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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  March 15, 2022 2:06am-2:41am PDT

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putting a strain on ukraine's neighbors. also tonight, severe storms on the move across the south. we're tracking it. new video on the manhunt for a potential serial killer is the same suspect preying on the homeless in new york and d.c. and the nypd searching for a suspect in a shocking stabbing attack at the famed museum of modern art tom brady is back. why the man many called the greatest of all time is returning 40 days after announcing his retirement dolly's decision why the music legend is withdrawing her nomination for the rock n' roll hall of fame >> announcer: this is “nbc nightly news” with lester holt good evening, everyone there were talks today between ukraine and russia and apparently more to follow it's an encouraging sign but nothing so far to mute the deadly drumbeat of war now growing louder in the capital kyiv where an apartment building was
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struck as residents slept. we'll hear from survivors in just a moment at the same time residents of the city mariupol are beginning to find ways out after days of living trapped in desperation it all comes after a weekend in which the russians demonstrate their extended reach with what the u.s. believes was a cruise missile strike near the polish border and it killed at least 35 we learn president volodymyr zelenskyy will address u.s. congress later this week as he continues to make the case for a broader american intervention in the war. the war stirring anger across the globe, even in russia where protester interrupte a live tv newscast displaying an anti-war message behind the anchor let's begin with richard engel reporting tonight from kyiv >> reporter: beware of russia on its back foot
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apparently frustrated by its lack of progress on the battlefield, russia is laying waste to ukrainian cities and civilians from afar. ukraine says this is an incoming russian missile intercepte by ukrainian air defenses falling and exploding on the streets of kyiv. nearby, russia destroyed an apartment building just after 5:00 a.m. when most people were sleeping there are no military targets here this is just civilian apartment building surrounded by other apartment buildings and the only possible reason for attacking it is to kill civilians and terrorize the population just a few miles from the center of kyiv. he says intuitio must have woken him. he was having a smoke when suddenly in the slow time of extreme fear he saw flash and then the windows and doors came crashing in nina, a downstairs neighbor, was shaken but unhurt
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in the aftermath she was happy not to be alone do you have a mother, she asks her name happens to be nina, too. nina's three-room apartment is devastated she was in bed asleep. >> all of this fell on top of you it is amazing you are not hurt not even a little broken glass, nothing. i had a big blanket on top of me, so all good, she says adding she feels pity for putin's mother who's turning in her grave that she gave birth to such a nasty bastard. outside laid a body of a man killed for being in his home. but even here the spirit of resistance is unbroken. meanwhile russia is taking its war further west striking a military training base near the polis border, while in the east hitting ukrainian homes in kharkiv and mariupol where a humanitarian corridor
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today finally pierced the blockade allowing hundreds of packed cars to leave but too late for this pregnant woman in an iconic image after the bombing of a maternity hospital she died, according to the associated press. when she was told her baby was dying, she said, kill me now. attempts to save her were unsuccessful. >> richard is joining me from kyiv today's negotiations between russia and ukraine ended with no breakthroughs. what they're calling a technical pause. what do we read into that >> reporter: so this is the fourth time that they have tried to have a peace settlement but for the first time they have agreed to continue the negotiations for a second day so they ended now. they've had this technical pause. they'll resume again tomorrow and both sides are hinting at possible progress >> progress a word we don't hear enough in this context richard, thank you across the western
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border of ukraine, an ever-growing exodus. nearly 3 million ukrainians have now made their way to safety, many with harrowing stories of escape gabe gutierrez is in hungary for us tonight. >> reporter: tonight, the war's refugee crisis which the u.n. calls the larges since world war ii expanding throughout more of europe hungary have seen more than 250,000 refugees, second only to poland. margarita told u a bomb leveled her home she and her 13-year-old son nikita now only have the clothes on their backs. it is just impossible to imagine, she says this is the growing refugee crisis this train station in budapest sees thousands of refugees each day and many of them spent hours here before boarding trains to other parts of europe other countries such as slovakia, moldova and romania are also seeing an influx
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now stoic are the faces of women and children burdene with uncertainty and harden by catastrophe. this man told us because of his age and disability, he was one of the few men allowed to leave ukraine how hard was it to have to leave your homeland behind? >> well, it is, like -- you have a feeling of death behind you >> reporter: alex is a hungarian volunteer handing out supplies. he's just 15 years old. >> i have a friend whose whole family is dead no one deserves this i don't like it. i'm trying my best to help but i'm just a 15-year-old kid. i can't do much. >> reporter: we found a group of international college students who attended a school in northeast ukraine. >> i wake up everyday confused and sometimes i don't want really want to wake up. when i wake up i think about my problems and they are so overwhelming >> reporter: they showed pictures of their harrowing escape, fighting their way through a crowded
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train station after spending two nights in a bunker terrified of the shelling outside >> i wouldn't even pray for my enemy to go through that because i mean like we could not sleep. it is like you are sleeping with one eye open >> reporter: a u.s. based charity, global empowerment mission, is taking donations to rent these students an airbnb in hungary. a refuge if only temporary for the innocent caught in war. >> we are seeing european countries take in tens if not hundreds of refugees is the u.s. feeling pressure to follow suit >> reporter: lester, even though presiden biden says the u.s. would welcome refugees with open arms they still can't officially say stay in the u.s. unless they were there before march 1st or get an exception. many ukrainian americans we spoke with say they would like to make it easier to bring their relatives in lester >> okay. gabe gutierrez, thank you. we want to go inside russia now. reports of another potential migration.
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russians leaving the country because of those economic sanctions. with images today of western stores temporarily closing their doors. keir simmons is there. and a note, russia i cracking down on the media there limiting what reporters can say under threat of imprisonment >> reporter: tonight the face of cities like st. petersburg is changing iconic western stores shutting down and now reports of russians leaving from many neighboring countries. >> have you heard of people going to live outside russia have gone? >> yes, many people want to go outside >> reporter: want to leave >> yes, yes. >> reporter: many others like this man insist they'll stay. this is our homeland, he says. this woman says she won't go even though her daughter has an american passport. people are going to houses in miami or i think it's wrong. but several western brands are leaving st. petersburg, seen as
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russia's most european city ikea has shut up shop. zara stores are locked but the sign says we are temporarily closed and there is a number to dial for refunds. russia shut down instagram today used bring millions here. russia's stock market will not reopen this week, the country is battling to default saying they'll pay its foreign debt in rubles. tonight the world watching how russia's close partner china responds some hoping beijing will mediate and others fears it will help russia get around western sanctions. a move the u.s. has warned against keir simmons, nbc news, moscow no direct talks with russia but tonight we learned that president biden could be makin a trip to europe to meet nato allies. kelly o'donell is at the white house. what's being considered here? >> reporter: several officials say discussions are underway about a potential presidential trip in the coming weeks. president biden on the ground in europe closer to the fighting and the refugee
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crisis the white house says no final decision on a trip is made today the president' national security adviser was in rome meeting with a top chinese diplomat for what was described as an intense seven hours. the u.s. has deep concerns about china providing military equipment or financial support to russia. the kremlin denied making that request for help and china blasted the accusation as u.s. disinformation >> kelly, you are getting more details of president zelenskyy's planned virtual speech to congress >> reporter: well, that's set up for wednesday and zelenskyy could again appeal for a no-fly zone or fighter jets which some in congress support but the white house has rejected in favor of other kinds of defensive weapons lester >> kelly o'donnell at the white house, thank you. >> also this evening, we're tracking severe weather on the move in the south. 10 million are on alert for violent thunderstorms that could bring very large hail, damaging winds, and possible tornados
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cities in the risk area include dallas, texas, and shreveport, louisiana. new developments in the search for a possible serial killer targeting the homeless in two separate cities police say the gunman has been linked to attacks in new york city and washington, d.c. emilie ikeda has more. >> reporter: tonight investigators releasing new images of a gunman behind five senseless shootings. authorities in both new york and washington, d.c. urging homeless people to be individual land. >> homelessness should not be a homicide. this was a cold-blooded attack. >> reporter: the attacker most recently caught on camera in manhattan walking up to a sleeping man saturday and firing execution style. earlier that morning, police say the suspect shot another person less than a mile away. investigators believe he could be the same gunman wanted in three other incidents in washington, d.c.
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earlier this month so far shooting five homeless people, killing two. >> these people are going through their own struggles, and it is unfortunate they are in this situation that they are. >> reporter: the attacks playing out amid a homelessness crisis that housing officials say worsened by the pandemic. several weeks ag new york's leaders began enforcing zero tolerance policy for people sleeping on the subways. a move aimed at cutting back on crime in the nation's most robust public transit system, up more than 70% from this time last year. critics say there are not enough assessable housing options in the city so pushing homeless people out of the subway is pushing them into even more vulnerable situations. >> society that meets people's basic needs is housing and mental healthcare for people who need it will be a safer society. >> reporter: cities searching for solutions as the threat against the homeless grows more imminent emilie ikeda, nbc news, new york the nypd is also hunting for a
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suspect wanted in a stabbing attack at the famed museum of modern art. video caught a man leaping over a reception desk and stabbing two employees on saturday. police have identified him as a former member denied access after repeated disturbances. the victims had no life-threatening injuries in 60 just seconds, a disinformation war over ukraine how russian propaganda is resonating in some circles here why new covid shutdowns in china could impact getting some of your favorite tech products. because platforms this innovative aren't just made for traders —they're made by them. thinkorswim® by td ameritrade ...the burning, itching. the pain. emerge tremfyant®. with tremfya®... ...most people saw 90% clearer skin at 16 weeks. the majority of people saw 90% clearer skin even at 5 years.
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battle under way russia accused o spreading disinformation that's being echoed here in this country jake ward has more >> there was a network consisting of at least 30 biological laboratories >> reporter: at the u.n. the russian ambassador pushed a conspiracy theory friday saying at least 30 research labs in ukraine are also u.s.-backed bio weapons facilities conducting what he calls dangerous experiments. u.s. officials vehemently denied the accusations. >> i will say this once ukraine does not have a biological weapons program. >> reporter: and they warn russia could be trying to justify its invasion >> this influence campaign is consistent with longstanding russian efforts to accuse the unite states of sponsoring bio weapons. this is a classic move by the russians. >> reporter: while russia is amplifying this conspiracy theory now it appears to have begun on far right social networks in the u.s. back in februar ten days before the invasion
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and now it's gone viral in america far right voices online and cable news and public figures are rewarded with millions of views facebook, twitter and others have banned russians s and cove russian state media and the coverage of this narrative >> because they trend online it means that mainstream hosts and social media influences are incentivized to pick up on those narratives and amplify them because it brings more eyeballs to their content, more clicks on the platform an ultimately more dollars in their pocket >> reporter: how can we solve this problem? >> some of the solutions are going to involve holding the actors with disproportionate power in this conversation responsible. >> reporter: with independent and western journalism shut down in russia, citizens there are being regularly misinformed. but misinformation is finding an audience here in the wide open west, as well. jake ward, nbc news. while this country is learning to live with covid-19, china maintains a zero tolerance policy and a has shut down the southern city of
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shenzhen, a tech center of 17 million people among those suspending operations, foxcon one of apple's biggest suppliers. although it has other production sites in china. the move comes after 60 new covid cases were reported. up next for us tonight, tom brady's decision to unretirewho' nfl history. after a short leave of 40-day retirement, tom brady says why not give it another goes. writing, "i realized my place is still on the field and not in the stands, that time will come but not now. brady talks about the toll on family life.
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dolly parton says she's flattered, but today the country music great asked to be removed from consideration for th rock n' roll hall of fame
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parton says she doesn't feel she's earned the right to such an honor. she was among 17 nominees this year for nfl legend tom brady, a major audible announcing a couple back after six weeks of retirement. catching just about everyone by surprise sam brock has the latest >> reporter: for the man who's already delivered lombardi trophies to two different cities and owns more super bowl rings, seven, than anyone in nfl's history. after a short lived 40-day retirement, tom brady said why not give it another go writing, "i realized my place is still on the field and not in the stands, that time will come but it's not now. that about face coming mere weeks after brady talks about the toll on family life. >> my wife is my biggest supporter. it pains her to see me get hit out there. she deserves what she needs from me as a husband. my kids deserve what they need from me as a dad. >> reporter: at 44, the nfl's oldest
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player had a change of heart. >> i think the thought came to tom i do not want to be sitting there in september watching football on tv and saying, i can still do this as well as any of these guys. >> reporter: brady's return to the box also means big bucks for the nfl. tampa bay added hundreds of millions of dollars to its franchise value after his arriva according to forbes as brady's presence drives crowds. >> tom brady continues to beat father time. i'm interested to see whether he can do it again. >> he is the g.o.a.t. i feel like he's just -- yeah coming back to see if he can do anything else. >> i would rather play and lose than not play at all. >> reporter: tampa bay odds with brady back just got better. with number 12 on the field anything is possible sam brock, nbc news, tampa. up next as we continue tonight, the
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f finally, the voyage that delivere a message of hope and unity and it is "inspiring america." here is savannah sellers. >> reporter: over a year ago, the sixth and seventh graders of wry junior high sent their boat project and their hope sailing >> it was very exciting to look everyday because you never really knew where it was going to go >> reporter: that's because this was no ordinary homemade boat
2:33 am
the riptides was high-tech. gps equipped with a cargo section packed like a time capsule. but it wasn't all smooth sailing >> it had quite an adventure. it went through sailing. hurricanes in august it flipped the boat over. >> reporter: after 462 days of rough water they thought the boat was lost >> i thought it had sunk >> reporter: until one day over 8,000 miles later off the coast of norway, a fellow middle schooler found their little boat that could. >> that brought me so much joy because our boat landed and even a sixth grader found it, he went to school and he could bring it in and show it to friends. >> reporter: that's what carol nunchek did, sharing the boat's treasures with his class. >> when you opened up the bag, what did you find >> money the face mask with all their names on it. the ledger the list >> tell me what some
2:34 am
of the classmates said >> oh my goodness, $1. >> reporter: a new kind of message in a bottle savannah sellers, nbc news >> what a terrific little story that's "nightly news" on this monday. thank you for watching i'm lester holt. please take care of yourself and each other. good night ♪ ♪ ♪♪ your beauty is beyond compare ♪ ♪ with flaming locks of auburn hair ♪ ♪ with ivory skin and eyes of emerald green ♪
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♪ your smile is like a breath of spring ♪ ♪ your voice is soft like summer rain ♪ ♪ and i cannot compete with you jolene ♪ ♪ he talks about you in his sleep ♪ ♪ there's nothing i can do to keep ♪ ♪ from crying when he calls your name, jolene ♪ ♪ and i can easily understand ♪ ♪ how you could easily take my man ♪ ♪ but you don't know what he means to me, jolene ♪ ♪ well, you could have your choice of men ♪ ♪ but i could never love again ♪ ♪ he's the only one for me, jolene ♪ ♪ i had to have this talk with you ♪ ♪ my happiness depends on you ♪ ♪ and whatever you decide to do, jolene ♪
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♪ jolene jolene jolene jolene ♪ ♪ i'm begging of you please don't take my man ♪ ♪ jolene jolene jolene jolene ♪ ♪ please don't take him even though you can ♪ ♪ jolene jolene ♪♪ [cheers and applause] >> kelly: all right, y'all, welcome to "the kelly clarkson show"! give it up for my band, y'all! [applause] that was one of dolly parton's most famous songs, "jolene." she first recorded it back in 1973. i did not want to sing it, i
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have never covered up before because there are songs where, well, you shouldn't but we did it in there it is. john and our audience wanted to hear appear besides it being an optimum song, why did you want to hear it? i love your hair, i'm going to lead with that. >> i love dolly, she's an inspiration to us all and has got the hair, she gives us positive energy. ironically, i got my ex-husband cheating on me 26 years ago. i caught him on our vacation >> kelly: oh, my god, i'm sorry. >> it's okay, i have a new life, a new husband new husband. [applause] >> kelly: i still love the song and i'm not worried that another jolene is going to take my man. >> kelly: that's good! that's a hard thing to do, to address someone again. that is a hard thing to do so congratulations. >> thank you. >> kelly: always, we can't stand him. i do love dolly parton.
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i get fearful of covering her songs because she is dolly parton. we are jam-packed with a good day today. regina hall and brittany snow stopping by. and we are going to see a young boy helping other kids deal with bullying in isolation with the super bowl project. plus we've got a performance from grammy-winning artist brooke was it would. i like her outfit. [applause] it's jam-packed with cool stuff today and you would have a very hard time finding anyone cooler than the two people we have on the line right now. i can't believe they are on my show, we are obsessed with them, everyone is. one of them even wrote the song i just saying which is x that was more terrified to be singing "jolene." she sold over 100 million albums come he sold over 300 million books so together they have a new novel called v-10 it's out now but more importantly they are good people and support good causes like literally, health and community. let's say hello to miss the
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dolly parton and james patterson! ♪ ♪ >> kelly: oh, my god, so great to see both of you. thank you for taking the time to do our show. >> we love your show and we love you, thank you for having me! >> kelly: thank you! i have to say again, it was great to sing your music last week at the academy of country music awards but i will say, it's always always going to be terrifying to sing your song in front of you while you're there, to just let you know i am always sweating profusely. >> well, i don't think you have to worry with a voice like yours. i was so honored. nobody can sing like you so i was very proud of you and so proud of your rendition of it. it's great, one of the best ever. ever, ever. >> kelly: you are so kind. we haven't been able to talk about it but it was cool to sin. we did the reimagined version of
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your documentary "9 to 5." the documentary is amazing. thank you for letting me be a part of it. i got your back like shelton about that moment. >> you did a great job on that too. i love how you took that he made it your own and i had a chance to sing background for a change. i'm really proud of that rendition of it and i hope it will do well for us. it's great in the documentary. [applause] >> kelly: it's a really cool thing. james, do you have a favorite dolly song? >> first of all, also the new album. "run, rose, run," faded jeans, i love that one. right, dolly? >> yeah, he's always loved that one. >> stuck with you, i like that one. [applause] >> kelly: yes! james patterson knows my music! oh, my god, that is amazing. how did jill know each other? how did you end up working
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together on the book? >> do you want to tell us? >> i went to college in nashville. i used to go to the grand ole opry when it was on town and i went banging on her door and said, do you want to write a book? she said, who are you? [laughter] >> hardly! actually i was very honored he would ask me to write a book. when he first asked if i would like to write a book with him and i said, what do you need me for? you've only sold 400 million books so far and he said i have an idea, would you like to hear it? so he did come to nashville, we talked it over and the rest is going to be history i hope. >> kelly: i love that. is it kind of about the nashville dream? what is the book about? >> it is about the nashville dream and both of us, dolly and i, dolly came from the hills of tennessee and i came from this little town in new york state way, way up. both of us, probably a a million


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