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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  March 23, 2022 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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team many picked to win it all. >> i remember coach musselman when he was here. >> i actually don't. probably because the warriors were losing at the time. i totally jumped on the bandwagon. but for the warriors faithful. >> i do remember him, honestly. i'm not a johnny come lately like you. coming up at 6:00, our cameras capture a brutal attack on a cabby. the driver's going to need surgery, following what police are calling a road rage incident. >> in the backseat, they said you're bleeding. have to go to hospital. >> what are we learning about the suspect tonight? and a high profile federal prison in the east bay, the serious charges a correctional officer now faces. and california isn't doing enough to offer affordable housing. what a new audit says the state
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must do. ♪ the news at 6:00 starts right now. good evening and thanks for being with us on this wednesday. we're going to start with the attack on an sf cab driver. he's been working for 40 years and now he needs surgery after a honk of his horn turned violent. the passenger in another car pummelling the driver. some of the video is hard to watch. nbc bay area's alyssa gourd. >> reporter: you're watching the moment that changed a taxi driver's life. watch as he walked up and punches the 66-year-old driver at a spotlight. an nbc bay area photo journalist was filming for another project when his camera caught the assault in stop motion. it happened near the intersection of jones and ellis
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yesterday afternoon. today we reached the taxi driver who asked that we only use his first name, ahmad. he says he was taking passengers to the airport when a car, backing out of a parking spot nearly hit him. ahmad says that's when the man got out of the car yelling. walked over to the cab's open window and punched him in the head repeatedly. >> head to the backseat. they said you're bleeding. have to go to the hospital. >> reporter: with an eye swollen shut and blood streaming down his face, he was taken on the ambulance. he later learned his nose was broken and he'd need surgery. it happened blocks from the tenderloin substation. within minutes they arrested 25-year-old ray quan bush. >> i don't know him. he doesn't know me. i don't know what the cab did to him.
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>> he says this is the first time something like this has happened to him in 40 years of driving cabs in the city. this was his first week driving again after taking a break during the pandemic. and with his injuries, he says he's not going to be back behind the wheel again anytime soon. and the suspect in this case has been booked into san francisco county jail on assault charges. he's set to make his first court appearance tomorrow and san francisco police are asking anyone with information on the case get in touch with them. in san francisco, nbc bay area news. thank you. a normally quiet pleasant hill road is shut down. we're hearing from a woman who tried to save the victim's life. nbc bay area's marian fauv row with the very latest. what do we know? >> reporter: that woman is christina mccann and as you might imagine, she is really shaken up.
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she tells us around 1:00 this afternoon she was driving in pleasant hill and that's when she drove up behind a black mercedes, stopped in the middle of taylor boulevard and saw a man standing by the driver's open door. now, as she arrived, that man jumped into another car and sped off. that's when she realized someone behind the wheel of the mercedes had been shot. >> we did what we could. i tried to hold his hand. at a minimum. he was really heavy. forerse it was really hard to get him out of the vehicle. >> reporter: mccann, a local realtor says she called 911 but couldn't get through and neither could the four others who stopped to get help. so, she called her father, a retired er doctor. by phone with, he walked them through how to try help the victim, who she described as a man in his 30s.
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she and the other good samaritans laid him on the street to try and help him breathe. that's when christina says the man died in her arms. contra costra county sheriff's department has not yet confirmed the eye witness statements or responded to our request for comment. now, christina says she didn't get a good look at the shooter but did believe it was a man and gave all of her information to investigators late this afternoon. nbc bay area news. >> that is a a traumatizing wednesday afternoon. thank you very much. so, how does $400 sound to ease gas frustrations? newsom announcing how a gas price rebait would work. the state would give $400 to every car owner in california and if there are two cars, $800. the state could spend as much as
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$11 billion for the proposal. they'll meet with the legislature to negotiate it in the next coming days. >> bart has reinstated the only black member of its board of directors. bart said she moved out of her district. simon said she asked the agency and was told her new address was still within district boundaries. bart now says it has talked to lawyers who specialize in election law. it turns out the bart board of directors didn't take the required steps to formally declare a vacancy on the board. so, simon will continue to serve her term. the board president and director apologized for how the situation has been played out. a correctional officer at a federal prison in the east bay has been charged with sexually abusing an inmate. female inmates claim they've been subjected to sexual harassment from some of the guards. earlier this month, members of
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congress called for an investigation into that alleged abuse. an officer is being charged with sexally abusing an inmate. flrls officer over saw the kitchen staff when that alleged abuse happens. he faces four years in prison and a fine. the covid vaccine could be ecoming to young kids. moderna says it produces a strong immune response from chilled six months old to five years old. an antibody response similar to that in adults. it reported the majority of side effects were mild to moderate. moderna says it will submit the data to the fda and other regulators in the coming weeks and ask for emergency use authorization. there's still unfinished business in the south bay. some businesses have not paid for the fines they still owe for
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violating restrictions put in place early on in this pandemic. that's leading to a legal fight for one business. >> reporter: salon blue is one of six being sued for various covid violations. the salon owner tells me he was sited because he stayed open during the pandemic and he didn't require customers to wear masks. he also tells me this isn't about health orders. this is a fight about principals. >> i'm not the settling type. >> he's facing over $20,000 in covid violation fees. plus the legal cost to fight the county. he doesn't think the county was fair in deciding which businesses had to close. >> i'm in the customer service business. my customers want to get serviced, i'm not going to tell them how to dress or probe into medical history and i'm not going to tell them to wear a mask.
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>> reporter: they've worked with many businesses to find a reezinal solution and most involve repeat ofinders. adding these collection actions are routine. they recently released this data which they believe show how the lockdown order saved thousands of lives. >> i think it's unamerican, unconstitutional and simply unfair to try to force private businesses to do the county's bidding. >> salon blue isn't alone in the fight. they have pending lawsuits against five local businesses. the latest is cavalry chapel, who repeatedly went to court to try block the county lockdown orders. the salon blue insists he won't be cutting any deals. >> i know it's going to cost me but i'm doing this for the rest of my industry and the small business owners everywhere in
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this county. because somebody has to stand up to the county. >> reporter: in san jose, bay area news. when it comes to making it in the bay or elsewhere, california is not doing enough. that's the conclusion of the state auditor. governor newsom designated state-owned land but of the 92 properties, general service plans plan to develop, just 19 have been made available. estimating it's going to take seven years before anyone can move in. it says adding a single staff member would shrink that time by two years. the first full day of testimony up next. why a former theranos employee broke down on the stand. and excited to see the ncaa tournament in our own backyard.
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how they plan on benefitting, next. i'm chief meteorologist, jeff ranieri. we'll show you the chance of rain in about eight minutes. "nightly news" coming to you tonight from brussels, belgian, where world leaders, including president biden are joining as they search for new ways to hold putin accountable. that's all up next on "nightly news." episode four of "saving san francisco" is out now. we put our questions to mayor breed, including why the tech capitol of the universe, a city ewith a $12 billion budget is still struggling with homelessness, crime and more than 80 complaints per day about feces on the streets and sidewalks. you go to san francisco.
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it's taken a lot to get to this moment. dreams are on the line. you got this. it all, comes down, to this. [ everyone cheers ]
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machines, manipulation and elizabeth holmes, all three came up today in the second trial involving the failed start up, theranos. >> reporter: as soon as sonny stepped back in the court room today, he saw former theranos employee, turned whistle-blower, erica chung, on the stand and documents demonstrating
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widespread failure on the court room monitors. >> the issue with machines is the same with what happened with elizabeth holmes, trying to impart knowledge and responsibility to sonny bowani. >> she testified she saw some theranos blood testing machine fail to come up with results more than 50% of the time. and at one time breaking down. although the testimony is similar to the trial in elizabeth holmes, prosecutors have a different target this time. >> right now it's following a similar script but we're going to get that essential legal fork in the road. and that fork in the road goes back to elizabeth holmes' accusations that a lot of the blame for what happened was sonny bawani. >> reporter: you may remember her testifying she was assertive and manipulative while at
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theranos. you can expect other employees to be called to testify to that as well. >> thank you, scott. you should know scott has been following the story from the beginning. so, he's a good person to follow on twitter for updates. you can get live updates from inside the court room. rngts look around town and you'll see a lot of tall guys and march madinize is here for the first time in more than 80 years. restaurants nooir chase center and around town getting ready for an extra busy week. businesses say the timing couldn't be better, especially after the past two years of challenges during the pandemic. >> this type of event for san francisco in march is going to be sort of the catalyst, the launching pad for the city to get back up on its feet and for the energy to really come back. >> well said.
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couldn't agree more. two games tomorrow and the winners will play each other on saturday. well, a former south bay assemblyman is pushing congress to end daylight savings time. that would put an end to standard time. he says there are lots of benefits, including better health and a reduction in crime. >> by providing more day light during the 5:00 to 7:00 statistically shows it would reduce the poverty and crime rate. >> reporter: now critics say it does raise questions about the safety on the opposite spectrum of kids going to school in the morning when it would still be dark. the western edge of the zone would be pretty dark during those morning hours. on either end. there are things you have to worry about. >> i did some calculations. >> he's been working on this. >> so, sunrise could be as late
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as 8:25 in the morning in january, january 1st. and earliest is 5:45 in june and sunset latest is 8:35 in july and 5:51 in december. the sunrise at 8:25. >> kids are going to school in the darkness. >> that's when school has already started. and riding a bike could be a problem. >> evening sunshine good for a lot of stuff. >> we like the high tech version. >> let me keep this. i'll let you borrow it. let's get you into the microclimate forecast. we're tracking cooler weather that rolls in today and we have nice weather continuing through the next couple of days. you can see a little hazy and after those mid-80s yesterday, we're down to a much more comfortable 75 and cooler 50s by 10:00 p.m., down towards san jose and much more comfortable, 67 and we're at 60 in 10 and the
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50s coming in at 11:00. we had every single one of the changes today come in from this area of high pressure. this had all the hot air with it. it made a little move to the south. that was good enough to take heat with it. that's going to return for tomorrow morning and slightly cooler air dropping down from the north. you can see we start out for tomorrow morning, maybe spotty drizzle, patchy clouds over the north bay, the east bay and right down to the south bay. and through afternoon, we'll hold on to clouds in the north bay. better part of the sun continuing in east bay and south bay. temperatures, as we start out for tomorrow, kids ready for school. yes, it's another day for those jackets. temperatures in the 40s across the bay area. san francisco with 49 and east bay at 47. daytime high not going to change a lot. if you like today, 72 in san jose.
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over to the east bay, 79 in antioch, 74 in danville and a cool 69 in fremont. daily city to half moon bay in the 50s. san francisco, i have it at 59 in downtown. let's take it off to marin. could be a four-day weekend coming your way. 73 in napa, 80 in clear lake and down close the bay, 68. wreevl been talking about rain chances coming our way. we're holding on this to in the forecast, which would be good news for your ala aerjs. so, the way things are planning out right now, i think most of the weekend is dry. we get the chance at late rain on sunday night, around 11:00 p.m. better scattered rain on monday as we head to the morning commute with about a quarter of an inch. temperatures in the 50s to 60s in san francisco.
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morning lows in the mid to low 50s and we're holding 70s through saturday. drop it off in the 60s for sunday. saturday best day of the weekend to be outside and enjoy it. >> and hopefully not sneeze as much. >> thank would be good. >> i'll let you borrow this. you could actually post twitter -- photos on your social. thanks, jeff. up next with more states making difficult for women to get an abortion, governor newsom just made it more accessible in california. what he did when we come back.
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it is the first of a dozen bills state leaders plan to pass this year. they're taking action a in case the supreme court over throws roe verses wade this summer. there's concern the conservative majority may overturn the landmark 1973 ruling, which would prompt two dozen states to ban or sharply ban abortion. and eliminating those out of pocket costs. oregon has included $50 million to help people travel there for state abortions. california is considering similar actions. >> when buster posey retired from baseball last year, he mentioned he and his family would move back home to georgia. the giant's legend recently sold the lafayette home for more than 9 million bucks. when they first moved to the bay area, they lived in a cottage in willow glen. >> that changed real quick.
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>> more than 6,000 square feet. the posy's bought it for 4.5 mill. they just sold it for more than 9 mill. good roi. well, he narrowly scaped a tornado and lived to tell about it. an update from the driver of that pick up you see on the screen. and here's a look in brussels. lester holt is preparing for "nightly news" in brussels. one of the stories, an in-depth look at madeleine albright. lester joins in about three minutes.
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okay. maybe you saw that viral video of the pick up truck flipped by the tornado in texas. now we're hearing more about the lucky driver. >> watch the twister tossing and spinning the truck and seting it right side up on the wheels. the guy behind driving was leaving a job interview at what burger when he got caught in the storm. he says the truck turns on but doesn't drive well and yes, he got the job. >> we got to go to whataburger. and up next lester holt is in brussels with an inside look at. tonight, our special coverage from brussels as president biden arrives for a high stakes nato summit and the u.s. formally accuses russia of committing war crimes in ukraine. new images of
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destruction in mariupol after nearly a month of fighting. the toll growing on both sides nato estimating as many as 15,000 russian troops have been killed president biden set to meet with fellow nato leaders here in brussels and what he may announce about u.s. troops in the region also tonight, the deadly tornado at least an ef-3 tearing through the new orleans area a governor declaring a state of emergency more than 60 tornadoes reported over 48 hours. where the threat is headed tonight moderna announcing it will ask the fda to authorize its covid vaccine for children under 6. how well does it protect young kids and how soon could they get their shots? the final day of questioning for supreme court nominee ketanji brown jackson. her tense exchange with republican lindsey graham over child pornography. and the case involving race jackson says she'll recuse herself from and remembering the first woman to serve as u.s. secretary of state


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