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tv   Today  NBC  April 1, 2022 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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the tri-valley, but the bay bridge, fly light commute. no metering lights are on. good on the drive times. >> that's a hopeful start to the weekend. thanks for joining us this morning. >> don't forget to join us for our midday newscast today. have a great day. easing the pain. gas prices down slightly overnight after president biden orders the release of 180 million barrels of oil from the nation's emergency reserve. >> this is a wartime bridge. and provide a historic amount of supply for a historic amount of time. >> will it be enough? with the busy summer driving season around the corner. and russia's new move to put the squeeze on gas fires. breaking overnight. russia launches new air strikes in mariupol, even as tens of thousands attempt to flee that war-ravaged city.
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russian troops now being accused of stealing much-needed humanitarian aid. a live report from inside ukraine straight ahead. wild weather. new tornados, soaking rains and high winds up and down the east coast. the clean up now under way. we'll have the latest in al's forecast for your weekend. hollywood drama. new turns in that oscar slap seen around the world. what we're now learning about the academy's reaction behind the scenes. the insider who says will smith was not asked to leave the ceremony. and what happened in a meeting between the actor and the academy days after the incident. those stories plus, countdown to tip-off. college basketball's biggest weekend of the year set to get under way with historic final four match-ups in both the men's and women's tournaments, including the two powerhouses coming face to face. in an epic match made in basketball heaven.
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today, friday, april 1, 2022. ♪♪ from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hi, everybody. good morning. welcome to "today," it is friday morning. 7:00 a.m. on the west coast. we're glad you are with us. hoda has the morning off and we got a busy one this morning. >> yes indeed. first day of april as well. >> much of the east coast is waking up to wet weather, that system that rips across the south on the move now causing damage and power outages overnight. kauld affect your travel. al has the full forecast ahead. new developments in that story everyone is still talking about. the oscar's drama. new video has emerged of what appears to be chris rock's on stage reaction just moments after the infamous slap. we'll have the very latest on that. we want to begin with what
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could be relief in sight for those skyrocketing gas prices. president says gas prices could drop by as much as 35 cents a gallon after he announce ad series of new emergence steps. tom costello with the details. hi, tom. good morning. >> good morning. gas prices had already been on the rise because of postpandemic economic surging, inflation, russia's invasion of ukraine and the sanctions on russian oil. now the white house hoping to offset some of that by tapping into the nation's petroleum reserves in a big way. but also, wants to take steps to pave the way for a more fuel efficient future. >> reporter: even with prices at the pump slowly starting to decline the cost of fuel is still taking a major toll on our collective wallets. the administration will make a record tap into the nation's strategic petroleum reserve, releasing 1 million barrels per day, 180 million over the next 6 months. >> bottom line is, if we want lower gas prices we need to have more oil supply right now.
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>> reporter: right now the national average for a gallon of unleaded is hovering around $4.22. even higher in some places like california, nearly $6 a gallon, up more than 60 cents nationally from last month. $1.35 higher from last year. as the nation prepares to switch to costlier summer grade gasoline next month, experts say tapping the reserves could provide major relief. with a major caveat. >> the national average could spend much of the summer under $4 a gallon. so long as the situation between russia and ukraine does not significantly escalate. >> reporter: for delivery drivers in chicago, where it is $4.84 per gallon, relief cannot come soon enough. >> these gas prices are way out of control. >> reporter: malcolm says he spends about 12 hours a day in his car just to make enough tips to offset the price of filling up every day. >> as soon as i open the car door i just spent $120. it's sad because it really hurts. >> reporter: the white house also calling on congress to make
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companies sitting on on used wells on public lands either use those resources or pay a fine. it is likely to face opposition in washington and from corporations. the administration likely to roll out new fuel economy standards requiring 2026 model year vehicles to get an average of 49 miles to the gallon, nearly 10 miles per gallon better than last year's models. the president also invoking the defense production act to encourage domestic production of materials used in electric vehicle batteries but waning off fossil fuels will take time. until then your best bet may be slowing down. >> even a five or ten miles per hour decrease is speed can boost efficiency by 10 to 20%. >> every cent matters. tapping the reserve is a temporary fix. the u.s. consumes about 20 million barrels a day. we're talking about adding one million barrels a day to that supply. >> kind of a drop in the bucket, but the drop matters.
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how soon might we see this? is this one of these things that will take months and months to see the effects of. >> ten minutes ago i got off the phone with an oil analyst, he says we are already starting to see prices drop but the president is talking about 35 cents per gallon. he thinks more like 10 cents a gallon nationally. 20 cents in california. he says the big variable is russian oil. as long as that is not on the market, you have to make up for it. somehow some way. >> and prices are set globally. >> they are set globally. >> thank you very much. now to the catalyst behind some of the pain at the pump. russia's invasion of ukraine. its military launching new attacks overnight as ukrainian forces continue to put up a fierce resistance. nbc's chief foreign correspondent richard engel joins us now once again on the ground in ukraine. richard, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. we are now in a village on the outskirts of the city of kharkiv.
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a village hit repeatedly by russian artillery fire. and today once again the red cross is trying to establish a humanitarian corridor out of the city of mariupol after several failed attempts. hope and anxiety this morning for some 100,000 ukrainians trapped in the city of mariupol. ukrainian officials accused russia of blocking and stealing humanitarian aid in the city, frustrating repeated attempts to open a safe passage for supplies to get in and residents to leave. russian troops have flattened entire blocks in mariupol, cut off food, water and fuel. and in a tactic russia often used in syria, the russians have denied residents healthcare by destroying hospitals and clinics, including ukraine says, this red cross shelter. but russia's brutal advance has suffered numerous setbacks. many of them self inflicted and some just reckless. a statement from ukraine's state
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nuclear company says two columns of russian troops left the chernobyl nuclear disaster site, still highly radioactive from the 1986 meltdown. thy e mpansaid the russians left after digging trenches into the contaminated soil and receiving significant doses of radiation. reuters quoted workers at the plant saying some soldiers didn't even know they were in a radiation zone, describing their behavior as suicidal. the russian military which took over chernobyl early in the war has said radiation levels have remained within a normal range. but is president putin even being told about the missteps? russia denies u.s. and british reports that russian generals are keeping putin in the dark. president biden weighing in yesterday. >> how badly is vladimir putin being misinformed by his advisors? >> that is an open question. he seems to be self isolated. >> reporter: president putin,
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his economy cutoff from international finance, is now making new economic threats, saying unfriendly countries, which include the united states and europe, will have to pay starting today for russian national gas in rubles or risk being cut off. the united states has banned the purchase of russian oil and gas but europe is far more dependent. germany said it will not accept russian blackmail. several russian officials this morning accused the ukrainian military of carrying out a cross-border raid into russia sending two attack helicopters over the border to attack a fuel depot. ukrainian officials have not commented. craig? >> chief foreign correspondent richard engel from ukraine. richard, thank you. the house committee investigating the january 6 capitol riot interviewed jared kushner for more than six hours yesterday. donald trump's son-in-law is the first trump family member to meet with the committee. a source inside the room described kushner as cooperative
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and friendly. the january 6th panel is also said to be in talks with kushner's wife ivanka trump for a voluntary interview. meanwhile the severe weather system spawned a tornado outbreak in the south raced up the east coast overnight pummelling the region and leaving behind even more damage. question'll get to al's forecast in a few moments but first nbc's jesse kirsch with more. good morning. >> good morning, craig. you can see we've still got ominous skies here in new york city. chilly and windily too. but this is just the tail end of that massive severe system that's been sweeping across much of the country. >> reporter: overnight storms barrelling from the south to the northeast. millions there waking up to the aftermath of severe thunderstorms overnight leaving some areas along the atlantic coast severely damaged from the same system that hit the south earlier this week. in pennsylvania, torrential downpours and fallen trees creating hazardous roads.
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in virginia, a possible tornado caught on camera appearing to touch down. >> i'm in the tornado. i'm in the tornado. >> reporter: a nearby gas station also rattled by damaging winds creating a mess. louisiana police releasing body cam footage of a three-car crash being blamed on high winds in the area. and in north carolina at a pfizer plant, thunderstorms producing possleibor tnados, racing across the area at more than 50 miles per hour. in the storm battered south, residents picking up the pieces after more than two dozen tornados since wednesday. >> vibrated the house. i just kept reassuring my family we're okay. we're okay. >> reporter: and in the florida panhandle, authorities say two people are dead and two others injured after one tornado ripped through homes there. parts of florida will see a few isolated strong storms today. but most of the east coast should soon be in the clear, at least for now. craig?
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>> jesse kirsch, thank you. some good news this morning on the pandemic front. covid hospitalizations are at their lowest levels since the u.s. began keeping track at the start of the pandemic. in the past two weeks hospitalizations in this country have fallen by 32% to an average just over 16,000 a day. at its peak in the omicron surge the u.s. averaged about 63,000 hospitalizations a day. and we want to welcome in tom llamas. biggest weekend of the year for college basketball. is your team in? >> no. >> lot of people rooting for duke. lot of people hating on duke. we'll see what happens. good morning. the final four is almost here. the action starts tonight with the women tipping off at the target center in minneapolis. and tomorrow the men take the court in new orleans playing for the right to compete for the national title. nbc's morgan chesky is at the caesar super dome now transformed for college hoops.
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morgan, good morning. >> reporter: tom, for basketball fans it is feeling a lot like christmas eve here in new orleans. the side of the superdome puts it pretty clear. the road ends here. after a tournament that really has more than lived up to the expectations. we've had the bracket busters, the emotional wins and the cinderella stories. the saint peters peacocks. and what could potentially be coach k.'s final game. final four weekend is finally here. with one of basketball's biggest rivalries taking center court. duke playing for its sixth national title. but standing in their way, long time rivals the north carolina tar heels. >> duke playing for its sixth national title. >> in to the big finish. >> but standing in their way, long time rivals the north carolina tar heels. >> for the first time ever matching up in the final four is historic. it's never happened before.
7:14 am
>> reporter: and to add even more drama to the high stakes match-up, the blue devils will will try to extend retiring coach k's career one more game. >> you can't go into the final four just thinking rivalry, payback, or any of those things. you got to go in we want to win a championship. >> reporter: the kansas jay hawks are the last 1 seed left in this year's big dance. but they will need a victory over villanova to make it to the national championship game. >> now that we are at this moment we just got to seize everything we have. >> reporter: the wildcats hoping to upset the jayhawks for their third ncaa title in just six years. >> we are expecting a tough physical battle for 40 minutes. >> everybody getting a piece of the action. >> reporter: in the women's tournament the remaining team are no strangers to the final four either. south carolina is favored to win it all but they will have to get past a tough louisville team first. >> we hope to make everybody proud and putting on a competitive game and an exciting game. because that is you know what our fans deserve.
7:15 am
>> reporter: and a powerhouse uconn lineup will square off against the defending champ, stanford. >> the first 15 seed to the elite eight. >> reporter: after an historic cinderella run in year's tournament -- >> dreams do come true. >> reporter: st. peter's breakthrough coach returning home to seton hall as its new head coach. he played there as a point guard in college. >> i wouldn't be up there if it wasn't for those 15 young men right there. stand up! get up! >> reporter: bringing his stand out team to the big a lot of good basketball left ahead of us. with all the stats floating around, consider this one. under the coach k era, the 100th meeting between duke and unc. duke won 50 of the games. unc 49. a game of 'emmic proportions going down saturday right here in new orleans.
7:16 am
tom, back to you. >> that is the definition of a rivalry. going to be awesome weekend for basketball. thank you for that report. >> i love it. it is the south carolina women that are in. >> dawn staley and the women's gamecocks, very exciting. >> i knew south carolina was going to be represented. yeah. >> by the way. st. peters peacocks -- big parade today. >> they deserve it. that was an awesome run. >> this is beautiful. >> what are we doing? >> is this "project runway"? can you strut over? work, work your look. >> anyway, so look at this. we're now in april. march was a record month for us. 233 tornado reports. 15 days with tornados across 19 states. in fact, the most tornado reports on record. and we're talking march average of 95 tornados. reports. so it has been a very productive month. right now the only severe weather we're talking about is
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down across florida. we're going watch a number of storms come marching across today. strong storms crossing central florida. gusty winds. heavy downpours. tomorrow more heavy rain anywhere from one to three inches of rain down through florida. rest of the country, snow showers making their way across parts of the eastern great lakes and into parts of northern new england. plenty of sunshine through the southeast. frost and freeze issues right now in the mid plains. and we're looking for very mild weather out west. that's what's going on around the country. we're going to get to your local forecast in the next 30 seconds. wait, was this the right wall? ...or last-minute gift shopping rashida... i'm putting a bow on it! wow... ...even sneaking away for a vacay rashida. shhh! i've earned this, okay? earn 5% cash back in your
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top eligible spend category, up to $500 spent each billing cycle. with the citi custom℠ card. . good friday morning.ha. it's going to warmer tomorrow, reaching 78 degrees. if you like the slightly cooler weather, you'll g that continues into monday as well. after that, we're heading straight to summer. take a look at our trend, reaching 90 degrees by next thursday. it's time to start preparing for that. it's also going to be breezy on sunday in san francisco, with highs near 60. weather. >> mr. roker, thank you. still ahead on a friday morning. the latest twist in the oscars controversy with new video emerging of chris rock moments after he was slapped and also some new details about will smith's meeting with the academy.
7:19 am
as they weigh his fate and then well wishing still pouring in for bruce willis.
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good morning. it is 7:26. i'm marcus washington. here is today's top stories, including some relief for bay area commuters. >> reporter: good morning. i'm cierra johnson in san francisco. today is a big day, after years of waiting and millions of dollars to complete it, the first rapid transit corridor here on van ness is officially open. construction began in 2016, and it comes with a $$346 million price tag. it works by reducing traffic by giving buses their own lane. there is also a platform built for folks to load those buses.
7:27 am
sfmta estimates that your traffic commute time can be produced by 32%. >> reporter: i'm bob redell in palo alto. it is no april fool's joke. starting today running through the entire month, caltrain will be discounting fares by 50%. this is in an attempt to reward loyal riders and lure new riders. this discount does not apply to go pass. >> time to get a look at the forecast on friday. meteorologist kari hall is taking a look at what we can expect. >> take a look at this beautiful view in san francisco. we're waking up, heading out the door on this friday morning to a sunny sky and temperatures will warm up significantly, actually going above what's normal for april 1st. in santa rosa, expect a high of 73. that's about 6 degrees above our average high temperature. we're going to see some slightly above average temperatures bay . and that warming trend continues tomorrow, especially for the inland valleys. by sunday it does cool off a little bit with gusty winds and
7:28 am
early next week is looking mild to start. but look at the end of next week. we're really going to have a blast of summer here and now is the time to start preparing for that. >> good to know. thank you. we'll have another local news update coming up in 30 minutes. i'll see you back here then.
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so you can be ready for what's next. get started with internet and voice for $64.99 a month. and ask how to add securityedge™. or, ask how to get up to an $800 prepaid card. 7:30 friday morning. tiger woods is going play at the masters -- just kidding. it's april fools sorry, i couldn't resist i couldn't resist. but we are looking live to augusta national it is home to next week's masters. this weekend, the augusta national women's amateur dylan is there that's the true story. >> is she playing? >> no, no, no. she is pretty good. >> very good. >> checking in with her coming up >> hallowed ground in sports >> yes 7:30 friday morning.
7:31 am
we begin with a deadly shooting a south carolina middle school a 12 year old student shot by a classmate at a school in greenville the victim later died at the hospital the suspected shooter is also 12 years old. that student has been taken into custody. there is no word on a motive this morning. another week has come and gone but the containership known as the "ever forward" still stuck in chesapeake bay. the 1,000-foot has been lodged there since march 13th efforts to free the ship this week using five tug boat were unsuccessful the u.s. coast guard says attempts to refloat the "ever forward" will resume next week after more dredging. in case you are wondering the ship weighs roughly 130,000 tons. and better late than never the new york public library has now seen a flood of overdue books being returned the library announced last fal they were doing away with late fees and ever since then books have been pouring in since october, 90,000 overdue
7:32 am
books have been returned throughout the five boroughs some were so old they were no longer in the library system. come on, people! >> the late fee. imagine the guilt finally released after decades >> good for them meanwhile on this friday, fall out fallout growing for the unexpected drama at the oscars. >> chris rock back on the comedy stage overnight. we are also seeing some ne video of the moments he was slapped by will smith. amid conflicting reports o what exactly happened after the stunning moment. miguel almaguer is on the stories for us good morning. >> reporter: savannah, good morning. as review of that oscar slap heats up in los angeles, here ub chris rock took to the stage again overnight for a pair of sold out shows and while he's still not sharing a lot of details, there is new drama in the saga overnight chris rock in the spotlight again at his latest round of shows in boston
7:33 am
according to "people" magazine, the comedian shut down an audience member who cursed will smith last night overall rock has largely avoided talking about the slap by smith, sticking to jokes and video emerging from his first show after the incident >> how was your weekend? >> reporter: it comes amid conflicting reports over how the shocking incident was handled by the academy. >> will smith just smacked the [ bleep ] out of me. >> reporter: a day after the board of governors said in a statement, mr. smith was asked to leave the ceremony and refused. a source at the awards show tells nbc news the official decision came from one of the shows producers who ultimately asked the actor to stay. >> they were saying, you know, this is battery was the word they used in that moment. >> reporter: oscar broadcast producer will packard telling abc news he was there when lapd officers asked chris rock about
7:34 am
pressing charges >> they said, we will go get him. we are prepared. we're prepared to get him right now. you can press charges. we can arrest him. and they said would you like us to take any action and he said no he said no >> reporter: quoting unnamed sources, "variety" says academy leaders met briefly with an apologetic will smith on zoom this week. the academy would not confirm the report the board says disciplinary proceedings against smith have begun. the superstar issued a statement apologizing to rock but has not responded to our request for comment. >> oh, wow wow. >> reporter: with every moment dissected on social media, this new tiktok video revealing another view of jada pinkett smith reacting to the incident and a separate tiktok video showing the moments after the incident as the broadcast moved on
7:35 am
rock reacting. rock has not addressed the controversy in detail. >> chris, you ready for tonight? >> reporter: instead choosing to stick with his long planned show. >> i'm still kind of processing what happened. >> meanwhile, new details this morning about how to academy considered responding to the incident on that very night. what do you know about that tiktok >> reporter: that's right. will packard told abc news, he is the oscars producer, will smith was not removed becaus that is not what chris rock wanted of course he's in the middle of at controversy right now we know the academy says they asked will smith to leave which he refused will packard today saying he did not ask will smith to leave the ceremony, again, because that is not what chris rock wanted. savannah >> miguel almaguer, thank you. coming up, the outpouring of support growing for bruce willis as people who worked with him recently opened up about what
7:36 am
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7:40 am
>> good morning. that announcement about bruce willis is sending shock waves through hollywood and beyond crew members from films the actor has worked on in recent years are speaking out one director telling us he had been worried about willis for years. >> come out to the coast, we'll get together, have a few laughs. >> reporter: as one of hollywood's top action heroes, bruce willis never backed down on the big screen. now the star is facing a real life challenge his family says willis will be stepping away from his acting career after he developed a brain disorder aphasia while it is not known when the actor was diagnosed, crew members tell the "l.a. times" he showed signs of cognitive decline. director mike burns worked with willis on multiple films and said he noticed something after a 12-hour shoot day in 2020. >> he was tired, and i could see there was also some cognitive issues going on. and i was, you know, concerned at that point.
7:41 am
>> reporter: source told the "l.a. times" willis struggled with with his memory and was fed lines through an ear piece on a film they shot in october assisting on dialogue in a film they shot in october this clip from 2021 film "american siege" also shows the actor wearing a small ear piece. >> i wouldn't go there >> reporter: the production company did not return our requests for comment willis is not hollywood's first star to be diagnosed with aphasia, which can affect a person's ability to speak and understand language. "game of thrones" star ameli clark opened up about her battle with the condition in 2019 says at one point she was unable to recall her own name. >> my brain was screaming the answer but i knew i wasn't forming the words. i couldn't make sense. it was the scariest thing i've ever experienced in my life. >> reporter: while clark has since recovered, for som patients the condition may not improve and can get worse. former congresswoman gabby giffords who suffered a traumatic brain injury in a
7:42 am
shooting attack tweeted i'm thinking of bruce willis and his family today aphasia makes it hard me to find the right words. it can be lonely and isolating if willises are calling this a really challenging time. daughters rumor and scou posted photos of their father from their childhood, thanking fans for the outpouring of love. even though bruce willis will not be taking up any new projects the actor already has several films in postproduction, including one set to premiere this summer. guys >> thank you al, weekend forecast what you got for us? >> we're going to talk temperatures, above average in the west and great lakes, below average for example, today chicago 48 7 degrees cooler than average. but phoenix 86, that's five degrees above average. tomorrow that warmth spreads further to the east. denver you are up to 73 and milwaukee you will drop 7 below average at 41.
7:43 am
norfolk 59 degrees as we look ahead toward next week, temperatures warming up. by tuesday, st. louis you are at 64 d.c., 71 75 by monday in atlanta, 79 in dallas and since it's april fool's day. take a look at the month of april temperature outlook. this is real this is not a joke warmer than average much of the country. even into the east cooler than average in the pacific northwest. and fortunately where they really needed rain they are not going to get it. drier than average much of the southwest. wetter in the pacific northwest. great lakes, as well normal condi good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. our temperatures today reach into the mid-70s. it's going to be a really nice afternoon, and a little bit warmer tomorrow. but if you like the cooler temperatures, you'll get that on sunday, with a high of 72. the gusty winds will continue into early next week, but we're also in for a warm-up.
7:44 am
san francisco will have a windy sunday, our high only reaches 60 degrees. then take a look at the warming trend by the end of next week. our valley temperatures will hit 90. guys >> thank you, al roker coming up we're kicking offer earth month with a firsthand look at the new efforts to save australia's famed koalas after this the groom's parents? they just found out they can redeem rewards for a second honeymoon. romance is in the air. like these two. he's realizing he's in love. and that his dating app just went up. must be fate. and phil. he forgot a gift, so he's sending the happy couple some money. digital tools so impressive, you just can't stop banking. what would you like the power to do? for people who are a little intense about hydration. neutrogena® hydro boost lightweight. fragrance-free. 48 hour hydration. for that healthy skin glow.
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with 30 grams of protein. ♪ ♪ carson joins us on this first day of earth month. >> this is cool. all month we're going to be shining a spotlight on the environment and what is being done to protect it. >> and we're going to kick things off on the other side of the world where new efforts are under way to save australia's beloved koalas especially in the wake of historic floods on the island nation's east coast. >> nbc's sarah james joins us from melbourne with more good morning. >> reporter: good morning. officials here have declared australia's koala endangered across much of the eastern part of the country a result of drought, wildfires, and habitat loss conservationists say that designation is a case of too little too late.
7:49 am
one of the world's most iconic species found nowhere else but australia and now endangered >> enlisting them as endangered actually brings them into the limelight and gets them that protection they deserve. >> reporter: the koala population plunging some 50% in queensland, australia, in the last two decades the country has lost 30% of its beloved marsupial over the past three years. among the threats, those intense wildfires in 2019 and 2020 some 60,000 koalas were killed or affected in some way. many caught in the fire. some dramatically rescued. >> its eyes are quite clear. >> reporter: australian army vets work to save the surviving koalas. >> we'll clean them up. >> reporter: wildfires aren't the only factor in population
7:50 am
decline. land clearing has stripped away their natural habitat and food supply tell me about her. she's super cute this is a female koala >> she is female, about eight years old. >> reporter: katlynn carries for koalas at australia's moonlit sanctuary. >> what would we lose if we lost koala? >> when you think australia, you think koalas and they are an example of amazing adaptation they have found a nation, an environment where it is really harsh and hard to survive but they eat a food source many other animals can't eat and get water from the leaves. they are up in a place that is safe at the top of the trees they have managed to adapt to a harsh country, a harsh environment. >> do you think we can still save the koala >> absolutely. but it requires acting now we can't wait too late we can't plant trees and have them grow up to be adult tree overnight. we actually have to plant trees now thinking of where we're going to be in ten years time. >> reporter: the australian
7:51 am
government pledged $50 million to save this national treasure with measures including habitat restoration, health protection and a national koala monitoring program. >> reporter: so now big tree planting projects are under way. with drones being used to go across vast distances so efforts are under way to try to save the koala. the koala is worth billions to the australian economy and als it is the right thing to do. >> sarah, thank you for that i feel like the koala should get whatever it wants. >> just on cuteness alone. >> make you miss home, savannah? >> there was a time you spent -- >> i was born in melbourne yes. and i got to pet a koala when we went back with the show. that was so fun. look i am holding -- i -- i kind of forgot that this happened but look how cute. >> what's cuter? the koala or baby yoda. >> it is a toss-up
7:52 am
here's the thing when i was little, born in australia i had lot of baby koala stuffed animals and i remember saying how much i loved the koala and how cute and my mom was like well yes. but if you saw one this person he'd bite you. real insight into my childhood. don't you think? >> segment took a turn. >> i know. >> what did she say about boys coming up a lot to talk about music. including the overnight premier of harry stiles and a brand new single coming off that new album. first a quick check of your local news and weather the citi custom cash℠ card. a different kind of card that automatically adapts to you. earn 5% cash back on your top eligible spend category up to $500 spent each billing cycle. apply now. visit
7:53 am
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7:56 am
good morning. 7:56. i'm marcus washington. here is a look at what's happening now. >> good morning, everyone. i'm scott mcgrew. the bureau of labor statistics just announced 431,000 jobs were created in march. that means in the first quarter alone, america added 1.7 million jobs. unemployment rate drops to 3.6%, even lower for adult women. a lot of women back to work at 3.3%. one in ten americans still working from home. time to get a look at the forecast this morning. meteorologist kari hall is monitoring what's happening out there. >> it's a beautiful start to our friday morning. we have some really nice weather on tap today, as we take a live
7:57 am
look in walnut creek, we are going to see temperatures there reach into the mid-70s. for san jose we're looking at a high of about 73 degrees at 4:00 this afternoon, when we typically do reach the high temperature. in san francisco, low 60s and upper 50s for half moon bay. we'll head tonight into the mid-40s for some spots, upper 40s elsewhere. and the rest of our forecast warms up going toward the next couple of days, then cooling down for early next week. and then we'll have a much more significant warm-up in the forecast for next wednesday and thursday where our valley temperatures will reach 90 degrees, marcus. >> 90 degrees, all right, thanks, kari. we're going to give you another local news update in 30 minutes. i'll see you back here then.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
it is 8:00 on "today." coming up, relief in sight. >> these gas prices way out of control. >> with gas prices sky high. could the white house's new push help ease the pain at the pump then in the cross-hairs. russia launching new air strikes in mariupol as tens of thousands evacuate that war torn city. the latest from the front lines, including new accusations that russian troops are stealing humanitarian aid plus, fast food revolution the new technology disrupting drive-thrus. >> pull up at the next window and we'll get you taken care of.
8:01 am
>> vicky nguyen is here to take your order >> why are you look -- >> i definitely know who you are. >> you watch the "today show"? >> every day. >> and tell us how our favorite restaurants going remote and kicking off the weekend in style ♪ the brand new music from harry stiles that has fans on their feet we have got your first loo at the video everyone is talking about. today friday, april 1, 2022. ♪ >> visiting from west bloomfield, michigan. >> and north pole, alaska. >> shout out to our hometown in kentucky mayfield strong. >> and celebrating mom's birthday on "today" show >> my parents in omaha. >> love you gram and grandpa. >> it's live's sweet 16. >> shout out to students and
8:02 am
staff at northeast high school >> in st. petersburg, florida. >> wishing our paw paw a happy 99th birth day today! >> i bet his day was just made welcome back to "today." you made our day by joining us on a friday morning hoda is off. we got tom and craig all the gents here. >> april 1st april fools day. don't get got. don't get got. >> i tricked my kids pretty good this morning if you do it - >> what did you do >> i told them there was going to be a blizzard and a tornado this morning i said it was called a bliznado. >> were they scared? >> we didn't go on for very long but try it at home it was a hit for sure. let's get to your news at 8:00 the president is moving to lower the sky high price of gas by releasing oil from the nation' emergency stockpile. nbc's tom costello has a look how much that might help and when we might see results. good morning. >> good morning. so in fact the national average about $4.20 a gallon, pushing $6
8:03 am
a gallon in california the biden administration hopin that by releasing a million barrels a day the next six months the prices will come down the president would like to see a 35-cent a gallon drop but many analysts think that may be overly optimistic. a 10-cent a gallon drop may be in the cards the president urging congress to tell companies sitting o unused oil wells on public lands, saying either use them or pay a fine and rolling new fuel efficiency standards. today for vehicles in 2026, requiring 49 miles to the gallon on average that would be 10 more than last year's model and using the defense production act to increase production of materials used in electric car batteries. so some steps to address high prices now and wean the country off of oil in the future. >> tom, thank you. turning now to the war in ukraine. a catalyst behind the record high gas prices to a certain
8:04 am
extent nbc's molly hunter joins us from lviv with three things to watch on this morning. molly, good morning to you. >> reporter: craig, good morning to you the southeastern city of mariupol has been starved out. the siege. has been suffering since the start of the war today maybe relief in sight. a convoy of buses looking to evacuate about 2,000 people a fraction of the estimated 100,000 people trapped inside. ukraine accused of blocking the convoy and stealing humanitarian aid. ukraine's president volodymyr zelensky said russia has not followed through on its pledge to drastically reduce attacks on kyiv and chernihiv he said russian forces are simply taking the opportunity to resupply and reorganize after heavy losses on the battlefield. also today, virtual peace talks get under way. the two sides met this week in us tan billion but neither side holds out much hope there will
8:05 am
be success today >> molly hunter there in lviv. thank you. the u.s. once again urging americans to empty their pockets and piggy banks. they want to get more coins into circulation. ever since the pandemic started, many people have been shopping online or paying wit plastic. that's a problem for businesses that rely on cash. while you round up the coins don't forget to check under the couch cushions i respect people who keep coins. i never ever have coins. >> who knows what you might find under the couch cushions. >> you're part of the problem. >> i know. >> don't they find you annoying? >> no. >> the government hates you right now. do you have a boost for us >> i do. i get to do the boost today. when a little girl was done playing on her trampoline. she had one small problem. she was too small to get down on her own. it's pretty high up there. so her big brother comes to the rescue, gets down on the ground, arches his back, little downward facing dog right there and she steps down on it climbs down safely that is love
8:06 am
that is how cute is that >> would charlie do that >> not sure. up next, the future of fast food and a potential solution to that worker shortage perhaps rolled into one. >> good morning, i'm vicky nguyen here in new york. and here at this drive-thru in tennessee. coming up i'm going show you new technology allowing restaurant workers to take orders from your body from overreacting to allergens all season long. should all underarms be the same? so, what is wrong with these? whether they're waxed. natural. unique. shaved. sensitive. all underarms deserve the best care. new dove ultimate antiperspirant. our unique water based formula and 6x more glycerin.
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8:09 am
we are back. 8:09 on this friday with today's consumer imagine being able to take drive-thru orders from anywhere in the world. >> new technology aiming to revolution the restaurant industry is coming, after millions of workers left low paying restaurant jobs in the pandemic. >> this could be an answer nbc senior consumer investigative correspondent vicky nguyen got a first hand look at how it might change the
8:10 am
way we order the next meal we want fries with that. >> certainly supersize it the pandemic certainly put restaurants and the food industry on a fast track to adopt new ways to get people what they want from streamlined male delivery to qr code menus you look at on your phone. even ghost kitchens that allow restaurants to keep one demand for takeout. this morning an exclusive look at new technology that allows anybody including me to take a drive-thru order from home >> reporter: the next time you roll up to a drive-thru, take a closer look. the person taking your order may not even be on site. >> would you like some banana pudding to go with that? >> sure. i'll take a four ounce. >> reporter: becky saves time and gas skipping a 30-minute community and working part-time when she's not babysitting. >> i love the job. i love meeting new people every day. the social interaction and i get to work from my home. >> reporter: she's using bite ninja. video software allowing restaurants to hire workers from anywhere with an internet connection to take orders remotely.
8:11 am
>> thank you, have a great day. >> reporter: so we're going to give it a try with me here in new york taking orders for customers at this drive-thru in tennessee. that's right i'm going work the drive-thru at baby jack's a popular barbecue chain near memphis but first i have to study the menu and pass an online test. >> how many different barbecue sauces does baby jack's serve? easy, eight. what do i say to greet the customers? next practice with my bike ninja trainer anna marie >> your total is going to be $19.17. >> sounds good >> reporter: time for me to take a real order >> hi, welcome to baby jacks my name is vicky, can i take your order please? >> sure. i'd like a baked potato with brisket. >> okay. give me just one second. i'm sorry. i am very new to the job. >> reporter: but i quickly get up to speed, and it's fun.
8:12 am
>> so you have the loade barbecue potato with sour cream, bacon bits, chives, brisket with the sauce and diet coke and banana pudding as your side. >> yeah. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: then the kitchen gets cooking and just like a regular drive-thru an employee hands the customer their order >> there you go. >> reporter: one after another the customers lined up in tennessee. >> what kind of sauce did you want on that >> reporter: most had no idea i was more than a thousand miles away >> pull up at the next window and we'll get you taken care of. have a wonderful, wonderful day. >> it's no secret restaurants are struggling to hire. >> will developed bite ninja after he couldn't staff his own drive-thru during the pandemic >> this is really a solution for our restaurant, it helped us so much, we said, man, this is something we think is going help lot of restaurant owners nationwide. >> reporter: so far 12 restaurant chains in six states
8:13 am
rely on a pool of 4,100 so called ninjas who make $10 to $20 an hour depending on demand. and it is not the only new tech that could be coming to an eatery near you. in dallas one restaurant using robot waiters. white castle announced plans recently to install automated french fry chefs at 10 restaurants. no need to tip this bartender serving up drinks from the winter olympics. it all comes just in time. according a recent survey about 50% of restaurant operators cite staffing recruitment and retention as the top challenge of 2022. but with the challenges of today come the solutions of tomorrow and you just never know who might be taking your next drive-thru order. >> i'm low-key freaking out right now. >> reporter: why are you low-key freaking out >> because i definitely know who you are. >> you do? >> yeah. for sure.
8:14 am
>> reporter: you watch the "today" show? >> every day >> well it is a pleasure to meet you. we're doing a story about this technology what do you think? >> it's awesome. i didn't expect to see somebody on the screen. i definitely didn't expect to see vicky on my screen. >> hope you gave him a discount. >> amazing. >> he actually told me he forgot to order fry because he was so taken aback. it was really cute 12 local chains use bite ninja it is about to go national a major restaurant brand just signed on. we can't say who just yet but the company also in talk with 50 other chains so you are going to to see this at some point. >> how much did the restaurants pay for the service? >> this is interesting it is about a $500 set-up fee. that's what bite ninja charges they take annual additional fee on of the hourly rate. bite ninja says it is cheaper than bringing in an employee for a full day when you only need someone probably for the lunch or even rush what i really loved about it is it expands access for work this is another place where they can have a job and be productive
8:15 am
and socialize. >> it seems kind of fun honestly for a few hours, no stress of the commute. say your kids went off to kindergarten, first grade. you got a few hours in the day. >> exactly >> and it is a favorite restaurant, local place you like and want to support and make a little cash on the side. >> great concept like, wow, i can't believe known thought of that. >> like a ring cam and phone rings and guys delivering something and you are not at home and you are pretending you are. >> hey, buddy? i'm home someone's home you're miles away. >> how about vicky and how great she was at it? natural. >> the training. >> had you worked fast food before >> no but i had been a hostess at a restaurant. i put all my southern hospitality skills into -- >> when it was stressful >> the regulars with the fully loaded and the this and the that hang on. i'm new. do you want banana pudding with that. >> not an easy job. >> yeah. >> awesome. >> nothing vicky can't do.
8:16 am
nothing. >> for sure. let's go over to mr. roker get a check of the weather >> all right, guys we take a look snow showers today come across the great lakes, interior parts of new england and very stormy down through florida. we've watch that all weekend long frast and freeze warnings an watches in the midsections of country. showers making their way through the rockies. mild out west with with plenty of sunshine but they really do need the rain. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. it another going to be a beautiful day. our temperatures reaching into the mid-70s. a little bit warmer tomorrow with mostly sunny skies, and then a slight cooldown on sunday as the winds pick up and we'll head down to the low 70s for high temperatures and that continues into monday. enjoy those days because we are going to get a taste of summer as our highs reach into the upper 80s and low 90s by the end of next week, while san francisco will go from the 60s to the upper 70s next thursday.
8:17 am
>> and that is your latest weather. guys >> all right, al i think you wanted to say it is the best part of the day. >> best time. best time. >> you don't quite sell it as well as uncle al there >> sorry, i was unprepared now for the best part of the day! carson daly. >> -- my chuck d here we go harry stiles overnight dropping the long awaited first single off his upcoming album "harry's house. the new track is calle "as it was" and here is a sneak peek ♪ no it's not the same as it was ♪ ♪ in this world ♪ ♪ it is just us ♪ ♪ no it's not the same as it was ♪ ♪ as it was ♪ ♪ as it was ♪ >> i hear a little of that '80s vibe in there
8:18 am
>> retro is great. >> aha the song also by the way starts with a little quick audio cameo from harry's 5 year old god daughter ruby winston. the sweet addition to that track. and the record is called "harry's house." his fourth and drops may 20th. next up -- >> remember when harry was here and shut down -- >> yes, of course i do >> last concert before the pandemic. >> watermelon sugar. next up let's keep the new music going with one of our favorites. thomas rhett dropped his sixth studio album overnight the 15-track project "where we started. and crossing over into the country music lane we se katy perry joining rhett on the album's title track. we'll play a little bit of that. again it's called "where we started. ♪ keep your eyes on me ♪ ♪ because talk is cheap ♪ ♪ you're all we need ♪ we' ♪ look at that rose ♪
8:19 am
♪ and think about where we started ♪ >> that' good. >> so good somewhere hoda is dancing. >> we can't wait to hear his new music live why? because thomas rhett will be here if you are in the new york area on tuesday, we'd love you to come on down and join the party. savannah is going to sing katy perry's part it is going to be awesome. rhett for everything you need to know about that next up, eddie murphy. he's got the funk. eddie murphy stepping into the shoes of george washington clinton for his next role. in talks to produce and star in an upcoming biopic about the man dubbed the godfather of funk why the story is set to tell the story of his career and life starting in 1940s leading up to parliament funkadelic. clinton earned some of music's
8:20 am
highest awards including the grammy's lifetime achievement award and induction into the rock and roll hall of fame look forward to that next up, our friends blake shelton and gwen stefani i'm sure blake didn't post blake is sharing his gwen's meet cute love story. okay that happened right on the set of "the voice. and the caption shows up to work and then reads, meets my wife. i'm nowhere. and i'm cropped out of that particular photo and then there you go. >> that's cute. >> yeah. >> did you know what a meet cute is >> no, i didn't know is that a thing online >> i think just heard it this week for the first time. >> here check out this thing that's cute. >> yeah, this is how we met story. i actually don't know. but this is the second time this week somebody's referred to something as a meet cute internet viewers, what's a meet cute >> what's the internet >> do you know what a meet cute really is? is a bone-in ribeye.
8:21 am
that's a meat cute next up, wrestlemania. saturday night sees the big return of stone cold steve austin to the ring 19 years of losing his last wrestlemania match, of course to the rock, in 2003 that same night wwe stars ronda rousey and charlotte flare with a head to head and roman reigns set to take on brock lesnar in wrestlemania's biggest match yet. you can find all the action streaming this weekend over on peacock. finally, the pop star poll we introduced yesterday. fans going crazy for the latest season of "bridgerton. nearly 200 million hours watched in just 3 days trying to figure how do you watch the stuff when it comes to new shows? do you sit and binge watch all at once or sit down and savor it the results are in it is a big loss for self control. it is a big win for binge watching 55% of voters say they have to binge.
8:22 am
>> what say you tom llamas >> bingeing. >> i have the guilt afterwards like eaten a giant doughnut. i can't believe i just wasted eight hours in front of the television >> you have to wait so long for the series to come back. >> on netflix. >> great show! >> any of you watching "bridgerton" >> i started and my wife was making fun of me i was making fun of her and i was getting into it. and then she was like are you watching this? i'm not watching this. >> watching it by yourself >> carson, thank you so much earth month kicks off today and "today" climate is helping to honor that occasion sheinelle is across the street with more on that. hi >> all the flags around the rink this is a staple here at rockefeller center here. they're part of the annual flag project where folks submit art to the be displayed on the
8:23 am
flagpoles. this year's theme is only one earth. it is all about taking care of the environment. all 193 flags are eco friendly, biodegradable, and one of the artists whose design is selected is with me now 9 year old elle, good morning. >> good morning. >> what does it feel like to see your art displayed here on the flag which we'll show people in a second >> it feels so amazing and i'm also just happy i can be here and see all the other flags too. >> it is really cool i was reading a little about your inspiration a lots of adult centered tell me why you think it was impothcontest? >> i think it was important and make big changes, but kids can do a lot, too. and i hope i can inspire a lot of kids to care for the environment. >> how did you come up with the idea to design your flag when we see it here, what do we see?
8:24 am
>> well, i've just always thought of something i can do to help the environment so i thought it would be a cool idea to show what it would look like if the earth could think and what it would tell us. >> and you are 9 mom, what do you feed her? how proud are you? >> i'm so proud and so excited she's really all cared about the environment, and she's an artist this is perfect for her. >> people all around the world come here to 30 rock want to help me hoist it up? >> sure. >> savannah, the gang, back the a crew, we ready one, two, three. let's do this! you can hear the crowd give me a hug. so good. congratulations. are you excited? >> yeah. i'm very excited >> mom, you too. how cool is this, guys the flags will be on display all month long and throughout earth month. we're going bring you a wide array of stories from the
8:25 am
environment and creative climate solutions right here on "today." your class so we can see this. >> okay. >> so cool >> so cool. >> we need like an air, to blow -- >> beyonce >> exactly. >> perfect way to kickoff. thank you. just ahead, folks, we are going take you to augusta national, carson daly. some of the best young female golfers in the world teeing it up this weekend. >> dylan. >> dylan dreyer, live report coming up.
8:26 am
good morning. it's 8:26. i'm marcus washington. after a break yesterday, testimony resumes in the fraud trial of former theranos executive sonny balwani. two witnesses have testified, both former employees who talked about the many failures of theranos' blood testing technology and balwani's influence over staff, including the company's founder, elizabeth holmes. she is awaiting sentencing after a jury convicted her in january. time for the forecast on this friday. meteorologist kari hall has a look at the week. >> we have some sunshine in our weekend forecast and comfortable temperatures. it's going to be a nice one.
8:27 am
today our inland areas reaching into the mid-70s, upper 70s tomorrow, a little cooler on sunday with some gusty winds and highs reaching the low 70s. notice next week that it's really going to warm up and we'll reach into the upper 80s and low 90s. san francisco will have a nice comfortable weekend, a little on the chilly side for sunday and monday, and then you can see the warm-up we'll have for the middle of next week. by wednesday and thursday, we'll see temperatures in the 70s and it's going to feel more like summer for a couple of days for the end of next week. get ready, marcus. >> i'm ready. thanks, kari. another local news update in 30 minutes.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ 8:30 now we're out on the plaza. >> little camera time with these deserving folks on the plaza look at all these folks. >> my goodness >> spring break still in full swing. >> spring break. >> birthday girl show your face you're on tv >> we got some exciting news >> we do >> yes. >> oh yes. we are playing a hit from camila cabello. why? she's coming here tuesday, april 12th be here. a live concert i love camila cabello.
8:31 am cabello. i'm just finding out everybody's invited. >> very cool meanwhile, our buddy dylan is on the move this morning. not that i'm jealous but she's made her way to the home of the masters. this week is all about the future stars of golf competing in the augusta national women's amateur. we're going check in with dilly dilly in a little bit. >> look how happy she looks. man. >> sun all right. coming up in a few minute on the third hour of "today." award winning actor courtney b. vance stops by for a chat about his intense new show, life at home with angela bassett, and much more. >> breaking news for the moment. when we were asking what is meet cute none of us knew. apparently it is an old hollywood term for the moment in a rom com when protagonists meet each other for the first time. so when you came to the "today" show your meet cute with with us was like 2011 or so. >> right.
8:32 am
>> like that. >> that is the meet cute. >> that is the meet cute. >> learn something every day. >> apparently it is an old term. none of us have heard it. >> now in social media. >> i guess people are starting to say it again. >> meet cute and insert adorable moment there. >> tom was last year >> amazing >> everyone -- glad you know it? all right. here is al he traveled up to harlem why, al? tell us. >> well, guys, it is for something that is pretty close to my heart. we're in front of 100 black men and right now the staff of mount sinai, they are talking with them, getting educated because we are going to introduce you to the first ever in the country this is a mobile prostate screening bus that will be going to communities of color to be able to try to get more black men and men of color tested for prostate cancer. we're going take a look and give you an exclusive behind the scenes look in a minute.
8:33 am
but first, let's get your weekend outlook as you get ready to enjoy after what's been a very long week for saturday, sunny and cool along the east coast heavy rain through florida look for snow through the great lakes. mild in the rockies. then on sunday sunday, we are looking for sunshine through the gulf coast all the way down into texas, dry in the southwest. rain in the pacific northwest. few flurries in the northern plains and a few showers here in the northeast. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. take a live look outside in san francisco. it is beautiful out there, a clear view, only some light haze across the bay, but take a look at our high temperatures for this afternoon. we'll reach into the low 70s. our normal high temperature is about 67 degrees in santa rosa. we're going to be slightly above normal around the bay area today as we will warm up over the next few days. there will be a brief cooldown for the start of next week, but take a look at the end of next week. it will feel like summer.
8:34 am
>> and that is your latest weather. guys >> all right, mr. roker. how about a quick crowd moment just a quick crowd moment. lot of birthdays here. got some spring breaks where you from >> newton, iowa. >> what's your name? >> karen hoffmire. >> and happy 40th birthday. >> close but add a few more. >> your name. >> selma. >> you are celebrating today. >> 63! yes. from alexandria, virginia. >> i love it happy birthday to both y'all ladies thank you so much for coming thanks for waking up with us every morning. any other birthdays? >> mayfield, kentucky. remember the tornado mayfield strong. you may remember we were there covering that story. you guys are building back how is it going? >> very good actually. we're trying to build back bigger and better and stronger >> amen to that. >> we love that and thank you for coming out. >> thank you thanks to the crowd. this is a lively bunch thank you all. thank you. thank you.
8:35 am
thank you. all right. up next, we're going to go back to al and get an exclusive the tour of the country's first mobile prostate cancer screening unit he was showing us and a look at the life saving work it is ready to provide. right after this but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:36 am
8:37 am
we are back. 8:37 with something new that could save a lot of lives. >> yes, that is the hope today marks the launch of the very first mobile prostate cancer screening unit in the country. and al roker is right there with it mr. roker, i know this is a cause that is very near and dear to you >> absolutely, guys. and you know, you can already see gentlemen from 100 black men incorporated lining up ready to get screened any guy over 45 is going to be eligible to get screened here. the robert f. smith mobile
8:38 am
prostate cancer screening bus. and it is a first of its kind in the country. filled with life-saving screening techniques, tools from mount sinai hospital going to help support prostate health in black communities, and when it comes to treating this disease, i got to tell you, omet early detection is key. >> the last thing you want to hear from your doctor is "had we only caught it sooner." >> reporter: at 60 years old, tony hillary said he was in th best shape of his life it's 2019. everything is great except for one thing. >> the one thing was psa level had been creeping upwards the previous four years. not much just a little bit. >> reporter: psa, standing for prostate specific antigen. high psa levels can signal the sign of prostate cancer. tony's story is similar to mine. elevated levels in blood work led to my own diagnosis.
8:39 am
you hear the word "cancer" and your mind goes, it's the next level. and though i had no history of the disease in my family, tony did. he underwent more testing and diagnosed with prostate cancer. >> your dad had prostate cancer. uncles grandfather. did you think, well, this isn't going to come for me? >> absolutely. >> really? >> didn't even register. i lived a totally different lifestyle. worked out six days a week didn't apply to me i should have been paying closer attention but i didn't and like most of us don't and we don't talk about it. >> reporter: so tony decided to spark the conversation about prostate health. sitting in the hospital after undergoing surgery to treat the cancer he called up every guy in his contacts urging him to get screened, including his brother. when you called your brother, what was his reaction? >> he's an older brother so, you know, how that is. so when he did go, he had much higher elevation in psa than i did and he had a more aggressiv.
8:40 am
form so he had to get his out quickly. and he did. >> that phone call you could have saved your brothers life. >> absolutely. absolutely >> one of the things i found was that once i went public about it, i all of a sudden started hearing from people that i knew who said oh by the way, i had prostate cancer. yeah that i had no idea they didn't share. were you surprised the number of people that told you >> share the message get it out. >> reporter: today the hillary brothers cancer free according to the american cancer society, one in eight men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime black men are more than twice as likely to die from the disease at mount sinai hospital where tony was treated, dr. ash towari is leading the effort to promote early detection in black communities on board the first mobile prostate cancer screening unit in the country.
8:41 am
>> this mobile unit will be friends and doctors coming to their doorstep, nudging them to find out about prostate cancer risk and not getting defeated by this cancer because we will be there to help them. >> the 500 square foot bus moving around different new york neighborhoods making appearances at large events like church functions and community gatherings anyone is welcome aboard for a psa blood test, physical exam and ultrasound, no appointment needed the goal acting now and saving lives. >> down the road there will be more fathers having dinner with their family because they found the cancer early >> reporter: and that's the whole goal and joining me now inside the prostate screening bus, dr. towari, thank you so much. so important why did mount sinai decide you really wanted to get this going to be able to bring prostate cancer screening to at-risk communities?
8:42 am
>> men, black men with prostate cancer, they are twice more likely to die due to this cancer few years earlier finding the cancer, they would have been saved. instead of fighting the battle in my madison avenue office i want to bring my madison avenue office right in harlem, right in front of their doors and encourage them to talk about prostate cancer. >> reporter: so this is a mobile office and anybody 45 and older eligible so they come in, what happens? >> they come in, they get registered right here. it is a registration desk like any doctors office and take their their medical history and psas before and any medical issues it is highly connected wi-fi and everything is in the van >> reporter: give us a tour. the gentlemen we're going meet have already given permission. so what's happening here, doctor >> so this is my first office. patients come to my office and
8:43 am
in the office they are getting the medical history and the psa and blood pressure all the medical exam is done just like a doctor's office. >> and what is your name >> anthony >> anthony, why did you decide to finally get -- is this your first check. >> no this would be my second. >> reporter: your second >> yes >> reporter: so why are you here today. >> cancer runs in my family. so i just want to make sure if it happens to be present they catch it early and want to live a longer, healthier life with my family and kids. >> reporter: that is the point right? >> catching it early i making the fight winnable. >> reporter: so you have got a spot here where -- what happens back here? >> like in a doctors office, first to you the examination like this. blood test psas, and then you have to do some procedures sometimes. and especially the imaging and ultrasound and this is very well quipped with the ultrasounds and the ability to freeze and get the tissue >> reporter: blood work done. >> ultrasound's done examination done
8:44 am
blood pressure is done everything which you normally get done in a regular doctors office is right here. >> reporter: and what is your name >> eric. >> reporter: eric, and have you been getting checked on a regular basis? >> i have not. so i'm excited to be here. i feel like it is an obligation. we as black men, we care about our families and our living. and i think we have an obligation to get checked so we can be here for our family >> reporter: why have you waited to do this was it just you just decided to, hey, you know, i'm busy, it's been a pandemic and now you are -- >> pandemic had a lot to do with it you know, things were difficult in the pandemic. and i recognize that, you know, i have an opportunity. i'm part of the 100 black men. i know robert smith is kind of co-signing all of this, and all of these factors that come get yourself checked out al roker is going to be here so i got to come now i got to come. >> reporter: i don't know if that is the reason but you are here for the right reasons doctor, what do you say to men
8:45 am
who have been hesitant to get checked? why should they come out >> if we find it early, we can cure it. and it has been shown that when they get the screen, the mortality is different so in they want to live longer. >> and how do you find out where the bus is going to be >> we're going to everywhere where there are black men living and we are going to go to the churches, to the doors and go to their homes, and we'll encourage them to come out and actually ladies are going help us. >> reporter: how important is it for the women in these men's lives? >> in my own house, my wife takes care of -- one doctors versus the other doctor and sets up all the appointments. ladies are more proactive. they help us just like robert smith helped us put it all together. ladies help nudge the men out. go and get tested. >> reporter: you got nudged. you got nudged we've all been nudged. all right.
8:46 am
doctor, thank you so much. thank you guys and this is so important take it from me. i've got my next six months checkup coming up in may get my blood work done and early detection is everything. >> how wonderful is that that it is right there in the community. for people hesitant to go to the doctor and make that appointment, you just walk right in there. >> living proof, al. so glad for the story. thank you. >> thank you. >> with the emphasis on living >> yep. >> all right al, thanks again up next, dylan live at the famed augusta national where the next generation of female golfing greats are teeing up this weekend and she's got a little snack with her okay >> yeah. >> i was hoping to see a swing maybe that's after ayt first this is "tod
8:47 am
large out-of-state corporations have set their sights on california. they've written a ballot proposal to allow online sports betting. they tell us it will fund programs for the homeless, but read the fine print. 90% of the profits go to out-of-state corporations, leaving almost nothing for the homeless.
8:48 am
no real jobs are created here. but the promise between our state and our sovereign tribes would be broken forever. these out-of-state corporations don't care about california. but we do. stand with us. golf almost as much as carson who is right now she is in golf heaven.
8:49 am
augusta national. >> literally heaven. of course it i home to the masters, but that is next week. this weekend it is hosting the exciting women's amateur event we saw you eating the augusta famous pimento cheese sandwich which they sell by the way for $1.50. >> that's good. >> reporter: guys, i don't recommend eating a cheese sandwich right before you go live on tv it is hard to do all of you will love this because you don't have to be a golfer to appreciate a morning like this. it is absolutely stunning here in augusta national. literally there is not a blade of grass out of place. it is beautiful. and tomorrow 30 of the top amateur women, just 23 years old and younger, will be playing here they are the stars of tomorrow competing on a course steeped in tradition. >> reporter: one of sport's most iconic courses is paving the way for a new generation of golfers. welcome to the augusta national
8:50 am
women's amateur. where 30 young women will pu their game to the test on some of the most famous holes in golf including fairways dotted with towering dogwoods. all of them dreaming of becoming an augusta champion, engraving their name on to this trophy one thing that makes this tournament so unique is that the first two rounds take place here up the road at beautiful champions retreat golf club. the women don't even get to compete at augusta national until the pivotal final round on saturday for 90 years the masters at augusta national has been the scene of some of golf's most memorable moments. from jack nicklaus and arnold palmer going head to head, to tiger woods' historic debut with a 12-stroke win and his emotional comeback victory in 2019 to earn his fifth green jacket instead of the famous green jacket for winners, the ladies will be competing for some
8:51 am
serious silverware this stunning trophy, including images of flowers like the dogwoods, azaleas and magnolias that line the course this field made up of amateur women from 15 to 23 is competing for the honor of raising it saturday afternoon >> up the green. i don't think she'll be thrilled with that one. >> reporter: pre tournament favorite rose zhang stumbled in the opening round but the stanford freshman is close to the cut to make the finals. >> you just have to keep yourself in the right mindset. and that is just what i've been trying to do. >> reporter: 16-year-old ann davis started strong in a tie for the top spot after the first round and now sits just a few shots off the lead. >> it is my first time playing the event. i'm here to have fun. >> reporter: also near the top of the pack, amari avery, the freshman at usc now playing to win in her second appearance at the event. they are all just 18 holes away from making history at augusta so they are playing the first two rounds at a golf course up
8:52 am
the street but the first time they will actually compete here at augusta national will be on saturday and i've been told that even the top names in men's golf get nervous before they play here at augusta. but, you know, that is all part of the competition and, of course, you can watch all the competition tomorrow, starting at noon eastern right here on nbc. you can also catch it on peacock, as well carson, i want to point out that that also means that the course is wide open right now so might come down i think i have lot more pull playing the course if you were with me. >> how dare you? >> did you even bring you clubs? come on. >> tiger woods was spotted there playing walking 18 holes with his caddie joe so there is speculation he might play the masters but the important thing is augusta is shining a light on young women golfers. which is something historically that particular property wasn't doing much so this is a great addition to the calendar of events for augusta little late but better late than never. and anna davis 16 years old if she wins they will get lot of
8:53 am
press. we'll have her up here in the studio >> you look so happy, dylan. >> steal a range ball with the logo on it, dylan? >> how was the sandwich? >> there is the pimento sandwich also a good egg salad sandwich i actually prefer that, which i had a few yesterday. >> you look great, dylan and also got a night of sleep kind of by yourself. >> looks perfect behind you. >> that's part of the reason i look so great. i prefer to be here. >> take it all in. bring me some grass. >> thank you, dylan. >> you mean -- >> you know who what i meant. m >> make sure people at home. >> i would be talk to the crew -- i wouldn't ask dylan >> some grass, man. >> i know who to talk to. >> it's a friday >> okay. >> it is a friday. >> the audio department's got me that's a whole other story.
8:54 am
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we are back this friday morning with our third and fourth hours. >> yeah. audio department is on the phone for you, car son >> no that's all right i'm looking at the price for augusta. $2 for a soft drink. 5 bucks for a beer egg sandwich $1.50 it's pretty cool. >> first your local news and weather. good morning. i'm marcus washington. san francisco's first rapid bus corridor opens today after more than five years of construction. it runs along the van ness street from market to bay street. it's part of the van ness
8:57 am
improvement project, which cost just under $350 million. muni and bus service will move 30% faster down van ness compared to driving that stretch for yourself. cierra johnson will have the late nest a live report at midday. link to details on our home page. another boost for the morning commute, caltrain is putting its fares 50% down for entire month of april. in march the agency rolled back service for work on its -- how's that for on-trend and on-budget? at floor and decor, with our high-quality selection at everyday low prices, your upgrade has never been more "you." explore floor and decor today!
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this morning on the third hour of "today," relief at the pump. president biden taking unprecedented action to lower gas prices but when can we expect relief? and how much could it actually save us? and later, steve kornacki holding court for march madness breaking down an unprecedented streak and historic match-up. the men's is and women's final fours. and then, courtney b. vance filling us in on his intense new


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