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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 11, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PST

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with so much anxiety, some had to begin with and the pandemic has exacerbated it. >> and a local health expert explains what students and parents can do to help cope with covid fatigue. and we have colder mornings and warmer days ahead as rain stays out of our forecast. we'll look at our microclimate forecast. this is "today in the bay." good tuesday morning. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm laura garcia. we broadcast to your television and also roku, amazon fire, apple tv and of course online. we want to get you started with our top story as thousands of students are returning to their class room. this is after a brief
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district-wide shutdown. and karen katusda is live where they had a massive deep cleaning. >> reporter: that's right, 28,000 students will be heading back to school of course minus those staying at home because they are sick. and this is after schools were shut down last last week. and the superintendent sent out some instructions. stay home if you are sick. if you test positive, stay home for ten days or until that you are clear of any symptoms such as fever. if you have no symptoms but tested positive, you can take a covid test after five days at home and can return to school by showing a negative test result. those who are unvaccinated or vaccinated with no booster yet and have been in contact with someone who tested positive, you must stay home 7 to 10 days. you may end up quarantining at 7
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days with no several tomorrows and a negative test. also a big change, those cloth masks, they will no longer be allowed starting next week. i want to show you the difference. a cloth mask must have a surgical mask underneath it starting next week. or the families at their own expense will have to provide either a n95 or kn95 mask for their students. the staff the district says will be provided two of these masks per week through the end of the school year. reporting live in contra costa county, sharon katusda. >> yeah, it can be a lot when there is not enough of something. thank you. 6:02. recent studies show that the pandemic is really having an exacerbating effect on already growing children's mental health crises. according to data from children
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hospital association, last year there were more than 47,000 mental health visits to emergency departments at 38 children's hospitals across the country. that is nearly 40% higher than 2020. to help answer some questions parents may have, i spoke with a developmental behavioral pediatrician dr. emily whitgob. >> they are wearing masks, trying to not make them paranoid but also having them sanitize and wash their hands. i worry about the long termt on. >> right. and i think children are resilient and we need to be confident in that because we don't have a lot of choice event we can do everything that we can. it goes back to the ongoing conversation, the isolation that children feel, the anxiety. and not just the school routine, but the caregiver routine is changing.
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so trying to have as much consistency as possible, maybe it is the new routine that you are building into your -- even if it is your quarantine because one of your family members is sick, with this new variant i'm seeing that more and more, people are canceling and staying at home when they are ill. and we appreciate that, but parents can't go to work because they need to stay at home with their kids. so even in those quarantined days to build a routine in there. >> and you see what would happen if there comes the anxiety and worry. so let's talk about how we can help kids deal with that and cope with anxiety and worry. what do we do as parents? >> i think that you answer the questions that the children have. and at different agehappens, wat to know what covid is. our behavioral pediatrics was talking about a little girl who thought, oh, well, we have
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changes in elections, does that mean that covid will be over too. and lumping all of these things together. feeling the national anxiety happening. and conflating it because these kids are 6 and not understanding, but also very wise that everyone is affected. so talking with the children and when they ask the question, for example, why did so-and-so die, because children have family members and loved ones who are not here anymore because of covid, other things too, and when they ask where did they go, only giving the information that they have asked for because we can easily overwhelm kids by giving the information that we might want to know but thinking about what would a 4-year-old want to know, what would a 6-year-old want to know. kids will ask followup questions when they want them and then they will stop when they are satisfied. >> so good advice there of how we can deal with what we're dealing with at hand. thank you so much, doctor. as always, you can find all of our pandemic coverage, it is on our website, we have advice
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on where you can get tested as well as what masks may work best for you and any other updates on how the virus could affect you. even mentally. just head to happening today, a new white house push to expand voting eats. >> president biden and vice president harris will visit georgia, this is a state now at the center of voting rights battle. alice barr is live in washington thorn. and this is one of the president's signature issues and democrats are under pressure to get something done. >> reporter: yeah, that's correct. president biden is going to be pushing for federal voting rights protections when he visits atlanta today. this comes in response to changes that have happened at the state level, in some cases restricting access to the ballot. president biden has called those changes 21st century jim crow
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while the state election officials say that they are trying to make it easy to vote and hard to cheat. this debate could come to a head this week. president biden traveling to georgia today, ground zero for republican-led efforts to change state voting laws. the president set to address what he calls an assault on voting rights. >> right now in state after state, new laws are being written. not to protect the vote, but to deny it. >> reporter: 19 states have passed laws ranging from limiting mail-in ballots to voter i.d. requirements sense since the 2020 election when former president trump claimed widespread fraud. democrats say it is an attempt to suppress the vote especially among people of color vowing to pass voting rights protections. >> the time has come to act to defend democracy and protect voting rights. even if it means changing senate rules to restore the senate.
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>> reporter: to overcome republican opposition, top democrats want to change a long-standing rule requiring 60 votes to pass legislation. >> they want to silence millions of americans and take over the senate so that they can take over elections. >> and this must change. >> reporter: civil rights advocates frustrated by washington's inaction now mounting a pressure campaign. >> the president said that he was going to stand with the black community. there is no more important issue than protection of voting rights. >> reporter: the white house says that the president hears those calls for action and today will make clear to the american people who is at stake and his plans to protect it. senate democrats plan to try to advance voting rights legislation as soon as this week. but there are at least two moderate democrats who could stand in the way. they voiced concern about changing senate rules because of the precedent it could set. >> one that we'll continue to
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follow. and el cerrito police are remembering one of their own who died in a weekend crash. officer jerrick bernstine was driving home from work early sunday when a van in front of him lost control and struck the center median. and it happened on interstate 80. bernst bernstine's car struck that van. he was just 26 years old. >> sad. how quickly things can change. 6:09. let's switch gears, taking a live look outside. a lot of folks are out early. a live look in dublin, and kari has a look at the forecast. >> it has been so nice past couple of days. and this is the kind of weather we'll see continue. so as you are heading out for the morning commute, we're checking out antioch right now, and our temperatures are in the low 40s for the start of the day. and it is a cold start, but it will continue to warm up
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gradually as we go into late morning and into the afternoon with all of that sunshine and take a look at where we're headed for today. 62 in antioch this afternoon, 64 in fremont, 65 in san jose. we'll see a high of 62 in san rafael and santa rose. and it does get a little warmer by tomorrow. but we're still not seeing any rain, so we'll talk more about that in the forecast in a few minutes. mike mike, you have a change for the better. yeah, and we'll take that. but especially during the 6:00 hour as we look at your maps, we're looking at mostly green. i've circled the crash, alert eastbound 580 in castro valley, that cleared from lanes. so good news. and it is also counter commute, right side commute out of the altamont improves as well. so the crash cleared to the shoulder. nice easy drive through the tri-valley. there is a traffic break to highway 4, crash should be on the shoulder.
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bay bridge toll plaza will see more traffic approaching the area. at the tomorrow plaza, a smooth drive. and i'll say the dreaded "t" word, taxes. but we have a warning for you coming up next. the reason the irs is encouraging everyone to start preparing now. a lot of companies are saying that we thought that you were going to come back to the office. they are now sending their workers back home again. we'll take a look at that. and futures are mostly down this morning. reminder that jay powell testifies in the senate today. plus -- ♪♪ ♪ this is a story all about how my life got flipped turned upside down ♪ >> so i'm sure most of you know that song. you know what, you will probably hear more people singing it as get people to reintroduce ourselves to the "fresh prince of bel-air." we'll take a look at the new
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series and explain the dramatic twist that you can expect this time around. ♪♪
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good tuesday this morning. it is a cold start in the north bay. we're checking out san rafael where temperatures are at 41 degrees now. we'll keep it cool for the next few hours, but then with all of the sunshine, see a nice warm-up by late morning into the
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afternoon. we'll see more dry weather this our forecast and we'll talk more about that coming up. and a live look outside shows you the south bay this, is 280 coming toward us. there is some slowing on the east shore freeway and we'll show you i-80 coming up. and happy tuesday to you. the irs is warning that it may take longer for you to get your questions answered that you send into the irs. and they blame it on underfunding. the treasury department was to get more money under biden's "build back better" plan but biden was unable to get that through congress. some important dates to know, you can start filing your taxes on january 28th. and they are not due until april 18th this year. for those who got child tax credit checks throughout the
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year of 2021, there may be some extra work for you as you have to account for those on your tax return. but we've known that was coming for quite some time. the irs says if you file electronically, you should get any tax return money no less than two weeks later. other news, the vice chairman of the federal reserve is stepping down early. richard clarida didn't say why, but he's been criticized for some stock trades he's made in the past. he was cleared of wrongdoing but he resigned. his now former boss jay powell will be in front of the senate today as he asks for approval of another term as fed chair. he will no doubt be asked about rate hikes. and mortgage rates are up, a $350,000 house that is the american average will cost the average buyer $125 more a month today than if they bought it three weeks ago.
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multiply that number by three or four to get bay area prices. and facebook has told its employees that it is moving its back to office date from this month to march. and any employee who does come back must show evidence of a booster shot. and a lot of corporations are going back home again. i think the key thing, don't set a target date. don't say we thought it was january and now it is march. just say to your employees that we don't know. >> we've had to learn to be very flexible. so we're apart but yet we're together. >> exactly. >> 6 feet or more. >> that's right. apple reportedly is in talks to carry major league baseball games next season. apple has long been looked at for sports rights.
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they have been trying to sell its monday and wednesday games that espn recently gave up. apple would be expected to make games available through the apple tv plus streaming service. and trends this morning, the fresh take on fresh prince. >> yeah, pretty sure that you've heard something about this. this is a new version of "fresh prince of bel-air." and getting our first look. >> ten years is a long time. >> let me show you around. >> laughing tracks with this one. but this is called bel air, dramatic reimagining of the original series with will smith. jabari banks is the new will. he move from his philly to live with his aunt and uncle in bel air. and that series debuts february 13 on peacock.
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okay. let's check in with mike from home in a bit, but right now kari. a good day to hike the coast. >> yes, and it will be so nice. even the coastline will have some of the same temperatures that we'll see for the inland areas. so take advantage, enjoy. even though we do have a cool start with our coastal temperatures in the low 50s, we're headed for the low 60s. and we'll continue with sunshine for today. a few more clouds moving in by later tan tonight. the "7-day forecast" will be at the bottom of the screen. today we're headed to 66 in east san jose. and in the east bay, you will reach 64 in danville. 61 in redwood city and about 60 in san francisco, downtown reaching 62 degrees. for the north bay, we're seeing
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temperatures around 63 for sonoma novato. and the rain continues to hit the pacific northwest and missing california. but you can see the clouds coming down off of that system that is well to the north of us. and it is being blocked by high pressure. and that will be the case throughout the next several days. it will slowlyhance for a changn our weather pattern by the end of the month. so it does look like by the end of january we could see some rain. but now we're letting all of the heavy rain that we've had recently soak into the ground, we're getting a chance to dry out. we'll also be getting a lot of sunshine. in san francisco, temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s as the sunshine continues for the weekend. make plans to get outside. and mike, you are seeing the commute bogging down a little bit? >> yes, in a couple key spots.
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overall it is looking pretty good. you will see on the maps that green dominates. but a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza, from time to time it has seen some brake tapping as folks approach. metering lights were turned on just after 6:00. and the berkeley curve, no slowing. maze is moving smoothly. but i circled a crash westbound 80 just past highway 4, there was a traffic break. should have cleared to a shoulder, but that is a key spot this the upper east shore. and there may be a crash in the opposite direction as well. north 101, we are seeing slowing. and so volume may be building. we'll watch silicon valley coming up. and next up here, the new national champion crowned in
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college football. we'll tell you about the change at the top not seen in decades. and want to share this post kris sanchez shared on facebook. one of her daughters had a possible covid exposure and she shared how she tried to book a pcr test. unfortunately, it is not always an easy task. she either had to wait one week through the county, ten days through health care providers or three days in the school district. what is your experience? don't forget, if you need help finding a test, look at, head to our web page, click on our covid testing locations tab. it is right up there on the trending bar. we're always there to help and listen.
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in every way with financial help for millions of us and free assistance to compare your options. insurance. in every way with financial help for millions of us enrollment ends january 31st. go to 6:25. if you have friends in alabama, you might want to choke them because georgia is celebrating a championship 40 years in the making. the top two teams squared off last night for the national championship in indianapolis. after a slow first three quarters, things took off. alabama led by five midway through the fourth, this is when this touchdown pass by stetson bennett put the bulldogs up by one. georgia went on to win 33-18 with their first title since 1980. and another bit of excitement for us this morning, all week "today" show will take
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a look back at the favorite moments celebrating "today's" 70 years on air. >> that's right. and this morning hoda is reflecting on the 2015 charleston church shooting rampage. she says her whole perspective on life really shifted with wisdom that was shared by survivors that she spoke to in the aftermath. >> when she said that they forgave heart because i was like, wow, you don't forgive him, it is like so you have to figure out when to put something down. it is liku are going to throw it at someone because you are so mad and you realize that you are burning yourself. >> good perspective there. "today" is remembering some of the show's most powerful moments all week ahead of that special 70th anniversary celebration that is coming up on friday. a look back even when they had the monkeys on the show.
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>> and hoda said that you are burning yourself when you are holding on to that. >> got it let it go. move on. and we'll move on this morning. the top stories that we're following, including covid test chaos in san francisco. the reason why many sites were forced to shut down and the help that may be coming. >> reporter: and from testing to boosters, i'm kris sanchez in san jose where there could be a new mandate that will impact just about anybody who wants to go out for some fun in the city or who collects a paycheck from the city of san jose. and don't forget to check out our latest episode of synced in. they will talk concerns over the new protocols and also klay thompson's 17 point return. you can watch it on instagram and tiktok.
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can you see my wall of smiles? when i first started using genesys technology i was kind of embarrased at all the love and attention i got from my customers. people are so moved by how much i understand about them. they start including me in their lives. that's helen and her friends. i arranged a wellness retreat for them. look at those ladies. such wisdom. mmm. but it's really genesys that helps me understand people and what they truly need. i'm just glad i can help.
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long lines and even longer wait times for results. ahead, the reason why some people are being turned away attesting sites and the help that may be on the way from the insurers. and a possible new booster mandate up for debate in the south bay and it is not just for workers. why you may feel that impact the
6:31 am
next time you attend a concert or sporting event. and slowing the surge, a bay area county pleading for help as covid cases continue to rise. the new restrictions just announced that will no doubt force major readjustments. this is "today in the bay." welcome to tuesday morning. we broadcast to your television and you can also watch us on roku, amazon fire, apple tv and online. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. a look at the bay bridge. kari hall of course is trcking our forecast for us. how is it shaping us? >> not bad at all. we're starting out cool, but it will be actually a warmer afternoon. and we can see very clearly here no fog in san francisco or anywhere else around the bay area. our temperatures have continued to drop and we're seeing some spots in the upper 30s this morning. it is 39 in dublin.
6:32 am
38 in morgan hill. and we have some low 40s elsewhere as we start out this tuesday morning. but then take a look at our afternoon highs and it will be a comfortable day reaching 64 degrees in fremont. palo alto, 62. and we'll see more weather like this. and we'll talk about if there is any change in the forecast coming up. new numbers put into perspective just how fast the omicron variant is spreading. according to the chronicle, california has now seen 6 million confirmed covid cases since the start of the pandemic and average in one in five covid tests are now coming back positive. the state's positivity rate stands at about 22%. and we have live team coverage this morning with everything that you need to know on how covid cases are surging. >> first let's check in with cierra johnson looking at the big rush just to try to get tested. and as soon as this weekend, new help may be on the way from health insurers. >> reporter: starting saturday,
6:33 am
private health insurers will be required to cover up to four tests per month for i had individuals on their plans. you can either purchase them for free under your insurance or submit receipts for reimbursement. later this month the federal government will also launch a website to begin making 500 million at-home tests available via mail. i said four. it is actually eight tests per month, forgive me. and here locally, that impact of the omicron variant is felt and caused some staff shortages and also some commuters stopped working. so all of this is causing a backlog here in the city. >> you have folks calling in
6:34 am
sick, so we need backup, we need support from the state. we need more tests, more people who can provide the tests. >> reporter: and take a look at your screen, these are the locations effective immediately that will see a shift in their hours of operation. they include ella hill hutch, east health center, and alemany and soma. and we did speak with a health official about what is being done in terms of reinforcement, that health official told us that the health department is bringing in additional testing, 150,000 rapid tests are set to arrive early this week. so we'll definitely keep a close eye on just how many folks are able to be sur advised with those new tests and if there are
6:35 am
any other additional changes to the hours. cierra johnson, "today in the bay." >> good info. thanks so much. today is the day that san jose is moving forward with a booster mandate that would impact city workers and really anyone looking to attend an event at a city owned property. today in the bay's kris sanchez is joining us live outside of s.a.p. center with a look at what it will look like. >> reporter: so we know that san jose sharks fans don't exclusively live in the city of san jose and nor do the folks who come to the concerts here. so there will be an impact for people looking for entertainment here in the city if the city moves forward with the mandate requiring boosters of anybody who attends something at a city owned property. the same booster mandate would also attend to anybody who collects a paycheck from the city of san jose, that is anybody who works in any one of san jose's city departments. here at the s.a.p. center, all the way to city hall.
6:36 am
and also, we know that folks have to get a booster if they are eligible or they have to -- no negative covid test will serve as a substitute. full council will consider the measure that already passed the committee. here is the mayor giving the reason why. >> it is important for us to be scanning where the puck is going rather than where the puck is. and we recognize from recent pronouncements of the cdc and all that we're seeing in the studies that booster will be essential for all of us to be able to get through this pandemic and keep our businesses open and obviously keep people out of the hospitals which is the most important priority. >> reporter: let's take a look at the big picture here in the county of santa clara, more than 82% of people who are eligible are fully vaccinated. but only about 60% of people 16 and up are boosted. that doesn't include kids who
6:37 am
recently were eligible for the booster shot. 92% of city workers in some departments are also now fully vaccinated and we know the city was very aggressive about trying to get their city workers vaccinated. that includes the fire department and of course anybody else who works for the city. the vote is supposed to happen today and if it happens, san jose could become the first big city in the state to have a booster mandate. kris sanchez, "today in the bay." and happening tomorrow, new social distancing limits take effect in the north bay to combat the covid surge. leaders yesterday approving a new health order banning large gatherings. that includes any with more than 50 people indoors and more than 100 people outdoors. gatherings also not allowed if it includes more than 12 that are at higher risk of severe illness. this does not apply to school class rooms or recess
6:38 am
activities. the u.s. reporting a record-breaking 1.3 million new covid cases yesterday. and that is a record since the start of the pandemic. some bay area hospitals are being forced to pivot to deal with the influx of new patients and try to keep beds open. san jose's valley medical center is pausing all adult elective surgeries requiring patients to stay overnight. multiple hospitals are asking people not to visit an e.r. just to get tested especially if you are not showing any symptoms. if you are having a hard time finding a testing site, head to nbcbayarea.comnbcbayare testing, there is a list where you can go to get tested. the list is divided county by county. and taking a live look at downtown san jose. as you head out, maybe you will need a jacket, but soon you may be able to shed that. kari hall has a look at what we can expect from the forecast. up and down numbers.
6:39 am
>> yes, absolutely. so we're starting out cold but then we see the temperatures warming up. and it looks like we'll have a pretty beautiful sunrise. so get the camera ready. we're just about 20 minutes away from sunrise, some of the sun is coming over the hills. in oakland, we'll see the temperatures reaching about 46 degrees to start, but quickly headed for the upper 50s and then low 60s for this afternoon at 1:00, we're at 60 and a high temperature of 62. 65 today in san jose, and that is one of the warmer spots, compared to the low 60s we'll see in antioch and 60 today in san francisco. mike, you are see something key spots starting to slow down? >> that's right. so we are seeing a little more commute i guess in quotes than we have the last month. one key spot though is because of a crash which has just cleared lanes in the last few minutes. it is on the shoulder with a lot of activity, still a distraction west 80 just past highway 4. we also see throughout that
6:40 am
area, highway 37, richmond bridge toll plaza, bay bridge toll plaza and into concord, the usual specifics and there is slowing because of volume. and it is more today than the last three or four weeks. and key now, away from 92, both north and southbound 880 had crashes out of hayward and in towards san leandro. one lane blocked at most. 6:40. coming up next, voting rights for all. the new measure being proposed in one bay area city to give a voice to undocumented residents. meanwhile nationally the president trying to assure that people who can vote legally are able to. he has a major address today. and an emotional reunion for a beloved four legged friend in tahoe. how this dog was annual to survive both a wildfire and a
6:41 am
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6:43. as you are heading out the door in antioch, we are starting out with clear conditions and chilly temperatures. turn the heater on in the car. and you will need sunglasses later today as we go from the low 40s with sunshine and we'll see those temperatures in the
6:44 am
mid-50s by 1:00. some spots reaching into the upper 60s today. we'll talk about that and a look ahead to when we may see rain again, coming up. and you will have a little more time in that car highway 4 out of antioch. as you get toward the left side of the screen, we see slowing. metering completes have been on for about 40 minutes now and just now we are starting to see folks slowing as they approach the toll plaza and the incline kicks in. we'll show you more slowing coming up. president biden says that he supports a change in the senate rules to push through voting rights bills. >> and scott mcgrew calls it a carveout. >> yeah, what they are proposing to do is do away with the filibuster. that is a really big deal. but thisis going to be limited to the one situation and thus the term the carveout. president biden will speak in
6:45 am
georgia today where he will visit the church where dr. martin luther king preached and he will make that major speech saying that it is time to create federal laws that protect americans' legal voting rights at a team when republican statehouses are creating laws to restrict voting. according to an excerpt of the speech, the president will say "will we choose democracy over autocracy, lightoff shadow, justice over injustice"? i know where i stand. and the key thing to know here, and we've talked about this before, is that the senate requires 60 yes votes to get a bill to the floor. so democrats can win any 50/50 vote they choose to including voting rights, but they can't get the bill to the floor unless the republicans let them and they haven't. so that is the filibuster. and that is the proposal, to carve out an exception to the filibuster.
6:46 am
but even that is unclear what exactly the rules that they want to carve out will be. if the democrats can pull this off, then there would be some kind ofgoverning how elections would be run instead of state by state rules. >> there is nothing partisan about the legislation. there is absolutely nothing partisan about setting federal standards for voting so that no matter what state i reside in in these united states, i know what the rules for the electoral process are in said state because they would be all the same across the board. there would be federal standards. and instead, it is the wild, wild west. >> at least 19 states have passed new voter restrictions since the 2020 presidential election. democrats say that voting rights are a signature issue but are
6:47 am
they? president biden is fond of saying show me your budget and i'll show you what you value. so if we look at how he budgets his major speeches, president biden has only spoken about voting rights as a major theme one other time. today will be two. compare that to more than 60 addresses about covid and covid relief and nearly 40 events focused on "build back better" and infrastructure. now, we do continue to keep our eye on talks between the u.s. and russia. america worries that russia will invade ukraine. russia worries that ukraine will become a nato country and wants to promise that nato will never accept ukraine into the alliance, something that we're not willing to promise even if it is very unlikely that would ever happen. we're monitoring that and of course we'll monitor what the president says. he will speak about 12:30 our time and we'll talk about it on social media. on twitter, i'm @scottmcgrew.
6:48 am
new this morning san jose leaders are considering a plan to expand voting rights to include people who are not u.s. citizens. the measure has already been under review by city charter commission. it would allow all immigrants of age to vote in municipal elections no matter their status. only a handful of u.s. cities have similar rules on the books including san francisco and new york. today the full council will debate that measure. we're less than a month away from the winter olympics and the competition is getting real including for snowboarder chloe kim. she first burst on to the scene in south korea winning the gold medal at just 17 years old. but the real reward may have been when she returned home to something sweeter. >> my name is chloe kim. i'm a halfpipe snowboarder and i'm from torrance, california. last time we spoke, i was 17 going into the olympics. i'm 21 now. my priorities have shifted quite
6:49 am
a bit and i enjoy staying in bed all day. i love to sleep. >> is there any snowboarding involved there? >> oh, yes, i still do that, which is why i'm here. yes. >> back to back 1080s. >> chloe kim reigns supreme. >> she is the 2021 world champion. >> i tweeted about churros and ice cream and i got home and i had boxes and boxes. shout out to everyone who sent me ice cream. i felt loved. >> i can feel the love too. feel you on that sleep. don't forget opening ceremony, february 4th, our coverage starts february 3rd. of course you can watch it all right here on nbc bay area. and streaming on apple tv and amazon fire. >> oh, to be 21 and sleeping in,
6:50 am
right? >> sounds pretty normal to me. trending for you, every union that many thought would never happen, a dog separated from his owner last summer during wildfire evacuations in tahoe, the dog is back home this morning. this is months after it went missing. >> he ran away from his owner's vehicle in august. he was scared. this is as the caldor fire was barreling through south lake tahoe. but last month, a man saw a dog while skiing, he posted some pictures online. and animal volunteers went looking for him and they eventually found him. days later, russ was reunited with his family by tracking his microchip i.d. if dogs could talk. but he survived in the wilderness and all the big storms as well. >> yeah, and now back with his family. >> that is nice to see. >> that is a strong dog.
6:51 am
>> and a happy ending. and a happy ending for us when it comes to the forecast. started out cold which sometimes we don't like here in california, but shaping up to be a nice one. >> yeah, we cannot complain compared to what you were feeling in new york overs past several days. so we're waking up to cool on our standards with upper 30s and low 40s. take a look at what you will feel as you are stepping out the door. it is 39 in dublin and even colder in morgan hill, 38. but mostly we have low 40s. as you take a look at the "7-day forecast" at the bottom of the screen, more mild days in the forecast. so enjoy it as we check out cupertino. and of course make sure that you are getting some sunshine. we'll have a cool start, but it will be in the low 60s by 1:00 this afternoon. and then we'll see some mid-60s for parts of the south bay reaching 67 in gilroy today and
6:52 am
64 mill. and 61 in the mission district. north bay highs reaching up to 65 in ukiah. mill valley today headed for 62. as we are looking at what is going on here with our weather pattern, we can see all of the clouds and all the rain too hitting the pacific northwest. we're just seeing some of the clouds coming down off of atmospheric river but the storm is being steered to the north from high pressure with this clockwise wind flow, it will keep the storm farther to the north. so our dry weather continues throughout the week. maybe by the end of next week we could see the high pressure moving away enough to allow for a change in our weather pattern and that is what we're expecting for the end of january. and so near term, we're seeing some seasonable temperat highs in the upper 50s and low 60s. and a lot sunshine.
6:53 am
and there will be a few more clouds between thursday and friday, but the weekend is looking nice and san francisco will continue to see temperatures near 60 degrees. mike, you were checking out something happening in contra costa county. >> yeah, things are settling in now as we had a number of earlier crashes to track. the arrows are pointing to your usual slowdowns which have just kicked in today and that is a little different than we've seen for three or four weeks. we also have this, this issue a crash highway 4, it cleared out and as that happened, we saw more traffic heading toward richmond and the bay bridge. a little slowing for 84. things calm down through the tri-valley. south bay in delays. and peninsula looks great although north 101, the taillights may be heading toward a crash on the shoulder at holly. 6:53. happening now, police are patrolling a new section of coyote creek trail. under the $800,000 partnership
6:54 am
with valley water, officers will monitor the newly constructed 3 mile stretch. the trail runs by a now cleared out homeless encampment. and some residents remain wary. and a quick look at the top stories including a new booster mandate may be coming to the south bay. how it may impact the next time you spend a attend a sporting event. florida and plus back to school after positive covid cases shut down sclas rooms. the new measures being taken to keep children and staff protected. and make sure that you join us on facebook live, look at that, scott mcgrew is giving us a behind the scenes look at his work-from-home setup.
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:57 am
6:57. welcome back. we're moving you forward with a look at the top stories. first, thousands of students returning to the classroom after a brief district wide shutdown. >> and sharon katusda is live
6:58 am
for us. >> reporter: yes, 28,000 students will be heading back to school this morning, that is if they are not staying home sick and if they are not quarantining. but they will be heading back. and this is after the schools were closed last friday and yesterday. now, the district superintendent sent out an email with these instructions to help make it a successful return to in-person learning. stay home if you are sick, if you test positive stay home for ten days or until you are clear of any symptoms. if you have no symptoms but tested positive, you could take a covid test after five days at home and can return to school by showing a negative test result. those who are unvaccinated or vaccinated with no booster yet and have been in contact with someone who tested positive, you must stay home 7 to 10 days. you may end the quarantine at 7 days with no symptoms and a negative test. and also a big change, those cloth masks will no longer be allowed starting next week. so if your student wants to go
6:59 am
to school with a cloth mask, next week they will have to have a surgical mask underneath or wear a kn95 or n95 mask. and this is at the family's own expense. staff will be provided two of these thanks so much, sharon. and in the south bay you may soon need to get that third shot of covid vaccine to get into the s.a.p. center. the new mandate would require proof of a booster for anyone visiting a city-owned facility. in san jose, about 92% of workers are vaccinated. and we're starting out with cool temperatures this morning and we'll see our highs today reaching into the low 60s, more of the same tomorrow. but an increasing cloud cover as
7:00 am
we head toward the end of the week, we'll bring the temperatures down just a bit but still staying dry and we'll see the dry weather into next week. >> thank you for joining us. we'll be back at 7:25 with a live local news update. >> and a beautiful shot in san jose at the s.a.p. center. have a good morning. good morning. arctic blast. bone-chilling temperatures this morning blanketing much of the u.s. some of the coldest air in years. windchills as low as minus 45 degrees. schools all across new england forced to close today. al has everything you need to know. breaking overnight, full ground stop. all flights on the west coast temporarily halted by the faa. at the same time that north korea fired off a new missile. we'll take you inside the disruption that impacted thousands and the search f


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