >> we worked together the first time in the year '91 in a movie called "jamon jamon.
1:05 am
and she was 16, i was 21 yes, that's where -- that was the first movie that we did. her first movie and my first movie was the same one >> seth: that's fantastic. what an incredible start to a relationship that is and then, i also want to ask before you go. you're in "dune. how was that experience for you? >> i loved worked with denis, and i'm so excited that it's going to happen, the second movie. >> seth: and is it true you're going to play -- in the second movie your character is going to play the congas? [ laughter ] >> i can play the congas in the desert surrounded by camels. it's going to be great [ laughter ] denis doesn't know it yet, but that's going to happen i'm going to bring that into the conversation [ laughter ] >> seth: that's great. thank you so much for being here it's just a delight to talk to you and congratulations on the film [ cheers and applause >> thank you very much for having me. >> seth: javier bardem, everybody. "being the ricardos" in theaters december 10th and on amazon prime video december 21st. we'll be right back with kimberly williams-paisley and ashley williams. [ cheers and applause ♪
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♪ [ cheers and applause >> seth: our next guests are both talented actresses and real life sisters whose new films "sister swap: a hometown holiday" and "sister swap: christmas in the city" are a part of hallmark channel's countdown to christmas let's take a look. >> i was thinking, what if i didn't go back to hazelwood? >> i think that's really smart >> you don't think mom and dad are going to be upset if i stay here for a couple more days? >> i think they'd be glad you're trying something new >> oh, sister swap i love this. >> i do, too all right. i'm going to tell joe that you're helping out, okay >> oh, no, no. let me i can handle it. >> okay. all right. well, i love you call me if anything comes up, okay >> i promise i will.
1:11 am
i love you, too. >> bye >> also i'm never giving back this coat. >> seth: please welcome back to the show kimberly williams-paisley and ashley williams. [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause >> yeah! >> seth: welcome back, ladies! i'm so happy to have you here. >> thank you >> we're really happy to be here >> we're so happy to be here >> seth: i want to clean up a little bit, as quickly as i can -- >> okay. >> steve: the weird way we all know each other. >> yeah. >> seth: my sister-in-law knows your husband, and through that connection, you called your sister who is husbands with brad paisley who then agreed to play - >> husband's wife. >> seth: yes, he's your husband. >> yes >> seth: yes i think it's so nice that you guys swap that you're like, "we don't -- we're not -- we don't care what it is." >> we're not into labels >> seth: yes so your husband brad paisley then came and surprised my wife at our wedding
1:12 am
>> with me i came with you. >> seth: with you. you came as well >> yeah, yeah. >> seth: also, you and i - [ laughter ] -- also, you and i went to college together >> we did. >> seth: but we did not know each other and you were the first famous person i saw in person, because when you were in college you had already been in "father of the bride." >> holy cow. >> i'm exhausted >> you just did that you did that [ laughter ] >> seth: yeah. [ laughter ] >> are you feeling okay? >> seth: we know each other a lot of different ways. >> yeah, we do we do. we do. >> seth: and then one of the craziest things happened is my wife and i came to nashville to see you and brad >> mm-hmm. >> seth: and you guys -- brad came over to the hotel you came separately. >> we came separately. that was the key - >> seth: and then you drove home in one car >> right and i left my car. and i said, "you guys come visit the farm tomorrow and just bring my car home. >> seth: yep >> and then you stole a car. >> seth: okay. [ laughter ] >> okay, back it up. >> seth: this is not really true but -- >> i mean, it is that's what happened >> seth: we went down to the valet and said we're here for kimberly's car >> yeah. yeah, i gave you my valet ticket >> seth: you gave us the ticket. so it wasn't even. >> yeah. >> seth: so we gave the ticket >> mm-hmm. >> seth: then my wife texted you. >> and she said, "i love your porsche. >> seth: yeah. [ laughter ] >> and i drive a chevy suv mom car.
1:13 am
[ laughter ] i wrote back, "ha, ha. lol. [ laughter ] and she -- wait. she wrote back and went, "uh, you don't have a porsche?" and i said, "no, i don't have a porsche. and then you guys were like, at, breakfast with the nice porsche. >> seth: yeah. >> and i wish it was that person that you thought i was for a second [ laughter ] >> seth: the most embarrassing thing was then i had to drive a porsche that i now knew i had stolen >> right [ laughter ] >> seth: back to a hotel without crashing it. >> yeah. >> seth: and then there were a few -- i realize a bunch of clues i missed >> yeah. >> seth: which is, when alexi got in, there was like a pair of size 14 shoes and, like, and when i had gotten in, i had to move the seat way up >> right, right. [ laughter ] but that could have been the valet. >> seth: could have been the valet, that's true >> yeah, and he left his shoes in there >> i don't know. >> seth: but then it was nice that when i went back and switched and got your car it was -- there was like half a salad. >> right [ laughter ] it was -- that was obvious you were like, "oh, this is kim. this makes sense." it was like half a salad in the front seat, and npr on the radio.
1:14 am
[ laughter ] >> seth: i was like, "i can't believe we thought the porsche was hers." >> i can't either. >> seth: so you guys live in different cities now you're in l.a. >> yeah. >> seth: you're in nashville >> mm-hmm. >> seth: and it must be so nice to both be doing press for this project together >> it's amazing. >> seth: -- and be back in new york where you guys grew up. >> we love being back here >> it's amazing. yeah >> and we are east coast people, through and through. >> mm-hmm. mm-hmm >> and speaking of the east coast, kim just had a big birthday >> i did >> and the big - >> it had to do with where we're from >> yeah. >> so let me back up so in sixth grade, i went to ps 8 in yonkers >> seth: okay. >> ps 8. and i was in love with frankie dibona >> jimmy: okay >> he was my first crush >> seth: who wasn't, in yonkers? [ laughter ] >> seriously frankie was adorable he was my first crush. >> so hot. >> and one day -- one day in school he said, "i'm going to kiss you after school. and i was like, "okay. [ laughter ] and -- >> seth: i do want to give everybody a little visual of frankie. >> that's frankie. >> frankie [ laughter ] >> that's kim. >> seth: that's kim. >> okay, so frankie -- >> and that's stacy. >> seth: and that's plan b in case you said no
1:15 am
>> yes [ laughter ] yes! >> seth: frankie dibona has always got two options >> yes yes. he did he had a few options so he goes, "i'm going to kiss you for ten seconds after school." and stacy was like, "i'll count. [ laughter ] and so i was like, "okay." so at the end of the day, i go outside and there is frankie in the schoolyard eating cheese doodles. and he goes, "are you ready? and i said, "but you're eating cheese doodles." and he says, "it don't matter. [ laughter ] he goes, "it don't matter. not the way i kiss." [ light laughter ] and then he goes like -- you know like smack kiss for ten seconds and stacy goes, "one, two, three --" she was chewing gum. she got all the way to ten happiest day of my life. [ laughter ] >> so. >> seth: so you knew then -- you knew this was a piece of her personal history >> this story is family legacy at this point, right >> yeah, i mean, kids quote frankie dibona >> yeah, yeah. >> everyone's like, "it don't matter it don't matter. >> "it don't matter. >> yeah. so i just decided that for kim's birthday i was going to get back in touch with frank dibona >> yes [ laughter ] >> 'cause -- i mean what other option was there for her
1:16 am
birthday >> right, right. >> seth: sure. >> so i googled every single frank dibona in north america. >> right >> and there are a lot [ laughter ] >> yeah. >> so i talked to somebody in seattle. i talked to somebody in boston >> seth: you were cold calling dibonas? >> cold calling frankie dibonas. i talkrf to these people in the midwest who are still calling me so finally, i find frank dibona, who happens to run a very successful auto mechanic shop in yonkers. >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> and he answers the phone. and he goes, "yeah." and i was like, "um, hi. is in frank dibona did you kiss a girl named kim williams in sixth grade? and he goes, "who wants to know?" [ laughter ] and i was like -- i was like, "oh, my gosh i'm in." i was like, "hi, frank, my name is ashley. you don't know me. but my sister has a big birthday and i was wondering if i can convince you to make a happy birthday video for you because she was in love with you in sixth grade.
1:17 am
and he said, "wait, hold -- hold on one second. he goes, "yeah, you tell that lady with the subaru that i'm not going to fix her bumper. [ laughter ] so he comes back, and i'm so nervous. so i was like, "so, anyway can i -- can you make this happy birthday video for my sister?" and he goes, "you know what? i don't want no trouble. like who's her husband like, i don't want to make anybody jealous. and i was like - >> clearly, he's not a fan [ laughter ] >> yeah. so like, "i assure you that her husband is very confident in his marriage." so anyway, he made this incredible, loving, hilarious happy birthday video for my sister and we couldn't be there the night that it was presented to you. but i was there on facetime. and i think we have a photo of the moment of the big reveal >> seth: this is so wonderful. >> so this is kim sitting there. [ laughter ] >> this is me.
1:18 am
>> now, i'm having nailed it and there is kim >> best birthday ever. >> i nailed her birthday >> seth: wow [ cheers and applause >> i also -- i just want to take this opportunity to say hello, frankie dibona >> yeah. >> we love you if anybody needs some car repairs in yonkers - >> look him up >> -- please look him up and please watch our hallmark movie. >> seth: yeah. this is cool you're going to announce tonight that you're in fact leaving brad for frankie. >> no! >> no, no, no! [ laughter ] >> seth: oh, let's not make news we'll be right back with more from kimberly williams-paisley and ashley williams. [ cheers and applause ♪
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1:24 am
it might be confusing, because we can only show one clip. but you guys have been doing this both for a long time. you've never acted in films together before -- >> never >> seth: and you got to do two movies at the same time. how did this come together as an idea >> this is ashley's idea >> yeah. [ laughter ] i mean, it was >> seth: okay. >> yeah. i mean, i wanted to work with my big sister my entire life. i was her first fan before all y'all came in here [ laughter ] so you know it was a dream come true and i came to her, and, you know, i just -- this is my best friend, my closest confidante, the first phone call i make when i'm crying or when i have good news and so i had this idea that what if she was the star of one movie and i was the star of another movie, and then our story lines sort of wove back and forth throughout which is kind of like a metaphor for our lives. like i'm this lead of the movie of my life and she's the secondary character. [ laughter ] and she's the lead of her movie and i'm her best friend. so we just did that. and it was -- hallmark was so
1:25 am
supportive of the idea they were really, really thrilled >> we pitched it like five years ago, and it took a really long time to figure out how exactly they need to weave together. >> seth: sure. >> you know? and just to get them going, but we finally did it. and we produced, and ashley's husband neil produced as well. >> seth: brad wrote a song >> brad wrote a great song and kelleigh bannen sings. and it's just a beautiful -- yeah, it's a beautiful part of the movie. >> seth: one of the things i've learned about hallmark movies in recent years is that you -- they are shot in the middle of the summer >> yeah. >> seth: and in, like -- this was utah >> yeah. >> super hot and we're, of course, like, in winter coats, you know >> seth: right this is actually -- so this is a real shot? >> yes >> seth: so you had a snowman and you had to put an umbrella over it 'cause it wouldn't melt. >> our snowmen are such divas. >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> you know? it's like, "what about us? we're, like, sweating, but, no, it's all about the snowmen >> no one's holding an umbrella over our heads, yeah >> so, yeah, because -- we had to source the snow from local -- where did we get our snow? >> seth: snow farms. >> i think a fish market yeah so we -- and it was just blazing
1:26 am
sun, so we had to shield them. >> yeah. protect them >> seth: and how -- how are your boys how many kids do you have? >> i have two. i have two boys. we only make boys. >> seth: okay, you make boys >> yeah. >> and we have a brother jay and he has three boys. so we have seven boys. >> seth: will your kids watch this will they be excited to see moms and aunts in same film together? >> yeah, my 7-year-old watched -- the first movie, "sister swap hometown holiday," aired last night, and my 7-year-old watched for i think, like, 65 minutes and then really politely said, "i don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, but can i just do my own ipad?" [ laughter ] which i thought that was -- but i get it he's 7, you know, he's 7 >> seth: it's very nice that he understood that it might hurt feelings >> yeah, well, he knows his mother yeah [ laughter ] >> and my kids watched, yeah, they watched last night. and i'm sure they'll watch yours as well. >> it's fine >> devoted fans. [ laughter ] >> seth: that was not -- kim, that wasn't super convincing >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> seth: and you know what i'm sure they will >> i'm sure they would try to watch. >> i'm sure they would be very excited.
1:27 am
>> i'm sure they would think about watching yours >> yeah. >> we got to watch it together last night, which was super fun. and we dropped in on a bunch of zooms and said hi to fans who were watching and that was fun >> seth: it's great. it's really a lovely tradition, and people who care about these films love them so much. >> people love these hallmark -- >> seth: and it's so cool to bring something new to it. it's such a unique idea. >> yeah, it's cool and last night we got to watch the movie with a very close family friend named anna holbrook. i'm not sure if you guys are familiar, but she was a soap star i first met her when i was 5 >> yeah, i met her when i was 12 she took my first headshot she was an actress, amazing, and our mom's best friend -- >> for 35 years. >> and our mom passed away five years ago, so to have anna holbrook playing our mom in these movies was, like, unbelievable and she's so great in it >> she's amazing so we got to -- we popped champagne last night >> yeah, we did. >> just delighted in our own performance. [ laughter ] >> we also have kevin -- yeah. we also have kevin nealon. >> seth: yep >> who i know is a friend of all of ours as well and his wife susan yeagley. >> susan yeagley was in it >> so we just like padded it with all of our friends that we love so much
1:28 am
>> seth: well, that's great, and it definitely shows up on screen and, you guys, it has just been such a delight to have you both here >> so good to be here, thank you. >> seth: thank you so much you guys, give it up for kimberly williams-paisley and ashley williams. [ cheers and applause check local listings for reairing details "sister swap: christmas in the city," will premiere this sunday following the reairing of "sister swap: a hometown holiday" as part of hallmark channel's countdown to christmas. we'll be right back with more "late night," everybody. ♪ [ cheers and applause
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[ cheers and applause >> seth: i want to thank my guests javier bardem, kimberly williams-paisley, and ashley williams. i want to thank nikki glaspie and the 8g band. stay safe. get vaccinated we love you. [ cheers and applause ♪
1:37 am
tonight, more concern and changes as omicron races through
1:38 am
the bay area. how your new year's eve plans could be


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