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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  March 27, 2022 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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right now at 6:00, a brazen robbery at a san francisco tourist spot. the whole thing caught on camera. >> you just never know who's lurking around, especially up here. >> tourists and people of san francisco reacting to the attack. we'll tell you who the thieves targeted. also, a key deadline aimed at helping people make it in the bay. and california is looming. the effort in sacramento to extend rent relief. >> but first, it's rolling in. rob has the hour by hour
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timeline of when you will see it in your neighborhood. let's get back out to that top story. a live look outside from our network of traffic cameras. getting dark, the wind picking up, and the rain is moving in. >> so you can see it on our satellite radar. storm ranger is out on san bruno mountain scanning. the rain starts to come down. >> let's check in with meteorologist rob mayeda and see what's going on. >> right now, the wind has arrived. san jose south wind at 20 miles per hour. we've got flights now taking off north to south. if you hearing that aircraft noise in north san jose, all the airports are having to redo their runway configurations. you have south-southwest winds at 26 miles per hour with gusts above 30. so the win advisory has been
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expanded for most of the bay area. gusts over 40 miles per hour tonight. as we showed you on our radar, this is the loop of the last hour, now crossing the marin county coastline. you see it extending offshore as we see a powerful looking system. a potential of a thunderstorm moving over the bay area during the day some. the peak of the wind and rain happening now through about 3:00 a.m. santa cruz mountains, one to two inches of rain. we'll have more coming up. >> rob, thank you. as this rain rolls through, make sure you have down loaded our free nbc bay area app. it will give you access to doppler radar and keep track of the rain in your neighborhood. a violent night in san jose. two shootings within minutes,
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less than a block apart that started at 2:45 this morning. officers were called to a shooting near san jose state. officers discovered a man had been shot and was dead. a few minutes later, more officers were called half a block away where a fight had broken out inside a restaurant. an officer saw a man pointing a gun at another person and opened fire. police are searching for the robbers shown in this dramatic video at twin peaks. the crime catching a lot of attention on social media, and revuing calls for more to be done to stop crime in the city. >> reporter: a gunman pistol whips one person as another person grabs items from the vehicle. witnesses were scared as they
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watched the team of armed gunmen hold up a canadian film crew at 6:00 friday evening. >> he's got a gun. stay in here. >> reporter: the man who 30esed the video said the thieves stole the camera equipment valued at about $35,000. police say they would like to hear from anyone who knows who the suspects are. people who live in the neighborhood know twin peaks is a trouble spot. >> i always put my just keep my with you or my phone. >> reporter: and more and more visitors to the city have to follow the signs and stowaway valuables like cameras. >> trying to hold it tightly. >> we try to cover things or put
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it in the trunk. >> reporter: police are asking anybody with information to text them at tip 411. tom jenson, nbc bay area news. as the war in ukraine enters its fifth week, representatives from russia and ukraine are set to meet this week in turkey. now, joe biden has responded to a statement he made yesterday in poland, saying president putin "cannot remain in power." members of the press corps asked him if he was calling for a regime change. >> congressman eric swalwell is back in the u.s. after leading a delegation to the ukrainian boarder. the bipartisan group met with refugees and aid workers. we spoke with him today about what he saw. >> i have to tell you, three
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kids in diapers who you may hear in this interview. it's just crushing to see mothers and little babies coming across the border. i know how hard it is for my own wife when i'm not around to take care of the kids. to see that playing out with mothers trying to keep track of their little ones, but having no idea when the father was going to be back in the picture. >> he went on to say he was left with a feeling that the u.s. should do more to support ukraine. new at 6:00, a national day of action in support of ukraine. people gathered in san francisco to protest the war and to call for more support to ukraine. part of the then administration, empty strollers and car seats representing the 135 ukrainian
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children killed in the invasion so far. for some, the rally was personal. >> i'm from kharkiv, one of the cities under siege. and we are so far resisting russian occupation. but a lot of the hospitals and schools have been destroyed by rockets. so we need the u.s. to give us the weapons to shut down these rockets and planes. >> the rally was organized by the unified school in san francisco. gas prices are starting to fall. we are talking about the national average, of course. in the last three weeks, it's fallen to $4.37, still almost $1.50 higher. prices are actually still climbing here. right now, the state average for a gallon of regular, $5.91. this map shows the average cost
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of a gallon of regular in each county. these county are all at or above that state average. in san francisco, prices are nearly $6 a gallon. >> makes it in the bay could make it harder for thousands of people. that's the warning. thursday is the last day for people to approach, so the next day land lords can start evicting without moratoriums. even if they have rent free applications fending. several lawmakers introduced a bill to extend protections through june. giving up, but not without a fight. dozens rallied in support of gay
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rights activist cle jones. he says the building's new building is forcing him out. he wants to double the rent to more than $5,000 claiming shes a the roux to do that. jones deknees that but shez he he move out any way. >> this is not about me. and i am going to be fine. i'm politically connected, look, hello. i've got a good job. to keep us in our homes. >> we have a statement from the new owner that reads in part --
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right now, tracking a storm with a one-two punch, gusty wind and our storm ranger mobile doppler radar showing you the rain now hering the coast and the santa cruz mountains. stick around in the forecast coming up. also, covid on board. what we're learning about several positive cases afwoerd a cruise ship, docked in san francisco. and why a bay area comic bookstore owner is calling it quits.
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large out-of-state corporations have set their sights on california. they've written a ballot proposal to allow online sports betting. they tell us it will fund programs for the homeless, but read the fine print. 90% of the profits go to out-of-state corporations, leaving almost nothing for the homeless. no real jobs are created here. but the promise between our state and our sovereign tribes would be broken forever. these out-of-state corporations
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crew members tested positive for covid. it happened on the ruby princess cruise ship, which returned to san francisco following a 15-day panama canal cruise. the exact number of cases is not being released, but there were multiple cases among the passengers and the crew. the ship's entire crew has been vaccinated. all the cases were asymptomatic or involved minor symptoms. this is video of people waiting to board the ship. they were supposed to leave this afternoon for a cruise to hawaii. >> somebody said it could kill some of the people. so they are short staffed. that's what they said. >> all right. we are now taking a live look. you can see it is still docked at the port of san francisco. we don't know when it's headed
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out to hawaii for that cruise. after being in business for four decades, a popular comic bookstore in san francisco is closing up shop. it closed its doors today for the last time. the main reason it's closing is because the owner lives in monterey. so he tired a company specializing in estate sales. >> it's always hard to let go of any business. but also, on the other end, he has some other items he wants to do closer to where he lives. so it's a double edged sword. >> one of the things the store was known for was its amusing tag line -- we have issues. >> don't we all?
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we're turning now to our weather coverage now. let's take you back outside for a live look at our storm ranger. >> it needs sunglasses on. >> this is up on san bruno mountain scanning as the rain moves in. >> minutes away from getting a bath, we hope. watching the rain come in on the coast. you'll see the radar view of what it's seeing there, nearing the coast. already crossing over. but we've been watching the wind first picking up during the day. we did see the wind advisory expand across the region. the wind is out at 20 miles per hour. 62 degrees, mild and a little muggy out there. you still got sunshine around the tri valley at 61 degrees. walnut creek at 63.
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and san francisco, winds gusting at times over 30. so wind is the first headline. we've been seeing gusts nearly 40 miles per hour. wind advisory at 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, but the peak of the winds are occurring right now. as it passes by, notice how the arrows change direction and the speeds come down. wind less of a factor. showers continue for your morning drive. through afternoon, we'll combine heating of the day with the hooling air aloft. warming of the air below, koler air aloft, that makes for increasing instability. convective showers and the potential we could see some thunder showers tomorrow. right now, rain across the north bay. you see it there, just off to the west of the golden gate.
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and now reaching the santa cruz mown tauns where we think those will be areas that sea the peak with this storm. here's what we're seeing now. here is part of monday morning, this rolls in monday afternoon. so the most widespread rain we will see is occurring later this evening through 11:00 tonight. north bay too now, looks like some good rain up through napa county. you see a few scattered showers, and daytime heating, you see the breaks in the clouds? those are the convective showers and the potential of isolated thunderstorms mid afternoon and evening, sunsets, the atmospheres stabilize and the shoursz shut down. -- showers shut down. after that, at the bottom of the screen, it's gone. skies clear out and we warm up
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for the second half of the week. peak rain should be out of here by tomorrow morning. then we have thunder showers that can dutch a tremendous amount of rain. so an interesting 24 hours. >> it's a quick one. rob's twitter page is a great resource if we're not on air. follow him at his handle. we are back in a moment.
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safe travels pandemic has come to an end. it required anyone arriving proof of vaccination or a negative test. now that the program is gone, some are celebrating. hawaii says it screened more than 12 million passengers under safe travel. restrictions do remain for international travelers. jimmy g is still a member of the san francisco 49ers, despite the team trying to trade him this off-season. now an artist from portugal is chronicling him. rita has created a different rendering of jimmy g every day until this is resolved. there's a tribute to the titanic. she's made dozens of these. many taking creative liberty to great moments in pop culture.
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marilyn monroe. even got the beard going. how did an artist from portugal take on this project? her boyfriend caught a niners game on tv, fell in love with the team. she caught a look at jimmy g and fell in love with him. how long is she going to go on with that? >> i hope she has a lot of canvas and paint. you know what else is going on? the last time we saw the warriors look good. they continue to struggle without steph curry. stick around. sports is next.
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welcome back. with no steph curry, the warriors are losers of five of the last six. in the nation's capital today, taking on washington. down 18 in the second quarter, but they go on a run before the close of the half. down eight at the break, but they could never close the gap in the second half. the difference, three-pointers. the wizards outscored the warriors by 24 points from beyond the arc. tomorrow, they play at memphis. the stanford women's basketball team is trying to punch its way to the final four.
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highlights tonight at 11. a big week ahead for the stanford women's golf team. five cardinal players are teeing it up in the augusta home of the masters. the freshman phenom is the number one ranked amateur in the world. rachel heck is number three. both finished tied for third last year and both are pretournament favorites heading back to augusta. >> i feel like my expectations are more about my game and how i play on the golf course. >> i never try to keep my expectations the same. there's no point looking ag head, thinking about the final game, thinking about winning when there's 70 something insane players in the field. >> the first two rounds will be played at a nearby course wednesday. the final 18 played on saturday.
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those players who don't make the cut play a practise round friday. congratulations to race owner justin marks who grew up here. his team won its first nascar cup series race when ross chastain won a wild finish in austin, texas. check this out, gallagher smashes the watermelon to celebrate his fir career win. the win comes two days after justin marks' 41st birthday. so what a great present. the news will continue after this. ♪ dry eye symptoms keep driving you crazy? inflammation in your eye might be to blame.
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let's take a live look at the golden gate bridge right now. >> dark but dry. >> there's the flag. windy, as well. one final check of the weather. >> the rain gauges, starting to move a little bit on the bridge. we can see the yellow and orange offshore. that's crossing the coast, heading toward it is santa cruz mountains. the main event is going to be late this evening through about 3:00 a.m. don't let your guard down. tomorrow morning, the showers taper off a little bit. but then right there. a chance of isolated showers and thunderstorms tomorrow. and skies clear and we dry out the week. >> it's good for the reservoirs
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everywhere. but also it's funny that as we head into april, it will push off the threat of fire. >> this is helping putting the pause button on things. >> thanks for joining us. >> we'll be back at 11:00. good night.
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doug mcconnell: hello, i'm doug mcconnell and we've got some great discoveries for you out here along the open road. doug: we'll see our tax dollars at work all around the bay, restoring and revitalizing shorelines and empowering often neglected communities to be wise and effective stewards of the bay we all depend upon. we'll witness the birth of a big wetland, soon to be a sanctuary for nature and us, and help our bay shore become resilient to rising seas climate change is sending our way. and we'll be inspired by an amazing program in san francisco to give young people and their long-blighted bay shore bright and promising futures. ♪♪♪


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