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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  March 7, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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shooting at this man from his car, harry gulard. he is accused of molesting cain's family member. the decision angered many people who were outside. >> the father was not consulted when they released the perpetrator back into the public with zero dollar bail, yet they're holding cain on no bailment this is why people are disgusted and rightfully so, with the criminal justice system. >> reporter: the d.a. says they released gulard over prosecutors' objections. this is exclusive video showing part of that car chase. during the chase, gulard's stepfather was injured.
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they say velasquez was armed with a handgun. and police seized a gun along with ammunition from his home. >> we plan on getting cain back with his family. that's all i've got to say today. >> reporter: i'm told that the judge can revisit this bail situation at future court dates, but for now, for the next month or so, cain velasquez will remain here in the main jail in protective custody. we're live outside the main jail, damian trujillo. overseas, our other top story, the evolving situation if ukraine. today the united nations said 1.7 million refugees have fled the country since russia vaeded, and most of those people have escaped through poland. others are heading to romania. this video shows refugees escaping by ferry over the danube river.
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people are packed on this ferry, personal cars in the background all on the way to romania. when they arrived, romanians gave them plates of food. there are fears that thousands of ukrainians can die in the coming days. russian forces are encircling key cities, including the capital city of kyiv. the areas in red are occupied by russia, and the arrows signify where they are advancing. nearly 100% of russian troops are now in ukraine. today delegations from ukraine and russia had a third round of talks but no breakthroughs, however, a ukrainian said there were breakthroughs on evacuation route, all as army instructors continue to train civilians how to fight. civilians were taught how to handle weapons. 1,000 were trained at this facility alone in the last week.
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they range in age from 14 to their 70s. the u.s. have troops being sent to nato nations. they are under strict instructions not to enter ukraine. they include latvia, poland, romania. the u.s. is also part of nato. neither the ukraine or russia are part of that alliance. ukraine's president zelenskyy has asked nato countries to enact a no-fly zone across his country. he says the refusal to take that step gives the green light to russia to continue their invasion. some are having difficult time
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getting here. we have details on the difficulty ukrainian refugees have with u.s. immigration laws. >> reporter: at least five more ukrainians arrived at sfo and met family members with looks of exhaustion and relief. but the u.s. government has not set up any special process to receive refugees. most already had visas of some kind to get here. and for people trying to help family members get to safety, dealing with u.s. immigration simply adds to the pain of the whole situation. >> the tourist visa with the intention to come back. multiple people receive rejection. >> reporter: his father, mother and sister are among those trying to get away from the violence. his family is currently in poland and he's trying to get
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them to the united states. >> people left their houses, their job, their business, and they would like to go back. >> reporter: last week, alejandro mayorkas did give them protected status for 18 months but only if they were in the u.s. by march 1st. during the trump administration, only 8,000 to 15,000 refugees from across the whole world were allowed to come here. >> if they are going to get here eventually from the ukraine, we're going to have to come up with one very big new number or something very special in place for the ukrainians. >> reporter: as the executive director of the african human rights coalition, she reminded
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me of that. millions other have fled violence and need shelter and aid. >> now if you are interested in helping war victims in ukraine, we have put up an outlet on our web be site. go to nbc bay stocks fell again today. the dow jones lost over 700 points, the s&p dropped by 2.7%. the nasdaq fell by over 3%. investors are growing increasingly concerned that higher energy prices could slow the economy and increase inflation. the fight over social media access in russia continues tonight. twitter confirmed it's working to fix access issues after some complained they couldn't see it
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anymore. the twitter site has been down since the weekend but the mobile app still works. twitter says they are aware that people are increasingly having difficulty accessing twitter in russia. we're investigating and working to fully restore access to our service. and lester holt on the ground hearing from families trying to escape. one of lester's first stop, this train station. these families got out of the war zone, but many aren't sure what happens for them. they are clutching prized possessions like teddy bears. one man says he's ukrainian and plans to return. >> how do you keep up your spirits? this seems so sad. >> it's not so sad. we believe that we will win this fight. >> we are surrounded by people who want to leave this country
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right now. will they come back? do you think they will come back? >> yes, they will. the people, it's only the woman and children. they will come back. >> up next, lester holt shares these stories and speaks with doctors treating war-wounded children. the war hitting gas prices, not much we can do about it, but there are things you can do to cut back on how much your car uses. we dug under the hood and found simple practices. >> reporter: have you changed your oil lately or done routine maintenance on your car? it could make a significant impact on how much gas your car uses. the higher gas prices climb the more incentive you have to useless. but how? you can start with a quirk and easy fix. increase the pressure in your
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tires. >> by having higher pressure, less rolling resistance, than you gain more fuel economy. >> reporter: bruce todd says the more efficiently your car is running the less gas you'll use. so he recommends replacing sparkplugs, check your oxygen sensor and get routine oil checks. >> if they're pointing at different angles they're basically being scrubbed as they roll down the road. scrubbing will take more energy. >> reporter: next, think about aerodynamics. if you have a broken spoiler or flapping bumper, it could cause drag, requiring you to use more gas. you may also want to consider ditching your back or ski rack to reduce drag. another way to save on gas, try to drive at a steady speed.
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when possible, use cruise control, resist the need for speed. >> driving 65 versus 55 can have as much as impact as 5% to 10% decrease in fuel economy. >> reporter: don't let your fuel tank get down to empty, because then you could be forced to fill up at the closest station which could be one of the priciest. a gas leak shut down several streets in downtown san jose this afternoon. construction workers hit a gas line near the children's discovery museum. no evacuations were ordered. a san francisco police officer has been found not guilty in the beating of an unarmed black man. a jury found him not guilty. in 2019, stingle and his partner
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responded to a 911 call that dakari spiers was beating his girlfriend. new details tonight on the effort to protect sexual assault survivors in san francisco. they have introduced new law. this comes after it was alleged a victim's dna was used to incriminate them in an unrelated crime. a statement was released reading in part, we must neff create a disincentive for sexual assault survivors or any crime victim to cooperate with police. still to come, a new investigation under way after a
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soccer game in contra costa count. the racist chants some high school soccer players are accused of yelling during a match. and it was shut down at the start of the pandemic. and now jfk drive in san francisco could be permanently closed to traffic. the new recommendation from the city is next. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. a little windy across the mountains and when we could have fire weather watches.
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well, friends and family had a sad conclusion to a missing student. he was reported missing last week after failing to return
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from a road trip to southern california. saturday, chp discovered his body inside his rental car. investigators are looking into the cause of the crash. well, did the crowds go far? fans of a soccer team are being accused of yelling racist chants at opposing players. we visited where an investigation is under way into exactly what was said. >> reporter: this is home video from the high school team, during last tuesday's state regional quarterfinal game. stakes were high, so were emotions. but what wasn't caught on this tape were racist comments.
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>> our players came up afterward and told us that they were hearing comments from the stands on the de la salle side like hey, juan, you want a burrito? hey, edgar, speak english. our parents mentioned they had been hearing things from parents on the other side, things like "go back to mexico", "speak in english", those kinds of things. de la salle said they were unable to corroborate the allegations. we neither condone or tolerate such unacceptable behavior. it is investigating what happened at the soccer match as well as another complaint from a women's level soccer match that happened recently where families alleged more racist behavior.
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>> ultimately, that's what we want, if somebody did hear that, stop the game, get those people out of here. make sure that doesn't happen going intord. a big milestone in the pandemic. san francisco city employees returned back to the office. we spoke with one employee who said it's been a long time coming. >> i feel like it's nice to see co-workers. i personally like working remote, especially as a working mom, but it's really great to get, you know, to, like, to have your co-workers around, and it's easier to get communication work done. >> many of the bay area's largest companies like apple have also pledged to bring workers back their month.
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we have a followup on whether to reopen jfk drive. this is an overhead look today. it was to provide a place for people to socially distance outside. most people spoken with wanted to keep it closed to traffic. today mayor london breed said it would have long-term benefits for the city. the board of supervisors will have the final say with a vote expected in april. so many people enjoying the sunshine. what a glorious day. >> yes. >> your tie reflects it. >> unintended but yes. lots of sun out there today, this weekend. even if you had a few minutes to be outside it has been so great. yes, we need the rainfall, but
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if we can't get it, this has been beautiful. can you see san jose right now, that blue sky. we did have a breeze kicking up in the mountains today. right now it's the lower elevations out of the northeast at 14 miles per hour. i want to get you ready to go for this week. we have a massive area of high pressure setting up over the pacific. this is sending the storm systems not into washington or oregon. we're talking about way up into alaska and canada. so no major storms because of this. so we're going to stay dry this week. with that said, i am seeing a smaller system that's going to make its way down as we head into thursday and we will get wind that will increase fire danger on thursday, also bring
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the sierra some snow. i want to move it right into the forecast for tomorrow morning and let you know we have to issues that are going to get in your way as we start it off on tuesday. mostly sunny, a little bit chilly, not too cold. 40 in the tri valley. right here over the east bay, 41. and the north bay, low 40s. by the afternoon tomorrow we are doing really good. temperatures back here in the 70s across the south bay. if you're headed back into work, work from home is over for you, at least manage to squeeze in that lunch break outside. it will be worth it. look at this in the south bay. 70 in cupertino. 70 in morgan hill. closer to the water, a little bit cooler with oakland at 68 and hayward 69. i've got 70 in palo alto and 60s from redwood city and san mateo. not quite 70s in san francisco.
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71 in napa and 70 in novato. pretty tranquil weather as we roll through tomorrow's forecast. i am seeing wind building in later their week. i want to give ah look at that. watch how the color expands by thursday, this magenta color, we may get fire warnings for thursday afternoon. right here on my seven-day forecast, i'd involve to have some rain in here. we'll stay with 60s for highs and through the inland valleys, plenty of 70s. thursday is the day to watch it. we could have more trees down and unfortunately maybe some power outages. coming up, the first apple launch event of the year.
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we're going to give you a sneak peek into what you could expect.
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on the latest episode of "saving san francisco", we follow the story of one man accused of terrorizing a woman. you think there is a path where dergen could be a productive member of society? >> i would hope so. but maybe a path where he is just not bothering anyone, isn't personally suffering and isn't
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sleeping on the street. maybe that's all we really need. and a society that permits that and doesn't require somebody to produce is something we should be considering. >> so what's next for james dergen, and what does that mean for the city? you can watch episode two of "saving san francisco", right now. just download the app. you can also check it out online at nbc by francisco. apple is having its first big launch of the year. among the items, a cheaper iphone. a new and improved version of the ipad air is expected and possibly some new mac books. apple's pricier devices are usually introduced during the more-famous fall event. the metropolitan opera is planning an event in support of
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ukraine. it will include the ukrainian national anthem and a prayer for ukraine and chorl works by a ukrainian conductor. a new program to feed our kids healthy meals with a legendry chef behind it all. [bushes rustling] [door opening] ♪dramatic music♪ yes! hon! the weathertech's here. ♪
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feeding our kids better, legendary bay area chef launch launched a new program. and it's called project cereal. it is one of the first projects to feed students organic meals every day. it's possible to make school meals even more healthy, even during a pandemic, and it's not too expensive to feed students healthy, organic food. >> we're hoping it makes it really simple for schools to know that this is possible and we can feed our kids. >> organizers say focussing on a bowl of organic cereal is a simple step schools can take to
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positively impact bodies and minds and the climate. i think is easy the you just have to have alice waters, a famous restauranteur. >> remember when we went to school? it wasn't like that. >> times have changed. >> it's a very good program. nearly all the russian forces that have gathered around ukraine's border have entered ukraine. >> the world is saying to russia, stop these attacks immediately. in could the united states soon be banning russian oil? lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are supportive of this. plus, how is the russian invasion impacting former president trump's impact on the republican party? and moving to an endemic phase, we talk with a top epidemiologist as we learn to live with coronavirus.


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