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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  February 1, 2022 12:37am-1:37am PST

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[ cheers and applause ♪ >> announcer: from 30 rockefeller plaza in new york, it's "late night with seth meyers. tonight -- ike barinholtz star of "somebody somewhere," actress and comedian bridget everett. an all-new "closer look. featuring the 8g band is hayley brownell. ♪ [ cheers and applause and now, seth meyers >> seth: good evening. i'm seth meyers. this is "late night. we hope you're doing well. and now we're gonna get to the news during a rally over the weekend in texas, former president trump said that if he wins the 2024 election he will consider pardoning the people charged with participating in the
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capitol attack "in that case, i was there," said ghislaine maxwell [ laughter ] during the same rally, former president trump told supporters that, quote, "in 2024, we're going to take back that beautiful, beautiful house that happens to be white, but it's not the one you're thinking of." [ laughter ] in a new interview, maine senator susan collins criticized president biden for announcing that he will nominate a black woman to the supreme court and said that he, quote, "helped politicize the entire nomination process. collins' comments have drawn a stern rebuke from the black republican women of maine. [ laughter ] espn reported on saturday that tampa bay buccaneers quarterback tom brady will retire after 22 seasons, seven super bowl titles and, oh, what do you know, zero field goals well, guess he wasn't that great after all. [ light laughter ] former white house adviser kellyanne conway announced last
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week that she will release a memoir in may called "here's the deal," which is also the name of the bookstore bin where you'll find it. [ laughter ] kid rock announced last week - kid rock news, quiet down. [ light laughter ] kid rock announced last week that he will not perform at any venue that requires coronavirus vaccines or face masks well, if anyone is going to ignore the science, it's a 51-year-old man named "kid." [ laughter ] tesla recently began selling an in-car karaoke microphone in china, and that seems like trouble considering how drunk you have to be to do karaoke [ light laughter ] today was national hot chocolate day. ugh, well, she used to be. [ laughter ]
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and finally, a federal judge in oklahoma re-sentenced netflix's "tiger king" star joe exotic to 21 years in prison last week letting him out any sooner would put the public at risk for a third season [ laughter ] hard to follow hot chocolate [ laughter ] and that was a monologue, everybody! whee [ cheers and applause do we have a show for you tonight. a couple of powerhouses. he's an actor, writer, director. he's one of my oldest and my dearest friends. he's starring in "the afterparty" on apple tv plus, which is fantastic ike barinholtz will be here. [ cheers and applause she is an actress, a writer, a comedian she has a brilliant new show on hbo called "somebody somewhere." bridget everett also will be joining us [ cheers and applause but before -- before we get to all of that, mind you, donald trump made it clear this weekend that he is leading a pro-coup movement intent on dismantling american democracy first he promised to pardon the january 6th defendants if he wins in 2024, and then admitted
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in a statement he wanted mike pence to overturn the 2020 election. for more on this, it's time for "a closer look." ♪ [ cheers and applause >> seth: for a year now, trump and his cronies have insisted, ludicrously, that january 6th was not an insurrection, and that all they were trying to do was follow the law at one point, trump even referenced a debunked theory that thomas jefferson had supposedly used his power to make himself president >> mike, had he had the courage to do what thomas jefferson did, but a minor version. you know, thomas jefferson, he kept georgia, do you know that he didn't send it back there was a dispute. hear ye, hear ye, the great state of georgia is unable to properly calculate its votes thomas jefferson was sitting where i was, right where mike -- you know what he said? "hear ye, hear ye, we will keep the votes of the great state of georgia. he didn't send them back all i wanted, and a lot of
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people wanted mike to do is send them back. >> seth: he's never read a single book in his life, so all he knows about the founding fathers is they said, "hear ye, hear ye. [ laughter ] he probably thinks those powdered wigs were their real hair "i asked my barber to give me the george washington, and when i looked in the mirror i said, 'mario, you've done it again.' [ laughter ] a hear ye, hear ye to you, mario. also, you never want to hear the words "hear ye, hear ye" with that accent. he sounds like a used car salesman doing a commercial for a presidents' day sale "hear ye, hear ye, come on down to bobbie bada bing's buick of bay ridge. our prices are so low, every time we sell one, it's a thomas paine in my ass oh!" [ laughter ] but one thing you can always count on with trump is that eventually he'll tire himself out and just confess he can't help it he just blurts it out. he did it with collusion, he did it with ukraine, and that's exactly what he did over the weekend in a statement where he admitted he wanted his vice
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president, mike pence, to overturn the election. >> former president donald trump all but admitting he tried to overturn the 2020 election which he so decisively lost. here is a statement that he just put out. "if the vice president mike pence had absolutely no right to change the presidential election results in the senate despite fraud and many other irregularities, how come democrats and rino republicans like wacky susan collins are desperately trying to pass legislation that would not allow the vice president to change the results of the election? actually, what they are saying is that mike pence did have the right to change the election and now they want to take that right away." and this is key. he added here in the statement, "unfortunately, he didn't exercise that power. he could have overturned the election." >> seth: there's no crime trump could commit that he wouldn't later confess to he just exhausts all of the excuses until he decides, "screw it, i'm guilty, baby." [ light laughter ] if it had been him instead of o.j., the quote would have been, "the gloves don't fit, but you
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don't need gloves to stab a guy. [ laughter ] but this is how it always is with him he stuns you by confessing and then hopes we'll just shrug and let it go. it is like if in one of those crime dramas starring hugh grant, the cops went to his house in the first episode all amped up and ready to grill him, and he just said, "oh, yes, i did murder my mistress i'm frightfully, frightfully sorry. it won't happen again. [ light laughter ] then they'd have to say, "oh, well, then i guess you're free to go. so trump is now admitting he wanted to overturn the election which, of course, resulted in a violent insurrection that has so far produced more than 700 arrests. and earlier this month, the most serious charges yet were filed in that investigation when members of a right-wing militia were charged with seditious conspiracy >> 11 members of the far-right anti-government extremist group the oath keepers have been charged with seditious conspiracy >> the leader of the far-right extremist group the oath keepers is due to appear in federal court. stewart rhodes is one of 11 defendants who the justice
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department charged with sedition on thursday for their involvement in the january 6th insurrection >> seth: sedition is a very serious charge, especially for a group with a name as dopey as the oath keepers that sounds like a company that sells purity rings to high schoolers in utah. [ laughter ] in one meeting someone sent a message to the others that said, "someone can tell me if i'm crazy, but --" "you are!" [ laughter ] oh, wait, sorry, there was more to that. let's go back. "someone can tell me if i'm crazy, but i'm planning on having a backpack for regular use and then a separate backpack with my ammo." ugh. i mean, i think we've all been there, right [ laughter ] you know, you're about to lay violent siege to the capitol and worry that having two backpacks will make you look stupid. [ laughter ] "the police, i can handle. the fashion police, on the other hand." listening to these seditionist morons talk about accessories is like listening to the joker say, "is the purple suit too much [ light laughter ] aren't i already saying the same thing with the green hair and the clown makeup i'm just so over this.
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also, what do you mean "a backpack for regular use"? are you also going to night school "yeah, i'm just doing militia stuff for now, but eventually i want to do air conditioner repair." [ laughter ] or is "regular stuff" snacks and waters and if so, just a tip -- if you have one backpack for ammo and another for snacks, make sure they look totally different. "hey, man, can you toss me a kind bar?" "sure thing. "no, grenade!" [ light laughter ] "why'd i pull the pin on a kind bar? these dangerous idiots genuinely seem to think of themselves as revolutionaries. at one point, according to the indictment, someone pitched a plan to use a boat to cross the potomac. although clearly, they hadn't really thought it through. "can't believe i just thought of this." i can! oh, sorry. again, there was more. let's go back. "i can't believe i just thought of this. how many people either in the militia or not have a boat on a trailer that could handle a potomac crossing if we had someone standing by a dock ramp, one near the pentagon, for sure we could have our quick response team with the heavy weapons standing by, quickly load them, and ferry them across the river.
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first of all, how many people in an oath keepers' conference call have a boat on their trailer i would assume all of them [ laughter ] i mean, that's like me walking into my writers' room and asking, "hey, does anyone here have coffee breath and crippling anxiety? [ laughter ] the issue isn't no one having a boat it's far more likely no one having a boat that's good at sneaking up on people. they probably all have those big-ass fan boats you drive illegally in the florida everglades looking for snakes you can trade online for bitcoin. [ light laughter ] i would love to see one of those do a potomac crossing in the dead of night. "remember, the element of surprise is essential. keep your voices to a whisper and success shall be ours. now, let's push off. [ loud motor ] "oh [ bleep ]! turn it down!" also, i love how that sentence starts "can't believe i just thought of this." [ laughter ] they're planning a violent coup to overthrow american democracy and they sound like they're
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booking a layover in dallas. [ light laughter ] "honey, i can't believe i just thought of this. why don't we stay with my aunt ida for a few nights what do you mean, she's crazy? because she has two backpacks? [ laughter ] but one is for regular stuff and one is for coup stuff. oh, so now coups are crazy." anyway, these guys were all charged with sedition, the most serious charges yet in the investigation of the coup. and apparently, if donald trump gets his way he'll pardon those people, a new promise he announced at one of his unhinged rallies over the weekend >> if i run and if i win, we will treat those people from january 6th fairly we will treat them fairly. [ cheers and applause and if it requires pardons, we will give them pardons, because they are being treated so unfairly >> seth: man, it is pretty sickening to see a crowd full of people cheer for the january 6th insurrectionists like, at some point you just have to admit this is a pro-insurrection movement. if you're at a party and someone starts doing cocaine and someone else says, "hey, can i get some
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of that cocaine? and then someone else says, "i went to the bank on the way here to get new $100 bills for us to snort that cocaine," you might turn to your spouse and say, "i think we're at a cocaine party." [ laughter ] "well, maybe it's not just a cocaine party. maybe there's some other stuff hey, marty, is there a cheese board? "oh, bro, i can't even think about food right now." "yeah, it is a cocaine party." [ laughter ] also, you guys need to make up your minds was january 6th a false flag staged by the fbi, was it infiltrated by antifa, or were they pro-trump patriots who deserve pardons? because for a year now, pro-trump liars in the gop and on fox news have been claiming that either antifa or the fbi or both were actually responsible for the violence on january 6th. >> some of the people who breached the capitol today were not trump supporters they were masquerading as trump supporters, and in fact were members of the violent terrorist group antifa >> there are some reports that antifa sympathizers may have been sprinkled throughout the crowd. >> we don't know who all were the instigators in this, of
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these horrible things that happened today i think a lot of it is the antifa folks >> there could have been fbi assets, federal assets that really animated the violence >> it has been clear for a while now that the department of justice probably had some role in the events of january 6th it's obvious >> the rumor is that even possibly antifa insurrectionists possibly could have infiltrated some of these movements and maybe instigated some of this. >> seth: oh, is the network called "fox rumors" now? tucker's set should be a row of high school lockers. "the rumor is becky's cousin's friend's sister's boyfriend's uncle's nanny's roommate's husband's chiropractor is a member of antifa [ laughter ] and if that's true, isn't it possible that the dog did eat my homework?" [ laughter ] also, you may have noticed sarah palin in that montage. man, it's nice to see her back when she was just spreading misinformation instead of potentially spreading covid at new york city restaurants. can you imagine you were as careful as you could be, got your shots and your booster, and
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you finally decide to venture out and overpay for dinner in a wooden shack in the bus lane, and you get covid from sarah palin? [ laughter ] oh, man. only in new york anyway, the point is, these people can't even get their stories straight, and trump has even been singling out some of the kooks and weirdos who advocated for the coup at his rallies. for example, you might remember that mypillow ceo mike lindell met with trump at the white house holding notes that said something about declaring martial law. and at his rally over the weekend, trump singled out lindell for praise >> he's no longer the pillow man. he sells everything. [ cheers and applause mike lindell i think he's the single greatest purchaser of advertising i've ever seen. i said, "mike, i don't care how many pillows you sell, and now you're selling slippers and sheets, you're selling everything." i said, "i don't care, you can't afford that much advertising." i think, you know what he does he waits until the show is just ready to go on, in the empty slot, he says "i'll give you
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$200 for it," to fox >> seth: just what that crowd was there for, the details of strategic ad buying. [ light laughter ] man, i'd hate to be working the ad sales phone when lindell calls mid-show "hello?" "this is mike lindell, and it looks like 'hannity' is about to go to commercial, and i want the slot." "oh, we usually sell those a few months out." "do you want the 200 dollar bucks or not?" also, i love how blown away trump is that the guy who sold pillows branched out to slippers and sheets [ laughter ] it seems like it should be a little more out there to get that level of amazement from trump. "he's not just the pillow guy anymore. he sells everything -- crossbows. [ laughter ] snake food, x-rated snow globes. you love those [ laughter ] you're in for a treat when you shake one of mike's globes [ light laughter ] the snow moves around and what you see, you can't believe what you see. [ light laughter ] still, it's exciting that lindell is doing slippers now.
12:53 am
if they're as comfortable as his pillows, it probably sounds like this when someone wearing them walks through a room [ metallic clunking [ laughter ] you know, you buy them for spouses you think are sneaking out in the middle of the night for affairs. [ metallic clunking "honey, are you going somewhere? "uh, no, just to the bathroom. no good stinking slippers. [ light laughter ] "honey, come back to bed." "okay. [ metallic clunking ah, [ bleep ] pillow!" [ laughter ] i think that qualifies as a play [ light laughter ] i think i just did a play. [ laughter ] can it get a tony if it's on tv first? [ light laughter ] well, look into it it doesn't get any clearer than this trump is confessing that he wanted to overturn the 2020 election and promising to pardon the rioters if he wins in 2024 it's openly a pro-coup movement. they're publicly declaring that they're gonna try to do the exact same thing next time
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the only way they could announce their intentions any more clearly is if they started every sentence with -- >> hear ye, hear ye. [ laughter ] >> seth: this has been "a closer look." ♪ [ cheers and applause i am really excited for our first guest. >> oh, hey, seth >> seth: uh, excuse me >> yeah, before you move on, i had a quick question for you >> seth: oh, hey, everybody. this is one of my writers, john lutz. [ cheers and applause >> hey, everybody. hey. yeah, seth, did you know the olympic winter games are almost here >> seth: yep >> and did you also know that delta airlines has partnered with team usa? >> seth: i did >> but did you know that delta is celebrating many of the people behind our olympians and paralympians, people whose commitment to teamwork means they don't need to be in the spotlight, the unsung heroes >> seth: i did not know that >> the people who support the athletes along their journey to greatness, but never get to stand on the podium. do you know, they're kind of like the unsung heroes of this sketch >> seth: now, who are you talking about? >> the people in the wardrobe department for sewing this
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awesome portrait of me on the back of my shirt pow! [ cheers and applause >> seth: lutz, lutz, you've got to stop making them do that to all of your shirts [ laughter ] >> never >> seth: visit to learn more delta wants you to remember, it's all about the journey and the people you meet along the way. >> like me wink [ laughter ] >> seth: yep, even you, lutz we'll be right back with ike barinholtz [ cheers and applause ♪ >> announcer: for more of seth's "closer looks," be sure to subscribe to "late night" on youtube. [ snoring ] honey, geo's pizza palace just launched cha cha cheesy bread. i'll go wake up the kids. excuse me. a random sales rep just emailed for the 14th time about an important new offer that has nothing to do with our business.
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[ cheers and applause ♪ >> seth: give it up for the fantastic 8g band right over there! [ cheers and applause sitting in with us this week on drums, she's a baltimore bass musician and artist who is the 2022 "hit like a girl" contest spokesperson, encouraging young female-identifying people to start playing drums. currently, she is playing with seven-time grammy-nominated artist olivia rodrigo, who you can check out on her upcoming "sour" tour this spring. hayley brownell is here. welcome to the show, hayley. [ cheers and applause >> thank you >> seth: our first guest tonight is a funny actor and director you know from "the mindy project" and movies such as "sisters" and "blockers. he stars in the series "the afterparty." new episodes are available fridays on apple tv plus please welcome back to the show
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our very good friend, ike barinholtz, everybody! ♪ [ cheers and applause >> whew! >> seth: this is -- we were just talking backstage. we met in the late '90s. >> yeah. >> seth: and this is the longest we have ever gone without seeing each other in person, this covid time >> i have not been back in new york city in two years [ cheers ] >> seth: what they saw -- they sensed the pander, and they didn't go for it >> they didn't i'm guessing these are all tourists >> seth: no, no, they're locals who hate that. [ laughter ] >> okay, well -- >> seth: they're like don't even - >> don't give me that. yeah, yeah go mets. yeah, i'm yankee fan shut up. [ light laughter ] so i'm here to promote the show but i'm also kind of here -- i'm here to get omicron. >> seth: okay, interesting [ applause ] >> yeah. >> seth: you kind of want it >> well, i mean, this is
1:01 am
probably bad juju, but i'm not shooting anything right now. >> seth: right >> i'm going to be shooting something in a month or so >> seth: so you got a window you got a omicron window >> want to sneak in there. i should have come here a couple weeks ago -- >> seth: when i had it >> because you had it. >> seth: yeah. >> and i want to pitch you a business idea right now. >> seth: okay. >> what if there was a ser -- are you familiar with cameo? >> seth: oh, yeah. no, i know -- famous people. >> cameo, yeah you can have a famous person say "happy birthday" to you. >> seth: gotcha. >> what if there was a service where, when a celebrity has covid -- >> seth: okay. >> you pay x amount. >> seth: okay. >> they breathe into a bag or something. [ laughter ] >> seth: oh. >> send it to you, and you, whatever, lick the bag >> seth: yeah. [ laughter ] >> but like think about it like, who wants seth meyers' omicron? >> seth: that was a good one [ cheers and applause >> who wants that, right >> seth: very few symptoms >> we want that, yeah. >> i mean like, i feel like this is a lot of money, right you like kevin from "the office"? >> seth: uh-huh. >> he's not going to wish your niece happy bat mitzvah. he's going to give you the novel sars 2 coronavirus
1:02 am
>> seth: wow >> yes >> seth: you don't usually have good business ideas. >> this is good. >> seth: this is a great business idea. >> i'm looking for an angel investor and i would like to talk to you a little bit about that after the show. >> seth: now what gave you this idea >> well, i'm shooting this show, and i just don't want to get it while i'm there. i don't want to miss work for it >> seth: it's like someone who schedules the day they want to give birth >> yes, yes. >> seth: i think that's what women do >> they do that, yeah. [ light laughter ] we only have six kids between the two of us. >> seth: one of these days, we're gonna ask some follow-up questions. >> tonight, i'm gonna go to score's gentlemen club >> seth: oh, that's great. >> thank you [ laughter ] i just figure that's - >> seth: those are real new yorkers. [ laughter ] the first time out, that was not. those are the guys who are like, "all right, give it up for that. support small businesses." [ laughter ] >> it is actually called rick's cabaret, but i appreciate the sentiment. [ light laughter ] >> seth: is score's still open >> i don't know if score's is still open, but i'm going to go somewhere tonight with sarah palin and see what happens. [ laughter ] >> seth: that's great.
1:03 am
i'm so glad you guys are still friends. because i know you have differing politics >> with me and sarah, the politics melts away. [ laughter ] so great >> seth: this is very exciting i do want to talk about "the afterparty," but you have been in the writer's room a zoom writer's room, sadly. >> yes >> seth: but you are doing a continuation with the participation of mel brooks. >> mel brooks, one of my idols of the funniest men of all time. we're doing a -- [ applause ] thank you, yeah. we're doing a tv series version of his film "history of the world. >> seth: which is thrilling. >> love it like i'm a history head, and we're doing it with nick kroll and one of - >> seth: you're a history head >> i'm a history head. you know me. >> seth: i don't know if people who call it that are [ laughter ] >> um, i'm always -- i'm listening to podcasts and stuff. i'm an h-head. >> seth: "history head" is what a liar says on tinder. [ laughter ] >> like, going to the park, history head yeah, i'm not on tinder anymore. >> seth: oh, yeah. that's great >> yeah. >> seth: i'm glad you finally cleaved it away.
1:04 am
i know it was a really important part of your life. >> i'm just addicted to social media. >> seth: hey, probably one of the reasons you're not on tinder is you have a beautiful wife and three children >> yes [ laughter ] >> seth: and you just took them on vacation. >> we just went to hawaii. any hawaiians? [ laughter ] we're going to work our way down >> seth: we're at mel brooks, new york, score's, hawaii. remember that. >> we went to hawaii, which was great. kind of a pain in the ass to get to hawaii. it's a long flight and i don't know if you've had the joy of traveling with three children >> seth: we haven't done a flight yet since we had a third. >> oh, it's so fun, because they have to constantly go to the bathroom >> seth: right >> and you are just constantly walking to the bathroom. at one point, like, i had my shoes off, and my daughter is like - there's no like, "hey i kind of have to go to the bathroom." it's just like, "i have to go to the bathroom right now." >> seth: yeah. >> so i run her to the back and i step on the carpet in the back of the plane, and within instants, my entire sock went soaking wet in what can only, i assume, be urine >> seth: yeah. >> so that was not fun but then we got to hawaii, and that was great >> seth: great
1:05 am
>> that was great. we went -- we went on a kayak. >> seth: wow, that is such an unimpressive thing [ laughter ] like they have kat -- you can rent kayaks on, like, the hudson river. >> it was a different kayak. >> seth: like for you to be like, "you go to hawaii, it is a long flight, but when you get there, they have soup. [ laughter ] >> there's wi-fi [ laughter ] but it was great we went there, and one night, we went to dinner at -- have you ever been to a tommy bahama's restaurant >> seth: i don't know if i have been to one of his restaurants >> we love tommy bahama, don't we [ laughter ] [ scattered applause ] >> seth: no one -- literally since we have had an audience back, you have now broken the record for the amount of times you have gone to them. [ laughter ] not one of them has been even a little satisfying. >> i've got to give them something better than tommy bahama cafe. >> seth: they're like, we don't know what we're supposed to do they're like, we've been there, but we didn't like it. [ light laughter ] >> well, if you have been there, you know you would like it, because you walk in at first, and it's like -- for me, it's fine
1:06 am
my dad, it would be his dream restaurant >> seth: right >> if only the monitors were showing "bosch." >> seth: okay, right, sure >> then my dad would be in heaven, right? so, i go, and it's amazing i'm loving it, and for dessert -- >> seth: what are you loving about it >> the service is warm [ laughter ] the drinks were hot. [ laughter ] but they brought out for dessert a thing called a piña colada cake, and it's a piece of cake like that big. >> seth: okay. >> it's massive, and it's got whipped cream and pineapple, and i'm eating it up >> seth: only in hawaii. [ laughter ] >> but it's fresh pineapple. >> seth: okay, that's better yeah, yeah, yeah >> so, my daughter, i'm giving her some there was another family, and this kid -- the 8-year-old boy is walking over, he's eating it. and the next day i see a friend of mine. i go, "i went to tommy bahama last night." and he goes, "me, too! i go, "how about that piña colada cake?" he goes, "incredible." he goes, "i can't believe there's two cups of rum in it. [ audience ohs ] so i got my kids drunk [ laughter ] so i'm turning myself in to the local hawaiian authorities right after taping >> seth: hey, we're gonna be right back after this, and we're
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gonna talk more about your great new show that's ike barinholtz, everybody. stick around [ cheers and applause ♪ ( ♪♪ ) woman: come on. ( ♪♪ ) (heavy breathing) of all the different people we've met, in all the different places we've been, (clock ticking) this (cheering) is always the same. ( ♪♪ ) one simple gesture. a universal language. (man speaking indinstinctly) one shared will to fly. turns out, the ends of the earth
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♪ ♪ no, no, no. have some more ♪ ♪ i love you, too. ♪ ♪ and now most admired alum! get up there. this is so embarrassing. there's no way it's me (friends laughing) you know her.... you love her.... ruh roh what are you doing here? it's anna gomez! what? who?
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1:12 am
>> seth: this is a wonderful premise for a television show. it's a whodunit. >> yes >> seth: almost like an agatha christie-style whodunit where, over the course of each episode, we see a different genre -- >> yes >> seth: based on the perspective of who is telling us the story. you're the second episode, your character, and it's lovely to watch because it's sort of an action episode >> yeah, my guy is -- each genre is appropriate for that character, and my guy is kind of a sad, middle-aged man so an action movie felt natural. >> seth: yeah. [ light laughter ] >> i was very inspired by vin diesel, but also steven seagal. >> seth: yeah. >> because i too have trouble raising my leg for a kick. [ laughter ] >> seth: yeah. i've known you long enough to know that was not your leg >> you don't know that [ laughter ] that could have been depends on the angle >> seth: if you did a headstand, your leg wouldn't be that high [ laughter ] >> he's joking, folks. i'm very flexible in life. >> seth: i want to get back to the show since we're talking about flexibility and whatnot, you have an issue to take with me. >> yeah, i do. >> seth: because we're on a
1:13 am
friendly text chain. >> it was friendly it was friendly at one point >> seth: i did not realize that i had run afoul of your feelings like this. >> yeah, so, we're on a text chain together and a couple weeks ago, seth said, "hey, i saw 'west side story,' and you dance like --" and he named one of the performers in "west side story." and i was like, "oh, thanks. he says, "yeah, it's not a compliment." and that hurt my feelings so much only because, seth, like, we've danced together many times >> seth: yeah, yeah, we have >> and you know the vibe i bring. you know the [ bleep ] i bring on the dance floor it's hot people are in a good mood when i dance. >> seth: we always say it's like drinks at tommy bahama's >> yeah, it is [ laughter ] and so, when you said that, i felt the need to kind of have some people vouch for my dancing abilities. so i've actually have brought some clips >> seth: are these celebrity clips? >> some of them are. >> seth: okay. >> all right, so, let's see what we got up there, folks let's see, who do we have first who can vouch and say that i'm a good dancer? who do we got? >> hi, seth. >> hi, seth. >> i just wanted to tell you that ike was a very good dancer. he brings joy to people when he
1:14 am
dances >> ike, we're very proud of you. bye-bye. >> seth: okay. >> that's my parentshthey did a great job. [ cheers and applause take time off from his job in the irish mafia. [ laughter ] >> the film "belfast" was based off of my father's real experience >> seth: okay, but that's -- first of all, so that's just your parents >> are you saying they're liars? >> seth: i'm just saying they maybe have a different standard for what counts as good dancing. >> so if there was someone who i wasn't related to, would that maybe -- >> seth: it would matter more. >> let's roll clip number two, guys let's see what we got. >> hey, seth it's mindy ike wanted me to reach out to you to tell you that he's a really good -- >> dancer. [ laughter ] >> seth: okay, so, right at the end. >> right at the end. >> seth: your voice. >> no, sir mindy had a cold she had a head cold. she said she didn't want to do it she said, "my voice is weird." i said, "just do it, mind, please." so, i mean, that's pretty much case closed. >> seth: i think case def still open >> okay.
1:15 am
okay, so what if there was someone you really loved and trusted and really looked up to, even from an early age >> seth: okay. >> let's roll that third clip, please thank you. >> hey, seth, it's baseball hall-of-famer wade boggs here. i heard you were talking smack about ike and his dancing. just want to say, that's not cool, man. ike is a great dancer, and when he starts moving, he gets everyone excited and you're no fred astaire, believe me >> boom. >> wade boggs out. >> okay, so, your childhood idol just basically said you were acting like a [ bleep ]. >> seth: yeah, yeah. now, i do -- i mean, i loved wade boggs growing up. i don't, like, trust him >> what? a hall of fame baseball player that cost me $300, man [ laughter ] >> seth: you have the wrong cameo if that cost $300. >> it was either him or franco harris. i don't have that kind of money. [ laughter ] >> seth: hey, before we go -- and, again, congratulations on the show it's wonderful
1:16 am
it's a great cast. >> thank you >> seth: yeah, and we're gonna have dinner later, and i don't want you to be like, "hey, man, where was my plug? >> yeah, no, i've got you. [ laughter ] >> seth: you know -- and, again, we've talked about comedy since the day we met we're both huge fans of david letterman, and he's gonna be here tomorrow night >> i know, it's crazy. david letterman is gonna be here tomorrow night [ cheers and applause >> seth: there we go finally popped one >> that's the big one. >> seth: finally popped one. >> that's the big one. and i asked if i could be on the show again shoemaker shut that down >> seth: yeah. >> so i was wondering -- i have a little gift, if you could give it to dave >> seth: a gift? because again, it's the 40th anniversary of his show. >> yeah, and i want him to feel like you're not the only fan of his here so i have a nice headshot right there. if we can get a tight shot of that it says, "to dave, thanks for all the laughs best, ike barinholtz." >> seth: that's great. >> if you could give that to dave tomorrow -- >> seth: that's beautiful, because that definitely just came right off a printer [ laughter ] >> no, i carry these in my carry-on [ laughter ] you ever see me on a flight, folks, feel free to ask for one. [ laughter ] free of charge mention promo code "late night with seth meyers." [ laughter ] >> seth: you guys, that's
1:17 am
ike barinholtz [ cheers and applause new episodes of "the after party" are available fridays on apple tv plus we'll be right back with bridget everett. >> right here on the couch right here [ cheers and applause ♪ hey, bud. thanks for coming out to cheer me on. dad, i'm -- i'm always here. i'm always here for you, too. okay. go, dad. [ chuckles ] thanks. no, everyone's passing you in the race. oh. you got it, coach! switch to progressive, and you can save hundreds. you know, like the sign says. [ sighs ] wouldn't it be great if all valentine's day gifts were filled with peanut butter? ♪♪ well, i mean... maybe not... all of them. maybe it's just reese's that are better.
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ritz. a taste of welcome. [ cheers and applause ♪ >> seth: our next guest is a very talented actress, comedian, and cabaret performer you know from shows such as "inside amy schumer" and "lady dynamite. she stars in the new comedy series "somebody somewhere." new episodes are available sundays on hbo and hbo max let's take a look. >> are we still going to be tailing rick then? because i have some stuff. >> no, he'll be at my parents' house. >> well, then, you're gonna be there. >> no, i have better things to do saturdays are actually pretty big for me >> oh, really? you've got like a saturday ritual >> i do. >> oh. >> i like to sit down and write out a list of goals for the week
1:23 am
and then, of course, i write down a list of accomplishments for the previous week and stuff like that. >> oh, my god. that's so amazing. >> yeah. [ laughing ] i don't do any of that i like to lay around drinking wine in my underwear >> oh. >> it's pretty [ bleep ] great >> hmm >> seth: please welcome back to the show, bridget everett, everybody! [ cheers and applause ♪ >> seth: welcome to the show how are you, bridget >> great band. you sound great, guys. >> seth: they're wonderful you're wonderful congratulations on the show. >> thank you >> seth: i've heard you describe it as a coming-of-middle-age story, which is really a beautiful way to describe it what was it like working on the show what made you want to work on this show? >> well, hbo gave me a deal, which was number one >> seth: that's a good start [ laughter ] >> i don't know. you know, our writers, paul and hannah, pitched this idea about a woman who moves home to her hometown to take care of her
1:24 am
sister who has now passed, and then they have this thing called choir practice, which is like, a fun, little place where they all go sing. and for me -- sorry, i'm out of breath i just walked from here to here. you guys don't know what that's like [ laughter ] i literally -- in my apartment i walk from the couch to the bathroom, back to the couch, to the liquor cabinet, back to the couch, back to the bathroom. [ laughter ] so that was a stretch. anyway, where were we? the show, yeah >> seth: yeah. >> the thing we're here to talk about. [ light laughter ] yeah, so it's a woman, she's just in her 40s, kind of gliding through life, and i can relate to that, because i did that from my late 20s to my mid-40s. [ laughter ] >> seth: so your journey in new york -- you became this very well-known cabaret performer, but sort of your first intro to performing in new york was doing karaoke nights at a club >> yeah. >> seth: what was that like, and what were your songs and did right away you know, "oh, this is what i should be doing" >> well, it was electric >> seth: yeah. i bet it was electric. >> it was. because if there's something you love doing and you can't do it, and the only place you can do it happens to be at a karaoke bar, you are going to go wild
1:25 am
and especially if you like alcohol. so - [ laughter ] and your friend is a bartender my friend alan used to you know, just do one of these and then i would sing "piece of my heart" and "you oughta know," get up on the bar, rip open my top and make some friends. >> seth: yeah. [ laughter ] and then you brought that sort of take-no-prisoners approach to your cabaret act >> yeah. >> seth: you become very close with audience members. we have -- this is one of many photos that really give a sense of what you do on stage. for those who can't tell right now, there's an audience member beneath you. [ laughter ] >> yeah. look, i think that music and the arts are about connecting with people [ laughter ] and, uh, you know, smiling from the inside out [ laughter ] >> seth: so you were the youngest of six, and -- there it is >> proud of myself >> seth: yeah. >> i did that, and now i'm on hbo. [ cheers and applause >> seth: so i am wondering, as the youngest of six. >> yeah. >> seth: you must know you're funny when you can make older siblings laugh >> well, okay.
1:26 am
i'm the youngest of six. bridget, brock, brian, brooke, brad, brenton. and my family like has one of those relentless senses of humor, like, where they make fun of each other until someone cries. and when you're the youngest, that's you [ laughter ] so they used to call me fang, because i had one front tooth, and then they called me lurch because i have broad shoulders i was a talented swimmer you know, from "the addams family." of course you call me that, i'll [ bleep ]. thank you so much. [ laughter ] >> seth: family only that's family only >> family only >> seth: i've also read that part of this show is a love letter to your mother. was she someone, growing up, that made you laugh? >> my mom is, like, one of those accidentally funny people. you know, we grew up in kansas, and by the time she had me -- i'm the sixth kid -- she sort of just like, didn't care anymore, right? so we would go to the grocery store in the dead of winter and she would have like a paper-thin nightgown on with no bra, because why? [ laughter ] and she has these beautiful long -- now she just has one, but before she had two -- these long, low-hanging [ bleep ] we
1:27 am
called beaver tails. >> seth: oh, beaver tails. [ laughter ] >> so she was just beaver tails about town [ laughter ] and we would go into the food 4 less and she's just like, "take a shopping cart and go get yourself some cereal and ice cream. i would be like, "okay." and she would just go flapping down the aisles. [ laughter ] living her best life >> seth: you have something that i think is true for a lot of actors that is maybe hard for people to grasp, because i think a lot of people assume the first time they see you in a movie, you've got it made >> yeah. >> seth: but you were in the "sex and the city" movie so you were in a movie a lot of people saw, but you were not - at that point, you were still waiting tables >> well, yeah. i did get a break. i got to be in the "sex and the city" movie which, you know, was a worldwide hit. but luckily, i also got the premium shifts at my restaurant job, just up the street from lincoln plaza cinemas, where large groups of women would go see it, and then they would come to see us afterwards and they would be like, "oh, my god, oh, my god. you talk like a mother [ bleep ], right?" [ laughter ] i'm like, "that's me." and they'd been like, "okay, now
1:28 am
we'd like --" you know, and then it was over. so new york, you know, lifts you up and then it spits you out and kicks you down the stairs, doesn't it >> seth: it certainly does and one of the things that must be fascinating about doing a cabaret show in new york, especially one that becomes well regarded, you go into the audience to interact with people >> yeah. >> seth: and sometimes you might lay eyes on famous faces is it only in that moment, or does someone backstage tell you ahead of time, "celebrity a, b, and c, are here" >> i usually know who the famous people are, because they always wait until the last minute to get tickets and it's sold out, so i have to give them my free tickets, which isn't that funny. >> seth: yeah. >> anyway, but this particular night, one particular night, i was walking around the audience and there was a table that was missing. and i was, you know, going around, i was singing this song about [ bleep ]. it's a love letter to my mom, you know, beaver tails and whatnot. and i turn around and i'm getting ready to make contact with a new audience member and it's, like, boom, and it's gloria steinem i'm like, "cut the track cut the track! cut the track! i'm not going to hug gloria steinem with my [ bleep ]! we just met. [ laughter ] but i think she loved it [ talking over each other
1:29 am
>> seth: hey, congratulations on the show >> thank you >> seth: it's really wonderful it's got a wonderful cast. and i can't wait to see more of it thank you so much for being here that's bridget everett [ cheers and applause >> thank you >> seth: new episodes of "somebody somewhere" are available sundays on hbo and hbo max. we'll be right back with more "late night. [ cheers and applause ♪ well, well, well. look at you. you mastered the master bath. you created your own style. and you - yes, you! turned a sourdough starter into a sourdough finisher. so when you learn your chronic dry eye is actually caused by reduced tear production due to inflammation you take it on, by talking to your eyecare professional about restasis®... which may help you make more of your own tears with continued use twice a day, every day. restasis® helps increase your eye's natural ability to produce tears, which may be reduced by inflammation due to chronic dry eye. restasis® did not increase tear production in patients using anti-inflammatory eye drops or tear duct plugs. to help avoid eye injury
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[ cheers and applause ♪ >> seth: please remember to watch our show tomorrow night, when my guest will be david letterman, everybody [ cheers and applause it is the 40th anniversary of the night he started this show, "late night. and we will have a performance from adam duritz of counting crows. all of us here are very excited. we will be right back. [ cheers and applause ♪
1:35 am
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[ cheers and applause ♪ >> seth: i want to thank my guests ike barinholtz and bridget everett. i want to thank hayley brownell and the 8g band. stay safe. get vaccinated get boosted. we love you. the audience [ cheers and applause ♪


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