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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  April 3, 2022 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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[ gunfire ] right now at 6:00, gunfire erupts in downtown sacramento, not far from the state capitol. >> my son has a wife, he has children. all that. and all that's gone! >> we're live in sacramento with the latest on the investigation and search for the shooter. also, putting the city's drug problem on blast. the new bill board set to go up. that new video from the war zone. our first look inside the mariupol theater bombed by
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russian forces. the news at 6:00 starts now. thanks for joining us. >> more than 16 hours later, sacramento's downtown area still a crime scene. the violence has left families struggling for answers, and city leaders demanding more be done. christy smith is live for us right now and what are police saying to you? >> reporter: as you can imagine, regters have been out here on -- investigators have been out here on scene all day. two city blocks are closed off. dozens of evidence markers behind me, and dozens of people have come by throughout the day. meanwhile, we have new information about this horrific shooting from police. police were patrolling in the area around 2:00 a.m. when they heard the sounds of gunfire near 10th and k streets. investigators believe a large fight took place before the shooting. [ gunfire ] in this video, you can hear the rapid gunfire that sent people
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running. it's not clear if this is connected to the shooting, but one man riding his bike won't forget the sound. >> it was like bam, bam and that sounded crazy. within seconds, we saw cops just racing down the street. >> reporter: it's an area with restaurants and night life. in the city were three men and three women killed, 12 others injured. some family members rushed to the scene as soon as they heard. >> i'm a concerned part like other people are, about their children. you know, and i just want to know what's going on? >> reporter: pamela harris was looking for information about her son. she spoke with the media in this interview before she had answers and described his personality. >> fun to be around, liked to party, have fun, smiling all the time. you know, don't bother team. and for this to happen, it's crazy. it's crazy. and i'm just to the point right
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now i don't know what to do. >> reporter: a family member later confirmed that sergio harris was killed. city leaders spoke out. >> our community deserves better than this. i know there's a national epidemic. this is not unique to sacramento. but we can stop it here. we can stop it here. >> police recovered a stolen hand gun and there were multiple shooters. police say it's very early in the investigation and there are still hundreds of pieces of evidence to go through. reporting live in sacramento, christyie smith, nbc bay area news. >> the shooting happened very close to the state capitol building. the governor offered his condolences to the families saying --
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>> nancy pelosi also released a statement saying -- sacramento's mayor trying to comfort the city with a direct message this afternoon. >> we mourn the victims. we grieve for their families. but as i said this morning, thoughts and pras prayers are n enough. that's too easy, and it will be too easy to mourn for a week and then move on. we can't do that. in our city, we will take stock and do everything we can on the investment side, on the public safety side, on the gun side. >> he also says downtown sacramento is safe, adding that the city has invested a lot of
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money into making ate destination spot. our coverage continues online where we're posting updates as we learn more about the investigation. just go to a daley city family is asking for help in finding the person that attacked and elderly latino man in his front yard. this is the moment 84-year-old solomon martinez finishes mowing his lawn, a man then comes up and kicks hernandez. there was a news conference held today to announce a $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. hernandez's son is asking for everyone to check their security cameras for the safety of the neighborhood. >> i'm pleading with everybody, please look at your cameras to stop this hatred. everybody out there, come on, we have parents, grandparents, even yourselves. >> this is the second time hernandez has been attacked from behind outside his home.
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he was also assaulted in 2020. a live look at san francisco right now, where there's going to be something new to look at tomorrow. it's a sign warning people about the city's drug problem. a bill board set up to go up overlooking union square. it will feature a message reading, famous the world over for our brains, beauty, and now dirt-cheap fentanyl. it was paid for by mothers whose children died from fentanyl use or ended up addicted living on the streets. we have reached out to the mayor for a response but have not received one. tonight, you'll hear from the mother behind these bill boards. our investigative unit has been looking at crime and safety in our series "saving san francisco." a san francisco woman said police are failing to protect her from a man she thinks is dangerous. you can watch the series now on your roku, apple tv or amazon fire but downloading the abc bay
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area streaming app or go to francisco. a couple of people injured last night following sideshows in san jose. police responded to multiple sideshows and two pedestrians were hit in two separate collisions. a suspect was arrested and his car towed away. in addition, the sideshows also head to gunshots being fired, laser strikes towards the police department's helicopter. new video shows the destruction and dvastation by russian forces in ukraine. this is from the city of mariupol. it remains russia's main target in the southwest part of ukraine. ukrainian officials say civilians are still trapped in that city, with little food, power or running water. we are getting our first look
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inside a theater in mariupol that russia bombed last month. russia continues to deny that bombing. near kyiv, the bodies of hundreds of civilians have been found. ukraine says more than 400 bodies have been discovered in towns that were held by russian forces until recently. one such town is bucha, 23 niles north of the capital. images are heartbreaking. bodies strewn across the town, some with hands bound behind their backs. ukraine is asking the g7 for new sanctions on russia. >> i would not allow russia back into the organizations that it has been a part of. i think there's an upcoming g20 event later in the year. i would not permit russia to attend, and if they insisted on literally showing up, i would
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hope there could be a significant, if not total boycott. the only way that we're going to end the bloodshed and terror that we're seeing unleashed in ukraine and protect europe and democracy, is to do everything we can to impose even greater costs on putin. >> negotiations to try and broker a peace deal resume tomorrow. tomales will indirectly help feed ukrainian refugees. a half moon bay social support bay teamed up to make 1500 tomales. today they were delivered and the money raised will be donated to world central kitchen which gives mood to ukrainian refugees. more than $11,000 raised today. >> one of the things that is always so inspiring and heartwarming about doing an effort like this is to see how much our extended community
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heesh in bay area truly cares about what is happening outside of our bubble here. we're so fortunate to live here in the bay area, as expensive as it is. but we are sounded by people with huge hearts who want to do something. >> today, they sold out of tomales, but people continued to donate their money. former president barack obama is headed back to the white house for the first time since leaving office. mr. obama expected to join joe biden, his former vice president, for an event celebrating the affordable care act. the act, also known as obamacare, overhauled the health care system in 2010. joe biden, former president obama and kamala harris are all expected to speak at the event. coming up, frightening moments taught on camera. down goes the building. north bay business collapses into the street. firefighters say it could have
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been so much worse. heading back to the office. a bay area tech giant is bringing workers back. the changes they'll see. >> it's been a beautiful sunday, but the wind, we have been monitoring them closely. and what can we expect heading into the workweek? we have some changes ahead. more details coming up.
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the office tomorrow, not full time quite yet. the company is introducing a new hybrid work model, so most employee also work from the office three days a week, two days from home or any place they want to other than work. if they want to work from the office, though, more than three days a week, like four or five, they can do that, too. ctory will not begin work tomorrow in shanghai. no official reason given. there's no new target date to reopen. tesla's shanghai factory produces cars for the china market. very close call in santa rosa after a store front collapsed. look at that. santa rosa fire department posted this video on twitter this afternoon. it shows the side of the building collapsing without
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warning. this is what the scene looked like afterward. at first, people thought there was a fire because of the dust and debris. firefighters confirmed there was no fire and no victims. the business was closed at the time. the future owner of the store says while it is a big mess, he's just glad no one was hurt. >> at first when the fire department called, as soon as i knew my 16-year-old was safe, i'm like okay, we can handle this. and nobody was hurt here. that's the most important part. nobody has been hurt. >> and it's not clear what caused that collapse. starting tomorrow, dogs won't be allowed on certain trails in the presidio because of coyote pupping season. it lasts from april 4 to
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september. coyotes are protective of their pups, so they are trying to protect dogs. >> if you did take your dog out today, you probably noticed the wind. >> it is windy, and i've been wanting to take him a good hike around. now that i know that there's coyotes, i want to avoid those areas. my dog shows a lot of love and sometimes i'm like come on, man. if you're going to be out and about this'veing, keep in mind it will be windy. and another thing too is enjoy the temperatures right now. if you look, we're in the 60s and 70s. brentwood, 75. fairfield, 70. 60s in the south bay. upper 50s in san francisco. we have big changes on the way. it's already definitely cooler in some spots compared to the
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past 24 hours. take a look at this, just to give you an idea, about 15 degrees in hayward. san jose, 9 degrees. that's because of a system passing nearby, a trough down in northern california. this will help keep us cool. here is a closer look at your outlook. notice, the wind continues to around 7:00. and we'll still see the winds into the late overnight hours, as well. the winds right now at 18 miles per hour from the north. and here is a closer look at satellite radar. this paints the picture of that system i was talking about. we might have seen some whispy clouds here and there. but wind speeds right now in san francisco at 22 plus miles per hour. here is the time stamp if you're wondering about that. 8:30, 29 plus in san francisco.
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34 plus. and it starts to diminish about 12:15 miles per hour. monday morning, it stays pretty breezy up through marin county and santa rosa, as well. as far as your monday forecast goes, the start of the workweek, we see the return of those winds into the afternoon. here is going to be the big story. the hourly temperatures. pay attention to the timetable. this is monday, 6:30. notice that the temperatures will be in the 60s, so cooler tomorrow. but then heading into tuesday, we see a ridge of home build up, and then heading into wednesday, look what happens to those afternoon highs. we start out mild in the 50s. we get some 80s on the map. 84 in dublin. the by topper is thursday, expected to be the hottest day of the week, with temperatures bumping up into 95 degrees potentially. keep in mind, this is an outlook. these artificial temperatures are like a preview look.
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the national weather service released this. it is looking above average for the temperatures in the bay area. and the long range outlook doesn't show any real promising sign of rain. but by april 11, there is the potential of a system that will pass by. hopefully that brings us a little bit of relief. april showers are supposed to bring may flowers. >> all right. thank you. still ahead, covid hitting broadway again. the show and its famous actor dealing with an outbreak.
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positive. he stars in the revival of "macbeth." he last performed on broadway in 2013. broadway performers gathered today to show solidarity with the ukrainian people through song. ♪ ♪ >> dozens of stars from the stage performed the song "do you hear the people sing" from "les miserables." several of the bill boards in times square switched to the collars of the ukrainian flag for this event. anthony flores is joining us now. it is really tough to keep track of the oakland a's roster with the opening day coming up. >> i think a lot of the guys in dugout were doing this, what's going on? because it was the case of trading places for shawn.
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life changing. everything changes from here for all the victim's families. it's just time. it's time for us to do something about it, instead of having the silence and then send thoughts and prayers. >> the kings and warriors have in the first quarter. highlights at 11:00. empowering the underdog. that's the goal for steph curry this weekend. he teamed up for the undefeated tour championship in oakland. this three-day event, which tipped off on friday, features 64 of the nation's top three star recruits. it that get one on one coaching, play a few games and are given the opportunity to get a little shine on their game. that means exposure. curry wasn't highly recruited out of high school, so he hopes this will help open some doors. >> build their confidence and skillset. hopefully create opportunities
6:26 pm
for themselves to play at the next level. >> it's a program about empowering kids who are underrated athletes. so it's about giving them a chance to live their dreams and use their basketball careers to improve their lives and to take their careers to the next step. we're just amazingly proud to be part of this program. a familiar face on the mound against the a's. that's sean manaea. he was traded from oakland to the padres, then he pitched this afternoon. oakland gets a pair of minor league players. he will be reunited with bob melvin in san diego. add him to the list of players the a's have traded away this off-season, including matt olson, matt chapman and chris bassett. one of the nfl's leading all-time rushers is ready to call it quits.
6:27 pm
frank gore is going to sign a one-day contract with the niners and will resign. then he hopes to work in the niners front office. he spent ten years in san francisco. he didn't play last season. the 38-year-old gore is the niners' all-time leading rusher and is third in nfl history with more than 16,000 yards rushing. these a a look at sports.
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