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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 24, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PST

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we're below freezing in the tri-valley as well as palo alto down through saratoga and scott valley as well as much of the north bay, so with the cold air we're seeing right now it will head back to the mid-50s but we do have more cold temperatures again tomorrow morning so take the steps to protect everything around the house as well as people and we'll talk more about what's ahead in the forecast going on in the weekend come up in a few minutes.
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a short time again russian troops broke through a checkpoint 100 miles away breaching the kyiv region. major cities are being targeted in russian air strikes. >> new video of some of those overnight attacks. smoke and flames billowing into the air. ukraine claims at least 40 people have already been killed and dozens of others are injured. the government is providing arms for any citizen in their nation and also asking for live help from nato. >> requested tate in the bay's "scott mcgrew with the immediate impact being seen here. first brie jackson with the latest from washington where president biden is right now holding a critical meeting. brie. >> reporter: president biden convened a meeting with the national security council in the situation room to discuss the situation between russia and ukraine. the president plans to speak with members of the g-7 to discuss sanctions against
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ukraine. or against russia this as the president also plans to deliver remarks to the nation. ukraine under fire. sigh krens wailing, explosions heard in major cities including the capital kyiv. long lines of cars with people trying to flee to safety and president biden condemning russia saying putin has chosen a premeditated war that will bring a catastrophic loss of life and human suffering. vladimir putin claimed that his action is to help civilians. the national security council appealed for peace. statement that we gathered seeking peace. putin delivered a message of war. >> they made a decision for a
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special military operation in the donbas. >> i call on every one of you to do everything possible to stop the war. >> ukraine's president declaring martial law allows curfews and the seizure of property saying the security is being tested, the u.s. vowing support. we're doubling down on our assistance to ukraine itself making sure as we've already done that we're providing additional security assistance. diplomatic support, economic and humanitarian support. >> reporter: and asking for help from its allies. >> the world will hold russia accountable. >> reporter: and the white house announces sanctions to further punish russia. members of congress will receive a briefing on the situation in ukraine. >> scott mcgrew continues our coverage this morning scott, world markets are readying for another rough day ahead and more sanctions. >> reporter: the sanctions ahead
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are really key here. what america has enforced so farrelltively minor, though yesterday president biden to build the natural gas pipeline between russia and germany. president biden was reluctant to intervene and it basically stopped the paperwork on the project but that was easily reversible. what america has done makes it much more perm known. one of the things about sanctioning vsh that russia's economy is so small. it's about $1.5 trillion yearly output, mostly oil and gas. for perspective california has twice as big an economy as russia. let's take you out live to the futures. can you see what's happening here. the dow trials planning to lose 7730 points on the open and that's where a lot of tech
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companies are and percentage-wise that's a much bigger loss. yesterday very tough on the markets. the dow fell 464 points, about 1.33%. the nasdaq is down in their territory or pretty close to it. the bear market is when the market falls 20% below its all-time highs and we're almost there with the nasdaq. now a correction is when a market falls 10% below its all-time highs and we're definitely there. obviously where this hits you the hardest is your retirement account and gas prize. brent crude above $100 a barrel for the first time in seven years so we've been here before. texas numbers, domestic oil, still below 100 for now. hopefully though we can all remember as we're watching the numbers on the gas pump spin or whirl that we may have to pass a few more sense for gas. mothers and fathers in ukraine are reportedly marking children with their blood type or so the story goes, but it's an effective reminder, and i hope
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it puts it into perspective when you're at the gas pump. now is the blood type story true, or is it manufactured? coming up, we're going to take a look at some of the doubtful claims made in the conflict including this supposed news report that looks very, very fake, and we will analyze the latest speech from russia president vladimir putin where he talks about russian grandfathers and great grandfathers and the great war. marcus and laura, we're at the intersection of a war in europe during a time social media and not everything that you're going to read is what it appears to be. >> that's important to check those reliable sources when you're looking at information, especially right now. >> all right. >> thanks, scott. >> of course, stay with us for the very latest. in our next half hour our coverage will include new local reaction. we're also monitoring the situation online all the time. head to >> happening today a special meeting for san francisco's school board. this is to vote on proposed layoffs. the district leaders abruptly
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postponed the meeting after failing to give proper notice. the board may approve 300 layoffs along with eliminating $33 million in bonuses and raises for teachers and substitutes. the district is facing a massive budget shortfall. >> the cold weather is prompting santa clara county to open warming centers across the south bay. most county libraries are open for just that purpose during the day. overnight centers in san jose include the national guard building on west heading street and by referral at the evergreen library and community center. it is very cold out there. you feel for the people that are on the streets. kari, any relief in sight? >> it's going to be a while before we see the temperatures warming up, but we'll have another cold morning tomorrow as well. take a look at how cold it is right now in fairfield. we've dipped down to 24 degrees. dangerously cold that we're seeing for a lot of our inland areas as the winds cam down and then take a look at the trend.
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we do still have at least through 8:00 with the sub freezing temperatures and then going into the mid-50s for today with a mostly sunny sky, and then here's a look at our high temperatures for today. we're basically pack to where we were yesterday with the mid to upper 50s, and we will see some warmer afternoons going into the next few days. we'll talk about that going into the next few minutes. the metering lights have been activated and you'll find slowing on the incline. the bay bridge toll plaza showing signs of folks slowing on the approve. we have growth build up. highway 37 and that's a traditional spot on the east bay. atypical slowing south 101 approaching 1 fo and crashed a couple of lanes there and a number of vehicles reportedly initially involved. we may have a couple that still are in the lanes. 280 is clear if you can choose
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between 280 clear south of that section and then your typical build for the tri-valley east bay and santa clara valley. back to you. >> thanks so much, mike. 60:9 right now. thinking, leading and now sliding. next on "today in the bay" we'll have the latest problem our investigative unit uncovered at san francisco's millennium tower. >> plus, the pandemic changing everyday shopping. the new pick me up feature at one store that includes a perk that may be here to stay.
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the time is 6:12 on this thursday morning, and we are under a microclimate weather alert. freezing temperatures for a lot of inland areas, and then for san jose, we are still going to be cold through about 8:00. temperatures in the upper 30s. trending more towards the upper 50s for today. so just a couple of degrees warmer than yesterday. we'll continue to see a warmer trend in the forecast. we'll talk about that and the drought monitor update coming up again in a sfo just cleared from 101, 101 here shows flowing through san martin and morgan hill. that means more slowing for san jose coming up on your commute. right now the commute builds at the bay bridge toll plaza. we gave it a few more minutes. the wait approaching the at allgate. >> 6:15 right now.
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from bad to worse. nbc bay area has learned the san francisco millennium tower is not just sinking and tilting, it's sliding triggering a problem with one of its key systems. i spoke with nbc bay area's investigative unit jackson vanderbeken about what he's uncovered. >> well, it seems like, at least since 2018 or 2019 there's been a problem with one of the elevator systems which link up the system that's tilting next doors which it's not so it's creating a gap between the elevator system and a platform in the tower. there's a specified maximum and at least for the last two excee. they have just come up with a fix, but it's emblematic of a much larger problem in that the building is sinking and tilting. >> that's the thing. we keep hearing more and more problems. over an inch. doesn't sound like a lot but when you're dealing with safety, even a fraction can make a
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difference. >> right, and that's what this elevator system is all about. you can't have a gap that's larger than 1.25 inches, and their gap was close 2 inches, reflecting this inch of horizontal movement. that's basically the building is sliding as well as tilting and sinking towards the west, towards fremont street. it's a very large structure and has a ten foot thick concrete matt and under that are tiles that do not extend down to bed rook, so somehow or or the whole thing is moving. >> so inspectors can red tag it. why hasn't that happened. >> well, they say that there's no risk to the systems involved. one of the elevators was shut down, but they kept the other one operating, so they -- they locked out that elevator until they could come up with a fix so they had two elevators serving the garage area into the building next door. as to the larger issues.
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the building department is repeatedly assured that the building safety systems, the elevators and other critical elements of the building are still safe. >> that's just a small slice of the story. you can watch the full interview on line on right now, and if you have story ideas for our investigative unit call the tip line 888-996-tips. >> 6:16 and target stores will start testing an option this fall to add starbucks items to your curbside pickup orders that will be delivered to the car with the rest of your order. target also plans to test curbside returns. well, this is trending for you this morning a set of twins, this like nothing we've seen before. stay with us here. you have to see this pretty remarkable story. starts out with identical twin sisters brianna and brittany. they married identical twin brothers josh and jeremy. the virginia couples last year each gave birth to boys about 3
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months apart so they are in the identical twins or fraternal twins but they are twins married to twins having babies less than nine months apart. similar genetic makeups make the boys closer to brothers than cousins. the couples say there's only been about 300 twin marriages like this ever. >> very interesting. >> very cool. >> twin cousins and i always wanted them to marry me step dad's cousins kids. >> they were twins, too. >> they were twins too. >> wow. >> two twin cousins. >> twinning. you'd be twinning. >> i would have been twinning. >> yeah. i always liked the triplet. liked the little brother. >> that was so much bigger. >> good look at that forecast today. meteorologist kari hall has been tracking there. kari, one thing we're dealing with the cold temperatures but still not getting as much rain as we really need. >> yeah. we just got the drought monitor
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update just a few minutes ago. wanted to show you what it looked like last week with much of california in this orange which is severe drought. only very little bit was in that extreme drought category where we saw red. now we've gone from 1% of california in the extreme drought to now 5% of the state in the extreme drourkts and that includes parts of our north bay where we've gone weeks without any significant rainfall. the little bit of rain that we had recently really didn't help and take a look at the changes you can see there. a little bit more red indicating that we've flipped farther into this drought as we take a look at parts of coastal sonoma county and mendecino county. we're in that severe drought category which means more water restriction. this comes as the temperatures are dripping down to record lows. seeing that down to santa rosa. down to 27 degrees which is the record. we're very close in livermore and just one degree above the
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record low in san francisco. oakland also 1 degree above a record low in san jose. may not set a record today, but it is definitely very cold for this time of year, even as we're going to see our temperatures head for the mid-50s and then going into tomorrow morning, there will be a few more cloud coming in. that's going to keep temperatures from as low as what we're seeing right now. still freezing in parts of the inland valley and parts of the north bay as we. as we look ahead to see if there's any rain in the forecast. rain stays just north of us this weekend and then going into next week. there could be a couple of systems passing by which is a good thing that we are seeing a change in this weather pattern that could at least allow for a little bit of rain to come in, but then looking at how much we could see. well, it does keep the heavier rainfall just to our north up around eureka and reading, and for northern sonoma county in the areas upgraded in that drought category, we may see possibly about half an inch of rain or less. it's going to be a lot less for
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the rest of the bay area, so we're looking at mainly dry conditions here. temperatures cold for tomorrow morning as well, and then it does start to feel nicer for the afternoons with highs reaching into the mid-60s. we will be watching out for the rain chances next week as our highs reach near the upper 60s and near 70 degrees. mike, do you have better news along the peninsula? >> i do, i do. for highway 101 how quickly it cleared up heading down past 380 because the crash got moved to the should we are no major injuries. they finally had enough tow trucks to do that. sfo operating just fine so your drive getting there now to south san francisco, getting to san francisco, backup forming at the bay bridge. metering lights on since 5:55. it's now after 6:00, and we're still holding steady with a light, more gradual build. i showed you highway 4 and 37 which is typical of the slower drive and here's highway 4 and 880. those are the only signs. south bay picking up again. >> picking up out there.
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thanks, mike. >> coming up next on "today in the bay," nbc bay area responds. >> many homeowners have missed mortgage payments during the pandemic. now you can get as much as 80,000 to help keep your home if you apply. i'm consumer investigative reporter chris chmura. i'll show you how. >> don't target toes "law & order" night. tonight at 8:00 the highly anticipated return of the original "law & order" followed by "s vu" at 9:00 and "organized crime" at 10:00. right now at 6:21 you're watching "today in the bay."
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welcome back. 6:23 right now, and in you missed some mortgage payments because of the pan dem you can you might be able to get tens of thousand of dollars in free help. >> consumer investigator chris chmura shows us how. >> reporter: the state of california received $1 billion from the 2021 american rescue plan act to help homeowners who have fallen behind on mortgage payments during covid-19. it's not an automatic lifeline. you have to apply. it's easy. first, there's a lot of money on the table. up to a maximum of $80,000 per household, and you don't have to pay it back. here's some basic qualifications. has to be the home you live in, not an investment property. you've missed at least two mortgage payments during the pandemic. covid-19 caused you a financial
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hardship like losing your job, and your income can't exceed your county's median income. start at the official website camortgagerewill halfway down the home page is an income calculator. choose your income and the number of people in your household. you'll need mortgage statements, utility bills, tax payments, pay stubs, et cetera. you could get up to $80,000ch to help and you don't have to pay it back. happening today, homeless census counts continue in part of the bay area. the counts are happening this month. volunteers were out yesterday for the first of two days to count in santa clara county.
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along can santa clara county, san francisco and alameda counties did their counts yesterday. contra costa and san matteo counties will lauren theirs today. sonoma county tomorrow. >> top stories we're following for you today including breaking team coverage of russia's invasion of ukraine overnight. >> reporter: yes. as russia invades ukraine, the response from california's office of emergency services. and the bay area wake up to freezing cold temperatures. a live look for you this morning in walnut week. meteorologist kari hall tracking when we can see a warmup.
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>> what is happening is unbelievable. >> breaking now at 6:30. ukraine under attack with russia troops already breaking through a key entry point outside ukraine's capital. this morning reaction from members of the bay area. the oukian community fearing for their homeland. >> plus a dangerous chill sets in again. freezing temperatures across the bay area. meteorologist kari hall tracking how cold it will be in your neighborhood and when things will start to warm up again. >> and possible changes to the only remaining county with a mask mandate. the big announcement expected from scolaire gentleman county health leaders. this is "today in the bay."
6:30 am
a very good thursday morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. you can always catch us here on television and we're live on roku, amazon fire, apple tv and online. >> certainly have a lot to get to this thursday morning. first, meteorologist kari shall here with a microclimate weather alert. >> yeah. we're talking about these freezing temperatures that we have for a lot of our inland area, and look at santa rosa right now at 28 degrees. it's 26 in calistoga, and we're also well below freezing in par of the tri-vale down to the south county. as we go into today, we are going to see those milder temperatures headed our way for the afternoon, but we do have to get through these next few hours with sub freezing temperatures and then we'll also head back to some very cold air for tonight. we're going to talk more about this, also that drought monitor update and a look ahead to see if there's any rain in the forecast. that's coming up in a few minutes. laura? >> thanks very much, kari. breaking news and russia's invasion of ukraine. we have a live look at kyiv, the
6:31 am
capital of ukraine. explosions have rocked the city with reports of at least 40 deaths and since we've gone on air at 4:30 this morning ukranian leaders say russian troops broke through a key checkpoint 100 miles away from the capital. this morning we've got live team coverage for you. bob redell is talking about bay-area ukranians already mobilizing to assist their homestand. >> scott mcgrew is following those developments not only overseas but in washington as well. >> reporter: good morning. with expect president biden to speak here in the next few hours about the space in ukraine and america's response to. it always keep in mind the u.s. says it is not going to get involved militarily, but we will be involved in some way. the primary way will be sanctions. the white house says bigger sanctions against russia are coming today. the one we're watching for, will america cut russia off from swift, the communications system between all the world's banks. some say he doesn't dare.
6:32 am
it would prevent russia from paying back debt but it would be a hammer. explosions and air raid sirens across ukraine. some reports say 40 ukranian soldiers dead. we don't know about civilians, but there are almost always civilian casualties. the united nations security council met again last night. president biden will meet with g7 leaders today. russia, as you know, can veto any move by the security council, so last night saw no action. russia in fact attacked during the security council meeting. >> unfortunately, while we've been meeting in the security council tonight it appears that president putin has ordered that last step. at the exact time as we are gathered in the council seeking peace, putin delivered a message of war in total disdain for the responsibility of this council.
6:33 am
>> reporter: putin also spoke to his nation talking about peacekeeping mission. russia is conducting. we're used to russia speaking untruths that are mixed with truths and an appeal to history. >> reporter: russian president vladimir putin speaking to russians about the sacrifice their grandfathers and great grandfathers made during the second world war. 20 million russians died in that war. it's deeply embedded in the russian culture. putin called the ukranian government nazis and claimed they were pursuing nuclear weapons. now the ukranians are not nazis, of course. their president was democratically elected. they are pursuing relations with modern western countries. as for the bomb, that's the most absurd. not only does the u.s. say there's no evidence that ukraine is pursuing a nuclear weapon, ukraine had nuclear weapons and gave them away. when the ussr fell apart ukraine inherited nuclear weapons.
6:34 am
for a time they were the third most powerful stockpile in the world. they gave them back to the russians in exchange for a promise that russia would never invade them. putin definitely alluded to the united states invasion of iraq. remember, we claimed they had weapons of mass destruction. we now know they didn't and that a lot of members of american government either suspected or knew they didn't. false claims in war, of course, nothing new. you remember the kuwaiti girl telling the united nations iraqi soldiers were dumping children out of incubators. the testimony was coordinated by an american pr firm and her fare was an ambassador. this is the first war in europe during a social media existence. the kosovo conflict was the last in europe, right, so there are going to be things on social media post there had by people or governments that aren't true. this is factual video. we know this is real because that's richard engel. he works for us and we trust
6:35 am
him. nbc will bring you factual verified information. take a look at this and then a similar scene that claims to be of a russian news crew taking cover that looks really suspicion. first and foremost you can see the object detonates before it does. it's not the air strike that they are claiming it is, but this is getting passed around online. members of the local community stunned and angry about what's happening in theirhall. "today in the bay's" bob redell is live in pleasanton. the state of california, bob, is also watching this very carefully. >> reporter: it is. good morning to you, scott. governor newsom's office of emergency services tweeted out last night that it is closely monitoring the developments in ukrainance and i'm quoting here. in our role as california's homeland security lead, we are proactively working to ensure state is closely coordinated with local and federal partners and able to act swift i had to address any threats that may occur. now, it must be noted. we have no reports of any threats against the state of
6:36 am
california or the bay area related to the russian invasion of ukraine. as you can see on your tv screen, the governor, speaker pelosi and other members of the california congressional delegation, they have tweeted out their support for the people of ukraine. we spoke with igor mark i have. he's shaken and what is happening in his home country is unbelievable and this is going to change the world. his words. we saw pictures of the russian military invading ukraine and he's hopeful his aunt and ankle in kyiv might be able to escape to the west. >> train tickets are already difficult to find and have been difficult to find for a while. the airspace i think is closed down, especially given the air strikes so i do hope that they can get to safety, but i think a large number of people will not have that option.
6:37 am
>> reporter: there's a new group on facebook called stop putin, stop russian war in ukraine. they have organized a real, a protest. that's for later today at 4:00 at san francisco's city hall. reporting live from pleasanton, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> and "today" show will go further in-depth cuing updates from ukraine and moscow with reporter "keir simmons on the seen and a breakdown of what one reporter believers will be putin's next move. that's right after "today in the bay" at 7:00. let's take a live look at the sierra, a palisades tahoe resort where the resort is reporting more this a foot of new snow thanks to this week's winter weather allowing them to open some more slopes which is nice. more fresh snow moving through this morning as well. a very welcome sight, kari
6:38 am
especially as we head into the weekend if folks are lucky enough to head to tahoe. >> yes. if you're lucky now have, we do have a lot more of the trails open and have grouped the trails as well. take a look what's going on. yes, it's cold. single digits and then with the freezing temperatures this will continue to make snow on the lower elevations, but the upper elevations we still do have 108 inches of snow on the ground. if your weekend plans take you along the coastline, you're going big sur, it will be chilly there with highs reaching into the upper 50s and low of 0s, but we will see sunshine, and this weekend there's a black joy parade and festival in oakland. great event to check out with the family. it starts out at noon, parade at 12:30 and throughout the day there will be festivities going on around oakland. we'll talk about what's going on in our weather, whether we could see an update and more about the
6:39 am
drought monitor. mike, you're looking at a closure in san francisco. >> looking what the will be a problem for some folks in san francisco as if by magic we'll show you the overhead view of geary. harry potter world will open. the opening section will be closed. black party there and sutter will be the alternate or perhaps ought on the town and getting into town the pay a bridge toll plaza filling in at the richmond tolls thata, highway 4, all usual zupts and nothing major as far as the big backups. 880 through hayward, this crash towards 880 has cleared and now the build for san jose, santa clara and palo alto.
6:40 am
back to you. >> thank you, mike. 6:39 right now. award winning cinematographer's widower opening up for the first time. still ahead on requested today in the bay," the exclusive and emotional conversation with the husband of halyna hutchins who died on the movie set of "rust." his message to alec baldwin and what's now being done to honor his wife's legacy. >> it's very critical that we take a very strong speech against hate crimes in our communities. >> steps that the city is tackling to stem a rise of hate crimes. >> the last county with a mask mandate indoors is santa clara county, but the metric needed to drop that could be dropped today. what that is and what it may mean coming up. you're watching "today in the bay."
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good thursday morning. the time now is 6:43, and we're under a microclimate weather alert with freezing temperatures in the inland area. walnut creek 32 degrees and may fall another couple of degrees around sunrise, and then we start to see our trend heading up. we're head for the mudd to upper 50s today and another cold day tomorrow and we'll talk about that in our drought monitor update coming up in a few minutes. >> and on the peninsula some of the unusual slowing here heading up into palo alto. crash north 101 around san
6:44 am
antonio. looks like everything should be getting to the shoulder. we will double check on that and also double checking the bay bridge. the backup filling in the toll plaza but not at a standstill. this is not so bad. trust me for the bay bridge. >> we do have some breaking news. the latest weekly jobless report is out. 232,000 americans filed first-time claims, a slight drop from last week and in line with forecast. 1.5 million more people filed continuing claims and that number is well below what analysts expected. 6:44. moving you forward on the future of mask wearing in the south bay. one bay area county has an indoor mask mandate but that could be about to change. >> "today in the bay" kris sanchez live in santa clara county where the man tate may be lifted in a matter of days, chris. >> all right. you know that count its set certain benchmarks for lifting mask mandates, and today in santa clara county we could meet the last of them before those mandates can be lifted. let take a look at the numbers
6:45 am
here. the county could meet the metric of 550 or fewer cases per day for a full week today. the county hit the target of low and stable hospitalization numbers and an 80% or higher vaccination rate. santa clara and l.a. counties were the last in the state to keep an indoor masking requirement which l.a. is going to drop tomorrow. a reminder that regardless of what our counties do, the state will continue require masking in k-12 school, child care facilities, public transit and health care settings along with shelters and jails. beyond that ucsf infectious disease specialist says keep the masks handy in case you find yourself in a risk situation. >> i think the risk is definitely still there. we're not quite where we were. even thanksgiving time, definitely not where we were at the time of the first california reopening on june 15, 2021 which means even though i'm a boosted
6:46 am
person i'll still be careful in an indoor crowd setting and wear my mask. some people said that they are boosted and vaxxed and ready to stop masking and others say they are going to keep continuing to wear them for a little while longer. others said they are glad to see uniformity. speaking of uniformity, we're waiting for guide lyons from the cdc. expect those later this week. whenever it does, we'll post it live on our facebook page. leaders are trying to put an end to anti-semitic hate in which hate-filled flyers with anti-semitic messages were found on people's doorsteps. similar incidents have happened in san francisco, patio, huntington beach and other cities across the u.s. i was able to speak to the berkeley mayor about the messages and the message he
6:47 am
wants to send to those who are affected. >> we are investigating this incident as a potential hate crime, and we ask any berkeley resident who has any camera footage or any information regarding the incident that took place this weekend to please call the berkeley police department. you know, we take any incident or hate crime very seriously, and so the purpose of the resolution, which we adopted yesterday unanimously is to make it very clear that hate crimes have no life in berkeley and we either birthplace of the free speech movement we draw the line when it comes to hate speech or any form of dis-krim on the basis of gender, race. anything of that nature. sadly we've seen a rise in hate
6:48 am
crimes, many of us last year seeing images, you know, particularly in san francisco and oakland being targeted and some of the hate crimes happened in berkeley as well. seen a large rise of hate crimes in our jewish communities, african american communities so it is alarming. you know, i do think it's the result of a very toxic political environment in our country. >> well, i hope the moves within the city encourage others across the nation to follow suit. mayor, thank you so much. now you can watch that full interview with berkeley's mayor on apple-tv and other stream devices. just download nbc bay area app and look for the video under the must-see playlist. >> for the first time husband of the cinematographer shot and killed on the set of the movie set "rust" is talking about his heartbreak. matt hutchins said down with the
6:49 am
"today's." his wife halyna died after the firing of a prop gun by alex baldwin in addition to safety standards that were not on set. he tells the moment that he had to tell their son what happened. >> he didn't believe it right away, didn't want to believe it. >> so, you know. >> what did you say? >> well, you know, think that kind of news you just have to say multiple times so that it can be believed and he believed it and we cried together then. "today" show right after "today in the bay." >> our limit in crisis. the u.s. bureau of reclamation
6:50 am
is announcing plans to dial back water for the central valley water project. the main recipients of this are the farmers throughout the central valley. the agency including santa clara and couldn't tra costa, water normally receives some of the allocations. this year they will sipients will receive 25% of the final amount. the final allocations will be announced in may. here's a live look for you this morning. san jose as you can see the sun is coming up and kari, all we can do is really hope for a march -- it's been extremely dry. hoping something changes. did see a change in the drought monitor. take a hook at the update.
6:51 am
we are -- take a look at the update we go the this morning: it does include parts of northern "the new york post"al and sonoma county as well as mendecino county and lake county going part upper to the north there, while much of the rest of the bay area is in a severe drought. that continues as the cold air is plunging in. take a look at our temperatures going hour-by-hour. still below freezing over the next hour or so and then we start to see some. temperatures starting to pull out of that deep freeze. we're headed for some mid to upper 50s today with some high temperatures only just slightly warmer compared to yesterday. it's going to be cold again tonight. we are going to still see some freezing temperatures in parts of the north bay, inland east bay and tri-valley down to the south county, but we will have a few more clouds moving in, and that will keep those temperatures for the most part out of that record territory.
6:52 am
we'll see rain north of us. especially assy with her looking. it doesn't lock like a lot of rain for us here. a lot of the heavier rain staying north up around euricia. that drops off with probably trace amounts of maybe around a quarter of an inch for parts of the north bay and less as you heard farther south. so we are looking at a fairly dry forecast. our temperatures are very chilly and in the upper 50s. for the weekend better during the afternoon and we'll see more clouds moving in during the week especially on tuesday and thursday with rain nearby and highs near 70 degrees. it will start to feel better in some spots while san francisco will have some mid-50s today. we're headed for the low 50s by sunday. what's going on with the crash here 101. >> the one heading up into palo alto makes things a little
6:53 am
clearer here at university because as you're approaching out of mountain view, the crash is on the shoulder now at san antonio road. that does mean recovery happening as the volume builds out of mountain view and also from san jose. we see that at the airport. still moving slowly and traffic and 8880, another crash creates a slowdown at the bay bridge. >> thanks, mike. happening new, a new state proposal would expand california's meals program to include children in day care. last year governor newsom expanded the program to include free breakfast for kids k-12. a senate committee is set to discuss the proposal this spring. >> and still ahead the latest
6:54 am
breaking news out of ukraine. >> russians seem to be miles from the ukranian capital. we do expect the president it speak.
6:55 am
in new york city, ♪ ♪ there's always something new to discover. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ come be a part of it. plan your next vacation at - [announcer] the more we learn about covid-19, the more questions we have. the biggest question now, what's next? what will covid bring in six months, a year? if you're feeling anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673, or live chat at today. 6:56. welcome back. we continue to follow breaking news this morning, and the russian invasion of ukraine. some reports put them just miles from the capital. >> as we take a live look, scott
6:57 am
mcgrew, president biden will brief the american public today. >> reporter: yeah, good morning. he's been speaking with the national security advisers in the situation room, and also the senate will get an unclassified briefing from national intelligence as well which means they can talk about it. if you're just hearing about this for the first time, the actions against ukraine now a full invasion just as predicted. our richard engel says russians are in the hot zone of chernobyl where they attacked a nuclear waste dump. we've seen video on social media that appears to show russian airborne forces and bombardment against a number of ukranian cities. a reminder, president biden says american troops are not going to get involved, though we are ready to receive refugees as they cross into romania and poland. we do expect the white house to announce new sanctions against russia today. now the mother of all sanctions would be cutting russia off from
6:58 am
swift, the world wide banking communications system which would be a hammer to the russian economy. money also fleeing to safety. the big board shows the dow industrials plunging 700 points and the nasdaq even worse. that's where there's a lot of california companies. that's in bear tear tis. brent screwed above $100 for the first time in seven years. been here before, but it's going to cost you. domestics -- hopefully, marcus an laura, we can remember the people at the gas pumps, people in a western-oriented democracy are fighting for their lives. the ukranian defense minister offering a rifle to any citizen who wishes to use one. perspective as far as our lives go. >> what's happening today, a special meeting of the san francisco school board to vote on a proposed layoff. the district leader abruptly postponed that meeting on tuesday after failing to give
6:59 am
proper notice. the board may approve more than 300 layoffs and bonus for teachers and substitutes. the district faces a mavis budget shortfall. >> cold weather is prompting santa clara county to own warming centers across the south bay. there's one open at the national guard armory over an heading street. need to find some relief out there for some folks, kari. >> yeah, we do have a tomb more hours. upper 0s for the inland areas today and it will be warmer. tomorrow. >> there was a crash and then a dog jumped out of a car. i believe the dog is safely back with their owner and people are safely on the shoulder. >> that's alarm for people.
7:00 am
glad it's okay. thanks, mike. >> that's what's happening "today in the bay." we'll be back with a live local news update at 7:25 this morning. >> and we'll have much more for you during our midday newscast coming up for you at 11:00. want to leave you with a live look. this is kyiv, the capital city of ukraine. more on the "today" showch and the invasion of russia. good morning. breaking news, under attack. russia unleashing a massive military assault on ukraine. the biggest in europe since world war ii. chaos on the streets of kyiv, a miles long traffic jam as thousands attempt to flee. vladimir putin warning the u.s. and other nations not to interfere. president biden condemning the attacks as unprovoked and unjustified pledging even harsher sanctions and preparing to address the nation today. complete coverage from
7:01 am
washington, moscow, and th


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