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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  March 17, 2022 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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also turn back the clock. what were you doing two years ago? that's when we all went into lockdown. how businesses managed to survive. some didn't, though. and the warnings from santa clara county's top doctor. good evening. the news at 6:00 starts right now. thanks for joining us. >> a sonoma county teenager says he was detained by police simply for being black. the 13-year-old questioned by police outside his san francisco private school. the officer thought he might have been involved in a car burglary that had just taken place. the boy's parents are calling it blatant bias. >> this is where it all happened. a seventh grader had just walked out of the doors to his school to catch a ride home like he does every day when a san francisco police officer detained him. >> he said put your hands behind your back. i was so confused at first.
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i thought it was a joke. >> reporter: but he quickly learned the officer wasn't joking. a police officer put his hands on the boy. when michael's tutor tried to intervene, his mother says the officer told them he fit the description of a car burglar and needed to be taken in for questioning. >> i think what's so shocking is that you had the security guard of his school come out and say he's a child. he's just leaving school. you had the person picking him up saying it and the officer is not backing down. >> san francisco police wouldn't talk on camera but over the phone said the officer was acting based on a description from a witness and detained the boy because he closely matched that description. they say they quickly realized the child was not involved in the burglary and immediately released hi. but michael's parents believe he targeted because he's black. >> it is totally racial profiling. i want the police department to
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know what they did was not okay and how they treated my son is not okay. >> i started breaking down and crying with my friend because my friend came out and he saw everything. he was like, are you good? >> michael, who was too upset and scared to show his face, came home with a release certificate from the police department and his parents say a new opinion of law enforcement. >> my son has been changed. he is not the same person anymore. his innocence is gone now. he has a lot of fear. a lot of hatred toward police officers. >> michael says he's now scared when he hears sirens. he wants the police department to know what happened was hurtful. >> they don't deserve it. no one deserves it. stop doing it. >> reporter: stern school has issued a statement. they say their student did nothing wrong and was simply leaving school and they fully support him. they say they have filed a formal complaint with the san francisco police department.
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i'm jody hernandez. >> thank you. a break in the case involving the shooting death of a security guard in oakland. that guard a former police officer was protecting a tv news crew. today oakland police identified the three men charged in that murder. opd revealed u.s. marshalls arrested shadihia mitchell yesterday in san francisco. her shell hale was arrested last month. police are still looking for laron gilbert. all three men are being charged with several felonies, including the murder of kevin nishita who was gunned down in november. >> and to the nishita family, i have spoken to his wife and said we would do everything we could to identify everyone responsible. it was rewarding to come before the family and friends of him and say that he have identified those individuals and they are being brought to justice. >> as we mentioned, police are still looking for loran gilbert.
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this is his photo. anyone who knows where he might be is asked to call police. two bay area men are shaking tonight feeling like they may have dodged a bullet. a young man they met during vacation in honolulu is under arrest for a brutal murder. the body was hidden in the very house the men were visitors. a bizarre story you will see only on nbc bay area. >> reporter: their recent vacation in hawaii was something they will remember forever. not just because of the scuba diving. they met a 23-year-old on the right in this photo. they liked him immediately. >> he seems very nice actually. >> we just danced with him. they drank. >> they became fast friends, going to brunch and hanging out on the beach. he invited them over to what he told them was his house in an exclusive honolulu neighborhood. >> we didn't notice anything
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september that there is like a bar on the bedroom, like you can just enter easily. i was observing everything. we went to the balcony of the house. >> reporter: less than a week after they left, that house became a crime scene. honolulu police discovered the body of 73-year-old gary rubi, the homeowner, in a bathtub covered with concrete. their front wanted for murder. another friend who joined them in hawaii decided to stay an extra week. police believed he was involved in the crime. he's on security camera video walking around honolulu with him. they say they're sure he had nothing to do with the murder. >> he's a close friend of mine and i even invited him to hawaii and paid for the trip. >> reporter: meanwhile baron fled hawaii and was arrested in anaheim. baron is still in custody in los
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angeles. he's awaiting a hearing before getting sent to honolulu to face murder charges. ronald and mohamed say they still cannot believe they spent so much time with a man who is now accused of a gruesome crime. >> i believe he's a psychopath because who would stay in a house with a dead body there. >> and casually hang people over and casually hang out with everyone as if nothing happened. >> nbc bay area news. we're following developing news right now in mountain view. a 13-year-old boy was hit and killed while riding his bike to school around 8:30 this morning in that busy intersection with highway 237 begins. stephanie just spoke with some of the family members and joins us now in mountain view. stephanie? >> yeah. you can see the scene is now open. the roads are back open. police just left.
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and there are still a lot of family members that have been coming out here to drop off flowers in honor of his life. one of those was actually his grandmother. she tells me that the boy was on his way to school when he was hit by the truckdriver, and she didn't want to speak with us on camera. she was overpowered by the tears. but she did tell me that his name was george oseda. and now in terms of police, they are still trying to figure out if the truckdriver was trying to go straight on this intersection or was trying to turn right when the child was truck. they did tell me that the driver has not been arrested. he's not facing any charges and they don't believe drugs or alcohol were a factor. a few of the family friends that i spoke with that came out here today tell me that george oseda was really a happy child. >> i just laid the colorful ones
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on the end, on the right hand side just to -- he was a colorful soul. just a good human. i thought that was a good representation of him. >> reporter: now 13-year-old was a student at grand middle school, which is actually really near this scene. mountain view police say that they were at that school not too long ago offering a safe route to school course. in mountain view, nbc bay area news. >> that's very sad. thank you, stephanie. well, people here are celebrating st. patrick's way in a way they haven't been able to for some time. it was two years ago to the day that most of the bay area began shelters at home. businesses were forced to close their doors due to covid precautions. let's bring in robert honda who joins us from san jose on this special celebration day. robert? >> reporter: well, raj, there is definitely a celebration atmosphere going on here in downtown san jose for st.
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patrick's day as you can see going on behind me here. you're right. this is a holiday celebration that hasn't taken place much the last couple of years, but now a lot more doors are open for business. >> we survived through the pandemic. we will survive. >> reporter: while many people are celebrating st. patrick's day, lana is just happy to be in business today. her family opened dand lion two months before the county's shelter in place order went into effect. it was really tough for the past couple of years, especially the first year. we were trying to survive day by day. we didn't think we were going to make it. but we were lucky we guilty some assistance to the government to pay for expenses and other things around. >> reporter: other neighbors businesses weren't so fortunate. many closed their doors and never reopened or couldn't recover. but in terms of human life, public health officer dr. sara
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cody said the community's collective effort in taking precautions compared to death rates in other parts of the state saved about 2,000 lives. still a new variant has emerged. >> the good news is that so far what we're seeing in our county is that we've got quite a lot of ba2. but right now our cases and all other indicators are either slowly declining or flat. >> reporter: lana vo agrows but says she's encouraged. >> that would be really tough, you know. we have survived one already. we don't know if we're going to make it the second time. but who knows? >> all the way from new york. >> whoo! >> reporter: while dr. cody says it's highly unlikely that we will ever see that type of shelter in place again since we saw so much more about covid and how to deal with it than we did two years ago. live in san jose, robert handa.
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thank you, robert. up next, adding a sweet treat to today's st. patrick's celebration day. a local bakery seeing a big influx of customers. seems like everyone is feeling pain at the pump. a $400 gas rebate. but some people have questions about the details. and right now clear skies in san jose. 62 degreesdegrees. also summer-like temperatures in your seven-day forecast. the timing when we come right back. right now experts watching a new covid wave building overseas. we hear from dr. fauci about what we could soon face. the stunning discovery. smugglers stashing drugs on commercial airliners. the safety worry when we're joined by our viewers in the west for "nightly news." good news on the covid
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front. nationwide cases are trending down. a huge fire line has been drawn. >> we are going to see some unhealthy air. >> what does this mean moving forward? how do you keep people safe? >> what is the community impact?
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it's taken a lot to get to this moment. dreams are on the line. you got this. it all, comes down, to this. [ everyone cheers ]
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well, california has been a sanctuary state for years. cosponsors a bill making the state a sang twar for tran kids and their parents. texas and idaho already passed those laws and may remove trans kids from their parents and force them into foster care. leading the effort, drafting a bill to protect kids and their parent ifs they come to
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california ie. proposing a $400 gas rebate even for people that don't have cars and for people that have electric cars. christy smith breaks down this plan and asks drivers what they think about it. >> reporter: people say these prices at the pump are hard to handle. but some have questions about this new proposal and how it would work. >> the gas rebate could help with the costs in california if prices don't keep rising. but he has some doubts. >> i don't know if that necessarily is the solution or right away. it sounds cool. it is obviously money going into gas. >> reporter: other drivers see it this way. >> i guess it would help but it depends on how much we drive. >> we are here today to announce a proposal to deliver a $400 gas
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rebate for california taxpayers. >> a group of lawmakers in sacramento announced their plan that would use $9 billion of the state's budget surplus. >> for most vehicles, for most californians, this $400 rebate is equivalent to a one year gas tax holiday. >> we see the pain you're feeling at the pump, how inflation is affecting you every day when you do your grocery shopping and feed your family. >> reporter: even those without cars can get the rebate. people could debate how they want to spend it. it could go to allstate taxpayers. but some would like to see an adjustment in the plan. >> the one thing i would like to see is these rebated will limited to people below some income. i don't think we should give is to people who have done quite well throughout the pandemic. >> reporter: christy smith, nbc
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bay area news. well, st. patrick's day is about more than shamrocks, saints and green beer. every day is st. patrick's day if you like irish soda bread. the loaves flying off the shelves today, along with the shepherd's pie. >> why are you here? >> because they have the best soda bread in town. >> reporter: the owner is chinese-american, but the baker is from belfast. see, what's what irish soda bread looks like. >> that looks really good. we are all irish today. >> i hope you are wearing green socks. >> all right, rob. take it away. >> we got some changes coming up as we get towards the weekend. good changes. if you want to see rain or snow, we got you covered there and then a taste of summer also in that seven day forecast heading
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into next week. right now a little chilly. you want your jacket around san francisco. 54 degrees, but certainly feels colder than that. winds at 25 miles an hour. still look at that sunshine in san jose at 62 degrees. should see highs tomorrow near 70. up at lake tahoe, 46 degrees. time for our report. if you are heading up friday be prepared for the turn of winter weather advisory like weather. as you see, there is 36 degrees. snow flying may impact roadways for a time during the day saturday. but sunday the sunshine comes back out. to quantify how much snow, possibly 6 to 11 inches of snow from blue canyon along interstate 80 on highway 50. so this is a good late season snow to start off the weekened there around the sierra. tomorrow morning 40s to start. patches of low clouds and fog
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around the bay. during the afternoon, we will see increasing high clouds, but no rain in the forecast for your friday. in fact, temperatures pretty mild. san jose south ward. upper 50s for san francisco. mid-60s around oakland into hayward. temperatures should drop a good 10 degrees on saturday. so the times of the rain, it looks like it will arrive just before sunrise on saturday. you see the time stamp there on the top of the screen by 8:00. look at the color coding here. when you see the red and purple showing up sometimes in the future cast, that suggestions that we might be looking at some brief thundershowers and possibly hail chances, especially for some of those stronger showers inland. i think it will be the north bay and the tri valley on saturday. as we head into saturday night and sunday, the skies start to clear because high pressure at that point is starting to build in. this will lead to the warming.
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for 50s highs on saturday. 70s high on sunday. 80 by tuesday and wednesday. so interesting changes coming our way. tomorrow not much. easy travel if you can head up to sierra. saturday we could see a little everything. rain at times, maybe some hail. chance of thundershower and the skies clear. and we see a 30 degree jump in temperatures by early next week. so winter, spring and summer all covered. >> isn't that a james taylor song? >> yes. thanks. >> up next, going up and up and up. the new bay area numbers on housing and one of the reasons behind the jump.
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centuries ago, native californians thrived on this land. now, we share a destiny with all californians. when voters granted our sovereign nations exclusive gaming rights, it advanced self-sufficiency and created thousands of good jobs. but now, out of state corporations are coming to california. their online sports betting initiative would break the promise between us. it's bad for tribes and all californians. join us. protect the promise.
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we have an update about a missing teenage mother and her son. this morning they were sound safe. the 16-yore-old girl and her
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one-year-old son disappeared monday. she left after learning her family was going to move to another state. here in the bay area, housing costs are the worst. aggravating the drama is the scarcity of homes for sale. san jose's typical value now tops $1.6 million. the typical home value is just over $1.4 and inventory down by 8%. several u.s. cities are contenders for the title the next san francisco. in other words, they're experiencing the same jump in house prices. the cities that have seen the greatest increase missoula, monotan that. the average home up 57%. inventory down 58%. raleigh, north carolina. average home prices climbed to nearly 43%. inventory down 64%.
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and provo, utah with a similar story. >> okay. calling for transparency. the group taking their message straight to the cpuc. an inside look at 30 rock in new york. lester holt preparing for "nightly news." one of the stop stories, the drug discovery you want to see. where the smuggled drugs were stashed on an airplane. and the safety worries. lester joins us in about 14 minutes. when it comes to cybersecurity, the biggest threats don't always
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they were there to support solar. today people stage add phone-in at the state public utilities commission headquarters in san francisco. >> meant to bring attention to changes to a state policy that makes rooftop solar affordable for more people. they say last year the cpuc considered the proposal. it would include an annual tax on solar and remove the credits people get for sharing their extra solar energy with neighbors. advocates are calling for more transparency to ensure it stays affordable. >> the public will answer our questions, tell us what your intentions are. we told you already we should make rooftop more affordable, not less affordable. >> they say they're already concerned about a solar tax being implemented. >> tonight at 7:00 is the a's new ballpark plan in trouble? the vote last night that took
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the team by surprise will be joined by the a's president. you can get girl scout cookies on door dash, but troops aren't happy about it. those stories and more at 8:00. fema denies assistance to does bs of communities each year. the extent of the problem and those hit hardest are often those most vulnerable. blaine alexander returns to alabama to talk to the people still reeling from a tornado. lester holt joins us from new york right now. tonight, the search for survivors in a bombed out shelter as ukrainian forces slow the russian march. new images from inside the theater where hundreds of civilians had taken shelter before it was hit by a russian strike the word "children"
6:30 pm
written outside in large letters. the urgent rescue effort and the u.s. confirming an american citizen has been killed in another strike what we're learning tonight. president biden calling vladimir putin a murderous dictator as he prepares to hold a call with china's president. the growing concern. will china give russia military aid. also tonight, the stunning turn in the deadly crash involving a college golf team. who investigators say was driving the other vehicle. the sharp rise in global covid cases fueled by a highly contagious omicron sub variant. dr. fauci on the fears it is raising at home. the dangerous way smugglers are hiding drugs on passenger planes without the pilots ever noticing the feds say it is jeopardizing flight safety. the sibling rivalry as march madness tips off two brothers on opposing sides facing off in tonight's first round. >> announcer: this is "nbc night


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