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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 25, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PST

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president biden is taking part in an emergency nato summit and moving more u.s. troops to europe. we've got complete coverage from the white house and the impacts felt here in the bay area. >> and a major nomination. who will be the next supreme court justice nominee? ahead, the three main picks up for the job. >> plus, stopping loyal dumping. the new way leaders in oakland are planning to crack down on garbage being left on the road. this is "today in the bay." good morning. thanks for making us a part of your morning. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm laura garcia. if you're on the go, you can watch us live on roku, amazon fire, apple tv, and of course online. >> let's get you started wd a look at the forecast. meteorologist kari hall is tracking what we can expect and certainly another cold start to the morning. >> yes, the microclimate weather alert continues because of the dangerous cold weather we've had moving in, and our temperatures dipping into the upper 20s in
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the north bay once again. we are at 27 in napa, as well as santa rosa, 26 in fairfield, and we're also seeing below-freezing temperatures in the inland east bay and the tri-valley, as well as the south county, and even palo alto now at 32 degrees. let's check out san jose and how the day will shape up for us. even though we'll still be in the 30s at 8:00, going into the afternoon we're headed for the low 60s, as you're making plans outside today. you might still want to wear a jacket, but as far as the morning, definitely lots of layers. we'll talk about what's ahead for the weekend forecast in a few minutes. >> thank you. 5:01 right now. breaking news we continue to follow, russia's invasion of ukraine is intensifying. here is a live look at the ukraine capital of kyiv, where hundreds of russian troops were killed and injured as they made their way into the city overnight. at least 130 people have been killed, hundreds others injured. at this hour ukraine is removing
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age restrictions for its citizens to try to get them to join the military as the fight ramps up. >> and new video showing an apartment building in kyiv that sustained heavy damage overnight. officials say the nine-story building was hit by debris. this is after an aircraft was shot down over the capital city. we have live team coverage on the conflict in just moments. scott mcgrew is going to break down the impact of the sanctions russia president vladimir putin is being met with. >> first, "today in the bay's" brie jackson live in washington. president biden is set to meet with the international leaders again today. >> good morning, marcus, laura. president biden will have a virtual meeting with nato leaders to discuss the situation in ukraine, and also discuss possibly new sanctions against russia. residents of kyiv waking up to sounds of war. and sights of devastation in other areas of ukraine. >> putin chose this war, and now
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he and his country will bear the consequences. >> reporter: president biden imposing harsh new sanctions that include cutting off russia's largest banks and companies from western financial markets and restricting exports. >> this is going to impose severe costs on the russian economy immediately and over time. >> reporter: some critics say the president should have gone even further. >> ratchet the sanctions all the way up, all the way up, as far as you can. >> reporter: there's a bipartisan push for russia to be barred from s.w.i.f.t., the secure system that connects banks and more than 200 countries. the administration says right now european allies are not willing to take that step. >> they are profound sanctions. let's have a conversation in another month or so to see if they're working. >> as the impact is felt, the consequences of what president putin is felt, including in russia, that will have an impact. >> reporter: the russian attacks igniting worldwide protests.
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in moscow chanting crowds held anti-war signs. >> biden stands with ukraine. >> reporter: in washington, d.c., there are calls for a stronger response from the administration. many praying for those fleeing for their safety. >> i just can't believe someone could be so evil. >> during an unclassified briefing, u.s. military leaders described the current phase of russia's military operation as the tip of the spear, warning of more violence and casualties to come. and the u.s. is deploying 7,000 troops to germany to support nato allies. president biden, again, emphasizing that no u.s. forces are being sent directly to ukraine. back to you. >> we'll see if things change. thank you, brie. scott mcgrew continuing our coverage here. a lot of questions people are asking, will these sanctions be enough? >> the biggest question in all of this. we've sanctioned iran and north
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korea and those sanctions have not convinced those countries to change mr ways, even as their citizens suffer, in some cases starve. the other thing about sanctions, they do take a lot of time. you heard president biden at the top of our newscast talking about months as he announced new sanctions yesterday. kyiv has not got months. it may not have until the end of today. one of the most effective sanctions will be on tech exports. this covers more than just what we make in silicon valley. it covers any tech made with american equipment anywhere, so chips made in asia that use american-built machines cannot go to russia. sanctions on tech do work. you'll recall america would not allow the chinese company huawei to use american technology. that's all but knocked them out of the cell phone market. take a look at these numbers. wall street started turning positive as biden spoke yesterday. the nasdaq rocketed ahead more than 400 points, a 3% jump.
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and why? now, that's the mystery. it could be that the attack on ukraine scared the fed a bit, that the planned interest rate hikes just a few weeks away could be smaller. it could be traders realize the sanctions are not going to hurt western companies too badly. it could be, and this is a theory we're batting around on bloomberg, russia is going to win this war quickly. then there's the unpredictable factor, would putin's actions cause unrest elsewhere in the world. other a thor tarians are watching. >> there are other countries that have not been shy about claiming disputed territory, china and taiwan, north korea and south korea, and god forbid that north korea and south korea should become a flashpoint right now. do you think other world leaders are watching russia's claim on ukraine and our response and drawing any lesson out of it?
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>> you're absolutely right about that and that is why i think it's very important for the u.s. to recognize that there is a national interest involved here. so many people have asked the question, what is the u.s. national interest at stake here? why should we be getting involved in this conflict that is so far away from our shores? and the reason is that a very fundamental international principle is simply that one country doesn't invade another. and the precedent that will be set here is being watched by leaders in all different areas. >> the most devastating thing that could happen, and this sounds extremely unlikely to most experts, is that putin keeps going. keep in mind, not only was ukraine part of the former soviet union, so were latvia and lithuania and estonia. these are nato countries. we won't fight for ukraine, we absolutely will fight for the
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baltics. >> that could change the face of everything. >> that would put american men and women in combat. >> well, of course, we'll continue to follow. thank you, scott. our coverage of the ongoing russian invasion of ukraine continues all morning long here on "today in the bay" and the "today" show. nbc news chief foreign correspondent richard engel reports this morning from ukraine on the latest russian offensive and overnight developments, as well as keir simmons in russia. that starts at 7:00 a.m. right after "today in the bay." well, president biden is set to announce his supreme court nominee today. the president interviewed three finalists, judge brown-jackson, judge childs and justice kruger. kruger is from oakland and currently sits on the california supreme court. happening today, volunteers will be out searching for an oakley woman who has been missing for over a month. last year 24 hours alexis gabe disappeared in oakley somewhere. her car was found abandoned on
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trenton street with the keys in the ignition and doors unlocked. today the search continues for gabe. volunteers will be split into two groups and search for her in the area where she was last seen. people will meet at 9:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. at the contra costa county fairgrounds. a live look over oakland where city leaders plan to announce the launch of a new pilot program aimed at stopping illegal dumping. surveillance cameras will be added and technology was just installed in so-called loyal dumping hot spots in oakland. o fenders can face fines up of to $1,000. another live look outside. this time in the sierra. this is at palisades tahoe. more fresh snow moving through this morning and that's a good thing for those out skiing and just enjoying the snow. meteorologist kari hall is tracking what we can expect from the forecast. the snow coming in is a great
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thing for those who are up there, kari. >> yeah, it's going to be a clear weekend and we're seeing clear conditions right now. as we take a look at the sierra snowpack it continues to decline. right now only at 66% of normal around the lake tahoe area. about 70% of normal. as we go through the forecast, no more snow headed that way until the end of next week and it looks pretty light with about 1 to 6 inches of snow. as we get closer we'll see if that changes. here at home we're looking at a cold morning and highs today headed for about 60 degrees in fremont and palo alto, 61 in santa rosa, and 56 today in san francisco. mike, you were looking at san francisco for some slowing. >> yeah, the sensors are slowing right here on the decline from treasure island toward san francisco. looking at the grid, there's no crews there now, but there may be slower-moving vehicles. the crews are on the lower deck. we'll track that. no incidents reported. that is a critical portion of
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the commute right now, which has very light traffic flow. we're looking at a dish eastbou castro valley y, near the off ramp and the over-crossing and another at alvarado has been on the shoulder for quite some time. no slowing there. a little build, just a bit more out of the altamont pass. a later build and lighter flow of traffic for the early morning commute. silicon valley is great. we'll talk about a couple incidents i'm tracking in the south bay coming up. >> we'll check back with you, thanks. disputing credit card charges, still ahead on "today in the bay," at 5:25, our consumer team explains the easy steps you can take to make sure that you hold your bank accountable to get your money back. plus -- >> help them strategize how to live their day-to-day life. >> keeping track of construction zones in your neighborhood. after the break we show you the new app south bay residents can use to help navigate ongoing
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construction. stay with us. you're watching "today in the bay."
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happy friday to you. we are still under this microclimate weather alert as temperatures dip below freezing. in fremont you need to layer up before you head out. temperatures in the mid-30s to start. we will have sunshine throughout
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today as our temperatures head for the upper 50s by late this afternoon. we are going to see more of these temperatures in the 50s and even 60s. it's going to start to feel better. we'll talk about that in our forecast for the weekend coming up. >> i've got fremont, kari. 880 south bay, headlights heading south past tesla. this continues and changes to highway 17 where i'm focusing on a couple of projects. we'll give you a notification that could save you some worries. new this morning, santa clara's city manager now out. in a closed session the city voted 4-2 to fire santana. the council says the reason for her termination was, quote, lack of confidence in her work. however, some believe santana was fired over her disputes with the 49ers over the operation of levi's stadium. they'll hold a meeting next week to appoint an interim manager.
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tesla is facing a new investigation. fcc is looking into weather recent stock sales by elon musk and his brother violated insider trading rules. the probe started last year after tesla shares were sold worth more than $100 million, a day before elon told twitter users whether he would sell 10% of his stake in the company. in an email to the financial times, he says his brother didn't know ahead of time. statements must be vetted by legal counsel. downtown san jose is about to see a massive amount of construction over the next three decades and it's not just because of the google campus that will break ground soon. the newly created nonprofit stakeholders plus initiative is launching an engagement and logistics tool that will help people stay in the know of what's going up and how to get around it, from construction of office space to the b.a.r.t. extension and cal train.
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>> we have taken the time to take every single meeting, every single document throughout the three-plus year process and include it in one place, so if you wanted to see what the city promised or said in the past, you can check that out and compare it to what they're saying now. >> the goal is to connect commuters, neighborhoods, schools, developers and mass transit through the app. it is free to download for ios and android users. it's 5:17 on friday morning, which is a great thing. we've kind of had a cold week. we're going to see how today wraps up and maybe a peek at the weekend, too, kari. >> absolutely. we'll be happy to know for the afternoons this weekend it will be warmer, but we do still have our dangerous cold weather for us for the next several hours. the frost and freeze advisories in effect until 9:00, where our temperatures will dipped down into the 20s. let's take a look at where we are right now. we have upper 20s in the north
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bay for the third morning in a row. santa rosa is setting a record low temperature and we're at 37 in oakland, only 42 in san francisco. we have some mid-30s for parts of the south bay and then down to below freezing temperatures in the south county. lts get a look at how that compares to the rest of the country. you're seeing a lot of widespread single-digit temperatures and some cold weather for the east coast, with the exception of the south, where temperatures are still warm. let's get a look at where we're headed today. it's not going to be too bad as our temperatures reach up to 63 in east san jose and we're also looking at a lot more sunshine for this afternoon. look for a high of 61 in walnut creek, so a couple of degrees warmer than yesterday. we're going to be in the mid-60s for daly city and half moon bay, while palo alto heads for 60 degrees and san francisco we're in the upper 50s today and our north bay highs will reach into the low 60s for the most part. ukiah today the warmest at 63
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degrees. going into the weekend, rain stays just to our north up around eureka. next wednesday into thursday there will be a quick-moving system that could bring in scattered showers for the bay area and it looks, unfortunately, to be moving through fairly quickly. we need some more slower-moving systems that produce some light rain over a period of time. and it doesn't look like we'll see that, especially as we take a look at our rainfall and what we could see over the next ten days. the heavier rain to the north of us, we could see about a trace to maybe a quarter inch of rain for next week. checking out these temperatures, it's going to be chilly. highs in the low 60s. we will warm up into the low 70s through the start of next week and come right back down once we get more clouds and rain chances in the forecast for the end of next week. focusing on the weekend, expect it to be milder in the mornings with temperatures in the mid-40s, with highs reaching into the mid-60s for our warmer spots inland. mike, you're looking at highway
5:20 am
17? >> there are a couple reasons. southbound shows slowing from bear creek down to summit. a slow vehicle still reported on the grid. there's also construction, or i should say maintenance work going on there for overnight road work heading south. that's a couple of reasons we'll see the lower sensor reads. northbound we continue with this separation project and i know it's misleading as folks are traveling north toward the 280 split. you can make the connecter ramp. it's open but it looks like the cones are blocking it off. just proceed a little slower so you can make that transition. the slowing we saw going into the city, that has cleared from the bridge. back to you. >> thank you. next on "today in the bay," nbc bay area responds. >> he has a problem with his bike, she's got a problem with her bank. between them, $1,000 on the line. i'm consumer investigator chris
5:21 am
chmura. nbc bay area responds to both of them next. >> this month on nbc bay area we've been shining a light on black history and today we want to shine a light on bobby seale. he attended community college in oakland where he studied politics and later he went on to founded the black panther party in 1966. then in 1973, seale ran for oakland mayor. he would later lose, but received the second most votes out of nine candidates. we'll be right back. it's 5:21.
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we continue to follow breaking news as the russian invasion is continuing this hour. here's a live look at kyiv. ukraine right now, amid all the conflict, so many fleeing for their lives. united nation refugee agency estimates up to 4 million people may leave ukraine if the situation escalates. numerous people were rushing to shelter in place as air raid siren signaled oncoming violence. we'll have another update at 5:30, including a brand new gesture from the pope. whether you're riding a motorcycle or checking your bank account, consumer issues can crop up just about anywhere. >> we're here to help. consumer investigator chris chmura shows us how the team has been stepping up for viewers. >> we want to share with you two
5:25 am
of our recent wins for viewers in the south bay. first there's mark in san jose. he paid 629 bucks for motorcycle saddle bags. they weren't delivered so he requested a refund. when he didn't get a response from the company, he called us. we asked the company what was going on and mark was back in the saddle with his refund. next barbara in morgan hill says a stranger used her credit card to charge 391 bucks. she filed a fraud claim that her bank denied, claiming she received the merchandise. barbara insisted she never got anything. we asked the bank to look at her case again. barbara got her $391 credit from her bank. unfortunately, barbara is not the only viewer we have heard from who has faced a sketchy credit card charge. fortunately, there is help available. we made a how-to video showing you the process to dispute a credit card charge. you can find that video in all our other how-to episodes on our
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website, streaming channel and youtube page. just look for the how-to playlist. have a great weekend. 5:25 right now. coming up next, the top stories we're following, including pandemic progress. >> reporter: and a lot of changes regarding masking, a lot of conversation, as the cdc at the federal level and state level, and some protests at the local level. i'll tell you what you need to watch for today and in the days ahead. you're watching "today in the bay."
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breaking right now at 5:30, the latest on the war in ukraine, including new video of ukrainian victories. >> one biased juror is enough to require a reversal of the conviction and a new trial. >> convicted killer scott peterson looking to get a new trial. we go one-on-one with our legal analyst, dean johnson, as his legal team heads back to court. >> and a live report on the new mask guidance expected today from the cdc. as a battle over students wearing masks heats up in the classroom in the north bay. this is "today in the bay." a very good friday morning to you. thanks so much for getting up early with us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. we're on television, as you can see right now, but you can also catch us live on roku, amazon fire, apple tv and online.
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>> let's start with a look at that forecast. freeze warning in effect this morning again. how cold are the temperatures expected to dip, kari? >> it's going to dip even a few more degrees from where we are right now. let's talk about those temperatures and how it compares to the record low. we know it's not supposed to be this cold and for the third morning in a row we've set a new record in santa rosa. and then in livermore we are just 2 degrees above a record low. san francisco right now at 42. in oakland, it's 37. the record is 33. in san jose it's 36, the record is 28. very cold to start. but then as we head toward our lunch hour, our temperatures head for the mid to upper 50s. it's going to start to feel better, especially with that sunshine. and some of us will reach into the low 60s for this afternoon, with a high of 62 in san jose. we'll see a high of about 60 today in novato. we'll have another cool morning tomorrow, but it just won't be as much of a widespread freeze
5:31 am
as what we're seeing right now. we're going to talk about that, and also what's happening beyond and near our coastline. we're going to talk about that coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you. we'll check back with you. the russia/ukraine conflict intense vie fieing overnight. russia is telling china that it's ready to conduct talks with ukraine to stop the invasion. at least another 130 people have been killed and hundreds for injured. >> scott mcgrew has been monitoring the latest, including the apparent shootdown over the skies of kyiv. >> social media is null of these pictures. an aircraft coming apart with wreckage landing in lakes and then another one in neighborhoods. let's show you this one. it's easier to tell you what we don't know at this point. we don't know what type of aircraft, we don't know whose side. the ukrainian military says what you're seeing is the wreckage of a russian helicopter. we're told this is shoot-down of
5:32 am
a russian jet, debris definitely hitting down below. ukraine claims this was an air-to-air shoot-down and social media is full of praise for one ukrainian pilot, the ghost of kyiv, they call him. whether he exists, we don't know. whether he's okay, we also don't know. moments ago the pope traveled from the vatican to the russian embassy in rome to appeal for fighting to stop. i cannot think of a time the leader of a catholic church has traveled to an embassy to do so. people around the world rallying against war and for ukraine, scenes from washington, d.c. outside the white house, we see rallies in texas and california as well. president biden announced new sanctions against russia thursday. now, we're going to talk more about specifics at the top of our 6:00 a.m. newscast. he also warned us gas prices are going to go up. >> i will do everything in my power to limit the pain the american people are feeling at the gas pump.
5:33 am
this is critical to me. but this aggression cannot go unanswered. if it did, the consequences for america will be much worse. america stands up to bullies, we stand up for freedom. this is who we are. >> now, biden's statement that he's going to do everything he can to fight high gas prices contradicts some of the things we've been saying for years. presidents really cannot do anything about gas prices. they're not generally responsible when they go up and they're not generally responsible when they go down. now, marcus and laura, he can release more oil from the strategic petroleum reserve, but that doesn't really change anything historically. last year he released 8% of the reserve to fight high gas prices, and it did very little at all. 5:33, and you know what, these are dark days for ukrainian families watching this war unfold from here in the bay
5:34 am
area. this gentleman was born and raised in ukraine and has been sleepless, emotional, just watching that invasion. he and his parents left ukraine when it was under soviet rule. they fear for the people there fleeing today. >> it's not a war. war is when two sides are fighting equally and have equal things at stake. this is an invasion. this is very, very sad. >> he also advises a number of silicon valley companies and says that they, too, are watching closely, because many of their engineers live there. they worry about what will happen to them. >> stay with us for the latest developments on air and online. our website is being updated 24/7. you can find exclusive interviews and analysis at the cdc is expected to loosen masking requirements today as california public health leaders consider what to do about masking in schools.
5:35 am
that comes with some urgency, as some parents and students have actually started protesting. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez joins us this morning with what to watch out for. >> reporter: so the cdc has said that it is going to issue new guidelines today. we've been waiting for them all week, and as we have been reporting, we expect that the metric to watch will not be the overall case count or positivity rate. instead, it will be a transition into watching for those most serious cases that end up in hospitalizations or in death. now, on monday, california department of health will revisit masking in schools, and they will be looking at all of the data points from case rates of positivity, to hospitalizations and how many children who can be vaccinated will actually vaccinated. so those children who are eligible now 5 and up. meanwhile, in napa, the school community is at odds over masking, and how vintage high
5:36 am
school staff responded when one student tried to enter a classroom without a mask. the superintendent says having all of the students sit outside was an effort to continue instruction for all students, minimize the disruption. it turns out to be just a different kind of disruption. students were sitting outside, they say, and one student says they just want a choice. >> i want to be able to have a choice to wear a mask or not in a classroom. i don't mind if anyone else decides to. i have respect for your views. i just want to be able to have mine. >> reporter: now, on the same day, the state revisits the mask mandate issue, which is monday, liberty union high school district may ditch their mandate altogether, leaving the choice to the children. there is a meeting set for monday, once again. later this morning, some parents in danville will protest outside vista grande elementary school. they want masks to be dropped as well and we have been seeing a number of protests popping up around the bay area. we'll be watching for the cdc
5:37 am
guidance and we'll post it if we're not on the air, in san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> a lot of information online. thank you. this weekend sneaker waves and strong rip currents expected along the bay area coast. the national weather service says waves can reach 3 to 6 feet. the dangerous conditions are expected to start early on saturday morning. you never want to turn your back to the ocean. weekend weather is upon us. maybe folks are getting away to the ocean or staying right here in the bay. what can we expect? >> we're going to have it all in the forecast. let's start out near the coastline, where you talked about the risk of sneaker waves and rip currents. some waves may get as high as 10 feet on sunday, and while that sounds great for the surfers, inexperienced swimmers and anyone near the coast should be careful for the weekend. as we take a look at temperatures, we're headed for the upper 50s, cool temperatures
5:38 am
continue, but it will start to feel a little bit more comfortable, especially for santa cruz by sunday, and we'll also see temperatures in the low 60s for monterey. let's head to tahoe this weekend, taking a look at palisades, where we have a lot more of those trails open, thanks to the recent snow, where they had about a foot of snow in some of those spots. the upper part of the mountain has about 105 inches of snow and temperatures will also get warmer. we're going to single-digit morning temperatures to morning temperatures in the teens. and we're wrapping up black history month this weekend, as we are looking at a lot of celebrations, black history celebration in san jose, art in the park. our temperatures start out in the upper 40s in the morning, but take a look at how nice it's going to be for tomorrow afternoon with a mix of sun and clouds. then on sunday we have the black joy parade in oakland, a great event and the parade starts out at 12:30, goes into the afternoon with the festivities. we are going to see some peeks
5:39 am
of sunshine, with temperatures reaching into the low 60s. we'll talk about our bay area temperatures for today and what you can expect as you're heading out the door coming up in a few minutes. mike, you have an alert as people are heading out? >> i do. this is especially troublesome for friday. this is the peninsula south 101, coming through redwood city, reports of two of four lanes blocked right now, southbound side. the slowing actually just cleared from the sensors. you see el camino and 280, and that really won't be a great workaround. there was a traffic break they were planning because of this crash. overall we're seeing green sensors. a little brip for san jose starting as well. we do have weekend activities at chase center. on saturday we have the black history month celebration over there. so there will be a big crowd there saturday and then sunday warriors play again. so a couple of notes over there off of warriors way. right now the traffic flow into
5:40 am
and through the city very light because it is friday early so we don't see the slowing for highway 37 just yet. >> thanks, mike. coming up next on "today in the bay," lawyers for convicted killer scott peterson facing a judge once again today. we go one-on-one with our legal analyst dean johnson on the likelihood that peterson will get a new trial. plus -- >> reporter: the city of oakland designates this sunday as oscar grant day. the movement to build better trust between law enforcement and communities of color. plus -- >> reporter: our new streaming series "saving san francisco" explores how the tech capital of the universe, the city with a $12 billion budget, is struggling with crime, poverty, and a lack of affordable housing. episode 1 starts streaming monday. to check it out, just download the nbc bay area app on roku, apple tv, amazon fire, or you can watch online at san
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francisco. - [announcer] the more we learn about covid-19, the more questions we have. the biggest question now, what's next? what will covid bring in six months, a year? if you're feeling anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673, or live chat at today.
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happy friday. the time is 5:43. we are under a microclimate weather alert due to the freeze warnings we have in effect, as our new record low has just been set in santa rosa. we are down to 27 degrees, and freezing for much of the north bay, inland tri-valley, as well as the south county. we're going to watch the temperatures head up just
5:44 am
slightly. we'll talk more about that in the forecast coming up. >> looking over at palo alto, 101 does move smoothly, picking up the volume a bit through here. redwood city, we still have the alert i'm tracking on the same freeway. in san francisco there's more slowing off the interchange with 280. there may be another crash there, coming up. >> 5:44 right now. we want to take a live look at kyiv, ukraine, where the fighting continues across ukraine on a second day of the russian invasion. troops at last check advancing to the capital city, about 20 miles away. officials in ukraine are doing everything they can to stop the russian military, including blowing up their own bridges. these are some pictures from about 25 miles outside of kyiv of the damage left behind. we want to show you that. we're going to get to that in just a bit. there we go. you see some of the damage there. nbc reporter richard engel is in ukraine and he is tracking the latest from overnight of the violence. of course we will have more of that during the "today" show,
5:45 am
which is right after "today in the bay." today convicted murderer scott peterson continues his quest for a new trial. his lawyers are due back in court and they say their client was a victim of jury misconduct. i talked about the proceeding and what we can expect next with our legal analyst, dean johnson. >> let's talk about juror number 7. peterson's lawyers are saying that she actively sought to be on this jury. reportedly, though, she's now denied it. how likely is it, should it move forward that she'll talk, or maybe she'll plead the fifth? >> her testimony is essential and she is undoubtedly going to plead the fifth amendment, even though any potential prosecution has seen the statute of limitations run a long time ago. but she undoubtedly will plead the fifth, at which point the prosecution is going to have to give her immunity, because frankly, it's the prosecution
5:46 am
more than peterson's lawyers that need her testimony at this point. >> so who else potentially do you think could take the stand in this? so much focus is on her. >> it's possible that peterson's former defense attorney, mark garrigos could testify. the critical issue here is whether peterson was prejudiced by rochelle's presence on the jury. and of course garrigos could testify that if he had known the truth, he never would have put her on the jury. so that argues that there was prejudice in the conviction, and the prejudice by virtue of one biased juror is enough to require a reversal of the conviction and a new trial. >> in your opinion, what's the likelihood that peterson will get a new trial? there's a lot at play here. >> i think peterson is very, very close now to getting the new trial. his lawyers have already proved
5:47 am
that the juror made false statements. the question is, does that necessarily imply that she was a biased juror? >> 18 years has gone. we covered it then, we'll continue to cover it now. legal analyst dean johnson, thank you so much for joining us. now, on sunday, the city of oakland will honor oscar grant with a day named in his memory. >> "today in the bay's" bob redell joining us live from dublin this morning. grant's family says this is long overdue. >> reporter: they do. good morning to you, marcus and laura. it has been 13 years, just over 13 years since the b.a.r.t. police officer shot and killed grant at the b.a.r.t. station, but the family is grateful that earlier this month the city of oakland designated this sunday, february 27th, as oscar grant day on what would have been oscar grant's 36th birthday. the day is set aside not only to celebrate grant's life, but to honor the work of his mother,
5:48 am
reverend wanda jackson and her oscar grant foundation, created to build better trust between police and black communities. the b.a.r.t. police officer was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter after he shot and killed grant, who was unarmed on the platform of the station on new year's day in 2009. grant's death helped spark the black lives matter unit. >> and i think his legacy really represents community, community involvement, community support, community love, community outrage, community that speaks to the issue of what justice really looks like, especially when they witnessed one that has been impacted by the injustice. >> reporter: the state attorney general's office is still conducting an independent review of the shooting of oscar grant, with a focus on the conduct of b.a.r.t. police officer anthony perroni, who has not been charged with a crime.
5:49 am
reporting live in dublin, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you so much, bob. february is black history month and a bay area iconic event making a comeback. so after the pandemic forced -- there's a live look at san francisco, but we want to talk about what's going on in oakland, the black joy parade. so it is a day of black culture through a mile-long march along downtown oakland this sunday. it includes artists, dancers, musicians, food vendors. there's a healing village with yoga sessions and a childrens' play area. this year the event is free and it includes two stages and a mystery headliner. >> well, that will be exciting. things to plan for the weekend, as we take a live look outside. it's been so cold lately, kari. are we safe taking definitely l the morning, as we take a live look outside again in san francisco. we're taking a look at the golden gate bridge.
5:50 am
let's talk about the temperatures that you're feeling heading out the door. fairfield once again, one of the coldest temperatures we have. it's at 26 degrees, and we are going to see temperatures slowly warming up, as we go into today. but probably not fast enough for people who have to be out early in the morning. and then our south bay high temperatures head for the low 60s today, so that's going to start to feel better, especially as we get the warmer temperatures in parts of the east bay going into the weekend, and in redwood city we're heading up to 60 degrees today, with our san francisco highs in the upper 50s today. so you do need to dress in layers, because even though we're in the 20s and 30s now, we'll see highs reaching into the low 60s for today and you might want to take a couple of those layers off to be comfortable. as we go into the weekend, we will see some rain very close by, but it looks like it stays to our north. it won't be until nextks like we could finally get a decent amount of rain.
5:51 am
but the downside of that, it looks like this weather system is moving so quickly that it doesn't really do a lot to bring us beneficial rain, but there could be a couple of more systems behind that going into next week that's going to keep those temperatures down, as well as bring us some rain. taking a look at the rain that for the most part stays to the north of us, this shows is estimate on how much we could see. we see greens and blues that indicate we could see up to a quarter to close to a half of an inch of rain in parts of the north bay, but elsewhere, it's less than that. then taking a look at napa and ten-day temperatures, we're in the upper 50s today and tomorrow, but then we do see temperatures starting to step up, a little bit of a warm-up for monday into tuesday, and then we go right back down as the weather system approaches and brings in rain chances into our forecast. so for the weekend, we are going to see our valley temperatures reaching into the 30s to start, low 40s tomorrow, and then highs
5:52 am
reaching into the 60s. we'll be watching all of the changes coming our way for next week. how is it looking heading out for the commute? >> we have two alerts now for highway 101 along the peninsula. overall light friday traffic as you would expect. the alert called because of the number of lanes impacted for north 101, just north of the 280 interchange you see the arrows showing where you potentially will see slowing. the crash is somewhere between vermont and the interchange itself, blocking as many as three lanes. this is actually not bad for the slowing and it may have started to move. we're tracking that getting into the city. if it lasts more than a couple of minutes, i'll let you know about workarounds that may be necessary. south 101, a crash at holly, but the slowing seems to have cleared from that portion. >> thanks, mike.
5:53 am
happening now, the future of teachers and staff in san francisco still up in the air. at a special meeting last night the san francisco board pushed back the vote on proposed layoffs for a second time, so the board may approve around 400 layoffs, along with eliminating $33 million in bonuses and raises for teachers and substitutes. the district is facing a massive budget shortfall. the vote will be next week and the first wave of notices will be sent to those impacted staff around march 15th. it's 5:53 right now. saving the city by the bay. do you love san francisco but find yourself frustrated over how parts of the city look? still ahead on "today in the bay," our investigative unit dives deeper into the crisis. plus, at 6:00, a major nomination. the next supreme court justice nominee set to be announced today. the three main picks for the job, including one from the bay area. plus, an active war zone.
5:54 am
we continue to cover breaking news overseas of the russian invasion of ukraine. we've got live team coverage on the new sanctions imposed by president biden. and our scott mcgrew is breaking down the economic impacts, how this war is affecting them. we'll be right back.
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5:56. thanks for sticking around.
5:57 am
you're watching "today in the bay." from far away, san francisco skyline is glistening, but on the ground many of us know a different story, homelessness, drugs, crime all darken the streets. >> our investigative unit finds out what needs to be done to move the city forward. this morning we want to give you a sneak peek at our new streaming series," saving san francisco". >> even if i scream, no one is going to hear me. >> i just know he's going to come back here. he's hearing these voices telling him to do these things. >> do you think he's become obsessed with you? >> yes, i do, and so do the detectives. >> i just keep expecting him to be dead, and then every day i wonder if he does die, would i even know? >> it's frightening. it's creepy. there's this guy who just
5:58 am
watches me. >> this is a free call from an inmate at the san francisco county jail. >> if you just look at what he's accused of, he's so much more than the accusations. >> there was nobody i thought that would be more successful. >> he's a tragic character in his own life. >> he was an english teacher teaching juniors and seniors. intense guy with a real spark of life. >> there's no one like him. >> you have a victim who fears for her life and thinks your office isn't doing enough. >> he keeps slipping through the cracks. >> so we went searching for how this all started. there he is, class of '87. and now he's one of san francisco's 8,000 homeless? >> it's just hard to see. >> he's not the problem. he is a symptom of it.
5:59 am
>> we have the uber over-wealthy and then the very, very poor. shanty town that compares to some of the worst in the world. >> how does a city with a $12 billion budget look this way? >> dealing with each of the people that are struggling requires a lot of work. >> such an incredibly wealthy and resourceful beautiful city, that's the sad irony. it's not so pretty anymore. >> you step over [ bleep ], you step over garbage, and the main thing, you step over our people. there's beautiful people that are being wasted, lost, left behind. >> it should be better than this. >> and it can be and it will be. now, you can live stream the
6:00 am
episode 1, "saving san francisco" on monday. you can watch it on roku, apple tv or amazon fire by downloading the nbc bay area app. you can also learn more about the series by going to san francisco. also breaking right now, president biden intends to nominate judge brown-jackson to the supreme court. that's according to a source familiar with the matter. we want to talk about a special report from nbc. >> good morning. we have breaking news from the white house. president biden is set to announce his nominee to replace supreme court justice steven breyer this afternoon, and nbc news has learned it will be federal judge ketanji brown jackson who currently sits on the dc circuit court of appeals. we want to bring in pete williams. judge jackson was on the short list, significant experience as a judge, as a public defender, and after


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