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tv   Early Today  NBC  January 10, 2022 4:00am-4:30am PST

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full house dad bob saget found dead reacting at the shock of his sudden dth at just 65. a space heater may be the cause of a fire that took 19 lives in the bronx including nine children. breaking moments ago, novak djokovic wins appeal and will play in the australia open
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the winners of the golden globe have been announced. we have those details. the real-life superheroes even captain america would be proud of thank you for joining us we begin with breaking news, america's dad bob saget has died the comedian and actor passed away in his hotel room in orlando. the circumstances around his death are unknown. 24 hours ago, he tweeted this photo. generations grew up with saget he played beloved tv dad for eight seasons. he was the host of the wildly popular long-running america's funniest videos and was a raunchy standup comedian >> what is dirt?
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>> dirt is bad >> i can't hear you. >> daddy is really into this spring cleaning? >> to dad, it is christmas >> i'm not kissing up. >> i'm sloberring all over you >> a flood of tributes his full house cast mates were shocked. john stamos writing, i'm broken. i am gutted. candace writing, he is one of the best human beings ever known. >> others reacting sharing this photo of the two remembering him as a lovely human. no shortage of kind words from
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john stewart, whoopi goldberg. gilbert god free -- godfrey. bob saget was 65 years old returning to the bronx where a fire killed 19 people. the investigation is under way right now they say it was space heater that started the whole thing. >> officials say it all likely stemmed from a malfunctioning space heater >> the five-alarm fire ripped through this bronx high-rise flames shooting out on the second and third floor >> karen making breakfast when
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it started >> i heard people screaming, help, help, help >> in this 19-story building >> damage was found throughout the building in every floor and stair well taking them out in cardiac and respiratory arrest >> the response was massive. roughly 200 firefighters, some pulling residents down ladders others tending to the injuried >> new york city's mayor calling it one of the worst fires in new york history >> the impact of this fire is going to really bring a level of pain and despair in our city the numbers are horrific >> dozens injured and transferred to five hospitals.
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the second fire with major fatalities in a week days ago, 12 perished in a fire in a philadelphia row house. the investigation is getting under way. a horrific day for the community. >> we'll be here for the community to helem navigate through this during the tragedy, we are going to be here for each other. >> there are growing questions whether residents received fair warning about this fire. officials say smoke alarms went out through out the building and it is said residents heard alarms, and saw smoke. diplomats are holding high-stakes talks with russia today. >> reporter: ukraine on edge
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ahead of major talks with u.s. and russia >> we'll listen to their concerns and they'll have to listen to our concerns ready to respond with massive economic consequences if russia invades ukraine. >> high stakes discussion kicking off in geneva, brussels and vienna but no major breakthroughs are skekted. >> we'll have to see the escalation >> russia positions thousands of troops on the boarder with ukraine. the u.s. vowing to put sanctions on the country >> if it chooses confrontation or aggression. >> the president demanded the u.s. pull troops out of eastern europe neither are being considered according to the biden administration what could shift
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washington is prepared to discuss the possibility of scaling back military exercises and missile deployment in the region but only if agreed upon by moscow as well. >> thank you for that report the u.s. facing another milestone in the battle against covid. more than 60 million infections have been reported since the beginning of the pandemic. classes are canceled in chicago for a fo and continuing into a second day of teacher unions with remote learning and safety protocol and questions about how hospital numbers are being measured saying they don't reflect reality. >> confusion is mounting over what should count as a covid hospitalization. if one in the hospital ends up
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testing positive, it is counted by the cdc just over half of those counted were there for something else. >> they might be having a stroke or heart attack and they end up being positive because of the community spread right now >> in los angeles, two-thirds of covid patients were admitted for other causes same with the bay area it is possible for someone to come in with a broken arm and broken hand and become a covid positive case? >> exactly we had 40 adults hospitalized but only 12 were hospitalized for covid illness. saying before the vaccine, those hospital ized for respiratory care for now, the majority of people who come in with covid, i
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discharge home quickly >> most severe cases are among the unvaccinated the high count in the bay area paint a more dire picture. >> we had 19 kids hospitalized for covid but only six were admitted patients because of covid. >> in california, out of the 20 listed last week, 10 were admitted for covid >> out of those cases reported as covid hospitalizations. three were women that were asymptomatic delivering babies >> that's right. there is a discontinuing between those in the icu on a ventilator overestimating the burden of omicron. now asking the cdc to specify how those patients are being counted.
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we are reporting the patients who test positive in one pocket. that has to change breaking news this morning novak djokovic is staying in australia for after a successful appeal of his visa being canceled they ordered his passport to be returned the judge confirmed he was present with his lawyers at an undisclosed location court documents confirm he was unvaccinated and his lawyers argued positive covid test results lead the open group to give him a medical exemption jaw dropping body cam footage as cops save a pilot in the nick of time >> pulling the man from the wreckage seconds before the train came by.
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>> that moment of impact >> go, go, go. >> the plane was destroyed but the pilot is okay. the officers pulled him out with no hesitation. the plane lost power causing it to go down turning now to the weather with januessa webb. >> good morning. the chill is coming back for the great lakes and the northeast. the warmest part of the day in new england and the northeast where we are seeing temperatures in the upper 30s but we'll be on the downward trend advisories and warnings continue to be in place impacting 12 million people. temperatures are kind of on the balmy side right now you'll notice the winds whipping up by this afternoon, the feel-like temperate will bur
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afternoon. more sunshine and milder temperatures for the deep south. we'll take a look at your week ahead coming up. thank you. the big winners from last night's unseen golden globe awards and the nfl playoff picture when we come back. and remove the waste that weighs you down. it also helps lower cholesterol and slows sugar absorption to promote healthy blood sugar levels. so you can feel lighter and more energetic metamucil. support your daily digestive health. and try metamucil fiber thins. a great tasting and easy way to start your day. lactaid is 100% real milk, just without the lactose.
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succession >> the power of the dog. westside story won three categories musical, comedy, performance by actress and supporting actress will smith in king richard hbo's hacks. and mj rodriguez winning for her role in fx's pose. coming up, office work, a thing of the past. why remote work is more the norm this year. the coming nfl wins and losses
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. besher -- berber firing.
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it is going to be caught in the end zone >> the chargers caught twice and save their season on sunday night football las vegas with one final drive and the boot sent them to the playoffs the raiders to win over the chargers 35-32 that win was part of a high-stakes final week in the nfl regular season a history-making performance tying the single-season record steelers kept their postseason hopes alive with a win over the ravens 16-13 the colts with a win over the jaguars. the deep end stepd up big time lawrence through a pair of touchdowns eliminating the 26-11 win. >> the super bowl and afc runs
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through nashville with the titans and the first-round bi. they take on the steelers next week the nfc saints needed a prayer and did their part against the falcons and finished the first half and didn't look back getting the 30-20 win. 49ers needed a road game win against the rams they sent the game into overtime after a field goal to take the lead in o.t. thomas came up close with the interception to field the come back and the 49ers win it. tampa bay begins their journey to repeat their win against the eagles hoping recover from a four-day losing streak with the
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s&p 500. looking at the market with steve. >> good morning francis and steve. absolutely fascinating we had some interesting mixed days the u.s. unemployment is back below 4% 3 3.9 again. on cpi and consumer inflation. the fed chair powell testifying before the senate as well. looking at the futures, we are caught flat on the dow and s&p talk the jobs fair the full return to the office is apparently dead to many experts including bloom who is an economist at stan pord who says remote working is only growing and this could be a bend o for . the largest change in working and living conditions since world war ii they are saying remote listings
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a real-life superhero iss o a mission. a texas police officer suited up >> growing up, he always wanted it serve his community and country. joining the air force and later becoming an officer with with the midloathian police department >> how did this start? >> about four and a half years ago, i wanted to do a little
4:27 am
more i remember seeing somebody dressed as spiderman visiting sick kids in hospitals i thought, man what a great idea thanks to my wife pushing me to get the captain america shield we saw in the mall >> helping kids in the community and others with special needs. >> six-year-old michael murphy born with a special condition that makes it hard to eat, breath and hear. >> the officer and other first responders showed up to make his first day of school a little less scarey. >> when they arrived at the school, captain america got out and was giving high fives to the kids it was unforgettable >> for his mom, the officer has been a lifeline. >> when your kid has differences, you just want them to be accepted >> what do you hope to bring to these kids
4:28 am
>> joy, compassion, positivity >> positivity and joy for kids like this 12-year-old alex who has autism officer showed up for his birthday parade and when it came time to ged a covid shot, mom said he stepped in again >> i called officer and said he's a little scared, can you help him get through it? >> he said, sure give me a few minutes. alex wants to grow up and save the world. >> the officer is hoping it catches on >> if i change one person's life, mission accomplished if they do that to somebody else, there is no going back to that >> he has a mandelorian costume is on the way.
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>> i love it >> cannot beat that kindness i love that. >> thank you for waking up with us >> coming up on the today show, remembering america's dad. a look at the life of comedian and star o
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kids will be at home for the week. >> right now at 4:30, reversing course. school for some south bay students will look different this week, and some students go back to distance learning. from distance learning to better health protocols, teachers and students in the east bay are demanding major changes at schools across their district. the reason they say their direct is falling short. taking a live look outside the bay area, it is a chilly start to our monday morning. meteorologist terry hall is checking how the rest of the workweek is shaping up. this is "today in the bay." ♪♪


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