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tv   Early Today  NBC  January 6, 2022 4:00am-4:30am PST

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reflect on the one-year anniversary of the capitol insurrection, taking stalk of where we are and where we're headed, many taking the action to stop the steal mantra the latest that north korea may have test fired a highlied a vapsed hyper sonic myself e missile. new cdc guidance, boosters are up 63%, deaths averaging 1,200 daily across the country
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get ready for tiktok a. new deal puts the most popular website on tvs all around you we'll take a moment to remember the oldest member of world war ii "early today" starts right now good morning, i'm vinita nair in for frances and philip more than 100 ceremonies are planned across the country today, to remember the deadly attack on the capitol a. senior u.s. intelligence official tells nbc news, there has been an uptick in calls for unspecified acts of violence over the past 48 hours the fbi says they are not aware of any credible plot. >> the president is expected to speak, including testimonials with members of congress and an evening prayer vigil congress members, marjorie
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taylor green and matt gaetz will be delivering the republican response and holding a press conference this afternoon after former president trump cancelled his own. meanwhile, the congressional panel investigating the insurrection are urging sean hannity to cooperate they say dozens of text messages say hannity knew about president trump's plans leading up to the riot here's nbc news' garrett haake. >> reporter: they are seeking cooperation from fox news anchor sean hannity, the committee looking to question a top witness as a fact witness, r re revealing it has texts from trump. they suggested a vapsed knowledge against the legal team's planning. hannity writing the memos, january 5ing, i'm very worried
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about the next 48 hours. a few days later reporting meadows and gop congressman jim jordan about an apparent call with trump writing he can't mention the election again ever. i had a great call with him. >> it was a great deal that should be shared with the american people about planning before the 6th about conversations or text messages on the 6th about things after the 6th of january. >> reporter: hannity never shared his concerns with viewers on the night of the insurrection although, he did condemn the violence, he continued to sow doubts about the election. >> the president was right, our election, frankly, was a train wreck. >> reporter: jay sekulow responding, in part, we remain very concerned about the constitutional implication especially as it relates to the first amendment. the committee chairman saying they want to reach deeper into trump's circle, urging mike pence, the target of threatening chants that day.
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>> his life was in danger. i would hope that he would do the right thing and come forward. >> our thanks to garrett haake nbc news will have special coverage throughout the day. on the "today" show, liz cheney will be on there on "nightly news," lester holt will speak to nancy pelosi the city is grieving after 12 people died in a house wednesday morning. eight of the dead are children it was one of the deadliest house fires in 40 years. philadelphia's mayor was visibly emotional as he spoke near a press conference near the scene. >> please keep all these folks and especially these children in your prayers losing so many kids is just devastating. >> an investigation is under way to find out how an apparent
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kitchen fire could have such catastrophic consequences. according to initial reports, the building's smoke detectors were not working the number of people living in house reportedly exceeded the limit. chicago's public school system is closed as clashes between school officials and the teacher's union continues. it comes after district officials canceled classes wednesday afternoon. the union voted 73% to endorse remote learning until january 17th unless a covid agreement was reached. negotiators were head heed back to the barring nipping table meanwhile, they are filling up with mostly unvaccinated covid patients according to latest cdc data, covid hospitalizations are up 63%. americans are average 1,200 covid deaths a day in hot spots, a smaller proportion of patients need icu
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care or mechanical ventlation. covid vaccine after the cdc boosters for children ages 12-to-15 here's nbc news' chris pollone. >> reporter: as people wait in line to get tested in cities across the country, the white house covid response team says all sides report to the omicron variant being less severe than the previous stravenl especially with people vaccinated and have a booster shot health officials warn omicron spreads much more quickly, which has led to the rapid rise in hospitalizations among adults and children >> every hospital is struggling with a staffing shortage like they've never experienced. >> reporter: some school systems are struggling to find enough teachers boston down more than 1,000 staffers, spurring the system's superintendent to trade her computer for chalk and an eraser. >> i set my calendar and go over to teach a 4th grade class.
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>> reporter: the cdc approved booster shots for children ages 12-to-15 fp eligible, get them boosted today he wrote he insists they are safe to open. >> we know they can open safely. >> reporter: in chicago, the teacher's union says it's not. >> don't keep using us as sacrificial lambs, saying it's safe to be in schools. it's not. >> reporter: the schools were canceled altogether for all students. >> there is no basis in the data, the science or common sense for us to shut an entire system down. >> reporter: meanwhile, the cdc is defending its decision to provide guidance to use rapid tests to end isolation after covid while still stopping short of making tests a requirement. antigen tests aren't authorized for that purpose novak djokovic's chances may
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have hit the net one day after announcing he had a medical exemption from australia's strict guidelines, the country denied his entry and cancelled his visa they said in a statement it did not accept exemption as the tennis star did not meet the requirements to enter the country. the prime minister said rules are rules and no one is above the country's covid rules. north korea says it's fired a hypersonic missile wednesday, successfully hitting its target. it is the country's second launch of it kind after testing one in september it is drawing criticism from the u.s., south korea and japan. let's turn to janice mackey frayer >> reporter: if verified, north
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korea would join a small amount of countries driving hypersonic missiles they fly at a lower altitude at five times the speed of sound to avoid detection of radar for much longer. north korea tested a variety of different missiles over the past year now, it was japan's coast guard that first detected this test. it was later confirmed by korean officials. the state department says this violated multiple u.n. security resolution and poses a threat to the region there have been false starts and no progressing talks towards north korea. this remains a foreign policy challenge to the biden administration so far, there is no clear way to deal with it >> let's turn to the weather nbc meteorologist janessa webb is tracking our next winter storms i don't want to even say those words. good morning >> good morning, a lot of people
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don't want to hear that. pacific northwest to the central u.s. already going through it. it will be quickly on the move into the tennessee valley and the northeast. you see from our current radar, the end of moisture continue to fitner this area that's why winter storm warnings and advisories are currently in play, even the national weather service will keep them intact as we go into tomorrow afternoon. you can see they spread throughout nashville to kentucky we have 61 million people under some kind of advisory. but it's going to be later on tonight if are you in digits. look at the air temperature for section of the dakotas down to
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10 below how much snow will we see? that's the big question. we'll take a look at that snow forecast coming up >> janessa, thank you. on this january 6th, overturning mid-term elections e llgetting ready for tiktok a thtime thtime the deal that may make tikto even big bigger. and join the align healthy gut team up and learn what millions of align users already know. how great a healthy gut can feel. sign up at also try align dualbiotics gummies to help support digestive health. got lingering odors? grab febreze small spaces. press firmly to activate... and small spaces continuously eliminates and prevents odors... freshen up any small room...
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so-called stop the steal movement growing even stronger inside the republican party. >> the election fraud of the 2020 presidential election nobody's seen anything like it. >> reporter: the conspiracy theory claims president biden did not win the 2020 election. key states rechecked their vote totals, georgia counted their ballots three times to be sure a republican-led audit confirmed and courts rejected dozens of flimsy legal challenges. yet, nearly three-quarters of republicans polled by nbc news agree as what's the big lot? what are the biggest warning signs flashing to you right now? >> all of this is no longer about 2020 it's aboutthe next election when the loser doesn't like the outcome of the results being able to more easily claim victory. >> reporter: colorado's democratic secretary of state point out it's positions like hers, a state's top elections
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official that keeps the guardrails in place this year about two-thirds have questioned the results of the 2020 election. >> the next time a candidate wants to reject the actual results of an election, it will be easier for them to do so. that's what this is all about. >> reporter: some of those secretary of state candidates backed by mr. trump who endorsed mike finchham in arizona. >> by removing the fraud, donald trump won. >> reporter: election denyiar in michigan >> they feel they are stealing the election from the american people. >> reporter: and in georgia, a congressman that led an objection to his own state's results. >> we have lost election integrity in georgia, we have lost election confidence in georgia. >> reporter: that georgia race highlights what's at stake he declined our request for interview is challenging the current secretary of state brad ravens berger, who resisted the
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election results. >> i just want to find 11,780 votes. >> reporter: raffensberger's refusal, he has been outfund raised is this the gop you want to be a part of here >> i think we need to realize we have honest elections, particularly in georgia. >> reporter: most pubs polled thought their vote would be fairly counted now, fuhrer that half do, showing why the stop the steal movement is problematic. >> it shouldn't be controversial to say if i cast my ballot for this person, then my ballot should be counted for that person that should be the least controversial thing in democracy that somehow has become partisan. >> reporter: the big lie, eroding confidence and our democracy. halle jackson, nbc news, washington still to come, what if today
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. an important consumer alert for mercedes benz owners the auto maker warning some of their cars could catch fire, caused by a potential leak in the coolant pump affecting 800,000 models dating back to 2017 mercedes is working on a fix until then, they are urging drivers to drive carefully owners should contact the latest mercedes benz partner for more information. the world's biggest tech show is under way, not the latest gizmos are immune to the spread of omicron.
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jolene kent has more. >> reporter: the future has landed at cbs. it wants to lend you a happened. from futuristic robots that wait on you to an avatar named sebastian. >> if you need america's i'll show up on a nearby screen the. >> reporter: the pandemic ushering a new virtual world, like a smart contact lens putting you into augmented reality a. battery-free thermometer with a few shakes and a smartbox that warms up with simply the wave of the hands. after years of testing, i went this time differently. it feels like i'm at los vegas at cbs in person surprise, i'm actually here in los angeles, nearly 300 miles away and being beamed in los vegas with portal technology it's 3d holograms that get me there. the idea is to offer more human interaction when facetime or
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zoom just doesn't cut it what more do we really get out of this? >> when you beam somewhere, you no longer have to book your flight you don't have to book your hotel. you don't have to worry about coronavirus. atfureorter: an ideal tu th for some is already here. nbc news, los angeles. >> and burn into gear! over the counter eye drops typically work by lubricating your eyes and may provide temporary relief. >> that can cause dry eye disease. what's that? xiidra? no! it can provide lasting relief. xiidra is the only fda-approved non-steroid eye drop specifically for the signs and symptoms of dry eye disease. one drop in each eye, twice a day. don't use if you're allergic to xiidra. common side effects include eye irritation, discomfort or blurred vision when applied to the eye, and unusual taste sensation. don't touch container tip to your eye or any surface.
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[ music playing my queens, you made it welcome to the routine premier of ru palm's drag race. >> we are getting a dash into the drag race. it looks like season 14 is off to a ledge endary start with the introduction of the cast it airs friday at 8:00 p.m. on vh-1 today, a potential game changer in the ghislaine maxwell
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case a juror says his personal sexual assault helped the socialite he admitted to telling jurors, just like epstein's victims, he, too, had been sexually abused as a child after they questioned some of the accounts, maxwell's lawyers argue this could be ground for a few trial she was found guilty for her role in the sex trafficking trial involving jeffrey epstein. the widow of kobe bryant gets a win in court to toss out vanessa bryant's lawsuit she alleges she and her family suffered severe emotional distress after learning sheriffs deputies shared pictures and images of the gruesome crash involving her husband and daughter the trial is on track for february could the great resignation lead to a four-day workweek in the tech unicorn bolt has made
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the switch the san francisco-based ecommerce developer piloted the program last fall. they say it increased productivity, streamlined work and made employees hope. proponents hope it will catch on to other countries tiktok is coming to screens everywhere it's joining a streaming package in 19,000 businesses globally from taco bell to burger king to westin hotels to doctor's offices. they will get clearance from the video creators and adding lights and sound. the oldest living world war ii veteran lawrence brooks died yesterday at the age of 112 in new orleans. brooks was drafted in 1940 he served in the army's 91st everything near battalion and obtained the ranks of private first class. he was survived by five
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grandchildren, 32 great grandchildren. a lucky day for two folks out of wisconsin and california. they hit the powerball jackpot for over $632 million. the next drawing happens january 8th no
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keeping your mask on, the statewide mask mandate is being extended. we'll tell you how much longer you'll need it. plus -- a massive outbreak in east bay schools among students, the change in one school district now making in response. and one year later, a day we will never forget, january 6th, the capitol siege. we'll take a look back at the steps lawmakers are trying to ta


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