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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 24, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PST

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we're here on television. you can take us with you live on roku, amazon fire, apple tv and online. another cold morning, karich. when twa is it going to warm up? >> it's going to be a while, scarves, hats, gloves, all this stuff to deal with the cold weather. santa rosa, the record is 27, and that's where we are right now. in livermore we're at 30 degrees. the record 26. san francisco is at 37. the involved 40, and in oakland we're seeing those temperatures in the mid-30s. just a few degrees above a record low temperature and for san jose i don't think we'll set a record there, but it's definitely much colder than normal as our high temperatures today head for the mid to upper 50s. it's going to be very much like yesterday with a calmer wind. we'll talk about when our mornings start to feel better in the forecast coming up in a few
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minutes. >> all right. we'll look forward to it. thanks, kari. >> breaking overnight. rush escalates its ukraine invasion. here's a live look at the ukraine capital kyiv. this is where the last few minutes ukraine leaders confirmed russian troops broke through a checkpoint 100 miles away breaching the kyiv region. major cities across ukraine are being targeted in a russian air strike. >> we have new video to show you of some of those overnight attacks. smoke and flames have been billowing into the air. ukraine confirms at least 40 people have already been killed. dozens of others are injured. the government is now providing arms to any citizens willing to defend their nation. they are also asking for help from nato. we've got live team coverage this morning. >> scott mcgrew is following the immediate impact that we're already seeing here at home but first "today in the bay" brie jackson has more live from washington where we're awaiting comments from preponderance of the evidence, brie.
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>> good morning, marcus and laura. president biden continues to monitor the situation and is receiving updates from his national security team. president biden will speak with members of the g7 to discuss sanctions against russia, and the president will also deliver remarks to the nation about his response. >> ukraine under fire this morning. sirens wailing and explosions heard in major cities including the capital kyiv. long lines of cars with people trying to flee to safety. president biden condemns russia saying putin has chosen a pre-meditated where that will bring catastrophic loss of life and suffering. russian president vladimir putin announced the attack on state tv in russia claiming it's intended to protect civilians. during an emergency meeting, members of the united nations security council pleaded for peace. >> at the exact time as we are
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gathered in the council seeking peace, putin delivered a message of war. >> translator: they made a decision for a special military operation in the donbas. >> i call on every one of you to do everything possible to stop the war. >> reporter: ukraine's president declaring martial law allowing curfews and the seizure of property saying the future of europe's security is being tested, the u.s. vowing support. >> we're doubling down on our assistance to ukraine itself making sure that we're providing additional security assistance, diplomatic support, economic and humanitarian support. >> and the ensuring nato allies. >> the world will world russia accountable. >> the white house today will announce significant new actions to punish russia. and there are bipartisan calls for powerful sanctions against russia. members of congress are expected to receive a briefing on the
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situation later this evening. marcus, laura? >> brie jackson in washington, brie, jackson, thank you. >> scott mcgrew continues our coverage. world markets in for another rough day and more sanctions. >> the sanctions are really key here. what america has enforced so farrelltively minor though yesterday president biden did sanction the russian company building nord stream 2, the natural gas pipeline between russia and germany. biden had been reluctant to interfere previously so this is a big step. earlier the german government announce it had had basically stopped paperwork on the project but that was easily reversible. what america has done is much more permanent. one of the difficulties of sanctioning russia is the fact that it it's its economy is so small. take a look at this. russia's economy is about $1.5 trillion nearly economic output. this is california. california has twice as big an economy as russia. let's take you out to the futures.
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that tells the tale. you see the dow there down about 778 points on the open expected. it's the nasdaq number, the california particularly cares about. that's where your tech stocks are and money really coming out of tech stocks. now yesterday very tough on the markets. dow fell 464 yesterday. about a third. 1.33%. the nasdaq is in bear territory or pretty close to it. a bear marketing is when a market falls below 20% below its all-time highs. almost there with the nasdaq. a correction is when the market falls 10% below its all-time highs. we're definitely here. obviously where this hits you hardest beyond your retirement account is gas prices. brent crude is above $100 a barrel for the first time in seven years so we've been here before, but it will be costly. texas numbers, domestic oil still below 100 for now. hopefully we can all remember as we are watching the numbers on the gas pumps spin that we may
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have to pay a few more cents for gas. mothers and fathers in ukraine are reportedly marking their children with their blood tape or so the story goes. it's an effective reminder and puts things in perspective at the american gas pump. now is the blood story true or is it manufactured? coming up, we're going to take a look at some of the doubtful claims made in this conflict, including this supposed russian news report that looks awfully fake to us and analyze the latest speech from russian president vladimir putin where he talks about russian grandfathers and great grandfathers and the great war. marcus and laura, we're at the intersection of a war in europe during a time of social media and not everything is going to be what it appears to be. >> exactly. everyone needs to, you know, bay attention there. owes so much going on. it affects so many. thank you very much, scott, and, of course, stay with us as these situations rapidly change. in hour next half hour coverage includes new local reaction as well. we're also monitoring the situation online constantly. head to
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also check our twitter feed. happening today, a special meeting of the san francisco skooshd. this is to vote on the proposed layoffs. the district leaders abruptly postponed the meeting tuesday after failing to give proper notice. the board may approve more than 300 layoffs along with eliminating $33 million in bonuses and raises for teachers and substitutes. the district is facing a massive budget shortfall. >> 5:07 right now. a live look in palo alto. the cold weather prompting santa clara county to open warming centers across the south bay. most county libraries are open for just that purpose during the day. overnight centers in san jose include the national guard building on west heading street and by referral at the evergreen library in the community center as well. we certainly feel for those that are unhoused because it is very, very tough conditions out there, kari. reading in some parts, still.
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>> yes, absolutely, and we have several hours of freezing temperatures which makes it so dangerous and as we start out the day and head out the door in oakland we're also feeling some very cold temperatures and notice around company is when we get to the lowest point from. there it starts to get a little bit mild we are sunshine. our temperatures are head for the low 50s at lunchtime today. as we go hour by hour for all of our microclimate, we do once again have several hours below freezing, and then as we go towards 4:00, that's when we reach our high temperature. we'll see -- we'll be at about 57 degrees in san jose, 55 in heyward and 55 in napa, and then we're back to cold temperatures by tonight into early tomorrow morning, but it won't be as cold. this is the coldest morning of this stretch. we'll talk about what's ahead in the weekend forecast coming up. my, were you tracking some changes in the east bay. >> we have one that's for the good. we have this opening for niles canyon highway right on scheduled that has reopened from the overnight. south bay no, major problems in the peninsula.
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move to contra costa county where there is a crash here, a crash or at least there may be something regarding a car that's pulled over on the shoulder. someone is inside the car, so they have been called the chp over by byron highway. so far no slowing and no other updates from the scene. following that. early commuters coming through the area know it's very dark in those spots. contra costa county looking great and no delays for the north bay, not just yes. back for you. >> thanks, mike. >> 5:90 right now. relief for struggling families. still ahead on "today in the bay" at 5:25 our consumer team shows how homeowners struggling to make mortgage payments can apply for help. >> sinking, leaning and now sliding. new problems discovered at san francisco's millennium tower. stay with us. you're watching "today in the bay."
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good thursday morning we round this microclimate weather alert as we deal with dangerously cold temperatures. make sure you're dressed in layers as you're heading out this morning, especially if you're will working outside. our temperatures in fremont in the mid-30s as we go through the next few hours and then we do see some milder weather heading into the afternoon. it's just going to take a few hours to get there so we'll talk more about that and how the weekend is looking coming up in a few minutes. >> and the commute will arrive a
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little more quickly over here in the north bay. southbound 101. still at speed green from here in san raphael all the way down to the golden gate bridge. >> thank you very much, kari and mike. 5:12 right now. from bad to worse. nbc bay area has learned that the san francisco millennium tower is not just sinking and tilting, it's sliding triggering a problem with one of its key systems. i spoke with nbc bay area investigative units jackson vander becken about what he's uncovered. >> well, it seems like at least since 2018 or 2019 there's been a problem with one of the elevator systems which link up the building which is tilting to the garage next door which is not, so it's creating this gap between the garage elevator system and the platform in the tower, and there's a specified maximum, and at least for the last two to three years it's exceeded, that and they have just come up with a fix but it's
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emblematic of a much larger problem in that the building is sinking and tilting. >> that's the thing. we keep hearing more and more approximate over an inch, doesn't sound like a lot but when you're dealing with safety even a fraction can make a difference. >> right. it's what this elevator system issue is all about. you can't have a gap that's larger than 1.25 inches, and their gap was close to 2 inches reflecting this inch of horizontal movement, basically the building is sliding as well and sinking and tilting towards the west, towards fremont street. it's a very large structure. it has a ten-foot thick concrete mat and under that are piles that do not extend down to bedrock so somehow or other whole thing, arguably including the foundation, is moving. >> so inspectors can red tag it. why hasn't that happened? >> well, they say that there's no risk to the systems involved. this elevator, one of the elevators was shut down but they
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kept the other one operating, so they locked out that elevator until they could come up with a fix, so they have two elevators serving the garage parking area into the building next door, but as for the larger issues, the building department has repeatedly assured everyone that the building's safety systems, the elevators and other critical elements of the building, are still safe. >> jackson vander becken in there. that's a small slice of the story. watch the full story online at if you have story ideas for our investigative unit give us a call at the tip line 888-996-tips. >> target stores will test testing an option to add a starbucks option to your curbside pickup order. it will be delivered to your car and target plans to test curbside returns. well, this story is trending this morning. a set of twins, the likes of which you've never seen. >> yeah. okay. so stay with us here.
5:16 am
it's a pretty remarkable story. it starts with identical twin sisters brianna and brittany mayor egidentical twin brothers josh and jeremy. the couples gave birth to boys about three months apart so they are not identical twins or fraternal twins but these twins mayor teed twins having babies less than nine months apart. the similar genetic makeup make the boys closer to brothers than cousins. the couples say there have been only 300 twin marriages like this ever. what's really interesting is that they all still dress the same. my kids stopped that when they, i don't know, 5. they were done with it. now they -- now they don't do it at all. >> a lot of families do that in hawaii. >> my cousins did it up until 17, 18. >> wow, real.
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>> you know, i celebrate the triplets as individual. they just happen to be 30 seconds apart. they are very individual. all right. well, however you're dressing today, pink, red, blue, you better get the warm clothes out this morning. it's a chilly start, kari. >> yeah. we're really having to dig in the back of the closet for some clothes we haven't warn in a while. take a look at these temperatures as we're starting out in the upper 20s. it is so cold this morning, and it's been a longtime since we've had weather like this. we've already set a record in santa rosa. we're watching the other numbers very closely where livermore is at 30 right now. we're below freezing as well in the south county and even over towards palo alto and saratoga and scott vale and we're now down to the mid-20s in some of the these inland valleys in parts of the north bay. 24 degrees in uke yeah, and then take a look at the trend. we're below freezing through 8:00 and then it starts to head up above freezing with a slow
5:18 am
warming trend into the low 50s today. take a look at our south bay highs reaching up to 59 degrees in gilroy and san jose. mid-50s for the east bay with oakland reaching 56 and 59 degrees in antioch this afternoon. near the coast we're in the lower 50s today with daily city reaching 52 and in san francisco up to 54 downtown. our north bay highs will also reach into the upper 50s today so i still think that that's cool. most likely you'll have the heater on throughout the day. going into the forecast, we're looking ahead to see when we could get some rain. it does stay just to the north of us for the weekend so take a look for the rounds of rain we could have next week starting late on tuesday into wednesday. possibly some more widespread rain on friday. at this point it still looks pretty light with some of the he have remember rain staying north of us. as we go out ten days it does show all of that rain up around
5:19 am
eureka and reading, and then as you move into parts of the north bay, maybe a quarter inch of rain and then even less as you head farther to the south, so other temperatures are going to be the main story here. look at morgan hill and the next den toys. it's cold now. head back up, but that may not be the end of the cold weather. by next weekend we can see highs only possibly reaching into the upper 50s and more freezing temperatures possible ahead for the mornings for next weekend, so taking a look at our seven-day forecast, inland areas. once again the rain chances back on tuesday and wednesday and, of course, we'll keep you up to date on that. mike, you were looking at a crash in the north bay. >> this just came in on the chb report. eastbound 80. we're getting away to most of our viewers here heading up towards the fairfield and vacaville area. don't see any slowing. we'll monitor that, but the commute direction typically coming down, the opposite direction towards the venetian bridges and you're at speed for
5:20 am
highway 37 out of vallejo and same thing for highway 4, moving west over towards 242 and then eventually walnut creek. no problems around contra costa county except for the one crash or incident over here on the byron highway. everything else is moving nicely out of the altamont pass. a little bit of showing shows up there and also south bay we do have perhaps a crash on 85. there's a beautiful view of the san matteo bridge. it flows smoothly so traffic-wise, look at the twinkling lights. it's clear and chill. back over to you. >> sure is. >> thanks, mike. >> 5:20 this morning and next up here on "today in the bay" nbc bay area responds. >> many homeowners have missed mortgage payments during the pandemic. now you can get as much as 80 grand to help keep your home if you apply. i'm consumer investigator economies -- i'm chris chmura.
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>> that was marcus and i yesterday morning, a little peek behind the scenes during commercial break. keep up with us to get some cool behind-the-scenes moments and follow us on instagram, facebook or twitter and sometimes marcus and i hope on facebook live and do some live with you so turn on notifications as well. we'd love to hear from you. you're watching "today in the bay."
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welcome back. 5:23 for you this morning. if you missed some mortgage payments because of the pandemic, you might be able to get tense of thousands of dollars in free health. >> consumer investigator chris chmura shows us how. >> reporter: the state of california received $1 billion from the er who have fallen behind on mortgage payments during covid-19. it's not an automatic lifeline. you have to apply. it's easy. first, there's a lot of money on the table, up to a maximum of $80,000 per household, and you don't have to pay it back. here's some basic qualifications. it has to be the home you live in. not an investment property. you've missed at least two more payments during the pandemic. covid-19 caused you a financial hardship like losing the job and your i can can't exceed the county's medium. start at the website halfway down the home page is an income calculator. choose your county and the
5:25 am
number of people in your household. if your numbers look good there, go back to the top and click apply now. the state says you're going to need paperwork like mortgage statements, bank statements, utility bills, tax returns and unemployment documents, burks remember, that paper shuffle could mean up to $80,000 to bring your home loan current, and you don't have to pay it back. the state says there's no strict deadline to apply. it will offer grants until the money runs out or 2025, whichever comes first. happening today, homeless census counts continue in parts of the bay area. those counts are happening this month as opposed t the backup ie recent covid search. volunteers were out yesterday for the first day of two countings in santa clara client. along with santa clara county, san francisco and alameda and contra costa and san matteo will launch theirs today. sonoma county takes place
5:26 am
tomorrow. coming up the top stories we're following you including breaking team coverage of russia's invasion expanding overnight in ukraine. >> reporter: as russia invades ukraine, the response from the california office of emergency services. >> and a reminder for you. nbc's beloved original tv series "law & order" continues tonight at 8:00 followed by two of the spinoffs from the mothership. "law & order svu" at 9:00 and then "organized crime" coming up for you at 10:00 tonight on nbc bay area. 5:26 this morning. we'll be right back.
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>> what is happening is unbelievable. >> breaking right now at 5:30, ukraine under attack with russian troops already breaking through a key entry point outside the ukraine capital. this morning, reaction from members of the bay area ukranian community fearing for their homeland. possible changes. the only remaining county with a mask mandate, the big announcement expected from santa clara county health leaders. plus a dangerous chill setting in again. we're tracking freezing temperatures across the bay area. meteorologist kari hall tracking how cold it will be in your neighborhood and when things will start warming up again. this is "today in the bay."
5:30 am
>> and this is also thursday morning. thanks for starting your day with us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. you can always a catch us here on television but we're also live for you on roku, amazon fire, apple tv and online. let get you started with the day. meteorologist kari hall. let's track the cold temperatures. beautiful start at the golden gate bridge and still a very cold morning. >> yeah. this is dangerous cold we're talking about here. even in record territory as we take a look at the numbers. where we are right now and what today's record is. we're at 27 in santa rosa. take a look at livermore. we'r san francisco just 1 degree above a record low. keep in mind our temperatures may come down another couple of degrees before sunrise. let's get a look at antioch. starting out in the low to mid-30s. the trend is reaching into the upper 50s by this afternoon with a few more clouds moving in by
5:31 am
this evening. we are headed for another cold night. it just won't be as cold thanks to a few of the clouds moving in. we'll talk more about that in the weekend forecast. that's coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you very much, kari, to our break news and russia's invasion of ukraine. a live look at a key that saint sophia's cathedral. explosions have rocket city with reports of at least 40 deaths. in the last hour ukraine leaders say russian troops broke through a key checkpoint 100 miles away from the capital. this morning we've got team coverage for you. our bob redell is talking with bay-area ukranians trying assist the people in their homeland. >> scott mcgrew is following the developments oversees and in washington. >> reporter: we expect president biden, marcus and laura, to speak about the situation in ukraine and america's response to. it always keep top of mind the u.s. says it is not going to get involved militarily, but we will be involved in some way.
5:32 am
the primary way will be sanctions. the white house says bigger sanctions will come against russia today. the one that we're looking for will got russia off from swift, the communications system between all the world's banks. some say the president doesn't dare do it. it would prevent russia from paying back debt but it would be a hammer indeed. explosions and air raid sirens across ukraine. some reports and mostly soldiers. we don't know about civilians, but it's nearly all civilian casualties. the united nations security council met again last night. president biden will meet with leaders of g-7 today. russia, as you know, can veto any move by the security council, so last night saw no action. russia in fact attacked during the security council meeting. >> unfortunately, while we've been meeting in the security council tonight, it appears that
5:33 am
president putin has ordered that last step at the exact time as we are gathered in the council seeking peace. putin delivered a message of war in total disdain for the responsibility of this council. >> reporter: putin also spoke to his nation talking about peacekeeping missions that russia is conducting. now we're used to russia speaking untruths mixed with truth, and an appeal to history. russian president vladimir putin speaking to the russians about their sacrifice that their grandfathers and great grandfathers made in the second world war. 20 million russians died in that war. it is deeply embedded in the russian culture. putin called the ukranian government nazis and claimed they were pursuing nuclear weapons. now the ukranians are not nazis,
5:34 am
of course. their president was democratically elected. they are pursuing relations with modern western countries. as for the bomb, that's the most absurd. the usa says there's no evidence that ukraine is pursuing a nuclear weapon. ukraine had nuclear weapons and gave them away. when the ussr fell apart ukraine inherited nuclear weapons. for a time they were the third most powerful nuclear stockpile. they gave them back to the russians with a promise the russians would never invade them. putin referred to the invasion of iraq. we claimed they had weapons of mass destruction. we now know they didn't and that a lot of members of the american government suspected or knew they didn't. false claims are nothing new. you may report kuwaiti girl telling the united nations that iraqi soldiers were dumping babies out of incubators. we didn't know at the time that that girl was the date of a kuwaiti ambassador and the testimony was coordinated by an american pr firm but this is the
5:35 am
first name a war in europe dealing with social media at the same time. the kosovo conflict was the last one. there will be things on social media by governments or people that aren't true. let me show i factual video. we know that, because that's richard engel. we work with him. we trust him. nbc will bring you factual verified information. take a look at the similar scene from video that claims to be of a russian news crew taking cover that looks really suspicion. first and foremost you could see the object that detonates before it did. they are not -- this is not the air strike they are claiming it was but this is getting passed around online. members of the local ukranian community meanwhile stunned and angry about what's happening in their homeland. requested today in the bay's" bob redell is in pleasanton and the state of california closely monitoring all of this. >> reporter: correct. good morning to you, scott. the governor's office of emergency services tweeted out that it's closely monitoring the developments in ukraine. i'm quoting here. in our hole as california's
5:36 am
homestand security lead we are proactively working to ensure state is closely coordinated with local and federal partners and able to act swiftly to address any threats that may occur. now it should be noted, it must be noted we have no reports of any threats against the state of california or the bay area related to the russian invasion of ukraine. as can you also see on your tv screen, the governor, speaker please and other members of the california congressional delegation have tweeted out their support for the people of ukraine. we spoke with igor markov. he's with the palo alto-based nova ukraine. he tells us he is shaken and what is happening in his home is unbelievable, that this is going to change the world. that's his words. he watched last night the pictures of the russian military invading ukraine and thinks of his friends in different parts of the country. he is hopeful his uncle and aunt in kyiv might be able to escape to the west. >> train tickets are already difficult to find, have been difficult to find for a while.
5:37 am
the airspace i think is closed now, especially given the missile strikes and strikes at ukranian airports, so i do hope they can get to safety, but i think a large number of people will not have that option. and there's a group that has just formed on facebook called stop putin, stop russia war in ukraine. it's announces a real, a protest later today at 4:00 at san francisco's city hall. reporting live here in pleasanton. bob redell, "today in the bay." >> the "today" show will go further in-depth on the russian invasion. keir simmons reports from moscow and richard engel reports from ukraine. that begins once the "today in the bay" show ends at 7:00 this morning. new overnight, arson investigators are look nothing a deadly house fire in san jose. it happened last night on north seventh street just east of highway 87. firefighters say one person inside the home did not survive.
5:38 am
still no word on the cause. switching gears and taking a live look at the cr. palisades tahoe resort reporting a foot of new snow thanks to this week's winter weather, and more fresh snow is moving through this morning nice to see the conditions up there. may be extending the run for some of these ski resorts. car irk, it's been cold here. certainly cold up there. >> yeah. they had single-digit temperatures to start out in the mornings and they have opened a lot more trails. they are also grooming a lot more of those runs as well, so take a look at the conditions for today. if you're lucky enough to go to palisades for the next few days, we have some nice weather, but, yeah, take a look at the morning temperatures, 5 and 6 degrees and with the highs below freezing that can also allow them to make more snow so we're seeing once again a lot of the lift, trails and run is open. if your weekend plans take you along the coste line for a
5:39 am
scenic drive, big sur will have temperatures in the upper 50s and low 60s. not bad. it will also be sin and we'll see a few more clouds moving in on sunday, but it will also be a little bit warmer, and then take a look at muir woods where a hike this weekend. it's going to still be cool tomorrow. we're looking at temperatures headed for the upper 50s for the rest of the weekend with a mix of is up and clouds. pretty nice conditions. mike, you're also predicting traffic. >> i am, kari over in san francisco. watch this magical move. this evening there will be a closure on geary. that's a critical route for folks. sutter is your alternate to get past the area because right in front of current theater there will be a closure for the hogwart's house block party. they had to reschedule the opening of the show based on the harry porter franchise so there will be a house party right there for the one block starting at 6:00 p.m. probably will have a little closure beforehand between mason and taylor so folks again, suter is your alternate to get around
5:40 am
that. maybe they could levitate you over but i wouldn't count on that. they are junior wizards. rest of the bay area. smooth flow of traffic. may be an incident in concord at 242. i'm checking with chp. no slowing out of antioch and there is one crash. this one on the peninsula. we did verify by the sfo exit. just off of 380 as we'll getting to the shoulder. the rest of the bay ashes gentle drive. back to you. >> thanks very much, mike. award-winning cinematographer's widower opening up for the first time. still ahead on "today in the bay," the exclusive and emotional conversation with the has of helena hutchins and what's being done to remember her legacy. >> it's very important to take a
5:41 am
stance against hate crimes in our city. >> condemning the hail. we go one-on-one with berkeley's mayor about the steps the city is taking about a rise in anti-semitic messaging. plus -- >> there is only one of 58 counties in california that still has an indoor mask mandate. it's santa clara county, but we could meet the metrics to drop the mask mandate in the days ahead. i'll show what you they are. you're watching "today in the bay."
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right now at 5:43, we're dealing with some of the coldest weather we've had in quite a long time and setting some records, especially in parts of the north bay and watching these other members closely as we dip well below freezing. we'll talk about this. another cold morning and i just got the drought update. we'll talk about that and the changes that we're seeing coming up in a few minutes. >> hopefully changes for the better. we'll see. >> looking over here. no major change for palo alto and we'll see the tail lights tapping a bit of brakes as you head past marsh. overnight work. still have some expressway work heading up towards sfo where there's a crash that we're tracking. breaking news just into the newsroom. the latest weekly jobs report is out. 232,000 americans filed first time claims, a slight drop from last week and just about in line with forecasts. about 1.5 million more people
5:45 am
filed continuing claims, but that number is well below what analysts expected. moving you forward on the future of mask-wearing in the south bay. only one bay-area county still has the indoor mask mandate, but it could be about to change. >> today in the bay's "kris sanchez is live in santa clara county where the mandate may be lifted in a matter of days. kris? >> reporter: well, santa clara county set a number of different benchmarks for lifting the mask mandates and the public health director says we might meet last of the three today. take a look at the numbers here. that last metric is 550 or fewer cases per day for a full week, so that would mark today if that happens. the county already hit the target of low and stable hospitalization numbers and an 80% or higher vaccination rate. santa clara and l.a. counties were the last in the state to keep the indoor mask requirements. l.a. is dropping theirs tomorrow though. a reminder that regardless of what counties do they will continue requiring masking in
5:46 am
k-12 schools, public transit, health care settings and shelters and jails. beyond that an infectious disease specialist says keep the masks handy in case you find yourself in a risk situation. >> i think the risk is still there. not quite where we were, even thanksgiving time. not where we were at the time of first california reopening on june 15th, 2021, which means that even though i'm a boosted person i'm still going to be very careful in a crowded indoor setting and wearing my mask. >> reporter: when i ask about masking on facebook some people said think vaxxed and boosted and ready to stop boosting and others will wear them for a while longer and one person said they are glad to see uniformity among bay area counties. speaking of uniformity, we're waiting for new guidance from the cdc which was supposed to happen this week. we're still tracking that. in santa clara county, kris sanchez, requested today in the
5:47 am
bay." >> this morning, bay-area leaders are trying to put an end to anti-semitic messaging. the city of berkeley passed a resolution could be demming recent incidents where hate-filled flyers towards the jewish community were found on people's doorsteps. similar incidents have happened in palo alto, huntington beach and other cities across the u.s. i spoke with berk's mayor about the message and messages he wants to send to people who have been targeted. >> we are investigating this incident as potential hate crime, and we ask any berkeley residents who have any camera footage or any information regarding the incident that took place this weekend to please call the berkeley police department. you know, we take any hate incident or hate crime very seriously so the purpose of the resolution, which we adopted yesterday unanimously, is to make it very clear that hate crimes have no place in berkly, that we will prosecute people to the fullest extent of the law enforcement while we're the
5:48 am
birth of the free speech movement we draw the line when it comes to hate speech or discrimination against any person on the basis of race, religion, gender, sexual orient sglags what do you think making a move like this says to those members of the community who have been affected by this type of hate crime? >> sadly we've seen a rise in hate crimes over the past five years but more specifically during the covid pandemic, you know. many of us remember last year seeing images of, you know, asian americans throughout the state but particularly in oakland and san francisco being targeted warned and some of those asian-related hate crimes happened in berkeley as well. we've seen a rise of hate crimes against the jewish community, african american community so it is alarming, and, you know, i do think it's the result of a very toxic political environment in our country. >> well, i hope your moves within the city encourage others
5:49 am
across the nation to follow suit. mayor. thank you so much. >> and you can watch that full interview with berkeley's mayor on apple tv and other streaming devices. download nbc bay area app and look at that video under the must see playlist. 5:48. right now for the first time the husband of the cinematographer shot and killed on the set of the move "rust" is the talking about his heartbreak. matt hutchins sat down with the "today" show's hoda kotb for an interview. his wife died last year from a prop gun fired by baldwin. blames the tragedy on baldwin as well as industry standards that were not practiced while on set. he talks about the moment that they had to tell their son what happened. >> he didn't believe it right away. he didn't want to believe it. so, you know -- >> what did he say? >> well, you know, i think that that kind of news, you just have to say multiple times so that it
5:50 am
can be believed, and so he believed it and we cried together then. >> a scholarship has been set up to honor halyna at her alma mater. see the full interview on the "today" show right after "today in the bay." >> our climate in crisis dealing with what's become an annual blow to water customers from the central valley to here in the bay area. the u.s. bureau of reclamation say nounsing plans to dial back water allocations from the central valley water project barring an unusual wet march and april. the main receipts are farmers -- recipients there are the farmers throughout the central valley and agencies including santa clara and contra costa water normally receive some of the allocation. this year the recipients are pegged to receive 25% of the time amount. here's a look for you in san jose and kari all we can do now is hoping for a march miracle of when it comes to the rain.
5:51 am
>> yes, that's absolutely true and we just have goesen the drought update. we are seeing a lot of tlrg energy which indicates a severe drought. we have seen a lot more red which would mean a severe drought starting to come into parts of the north bay. let's get a closer look at what that looks like. that now includes ukeia. parts of northern coastal sonoma county. on farther to the north where we've seen an increase in drought up from severe to extreme. about 5% across the state of california. now much of the rest of the bay area is still in an extreme drought, but if we do continue on with continues like this, we'll start to see a lot more red here on the map which means they are increasing that drought category and the severity that have so most likely we'll see
5:52 am
poverty water restrictions unless things change. all of this coming at the same time that we're dealing with the dangerous cold weather, and we're seeing the temperatures in parts of the north bay dipping into the mid-20, and we do have below freezing temperatures for parts of the east bay and south county. going into today our high temperatures head for the mid to upper 50s. it's going to be a chilly day and then we're going back into the freezing numbers tonight but there will be a few more clouds moving in that will keep the temperatures from dipping as low. as we look at our rain outlook it does keep the rain farther north so maybe with that increase in the drought category for the far northern spots in california, we could see this improving just a little bit, especially if we get some more active weather during the month of march so we're looking at the potential of getting a lot more rain out there and for us here in the bay area maybe another quarter inch of rain for next week. that's definitely not enough. as we go through the seven-day forecast, temperatures in the upper 50s and we do see some
5:53 am
scattered showers on tuesday and wednesday. mike, you were tracking a crash near sfo. >> yeah, kari. looks like it's affecting lanes southbound 101 as you approach 380 down towards the sfo stitt. a crash with six or seven vehicles in the lanes and over on the shoulder there. still have a couple of lanes blocked. that will slow you down. 280 is clear coming down the peninsula. 101, we hope, should take a few minutes and watching chp reports slowing for san jose typical there and there's a build. we should see the metering lights on shortly at the bay bridge. >> thanks, mike. a new state proposal would expand the state of california's meals program to include children in day care. last year governor newsom approved expanding the program for free brake fast and lunch. according to the author a state senate committee is set to discuss late they are spring.
5:54 am
>> are products you're use could be hurting the environment. the troubling encounter and the outpouring of love and students from students and coming at 6:00, the complete coverage of the russian invasion in ukraine. we're live following all the new developments overnight. stay with us for the very latest on this breaking news.
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