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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  March 5, 2022 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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thank goodness we could do something. the support for ukraine shows no sign of slowing dow the ukrainian restaurant steps up for help. the search in the east bay of the woman who have not been heard for for months for alexis gabe. the news at 6:00 starts right now. thanks for joining us, i am terry mcsweeney. >> i am audrey asistio. the president made a direct plea. president biden spoke to president zelensky over the phone. the two spoke about security and financial support as well as sanctions on russia. a video conference outlining the support, they need to withstand russia's assault. president zelensky asked
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lawmakers to ban the import for russia oil for visas and mastercards to cut service in russia and enforce a no-fly zone over the country. gone garamendi was on the zoom call. he was struck by the example zelensky gave of the russians brutally attacking the civilians. >> he said they were taken away and the mayor was shot and killed. >> he then went onto say that this is the ukrainian leadership expects the russians to do. >> garamendi wants congress to move quickly now to help ukraine. 1.3 million refugees. >> we must enact the $10 billion appropriation for additional military equipment for
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humanitarian aid within ukraine and outside where the refugees are. >> russian-made aircraft by other country like poland so the country can defend its aerospace. this could lead to a bigger conflict. vladimir putin says any no-fly-zone will be seen as an act of war. one request from zelensky is to cut access to visa and mastercard. both companies were listening. they are working to seize all transactions in the coming days. anyone who got their visa or mastercard in russia will soon
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find out it no longer works for purchases in the russian federation. >> look at that, ahead of today's game, the sharks paid tribute to ukraine by playing the country's national anthem. you can see the colors blue and yellow lights for support. san francisco's only ukrainian restaurant is doing everything they can to help. they made and sold food to raise money in ukraine. here is christie smith. >> the minute i saw it, i thought thank goodness we could do something. >> reporter: they picked up an order they put in ahead of time. >> we have been talking about this. >> it is $25 for a box of five. i donated $100.
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>> reporter: workers were busy inside. their website says they serve ukrainian food with a modern twist with proceeds going to the organization that provides humanitarian assistance to ukraine. the russia invasion continues with no end incite and the action of vladimir putin. >> especially with his declaration you know, the financial limitations and sanctions are declarations of war, we are just getting closer and closer to something even more horrible than you know what's happening now. so, we are just crossing our fingers and sending good thoughts and saying prayers. >> it is horrifying and unbelievable. you can watch it on tv. >> rose feeney preordered it as soon as she heard a way to help. >> i did my tour today so i came
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by to support. >> reporter: many picked up orders say what they are seeing in ukraine moved them to do something. >> the whole thing. yeah. it is just i have not really witnessed anything like this. at least not in my lifetime. in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. gas prices are still climbing at a record high. take a look at this video. there is the price not far from stanford at menlo. $6.29. not seeing too many filling up there. prices across the bay area jumping over night by 10 cents. these are average prices around the bay area. you can find prices lower than these. i want to point one thing out, in san jose and i have gotten no iron in this fire or skin in
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this game. there is a safe way at berryessa charging $4.25. napa has the highest prices and solano at $5.21 a gallon. chuck todd speaks with anthony blinken on "meet the press," you will hear the latest from reporters on the ground right here tomorrow morning right after today in the bay with kira klapper. another large search effort in the east bay for alexis gabe. search was focused in brentwood. volunteers looking for any clues connected to gabe's disappearance. she was last seen on january 26th at her ex-boyfriend's house. searchers are making more use of technology thanks to trading for members of the casket foundation. >> we use technology for taking
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pictures when there is anything to take pictures of. we use a gps tracker on these searchers phone as well as a radio app. >> reporter: volunteers and police have yet to find any credible lead in this case. uc berkeley is not taking no for an answer in regards to its request for enroll more students on thursday. california's supreme court denied the university's request. students are being admitted in three categories, in-person learning, remote learning and fall remote learning but in-person learning starts in january. uc berkeley is calling the enrollment freeze is devastating news for thousands of perspective students. a new exhibit looks to honor pioneer of science with one massive exhibit with nearly every state represented.
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we'll give you a look next. cleaning up on the coast, organizers say they are seeing a trend. we'll show you the effort on the peninsula. clearing skies at this hour now down to 52 in san francisco. who'll see 30s by tomorrow morning and when 70s for highs make a come back in the seven-day forecast when we come right back. why hide your skin if dupixent has your moderate-to-severe eczema, or atopic dermatitis under control? hide my skin? not me. because dupixent targets a root cause of eczema,
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the collection includes 120 life size 3-d printed statue of women from innovators to scientists and engineers, the statues showcase role models from a variety of fields. it is a largest collection of statues depicting women in one place. >> when you think of women in stem, you think of mathematicians, we have women who are designing video games and helping save endangered species and tracking earthquakes. it is really astonishing what these women are doing. >> the smithsonians will travel among the national mall. volunteers cleaning up rock away beach. they do it every saturday organizers seen a recent up tick
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in the number of volunteers, picking up gum because there is a growing love and concerns for these beaches. >> i have seen an incredibly increase in volunteers. the word is out that the ocean needs our help and people want to come from all over. >> reporter: this group also has a program called street to beach where they pick up the trash before it reaches to the beach. they finish putting finishing touches on one of america's top theme park, great america. you can count on owl "the peanut" characters including snoopy. >> great america will open memorial day weekend. a welcoming site. some of the near by mountains got some snow over night. here are the santa cruz
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mountains where you can see a little frosty at the top over there. look at this. observatory on mount hamilton with ice sticking to the building, not bad. >> that shot right there, the last one looks like the sun was coming down and hitting the snow. >> yes, it was. >> and the angels were singing. >> i added the angels. >> we did up on the santa cruz mountains, we saw the good snow. we had about 3 to 6 inches of snow coming down. there is the good news. the skies are clearing. around san jose, we are 54 degrees at mount hamilton, way out in the distance there picking up a little bit of snow. let's take you over to san rafael right now at 51 degrees. we'll see some mid-30s and reaching by tomorrow morning, 52 in livermore. 52 degrees west wind in san francisco, close to 12 miles per hour. it is still some what breezy
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outside but not quite as gusty. especially on the coast you see wind speeds about 10 to 20 miles per hour. we should see less wind as we go through the day on wednesday. storm ranger right now, more activities this morning. all of the showers have moved down to the south and with the clearing skies here, area of low pressure moving out of southern california towards las vegas. clearing skies and dryer air will set us up for a chilly start for the morning. notice the future cast, we don't have any showers, we don't have much in way of clouds either. >> a sunny finish for the weekend. we should see highs returning to the 60s tomorrow. it is going to be a chilly start. dress in layers, you got low 30s around santa rosa and sonoma and including san jose and mountain view. around noon, we'll see temperatures revamping nicely. mid to upper 50s around 3:00 and back into the 60s with more
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sunshine. one thing to watch if you are if north bay hills up to 2,000 or 3,000 feet, napa county by sunday and monday, we are probably going to see those breezes picking up the north winds increasing as high pressure starts to build in. rebuilding and we should see that trend continues on tuesday, by mid afternoon getting closer to 70s around the bay area which tells you a little something about rain chances for the first half of the week. high pressure builds again. warmest day is likely monday and tuesday. this system on wednesday unfortunately is going to drop east of sierra, far enough west to get us a little sierra snow but we are not going to get any rain out of that system. a little wind for midweek, the best chance for rain could be late next weekend. it is that weather system right there, mainly areas north of san francisco right now. not much between now and next
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saturday. here are things hopefully will change. 13th and 15th looks to be the window of opportunity, we are seeing more showers headed our way. >> a cool start tomorrow morning, you see san francisco should rebound back into the 60s for highs. similar trends were in land locations with the snow in the hills we had this morning. 70s to start monday and tuesday, little more wind picking up wednesday and thursday. we are being hopeful for the ten-day forecast because late next weekend, we hope to get another late season storm which it will bring potentially more snow down of 4,000 feet or 5,000 feet in sierra. it is taking a long time to get these rain chances back here. still hope out there towards the end of next week. >> we have to remain hopeful, right? >> fourth quarter of the rain season. >> up next, it is been about two weeks since the invasion began.
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ukraine trying to withstand the assault where russia. we'll get you caught up on how we got to this point, next.
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the devastation in ukraine, areal footage shows a small town 30 miles outside of the capitol of kyiv, you can see the fire, the smoke, piles of demolition, the russian attack left behind and so much happening. it is important to remember how we got to this point. here is scott mcgrew of the timeline when russia started this invasion to the destruction we are seeing now.
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>> the invasion of ukraine built up slowly months ago with military exercises on the border. what was putin up to we all wondered. president biden and american intelligence calling it right from the start. the white house in fact so sure even the president of ukraine tried to down play the chance of war. as we now know american intelligence was spot on. everyone as russian troops moved to occupy the so-called break away states in ukraine, some still supported putin. donald trump calling putin a smart man and is invading troops the strongest of peace keeper. they were not peace keeper. air raid sirens rang out and thousands of civilians sought shelter. from the start, signs ukrainians
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would fight, knocking helicopters and airplanes out of the sky as the u.n. security council met. ukrainian president zelensky speaks to the european union, telling leaders there they're not likely to see him alive again. by the next day, massive sanctions on russia, its banks and oligarchs, the eu and nato speaking as one, even the neutral s.w.i.f.t. takes aside. by sunday, putin warning countries that interfere with the invasion will face consequences they never seen. monday, february 28th, the first talks. talks break down as russia demands ukraine to give up its military. on the 1st day of the month, russia appears to strike a tv tower in the ukrainian capitol of kyiv. the russian bomber hit city hall in kharkiv and the u.n. general
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assembly votes to condemn russia's invasion. a mile's long convoy of russian troops, snake towards kyiv. social media is full of burned out russian tanks and russian prisoners offered tea and pastries and a phone call to their mothers to let them end o strikes on innocent civilians. the russian military shelled the largest nuclear plant. friday, more u.n. security council meetings and more weapons to ukraine supplied by nato, a clearly exhausted zelensky has become a world's hero and frustration for putin. his forces captured some cities in town. invasions seem to be a unified nato, a unified europe and
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iron-clad courage from ukrainians defending their home. >> our nbc bay area team is working to keep you updated around the clock and on tv and online. we are updating 24/7 with the latest headlines. you can find in-depth analysis to help you better understand the escalating crisis. anthony flores in joins next in sports. stay with us.
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then columbia would score the next three goals. francisco heads in the quarter kick. it is his second goal in the match. the quakes rallied 3-1. they tied at this match and ends in a 3-3 draw. at the shark tank, san jose hitting the ice against the nationals for the first time in two years in a show of support for ukraine. the ukrainian's national anthem was played before the game. up 1-0 with 90 seconds before the end of the first. matt duchene scores 26 goals of the season. 2-0 predator. they lead the sharks 3-10. john lynch is representing the 49ers at the columbine. he says he turned down big tv money to remain with the 49ers. >> ultimately i made a decision and my family made a decision,
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this is where my heart is at now. i am happy to be here and that's that. it is a lot of money though. i can't believe they're paying that much for people that talk football. it is unbelievable. >> one report says lynch turned down an offer that would have more than tripped his nearly $5 million salary he's making with the 49ers. he's obviously dedicated to the red and gold. that's a look at sports, more news after the break. behold... unlimited wireless for only 30 bucks. that's pretty cool, but you know what's cooler? saving up to 400 bucks! exactly. and if we really want to take it up a notch... get all that and nationwide 5g included. oh nice shot, send that to me. i got you. break free from the big three and get connected to the nations most reliable 5g network. get the new samsung galaxy s22 series on xfinity mobile. and right now, save big with up to $750 off a new samsung device. plus, get unlimited for $30 per line per month when you get 4 lines. switch today.
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this week peacock debut the multi-drama. the veteran actor says he had never had so much fun in front of the camera playing such a flamboyant character. >> charmingly and aggressive character who was always right. >> joe is serving a 22 years sentence prison trying to higher two men to kill carol baskin. it is streaming on peacock.
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with gas so expensive these days, could you stand something free? how about free flowers? it is flower bulbs day . . a garden union square made of 100,000 tulips. take it home for free and make a hat or dress out of them. you are getting the idea? >> i want 50 to 20 tulips. >> this is a week of ahead of international women's day. this is the first flower bulb day in san francisco since 2019. i am getting ideas. >> sports coat, tulips. >> hey, good try there. >> thanks so much for joining us, we'll be back again at 11:00. tripping hazard. female announcer: a new problem at san francisco's millennium tower involving an elevator.
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we've learned the sinking and tilting high rise is also sliding. we investigate why it's happening and what will happen if things get worse. plus, do you feel safe on the freeway? it's not your imagination, highway shootings are on the rise here. we map every major freeway shooting in the bay area in our search for solutions. then-- male: you could actually see him trying to get into your house? female: yeah, from the window, yes. male: what was that like? female: very disturbing. pretty menacing looking. and so, yeah, it was scary. announcer: she says a homeless man was stalking her, and police couldn't seem to do anything about it. we'll give you a glance into our new streaming investigation, "saving san francisco." and laid off, or did you quit and don't want to go back to your old job? we investigate the growing number of people who have pivoted during the pandemic and what they're doing instead.


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