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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  February 28, 2022 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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. as the russian inrags of ukraine continues, families hair perspectives on the continuing conflict. that forry is coming up. new details about an aim per alert that was issued in the south bay the news at 6:00 starts right now. >> one of the largest, san francisco school district, will continue requiring students to mask up indoors.
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one district in contra costa count will decide whether it wants to defy the timeline and make masks optional. >> reporter: there's a chance that high school senior matthew gozo, may be able to show up to school looking just like this. they will decide whether or not to make masks optional for everyone. she gets a taste of normalsy when she's on stage. >> reporter: dr. clark tuned in to watch the mask discussion
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today. >> it was crystal clare they will be going away on march 11. . >> reporter: reaction to today's announcement will be mixed. while om are ready to move masks, some are re afraid. >> reporter: dr. mark ghaly expects most school districts to
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follow the state guidance. >> now in santa clara county, most students students we poke wait to take it off. fl i think it's about time. i'd like to get back to normal. o i'm excited from while they're lifting the mask pan date, ter' still strongly recommending masks. health leaderssay they will line up with the state mandate.
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if you want to see the story, go to covid, what you need to know playlist. ukrainian and russian officials met at the belarusian border. the u.s. expanded its sanctions on russia's central bank. switzerland is imposing sanctions as well. russia's actions have forced the international criminal court to investigate potential war crimes and crimes against humanity. we have the delicate
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relationship between bay area ukrainians and russians. >> reporter: in the ukrainian capital at this of kyiv, residents woke up to find lots of burned-out military vehicles. her family has been sheltering since the start of the invasion. >> they were allowed to go out during the day. >> reporter: they're trying to keep in contact with friends or other relatives. >> one of the biggest problems is informational war. it's been going on for a while now. and putin's been doing that for a decade. >> reporter: ordinary russia are
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seeing the effect of sanctions. family in ukraine are shocked that the inrags continues. family living in russia are similar reactions. >> there is fear and shame. how can you justify being russian in. >> reporter: he's not priced seeing the russians difficulty. it may be difficult to attack someone familiar, and ukrainians aren't giving up. >> how ukrainians are meeting this aggression. we are witnessing incredible courage. >> reporter: in san francisco, nbc bay area news.
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. >> spacex has launched star link satellites to be used for free internet service. airbnb has offered free housing to 100,000 refugees. >> two of our co-founders and our ceo are of polish descent. poland is one of the countries that is accepting, you know, an outside number of refugees fleeing ukraine. google, facebook and twitter have halted the ability of russian companies to generate ad revenue. startling information jacob
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jardin was in his mom's suv when it was stolen. his mom was unloading groceries when tammy long wynne took the car. she then abandoned the car and the child when the suv ran out of gas. >> we were able to talk to many of the people staying at the hotel. >> police arrested tammy at her san jose home. he went 12 hours without eating. a wild and dangerous night at a popular east bay restaurant. shooting at the dave and busters.
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an argument broke out, leading to an exchange of gunfire. the shots hit three men and a would. two of the men drove themselves to a hospital. san francisco losing another high-end store. crate and barrel confirmed it is closing down its store in stockton by the end of next month. a pokes person tells us the lease is ending. for nearly five decades, they made some of the best pies in the bay area. now a long-standing restaurant is going out of business. marie callender's has been open since 1974. like so many places, the pandemic has crushed business. can't air to keep it open. the bay area has one more left,
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in sunnyvale. i love the pies there. up next, saving schools from being closed. i'm chief meteorologist jeff raniere. clouds return and rain chances are back. >> he wrote, i love yo
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you, i love you, wink, wink, wink. >> that man is james yergen. and history is intertwined with a lot of problems plaguing to. you can watch now on any of our streaming platforms.
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? ? . >> reporter: it definitely got more intense for that juror,
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richelle nice, as scott peterson's team tried to convince the judge they would never have selected her if the she had been more forthcoming. >> i don't know that she feels good about any of it. she has a lot of regret about it in a lot of ways. i think feeling relieved is the best way to describe t. >> reporter: richelle nice, known as strawberry shortcake for her red hair touring the initial trial, returned to the courthouse for a second day of testimony. nice and other jurors convicted peterson for killing his wife laci and son in 2004. they say nice lied or misled the court in order to be picked for the jury. she was aggressively questioned about why she did not acknowledge being a victim of a crime on the questionnaire. and today harris grilled nice about a book she co-authored and the 17 letters she wrote peterson and the interviews she gave detailing his returned
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letter. >> what is rare is that it proceeded this far, where there is a trial in front of a judge to see whether or not there was jury misconduct. >> reporter: on the stand, she says she it not recall saying in the jury room that they should convict peterson for what he did to the "little man", meaning connor. if the judge believes it, he could get that new trial. >> if it's proven strawberry shortcake made false statements and made them to get on the jer and express her bias, game over. >> reporter: nice was granted immunity to testify so prosecutors hope her ability to speak freely will convince the one person who matters, the judge. >> redwood city, robert handa.
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>> senator dianne feinstein's husband has lost his battle with cancer. he was highly connected. the san francisco native, blum was also a regent. senator feinstein released this statement, we have a hole in our hearts that will never be filled. the plan to close or merge seven schools in oakland brought together leaders of different faiths. they sent a letter to oakland unified district and the school board. they're urging for a pause to the proposal to merge or close the schools. right now the schools affected under the plan are set to close at the end of the school year. the plan has led to protests, hunger strikes and even vandalism and threats.
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they want to take time to study the potential impact on black and brown students. let's bring in jeff ranieri. it looked a whole lot like april out there. >> hard to deny how amazing it was. we're going to get you to the weather maps and show you when we're following right now. i still see this area of high pressure that brought us warm record-setting 70s. temperatures will stay just about the same as we roll through tuesday's forecast. look how close the rain line is. i think at this point, it's going to start slowly toward us as we head through the next two to three days. tomorrow we get clouds. eventually, we will be able to dust off those umbrellas. as we move through tomorrow, it's the first of the changes here. high clouds rolling across the bay area.
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sun breaking through as well. we're going to begin it like this. chilly but not nearly as cold as last week. remember, we had 20s and 30s. south bay 46 and 40s over san francisco and the north bay. as we roll through tomorrow, daytime highs in the 70s. 74 morgan hill. through the east bay, fremont, beautiful there. we have a few 70s in the southern half of the peninsula, down towards redwood city. and 63 in daley city. let's move it to the north bay. 72 in santa rosa. going to the coastline, upper 50s and low 60s. clouds tomorrow.
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let me show you where it's going to be. you'll see it moving closer and closer. by wednesday night, spotty showers in the north bay. best bet would be on thursday forecast. and then we'll undergo spotty chances of rain friday into saturday's forecast. even some low snow, down to 2,000 feet and the chance of small hail with cold air starting to return. in san francisco, we'll be in the 50s here as we head through wednesday. right through the coming weekend. changes will be a lot more dramatic for the inland valleys. 59 thursday, 30s for morning temperatures, friday, saturday and sunday. so raj and jessica, yes, that thing called an umbrella, we're going to need it again this week. >> love it. >> got to look for it. >> thank you. >> thanks, jeff. up next, he's in middle school, junior high, and he's
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already got a pro sports contract. taking the by area by storm
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okay. what were you doing in eighth grade. >> how about going pro? he signed an agreement with a soccer team. the signing is a symbolic contract. he won't actually play for the team. he is a world class weightlifting talent who has dreams of making it to the olympics. he will get a stipend to help him achieve his dream. >> there's an extra support system around me, more people from my village, more people trying to support me. >> well-spoken young man. he is an eighth grader at madison park.
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showing up to work greeted with signs and balloons saying thank you and members of congress showing up. >> incredibly, there have been 650 lives lost to covid. but if it was based on the state average, it would have been 1200. they are responsible for saving probably 600 lives. >> it's just awesome that we're here today to offer each other smiles and appreciation. >> firefighters brought in a ladder truck and suspended the u.s. flag over the event to show their gratitude. up next, one of the bay air why's most famous bands is making a statement on the world stage. how green day is responding to the russian invasion of ukraine. and here is a look at lester holt. one of the top stories tonight, new questions about how much
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[announcer] call now and get $3,000 off! timing is everything, and for greenday, it's not the right team. the popular bay area band is canceling its upcoming consnrt russia. >> it was supposed to perform in may, but the band said we are aware moment is not about rock shows. greenday says rock 'n roll is
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forever, and it is comfortable there will be a team. hfrnlt breaking news in sacramento. unconfirmed reports of multiple shots inside a championship. is this not far from ardway in sacramento. cheryl hurd is heading to that area, and we'll be tracking it all night. coming up, a deeper look at horrific personal accounts coming out of ukraine. a mother and a 9 year old son who have been trying to get out for days, sleeping where they can. lester holt joins us from washington right now. tonight, the fierce fight being waged by ukrainian forces against the russian invasion massive new explosions in ukraine's largest cities russia accused of using cluster bombs on civilians. the rising toll. at least seven children among the dead
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ukraine's forces standing their ground. drone video appearing to show them taking out a russian convoy but outside the capital, another russian convoy stretching some 17 miles. the two sides meeting for high-stakes talks after vladimir putin put his nuclear forces on high alert. and now the investigation being launched has russia committed war crimes also the mass exodus more than 500,000 ukrainians fleeing the country. families torn apart. the mounting humanitarian crisis. and the growing impact of sanctions. the u.s. today freezing russia's central bank as the ruble crashes. panicked russians lining up at atms for cash and tonight the new data on pfizer's covid vaccine. how effective is it for kids 5 to 11 it comes as several more states announce they're lifting their mask mandates in schools. what parents need to know and the stark warning on climate change what a new u.n. report says must be done


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