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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  March 9, 2022 2:06am-2:41am PST

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starbucks joining the russia backlash. and the staggering humanitarian toll, 2 million fleeing ukraine in less than two weeks. their stories of escape also tonight, the first january 6th rioter to stand trial. the verdict handed down today our new report on a texas town at the center of controversy. the 12-year-old student saying he was relentlessly bullied an encouraged to take his own life the civil rights investigation and his message to other bullied kids >> announcer: this is “nbc nightly news" with lester holt reporting from lviv, ukraine. good evening for so many in battle scarred ukrainian cities it feels like there is no safe passage. only harrowing escapes. civilians deaths rising again tonight in the face of russian shelling tonight russian forces taking in a new route of attack as they make
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their slow advance on kyiv now less than 40 miles from its center. ukraine's president zelenskyy not hiding vowing to remain in the capital. despite ukrainian claims of battlefield victories against the russians, a senior u.s. military official says russia retains its combat advantage back home, americans stunned by rising gas prices as president biden announces a u.s. ban on russian oil our team is in place at home and here overseas we begin at the front lines with richard engel. >> reporter: the threat of american and allied sanctions did not deter president putin from launching this invasion. new sanctions today show no sign of stopping it. russia stepped up its strikes. hitting homes, killing civilians. in the northern city of sumy, rescuers combed through rubble for survivors overnight. ukraine says two children were among the dead russia is also
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devastating the suburb of irpin on the edge of kyiv driving thousands into the capital. ukrainian forces have been holding out against russian troops in irpin on the edge of kyiv but today they've taken the decision to evacuate all the patients from the hospital and all medical staff. those coming out of of irpin today were shell shocked. andre walked out with his cat simba. >> big, big column of russian vehicles just -- you know our houses >> reporter: they were just firing at the buildings? >> yes >> reporter: he shared with us videos he recorded of a russian tank below his window and another russian vehicle on fire. tonight a senior u.s defense official said despite ukrainian resistance including shooting down some russian jets russia still has 95% of its combat power intact. across kyiv, residents are bracing for russian onslaught.
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miro popovic served in the u.s. military and fought in afghanistan. now he's defending his hometown >> serving three years in the u.s. army, i learned a lot about war. for me to not be here right now and to run away is -- i don't think it is the right thing to do. >> reporter: people around the world have watched and been amazed i think by the spirit of the ukrainian people to fight, to resist >> yeah. >> reporter: what's that all about where is it coming from >> there is no way we are going to be on the russian government. there is no way we are going to go back to u.s.s.r. or something like that. no >> reporter: ukraine has been calling for air cover and soviet era jets that this country's pilots know how to fly tonight poland said it is willing to give ukraine all of its mig-29s and send them to an american air base in germany. it is unclear how the jets would make their
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way here to ukraine. lester >> richard engel in kyiv tonight, thank you. after days of pressure, presiden biden announced a u.s. ban on russian oil import, it could send record domestic gas prices even higher peter alexander at the white house with more. >> reporter: president biden striking at the heart of vladimir putin's economy, announcing a ban on all russian oil and gas. >> we'll not be a part of subsidizing putin's war. >> reporter: oil and gas production accounts for 40% of russia's revenue >> the american people will deal another powerful blow of putin's war machine. >> reporter: it's a major shift for the president who for weeks deliberately avoided sanctioning russian oil to kee u.s. gas prices lower. >> on our sanctions package we specifically designed to allow energy payments to continue >> reporter: president biden's decision follows bipartisan pressure to impose a ban. still the actual impact of the move is likely limited because unlike europe, the that relies on russia
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for roughly a quarter of its oil the u.s. gets just 8% of its imports from there the uk says it will phase out russian oil by the end of the year but germany that's heavily dependant on russian energy ruled out any change the president acknowledging gas prices will keep rising >> it is going to go up >> reporter: regular unleaded today averaging $4.17 a gallon an all-time high >> i am going to do everything i can to minimize putin's price hike here at home. >> reporter: but republicans blasting the president for not ramping up u.s. oil production >> we are seeing the product of a flawed energy policy we have seen huge spike in prices even before the invasion of ukraine. >> reporter: in maryland, mick's moving company locks in its prices months before a move and no with gas prices soaring, they chose to eat the added cost rather than passing it onto consumers >> filling up that tank every morning going to a job whe we are charged half
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the price for a full tank of price is as definitely hit for the gut but we are doing what we can to keep going. >> peter, some major american companies are suspending their operations in russia what do we know? >> reporter: that's right, lester. after intensifying pressure to respond to the invasion of ukraine, some of the most iconic brands coca-cola, pepsi, mcdonald's and starbucks today al announced they'll stop operating in russia. for mcdonald's it is 850 locations there, making up 9% of its global revenue, lester >> all right peter alexander, thank you. as russia feels the squeeze from sanctions, vladimir putin signed new measures today aimed at easing the economic pain on russia russia is cracking down on the media there limiting what reporters can say under threat of imprisonment our keir simmons is in moscow >> we are banning -- >> reporter: just hours after president biden announced hi ban on russian oil president putin unveiling restrictions
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on imports and exports tonight to ensure the safety of the russian federation it is not clear what goods or countries are targeted before the u.s. announcement the russian deputy prime minister saying rejecting russian oil would lead to catastrophic consequences for the global market an warning russia could cut gas supplies to europe today the european union did not join the u.s. ban but did propose gaining independence from russian fossil fuels by 2030. europe imports 45% of its gas from russia 25% of its oil while russian oil and gas revenues reached $119 billion in 2021 according to russia's finance ministry today the leaders of germany and france spoke with china's president xi in february, the chinese leader stood shoulder to shoulder with president putin ahead of the olympics. today xi called for maximum restrain warning sanctions against russia will dampen the global economy.
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but despite the diplomatic tension, senior official calls for maintaining a constructive dialogue with the u.s. and international security lester >> keir simmons in moscow, thank you. the ukrainian war effort runs through the fabric of this country. from neighborhood volunteers setting up local defenses t businesses adapting to the needs of a nation fighting for its existence. ukrainians are fighting back any way they can while its army engages the russians head on factories like this three generation family owned metal company in lviv do their part max never imagined he'd go from making pots and pans to making anti-tank barriers >> it was very hard. we understand that we need to help the army. we don't know how. from the first day the many volunteers ask us
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to make different things like this >> so you are a war factory now? >> yes, yes. unfortunately. >> reporter: they used drawings and improvised the factory gone from making kitchen pots to lethal item like this. this collar fits on the top of a grenade when it blows up these spikes become shrapnel much of the staff left for military service the factory still managing to churn out spikes to disable vehicles that will ruin tires, ruin the bottom of the car? >> and even big car. >> reporter: and dogtags for the ukraine military's rapidly growing ranks. max's company is doing it for free. the money for salary is running out do you and your employees feel a sense of pride for your contribution >> yes, yes. many guys who work in here come and say we'll work but we don't want the salary. >> reporter: some of
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the items destined for volunteer forces who are part of the country's defenses at the end of the day you are making war materials. are you fearful of becoming a target? >> no, no. there are many, many, many guys ask me this before i don't fear this. here people, all people here will die with the weapons in hands because this is our land, and we'll protect it >> reporter: not far away at a lviv art center, more materials of war >> we are all united as much as we can. >> reporter: volunteers rip, cut, and weave camouflage netting designed to conceal fighting positions and structures they, too, answering their country's call what message does this send to vladimir putin? >> that we are here. we are ready to fight. we want our homeland
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independent, free, and we'll have it. >> reporter: from its rapidly transformed factories to its determined population, the fabric of this embattled country remains strong and as the war here grinds on an unprecedented number of ukrainians have now fled the country tom llamas with their stories of escape. >> reporter: tonight 2 million refugees have escaped ukraine. half of them are children and so many still trapped in the east in crippled cities like mariupol why shouldn't i cry, she says i am so sad about the people, the city, the children >> it is not ordinary situation. >> reporter: in lviv, the mayor told me today his city is housing more than 200,000 refugees >> it is new reality, in my home stay refugees >> in your home
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there's refugees staying? >> yes, yes. >> reporter: he's frustrated saying they are reaching a breaking point and need more help >> international organization in this moment must be in lviv, not in poland or different country. in lviv. no tomorrow, immediately. we need immediately. >> reporter: lviv known as ukraine's capital of culture is now the capital of refugees the 25-year-old and others are calling this aerobic studio home she fled from kyiv. days of living in a bomb shelter became too much what's been the hardest part so far? >> the hardest part to understand that we are now safe here and our friends and family are not safe >> reporter: she's grateful her mother and 8-year-old brother are with her, but they all want to know when can they go back >> he really wants to get home and i also want to get home but right now we can't.
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>> reporter: yeah, you will get home. you will get home. >> i believe that 100% we'll get home >> reporter: ukrainians and the world praying for that safe return. tom llamas, nbc news, lviv >> so many people trying to find their footing in their country right now. in 60 seconds, the first trial of the january 6th rioter, the verdict the jury reached today.
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back now with the first january 6th defendant to stand trial found guilty today. pete williams is joining us now this was a quick but historic verdict >> very quick, the jury deliberated just over two hours before reaching the verdict. guy reffitt of texas was found guilty of carrying a pistol, barging past the barricades, and challenging police officers protecting the capitol. in an effort to stop congress from counting the electoral counts for president. he was found guilty, too, of threatening to shoot his own children when he got home if they told the police or the fbi what he
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did. his own son did contact the fbi and testified at the trial against his father he'll be sentenced at a hearing three months from now, lester >> all right, pete. thanks up next a new report from southlake, texas, as the school system faces a federal probe.
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tonight, we return to southlake, texas, where the school district we reported on faces a federal civil rights probe antonia hylton on why
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the schools may be forced to accept diversity plans they fought to stop. >> reporter: like many 12 years old, christian loves yugio, science fiction, and hanging out in his room >> i really wanted to make an elemental hero deck >> reporter: recently he says he struggled after being bullied relentlessly for identifying as pan-sexual at durham intermediate school part of the carroll school district in southlake, texas >> it mainly gave me depression and it felt more nerve-racking to go to school >> what were kids saying >> they were using gay slurs and being very rude to me just by making jokes >> reporter: one day his mother christina noticed welts all over his legs christian told her other students had hit him. >> i would go to pick him up, and i would see him standing by himself but then watching kids circle him kind of like a lion would stalk its prey >> reporter: southlake
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schools have been in the national spotlight in 2018 when a video of a high school students chanting the n-word went viral. volunteers spent almost two years working on a school diversity and inclusion plan but conservative residents launched a lawsuit and voted in new school board members opposed to it. now the department of education's office for civil rights i investigating alleged discrimination based on race, sexuality and nation of origin the naacp and educational fund has also filed a complaint on behalf of four students saying the district failed to intervene. christian is one of them >> why did the naacp now add to this investigation? >> this is not about any particular individual but rather this is systematic this is happening over and over again >> did the carroll school district fail this 12-year-old >> absolutely. this is any parent's worst nightmare. >> reporter: september was the breaking point. christian says he told a friend that he no longer wanted to be alive. students allegedly
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turned an old volleyball net into a noose encouraging christian to hang himself from a football post in the schoolyard >> since that incident, has there been an investigation and have any of the kids involved been held accountable? >> not to my knowledge. it feels to me like they are trying to sweep it under the rug and they are trying to not address it >> reporter: christina has filed three detailed grievances with the district and pulled christian out of southlake school. the district did not respond for numerous comments if the federal government finds violations carroll schools could be forced to implemen new diversity training that process could take months or even years, something christina says her family cannot afford to wait and see. >> some days are really still difficult. he's working really hard to overcome but the good days are just so thankful for every day because we almost didn't have anymore with him >> what gave you the
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bravery to talk about this >> mainly just being able to know that other people in this school district if they are listening to this that they'll be able to actually see like that there will be some good in this world. >> reporter: antonia hylton, nbc news, southlake, texas up next, honoring the women standing strong in ukraine.
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on this international women's day, we celebrate the achievements of women across the globe here in ukraine we are witnessing people every day finding a strength and resolve that the moment demands. they have said good-bye to everything thousands of women left to lead the way to safety, holding their children's hands and the little they can carry with them. outside a train station in lviv, erena who evacuated from the donesk region tells me she and her daughter will shelter here. >> my job is to keep her daughter safe and her husband's job is to keep the country safe >> behind the tears resilience and fortitude. leah came here wit
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her twins to escape the fighting, protecting them, telling them the sounds of war were actually just bad weather. she's ready to leave that storm far behind them >> we want to go to poland i don't know what to do maybe i want to go to kurdistan. >> the girls for now content to play. 22-year-old sofia is a volunteer. she tells me she is in awe of the women she sees here. a lot of the people i see here are women, children they have a lot of strength can you talk about how they handle it >> they have a lot of -- i don't know, woman power to have the children and go away to nowhere. >> on this international women's day, firefighters in romania handed out tulips to women as
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they crossed the border, a promise of spring and new beginnings that's "nightly news." thank you for watching, everyone i am lester holt please take care of yourself and each other. good night [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ ♪♪ i tell myself you don't mean a thing ♪ ♪ and what we got got no hold on
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me ♪ ♪ but when you're not there i just crumble ♪ ♪ i tell myself i don't care that much ♪ ♪ but i feel like i die 'till i feel your touch ♪ ♪ only love only love can hurt like this ♪ ♪ only love can hurt like this ♪ ♪ your kisses burning to my skin ♪ ♪ only love can hurt like this ♪ ♪ but it's the sweetest pain ♪ ♪ burning hot through my veins ♪ ♪ love is torture makes me more sure ♪
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♪ only love can hurt like this ♪ ♪ your kisses burning to my skin ♪ ♪ only love can hurt like this ♪ ♪ and it must've been a deadly kiss ♪♪ [cheers and applause] >> kelly: what's up, everybody? welcome to "the kelly clarkson show"! give it up for my vanity all! [cheers and applause] oh, my gosh, i hope that you can't just see. that was "only love can hurt me" by english singer-songwriter. what's your connection to that song? >> thank you so much for singing this pretty mean so much to me. i was actually diagnosed with breast cancer in october of 2020
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at 29 years old. >> kelly: i was like you are a baby. how old are you now? >> i will be 31 this year. >> kelly: so young and i am sorry. >> in full remission as of last year, cancer free! >> kelly: that's incredible. >> thank you so much. so the song even though it's a love song obviously about if significant other, it's represented something about losing the old me who i used to love and learning to love the new me who i am learning to love and it's this constant battle of letting go of the loss and leaning on the new me who i am learning to love, because i have gone through a lot in the last couple of years. i went through 18 rounds of chemo and had two surgeries, it was just a crazy year. >> kelly: such a baby to have all of that happening you. i'm so sorry. >> everything happens for a reason and i feel so blessed to be advocating now for young people, which i do all the time. i just formed a nonprofit around it. >> kelly: what is the
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nonprofit? >> it's called miracle makeovers. i've been in the beauty industry the last ten years. and we service other people going through cancer with full-service makeovers. >> kelly: i grew up singing behind a blind and i would be like why are you making me get dressed up. and it did make me sing better. it made me stand more proud. it makes you feel better aesthetically. a lot of people get a bad rap for focusing on aesthetics, but it can make you feel wonderful. so especially when people are going through something like that, it's unimaginable. to suffer that process, to be able to feel beautiful is a really great thing. and i love that song! [applause] that song is beautiful. >> it's amazing. >> kelly: thank you, rachel, and congratulations! all right, fellow comedienne aia rodriguez is hanging out.
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then we are making jamaican dish with chef kwame onwuachi! i'm very excited. let's talk to the woman who has become a new mama since we last saw her, you can catch her every tuesday on "this is us" on nbc. she is magical, the final season is airing right now. please welcome mandy moore! [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ >> kelly: oh, my gosh. >> mandy: how are you? >> kelly: i am so good! you are a new mama! >> mandy: i am a mama! [cheers and applause] >> kelly: that does not usually happen. get it! >> mandy: thanks, guys. >> kelly: that does not usually happen, more for mandy moore. you are a new new mama now. are you in heaven's spelling baby? >> mandy: i mean, he's about to turn one, i know i am so late
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there he is. little gus. he is almost one, so i'm kind of like migrating out of baby-dumb into toddler-dom. and it's wild. >> kelly: it's just going to get more wild. you named him gus, but it's august? was there something about the month of august? >> mandy: august is when we found out we were having a boy, and it's also the month that my husband was born and we love the name "gus" because my husband's last name is goldsmith and i like it an alliterative name, mandy moore and we wanted a gg. >> kelly: river rose. i like alliteration. it's fun. it's great for monogram incurred >> mandy: it is also nice for that. >> kelly: what's the hardest part that you did not see coming? there's probably a lot. >> mandy: i don't know where to begin, all of it, it is every cliche in the book for those parents out there, it's just the
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most overwhelming all-consuming love, and it's funny, because i have been playing a mom on a television show for six years and i'm like, can we go back to the beginning now? because i know what it's like to be a mom. i am faking it! >> kelly: i am so method right now! was it hard to play a mom not being a mom? because i heard, milo outed you a bit when he was here, because he was like taught her how to do her first diaper because you did not have a kid. >> mandy: on my husband and i neither of us had any experience with babies. >> kelly: mean either before i had one. >> mandy: so i leaned on milo so hard especially in the beginning of the show. >> kelly: which milo does not have children. >> mandy: he has nieces and nephews. >> kelly: i have nieces and nephews and i still never changed deborah before my children. that's your babies butt. take care of your own. i did not make anybody do mine.


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