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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  March 9, 2022 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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punched him. >> thanks for be being with us, i'm raj mathai. >> we continue to track the invasion of ukraine in its 14th day. russian troops pushing their way toward kyiv. they continue to be met with resistance from determined ukrainians. u.s. military says russian forces aren't as far along as they expected to be. russia responding with more long-range attacks, reportedly targeting civilians. russia bombed a children's and maternity hospital. meanwhile, vice president kamala harris is in poland to show unity with its allies as of today, 2 million people have fled ukraine. at least half of those are children. some of those refugees have made their way to the bay area. nbc bay area's melissa gord caught up with a young ukrainian tennis star trying to bring her
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goals to reality. >> she wants to be the best player in the word, like that's her dream. >> reporter: the 11-year-old has big dream. she was training for tennis six days a week, three hours a day. that's until her country was vaeded by russia. that's her brother translating. they said a heart-wrenching good-bye to their father who was required to stay. now they've been taken in by family in novato, 6,000 miles away. >> she says it's very hard without the father here. >> reporter: still, their father doesn't like her tennis aspirations sidelined.
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they have been overwhelmed with dozens of offers the past few days, which is good, because she wants to be back to playing soon. at this moment, they're worried about their nation, which is deeply in pain. >> i would say to the bay area, ukraine now needs help. >> reporter: and they say they have no idea how long they'll be in the u.s. for. for the weeks to come, they'll be looking for activities locally to join into and schools to enroll no. alyssa gord, nbc bay area news. a convenience store owner was shot and killed. surveillance video shows someone running from that area minutes after the robbery. it happened around 10:00 last night. the man was found dead inside the market and had worked there
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18 years. >> he's a small business owner. he welcomes everyone into his shop. >> the suspect is still on the loose this. is benicia's second homicide of the year. officials were searching backpacks after a student brought a gun to school yesterday. a fight broke out between the students, one of which gun. parents said when they received the message from school they were concerned for safety. >> it was a lot more serious than someone had a weapon and everything's fine. it went from being a minor detail to a major situation where they have to come to school and all go through one checkpoint at school. >> el cerrito high was on lockdown for about half an hour
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yesterday and luckily no one was hurt. an encouraging followup on the 49ers fan left in a coma after that violent attack outside of sofi stadium. daniel luna is out of that coma. he owns mistral restaurant in oakland. someone punched him during an altercation in the parking lot during the game. he fell and hit his head. doctors put him in a medically-induced coma the we have new video of him playing basketball. the man accused of punching him is charged with felony battery. san francisco miss are police are hoping the public can help.
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after reports of a possible kidnapping. officers canvassed the area. sfpd is working with other police departments to help find this woman. setting an optimistic tone, san francisco mayor london breed laid out a list of accomplishments and proposals to take on many of the city's problems. sergio quintana is live from san francisco, and tell us about the address. >> reporter: well, she was pretty plain about some of them. she did acknowledge that the last three years have been pretty tough for thetive san francisco. she did take her address outdoors. she says they are poised for a rebound from the pandemic and took on some critics. >> there's a lot of noise about what's happening in our city. you see it in the headlines, often in the right wing media. >> reporter: now in an effort to highlight the continuing growth
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of the city, the mayor spoke in front of office and housing towers near oracle park in the mission rock maybe hood. she says there are several signs that san francisco will bounce back, including the lifting of the vaccine requirements. but she addressed homelessness and mental illness in the streets of san francisco. the city has rolled out an array of programs and new approaches but is taking her efforts statewide. >> there are some folks who cannot or will not do what's safe for themselves or others, so we have to be honest about the need to teal with those struggling with mental illness, and we need to make serious changes to our state laws. >> let's talk about the issues with crime. it's been at the top of the list for the mayor, especially crime in the tenderloin. did she talk about that today? >> reporter: he did.
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she did. she mentioned that the police department is quite a few officers down from three years ago. 250 officers fewer now than three years ago. she says that is a critical need and call it is a crisis staffing level, and she is hoping to recruit more officers. episode two of "saving san francisco", some say james dergen can be helped. others say he's a lost cause. >> he has two sides to him. he has this very meek and articulate side of him that's almost submissive. but then there's angry james dergen, which is actually what the park police call him.
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and that's when he's really high on meth. and that's when he is very violent. >> about 75% of those locked up inside san francisco county jail suffer from mental illness, substance abuse or both. nearly half get arrested again within three year. james dergen is the face of those statistics. >> watch both episodes now of "saving san francisco", by downloading our app. putting the brakes on high gas prices. more bay area drivers are buying motorcycles to try to save on gas, especially now that some models get more than 70 miles per hour. the owner of this store says they're expecting an increase.
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the motorcycles, the owner of highland family bikes says many people are buying bicycles. two students in santa clara university are in trouble today the university requires three doses of the vaccine by march 17. one student got one shot and had a negative reaction and says she won't be getting another shot. she faces disenrollment if she doesn't comply. >> right now i'm going to go home for spring break and i hope they hear me and see that i can't get this for my own health and safety and i will be able to come back to school. >> the students filed a lawsuit. they said santa clara university
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created the vaccine deadline after it had already collected tuition. we reached out to the university, which said it has no comment. santa clara count sheriff lori smith is denying accusations. smith's attorney says state law gives sheriffs wide discretion in handing out permits and contends that the charges are so vague they should be thrown out. you can watch our reports on our home page. scarred by a wildfire two years ago. it is set to reopen to mountain hikers and bikers. it was the biggest case the silicon valley had even in a long time.
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coming up we're back in federal court, another theranos executive going on trial. that wind's picking up. you can see the wind advisory through the mountains, and updated rain chances in about eight minutes.
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months. today part two of the high-profile theranos trial, this time the former co-worker and boyfriend of elizabeth holmes on trial. let's bring in scott budman who covered the holmes trial from the federal courthouse in san jose. scott? >> reporter: hey, good evening, raj, this time it is the former chief technology officer from theranos, sunny balwani on trial. he has been charged with counts of fraud. there weren't all that many people as balwani arrived. this morning we saw dozens of potential jurors file into the courtroom. balwani's attorneys will try to convince the jury their client was not the main shot caller at
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theranos, even though holmes claimed he was partially responsible for the company's failing. >> if she pointed the finger at sunny, you can expect sunny in his trial is going to point the finger right back at her and say she was the driving force behind everything that went wrong at theranos and every criminal act that was done. >> all right, scott, the million dollar question, will balwani testify on his own behalf like we saw elizabeth holmes do, and moving forward, will he testify against elizabeth holmes? >> yeah, that's a couple million dollar questions, raj. the one thing we don't flow about sunny balwani is how he would be in an interview or television or a documentary film. we had seen elizabeth holmes a lot, and her lawyers had an idea that she could perhaps charm a jury. only the attorneys for balwani have an idea how he will come
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across. as far as elizabeth holmes testifying against balwani, that would get interesting. remember, they were separated into two different trials so they wouldn't be in the courtroom at the same time. but that could happen, and that would be quite the mood in the courtroom. >> thanks, scott. nurses from stanford hospital rallied for a new contract today. they are trying to reach a new deal with management before their contract expires march 3st. 31st. >> power has turned to the employees. they know they need us, and they need us to take care of the
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patients. >> the nurses are among the highest paid in the nation. we're committed to good faith negotiation with crona, the statement says. a planned redwood hike in the santa cruz mountains could prove more educational than you ever thought. a video shows the splendor of the forest. they had big plans to create 38 miles of trail through here. but the czu fire complex burned right through this area in the santa cruz mountains of the since then, workers have been removing damaged trees. an eight-mile section will reopen this fall. a little lesson while you walk. >> that will be nice, actually. jeff is with us, talking about the sunshine. it was windy on the peninsula. >> especially in the mountains.
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we could see gusts from 30-50 miles per hour. we have rainfall coming in the seven-day forecast. let's take you into the microclimate weather, and we are all about this system right here. this is what helped to cool our temperatures off by 10 degrees today, and then eventually, we're going to see that wind really ramp up. i think overall this is good news. this system looks like it's going to move a lot faster. anytime you get wind you obviously don't want it to linger. we have a higher threat of downed tree, power outages and wildfires. this is pretty good, quick wind event in the mountains, that's where we'll see the top wind gusts. tonight we'll see winds kick up around the northern coastline. not too bad at the lower elevations. through the mountains, the red to magenta color, wind gusts
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40-50. look for the strongest gusts through napa. by tomorrow the winds will continue to calm down and that will continue into the friday forecast. hang on. i know how annoying that wind can be. and if you have allergies, it's going to be probably a pretty tough day for you. with the breeze kicking up, make sure you have a couple layers to keep you warm. right here in san francisco, 43. daytime highs not going to change a whole lot from what we had today. plenty of 60s. 68 in east san jose. isolated 70s like in gilroy. plenty of 60s from san mateo. and to the north bay, 69 in sonoma, 71 in santa rosa.
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obviously, rainfall is what we all want. let me show you how things are shaping up next week. i do see this strong line of rainfall by monday morning. eventually, we'll get the possibility here, best chance on next tuesday. not the major storm we'd like to see, but we can't be picky. rain chances continue into next monday and tuesday. i see a quarter to half inch possible with that. through the inland valleys, you though what that weather's good for. >> beach, barbecue. thanks, jeff. up next, a new clinic opened in mountain view. what makes this planned parenthood location different than the ones we've seen in the bay area before.
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tesla stepping up to help its ukrainian employees. in an e-mail released to cnbc today, it said they will keep their employees on the payroll for up to three months if they're called up to fight. after three months, the company says it will reassess employee situations and decide what it needs to do next. a new planned parenthood clinic opened too. the goal is to break down barriers. >> community is the heart and soul of planned parenthood. that is why it's critical to provide health care for all that need it. >> there's also going to be a
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pharmacy on site that will be available to anyone who lives in mountain view. if you've been craving culture, alice neil ignored the art world's changing styles and trends, consistently painting her way for decades until her death in 1984. she was a new yorker, but this was neil's first ever major west coast exhibition. >> enjoy free admission, sponsored by gucci, and an afternoon of activities, and in the afternoon i will be in conversation with the met curators. >> it she say free admission as well? >> yes! >> it runs through july 10th. up next, a pro basketball star praising real basketball stars.
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will ferrell joins klay thompson and steph curry before the game. and here's a look at lester holt. ballerinas to the battlefield, ukrainian dancers leaving the stage for the frontline.
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well, did you see who showed up at the warriors game last night? >> how could you miss it, the
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outfit, those knee socks. basketball legend jackie moon showed up. coach kerr revealed he reached out by e-mail to set up that surprise. our exclusive interview with the ceo of pfizer about vaccines for kids under the age of 5. up next, lester holt takes us into a neighborhood preparing to fight. he shows us how volunteers are constructing barriers, lester holt joins us from ukraine now. tonight, our special coverage i'm inside ukraine as russian forces appear to be stepping up attacks on civilians ukrainian officials saying a russian air strike destroyed this children's and maternity hospital in the port city of mariupol
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victims limping away ukraine's president saying children are trapped in the rubble. the stunning images. injured pregnant women evacuated. the city surrounded. hundreds of thousands civilians cut off from food and clean water also new concerns at the chernobyl plant. the power cut off after russians took control. and i go inside the resistance with civilians bracing to defend their neighborhoods. also, domestic gas prices hitting a new record high after president biden banned russian oil. russia accusing the u.s. of waging an economic war. and inside russia, more u.s. companies cutting ties the rush to get the last big mac before mcdonald's shutters nearly 850 restaurants in the country the trial under way for four men accused of plotting to kidnap michigan's governor. and after more than a century, one of the great mysteries of the sea has finally been solved. >> announcer: this is


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