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tv   Today  NBC  February 23, 2022 7:00am-9:00am PST

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walnut creek and for the lafayette exit so that's a special note for contra costa county. >> thank you very much and thank you for joining us as well. that's what's happening at "today in the bay." we'll be back at 7:25 with a live local news update. >> don't forget to join us for our newscast at 11:00. the "today" show is next. good morning, breaking overnight. showdown president biden slaps sanctions on russia for what he now calls an invasion of ukraine. >> there is no justification. when all is said and done, we're going judge russia by its actions, non profit its words. >> just ahead, do the consequences for russia go far enough what's putin's next move, as u.s. troops are moved closer to the region, from russia to moscow ukraine complete coverage.
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and the former u.s. ambassador to russia joins us live. on alert a new warning from the department of homeland security, all u.s. agencies and businesses facing increased risk of russian cyber attack what officials say must be done now to prepare and the potential impact on everything from your money to your healthcare double trouble back-to-back winter storms taking age at nearly 50 million people from california to maine. the first already racing across the country, causing accidents, power outages and travel delays. am al's got everything we can expect isolation, new details on the queen's battle against covid and how she may have been exposed while prince charles and william step in to cover for her roil duties. live at buckingham palace. all that and stepping away golfer phil mickelson announcing he needs a break from the sport after sparking controversy with comments supporting a
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saudi-backed super league. other star players now weighing in >> i thought they were naive, selfish. egotistical. ignorant. >> ahead, mickelson's new apology as sponsors jump ship. and scare on the slopes. a training accident involving two blackhawk helicopters near a utah ski resort. >> oh, that one just crashed it just crashed. >> the search for what caused that crash, and the skiers who raced in to help get the crews to safety today. wednesday, february 23, 2022 ♪ >> from nbc news, this is "today," with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hi everybody good morning welcome to "today. it is wednesday morning. we're glad you are with us hoda is on assignment. willie helping us out. >> great to be here as always. several overnight developments to report. the crisis in ukraine.
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>> president biden taking a harder line labeling russia's latest actions an invasion and announcing new sanctions targeting several so called russian elites and russian financial institutions. >> all as vladimir putin is signaling he is interested in taking more territory inside ukraine recognizing the independence of an area firmly held by the ukrainian government and moving in more troops overnight. >> as for how this could directly impact folks and bids here in the u.s. t department of homeland security is sounding the alarm about potential russian cyber attacks. we've got it all covered this morning, including insight from the former u.s. ambassador to russia but let's get it started with nbc's chief white house foreign correspondent richard engel who is inside ukraine. good morning. >> reporter: good morning savannah we've been talking a lot about the separatist enclaves and risks of a wider conflict.
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here in the trenches it is a lot easier to understand what is going on so these trenches were dug by and are controlled by ukrainian soldiers this side is ukraine this is government-held area and extends all the way to eastern europe but just on the other side of these trench, as by go up here you can see a little better. starting from about one mile from here is the separatist enclave. and behind that is russia. and this is where vladimir putin has been sending in extra troops and just over the last several hours and the last several days the separatists now backed by russia have been firing artillery and mortars over these trenches at ukrainian villages and the next step could be a conventional assault unless putin can be deterred. signaling no compromise, vladimir putin this morning sailed russia is always open to direct and honest dialogue but that its security concerns, which he said include nato expansion are nonnegotiable. addressing russians he praised the country's military saying it would continue to develop cutting edge weapons including
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evasive hypersonic missiles. the pentagon believes russia already deployed them near poland along with the 150 thousand plus troops ukraine's president zelenskyy mobilized his national reserves, vowing never to give in as ukraine edges closer to an open war that threatens is it stability of all of europe this is what it is like now to live in ukrainian villages near pro russian separatists. the ukrainian interior ministry, which posted the video, said separatist fire here killed one man. separatists have increased attacks the last couple of days goading the military to respond now that they have protection from president putin who yesterday extended the goal post, saying he doesn't just recognize the independence of russian speaking separatists in territory they already control but also in vast areas now
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firmly in the hands of the ukrainian government, including the soviet era industrial port city of mariopal, home to 450,000 people last night protesters gathered to support the government. people here are getting nervous. among them victoria, a 28 year old musician and missionary, along with her husband and son. >> i can say i have all my documents with me in my back pocket in case something starts. i also feel brave because i know that these people will never give up. >> reporter: putin describes ukraine as a historic part of russia that needs to be saved from his it nato-loving puppet government. >> we don't feel that we have to be saved by him because we speak russian. >> dhooung he's going to top. >> i'm afraid he wants to keep going. >> if he does cope going, what that is mean if for you for for the people here.
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>> it doesn't mean it is a time of peace. it means it is a time of sadness. a time of war, of death. >> reporter: and savannah, just in the last few minutes, while that report was airing we heard more rounds fired from the separatist areas landing in ukraine. and the ukrainian government said that it is now taking steps towards implementing a state of emergency. savannah? >> richard engel right there. thank you very much. addressing the escalating crisis, president biden announced new sanctions against russia and warned vladimir putin more could follow depending on his actions in the days ahead. nbc's chief white house correspondent kristen welker good morning. >> good morning to you. president biden is sharpening his tone and actions towards russia this morning, imposing tough new sanctions after accusing president putin of invading ukraine. the move met with some praise and some criticism. that the message still isn't strong enough. as hopes for a diplomatic
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resolution are fading fast. this morning president biden taking a tougher stance with russian president vladimir putin of putin ordered what he's calling peace keeping forces into eastern ukraine. >> who the inrd los a game does putin thing gives him the right to declare new so called countries on territory that belong to his neighbors. >> reporter: the president for the first time called russia's move an invasion. >> this is the beginning of a russian invasion. >> reporter: the president also slapping stiff new sanctions on russia targeting two large banks and imposing penalties on russian debt, which the president says means moscow can no longer raise money from the u.s. and europe, while also sanctioning several russian elites with close ties to putin. and the president warned he's prepared to do more. the top democrat on the senate
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foreign relations committee expressed support for the sanctions but urged the president not let up. >> i think the president's announcement was a good first traunch of sanctions, but cannot be the end of it. >> reporter: but some republicans say they still fall short. senator lindsey graham calling them woefully inadequate to deter putin's efforts to redraw the european map and dismember a neighboring democracy. the president also ordering u.s. troops and equipment already in europe to bolster allies in the baltic region, including the former soviet republics, estonia, latvia and lithuania. but insisting the u.s. has no intention of direct armed conflict. >> let me be clear. these are totally defensive moves. we have no intention of fighting russia. >> secretary of state lincoln announced tuesday he's canceling a meeting of his russian counterpart. still the president insisting. >> united states and our allies
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and partners remain open to diplomacy, if it is serious. >> reporter: the president also vowed he would use every tool to limit the effect of sanctions he announced on gas prices here. americans are already dealing with record high inflation and prices at the pump and the white house acknowledged prices could spike in the coming months if global oil supplies were impacted. so the president says he plans to closely monitor any supplies for any disruption but he did not map out any specific steps he plans to take beyond that. a big concern for lot of americans, savannah. >> kristen welker at the white house. thank you. joining us michael mcfall, served as u.s. ambassador to russia during the obama administration. good morning to you. >> -- savannah. >> are these sanctions that really bite?
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did they go far enough? should the u.s. have thrown everything right away at the first sight of an vegas. >> i think it was a good start. the president was strong yesterday calling this an invasion for what it is. when soldiers moved into break-away republics they were moving into the ukrainian territory. so i thought this was a right response. he hasn't thrown everything at them yet they are planning because they expect the invasion will escalate and they want something do when it finally does escalate. >> lot of folks are asking whether diplomacy is still available. some say is there a face-saving way for vladimir putin to get out of this? does he care about that. >> first of all he doesn't care about face saving. who is he facing a safe in front of? the generals t russian people? it is a dictatorship in russia.
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i left hand to his speech. he gave an hour long speech, or two nights ago. it was angry, rambling. it went on about history. basically a justification for russia to seize ukraine, a country he doesn't believe should exist. and ukrainians as an ethnicity he doesn't think exists. they are part of russia. so i didn't hear anything in the speech that suggested he was interested in diplomacy. >> from his perspective for a moment he has taken some pretty big risks on the world stage and probably felt he didn't have much consequence. do you think that is how he views this situation? >> savannah, tragically, yes. he's comfortable with war. he's gone to war four times already as president and prime minister.
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chechnyan 1999. georgia, 2008. ukraine first time he invaded 2014. syria 2015. and every time he won. so that tempts him, emboldens him to take this risky behavior. and i think he thinks that war serves his interests. >> so what does the u.s., what does the west, what does nato really have to -- to -- to respond to this? >> well, tragically, let's be honest. not very much. the president has said we're not going to go to war with russia over ukraine. he has done i think -- you know, the cards he has in his hands he's played well. so the sanctions that are coming, i think will be comprehensive and difficult for the russia economy. two, he's given military assistance to the ukrainians. that's the right thing to do. and three, as you just reported. you just showed us. they bolstered nato forces on the front line states, vis-a-vis russia. having said all that, that is not enough to deter putin. tragically i think he's going to go in. he's going to go in big. and this will probably be the largest war in europe since 1939. >> sat face to face with vladimir putin many times. disturbing perspective but a good one to have. thank you so much for your time. >> thanks for having me. lot more to get to this morning. tom llamas in for craig today. hey tom. >> hey willie. good to see you.
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savannah. the first of a one-two punch of winter storms is on the move this morning, spreading snow, ice and travel disruptions as it marches across the country. al's forecast is coming up in a moment, but first nbc's jesse kirsch from a bitterly cold minneapolis this morning. jesse, good morning. >> good morning, tom. a frigid morning here in the twin cities. here in minneapolis just one of the weather headaches across the country. this morning from coast to coast, millions waking up to a brutal one-two punch. a pair of separate winter storms barrelling across the country. from the dakotas to michigan, ice and snow hitting the upper mid west and great lakes. some digging out for more than two feet of snow. on this north dakota interstate, almost white out conditions near fargo.
7:15 am
firefighters rushing to rescue someone trapped in what police say was a 14 vehicle pile up with six injured. in oregon, officials reporting about 100 cars and trucks involved in crashes on one highway. visibility a real challenge in the twin cities. on the roads, and in the skies. >> pure white. you didn't know how close you were. and all of a sudden you landed and you looked out and you see the tip of an airplane over there in the corner. >> reporter: snow snot the only headache. a blast of freezing rain shut down milwaukee public schools tuesday. thunderstorms flooding kentucky roads. the severe weather in arkansas strong enough to rip through this home. >> there was water coming out of ceiling, out of electric light fixtures, and all of this was gone. >> reporter: now, another storm
7:16 am
out west eyeing new england before slowly moving out. and here in minneapolis those negative temperatures contributing to treacherous road conditions, even when they have plowed. so tom, for people out on the roads in areas already hit by the storms, definitely going to want to be careful this morning. >> dangerous situation on those highways. jesse, we thank you this morning. feels kind of weird. it is so cold over there and today it is so nice in new york. >> downright balmy here. but not for long. >> up and down the east coast e record temperatures. out west, record cold to talk about. in fact we've got winter storm watches, winter weather advisories and warnings for 47 million people. take a look down here. you can see snow in the mountains of southern california. 2,000 feet. the hollywood sign is 1600 feet. so gives you an idea how cold in southern california. right now. freezing, thunder, snow and ice through northern texas into parts of oklahoma.
7:17 am
here's what happening. we have this northward surge of warm tropical air out of gulf of mexico. brutally cold air from the north plunging south. and where they meet, as you can imagine, a real mess. heavy rain in the tennessee river valley. ice and snow stretching interest austin, st. louis, cincinnati into pittsburgh. and snow, chicago, detroit, boston and burlington. here is the way we see this happening. today heavy bands of snow in the rockies. the plains have risk for power outages, difficult travel because of the ice. tomorrow a flood threat continues in the tennessee river valley, light, moderate snow through the great lakes to detroit, into buffalo on friday. heavy snow likely for new england. freezing rain and sleet for the interior northeast. but snow is a possibility. we're looking for heavy rain and flooding. rivers, streams already running high.
7:18 am
more heavy rain for the mid mississippi, tennessee river valleys. icing conditions from interior upstate new york, upwards of half an inch of ice through parts of arkansas and ice down to dallas and austin. and the snow. we're looking at mid western hazardous conditions in the afternoon. the heaviest snow by the time we get into friday evening is going to be upstate new york, new england, anywhere from 6-9 inches of snow. but as you of snow but as you look to the south, this line t freezing snow line down here, new york could see 3-5 inch as well we're going to get to your local forecast in the next 30 seconds. . (man) oh, no, no, after you. wahoooo! (vo) you can be well-groomed. or even well-spoken. (man) ooooooo. (vo) but there's just something about being well-adventured. (vo) adventure has a new look. discover more in the all-new subaru forester wilderness. love. it's what makes subaru, subaru.
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good wednesday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we may be setting a record here. take a look at santa rosa. we're down to 25 degrees. very cold for the bay area this morning. and also freezing temperatures in the inland valleys. we're headed for the mid-50s today. we will continue to see that sunshine. another cold morning tomorrow, as well as friday morning, where we'll be near freezing, and some mild afternoons with some nicer weather in time for the weekend with sunshine. and that's your latest weather. guys >> thanks al. >> thank you al. coming up the royal family rallying around the queen as she continues to battle covid. we're going to have the very latest and a live report from london. plus another concern tied to russia's most recent aggression. inside look at the threat of new cyber attacks targeting businesses and government here in the united states the potential impact on millions of americans and what is being done to prepare for it but first, this is "today" on nbc.
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i'm putting a bow on it! wow... ...even sneaking away for a vacay rashida. shhh! i've earned this, okay? earn 5% cash back in your top eligible spend category, up to $500 spent each billing cycle. with the citi custom℠ card. . a very good wednesday morning to you. it is 7:26 right now. i'm laura garcia. here's a look at today's top stories, including new policies under debate for covid testing at schools. >> reporter: i'm bob redell in dublin, sacramento is considering a new bill, sb-1479 that would require all k-12 schools, as well as preschools, child care centers and after-school programs to come up with covid testing for students. it does not specify how often the tests would have to be performed or if it would apply to all students and staff or those unvaccinated.
7:27 am
those decisions would be left up to each school district. >> good morning, everyone. i'm scott mcgrew. i think you can guess what the latest home data tells us. the latest data from cade shiller shows prices are up nationwide. phoenix 32%. what we care about most is the bay area. they match national numbers, up 18% from this time last year. we know temperatures aren't up. it's a cold start to our wednesday morning. kari has a look at the current conditions. >> it's 25 degrees right now in santa rosa. that would blow the old record out of the water. and we're setting record low temperatures this morning as you're getting ready to head out. take a look at this trend with the mid-20s now. we'll head for the mid-50s today with sunshine and it will be nicer going into the next several afternoons. but we will still have cold mornings over the next several days. >> we'll bundle up. and we'll be back with another local news update in about half
7:28 am
an hour. hope to see you then. stay warm.
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we're back 7:30 wednesday morning, 23rd of february, 2022 a real warm start to the day here in new york but if you like roller coasters, you will love the weather. it is going to get real cold later this week. >> spring for the moment, winter back tonight we'll head out to the plaza to say hi to our crowd in a bit. >> and a quick programming noth. tomorrow onto "today" on emotional conversation with matt hutchins, speaking out for the first time since the death of his wife on the "rust" movie set. and the wrongful death lawsuit blaming alec baldwin and others for that tragic shooting that is tomorrow on "today." >> in the meantime let's get a check of your 7:30 headlines
7:31 am
president biden now has interviewed add three finalists for the supreme court vacancy that will open up when justice stephen breyer retires later this year. the white house says president biden will announce his decision by monday. hundreds of national guard troops will be deployed in washington, d.c. as the city gets ready for protests ahead of president biden's state of the union address next week. officials are preparing for the arrival of trucker convoy like those that brought chaos to the canadian capital of ottawa in recent weeks the pentagon says abou assist with traffic control.khk exercise yesterday the incident was caught on camera it happened near the popular
7:32 am
snow bird ski resort about 30 miles southeast of salt lake city thankfully no one was seriously hurt and an investigation into the cause of this accident is still under way. concern growing this morning for the queen as she continues to fight the coronavirus and once again is forced to cancel her royal duties nbc's molly hunter at buckingham palace with the latest hi molly, good morning >> savannah, good morning. all eyes are on the queen's health it is day three. we've asked the palace for an update and they tell us they are not in the business of giving us rolling updates. this morning the queen still in isolation, battling day 3 of her covid infection at windsor castle concerns growing for the 95 year old monarch. >> i'm just really upset, obviously. i think everyone is upset because i think everyone loves her. >> hope it is just mild. >> reporter: the palace not
7:33 am
offering new details this morning about her health saying tuesday the queen is experiencing mild cold-like symptoms but carrying on with light duties. >> is there is till a bit of a mystery though as to whether it was charles who infected the queen with coronavirus i think it is more likely she has got it from a member of the windsor castle staff. >> reporter: after canceling her virtual engagements yesterday, she wasn't feeling quite up for the task, her son prince charles ba from his own bout with covid last week. her grandson, prince william also stepping in to hand out honors while in denmark, his wife indicate t duchess of cambridge is on her second day of a solo tour, focused on early childhood. even getting in touch with her own inner child. >> i had to do that. >> perfect yes. >> reporter: joking later, her children were jealous they weren't along for the ride senior royals all stepping up as
7:34 am
the queen focuses on getting health the palace still isn't confirming whether or not the queen will speak with prime minister boris johnson this week but we're looking ahead to march 2nd u. a diplomatic reception she was expected to host they said all of that will be talked about and discussed closer to the time. >> i'm sure it is day by day, molly. thank you very much. alarming warning about the risk of russian cyber attacks on american institution, banks, businesses and government agencies. >> tom costello has a closer look, right after this we're back is now a good time for a flare-up? enough, crohn's! for adults with moderate to severe crohn's or ulcerative colitis, stelara® can provide relief, and is the first approved medication to reduce inflammation on and below the surface of the intestine in uc. you, getting on that flight? back off, uc! stelara® may increase your risk of infections, some serious, and cancer. before treatment, get tested for tb.
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7:39 am
>> tom costello has covered cyber security for a decade now. this is exactly the scenario experts have cautioned us about, tom. >> yeah. this is very serious a very real concern. we've seen suspected russia government attacks and russian criminal attacks fur years experts believe they are sometimes one and the same but now the possibility of a more aggressive russian cyber offensive with corporate america and mainstream america potentially targeted in the cyber security world the warning from homeland security is a flashing red light. shields up, it warns every organization in the united states is at risk of a russian cyber attack from our power grids to our communication lines, to banking systems. u.s. cyber officials fear a digital assault could bring the front lines of war to america's front door
7:40 am
with ukraine already under cyber attack, the european union has activated its own cyber security team to help fight off the attacks. now, new york has opened a new statewide joint cyber operations command center. >> act as if you know that attack is coming because if it comes and you are not ready it can be devastating. >> recent cyber attacks have already exposed potential impact on america's infrastructure. last year russian speaking cyber gangs launched a crippling attack on colonial pipelines, forcing a total shut down and long lines at gas stations russian linked gangs also targeted jbs, the world's largest meat processing company, forcing it to reduce operations at 14 of its plants in the u.s the kremlin denied involvement in either of the attacks but experts warn the kremlin may work with cyber criminals. u.s. businesses and organizations should watch for russian online activity and immediately shore up their cyber defenses verify all remote users access use multi factor authentication.
7:41 am
keep security software up to date and monitor any traffic with ukrainian offices or organizations. >> the largest and most technically advanced economy in the world but that also means we have the most points of attack. >> reporter: concern a cyber war could quick escalate affecting citizens worldwide if they target our infrastructure, we could target theirs. >> exactly and there is a snowball effect here i don't think we really want to go down the line and see how civilians and, you know, organizations are going to get extremely hurt by this. >> yeah. homeland security is strongly urging any corporate or organizational network doesn't matter how small remind employees of the basics of cyber security. ransomware, fishing attacks. and make sure the manual override controls to critical infortune, dams, water supply, electricity. make sure the overrides are working. >> what is the response to an
7:42 am
attack if the white house doesn't want to hurt let's say every day russians >> that is critical. the experts say it makes more sense to target individuals from vladimir putin to his family to the oligarchs. target their foreign bank accounts and foreign investments, if you are trying to retaliate for a cyber attack. that they believe would make more sense but this is uncharted territory and it can get very dangerous very quick. >> fascinating and so important tom costello, thank you. >> don't click on the link whatever it is don't click on the link. that is rule of cyber security al what you got? >> show you what we're talking about today. and right now we're looking at some really cold air out west. in fact 13 million people under windchill advisories or warnings from washington state to texas and look at some of these record lows dangerously cold temperatures. right now feels like minus 44 in miles city, montana. minus 21 in dodge city air temperature in kansas city, a 4. windchill minus 13 and we might see record lows for the morning.
7:43 am
seattle 22 medford 17 los angeles 44 degrees colorado the record minus 7. they are going to get close to that but here in the east, record highs. 13 states could see records from boston, atlantic city to charleston, columbia and new orleans. and those temperatures stay worm in the southeast tomorrow. records possible for baton rouge, much of florida and albany and columbia. however we'll see cooler area coming in. chicago you are going to be in the 30s all weekend long low-60 in atlanta. raleigh dropping into the 50s and here in new york temperatures drop back into the mid-30s. that's good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. this is the weather you'll feel as you're heading out the door. it is in the low 30s in some spots in the inland areas, even mid-20s in the north bay. and it's 37 in san jose. san mateo right now 41 degrees.
7:44 am
we do have freezing conditions out there now, but temperatures get milder for the afternoon. we're headed for the low 50s for some of our inland areas. tomorrow, more sunshine, reaching 59, and another cold start. we'll see milder weather just in time for the weekend. >> and that is your latest weather, guys? >> thanks al up next, golf star phil mickelson apologizing and losing sponsors a closer look at the controversy swirling around his comments about the pga tour and a saudi-backed break-away league but first these messages a a saudi-baed break-away leagck ever wonder uewhat everyone's doing on their phones? they're banking, with bank of america. his girlfriend just caught the bouquet, so he's checking in on that ring fund. oh, that photographer? he's looking for something a little more zen, so he's thinking, “i'll open a yoga studio.” and as for the father of the bride? all over again...and again. digital tools so impressive, you just can't stop banking.
7:45 am
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7:49 am
morning. good morning. >> reporter: phil mickelson is the biggest name in golf behind the proposed super league which is backed by saudi arabia and would be a direct competitor to the pga tour but this morning mickelson is apologizing for some remarks he made saying he now things he needs to take some time away from professional golf >> phil defeats father time. >> reporter: one of golf's best popular players, phil mickelson has long been a fan favorite for his go for broke style of play but off the course, mickelson's recent comments have landed him in the rough speaking to allen shipnuck, the author of an upcoming biography t golfer explained why he was interested in a new golf tour, sponsored by saudi arabia. saying in part we know they
7:50 am
killed khashoggi and execute people over there for being gay. knowing all of this why would i even consider? this is once in a lifetime opportunity to reshape how the pga tour operates. mickelson also accused the pga tour of manipulative coercive strong arm tactics and said saudi money would give players leverage to gain concession from the pga. >> i think it made him look like a mercenary. >> reporter: in a lengthy statement mickelson says he believed his comments were off record and taken out of context, which shipnuck calls patently false. but mickelson also apologized for his comments calling his choice of words reckless the golf great adding he needs some time away from the game at the same time, mickelson seemed to double down on his criticism of the pga writing,
7:51 am
golf desperately needs change. and real change is always proceeded by disruption. the controversy has caused mickelson a sponsor. the profession services firm kpmg saying they mutually agreed to end our sponsorship effective immediately. other top players distancing themselves from mickelson's comments >> i don't want to kick someone while he's down, obviously but i thought they were naive, selfish, egotistical ignorant. >> reporter: ironically by so bluntly criticizing the pga, some analysts say that he's actually drawn attention to saudi arabia's role in jamal khashoggi's death and at the same time his intended attempt to get leverage over the pga may have back fired.
7:52 am
guy. >> thanks kerry. >> -- from some of his players on the tour going after him. rory mcilroy very pointed. >> rory a chairman of the pga tour counsel advisory. he doesn't mince his words phil a world golf hall of famer. six time major champion. he and his family have been very blessed with the pga tour. those comments really out of left. >> is he very controversial in general. >> he is very controversial in general. that is a fact we'll see how that a plays out any time a apology you say you are going to take some time off the sport to be a better man you know you said some things you regret come up. "pop start," drew barrymore and a conversation i had with pink we talked about the inspiration behind her new project which is helping getting our kids to bed at a reasonable hour you will hear that conversation after your local news. ♪ i've been everywhere, man. ♪ ♪ crossed the desert's bare, man. ♪ ♪ i've breathed the mountain air, man. ♪ ♪ of travel i've had my share, man. ♪
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good wednesday morning. it is 7:56 right now. i'm laura garcia. here's a look at what's happening now. >> reporter: i'm kris sanchez. another bay area community just dropped its indoor mask mandate late last night. the vallejo city council voted 6-0 to get rid of its indoor mask mandate, as the county did, leaving santa clarita county as the lone standout in the bay area, with a mandate. although not in the state. los angeles still has one but likely not for long. we are awaiting new guidance from the cdc and we expect the benchmarks will be based on the number of hospitalizations and not on the total case county. >> bundle up if you're headed out the door. kari has a look at our forecast. >> we still have spots below freezing right now. it's 31 in santa rosa, 31 in
7:57 am
dublin and we're seeing freezing temperatures in san martin. we're dealing with some very cold weather. in fact, setting some new records, and then we'll see our high temperatures headed for the mid-50s. we'll do it again tomorrow with a mild afternoon. we are looking at warmer weather in time for the weekend. some ranges to the north of us will be moving in on sunday but most of the forecast remains pretty dry for the next several days. >> thank you. and thank you for joining us as well. another local news update is coming up in about half an hour. have a good morning.
7:58 am
7:59 am
good luck! you too! erin jackson wins u.s. gold! a selfless act from brittany bowe to give up her spot. bitter rivals but absolute respect. in new york city, ♪ ♪ there's always something new to discover. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
8:00 am
♪ ♪ come be a part of it. plan your next vacation at it is 8:00 on "today." coming up. no compromise. vladimir putin doubling down on russia's invasion of ukraine president biden fighting back with tough new sanctions and a strong warning. >> who in the lord's name does putin think gives him the right to declare new so called countries on territory that belong to his neighbors? >> so where does it go from here we're on the ground with a live report plus, wintry mix mess. a series of storms blasting the mid west while the south's hit hard by heavy winds and rains. a major system now heading east. 46 million under winter alerts al's got the latest forecasts. then show your work?
8:01 am
with millions of americans still working from home, companies using new surveillance software to track remote activity. >> did it feel like an invasion of your privacy. >> yeah. definitely we had no idea that this had been deployed. >> just ahead, the data your bosses could be taking from your devices and what you can do to protect your privacy ♪ and think pink carson goes one on one with the pop superstar to talk music, mental health and the joys of moderate. >> there is this whole other side of me that people don't see, carson. no, our bedtime routine is sumo wrestling so i totally understand why you would feel that way about me. >> she safer shares the exciting new project she's working on and whether or not a tour is on the horizon. "today," wednesday february new project she's working on and whether or not a tour is on the 23rd, 2022 ♪
8:02 am
>> hear from portland, maine >> california. >> and memphis, massachusetts. >> wishing our parents a heavy anniversary. >> from elmira, new york >> celebrating my 50th birthday. >> girls trip from middlebury, connecticut. >> hello to our kids back home in washington state. >> good morning to our cousins in san carlos, california. >> we love you ♪ >> good crowd out there. >> and great weather too. >> california weather out there. welcome back to "today." it is good to have you with us on a wednesday morning willie and tom are here. hoda is on assignment. she'll be back tomorrow. craig's got the morning off. let's get to the news at 8:00. a defiant vladimir putin hinting that the russian invasion of ukraine could push even deep entire that country. and in the meantime the president is backing up sanctions by moving american forces closer to the conflict.
8:03 am
nbc's chief foreign correspondent richard engel is on the ground with the latest in ukraine. good morning >> reporter: good morning savannah here in the front line trenches it is easier to understand the battle dynamics and risks of a wider conflict these trenches are manned by ukrainian troops and on this side is ukraine. and it is controlled by the ukrainian government but just on the other side of this trench is the area held by russian-backed separatists and this is the area vladimir putin has recognized, it is the area that he is reinforcing with extra troops and military equipment. and the separatists, including this morning have been firing mortars and artillery over these trenches and commanders tell u.s. it could be a matter of hours or days that russia and the separatists launch a full conventional attack. unless vladimir putin can be deterred signaling no compromise, vladimir putin this morning said russia is always open to direct
8:04 am
and honest dialogue. but that its security concerns, which he said include nato expansion are nonnegotiable. it is his first comments after president biden imposed sanctions after putin recognized the independence of two regions in ukraine held by russian-backed separatists and order nod so called peace keepers to protect them. >> who in the lord's name does putin think gives him the right to declare new so called country on territory that belonged to his neighbors? this is a flagrant violation of international law. >> reporter: for the first time president biden calling putin's move an invasion >> this is the beginning of a russian invasion of ukraine. >> reporter: -- and slapping stiff new sanctions on russia, targeting two large russian ability to raise money from the united states and europe, and sanctioning several russian elites with close ties to putin. >> if russia goes further with this invasion we stand go further with sanctions let me be clear.
8:05 am
these are totally defensive moves on our part. we have no intention of fighting russia >> reporter: ukraine's president zelenskyy mobilizing national reserve troops vowing ukraine won't give in but every day seems to edge closer to open war. this is what the is like now to live in ukrainian villages, near the pro russian separatists. the ukrainian interior ministry said separatist fire here killed one man. goading the ukrainian military to respond now that they have protection from president putin. the stage is set for a wider war, and it seems to be already heading that way fearing a wider water could be coming to the ukrainian government this morning, took steps to impose a state of emergency that would allow imposing curfews, limiting movement and potentially seize property and change industries and direct them towards a war economy. world war ii style measures could be coming here.
8:06 am
>> richard engel, literally in the trenches richard, thank you. two separate winter storms back here at home are on the move this morning, bringing a dangerous mings of snow, wind and freezing rain. slippery roads and white out conditions led to highway pile ups in oregon and north dakota and heavy rain flooded roads in kentucky there is a lot going on out there and al is back with the latest hey al. >> hey guys. good morning and winter weather advises, watches and warnings and ice storm warnings for 47 million team snow falling in the mountains, los angeles, southern california, also through the southwest. and thunder snow now moving into oklahoma from texas with an icy mix. so this is going to be a very volatile situation with all this warm, humid air out of the gulf. and cold arctic air plunging south and where they meet 1800 miles of mess. rain 2-4 inches through the mississippi and tennessee river valleys. more rain going to cause massive flooding for some of the rivers. a dangerous ice storm stretching from the northeast all the way down into southern texas
8:07 am
dangerous roads. power lines down outages a real mess. and from the north, springfield, missouri, chicago, indianapolis, detroit. heavier as you move east, into the northeast and interior new england, some spots picking up 6-8 inches from albany to boston and new york city still in play too so we're going to be watching as the rain/snow line makes its way to the north guys >> we'll keep an eye on that al. and thank you. and the mtsb and a helicopter crash. all for victims were civilians the aircraft was being used to retrieve material from the water during missile testing over the pacific and had just recovered an object and crashed while watching as the rain/snow line makes its way to the north guys >> we'll keep an eye on that al. and thank you. and the mtsb and a helicopter crash. all for victims were civilians the aircraft was being used to
8:08 am
retrieve material from the water during missile testing over the pacific and had just recovered an object and crashed while trying to place it down on the ground. three white men in georgia convicted of federal hate crimes yesterday in the murder of ahmaud arbery. all three of the men had already been convicted on state charges. the federal convictions and life sentences mean the men will serve long prison terms, even if their state convictions are overturned on appeal. >> 8:08. let's get a boost. a u.s. army soldier deployed overseas nearly a year called his waif and said he had to say an extra six month bus the last part was a fib he actually came home on time and then pretended to be a patient at the medical office where his wife elizabeth works
8:09 am
take a listen. >> these memories will stay with with me ♪ ♪ >> what we have in here >> that is amazing oh wow. >> first the scream, then the tears. she was gist overcome. the whole thing nearly fell through because he was running a little behind. but elizabeth's boss was in on it and had her work late show wouldn't miss the surprise. >> i love those. just saying we could watch those all day. i like how elaborate they are getting in design. >> little tortuous extra six months a little rough. coming up next whether you are working in the office or away from home vicky win has a story you need so see. >> do you have a company issued cell phone or computer the odds are your boss can probably read your e-mails and even see what websites you are visiting it is called surveillance software or bossware
8:10 am
coming up your right to privacy versus the company's right to know what you are doing. i'm vicki nguyen, i'll have everything you need to know next on "today. ...or fourth time streaming that period drama dan... you just made me miss her best line, so now i'm going to have to start it again ...even insisted he didn't need directions dan. okay, i'm not lost. i'm exploring. that said, do you know where i am? earn 5% cash back in your top eligible spend category, up to $500 spent each billing cycle. with the citi custom cash℠ card. ♪ ♪ my name's caleb. what's yours? i'm grace! did you just move here? yeah! cool! as a struggling actor, i need all the breaks that i can get. did you just move here? at liberty butchumal- cut. liberty biberty- cut. we'll dub it.
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(purina one mom) oh yeah. (blue mom) yeah, it's right there. (purina one mom) chicken. rice flour. corn gluten meal. whole grain corn. chicken by-product meal. what's in blue? (blue mom) deboned chicken. chicken meal. brown rice. barley. oatmeal. (purina one mom) yeah, but those ingredients cost a lot more. (blue mom) blue's about 40 cents more a day. that's not too much for my chester. we are back at 8:13 with today's consumer as many americans continue to work remotely. did you know your bosses may be tracking your activity through company-issued phones and computers. >> using software commonly no one as tattle ware and vicki nguyen joins us with what that means. >> software started as a way for employers to keep an eye on what you are doing and to monitor for things that could get the company in trouble well the software also known as boss ware is now much more common on our tablets, laptops and phones
8:14 am
and the software can learn a lot more about you here is what you need to know plus what you can do to protect your privacy. >> at first we were all sent home with our equipment. >> reporter: gen garcia was working from hem at a systems engineer when she found a program on her company issued computer that could take pictures of what was on her screen at any time. >> did it feel like an i invasion of your privacy >> definitely. we had no idea that this had been deployed. >> reporter: in fact if you work at a company with more than 500 employees, harvard business ethics professor js nelson says you should expect some form of surveillance software to be on your devices >> definitely need to think about being photographed, listening through your microphone, key stroke logging software so recording what you are typing in at any given time, what websites you are going to, who you are communicating with. >> reporter: the scenarios you are describing are scary, but are they actually happening? >> yes when covid-19 pushed people to work remotely who could work remotely, we saw sales of >> reporter: the scenarios you
8:15 am
are more than triple. >> reporter: a recent study by internet privacy firm found 68% of bosses and 47% of it departments can access records from corporate device. and it can get really personal for example, did your company's wellness program provide fitness monitors like fitbits? all that could be used by your company. >> when a company says we need need this kind of monitoring for employees working from home? what do you see? >> i don't think it is thought through very well. companies are not aware as they should be about the down sideways of these choices. and the mess they are sending to the people who work for them.
8:16 am
>> which is? >> which is that we don't trust you. >> don't be sneaky. >> reporter: jason demers, their software tracks -- says only reveals the subject line, not the content of the message. he says the software increases e-mail response times by nearly 43%. >> how do companies balance the need for productivity against the employees right to privacy >> we're all trying to figure out what's that right balance right now? what does work from home, what is okay and where is the boundary we draw the line at seeing what is actually being written in the e-mails. >> reporter: experts say avoid using it for personal activity use a separate phone and computer and find a private space where your guys can't see or hear what your family is doing. >> you need to demand accountability and transparency from your employer so that you know exactly what is going on in your own home. >> reporter: jen garcia says she
8:17 am
left her last job in part because of that surveillance soft area. >> you are looking at your machine most of the day. and it is completely natural to check your personal e-mail or something like that. and so at any moment you can have something potentially very private exposed to your employer >> reporter: experts say the explosion in sales of this surveillance software shows employers are looking for ways to manage staff remotely but really is up to companies to be tran many more workers homes not just in the company work space. >> it feels like spying, but is there some spin to this?erany be employees at all >> so the company would say yes, absolutely let's say they get data showing that employees working overtime. why is savannah working so many hours? maybe she's at risk of burn out. they can address that. so they would say that's
8:18 am
positive the other thing if you get all the video conferences and major leagues and calls. there's a company called active track, they monitor employer productivity and found the meetings and video calls are number one disruption to employee focus so that might mean you get fewer meeting invites once the managers realize the meetings are taking away from the bottom line. >> no more "pop start" from home that's just crazy. you are right though the pool of data they must have access to is one thing but when would they ever sift through it informs there was a red flag like our nest cameras record outside when there is movement you don't ever reference it unless you realize something is missing. >> exactly you had have to have 500 more employees to go through the data coupled by any one person. >> unless you get a tip and want to dig deeper. >> -- worried about it i guess -- >> -- nonetheless. >> -- exactly. resignations letters for all vick, thank you. let's get a check of the forecast. >> all right let's show you what we've got
8:19 am
happening. for today, we are looking at record low temperatures out meo. yes, we are dealing with record lows. in fact, we just set one in santa rosa where it's still below freezing and freezing in napa with temperatures very chilly for much of the rest of the bay area. as we go into the next several mornings, we'll see more temperatures like that. it does get milder for the afternoons. sunshine continues with temperatures in the low 60s on friday. mid-60s for inland areas for the weekend, and we are going to have some more seasonal weather after this cold weather we're experiencing now. >> >> and that's your latest weather. but now it is time time for the best part of the morning. >> good stuff today. michael buble a family affair if
8:20 am
for si where they recreate scenes from some of the biggest love movie of all time. including "love actual," "noteback" and even "casablanca. here a look. ♪ ♪ >> have you seen "the notebook"? >> i just saw it for the first time >> did you cry >> there are tears a little misty. >> gets better the story, the video ends with luisana revealing a baby bump. and the couple uses the whole music video thing to announce they are expecting baby number four
8:21 am
huge congratulations out to the buble family. next up john mayer, the singer called in a last minute favor this week when his drummer tested positive for covid ahead of their big concert in new york madison square garden but the question is who can you call in the 11th hour to play a giant show in new york city? the answer is legendary roots drummer, quest love of course. mayer revealing quest love jumped in to help out literally one hours notice >> great. >> wow ♪ >> that's how good quest love is >> john mayer can get kind of jazzy. >> you have to follow and you have to know if anybody can do it amazing. next up drew barrymore it's official. drew's got the beat. the actress and go go's super
8:22 am
fan was gifted the best birthday surprise when her favorite band stopped by the drew barrymore show tuesday watch this >> okay. i'm seeing in the prompter there is a surprise for me there is -- oh god >> we love you so much and we've just fallen in love with you all over again so many years later and so we want to invite you to be the sixth go go. >> wow wow. >> wait is she going to perform? >> i don't know where this goes. the go-gos would add drew to the group. i makes sense. she did uintroduce the band into the rock and roll hall of fame last year pretty darn cool i would go on tour with them i would take them up. >> and birthday -- 22/22. >> kardashians are back. eight months of wrapping the long running reality show the family is returning with a new
8:23 am
series the first official trailer for the project, teasing with the five famous sisters and kris jenner have been up to since we last kept up. >> can you believe this is day 1? >> literally, this is insane >> i love us >> this makes me so happy. >> she's never had a reaction like that for me and its happened like a few times. >> that could have been the title of the show. the series >> that's it. >> i love us we're amazing. what a family. i love me and you sissy and you and you and you and you. >> and me. >> i love us called the "kardashians" premiers april 14th. on tuesday the gold medal winner popped over to the "today show" jimmy fallon making olympic level figure skating
8:24 am
look almost too easy nathan giving jimmy a lesson in landing the perfect axle off the ice. >> you start off on the right. >> yep. >> step forward on the left. kick through and rotate and then land on your right >> kind of like the electric slide. yeah i understand. >> let's break it down. >> when do you go up >> instead of doing a full rev, we'll just do half a rev so here, jump up and land. there it is. >> big shout out to nathan, who was so gracious yesterday. surprised him with his mom he immediately took off that gold medal and gave it to his mother who had driven him to i think he said what, like to utah for all the practices that he's done really cute moment. >> sometimes they would sleep in the car. >> amazing nice moment. that is your "pop start" everybody. >> good one. >> awesome. >> yeah. >> but it is going to get even better because there is no conversation like when carson and his old friend pink get together. >> we must have been truck drivers in our former lives. lot of bad words but a lot of
8:25 am
fun. we're talking about things she's doing to help our kids go to sleep. we'll have that conversation after your local news.
8:26 am
good morning, tgs 8:26, i'm marcus washington. unexpected job cuts in san francisco schools. board members, including those recently recalled were supposed to vote yesterday for potential layoffs for hundreds of workers. according the chronicle someone pointed out that the district failed to give proper on notic made last night would have been violation of state law. it was tabled until tomorrow to satisfy requirements. the recall election has to be certified, the board will keep its current makeup for the next
8:27 am
two weeks. a cold front on the way, kari. >> we set records as we take a look at where we were and what the actual record was. santa rosa dipping to 25 degrees and the record was 29. we were close at a lot of other spots, and it's slowly starting to warm up. we're headed for the mid-50s today. another morning with near freezing temperatures in our inland areas and highs in the upper 50s tomorrow and for the weekend, rain chances to the north. san francisco will only reach about 53 degrees with sunny skies, marcus. >> thanks, kari, we'll have another local news update coming up for you in about 20 minutes. i'll meet you back here then.
8:28 am
8:29 am
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♪ welcome back 8:30 on a wednesday morning. 23rd of february, 2022 got a great crowd with us out here on rockefeller plaza on a downright balmy day. >> it is actually quite enjoyable look at that little baby where is that baby i got to go grab that baby. >> over here little magnolia. >> hello how old are you? >> seven months. >> you are very cute good morning
8:31 am
oh she gave me a little smile. oh yes hi we're friends. magnolia what a darling name. sorry, you know what happens when i see little babies >> savannah changes diapers. >> i do. >> on air. >> coming up a conversation with carson and pink! a rock star, a mom and like a lot of parents struggles with things like bedtime routines for our kids. that inspired her latest project usic her powerful voice in a new way to help teach kids the importance of winding down at the end of the day and not staring at youtube. >> we could always use help with that. >> i know i can. >> a man behind social media account. starting a movement in spiring people to help their neighbors you laugh and also cry. >> we looked forward to that
8:32 am
with jimmy darts and jill martin here with a new steals and deals on exciting beauty products that will make your skin clearer and yes, carson your hair smoother than it is already. >> cant wait. >> and in the third hour, we're going to head to the old west. talking "1883" with the great sam elliott joining us live. cannot wait. >> and you love yellowstone". >> love it >> tomorrow two of our absolute favorites. spring and spring cleaning on the way. the home edit girls will be here with some of their best tips for getting organized. can i introduce y'all? we met magnolia. over here, noah. how old are you. >> i'm 13. >> i heard you are a reporter. >> yeah. >> tell me about that. >> i'm a school reporter in my news school news. >> what's the name of your school news. >> i'm in the seven bridges morning announcements? >> in westchester new york >> yeah. >> so what is your dream job >> i want to work in the "today show" one day. >> noah, that's amazing. what kind of news do you like to cover? >> politics, maybe i can be the
8:33 am
next peter alexander, maybe. >> absolutely you can. in fact you are hired. sorry peter. noah, we're proud of you thank you so much. thanks for being here. >> thank you you are my favorite "today show" anchor by the way. >> oh look at that. >> noah. >> line 'em up. >> noah's learned a lot. noah's already got -- noah's got -- you got the most important part of the job down >> -- peter it's over buddy. >> we love you but it's over, peter. noah we'll be looking for you my friend al how about a quick check of the weather. >> lot of folks here going to see elton john very exciting. and i'm doing that too with my brothers anyway let's show you what feoff got going on we'll check it out for you weekend outlook. heavy snow new england and possibly the northeast record highs through florida staying cold midsection of the country. sunshine out west. little rain on saturday. warm into florida. and sunday sunday, snow showers across the northeast and the
8:34 am
great lakes. warmer weather making its way into the lower gulf. soggy from northern california into the pacific northwest that. that's what's going on around good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. still pretty cold out there, as we're stepping out the door. temperatures in the low 30s in spots, and low 40s where it's still kind of frosty, and we had that cold start this morning. we're headed for the mid-50s this afternoon. we're going to see more sunshine in our forecast, and these cold mornings leading to some fairly comfortable afternoons, even going into the weekend. next week we'll be watching out for more clouds and a chance of rain, especially farther down the line, but we are looking at mainly a dry forecast with milder temperatures. >> and that is your latest weather. >> uncle al, thank you very much. >> just hanging out with little noah so he's going work a saturday to wednesday shift to start >> peter know yet?
8:35 am
>> we we gave him notice. >> imagine if you could have a famous music star reading your kids bedtime stories each night? coming up my conversation with pink on why one of the world's most talented entertainers now wants to put kids to sleep but first this is "today" on nbc. istoday" o "n
8:36 am
8:37 am
image was like the rebellious sort of bad ass in this pop world you live in, what are your thoughts on maybe these other trl artists you see going up the road. >> i respect anyone who gets up in the morning and works hard and follows their dream. >> that's 20 years ago more than 20 years ago probably. >> what's jackson daly doing on our air? a chat with pink 22 years ago, that is a conversation that started back then and it is still going.
8:38 am
>> we don't talk also but when we do it is always reminds me why she's one of my favorite people teaming up with the great meditation and mental wellness app a lot of people use, i do. "calm" and today she's releasing first of three bedtime stories she's going to have on the app wile her music may get the party started pink's soothing voice may finally put our kids to leap. >> hi there. >> i have anger and regret and negativity going give me love. >> the hunt for some peace and quiet is something rock superstar pink knows all too well >> well at least you don't have to listen to the minions every single night. >> hello is everyone ready for bed? >> all right you got to get out of that house. we need to get you on tour like asap you are losing your [ bleep ], dude. >> i lost my [ bleep ] so long ago. ♪
8:39 am
>> son stage pink is legendary for her boundless energy ♪ so what i'm still a rock star ♪ >> and all these power anthems. >> ♪ so raise your glass if you are -- >> but at home the get this party started rocker is trying to shut it down with her two kids 10 year old willow and 5 year old jamison. >> there is this whole other side of me people don't see. no, our bedtime routine is sumo wrestling so i totally understand why you would feel that way about me. >> but now pink is teaming up with a calm. >> ring had always wanted to be a performer. a rock star. >> it works. every time you talk. now i'm just going to pass out >> hi this is pink and i've got a bedtime secret -- >> lending her famous pipes to children's bedtime stories because for many families, the struggle sl real, just trying to get their kids to sleep. including me. >> i've been using calm for years how i fall asleep.
8:40 am
when i heard they were doing a calm kids, i was like i want to do that. i want to read stories to kids so i tested out my stories on jameson and he requests them now. >> ooh. >> before ring discovered her circus, she was a little girl just like any other kid. >> i looked into your sleep stories. i didn't know how your voice would play in my head as i'm trying to shut things off because i associate you with like turn that [ bleep ] up. >> i know. >> i was actually worried about my voice because you have to go, really, slow and not be raspy and sound like an 85 male smoker so that was what i was worried about. >> i'm of the "if you cant beat 'em, join 'em" a little bit with the phone. jackson is on tiktok like, bro, please. it is getting late your brine is firing right now i need your brain to go to other way. and hopefully kids are winding down and getting lost if these stories.
8:41 am
>> we can't get around technology you want to listen to a story at night that fires your imagination and helps you drift off to sleep while not being afraid of the dark, i'm all about it. >> what was the recording session compared to how you normally record music? >> the whole thing was just about slowing down but it does start to feel pretty ridiculous at the end because you get to a certain part of the story and like, okay, now, imagine the child is asleep so nothing can be too inflected or too exciting, and you have to go very -- and i'm like, i'm like okay. he's like start again. i'm like [ bleep ] >> i last spoke to pink nine months ago for her documentary "all i know so far." she's had some wear and tear from performances since then. >> my cool new scar? >> that was that about what happened there?
8:42 am
>> it's from head banging. rock and volume a contact sport. >> its been three years since pink last toured due to the pandemic and she says she can't wait to get back out there. >> i'm going on tour i got to get out of my house i got to get out of here i miss my family, my tour family i miss people. i'm ready to go. so excited >> she has to get out of the house. i love her i'll tell you, just her being a mom, the stories she talks about. willow, her 10 year old daughter she said oh she wants a phone. and comes mom i want a phone and all my friends have a phone and she's like i don't care. you're not getting a the phone i love that side of pink so relatable they have three new stories come the out on the calm app. thanks again to pink. >> i would just like to listen to pink laugh all day. one of the best laughs recording of her laugh -- >> talk about -- one of the most powerful singers who ever lived and then she can come down here and give you the cup --
8:43 am
>> -- kids to school all day -- >> and the bed sometime -- up next speaking of phones and technology, how one man is using social media challenges for good, raising money for those in need and rallying a growing community of people who want to give back.
8:44 am
8:45 am
welcome back we have all seen, maybe even participated from time to time in social media challenges that go viral >> yeah. well the young man you are about to meet is turning the whole idea of these challenges on its head when i first saw jimmy darcy work on instagram i went down a rabbit hole looking at all these videos that made me laugh but also made me cry in a good way this concept so simple and so moving >> find a veteran and give them a thousand dollars to help their christmas dreams come true >> you are a veteran
8:46 am
>> yeah. >> oh thank you so much for serving. >> thank you his videos are unlike anything on social media. >> what do you want most for christmas this year? >> yeah, impossible. >> really, what? >> my wife just passed away. >> $500. that's for you, sir. >> transforming people's lives with a handful of cash and a whole lot of kindness. his name is jimmy catalog. but on line, he is known as jimm darts. a man on a mission to spread a little love with what he calls undercover kindness. >> came to the store today to see who would be the kindest person to help me out with thanksgiving dinner. so i actually don't need it. i have a gift for you. >> no no you keep it. >> yes i have a gift for you i have $500 for you. >> don't give me $500. >> it is for you you are amazing. >> every morning i wake up and put a livestream on and 500 or a 1,000 people on and literally the money comes in like crazy. i'll hit the money in like 10
8:47 am
minutes. >> and that's when the fun begins >> ask her to buy her a notebook and if he does, give her a thousand dollars. >> his videos have gained a loyal following. more than 5,000 fans on tiktok alone. >> all of your videos kind of have the same formula. it starts with a moral test. you ask people to be kind. why did you decide do it that way. >> i think it is just a great way to find people that are like primed for a blessing. the first video i did i was in miami walking on the beach and a homeless gentlemen in a tent there. i said do you want to be best friends for the day. >> what happened next was the day full of fun and beginning of an opportunity for two new friends. >> jimmy, blessed me with opportunity of a lifetime. >> i put his cash up at the end of the video and in 24 hours like over $30,000 was sent to him. just changed his life. i was like wow, there is a strong community of people out there that want to help. and if you just give them the
8:48 am
opportunity, they will >> since that video, jimmy says he's gifted more than 100 $100,000, donation ranging from a few hundred bucks to brand new cars. >> you completely transparent with where all the money goes? >> yeah. all the donations, that is the cool thing they send the money and that day they get to see who it went to. >> the 26 year old says all the brand partnerships now pay the bills, which allows him to continue blessing strangers in what he says is the beginning of a bigger calling >> my dream is to start a church in los angeles and called house party church no drugs, no alcohol you come, there's a dee jay. water slide for baptism. >> what do you see to people who they this kid is nuts. >> well you are probably right nothing to say for that really i just like having fun >> until then. he's hoping his message online can help ignite a trend of givingndand love one
8:49 am
another. love will conquer all, always. >> we're making generosity cool in a sense you can never go broke by giving i would just say that to anyone watching you can't go broke by giving love someone and you would be amaze at what happens. >> you can never go broke by giving i love that message. >> look for a water slide at your nearest church coming up. shout out to our friend jason kennedy. i saw jimmy darts on his instagram page and i think they are working on a tv show together so might be a whole jimmy darts reality show coming up he's doing a lot of good he's a little crazy and he admits it but you watch the video and get lost for an hour >> amazing. >> quick shout out want to see more great stories like that? check him out weeknights top story with tom llamas 7:00 p.m. every night. >> still ahead a new "steals and deals" packed with innovative beauty ideas i can not wait to find out what jill has in store for us orst, this is "today"
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the dream coat the frizz. and three or four shampoos and the pop and lock frizz control and glossing serum this is like a whole system. >> you get the four things. >> retail $96, the deal 55% off. this is awesome. something i use. if you have really thick hair it dries your hair quaker the hero hair towel. microfiber the brand says it saves time by drying your hair by removing more water than regular towels >> and the little tab. >> so it is falling down comes in different colors. the deal is 50% off. this is the two in one blow up brush. this is like the state of the art, ergonomic handle. when you are home and want the salon blowing your hair dry straight separate it in parts, your hair will go straight inward curls outward curls. straighten and blow try. two colors 75% off. >> i like it on dry hair too when you want the frizzies out >> this you put in the freezer, and i use this
8:55 am
a lot of different versions of this you put it to remove puffiness and gives you the serum too. the organic to green seal cry therapy. put it in the freezer. put it on your face. really helps you relax really helps with that puffiness. then you get the serum and the rose one is made with real rose petals you really only need one but two actually -- >> headache. >> and helps relax you retail $108. the deal $29, 70% off. and this one the skinness kit three items. the cleansing powder, wake up
8:56 am
and -- just feel this and moisturizing lock cream. 73% off. and this is one you could buy into go to for the details. retail $108 the deal 35 -- feel. go to for the details. that is 68% >> do you know what you could good morning, 8:56. i'm marcus washington. one person is dead after an overnight fire at a san francisco homeless encampment. three others were taken to the hospital in critical condition. all were trapped in the fire at
8:57 am
280 overpass, a little after midnight. happening now, the cause of the fire yet to be known but bitter cold temperatures are making it much harder for anyone without an overnight shelter. and our bob redell is looking at extra precautions in place around the bay area due to temperatures that in some places are below freezing. new developments in the russia/ukraine crisis. president biden imposing new sanctions, as ukraine tells its citizens to leave now. more on our web site.
8:58 am
condemning the hate, we go one on one with brooklyn's mayer about steps the city is taking to tackle the rise in
8:59 am
anti-semitism. >> and how long will the cold last, find out tomorrow morning at 7:00.
9:00 am
this morning on the third hour of "today." new details on the queen's covid battle. the 95 year old monarch in isolation, while fellow royals stepping in for her. live at buckingham palace with the latest. later, we're heading west, 1883" star sam elliott live talking about the hit show and why he's just so good at playing a cowboy and the deal on that mustache. and a social media star with hundreds of thousands of followers who is making a difference with her dance videos and more. >> "today," wednesda


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