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tv   Today  NBC  March 16, 2022 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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test. test. good morning. urgent plea. with his nation under siege, ukraine's president set to address the u.s. congress this morning. a speech being called one of the most important by a foreign leader since world war ii. the message he plans to deliver as russia steps up its attacks overnight, kudosed of seizing a hospital and taking hundreds hostage. we'll have live reports from washington and ukraine straight ahead. going up. the fed expected to begin raising interest rates today. why they say the move must
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happen now and what that means for your bottom line. breaking overnight. fatal crash, a van carrying members of a college golf team collides head on with a pickup truck in texas. >> it is a tragic scene. very very tragic. >> several people killed. others rushed to the hospital. we'll have the very latest. go fourth. pfizer now officially asking the fda to authorize an added covid booster shot. ahead why the drug maker says it is needed to better protect millions of americans. all that plus unanswered questions. police release their final report into bob saget's death. what it's revealing about the star's last hours and the mysteries around the case that may never be solved. and let it shine. the push to make daylight saving time permanent. it passes a key hurdle on
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capitol hill. >> no more dark afternoons in a winter. no more losing an hour of sleep every spring. >> just days after the much of the country turn the clocks ahead, the movement that has millions of americans saying "it's about time." today, wednesday march 16, 2022. from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. good morning. so happy you are joining us on a wednesday morning. savannah is off today. and that was music to my ears. the whole daylight saving time. >> people have been complaining about it for years and it would seem as if this time lawmakers were listening. if you are a fan of more sunlight at the end of the day.
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there is news from washington. the senate in a rare, get this, unanimous vote passing a bill to make daylight saving time pemplt. we'll have details and when that change could actually happen. >> bipartisanship at its best here. in the meantime all eyes on the federal reserve expected to raise interest rates by a quarter point later today in response to record high inflation. and it could be just the first of a series of rate hikes this year. >> also fighting is intensifying in ukraine with new russian bombings in kyiv and other cities. meanwhile today president biden set to announce an additional 800 million dollars in assistance to ukraine. >> first congress will hear from volodymyr zelenskyy, the ukraine president scheduled to speak via video in a high stakes appeal for even more help. and we're going start with nbc's chief white house correspondent peter alexander. good morning. >> reporter: president zelenskyy has become the world's champion for democracy earning standing ovations in brussels, london and
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ottawa. and today he will deliver his message to washington thanking the u.s. for its support while pleading for more weapons, more planes and a no fly zone that later today president biden will detail his next steps to help ukraine. volodymyr zelenskyy using his mega phone wednesday one with congress and the american people as his audience after addressing canada's parliament tuesday. can you imagine you and your children hearing all these explosions, cruise missiles are falling down and your children asking you what happened? asking is president biden to enforce a no-fly zone zone. pleading close the air space. how many more cruise missiles have to fall an our cities until you make this happen. but president biden opposes that with the whitehouse saying it would mean u.s. pilots shooting down russian jets. saying that would spark world war iii. overnight the administration is considering providing ukraine with these cutting edge killer drones called switchblades that could target russian tanks from miles away. according to two congressional officials briefed on the matter. pressure on the prosecute to do more is building. >> i find it despicable, unacceptable to deny the
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ukrainian people the ability to control their own skies. >> reporter: with more than one billion dollars already sent, president biden just signed off an another $14 billion of bipartisan approved humanitarian and military aid. >> we're moving to further augment the support of the brave people of ukraine. >> reporter: responding to sanctions, the kremlin is now firing back. barring a long list of u.s. officials including president biden and secretary of state blinken from entering russia. the u.s. and its allies cracked down on putin's elite friends netting extravagant prizes, like this oligarch owned 469 foot super yacht. its price tag more than a half billion dollars. and next eke we are if first time since the war began president biden are travel to prulss for extraordinary summit of nato allies to reaffirm the u.s.'s support for its nato partners. zelenskyy's words carry weight. after he first spoke to congress earlier in month demanding the u.s. cutoff russia oil, president biden announced a ban on russian oil just three days later. >> and nbc news will have live coverage of president
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zelenskyy's address to congress this morning on many of these nbc stations. now to more on the situation on the ground in ukraine. the capital city of kyiv under new attacks overnight. next week for the first time since wart began, president biden is going to travel to brussels for an extraordinary sum met for nato allies to reaffirm the support for the allies. hoda? >> thank you so much. and a programming note. nbc news will have live coverage of the president biden's remarks expected to be begin in the next hour. >> now to more on the situation on the ground in ukraine. the capital city of kyiv coming under new russian attacks overnight. even as a third straight day of
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peace s s plays out. nbc's chief foreign correspondent richard engel in kyiv wruns again for us this morning. good morning >> reporter: good morning, craig. it is extremely quiet here in the center of kyiv right now because there is a fuel curfew in place no one is on the streets all we can hear is the occasional explosion on the outskirts of the city as russia is continuing its attacks, this morning hitting a 12-story building here in the capital life and death can depend on the building you live in, which floor, and luck. as attacks grow more indiscriminate, firing seemingly at random into kyiv. and kharkiv and mariupol are officials say russians seized a hospital and are holding hostages using those inside the hospital as human shield and are firing from inside the hospital and barring anyone from leaving. nbc news has not been abe to
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independently confirm the incident russia's violence is a main reason why president zelenskyy has been asking for help to protect the sky. yesterday receiving three prime ministers. with such friends, with such countries, neighbors and partners we will be able truly to defeat i don't know what to say who. we all know it he says u.s. officials address the unmentional vladimir putin may escalate further while russian troops still have the military advantage. and appears to be locked in a propaganda bubble with yes men telling the president what he wants to hear. while russian tv feeds the country a controlled diet of
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battlefield victories in ukraine and of russian troops handing out food to ukrainians happy to be liberated from the kremlin claims is a neo-nazi government. a producer rushed to the set of russia's main newscast with a sign that said no war, and don't believe the propaganda the journalist was detained and given a small fine around $300 >> i don't like russia's start this invasion. and it was really terrible. >> reporter: other journalists are being silenced forever fox news announcing the death of a cameraman. amid all the violence which has not slowed down.
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there appears to be some progress in peace talks with both ukrainian and russian officials expressing optimism with president zelenskyy saying that the russia side is appearing to sound more realistic and the russian foreign minister saying that there does seem to be concrete progress in the negotiations >> our chief foreign correspondent richard engining on the ground. stay safe. thank you. also a consumer alert. with the federal reserve expected to start raising interest rates later today nbc's tom costello is tracking the story. financial planners are saying now the time to cut back on credit cards and loans. >> the first rate hike coming today. all of us are already paying more for just about everything
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and now loans and credit cards are also about to cost more. before you pull out that credit card today, be ware. if you don't pay it off in full your interest rate the probably about to jump. the federal reserve is expected to raise rates by a quarter point today as it tries to throw cold water on run away inflation. >> the prices have gone up so much. >> reporter: every american shopper has seen it first hand clothing, electricity, used cars, and gasoline up nearly a buck fifty from a year ago. >> milk,flour, sugar cartons of oil, frying oil that's been insane that's tripled in price. that's draiz. >> reporter: the highest inflation in 40 years but now higher interest rates mean your credit card, home loan, new car and new mortgage will also get more expensive
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financial advisors say this is the time to pay off credit cards before rates go higher if you have an adjustable rate, private student loan, equity line or mortgage convert them to fixed rate loans and new home buyers should lock down a mortgage rate asap. >> i could really be looking at a small are town house without a yard or i could be looking at, you know, a condo as opposed to a single family home. >> reporter: the bottom line, hiking interest rates is the fed's best tool to fight sky high inflation now eating into family budgets economists expect we could see six rate hike this is year by the end of next year rates could be two% higher that's real money for anybody making a big purchase but keep in mind rates have been very very low for a very long time to help the economy recover from the pandemic but it also helped
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fuel this inflation we've got now hoda. tom costello thanks. breaking news out of texas overnight. a fiery and fatal head on collision. north of odessa between a pick up truck and a van that was carrying members of a college golf team. morgan chesky with the latest from texas good morning >> craig, very, very tragic. that is how authorities are describing the scene and they say due to the nature of the accident they are not sharing how many died but they have confirmed multiple fatalities took place in both vehicles. overnight a horrific crash in west texas killing multiple people after a passenger van carrying members of a new mexico university's golf team collided with a pickup truck. the accident happened on a two-lane road in anders county texas. the multi passenger vehicle was traveling north with the golf players and a pickup truck heading south before crashing
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into each other, leaving fatalities in both vehicles. >> reporter: this was a head on crash. one of the vehicles involved belonged to the university of af the southwest. it was trance transporting the men' and women's golf team from a golf tournament here in the west texas area. >> reporter: the team posting earlier in the day about that competition in midland texas while authorities have not released the cause of crash or the names of the deceased. the university president confirming two students were transported to a hospitality and the coach does one of those who died james was in his first season as the head coach of the men's and women's golf program at the college. >> reporter: and the university and the university has
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said there will be counseling services available to students on campus today. in the meantime the cause of this crash remains under investigation. craig. >> just so tragic. morgan chesky for us this morning. thank you. 7:14 lot more to get to hello to sheinelle jones. >> good morning to both of you turning to the pandemic and news that pfizer is seeking emergency use authorization for a fourth dose of its covid vaccine for some americans miguel almaguer joins us with the details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. while cases are climbing in several country overseas here at home the news is predominantly good nationwide but justin thomas as but just as restrictions are loosened and lif returns to normal, pfizer says a second booster shot is need forward older americans. now seeking emergency use authorization from the fda pfizer has now submitted new data to make its case. americans 65 and older need a
7:16 am
second covid booster shot, citing waning immunity from infection after several months the company's ceo says a fourth shot for seniors would dramatically increase protection. but as of today only 67% of americans among that age group who qualify are actually boosted. for the general population the number is even lower >> if the fda does agree with a second dose, will it be tough to get people on board with that. >> i think it will. question would only have 50% of people boosted right now and that is a big problem. >> reporter: in washington, doug emhoff has contracted covid, though the vice president has tested neg and will continue to test regularly. as the cdc says the covid risk is low enough for nearly the entire country to drop mas mandates as many americans as many americans return to life as we knew it. but abroad it is a different story. in china covid cases are up a staggering 377%.
7:17 am
and in the uk, up more than 50%. dr. anthony fauci cites three factors at play. omicron subvariant ba.2 is more transmissible, relaxed mask mandates and waning vaccine immunity. >> we're starting to see signs that we're going to have another wave we have to act accordingly to keep ourselves and each other safe. >> reporter: this morning better days are here. but worrisome times could also lie ahead. >> in the meantime, preparing for the possibility of another surge, the white house says it needs more money for covid funding. the cash would be used for booster shots, new treatments and testing. they say the money, $22.5 billion is critical to fighting this early evolving virus. >> we're still in it all right, miguel thank you. >> look whose back. >> mr. roker is back >> i want to talk to natalie azar with a blow dart >> oh it's good to have you
7:18 am
back >> bring it on all right. let's take a look at what' going on right now heavy weather developing is rough weather in florida last night, into this morning now that's moving away we're looking at a risk of more severe weather today 6 million folks, isolated tornados from tempo, orlando up to charleston and that is going shift to the east by tomorrow. for 11 million people from new orleans, shreveport, alexandra into central oklahoma and friday into the central gulf and atlanta gets into the action mobile, alabama. for today, rain and storms from florida up to virginia local downpours, possible flooding tomorrow that low heads up the east coast bringing rain into the northeast. rain showers into new england. the heaviest rain along the southeastern atlantic coast. we're going to get to your local forecast in the next thirty seconds. ht wall?
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just ahead, new details on bob saget's final hours as police release their final investigative report this morning the questions that it is answering but also the mysteries that still surround the beloved comedian's death. and spring break is back and in a big way with travel hitting levels not seen since before the pandemic. live in florida with everything you need to know but first this is "today" on
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. good morning. it is 7:26. i'm marcus washington. here's today's top stories, including a second high profile criminal trial getting under way. >> reporter: i'm kris sanchez, today opening statements begin in the trial of sunny balwani, the former romantic partner of elizabeth holmes. his trial begins two months after she was convicted on 4 of 11 counts stemming from accusations that they misled investors and patients on their
7:27 am
technology. holmes said balwani controlled her through physical and mental abuse. he has denied the claims. >> reporter: good morning. i'm cierra johnson in mill valley. gas here $5.99 for a gallon of unleaded gas. higher gas prices are leading some ride share companies to add surcharges. uber says starting today they'll add a fee of 45 cents to 55 cents per trip, uber eats 35 to 45 cents. that money goes directly to the driver. lyft says they're following suit. no word yet on how much the surcharge will be. time to get a look at the forecast. meteorologist kari hall is standing by with that. >> we're going to see a cloudy start but then a sunny afternoon. take a look at this live view in san jose as we're waking up and heading out, most of our temperatures in the 40s. we're headed for 72 degrees today. nice recovery there. and we are going to see more days like this going toward the end of the week. the weekend, make sure you're making plans that it's going to
7:28 am
be raining on saturday, kind of off and on. but it will be clearing out on sunday into next week. marcus? >> thanks, kari. we're going to have another local news update coming up in 30 minutes. i'll see you back here then.
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♪ ♪ michael jackson this morning. back 7:30. live look at the fun loving beloved giant pandas at the smithsonian national zoo. marking a milestone. 50 years since the first pair arrived here in the u.s. coming up kerry sanders -- i cannot b michael jackson this morning. back 7:30. live look at the fun loving beloved giant pandas at the smithsonian national zoo marking a milestone. 50 years since the first pair arrived here in the u.s. coming up kerry sanders -- i cannot believe we're playing black or white by michael jackson.
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>> we'll do that just a minute but we're going to start this half hour with the headlines senate passing a resolution on tuesday that would end the nationwide mask mandate on public transportation in this country. eight democrats joined republicans to pass the measure. and names to undo federal rules that require masks on planes trains and buses currently in place till at least april 18th that bill headed to the house. starbuck's is making moves to phase out disposable paper and plastic cup bis end of next year customers will be able to use their own personal cups even for drive through. the coffee train is also considering a barrow a cup program. customers pay a deposit for a reusable cup that they could take with them and then later return >> basketball fans rejoice march madness is officially under way. a pair of games from the first
7:32 am
four round tipping off last night. >> speed into the open court wow. from the baseline, jackson davis. brings us into march madness. >> here we go. indiana holds on to beat wyoming 66-58. the hoosiers move on to play st. mary's in the first round tomorrow and in the other match-up it was texas southern over texas amen corpus christi the tigers face number 1 seed kansas next. for all of you worried because you didn't finish your bracket, it is okay most games do not require you to pick the winners in the first four rounds so you have a little time left. >> also an update on the investigation surrounding the death of beloved comedian bob saget. authorities in florida releasing their final incident report. >>
7:33 am
joe friar joins us with details. >> this final report more than two months after the "full house" star died it provides more insight into his fatal head injury but investigators were not able to definitively determine what caused saget's death in what is likely the last photo of bob saget alive she's seen smiling with a valet attendant at his orlando hotel just hours before he was found dead according to an incident report released tuesday by the orange county sheriffs office, the autopsy determined his death was an accident because kid blunt head trauma. he likely fell backwards fracturing the base of his skull causing bleeding around the brain. the injury was most likely caused by something hard covered by something soft. in the days following saget's death in january, investigators re-examined his hotel room, hoping to determine what happened they were unable to make a definitive conclusion. detectives say a fall on the room's carpeted floor or impact with the bed's headboard are
7:34 am
likely scenarios the injury occurred hours orrio. the injury days before the comedian's death. he would have had problems with slurred speech in january, saget's widow told hoda what wadearly and he said endlessly and said i can't wait to see you tomorrow. >> the new report comes after a judge permanent ly blocking are elise of photographs and other materials related to the star's death. in a statement the family says they are pleased this issue has been resolved and the healing process can continue to move forward. as for saget's tv family some of his "full house" cast mates sat down with me on sunday saying bob was on their minds the entire weekend. >> it's been very healing to hang out and share these memories
7:35 am
and connect to each other. >> well you know the best thing you can do is laugh through the tough times and that is exactly what we we dofor a second let's go back to that valet who took the last picture of bob saget. did investigators talk to him? did he have any information? >> they did talk to him. according to the final report the valet told investigators he had a brief conversation with a saget and said he seemed fine. and they all described the comedian as friendly and outgoing no niches. >> lot of unanswered questions there, joe thank you. spring break in full swing with scenes of packed flight, packed beaches, packed opeople k ndic. >> lot of folks are eager to get away even if it means spending more this year. we'll talk about it. right after this an tell you how a young homeowner
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7:41 am
>> good morning guys you got to join me down here in miami beach. the images and the numbers do not lie. for the first time since the start of the pandemic, february flight sales competed where we were in 2019 before everything was brought to a standstill and in miami beach, guys, the entry level for a hotel right now, $500 a night for higher end 2 to $3,000 a night. the spring break crush is on florida's pristine beaches are packed with people looking for sun and fun. on clearwaterer beach there's hardly an empty patch of sand while miami beach is bumping with volleyball players. sun worshippers, and people enjoying dinners and lots of adult drinks >> you feel it in the air. when you go out everyone is ready to go. >> i was a little nervous because i've been super careful about covid. but i was excited to finally get to spend time with my friends.
7:42 am
>> reporter: this group of uconn students wasting no time. >> why is your luggage at the beach. >> we came straight from the airport. >> reporter: at families and locals flock to south florida, one lawmaker remembers last year's mayhem all too well do you feel like people see miami beach as a playground where they can do whatever they want >> certainly in march. >> reporter: dan bell ger says the city is seeing a tourism spike which is welcome news but this year providing a more family friendly environment. according to aaa, travelers are racing to tropical destinations in record numbers. spring getaway hospitals like florida, mexico and hawaii up 211% over last year. >> i think the sentiment in the u.s. is we're going to take the trip and enjoy ourselves because we truly don't know
7:43 am
what's going to happen in the future >> reporter: in february alone, americans spent some 6.6 billion in flights topping pre pandemic numbers from february 2019 >> really good the to get out of the house after being stuck inside for so long >> reporter: and skyrocketing gas prices are also impacting some plans >> it cost me a little over 60 to fill up. >> reporter: for others the need to get out and stay out is worth it >> we're seeing in general people spending more and traveling longer. >> and the boom is not expected to stop in the spring. 52% of all americans expect to head out for vacation this summer 42% say insane rising gas prices are not going to affect their future plans guy back to you. >> miami beach your spring break spot buddy >> reporter: spring break did it what >> was your spot did you hang out there in 3450i78.
7:44 am
>> reporter: i got to tell you something, craig this is definitely my spot if you are into sort of crowds seeing all the wild images that you would take in it if you like that sort of thing yeah i've been here once or twice. >> we figured. all right. sam, thank you mr. roker another check of the forecast >> you bet we do and temperature warming up nicely take a look all around we're looking at temperatures, omaha today, 75 degrees. same in st. louis. 71 in cincinnati these are spring break temperatures away from the beach. just stay home, enjoy. this buffalo 59. d.c. 15 degrees above average tomorrow boston you are going to be near 60 same in philly 64 in pittsburgh cincinnati looking good. st. louis, memphis, everybody nice and warm. temperatures dig a little bit towards the weekend. new york city by sunday 57 70s in the weekend in richmond cincinnati 62 by sunday. out west however 73% of the west is in drought and in fact 66 days in a row without rain in san francisco. 71 in sacramento 72 vegas 69 in los angeles, sacramento and reading their longest dry winter streak on record. and the reservoir, lake powell at 24% capacity. lake mead, this is down from last year, which was even record
7:45 am
breaking temperatures. so i should say reservoir levels so they are in big trouble out west they need that rain. that's what's going on around >> the big problem is this was their rainy season they didn't get the rain they knead now. so they are in big trouble. >> al thank you. coming up. lock the clock up next, here keeps an issue nearly all senators can agree on they say it is time to get rid
7:46 am
of daylight saving time. the vote that has a lot of people celebrating and when the big change could go into effect. that's all coming up right after this could go into effect. that's all coming up right after this. (billy bishop vo) the bond you have with your dog starts the day you bring your puppy home... it did for us with blue. boy did he become a family member... whatever you were doing, he'd be there. it was when he got sick that we decided to go into the pet food business and start blue buffalo. we knew we wanted to start with real meat, whole grains, and fruits and vegetables... ingredients that you'd want to feed your family member. blue loved his blue buffalo food and your dog will too! (vo) at blue we know how much one dog can change our lives. that's why we're working with sierra delta- when you purchase blue buffalo at wal-mart, we'll make a donation to help provide service dogs for veterans.
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prlems urinating, and osteoporosis. vision changes, or eye pain occur. take a stand and start a new day with trelegy. ask your doctor about once-daily trelegy, and save at we are back with the so-called, lock the clock movement >> if you are still adjusting to -- the senate just delivered welcome news voting unanimously to pass a bill that would make changing our clocks twice a year a thing of the past. >> hallie jackson joins was the details. is this going to happen? >> it got through the senate there are still steps to go through but it is this moment of rare bipartisan agreement. i know some people, including the people at the desk are celebrating the idea of no more 5:00 p.m. sunsets. but it would also stay dark here
7:50 am
in washington, for example, till close to 8:30 in the morning in winter the clock now ticking for maybe the end of springing forward and falling back the senate voting unanimously tuesday to pass the sunshine protection act >> no more dark afternoons in the winter no more losing an hour of sleep every spring. >> reporter: the bipartisan bill would make daylight saving time permanent starting next year ending the ritual of adjusting our clocks back an hour to standard time in november. pro daylight savers say the extra hour of afternoon sun could help the economy letting people stay out later and even boost mental health for those with seasonal affective
7:51 am
disorder. >> it is a sad time. people are unhappy it does darken our lives in a very literal sense we have sunset in rhode island at 4:15. 4:15 what ends up happening is especially for these 16 weeks a year if you don't have a park or outdoor facility with lights, you are basically shut down around 5:00 p.m. >> reporter: most people support the idea of staying on one time all year with recent polling showing nearly two-thirds of adults who say they want to stop altogether. >> i think this is a fantastic idea. >> no more 5:00 p.m. sunsets anymore you guys. >> some critics point out a dark ear side to daylight saving, pushing instead for staying in standard time.
7:52 am
what we're used to in the winter the american academy of sleep medicine says that keeps sunrise and sunset more in line with our body's natural rhythms and the advocacy group save standard time advocates darker morning could mean more dangerous commutes for those headed to work or school got to be clear it is not a done deal yet got to get to the house. the president has to sign it into law if it happens, there are already 18 states ready for it right away we actually tried this temporarily back in the early '70s after a couple months. people liked the idea. they did it for a couple months. public support plummeted so it may be one of those things like a be careful what you wished for. and you can help take control of your symptoms - and ask about vraylar. some medicines only treat the lows or highs,
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start stopping with nicorette and a good morning to you, it is 7:56. i'm marcus washington, here's a look at what's happening now. more evidence you need nerves a steel to buy a home. homes in oakland, san jose, and san francisco went for at least $100,000 over asking between january 1st and february 15th of this year. 40% for san francisco. it's time to get a look at the forecast for you this morning, meteorologist kari hall is standing by with those numbers. we have a nice view and able to see the sunshine as you get ready to head out. yesterday, clouds and light rain
7:57 am
is out of here. today we have temperatures warming up, heading for 70 in martinez. san francisco will reach the low 60s and some low 70s for santa rosa, the warmer temperatures here for a little while longer through the end of the week. we'll see a mix of sun and clouds over the next few days, but cloudy on saturday as some scattered showers move into the bay area, and our temperatures drop, we're looking at a high of 59 degrees, and on sunday, as the sunshine returns and we welcome in spring, our temperatures reach into the upper 70s and it continues to warm up early next week, marcus, we have low 80s. >> i'm not mad at that. thanks, kari. we'll have another local news update coming up in 30 minutes. we'll see you back here then. this morning on "california live" bright colors, dance and food inside the festival of holy. and why this spanish hacienda resort is the perfect escape for your next party. that's this morning at 11:30 on
7:58 am
"california live." in new york city, ♪ ♪ there's always something new to discover. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ come be a part of it. plan your next vacation at
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with hyper-gig speeds. i didn't know you went to this school. we have a lot in common. live like a gigillionaire with at&t fiber. now with speeds up to 5-gigs. limited availability. it is 8:00 on "today." coming up, urgent plea. ukraine's president volodymyr zelenskyy addressing the u.s. congress this morning. even as russian forces devastate kyiv. civilians scrammage, refugees fleeing the nation. we're live with the latest. then, can you bear it? celebrating fifty years of panda diplomas, a look at how the lovable creatures are thriving in the states and causing
8:01 am
pandamonium among fans. are? plus from lineman to line cook. harry smith introduces you to the nfl player who called a major career audible, becoming the kitchen director at his kids school. >> there is so much around cultures centered around food. to me it is not only nourishing to my body but to my soul. >> and hathaway in the house. >> are you're the chanel boots? >> yeah i am. >> you look good. >> academy award winner anne hathaway here to talk about her return to the small screen. plus a look at her life and legendary career. today wednesday, march 16, 2022. ♪♪
8:02 am
>> hello rochester, minnesota. >> shout out to ole miss. hotty toddy. >> celebrated my 20th birthday. >> reporter: >> from cincinnati, ohio. >> celebrating our retirement. >> iowa. >> we love you. >> here from fredericksburg, virginia. >> because today is leslie's birthday. >> welcome back you guys. we're so happy you are starting your wednesday morning with us. savannah enjoying time off. spring break style crowd outside we're going to go out and visit in a second. right to the news at 8:00 though. in an extraordinary and historic move, ukraine's president making a live appeal to congress this morning, while russia continues to brutalize his country. we'll start with senior capitol hill correspondent, garrett haake on what president zelenskyy is seeking from the u.s.
8:03 am
>> reporter: we expect this to be a short address from president zelenskyy. americans understand this and now they need to respond. zelenskyy has several specific asks much he wants a no fly zone. he wants surface-to-air missile systems to defend his people and he wants stronger sanctions against russia. while this speech was to members of congress, he also had a message specifically for president biden in english. >> i wish you the leader of the world, being the leader of the world means to be the leader of this. thank you. >> and i spoke to democratic and republican senators leaving after the speech. they were moved by zelenskyy's message and they want to try to
8:04 am
help and do more. we'll also hear from president biden later today about the u.s.'s next steps in helping ukrainians in this conflict. hoda? >> all right. we'll have coverage on that on hour nbc stations. >> meanwhile, as the fighting intensifies in it u ukraine with new attacks on cities, we have taken a look at how to the world is responding. nbc's jacob soboroff has made his way to see ow the ukrainian people are doing. good morning to you, sir. >> reporter: good morning to you. you remember the lviv central train station. it's become the hub for those trying to leave amidst the war. but check this out. a humanitarian village of sort over here. refugee center. tents all over where services can be provided for all kinds of things. right here people are handing out sandwiches and getting people food and drink they might need.
8:05 am
over there, more substantive food. lodging, sleep, medical care, you can even charge your phone on the power outlets over there. non governmental organizations from all over the world here. many of them and the red cross took us inside theirs. this morning thousands of desperate ukrainians in search of safety. 80 buses carrying people evacuated from the northeastern city of suemy. city of suemy. a separate convoy bringing 200 tons of aid to be distributed around the war torn country. and overnight an ongoing red cross operation assisting some of the 300,000 displaced ukrainians currently in the city it is almost curfew but people are still coming to seek out food and shelter as some left under the cover of night for poland gnattalia told us she fled kharkiv after constant russian bombardment.
8:06 am
she says the city is gone. she fled with her three sons now here, the lawyer and mother marking her 40th birthday in a strange place, wondering what's next ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ >> reporter: american steve mcandrews heading up the work for the international federation of the red cross do you guys have the capacity to deal with this go no. no one has the capacity to deal with it all. but we do have the unbending intent and will and persistence to keep at it. >> reporter: in a tend for mothers and children we met tatjana and her three daughters preparing to try and get rest for the night. their home down just outside of kyiv all but destroyed by the russians what do you need she tells me she wants the world
8:07 am
to close the sky over ukraine. can you ask them where they want to go? >> they want to go home. >> reporter: they want to go home i hope you guys can go home very soon this is the tent where they slept last night really good news this morning. both the mothers and their children that we met boarded buses early this morning on their way to poland. they are in route as i speak to you to start what they hope is a temporary new chapter of their lives. they both want to get back here as soon as the war ends. >> jacob soboroff on the ground. so much need there so much help it would seem as well be safe. update on a story from yesterday. anna sorokin was still in federal custody in the u.s. as of late yesterday despite reports she had been deported to germany. sorokin served nearly four years in prison for defraund frauding banks, businesses and wealthy friends in new york. she was originally scheduled to leave the country monday after a
8:08 am
jung denied her appeal to remain in the u.s. >> we got the news covered how about a morning boost? when you are a toddler there is only one way to learn how to do something and that is do it yourself, try and try again like this little girl trying to pour a glass of grape juice. first time a lot more table than glass. she keeps trying and gets closer with each attempt. and she finally starts to get the hang of it and when she does learn to hit the target of course the glass full to the tiptop grape juice tastes so much better when your mom doesn't have to help you she's so proud she gives herself a round of applause little victory dance can you imagine being the mother >> -- in the background?
8:09 am
>> i know. you are wondering. like wow but she did it. >> they are going to spend a lot of money on grape juice in that house at that rate when we come back, get ready for even more cuteness kerry sanders, although he is cute, he's going take us into the smithsonian national zoo to celebrate 50 years of pandas covid-19 moves fast, and now you can too by asking your healthcare provider if an oral treatment is right for you. oral treatments can be taken at home and must be taken within 5 days from when symptoms first appear. if you have symptoms of covid-19, even if they're mild don't wait, get tested quickly. if you test positive and are at high risk for severe disease, act fast ask if an oral treatment is right for you. covid-19 moves fast and now you can too.
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serious, sometimes fatal events including infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma, other cancers, nervous system and blood disorders and allergic reactions have occurred. tell your doctor if you've been someplace where fungal infections are common. or if you're prone to infections, have cuts or sores, have had hepatitis b, have been treated for heart failure, or if you have persistent fever, bruising, bleeding or paleness. don't start enbrel if you have an infection like the flu. visit to see how your joint damage could progress. enbrel. eligible patients may pay as little as $5 per month. we're back carson joins us. celebrating a golden anniversary. 50 years ago, china gave us two pandas. >> those pandas having their breaks with us this morning too. that gesture of goodwill inspired the giant panda program at the smithsonian and a national obsession >> kerry sanders joins us from
8:14 am
smithsonian zoo in washington, d.c. good morning >> a remarkable achievement. 50 years in the making if it was for us we might get some heavenly piece of chocolate cake but a frozen piece of sugar cane is what they love. here we go we're going to try to get it over there there we go. going for a little celebration there as we go through three two one, happy panda anniversary hard to believe its been 50 years. a pandemonium there. >> two chinese pandas offers to the united states. >> reporter: and continues to this day the kids, adults, all of us stopped dead in our track whengs see' a panda often sitting like a baby.
8:15 am
>> they are from china >> well everyone probably knows that too. >> we know that now but fifty years ago we didn't know much about pandas or even china >> its been so long. take us back to that cold war relationship, how fros frosty was it >> well there were 25 years of no communication. >> none. >> no communication between china and the united states. >> reporter: but the so called bamboo curtain that separated our nations found an unexpected opening when president richard nixon and his wife visited china. on the table the first lady, pat nixon, saw a tin of cigarettes. >> so she points to the cylinder on which there is an image of a panda and says to him, gosh aren't they cute and he replies i'll give you some
8:16 am
>> reporter: and just like that, panda diplomacy began. the zoo has since host ad total of eight pandas. >> we had lin ling and shin shin tie shonn, pow bow, bebe and now show chi ji. >> reporter: thousands click online every day to watch their human like antics. and when it snows and this happen, it goes viral. over the last five decades, advances in caring for the bear, including laser treatment for her arthritis. the honey water is a distraction to keep tian tian in one place what is the laser doing? >> it is emitting a light that basically when i describe it to people i call it sort of like jump starting a car. >> reporter: 50 years ago, artificial insemination wasn't
8:17 am
even considered but it is now. together veterinarians in the u.s. and china have helped pandemic's once endangered to thrive a newborn is about the size of a stick of butter. >> pandas are one of the species, they were at risk of being lost so they were on the edge they have been brought back a lot quicker in some ways than we expected to a population now that there is hope for >> reporter: she conceived that way. and born during the pandemic the name translates to appropriately "little miracle. >> this is a great way to come here and be distracted for a little while and reminded again there is still good in the world. >> reporter: and kind of important, especially right now when you look at the conflicts >> absolutely. >> reporter: 50 years ago, there were fewer than a thousand pandas in the wild today, with all the advances, more than 1800, plus another 600
8:18 am
in zoos. three that we have here right now. look at that if you are wondering when china gave us the pandas what did we give them? well, we gave them musk oxen and yes, they look like they smell. >> oh wow. that wasn't a fair trade terrible trade deal. >> okay. congratulations kerry on that --. which panda is that behind you again? the one enjoying the breakfast >> that is nay shong sow she ji >> thank you, kerry. >> i'm doing these stories about pandas guys because i just want to pander to you. >> pretty cool. >> mr. roker >> don't want to mess them
8:19 am
they have the third strongest bite of any animal yeah anyway, they are so cute. for today, very mild for march fire risk in texas high surf advisories southern california coast severe storms through the southeast. sunshine great lakes into the northeast and parts of new england. that's what's going good wednesday morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. it's a cool start but we will have a lot of sunshine as warmer temperatures for today. we're headed for the low 70s for the valley, and into the upper 60s and low 70s for the next couple of days. but then by the weekend, big changes ahead as rain moves in and we'll see much cooler temperatures with highs in the upper 50s. it doesn't hang around for long because we see those temperatures rebounding next week as that sunshine returns and we have low 80s by tuesday. >> that's your latest weather. best time of the morning. >> i was just told a guest in "pop start" up here in a second.
8:20 am
special guest. >> is that dylan >> yeah. the -- thanks. by the way if tossing frozen sugar cane was an olympic sport, kerry would win gold that was an amazing toss a foot from his head and "pop start," the singer and actress ree vooifing an 80s class pick for small screen. currently working on a new series based on the classic john hughes' "sixteen candles." the t it will be called "fifteen candles" and following young win latinas approaching their quinceaneras it also stars in hulu's. seems like a great idea. and set to stream on peacock, lucky us next up. schitt's creek i have not seen this so bear with me.
8:21 am
>> so good. >> i know but i have four kids who remembers her fruit wine commercial. >> if you love it as much as i do, you will appreciate the craftsmanship and quality of a local vintner who brings the musk melon goodness to his oak chardonnay. >> good fuse more anybody who's dreamed of being part of the herbert wine tasting set sail in march. bringing together die hard fansn from around the world for a weekend of costume contests, trivia and dance partiesivia and unfortunately no cast -- >> the boat is going to be packed guests are being encouraged to dress as their favorite character so as alexis would say, we love this journey
8:22 am
>> read that well. >> does that make sense? >> this i know about rock and roll and smoking cigarettes keith richard, the rolling stones rocker opening up he kicked a 55 year long habit in recent interview giving up smoking. he did it a couple years ago and he doesn't miss it at all. which is good. 78 year old legendary musician also noting he felt like he had ten times more wind when he was rehearsing for the stones no filter tour last august. richard says he's got a lot more air in the lungs and more stamina. living proof it is never to late to kick a bad habit. next up. "encanto." in case you missed it. here a little bit. ♪ ♪ i am waiting on a miracle ♪ ♪ a miracle ♪ >> i don't know where it is on the track list
8:23 am
we don't talk about bruno, or surface pressure but it is up there one of the big songs the actor stephanie beatrice who plays mere bell singing that and in labor while recording the song she didn't want to tell anybody in production because she didn't want them to freak out fingers crossed i'll finish before the baby comes. and she did, barely. her daughter was born -- >> i saw her last night and the disney exec on stage they were accepting award for "encanto" and they went on and on to thank her. oh yeah. >> getting through -- >> that is not an exaggeration in labor, water breaking, finish the track. >> can you imagine >> wow. >> no. and finally our special "pop start" guest dylan is here with a sneak peak of her upcoming children's book "misty the cloud" friends through rain or shine.
8:24 am
so excited about the next chapter in the misty the cloud series what is little misty up to this time. >> it is time to introduce you to some of misty's friends and kind of relate weather to feelings and things kids are going through. we always talk about a mix of sun and clouds and sometimes they don't mix that well. and it takes some share of the the sky. some compromise, just like kids have to go through and claire and tyler, they are the humans in this series and they have to share a birthday because their birthdays aren't that far apart. but they share a party it is just a lot of fun. it is compromise it is what happens when you do compromise, beautiful things happen you know you mix some rain and some sun and what do you get >> you got a bomb cycling. >> -- rainbow. >> you get a rainbow. >> rainbow, yes. much more friendly than a bomb cyclone. >> -- from your parenting? >> maybe one day it's more tales from like my
8:25 am
meteorology brain. how can we work in a rainbow and in the back of the book we like to do the science and there is experiments how you can make a rainbow at home. the science behind how a rainbow forms but it is also told in the backdrop of this nice little story. >> -- can't wait for the next one. >> you guys are all authors. got to be cool to read your own kid your book. >> especially when they like the book and say again and again. >> they do. >> olly has it kind of memorized. >> -- available for pre order. go to thank you dylan. and one more time. hand for kerry sanders let's look at this toss again for slow motion. for gold he played a hook it was going for the gift. the panda and then it hooks left a little bit beautiful play kerry, thank you. >> straight ahead we got an oscar winner in studio 1a anne hathaway is here ready to tell
8:26 am
us all about her new series and life as a mom of two young boys. but first this is "today" on nbc. good morning to you, it is 7:26. i'm marcus washington, and despite our climate in crisis, new signs californians are ignoring requests to cut back on water. governor newsom last year requested everyone cut their water use by 15%. new numbers show people increased water use by 2% in july, compared to the same period before the drought. since july, water use is down 6%, that's not even half the target goal. of course meteorologist kari hall has been keeping us up to date on that. and kari, no rain in sight for us today. >> not today, and it's going to
8:27 am
be a few more days before we get another chance. in the meantime, temperatures heading up, reaching into the low 70s for the next few days, for our inland areas. showers in the forecast on saturday, and near the coast and in san francisco, we'll see low 60s in the forecast through the end of the week, but it will be a chilly weekend, even as we officially welcome in spring. it's going to be cool as the sunshine comes back and next week, we're looking at temperatures warming up significantly, going into the mid-60s for san francisco, low 70s, but we'll see low 80s for the inland areas by next tuesday. marcus. >> thanks, kari. and we're going to have another local news update for you coming up in 30 minutes. and remember, log on to we'll see you back here in 30 minutes.
8:28 am
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get the new samsung galaxy s22 series on comcast business mobile and for a limited time save up to $750 on a new samsung device with eligible trade-in. we are back. it is 8:30 on this wednesday morning. nice to stretch our leg, get out with our friends here in rockefeller plaza. here is the thing. we always start up there but these folks sleep in and they get here late
8:31 am
so we want to make sure that we show you as well thank you guys for coming. this is quite the spring break crowd. man. >> craig is free ranging >> all right guys. we are so happy to have everybody. we're happen to have the tridelts in the house. coming up the next half hour, the great anne hathaway live going to fill us in on her new series on the small screen about the real love life story of the rise and epic fall of wee worked amazing. and adriana brock with here with our newest batch of "today" best sellers. >> and harry smith, who is the skip tore my gilligan is here. and he's got a very cool story for us a long time nfl player who traded his pads for work in the kitchen, not just any kitchen. kitchen of the his kids elementary school. >> great story >> and third hour we're going to start to look at the newest way
8:32 am
to travel into space stepping inside the high-tech and luxurious capsule that will soon be floating above earth how it works and how much it costs. we'll do that the next half hour. >> and we want to mention a new episode of "starting from scratch" with savannah is out today. her latest culinary coach sannah to cook? all right. they had some fun working through savannah's challenges in the kitchen as savannah learned how to make some kid friendly favorites. >> changing. >> looks pretty good the perfect grilled cheese. >> a double two hour episode of how to make a grilled cheese.
8:33 am
>> that's right. and tomorrow it is how do you boil water head to at 11:00 a.m. or find it on our streaming channel on peacock >> before we do anything else, how about one more check of the weather. >> by the way this is your people al. i think it is a perfect day for -- >> may be. we'll see what happens never know first let's show, around the horn we ever here we go anyway, for today -- >> -- sponsored yesterday. >> mild for march today. severe storms in the southeast high surf out west and for tomorrow, st. patrick's day. oh my gosh, in beautiful rainbow it is 53 we're looking at greenville, north carolina, 70 good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. we had a lot of really nice weather in the forecast through the end of the week. our temperatures in the inland area have reached into the upper 60s and low 70s, but then take a look at saturday. it's going to be much cooler and we'll see some off and on rain moving in. by sunday, we're seeing the
8:34 am
sunshine return and temperatures starting to jump back up. we'll see some much warmer temperatures by the middle of next week, and in the near term in san francisco, we will continue to see a mix of sun and clouds and showers on saturday. that's your latest weather okay what am i about to do we're going around the horn! here we go mackenzie's 16th birthday. these folks right over there there's craig melvin okay looking at these beautiful people she was here 16 years ago. and we end up over here. there you go one more time. going around the horn, baby. let's do it. >> come on, al >> woo >> all right guys. >> we did it. >> up next e we're so excite sod sit with anne hathaway for a chat about her new series about motherhood and moor. first this is "today" on nbc welcome back
8:35 am
oh, wow, barbara corcoran!
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welcome back oscar winner anne hathaway has been delighting audiences ever since her breakthrough success of "princess diaries" and more than 20 years she's a force in hollywood. her latest project, "we crashed. a new limited series on apple tv plus inspired by actual events, tells the story of the rise and fall of the "we work" start-up and the love story at the center of it all. take a look. >> it's off. >> totally off. >> no, you walk in and you just feel, claustrophobic. >> absolutely. >> i just want to go up, blow it out. final get some room to breathe. >> first thing i felt when i walked in. open it up. >> that's what it needs. >> rise and grind. rise and grind yes. >> feel free to look -- yes my
8:38 am
love. >> i'll meet you in the car. >> okay. are you sure you're ready? >> yes. >> my love are, you are not wearing a shirt. >> anne hathaway good morning >> so wonderful to see you. >> so excited. you're here in person. we're together. >> we went real deep before the commercial both started crying. >> having a moment you know what? the pandemic has taught a lot of lessons to all of us >> yeah. >> you had a new baby during the pandemic. >> i did. >> that was one of the beautiful moments but what did it teach you? what did you learn about yourself >> well that is what we were talking about during break, is i
8:39 am
was saying how it is so significant to be back here with people and i have to say that in moments like this, i really used to let my nerves get the best of me i'm still a human being. sometimes they creep up. but i just during the pandemic went you can't give your life away anymore you got to find a way through. you got to be okay with whoever you are in that moment because you don't want to miss anymore >> that's it. >> and we're going to keep learning it. >> i like your vulnerability you say what you feel and i was watching an interviewed you did yesterday and one of the comments, you were having fun with the story but you said i'm
8:40 am
says not the most confident person. >> no. >> and that struck me. people would look at you and wow, she's won an oscar, great family all those things but confidence doesn't necessarily -- that does not equate often. >> that doesn't necessarily show up in the dna. >> yeah. >> and it's something off the learn. it is something you have to just figure out to be at peace with yourself because like i said. it is your life. fascinating. >> yeah. and you've got to live it on your terms by the way do you love being a mom of two. >> of course. >> come on what's the best tart. >> it is so delicious. >> what is it. >> my two year old right now he
8:41 am
says deyishis. ooh mommy, delicious. >> how has your family affected the way your professional life works. >> logistics, logistics. how are we doing what are we doing? who needs what and can we have a sandwich snacks snacks snacks for me it is just going back to what i was talking about also, just there is so much joy. i feel like they bring an innate purpose to everything. and i mean, i could go on about it but it also leaves me a little speechless. and i just feel really lucky it is something i've always wanted and i'm just so lucky that it happened to me. >> let's talk about your project which is fascinating you worked with jared leto who when you met him on the set and row shot for six months the guy never broke character during the entire period? >> not once. aye never seen anything like that it. >> did you ever have a meal with him and was he still that person >> no, no, he -- you know i was fascinated by his process. i'm a really, and i have one that is really receptive and i think that specially in a story the one we're tealing where we're playing two people wildly in love if that's what worked for him, then it worked for me. and whenever we needed to discuss practical things like how a scene was going to work i would call him jared i would call him mo tech and he pet names for each other and we just, we just opened to each other and then in between takes it wasn't a lot of chitchat but we were always connected and it was such a beautiful experience, i have to say. i was really inspired working with him. >> and what do you hope people take from this
8:42 am
this is a fascinating story? i only like the a very small layer. >> the thing we were hoping to do with the series is show these were human beings and i want to make that very clear there is no judgment of these people especially no judgment from me towards rebecca. i recognize i'm a human being and he's a human being and for me what a human being is, we're a mixture of admirable traits and we're also, we got to work on ourselves and there are things that we're always working on and so, you know, there's been a documentary, there's been books. we know the stories. so this was an opportunity to look at how people, and everything i heard about rebecca was that she authentically meant everything that sh >> well it this is fascinating. i think people are going to love it you are fantastic in it. jared is too thank you so much for being with us. >> honey, so good to see you.
8:43 am
>> we want everyone to know "we crashed" premiers this friday on apple tv plus. come up next getting for spring with the fashion and beauty essentials, but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:44 am
8:45 am
welcome back it's time to get rid of the bulky winter clothes >> we're here to share spring essentials everything you see today is under $45. reminder, you can shop anything you want just scan that qr code right there at the bottom of your screen good morning. >> good morning ladies >> so every year on amazon there are always like the hot dress and everyone loves and usually because it is affordable and universally flattering that is what we have here with this one $29.99 comes in a bunch of colors people love it because it is fitted at the top and then flow
8:46 am
by and lightweight. >> and comes out jut at the right spot. >> and you can wear it all spring and summer long. versatile. you can wear it with jeans. you can wear i >> i love these tops. >> these are really great. take on the puff sleeve trend. this as really easy way to do it with a top that is super versatile. you can wear it with jeans you can wear it aed the desk >> it pops. >> a pop of color. this is a great way to embrace spring without going crazy with the trends it is a pop of color i will say it is inclusive sizing so goes up to 4 xl. but check the chart because the fabric isn't very stretchy. >> and everyone needs a cardigan sweater. >> that is editor favorite a versatile piece you can layer over a dress, over an outfit i love wearing wit leggings and a tee shot out running errands
8:47 am
it is so easy. you will get your money's worth with this one. >> talk about accessories. >> this is the controversial one. this is the fanny pack. >> it's back. >> it is back. and some people hate it. some love it we polled readers and they said they loved it. why not? it is a '90s staple coming back in fashion and really useful you can pack so much stuff in here moms love it and teachers love it because they can keep supplies handy. >> so this is my super bowl. >> this is my happy place. >> i do. i'm such -- i don't know i just love it. >> so much this is great and you are going to love it sheinelle. >> ten dollars >> for all 20. >> what? >> -- from dainty pearls to your rose gold tone ones. pop of color pick your favorite and pop it on >> i love it so much
8:48 am
>> you are so funny. >> how cute is that? ten dollars. the whole thing? >> the whole thing and it comes in a few variations so you can pick a bunch. i'm loving this raincoat these are the basics without the showers we don't get the flowers and this is really great. a raincoat for men and women and it is really lightweight >> i love it. >> what is really great. the color is detachable. super affordable and a basic you are going to need in your closet this summer. >> rain boots? >> these are rain boots. cute rain boots. you never see cute rain boots. it is always about the rain down there and this is a way. get rid of the clunky boots. get the sleek ones and they are so easy to put on and off because they have the elastic sides. >> lightweight >> and they are lightweight. >> they are the number 1 best selling rain boot right now for women. sheinelle. >> how cute. >> they are cute. >> and super affordable. under $35. >> all great products. thank you so much. all right. once again if you want these boots or anything else, scan the qr code, text shop to 34318, or do it the old fashioned way.
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go to and this features products available on amazon which has an affiliate relationship with "today." up next, harry smith he shares a story about a dad in
8:50 am
it's taken a lot to get to this moment. dreams are on the line. you got this. it all, comes down, to this. [ everyone cheers ] did you know that renovating your kitchen and bathroom is one of the best ways to increase the value of your home? i'm mike holmes here with ivan from agm renovations america's number one kitchen and bathroom renovators
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8:52 am
hall to his new job as the kitchen director at st. paul the apostle school in grand rapids michigan retired from his former line of employment the 6'8", 330 pound offensive tackle in the national football league, where he played for 11 years. and yes, he says, there are similarities between protecting a quarterback and prepping and ordering and serving lunch for 300 kids every day >> i mean it seems a lot more mundane, but trust me, if one of those things falls out of step then your whole operation is in jeopardy >> reporter: and then the quarterback gets sacked. >> exactly >> reporter: and while the kids are neither the size nor the temperament of his former opponent t youngsters do not hold back. in terms of feedback, that you get from the kids, have they been rough on you? or are they pretty fair?
8:53 am
>> they are very honest. i'll say that. and it's helpful because they are happy to tell you if they like it. they are also happy to tell you, no that's disgusting >> >> reporter: when he started in the kitchen last fall there was more than a little curiosity from kids and parents alike. on the menu, for instance. >> so some flame steak that is going to end up at chimichurri flame take. >> reporter: he's taken school lunches up a notch. >> it looks like a restaurant menu. >> reporter: michelle is the school principal. >> then we started getting more volunteers in the lunchroom because our volunteers get to eat. and yeah, we constantly get the are you going to offer takeout. >> reporter: he was a picky eater as a kid but did obviously grow up to be big and strong and a truly serious and curious foodie. >> there is so much around cultures globally centered around food, getting together, having a meal, having conversation to me it is not only like nourishing to my body but to my soul
8:54 am
>> reporter: and as a premed student in college, then a pro athlete, he learned a lot about nutrition. >> i realize there is foods that i need to incorporate more to have my body feel good from week to week when you are basically getting into a car wreck each sunday you have to be smart and calculated about it and teach yourself to like new things and think outside of the box. >> reporter: all of which he tries to bring to the school kitchen. tuesday is taco tuesday. and we did indeed sample everything from scratch. the creme, ridiculous. get out of here. oh my god. do you feel the food has gotten an upgrade since you have an nfl player in the kitchen? >> reporter: some of the school parents were curious or even doubtful the big guy in the kitchen could deliver. they are doubtful no more. and maybe a little envious how good is the food >> it's outstanding. i try to duplicate it at home
8:55 am
myself. >> gourmet food right here at a school better cooking than what i can do at home that is what my son says. >> reporter: he spent most of his life working towards one goal and like many a former pro athlete wondered what he would do when his playing days were done. >> how do you optimize your life, get the most out of it, you know the blessing that we've been given on this earth and taking that curiosity for that purpose has led me down some different roads in life. >> to the kitchen. >> yeah. to the kitchen >> how much do you love that guy. >> i know. >> when they volunteered years ago when their kids were in school it was pizza and hot dogs. >> that's awesome. >> food is amazes and he's made great relationships with a lot of the other parent there is so there is a restauranteur and you saw that amazing beef in the kitchen. et cetera, et cetera. >> great guy too. >> amazing guy
8:56 am
he's got a -- service. lead big service he's the very definition. >> thank you harry is going to be back tomorrow special story for st. patrick's day. we're looking forward to this one. we're going to raise a glass harry went to the oldest irish saloon new york city. >> thanks for the text where did you go -- >> yeah. >> oh great. >> the best. >> that story is storm we should do a live hit. we should wrap that live. >> all right guys. thank you. can't wait for tomorrow. we're back with the third and fourth hours of today, but first a check your local news and weather. good morning, it is 8:56. i'm marcus washington. the oakland a's today face another potential hurdle when their plans to build a new stadium. a sea port planning committee will give its recommendation. now, it's possible members could advise the board to hold on to
8:57 am
the land in the event of future cargo expansion. but recently indicated, they don't expect that. today's recommendation is not binding. it says it will be advised and they will take advance to a separate commission to the ultimate decision. oakland mayor, libby is comfortable it will get done. and the a's, as they're trading away one of their most popular players. our cierra johnson is following the stadium. we'll have more.
8:58 am
students are going maskless, we go one on one with how schools are moving forward with a sense of normalcy. and the latest on california's severe drought. make sure to join us tomorrow
8:59 am
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