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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  March 8, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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quintana in san francisco. >> i can't believe it. i don't know what to say. shoot! >> that's the exasperated reaction from alex jennings as he filled his small toyota pickup truck. >> it's older and it's bet or gas mileage and its specifically the reason i have this. >> he's an electrician and can't carry his equipment on public transportation and he'll have to keep paying the pump. >> wendy bernie told me she'd love to take public transportation. >> i know san francisco has one of the best transportation system, but sometimes the hours doesn't work. >> yeah. i work at 4:00 in the morning, so -- >> this shell station in san francisco is one of the most pricey in the city because it's the last station before crossing the bay bridge, but check out that price right now and at $6.31 for a gallon, that's not even the most expensive station in the bay area. prices going up so fast have some commuters hunting for immediate alternatives like christopher vittorio. he's now riding his scooter most days. i normally drive a pickup truck
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which gets 12 miles to the gallon and that tank fills up 25 gallons. ridership has been steadily going up the last couple of weeks. others say they understand president joe biden's plan will mean higher prices and for now that seems to be a price some commuters are willing to pay. >> he's got to do what he's got to do. he's got to try to put the hurt on russia. sergio quintana, nbc, bay area news. throughout the invasions ukraine's president zelenskyy has sent a clear message to the world that ukraine will not back down. today he got a standing ovation in the lore house of parliament as he delivered another speech via video. britain has become part of ukraine's closest allies. prime minister boris johnson speaks frequently with zelenskyy and ukraine's president pleading for help from the west. >> we are looking for your help, for the help of the civilized countries. please increase the pressure of sanctions against this country.
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>> zelenskyy isn't only speaking it governments and lawmakers. he's also speak directly to people around the globe. in a facebook message he said the world believes in his country and is prepared to support ukraine and that's exactly what they're doing. many big name businesses suspending operations in rush a starbucks, coca-cola, mcdonald's pulled out just today, and over the weekend all major credit cards said they will no longer handle processing by russian banks or merchant and in a rare move, "the new york times" has pulled journalists from russia that essentially outlaws independent reporting on the russian invasion. that decision from new york times comes after bloomberg and bbc also stopped operations in russia. >> still no end in sight, but within the last 24 hours russia offered ukraine a cease-fire in these five cities across the country to allow refugees to
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escape. they include the capital city of kyiv, kharkiv and the port city of mariupol. ukraine has not agreed to the proposal calling moscow's humanitarian corridors unacceptable because it would give refugees only two places to escape. belarus and russia. people are trying to flee the country in other directions. this is the scene in irpin 16 miles northwest of kyiv. people are navigating destroyed bridges and shell casings litter the streets. some residents are in shock that they're trying to escape a war zone. >> we're searching for information on internet what should we do when war comes and it is absolutely insane because it is 2022, and people are going to the moon, and we have tesla cars and we have all that amazing technology in our world and here comes war. this stupid war is kind of --
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insane. >> since the fighting started 13 days ago, the u.n. has estimated 2 million people have fled ukraine. well, from lawmaker to soldier, a member of the ukrainian parliament with strong ties to the bay area is vowing to stay in her country and fight. kyra rudic is a 36-year-old who spent time in stanford and silicon valley. she'd never held a gun for the russian invasion and now she holds one daily and here's jody hernandez. >> she is standing with a rifle and it's like this, you know, ready, aim, fire, ready, aim, fire situation. >> cara ruddic describes her now daily weapons training. the 36-year-old software engineer and member of ukraine's parliament never dreamt she'd have to learn to fire a gun until russia invaded ukraine nearly two weeks ago.
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>> you just do loading and unloading, loading and unloading the gun because you need to be able to do it, like, in the darkness when your hands are shaking, when there are bullets flying all over the place and you need to be able to do it without even thinking of it. >> while 2 million people have fled the country ruddic has vowed to stay in the capital city of kyiv and fight if necessary for her country and her people. >> i am telling them we are fighting. i'm telling them we are going to stand up to the horrible trying to attack us. this is what my role as a leader is, this is what i'm doing and this is what i'm going to do. >> she has roots in the bay area and attended leadership at stanford university and as a chief operating officer of ring she has close connections to silicon rally. >> i do have roots to the bay area and i hope they're doing
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well and sending love. as a person on putin's kill list i cannot be talking about my family. >> as ukrainians face vladimir putin's forces. >> this is what gives us the courage to fight because we know that the whole world is watching, and i can tell you we will give him a very good fight. we will give him hell. >> she spends her days trying to help her neighbors flee. she hides out in her house with her cat michelle when the shelling isn't too heavy and moves to the subway when it gets too dangerous. she says putin didn't count on everyday ukrainians both men and women fighting back. >> it's like we are still standing. it's why it's day 13 and we are still standing. jody hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> musicians, poets, dancers are pitching in to help those escape the fighting in ukraine. san francisco to host a concert
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that will take place saturday on golden gate bramshell from noon to 4:00. the goal is to raise $20,000 to support refugees and first responders. >> minutes ago, city council backed off a proposal to end the relationship with the russian city. for more than 30 years russia's first largest city has other ties with san jose and council members this afternoon hesitated to terminate them. instead the city council voted unanimously to send a letter to the city asking them to speak out for peace it dates back to the 1950s to foster peace. since then it's grown to promote tourism and cultural exchanges. in another show of solidarity, russia street in san francisco has been unofficially changed to ukraine street and this ask off mission street. someone covered up russia with the name ukraine, instead. tonight on nbc "nightly
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news" lester holt takes a look at the resistance effort and he goes into a factory that used to make kitchenware like pots and pans and it's used to make dog tags for volunteers and he makes weapons of war like chains to stop armored vehicles. the factory owner says he has to help any way he can. >> and then the war came. how did this change your business? >> it was very hard. we understand that we need to help the army, but we don't know how. from the first day the many volunteers ask us make different things like this and another thinks and we made it. we made it like this near 600 pieces. >> you are a war factory now? >> yes. unfortunately. >> more than half of the workers on this factory have left to fight. be sure to watch nightly news
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with lester holt. we're waiting for governor newsom to take the podium and he'll be up there in a minute and he'll be delivering his yearly state of the state address to lawmakers. this year very different than last year. last year he did it in an empty stadium and the topics were really about covid. this year no shortage of issues to discuss. the war of ukraine and the impact on gas prices and the governor will also talk about things a little closer to home. inflation, covid and the upcoming state budget and his increased effort to address the homeless crisis. over the weekend, the governor said he's focused on a universal health care system for california, as well. as soon as the governor steps up we'll bring you the latest. >>. new details on the cain velasquez case. damian trujillo has a story you will see only on nbc bay area. >> judicial protection is nothing new in santa clara
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county, but it does not happen frequently. certainly the cain velasquez case has stirred up a lot of emotions. >> supporters of cain cell as kez has been a constant sight every time the former ufc champion is in court. what's been clear is their disagreement with rulings by judges to keep the mma star in jail with no bail while releasing the man he was reportedly targeting accused child molester harry ghoulart on his own recognizance. >> it's all right now focusing on getting him out on bail and that's what our focus is right now for him and his family. >> mark geragos added his voice to the crowd. >> 40 years of doing this i can't believe that this is what the criminal justice system thinks is the right outcome. >> add to that the sometimes threatening comments on my twitter feed and other platforms. now sources tell me one of the judges has asked for some protection. >> no, and i'm not surprised at all. >> mark garcia provides
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executive security for clients and is a retired sheriff's lieutenant. security for a judge in this case might range for extra patrols around the home to armed guards. >> you look at each case and you do a threat assessment and you come up with the ideas and the tools necessary to provide them safety. >> it's not clear if the sheriff's office has activated its judicial protection unit for the velasquez case and in a statement, san jose police department would only say, quote, we are monitoring the situation and are aware. in past high-profile cases, protection was even given to prosecutors and that judges sometimes obtained concealed gun permits for gang crime cases. >> those comments, all of them should be taken seriously. >> a case that might not resolve itself for month, if not years. damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. >> still ahead, cracking down on street vendors. the tough stance san francisco
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city leaders are considering to punish illegal sales on the streets. from the ultra high end to the relatively affordable, i'm scott budman with a round-up of the newest apple gadgets just ahead. >> i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. it's looking for more promising for rain chances. also when winds will kick up and that's in about eight minutes.
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is your bathroom over 10 years old? i'm mike holmes, here with ivan from agm renovations america's number one kitchen and bathroom renovators thanks mike! bathrooms over 10 years old cause major water damage, flooding, and mold. [mike] ivan, i've seen a lot of this. homeowners often don't realize what's behind the walls. agm are the only bathroom renovation specialists i recommend. visit today, and renovate before it's too late! and remember - we do kitchens too! ♪ ♪ >> we're following an investigation out of contra costa county. it started when an el cerrito high school went on lockdown. a fight broke out between two students and one of them had a gun. the student with the gun got
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away. police are now investigating what led to that fight. family, friends and community members shared and gathered in martinez today to remember a homeless man shot and killed by a former danville police officer. that officer now doing time for a separate deadly police shooting. one year ago that officer andrew hall seen here in court shot and killed tyrel wilson. the contra county sheriff said wilson pulled a knife and no charges have been filed. today family members held a day of remembrance for wilson. he has a lot to say about this investigation. >> that they would have acted faster, what i'm saying probably would have been able to kill my son because he would have been off the street. >> once again, no charges have been filed in wilson's death. >> last week hall was sentenced to six years for a separate
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deadly shooting in 2018. today the group released doves in wilson's memory. san francisco is gearing up to take a tougher stance on anyone who sells stolen items on city sidewalks. the board of supervisors will consider an ordinance today that imposes new regulations on street vendors. it would require anyone who sells merchandise or pre-packaged food to get a permit. city officials say they're trying to avoid punishing people for selling items legally as a way to make ends meet. >> a new product rollout for apple, and in addition to the latest high-end offerings, the company rolled out a new 5g, more budget-friendly iphone. here's our scott budman. >> apple stores are still busy these days even as economic concerns rise the faithful are still faithful. >> 100% from the phone, computers and everything because of customer service. >> really? that's what makes it. >> that's the difference. >> that said, even as apple rolled out a high-end mac
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desktop computer with a $4,000 price tag, a new 27-inch display screen for $1600 and an ipad air update for 600. >> the new iphone se. >> the company also updated its iphone se, long known as the starter iphone, it will set you back a relatively modest $429. >> this is important for our existing users who want a smaller iphone and a great value. it's also been an incredibly popular model with new iphone users. >> are you talking about users that are pretty pragmatic in their purchase? >> users who according to creative strategist carolyna milanesi are likely to be on a budget, but have tech built into their lives. >> i think technology in general is so ingrained and if anything, covid, and even the conflict has really shown how much dependent we are on technology such as
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smartphones. >> apple also talked up a new media venture, friday night baseball to be broadcast exclusively on apple tv, but the company admits that due to the current baseball lockout, it doesn't know when that will actually start. in los gatos, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, scott. jeff ranieri joins us. spring weather. spring weather today. >> i'm feeling guilty about it bearing the weight of the weather forecast, but it's been so nice to be out there. >> definitely know joying it. we'll see a cool down over the next couple of days and eventually making it into the serve-day forecast and let's get you to the sky camera network and we'll take you to walnut creek where we're coming in with the very enjoyable 70s and 72 under calm winds and it will cool off quickly here and down to the 50s at 8:00 and also 9:00. no problems tonight, but those
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70s we had today those will be starting to fade at least over the next two days and it's from the smaller system that's dropping down from the north and it's taking the dryer path moving over the land so there's no chances of rainfall coming from this, but again, it is going to help to increase the wind for us. so i want to get you into the wind forecast and tomorrow we're starting to see it kind of build up here once we hit 5:00 at night and breezy for most of us and we'll get gusty by 5:00 p.m. tomorrow and it ramps up here as it heads through thursday morning and you can see in the mountains and that's wind gusts at 50 miles per hour and low elevations and the good news about all of this is it should be a short duration of those high peak winds. i think by thursday night we would already start to see those winds calm down and that would continue into friday's forecast, as well. we'll keep you updated on that and let's get you into the
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forecast for wednesday, midway through the workweek and we'll start it off mostly sunny with 42 in the trivalley and 43 in the south bay and over to the east bay, 45, and san francisco 47. so again, not quite as warm as you move to tomorrow and you see here across the bay area down to the south bay. we enjoy today and we are back down in the 60s and still looking good temperature wise. 67 in san jose in morgan hill and from the east bay and interior valleys and right back into hayward and the only exception is antioch and still could be at 71 degrees and through the peninsula and starting to see a drop-off at san mateo. let's take it up to marin, napa, sonoma counties and 69 in sonoma. yes, this weather is great and we all know that we do definitely need some rainfall. we have the driest january and februarys on record, top ten driest and things are looking up for us next week.
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this looks really impressive, but i don't think we're going to see all of this move over the bay area, at least the way things are moving now, but we will get some chances in here once we hit next monday and tuesday. now early estimates show maybe a quarter to a half inch. we'll also keep you updated on that as we get closer. right here through the inland valleys and check out those temperatures and go down to the 60s and the next two days, friday and saturday and more 60s as we head into next week. so a lot happening here. overall the best news is monday and tuesday, maybe some rain. >> thank you. coming up, celebrating women all over the world. the way they're doing it at the smithsonian. that's next. >> be sure to catch up on our new streaming series, saving san francisco. we tell the story of a troubled homeless man, the neighborhood he lives in and the system that some say is failing him. you can watch both episodes 1 and 2, saving san francisco, nbc
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bay area/savingsan francisco. [bushes rustling] [door opening] ♪dramatic music♪ yes! hon! the weathertech's here. ♪ weathertech is the ultimate protection for your vehicle. laser-measured floorliners... no drill mudflaps... cargoliner... bumpstep... seat protector... and cupfone. ♪ what about my car?
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he's at the podium. you're looking at governor newsom in sacramento. he's delivering his state of the dress, and very different from what we've seen the last two years. last year the governor was at dodger stadium and it was an empty stadium as he talked about the pandemic, the year before on the eve of the pandemic talking about homelessness. this year's state of the state is a sunnier, more optimistic tone and he is discussing the war of ukraine and the impact on us here including on gas and inflation and also will be discussing the state budget, but the governor says he'll be
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talking about the homeless crisis and about health care for all. we'll bring you all on what the governor says coming up in ten minutes. highlighting the importance of a healthy breakfast. today bryant elementary in san francisco celebrated school breakfast week. it partnered with cereal and conscious kitchen to give the kids an organic breakfast including cereal and fruit. it's important to provide the best possible food for them. >> we as adults can't function when we go to meetings without having a really solid foundation, so we want to make sure that our students have that solid foundation as they go into class. >> yesterday schools in west contra costa county received the same organic breakfast to help launch project cereal. it's a program spearheaded by chef alex waters. there's something to see the smithsonian on international women's day. it's called the if then she can. it features 120 life sized 3d of
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women trail blazers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. they are displayed together as a collection for the first time ever. the staff us will be in the smithsonian gardens and other museums at the myth smithsonian network until the end of this month. >> and the children's hospital when we come back.
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♪ together ♪ ♪ so come on ♪ - [announcer] the more we learn about covid-19, the more questions we have. the biggest question now, what's next? what will covid bring in six months, a year? if you're feeling anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673, or live chat at today.
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well, when someone does something nice you can say thank you or show your dwrat tud in a big way. that's what they did today at stanford. everyone when went through the front doors were greeted by colorful chalk art and we want to say a thank you to our amazing team of social workers. the hospital hired san francisco artist brendan metcalf to present the arts which took about ten hours to make and it is very uplifting. >> it is. i was going to say it must be a professional, it's stunning. don't forget you can watch us live on roku, amazon fire and raj mathai joins us next at 5:30. >> a lot of key developments today, the united states striking hard at vladimir putin and russia. a ban on all russian oil imports and that means even higher gas
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prices here in the u.s. >> i'm going to do everything i can to minimize putin's price hike here at home. >> the latest intel on putin's state of mind as his invasion into ukraine stalls. >> plus, while everyone is focusing on gas prices, that's not the only thing going up with the russian oil ban. we talk to an economic professor about where else you might feel the pinch. >> and surviving and thriving in a post-covid world. we're moving you forward with the way local businesses are re-thinking their business models. ♪♪ ♪♪ good evening, everyone. the news at 5:30 starts right now. thanks for joining us. i'm janelle wang? i'm raj mathai. another effort by ukrainian president zelenskyy to get the world to hear his message. he gave a speech to british lawmakers pleading for help. his plea was met with a standing o vagsz. president zelenskyy quoted winston churchill saying ukraine was ready to fight until the


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