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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  March 31, 2022 11:00pm-11:34pm PDT

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. six years after the little girl vanished without a trace. >> it is hard to ignore all the noise, the red flags being raised of the repairs underway. plus, behind the scenes of the oscars and that slap. the producer of the show speaking out tonight. what he says happened during a meeting between chris rock and the lapd. ♪♪ more relief could be on the way for your commute. president biden issuing a new order to help lower gas prices. >> the president trying to ease the burden on american families. it comes as a new poll shows more americans blame president biden than russia's war on ukraine for rising gas prices. will the fix work and when will we see the difference? ian cull. >> reporter: a month in record high gas prices, the biden
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administration is pledging to cut them down. a release of 1 million barrels of oil a day from the reserve over the next six months. >> reporter: the average price for californians is $5 a gallon. >> it is terrible, man. we don't go far. where ever we go, we got to put more gas and money. >> reporter: any upcoming road trips for spring break is out of the question. >> president biden pitting the blame for high prices squarely on vladimir putin. >> reporter: u.s. drivers must more than 7 million barrels a year. so today's change would be a 5% increase. experts expect prices at the pump will drop about 20 cents in
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the coming weeks. >> the other thing it will do is by driing down the price of crude oil a little bit, it makes it harder to finance their war on ukraine. i think that's another potential lyanne important effect of releasing this oil. >> reporter: the governor's proposal is still on the table to give you $400 debit car for each car you own for two cars. it still has to pass the legislature and the earliest you see the money is in july. in the south bay, ian cull, nbc bay area news. do you recognize them? investigators believe the 13-year-old was taken by her father. the chp has issued an endangered missing advisory for chasta.
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now this is his car, a 1993 silver toyota corola. if you see it, call 911. arianna fitts. there was no sign of then two-year-old arianna. today the little girl would be eight. arianna's aunt spoke to "access hollywood" tonight and says she will never give up looking for her. >> i will never stop fighting and i will never give up. i want everyone to know arianna's face and know where she is is not where she should be. she needs to be home. >> there is a $100,000 reward for information leading to an
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arrest of those responsible for the murder of nicole fitts and disappearance of arianna. richmond firefighters shared this tonight. this fire quickly spread to multiple trailers and dozens of propane tanks. thankfully no one was injured. these types of fire could easily reach near by homes and businesses. that oscar slap is still reverberating even though chris rock had not say much nor the academy. the oscar producer is weighing in. what really happened behind the scenes? >> reporter: will packer spoke to t.j. holmes saying the lapd came to his office and prepared to make an arrest. >> this is battery.
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they said we'll go get him. we are prepared to get him right now. you can press charges, we can arrest him. they were laying out the options. >> reporter: options rock said no to. >> he was like no, i am fine. no, no and even to the point where i said rock, let them finish. >> reporter: now there is a new video showing the after math of the slap from a different angle. it appears that jada pinkett smith laughing after chris rock makes mention of the slap. it is hard to tell what her reaction was. public relation professor shawn fletcher says there is still a lot we don't know. >> we don't know his relationship with will smith. >> reporter: there is conflicting narrative emerging of what happens next.
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smith was asked to leave the oscars but refused. while there were conversations of asking smith to leave, one of the show's producer ultimately asked the actor to stay. people are flocking to see flock as he continues his nationwide comedy tour in boston. >> from a business standpoint, i would bet thatse to increase ticket sales as he moves forward. >> reporter: dr. fletcher does not think rock will press charges against smith. >> he's not going to press charges because it is not good for business or i don't think it is good for his image. i don't think he wants to be seen as a comedian as a damper. >> reporter: cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. tonight sfmta and city leaders celebrating by lighting
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up a new sculpture along the line. it was part of as six-year, $345 million improvement project. taking the bus will get you down to venus 30% faster. you can see the bus plane from the middle of your screen. the rapid corridor running from market to bay. tens of thousands of renters in california are protected for now. they won't be forced out of their homes for the next three months. state legislatures passed this bill extending eviction. the bill will stop evictions for people who applied for assistance but it won't give renters more time to help. deadline is midnight tonight. tonight as we mark six weeks since the start of the war of
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ukraine. we are learning of a setback for russian troops. russian forces left the site today. it is still contaminated from the nuclear melt down. the troops left after digging trenches in the soils which exposed them to radiation. nato's secretary general says despite of what russian advisers are promising, they are not withdrawing. they are launching more attacks in kyiv and chernihiv. >> there is a lot of speculation but he seems to be and i am not saying he seems to be self-isolated and there is some indication that he has fired or put under house arrest. >> reporter: u.s. intelligence claims some of putin's seen
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sor -- advisers had not been communicating to putin about the war. we learned the red cross is helping to evacuate out of hard hit mariupol. 17 buses were able to leave the city. a sad follow-up to a story of a boy killed while riding his bike to school. mountain view police finished its investigation and ruling it an accident. andre retana died after being struck by a truck. police determined the boy fell off his bicycle in front of a construction truck after riding into the driver's blind spot. the driver came to a complete stop for a red light.
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he accidentally hit the boy when he did. the boy was on the way to grand middle school when it happened. a shooting in a south bay school forced to be lockdown most of the day. it happened in san jose before 11:00 a.m. investigators say one student was shot but is expected to be okay. another arrested and the gun was found. both appears to be at pegasus school. that meant several agonizing hours for many parents when the school was shutdown. >> i had to leave work. i would not be able to work knowing it is going on. >> i never thought it would be inside the school of the shooting. i want to get my son. >> reporter: police are still investigating what led to the shooting. in the east bay, applebee's will be closed after an
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arsonist. the arsonist threw an object and you can see all the damage. the restaurant's sprinklers kicked in but obviously a lot of water damage there. repairs have started but it will be closed for at least a week. police are figuring out who that arsonist is. some homeowner in san francisco are celebrating a big legal win today. they reached a first lsuit rela the clean up of radio active materials. developers agreed to pay homeowners $6.2 million. there are still a dozen lawsuits pending against a different company the navy hired to remove from the former shipyard.
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>> i have always said the shipyard is the sunniest part of san francisco and today the sun is shining a little brighter. >> two workers involved in the radio active clean up plead guilty five years ago falsifying results of some navy sample. >> we are back in 60 seconds. one critic calls it risky. we investigate the new phase of noisy repairs underway the millennial tower. stolen in tonight. i am chief meteorologist jeff ranieri, it get you ready tomorrow morning. the wild temperatures we are about to under go. i have details on all of this, coming up in a few minutes.
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a south bay family. you can see surveillance video caught the moment the man walked to the family's wheelchair assessable van and took off with it. the 27-year-old jeffery hancock uses the wheelchair and they say that van is critical to get him anywhere. >> jeffery is in a powerful wheelchair and that's how we got him anywhere. all his appointments, you don't put him anyone a regular car. >> reporter: san jose police say they found the van. the family says it is a little worse for wear but it is certainly usable. millennial tower suddenly got noisier. crews are moving to the next phase of the project. the city is not yet signed off on some serious revisions to the so-called fix. we have the story that you will
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only see on nbc bay area. >> reporter: as you can hear behind me work entered a new phase at the millennial tower. crews are using this giant jackhammer to dig around fremont street making room for more concrete. finally entering the building to bedrock. the tower now leaning 27 inches to the northwest to the top. that's 10 more inches since work on this so-called fix started last year. engineers say they expect the high-rise to tilt a little more by the time the work is done. some experts fear this new round of digging could make the building sink far more than anticipated. >> it is risky. >> reporter: bob pipe wrote city
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building official about the fix engineer plans to dig alongside the building of map foundation. >> there are many uncertainty associated with the excavation that's necessary to construct the extensions. >> reporter: his fear of removing dirt can result in two inches of new settlement. that's how much more since the building sunk. each inch it sank add an extra 5 inches of lean. >> that's the problem, no one knows. >> reporter: the city has yet to sign on the millennial engineer -- some drilling sound and vibrations until september. nbc bay area news. today is international
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transgender day visibility. it is a day dedicated celebrating the accomplishments of transgender people. several organizations held in san francisco to bring members of the trans community together . the event is a celebration that should happen everyday. >> alone everyday and we see you and we stand with you. here is a look at the white house where the biden administration invited oakland resident, amy snyder to visit today. her appearance came after the biden administration rolled out measures to support transgender. >> i am honored to be here and this is celebrated in a place like this. >> reporter: snyder met with the
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secondgentleman. for many years, chavez lived on this home in east san jose. that's where he began the farm organization effort. the home sits in the alum rock district. some schools decided to hold their own marches in his own owner. chavez died of natural causes in 1983 in arizona. his effort led to the united farmer union regarded as one of the most important labor and civil rights groups in america. a national treasure and the nation's oldest park ranger and now at 100, she's finally retiring. betty zoskin is retiring. sharing her own personal
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experiences. soskin turned 100 years old last year. she became a permanent employer in 2011. her daughter tells us tonight that living behind the legend is certainly an honor. >> she's been very, very active with a lot of interviews last two months. she's been international and all over the place. she's not retiring from life, she's only retirin go on as betsy >> that we believe. there will be a big celebration for her on saturday, april 16th. >> that's a great thing to say, she's not retiring from life. >> congratulations. >> it makes you wonder after a week of retirement she's going to say this is not what it is, i want to go back to work. >> there is a lot of parks around the bay area. she can enjoy that. >> be betty. >> the great outdoors. >> exactly. >> we got nice weather over the next couple of days if you want
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to get some fresh air outside. it is certainly eventually going to get hotter. look, i really think the next two days while we are warming up we'll stay on the comfortable side and then i will get to that summer-like heat here in just a bit. let's take it to friday, almost here, our forecast is also looking pretty good here, we'll start off with mostly sunny skies and 42 in the tri-valley, peninsula 44. 45 degrees, san francisco. a little bit of patchy fog and right near the bay at 45. daytime highs tomorrow, i am calling it a good day here, we'll warm it up from 2 or 5 degrees. 73 in san jose. 75 morgan hill. over to concord, 76, napa and santa rosa and we'll have low 70s there. if you head to coastline, keep that jacket though, we'll have a mix of 50s and 60s. we are looking at weather just
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like this right through saturday's forecast. by sunday we'll get a quick change. it is going to be abrupt after this comfortable weather. it is a small system. i don't see any rainfall for us. we could get some rain near the border and temperatures dropping and that wind picking up, sunday and monday. again, a quick change then after that next week here comes the heat and those record setting temperatures that'll be possible. let me show you this in san jose and you can see how temperature trends going to go. 69 on monday, there we go, pulling things on wednesday and 84 on friday. a three-day event for us, you will want to enjoy that because we'll go cooler by the following sunday and monday. seven-day forecast, the weekend is just around the corner. we have 67 in san francisco on saturday. 15 to 35 miles per hour winds on sunday.
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in land valleys we are going down to 70s on monday. backup top those 80s next week. oh great. >> and in some places you said 90. >> it is possible in land next week. >> summer for just a little bit. >> thanks jeff. happening now for the next two weeks, california will have a woman governor filling in for gavin newsom. the governor made a commitment for his children after two years of skipping vacations because of the pandemic and wildfires and a recall election. we'll be right back.
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annie and grinnell raised their falcon. we found grinnell was attacked. the couple reunited their nesting box. grinnell was about 9-year-old. it was bittersweet day in japan town. the kyoto shop closed its door for good today. you can see all day people lined up for hours trying to buy some of the last batches of mochis. the japan town community held a big and well deserved celebration. the covid vaccine for kids found less effective against omicron against delta. that's according to the new
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study. it still protects from severe illness from both variants. the vaccination of 5 to 11 years old reduced hospitalizations by more than two-thirds during the omicron surge. they found reduced hospitalizations of kids 12 to 18 years old. hugs from mickey and minnie is making a come back. no autographs and socially distanced photos since the pandemic. disney is bringing back character greetings as early as april 18th. character breakfast is the biggest thing when you take little kids. >> i was just wondering. i am sure disney fans are excited. i wonder who the people in the costumes think about. >> there is no people in the costumes. >> the sharks want to keep their fate playoff hopes alive. we'll show you how they did. >> that's donald ip there.
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at&t business fiber, now with speeds up to 5-gigs. tonight the sharks playing the avalanche in colorado.
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the sharks played hard through those first two periods but again back-to-back probably got up to them. colorado got three goals in the final period. the avalanche cruised to a 4-2 win. now to baseball and with the injury bug biting the giants. the team is hopeful that brandon belt will be ready for the start of the season. he's yet to play an exhibition game this spring because of a knee injury. the giants open their season at home against the marlins just a week from tomorrow. get ready to shout gold. the u.s. men soccer team heading back to the world cup since 2014. this year's tournament will take place in doha. the new team, usa is waiting to see who they'll play in the that group play. we'll be able to find out tomorrow. you can watch it live at 8:30 in the morning and of course you can watch it on peacock.
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we'll be back.
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the curry unveiled their first little town library in oakland. the library boxes of 150 that'll be put up around oakland. curry hopes to encourage kids to read. the box wills put 30,000 books on the streets for kids who need them the most. we have those little boxes in my neighborhood and kids were always going in and they take books out. >> it is a fantastic thing. >> you did a story on it a long time ago. >> you watched. >> thanks so much. >> that'll do it for us, bye bye. >> i remember when you did that. [ cheers and applause ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon."


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