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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  February 17, 2022 11:30pm-12:05am PST

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another tonight in men's curling. that's all we have tonight, as our olympic winter games head into their final weekend. i can't believe it's already here. but our coverage continues on peacock and picks up tomorrow. have a great night. and if you're on the east coast, have an amazing morning. anyway, we will see you friday night for our continuing coverage of the 2022 beijing winter olympics.
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team usa figure skating about the emotional and dramatic ending to the lady's free skate. you don't want to miss my interview. >> mike pence in the bay area and things got personal. >> this week in san francisco parents recalled three woke school board member who is cared more about renaming schools than reopening them. >> the reason for his visit which may be a presidential run. >> also, from pandemic mode to endemic mode, the new plan that governor newsom laid out for fighting cohave individual moving forward. >> there were all smiles tonight after a scary 2.5 days for a california family. they said, he is alive. me and my buddy and he was here too, we literally just started crying. >> the hikers stranded by a freak snow storm, how he survived and the stranger who may have saved his life.
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♪ ♪ >> good evening on this late thursday night, many who is have been around the sport for a while will tell you this is a low point for figure skating. dramatic, emotional and at times difficult to watch. the world left speechless by what unfolded on the ice. >> yeah, a mix of emotions from the young women going home from medals and a heartbreaking night for the russian teenager who was expected to take home the gold. you have to say no matter with where you stand on the doping schedule, we have to remember that skater is a 15-year-old girl and it was painful to see how emotional she was. >> reporter: it was. this marquee event. the premier event of the winter games coming to an end in dramatic fashion. and a surprise ending. it was like you said, truly heartbreaking to watch at times. emotionally draining. russian figure skaters that take gold and silver, japan takes
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bronze. but what was supposed to be a happy moment was not. let's start with the surprising part. the person who was supposed to make the podium, but did not, the other russian figure skater, 15-year-old kamila valieva, the center of of a doping scandal, she came in to first place in free skate, but struggled in the program falling twice. after her skate she collapsed in tears after a week of scrutiny and harsh criticism, just two -- just too much for a 15-year-old to handle. her teammate inconsolable at times, after the skate of their life, five quads in the program, she refused to go to the podium, leaving the teammate and gold medalist sitting by herself in what was supposed to be the happiest moment of her life. it was so sad seeing her sitting there alone.
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as for team usa. alyssa lu finished in 7th and mariah bell in 10th. she had two clean skates and seemed to be having the best time on the ice and she was. at only 16 years old, we will hopefully see her again at the next olympics. i just sat down with the lady of team usa about this olympic journey. i'm sitting with the team usa olympic figure skaters, that is crazy. you guys just got off the ice. have you processed what's happened? how are you looking back at this ? let's start with you. >> yeah, i didn't sleep last night because i'm like still so excited from it. um, and i can't believe it. but i can believe it. and it's already starting to sink in. i'm really happy. >> yeah, karen, i know you are a perfectionist and it's not what
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you wanted in the individual skate. you are full of grace and beauty inside and out. your second olympics how are you looking back at this one. >> thank you so much. it's been such an incredible junior to be here and obviously going through the experience with everybody. it has been so incredible and i just feel so lucky and blessed. >>, what's been the best moment besides skating on olympic ice? >> probably just going out in the village and going in the mall. and eating the food in the cafeteria. >> what about you, karen? >> getting my -- after it's the best feeling ever. >> what about you, mariah? >> i think being a part of the opening ceremonies was so cool and so, yeah, that was great moment. probably that. >> just an incredible group of ladies. they embody the olympic figure skating and the olympics.
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and yes, they had to wait in line for the panda mascot flying off shore shelves. i talked to them about doping scandal, we will post it on the website. the doping scandal did affect karen chen the most. she won a team event russia won gold, they have not had the medal ceremony, and so she has not received her silver medal. that's still in the back of her mind. a alimony of people watching karen in the free skate. she was from fremont, born and raised. we were in a watch party for her, at shark's ice in san jose. >> it was more than an lumber pick watch party tonight at shark's ice in san jose, it was chance to see the hometown olympians compete together. >> it was coolly to see her out there skating. >> two americans performing
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tonight, alysa liu and sharon chen grew up in shark's ice around the bay. she has known them since they were young. >> there's no words. you love of to see the kids achieve what they want to do. and they have the dream and drive to do it. >> those from the same skating club of karen chen showed up in support. >> it's inspirational. >> he she made a big impact on me. especially to kind of continue skating. >> some worried that the competition had a cloud over it due to the controversy with the 15-year-old russian skater's failed drug test. >> in a way, yes, it's not fair to the skaters but i don't know if it's actually her fault. >> tonight, luu and chen finished 7th and 16th
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respectively. the rule -- the result and culmination of years of hard work. >> those dreams can continue in the south bay, they are hosting the u.s. figure skating championships in 2023, and they will be held here as well as the sap center. at shark's ice in san jose, we will send it back to you in beijing. >> a lot of figure skaters. a lot of olympians from the bay area. from the ice rink to the slope. let's talk about another bay area olympian. san francisco's eileen gu, she wins another gold medal. let's go to the halfpipe competition. gu who competes for team china, blew everyone out of the half pipe. securing gold after the second of three runs and earned 95 points. five points ahead of the silver medalist, canada who took bronze. team usa skiers took place in sixth, tenth and 11th.
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and eileen gu won silver earlier this week in free ski slope style. she is the first free style skier, man or women to win three medals in a single winter olympics. so much to celebration, including here in the bay area. a family friend holding a watch party for her tonight in los gatos. >> she is wonderful, amazing, bright, hard working, focused. you might say the spirit, the force is strong from this one. she is quite a little force of nature in so many ways. >> only 18. another olympics. and she is going to stanford as a freshman this fall. >> and david wise looking to defend his gold medal, he has wo back-to-back golds at age 31, he is the oldest competitor for team usa. you can watch him in prime time tomorrow night and usa versus canada in the bronze medal match
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for curling. three days more of competition. we will be covering it all for you right up until closing ceremony on sunday night. raj? >> programs the most compelling of the days so fafrmt good interview with the figure skaters. we will talk to you tomorrow as well. thank you. it's not over yet, she said, three more days we have figure skating, the pairs event, and free skiing, halfpipe and alpine skiing. okay. potential presidential campaign stop, or regular college key it will note? former vice president mike pence on the stanford campus, invited by student republicans. pence talked election. international poll particulars and what he called san francisco's woke left. we see pence also got a taste of baugh area politics. >> well, hello stanford. >> reporter: former vice
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president mike pence speaking tonight before a sold out crowd. the theme for his key note speech, save america from awoke left. >> tonight's speech just two weeks after he took a stand against former president trump. he said overturning the results of the 2020 election was not only wrong, but unamerican. he played to his base taking swipes at the democratic party. >> frankly democrats is have moved so fast sometimes i feel like the left hand doesn't know what the far left hand is doing. >> hours before he hit the stage, protesters rallying outside the auditorium. >> today, we are standing against the university bringing bigotry to our campus. >> reporter: some of them met with conservative voices. >> when i have ever said that you cannot protest here? >> reporter: inside pence talked about national and international issues and took on bay area politics. >> this week in san francisco,
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parents recalled three woke school board members who cared more about renaming schools than reopening them. >> nbc bay area political analysts said, pence's speech was an attempt to test the waters for a possible presidential run. >> pence's only hope is that president trump does not run again in 2024. at which point the field will be open and he will lay claim to many of those trump voters now that trump is not there. >> reporter: pence talked about being vice president, but doesn't say anything about running for president. whether he does that or not, remains to be seen. at stanford university, cheryl hurd. >> the environmental impact report for the howard terminal ballpark was certified. oakland city council met for hours tonight. that meeting just wrapping up. now, the eir, now is approved.
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that means that other crucial votes and deals needed to build the new ballpark can move forward. they have been trying to move forward with building the ballpark at howard terminal near jack london square. the $12 billion plan includes room for housing, offices and retail space. >> a rare occurrence in pleasanton, a officer shot dead. this is at the galloway apartments. a woman called 9-1-1 to report domestic violence, when the man exited the apartment he had a knife, the officers opened fire and killed the man. the identity has not been released of the man. >> the controversial school
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closures have not -- the board made a decision to close seven schools by the end of next year and merge other schools it's been a heated and emotional debate, with several weeks of protests, walkouts and a hunger strike to stop the school closures. csu chancellor joseph castro has resigned over the scrutiny of how he handled the sexual misconduct and harassment allegations during his time. he announced resignation after a meeting with with the board of trustees. he approved the payout and retirement package back in 2020 when castro was then president there. that vp was accused of bullying and sexual harassment. we are back in 60 seconds with the glimpse in to our future, the governor's new covid plan plus, what he said today when asked about masks in schools.
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>> also, a remarkable story of survival, and of a rescue. the california man stranded bay freak snow storm and the stranger credited with helping bringing him home safely. >> i'm chief meteorologist jeff, we are tracking the system to the north. i will talk about clouds. cooler temperatures and what is happening with the rain chances in about ten minutes. owboarder until after i became an amputee. we all win when everyone can get to their starting line. ♪ okay, it's go time. team usa on the largest gig-speed network. which means this mega fan never misses a second. we all win when everyone can get to their starting line. it's gig-speed wifi that's “mikaela shiffrin” fast. ok, that's fast! speed's cool, but does yours block threats? yup, even for these upstairs all-nighters rocking wifi speeds faster than a gig. can your internet do that? learn more about gig-speed wifi, or get started with
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xfinity internet for $19.99 a month for 12 months. click, call, or visit a store today. police are trying to find this woman, she went missing while in town visiting her father. she went for a walk and never came back home. she is from los angeles and doesn't know her way around the area. >> there was a spotting of her in oakland on monday. but there's nothing else that, everything has run dry and she has not made purchases or
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transactions or phone calls. >> family is extremely worried, she was last seen wearing a black face mask, a bay sweatshirt, and high top nike sneakers. well a woman is recovering tonight after being injured while eating in a san francisco restaurant. check out where the pictures show a bullet going through the window. they said on tuesday, a fight broke out among a group of people outside a safeway store across the street. someone involved in that fight pulled out a handgun and fired. that stray bullet went in to the restaurant. at this point, it's unclear if the woman hurt was hurt by the bullet or by shattered glass. but she is said to be doing okay. the 20-year-old man that was there also hurt , no arrests have been made. we are now the first state to formally shuft from a the --
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formally to shift to endemic from pandemic. >> governor newsom talked about the supplies that california will need if covid-19 comes roaring back. one of the medical supply war chests across the state to ensure they are not caught flat footed in a future surge. >> moving away from a reactive mind-set and a crisis mind-set to living with this virus. >> we will have a plan -- >> the move from pandemic to endemic strategy does not surprise ucf infectious disease expert. >> we have been avant guard when it comes to covid thinking and policies. if you remember, we were the first in the country to really think of shelter in place. >> the doctor said mask mandates will likely remain in place at hospital approximates and nursing homes to protect vulnerable populations. he said that the organgofrp --
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governor is taking a wise measured approach about masks in schools. >> we will be announcing a specific date that date with destiny. the masks will come off. and we will do an appropriate manner and we continue to consult with parents most importantly. >> and i can assure you this. there's parents with strong opinions. yes, you are correct on both sides of of the issue. >> we want to make sure there's low enough virus so we feel confident that the school environment will continue to be safe. >> newsom's plan includes stockpiling millions masks and the infrastructure to administer hundreds of thousands of vaccines daily. the state will monitor the virus levels in waste with a water to stay ahead of potential surges. tom general son. nbc bay area news. >> tonight, a 73-year-old man who disappeared while hiking is back home safely. gab song went to the forest on
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tuesday. that was about 60 miles south of bakers field befor grapevine, he planned to be home before dark and never return ready. a late snow storm surprised him and covered the mountain in fog and snow. he flagged down someone and he was 20 miles away, safe and sound. i'm very impressed by my dad. i learned a lot about my dad and his toughness. that's for sure. um, and i can't wait for story time with my dad later. >> story time. >> that's very sweet. how relieved he is. song said he survived by lighting fires at night and after his food ran out, by eating snow. we are glad he is back at home with his family. >> let's turn it over to our chief meteorologist, we are more than midway through the week. >> friday, tomorrow, in nine minutes. all right. what a week we have had, we
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started off with cold temperatures and the wind in the past couple of days we have had warmer 70s and now, check it out. numbers are dropping again, down 15 degrees colder in stan rosa and 10 in concord. we are seeing it in the system developing off to the north. it will drop down near the bay area tomorrow. unfortunately no rain chances with it. it's taking the dryer path and it will pick up the cloud cover. i will show you how it looks tomorrow morning. feeling different as we get going on the morning commute. you have clouds for the north bay, east bay, and you see the same scenario. i see we have sun trying break through. all in all, it will feel different for us as we roll through tomorrow. starting out off chilly. we have been used to, this but if you have not been heading to the office, you have been doing work from home lately and you have to go to the office tomorrow, make sure to have the heavier jacket. we are at 40 in the tri-valley, south bay at 42 and continuing the 40s in the east bay, san
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francisco and the north bay. and with the clouds moving in, temperatures will drop off tomorrow. you can manage. you can see in the south bay, temperatures in san jose, 69. >> and we have had 70s in the east bay, and now cooling it off a few degrees. 68 in pleasanton and double sixs in hayward. and peninsula, 64. and san francisco, i have 64 in downtown and a chillier 58 in the marina and through the north bay, 66 in clearlake. and 68 in sonoma, february should be a active month. this is when we pick up most of the rainfall. we are now on track for the driest to tie for the driest february on record. so, what about rain chance-s. next week, it's going to get colder for us. there's showers near next tuesday. but nothing big and early march, only a 55% chance right now with a system bringing us rainfall. we will keep you updated on
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this, so it's two things here, climate change causing the extreme weather, and lanina returning and 73% of the times lanina brings below average rain. so, san francisco colder next week with 50s on the way and for the inland valley, enjoy it. 70s saturday and down to 50s next tuesday, wednesday and thursday. there it is. saturday, let's make plans. happy friday. >> right now. >> you name the plans, we are in. >> all right. >> drinks outside. >> all right, thank you. >> we will meet you there, thanks, jeff. >> happening now, crews are continuing to battle the fire in the eastern sierra. the airport fire started yesterday afternoon near the city of bishop. so far it has burned more than 4,000 acres. it's 20% contained. evacuation orders in that area have been lifted. we are back in a moment. i think we're done writing this declaration. is that the latest copy? i swear it was just here.
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i didn't know you went to this school we have a lot in common. live like a gigillionaire with at&t fiber, now with speeds up to 5 gigs. limited availability we have new details about a bay area family that died while hiking in county, phone records though the family tried to call and text for help. the family was found dead on a trail in the eastern, in the sierra national forest. the investigation in to what happened took weeks. but eventually the mariposa county sheriff said the family died from extreme heat. recently a computer team with the fbi was able to access data from the phone that the father had with him. there was photos found and unsent calls and a text message asking for help. none of those texts or calls went through, because there was not any cell service in that area.
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>> the search is on for a snake going through a park. a hiker spotted a ball python along the big bear trail, you can see it there. they combed through the area today and did not find it. park staff said it's probably a pet that someone dumped there. this particular snake is not venomous, it's in endanger because the climate is not what the snake needs to survive. >> teslas stopping in the middle of the road for no reason, the u.s. regulators want to know why it's happening. it's happening in model 3-s and model ys from 2021 and 2022. the brakes suddenly activate in a driver assist mode, even when the traffic is flowing and no obstacles are in the road. there's no crashes caused yet but there's a concern. the government has received 350
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complaints. >> that could be scary. >> we are back in a moment to tell yougoing on with the a's and giants and a dramatic finish at the shark tank. stay with us. thanks yeah. - wait! before you click that... - (gasp) i'm you, from 20 years in the future. - i have a message. - wait! (panting, grunting) don't listen to her... i'm you, - from even further in the future. - stop! i'm you from 400 years in the future. - i have a message. - i also have a message. - me too! - everyone will try to tell you what the future holds. macchiato!
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play baseball? the answer is yes, not now t giants and the a's are still on hold. >> so we have to wait. we have to keep waiting here. it's a labor dispute between the players and the owners. spring training has been delayed the season itself likely to be delayed as well. but we have hoc u at the shark tank, sharks and canucks, you want to see a dramatic ending like real dramatic. final seconds of the game. in fact, with one second remaining the sharks in their thursday black jerseys, alex birobanov with the tying goal. we go to overtime, and in ot, vancouver wins 5-4. the sharks are struggling. they have lost 9 of the last 11 games. >> here is a look at the medal count. norway leading the way with 29 medals. rush on olympic committee 27 and germany 22 s and usa 21. 8 of them gold. we are back in a moment.
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