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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 4, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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injured. we'll update you on the search for the shooters this morning and possible clues that may help police. plus -- >> people are going to come to the city, there's feces, dirty needles, there's people laying out on the streets completely out of it from using drugs. >> that is just one mother calling out san francisco's drug problem. we'll show you the way a group of angry moms is taking on the city's ongoing crisis. >> and a historic day ahead on capitol hill. our scott mcgrew breaking down the key votes set to happen in a matter monday morning, we aref you. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm kris sanchez. laura garcia has the day off. if you have a smart tv you can watch us live on roku, amazon fire, apple tv, and online. >> first we want to start you here with a look at this.
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the grammys were last night in las vegas. the 64th grammy awards. a lot happened last night and we're going to catch you up on all of that this morning. some of your favorites probably walked home with precious metal. >> i need to learn how to pose like that. >> we can work on that. >> i do it all the time in front of a mirror. >> for his traffic report. >> and our weather report, we're going to be shivering and we're going to be sweating. >> all kinds of weather this week. today it starts out cool and windy. you're heading out the door in fremont to about 50 degrees. but the wind makes it feel a little cooler. the sun peeks out from behind the clouds today. as we head from the mid-60s here. then we're going to see 60s around the bay area this afternoon. 68 in santa rosa, 68 in liverm and los gatos in the mid-60s. but then we do ha
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coming up in a few minutes. developing this morning in sacramento, police are searching for someone right now, after a mass shooting that left six people dead and 12 others injured. that shooting happened near city hall and golden one center. it's believed that multiple people opened fire. now, this is video showing a fight at the same time as the shots were fired, around 2:00 a.m. so far police are not confirming if there's a connection, but one woman who says her son is among the dead is now in utter loss. >> my son was a very vivacious young man, you know, fun to be around, life of the party, have fun, smiling all the time. you know, don't bother people. for this to happen, it's crazy. >> police say a large crowd was gathered before the gunfire, but it's not clear if this was a
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specific event or a venue. this is the second mass shooting in the sacramento area this year. in february a father shot and killed his three daughters and the chaperone in the church before killing himself. a surprise appearance by ukraine's president as russia faces new war crime accusations. russia is now withdrawing from some northern cities in order to focus more on territory in eastern ukraine. this comes as new images come to light showing the devastation in areas vacated by russian troops in civilian areas. we'll warn you some of these images are disturbing. secretary of state blinken says his department is working to document any atrocities. he calls some of the latest images a punch to the gut. near kyiv, ukrainian officials have found bodies of hundreds of civilians and this comes in the wake of an appearance at last night's grammy awards by ukraine's president, volodymyr zelenskyy. "today in the bay's" brie
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jackson is live in washington. the russian retreat is revealing horrible images and really tough to swallow stories. >> reporter: yeah, that's right, kris. we're hearing strong words from ukraine's president about the violence that's happening there on the ground in ukraine. ukraine's president saying that russian forces are targeting civilians and he's accusing russia of genocide. more horrific images of the scenes on the ground in ukraine. drone video from above shows block after block of destruction caused by russian forces. >> ukraine's president sharing heartbreaking stories from his country during a video message at the grammys. >> ukrainian troops continue to put up a fierce fight, forcing russia to retreat from areas like the capital city. >> russia's original plans to take over the whole country, including kyiv, have been dealt
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a devastating setback. they are regrouping. >> reporter: russia's economy has been crippled by sanctions. u.s. officials say relief remains a potential negotiating tool to help end the war. >> our focus is making sure we're doing everything possible to strengthen ukraine's hand at the negotiating table, including a potential meeting between president zelenskyy and president putin and that's exactly what we're doing. >> reporter: the violence forcing an influx of refugees to flee ukraine. >> this was a huge struggle for me to make this decision and i didn't want to leave my town. >> reporter: others returning to their home country despite the ongoing conflict. >> ukraine, i want to go home. >> reporter: work on a peace treaty continues, but a deal appears a long way off. ukrainian officials say a draft peace treaty document has moved forward, but russia's top negotiator says that peace talks have not moved along enough for
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the two presidents to meet yet. >> and it has been interesting to see this conflict as a targeting of civilians and not just collateral damage, which is unfortunate as well. so we know this conversation will continue. thank you, brie. the senate judiciary committee is expected to vote today to approve judge ketanji brown jackson's nomination to the supreme court. >> now, that approval would move the action to the full senate, with a full vote expected by the end of this week. >> that's right, dh means barring something extremely unexpected, we'll have a new supreme court judge by the end of the week. we have not heard a single democrat who has opposed the nomination, so that alone should be enough to push jackson's nomination through. remember, democrat kamala harris breaks all the ties in the senate. senator susan collins will vote yes. collins says she wants to get back to a time when the senate approved qualified judges, ignoring partisan politics, if
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they do the job they're in. ruth bade ginsburg was liberal and confirmed 96-3. scalia very conservative, unanimous. we don't know how some senators are going to vote. we know lindsey graham who sits on the senate judiciary committee will be a no vote. you'll recall graham, a republican from south carolina, battled with jackson during her nomination process. the two arguing over her sentences in child pornography cases. jackson explaining how she followed federal guidelines and congress can change those guidelines if they wish. graham pointing to this issue as the reason behind his no vote. remember, jackson is coming from the d.c. circuit court of appeals, which is a federal judgeship, which meant she had to go through this process, the same committee, about a year ago, a little more than a year
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ago. at the time lindsey graham voted yes. >> and he's still saying she's qualified. >> so why? >> yes, we used to do it as are you qualified or not, now we do it more do you agree with me or not. >> which is not the way this is supposed to happen. >> not really, no. >> thank you very much, scott. 6:08 this morning. happening today, a group of angry bay area mothers will make their voices heard with a graphic new billboard going up in the heart of san francisco. >> it's the creation of the group mothers against drug deaths and they are hoping it will spur changes and conversations citywide. city's cierra johnson is live in san francisco, and this is a billboard going up in a really busy area, high visibility, just blocks away from the tenderloin, right? >> reporter: yes, good morning. the goal really is to get as many eyes on this billboard as possible so they're strategically placing it in a very busy location, the intersection of gearey and
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stockton, blocks away from the tenderloin and overlooking union square. so this is a look at what that billboard is going to say. it cases, quote, famous the world over for our brains, beauty, and now dirt-cheap fentanyl. the organization says they are spending $25,000 for the billboard to remain up for the entire month. the group says they're hoping to get the city to shut down open fentanyl dealing and the tolerance toward open drug use and the sale of drugs. >> our greatest concern is that people are going to come to the city, there's feces, dirty needles, there's people laying out on the streets completely out of it from using drugs, and they have open wounds on them, they have foil in their hands that have leftover fentanyl on it. children can get ahold of that. >> reporter: well, today's installation of the billboard comes after san francisco mayor
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london breed let that 90-day state of emergency in the tenderloin expire last month. the state of emergency allowed for more police in that area and more services to address those drug problems. again, that organization says that billboard is going up at some point today, but they say they plan to take it outside of san francisco. they really are saying they want to take it international just to spread the message of what they say is going on here in the city of san francisco. so it will definitely be a talker, i'm sure it will be shared on social media, and this organization, that's really what they want, is for folks to talk about the problem. we're live in san francisco, cierra johnson for "today in the bay." >> no doubt that conversation will be had amongst a lot of people. >> if you want to know about it, you can watch "saving san francisco". same kind of story we've been doing online as well. thank you so much. lets take a live look at the san jose skyline as it starts to brighten up this morning, and kari hall is putting on her
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seatbelt because this is going to be a wild ride. >> we all need to put on our seatbelts for this week. it's going to be crazy out there. we're seeing a storm system just to the north of us. a few clouds here and there. it's a windy start this morning. but then as we go into today, those winds stay gusty at about 20 to 25 miles per hour. we are going to continue to see a breezy afternoon as our temperatures reach into the mid to upper 60s. as we go around the bay area, sdpekt a high of 67 in antioch, 64 in san francisco and 68 in novato with a mix of sun and clouds. we'll talk about summer visiting the bay area that's coming up. mike, you're taking a look at some of the gas prices. >> we're monitoring some of the cheapest gas prices in parts of the bay area, and according to our buddies, gas buddy, san rafael is $5.59. also, the fuel 24/7 in
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pleasanton, $5.61. and then in menlo park on the peninsula, $5.72 at the willow cove gas station on willow road. 500 willow road. let's take a look at some of the folks using the gas now at the bay bring. using a little more because you have to idle in most of these lanes. the metering lights were turned on, the fas trak lanes, lights turned on at 5:44. finally we're seeing the toll plaza fill in. we're not seeing anything dramatic getting through the maze, but the rest of the bay no big surprises. maybe a little lighter than we might expect in san jose. back to you. >> well, a warning for cryptocurrency users. next on "today in the bay," the new way scammers are using the digital currency to lure potential victims. plus -- ♪♪ >> grammy award winner doja cat
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almost missed her moment altogether last night at the award show. the reason why this, as we find out celebrities are just like the rest of us. we'll be right back.
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good monday morning. let's get you up and out the door ready for work this morning. through the tri-valley it's already busy and we're starting to see the sunrise with a mix of
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sun and clouds expected today. still breezy going into today, as our highs reach the mid-60s. we'll talk about this crazy roller coaster temperature ride we have coming our way up coming up in a few minutes. >> in the background here we did see the temperatures in the foreground and now i'm showing you what's not a roller coaster ride, just steadily getting more crowded. 580 slows a bit more coming out of the altamont pass. getting here may be a factor because vasco road is showing more slowing. we'll time it out for you coming up. >> good morning. very happy monday to you. you're not the only one grabbing a coffee headed out for a big day at work. howard schultz is headed back to starbucks today as ceo, again. i think this is his third time as ceo. he's already taken action. he says starbucks will suspend stock buybacks and instead invest the money in stores and people. when a company has extra cash like starbucks does, it sometimes will spend that money
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to buy up its own stock. that means fewer shares and that means existing shares are worth more. so as ceo, you don't have to increase sales or make the product better to boost your stock. starbucks is not going to do that. instead, choosing to make things better at the stores you frequent instead of enriching its shareholders. president biden was talking about stock buybacks last week, criticizing oil companies for buybacks, using cash on hand to push their share price higher instead of doing things that would help us like drilling. wall street will be thinking a lot about interest rates this week. we ged the fed minutes, the notes from their last meeting on wednesday. the good jobs report last friday has investors thinking a half point rate hike is coming next month. a reminder as we get close to tax day, if you made money last year selling cryptocurrency, you will owe extra taxes and the irs are know that you did. services like coinbase and
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robinhood tell the feds about your profits. all this week on the "today" show they're looking at cryptocurrency. they start with a warning about scams. >> you'll see earnings, you'll even be able to withdraw some money at some point. but then when you want to draw your whole balance, that's when you realize you've been a victim because they say there's usually a penalty or fee and it's in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. >> so watch out for that, even in the legitimate sites, make sure the money is liquid and you can get it back quickly. people often stop and ask me about cryptocurrency and people who watch know i'm not a huge fan. the technology i like, the idea of a coin based on a dog -- >> it really cuts into my income because i get to keep all the money in the laundry. it's really cutting into that. >> the retirement fund. >> that explains what that noise is. i'm a bachelor, so that explains a lot. >> i'll come over and clean it up. >> all of my jeans are sort of worn out now. >> thanks, scott.
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trending this morning, sometimes when you've got to go, you've got to go. >> so that includes new grammy winner doja cat. >> you went to the bathroom for five minutes. are you serious? >> i have never taken such a fast [ bleep ] in my whole life. >> oh, my goodness. oh, what a bummer. >> after nearly missing the grammy moment for her bathroom break, she teared up, winning her first grammy. doja cat actually took home award for best pop duo group performance for "kiss me more". >> i like that song. >> she might call you in for a colab. >> i need to make sure my vacation is approved. time to get a look at the forecast. how is it looking for us? >> not bad. we just have a lot going on this week in the weather department.
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unfortunately, it's not in terms of rain coming our way. let's get you up and out the door. in pittsburg, ready for the school day, starting with a few clouds. you can probably hear the winds gusting. at drop-off time we're at 54 degrees and at pickup a nice 71. we can see the clouds rolling by, making for a beautiful start to our monday morning. in san jose we'll see temperatures going from 51 degrees at 8:00 to a lunchtime temperature of 64. only reaching into the upper 60s today. the seven-day forecast is coming up at the bottom of the screen as we go hour-by-hour and take a look at where we'll end up in terms of high temperatures today. fairfield will be in the low 70s. in san mateo we're in the upper 50s. pretty windy there. 63 in fremont. tonight heading back down into the upper 40s and low 50s. it's going to really heat up here quickly over the next few days. in fact, we may have the earliest date where we hit 90
6:21 am
degrees for a lot of spots around the bay area. it's only here for a couple of days before it fades. we get a couple of cold front sweeping through and so we're going from 90s to 60s all over the course of a couple of days. check out brentwood's temperature trend. starting out nice, but on wednesday is when the heat starts to crank up. we see here that those temperatures peak on thursday and friday, and then gradually start to come back down. by sunday we're seeing highs in the low 70s and only in the 60s early next week. you have to be prepared for a little bit of everything and keep checking back in for those updates. we'll see a high of about 70 today, 93 on thursday, most likely all kinds of records will be broken. and then we'll cool it down for sunday into next week. we're also going to see some gusty winds today in france and then, again, by the end of the week as it comes back down. mike, you were looking at highway 101. >> in san jose it's fine, but it's jammed up right now coming
6:22 am
through san martin out of gilroy. now, it was a lot more crowded a few minutes ago. things broke up and started moving smoothly up toward this area with the split of 101 and that means it's going to start feeding in to the slowing we saw at 540 and getting toward 630 we're seeing more slowing. typical pattern but that's where the burst is coming up. no problems on the peninsula. in the tri-valley we're seeing more slowing. vasco road up to 30 minutes off of the area out of brentwood, discovery bay, and the three avenues down to walnut creek out of pittsburg showing a build for all three routes. back to you. >> thanks, mike. next on "today in the bay," nbc bay area responds. >> new rules require us to pick through our trash a little bit and sort out certain stuff. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. we'll show you how and explain when you might be fined for not doing it.
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so the next time you take out your trash, okay, your garbage may require a second look. >> consumer investigator chris chmura is here to break down new rules that recently kicked in for our yard waste, food scraps and other organic waste. >> on january 1st the state required all cities and counties to start up programs that provide organic waste collection.
6:26 am
for things like yard trimmings and food scraps. many already do. lots of houses, apartment and condo complexes have green bins. if your home doesn't, just wait. >> you should see those bins showing up within the next year. >> so what about larger apartment and condo complexes? we'll get to you in a minute. local governments are required to provide houses and smaller apartment complexes green bins for curbside pickup. it's each family's responsibility to sort through your waste. so what do you put in that green bin? cal recycle says generally it's landscaping waste, wood, paper, carpet and other organics. the biggie is food waste. >> if you think about all of your food waste from eggshells to banana peels, that's what we're really focused on. 56% of the waste we throw away right now is organic waste. >> the state says local governments like cities and counties are responsible for specific rules and rollout
6:27 am
throughout 2022. so be on the lookout for information from your local recycling department. thanks, chris. 6:26 and next the top stories we're following today, including the manhunt under way in downtown sacramento. a look at the video that may provide some clues and where the investigation stands this morning. >> reporter: major tech companies telling employees they must return to the office. the requirements for those who aren't vaccinated. stay with us. you're watching "today in the bay."
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stand with us. this was senseless. this wasn't no one shot. if you was down there, you would see all them bullets everywhere. i mean, that was a massacre. >> right now at 6:30, a grieving mother is searching for answers along with her community. new information this morning about the mass shooting in downtown sacramento and the renewed calls for gun reform. >> and it's back to the office for google employees. major changes workers face as they head into the office for the first time in more than two years. this is "today in the bay." good monday morning to you. i'm kris sanchez. i'm in for laura garcia this morning. >> i'm marcus washington. a quick reminder, you can also watch us live on roku, amazon fire, apple tv, and online. >> and you're going to want to
6:31 am
watch especially for the forecast, because it's going to be kind of a whacky one this week. it looks like you should have an asterisk saying this is not a mistake. >> it's not april fool's. we're starting out with a breezy morning, our usual start to the day with low 50s. you can see the sun rising, a few clouds rolling by. we'll see a mix of sun and clouds as temperatures head for the mid-60s. today nice and mild with highs reaching 68. novato a mix of sun and clouds. breezy winds. still pretty windy in antioch today and san francisco, but we are talking about highs in the 90s heading toward the end of the week. more on that in the forecast in a few minutes. >> thank you. president biden is among the latest to respond to the mass shooting in sacramento in which six people were killed and at least a dozen more were injured. the president says in part, quote, america once again mourns another community devastated by gun violence. in a single act six individuals
6:32 am
left dead and at least a dozen more injured. families forever changed. a policemanhunt is under way to try to track down the shooters and victims' families are looking for answers. reporter guad venegas is following the latest developments. >> reporter: good morning. the shooting happening just behind me early sunday morning. sacramento police have informed that the six people that died were all adults, three men and three women. yesterday we spoke with pamela harris, who says her son, sergio, is one of those that was killed in the incident. >> hopefully they'll catch these people and prosecute them to the fullest, you know, because this was senseless. this wasn't no one shot. if you was down there and you would see all them bullets everywhere, i mean, that was a massacre. >> reporter: calling it a massacre, that's one way to describe what happened here early sunday morning. now, a lot of videos on social
6:33 am
media showed a fight that happened with gunshots taking place right after that fight. local police here in sacramento have acknowledged that it appears to show the moments that preceded the gunfire. other videos show the gunfire continuing for at least 45 seconds. this whole area in downtown sacramento was closed off yesterday. we saw bullet casings all across the street that have now been removed. the area was opened again this morning while police continued to ask for the public's help with any information that could help them identify any of the suspects. police also informed that they've recovered a stolen handgun and they know there were multiple shootings at the scene, as they continue on the manhunt for anyone involved or responsible for this mass shooting taking place in downtown sacramento. >> thank you. the "today" show will be live on the west coast with more updates on that shooting starting at 7:00 this morning. our coverage continues not only
6:34 am
on air, but also online. we're posting updates as we learn more about the investigation at back here in the bay area, police now say two of the four men shot in the san francisco playground, they have died. the shooting happened yesterday, a little before 5:00 p.m. at the playground on brunswick avenue in the city's ingleside neighborhood. two other victims did not suffer life-threatening injuries. police so far have not made any arrests. happening today the mayor of antioch is scheduled to make an announcement surrounding police department staffing in the wake of an ongoing investigation. the fbi and contra costa county district attorney's office are jointly looking into what could be potentially criminal activities by officers in both the antioch and pittsburg police departments. the specifics of the investigation are still under wraps, however this morning the antioch mayor, lamar thorpe, will update the staffing situation there. that's going to happen at 11:00
6:35 am
at city hall. 6:34, and as we are moving you forward this morning, much to say, bay area tech workers, many of them, are returning to the office. today google launches its hybrid work model. "today in the bay's" bob redell live for us outside of the company's mountain view campus to break down changes workers will see. >> reporter: well, good morning to you, marcus. starting today all google employees must return to the office three days out of the five-day workweek. the other two days they can be at home or some other location. if an employee does want to show up at the office more than three days they're more than welcome to do that. all workers must be vaccinated against covid. if they are unvaccinated, they must work under a company approved restriction that includes masking and regular covid testing. during the pandemic over 14,000 google workers around the world moved to a new office or went fully remote. also many of them left the bay area and spread out across the country. back in june google launched a tool for employees that showed
6:36 am
how much less they would be paid, anywhere from 5% to 25%, if they moved from somewhere like the bay area or new york city to a lower cost location. the founder of easy pr explained many employees were unhappy about the changes in pay. >> google is going to see a massive amount of pushback. apple has seen the same thing. the pandemic has pushed a reconciliation of what people are being paid for. are they being paid for time or are they being paid for output, are they being paid for attendance or are they being paid for work? and companies are having to reconcile with the fact that they've been paying people kind of partly because of where they are because they had to attract them, but now companies are facing this thing where employees have more power. >> reporter: more and more workers returning to the office is good news for nearby restaurants. among them, cucina vente in
6:37 am
mountain view. the manager said they've started booking corporate events and gatherings. it's also worth noting apple is planning a phased office reopening on april 11th, twitter reopened its offices back in march, however both twitter and slack have said they will allow remote work indefinitely. reporting live here in mountain view, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you. we've been talking about the hybrid workweek, maybe working from home, maybe a shorter workweek. that's why we want to get a look at the weekend forecast. now we're looking at the san francisco skyline. it is chilly to start, and then, kari, it all happens. >> yeah, we're looking for motivation to get through the workweek and looking ahead to friday. some of the places you may be heading, in napa it's still going to be very warm with upper 80s, low 80s on saturday and upper 60s for sunday. yeah, those are the kinds of
6:38 am
changes we're talking about here. san francisco will be in the low 70s on friday, but only reaching 61 with gusty winds on sunday. and it's also going to cool off significantly for san jose going from the upper 80s to upper 60s. beach forecast, friday is your day. it's going to be really nice and comfortable, but the winds pick up as cooler air moves in for saturday and sunday. we'll get a look ahead to the ramp up in temperatures for the week coming up. mike, you're looking at another delay. >> that's right, unfortunately. people have been dealing with this for the last two months and now extended one more month is the real mccoy ferry, they're continuing to repair the ferry. you don't want them to use it before it's done. so use the jmac or there's a couple of bridges. it's north of highway 4. we're also looking at 780. that's fine, but there's a fire that was -- i'm sorry, there are downed wires just off of 780 at
6:39 am
military west. watch that if that is your way to 780. typical slowing on 37, 580, the bay bridge metering lights are on, toll plaza filled in and it's slow for highway 4 out of pittsburg and bay point as well. clear by the time you get to concord. looking at a build in hayward, the castro valley y and 101 north has been holding off with a little volume. spring break for colleges starting to rotate and other schools as well, and that will mean lighter traffic in many spots. back to you. >> thanks, mike. while you're sitting in your car burning up gas, you might be thinking about going electric and you're not the only person. >> it is so painful, the pain at the pump, and see those huge prices and it is driving people to think about electric vehicles. >> so maybe you want an electric car but you don't want a car payment. next, the bay area company making the move more affordable for you.
6:40 am
>> a new very angry, very bitter video from president zelenskyy this morning. we'll show you president biden thinking about new sanctions against russia. and allies. out to the big board, dow industrials down nearly 200 points. plus -- >> reporter: our series finale is finally out for "saving san francisco". i'm bigad shaban and here is a preview. >> she's convinced you're obsessed with her. >> obsessed? obsessed is sort of a strong word to use. >> how would you describe your relationship with ann? >> how would i describe my relationship with ann? well, i don't have one with her. i've never spoken to her. i've never actually even met her. >> do you remember showing up to her house naked one night? >> do i remember that? gosh, what do i say? do i remember? let me try this. i showed up without clothes on
6:41 am
because my friend recommended to me that i just show how sorry i was about things. >> reporter: you can watch now on any of our streaming platforms and online at san francisco.
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good monday morning. it is 6:43. let's see how the day shapes up for you in the east bay. heading out the door in martinez it's going to be in the mid-wee
6:44 am
gusty winds throughout today with a mix of sun and clouds as we hit the upper 60s. not bad, right? soon you'll need the air-conditioning and we'll talk more about that in the forecast coming up. >> we saw flashing lights on the dublin camera. it's on the shoulder. we're looking at 580. there's actually pretty good spacing between the cars through dublin. we'll show you where things are slowing down and a little different traffic flow in some spots coming up. the u.s. is considering new sanctions against russia, and maybe other countries after evidence of horrific war crimes. >> scott mcgrew, those pictures are really hard to look at. >> if you're an adult and you really want to understand the level of depravity that is being alleged, you might want to look at them. we are not going to show you uncensored pictures here, not at 6:44 in the morning when children may be watching. you can find them online on
6:45 am
places like reddid it and tiktok. we have edited these pictures and blurred some of them. ukrainians have been feeding out video of mass graves and bodies. >> if putin is not seeing the footage from the outskirts of kyiv, where retreating russian troops have left the bodies of civilians with their hands tied behind their backs, littering the streets where they have left mass graves of civilians with their hand tied behind their backs, anybody who doesn't see that footage is choosing not to see it. >> also, don't get used to this kind of video, drone video of apartments in mariupol. these are all civilian buildings. people live there. these are not military targets. there is no reason to be firing on these buildings. this, too, likely a war crime. brand new video of ukrainian president zelenskyy condemning
6:46 am
the new evidence of war crime against his people. he says the russians call themselves an army but deserve only death, he says. he asks russian mothers to look upon what their sons have done. how did you raise butchers, he asks. they have no souls, they have no heart. the white house discussing new sanctions against russia and countries that trade with russia, and that could include countries like india. india has frustrated the west as it has refused to join in all of the sanctions, and in fact its banks still trade currency with russia. other news, a familiar face will be back at the white house this week. president obama will turn tuesday to celebrate the anniversary of the affordable care act. the white house says biden will announce new measures to strengthen the aca at that event. and of course you have the confirmation of judge jackson that is happening in the senate committee today. we'll be covering that in our midday news and on social media. on twitter you'll find me @scott
6:47 am
mcgrew. >> thank you so much. let's look live at sfo, where if you are headed today you should call ahead because already there are eight new flight cancellations, with another six down south in san jose. it was a really rough weekend for flyers across the nation. it was bad weather in florida. there were other issues also cropping up, and thousands of canceled flights saturday and sunday. some 50 flights into and out of the bay area were canceled yesterday. experts say it could be a few more days before airlines catch up with the backlog of passengers. new for you this morning, sky high gas prices are driving up the demand for electric vehicles. now, says since late february they actually saw consumer interest in evs increase 173%. this is based on the website visits. but it's worth pointing out that those drivers face barriers to afford these vehicles, according to kelley blue book the average price for an electric car,
6:48 am
$40,000. now, one company really trying to change that. swing free ev is trying a new approach. instead of a lease, drivers can pay per mile with rates starting at 30 cents per mile and a $1,000 deposit. the company's ceo says that he could see this really helping out many of those gig workers. >> this is a really good fit for someone who is doing a lot of miles. think about someone who is doing delivery on doordash or one of those kind of services, or doing ride share. just doing a lot of miles. it can also work for someone who, for example, is a salesperson. >> now, the program launching here in san francisco. los angeles, atlanta, and houston. >> all right. trending this morning, the puppy in that picture is safe. but it was a dramatic rescue in new york city. it got away from its owner and swam more than 200 yards in the
6:49 am
fridge ed east river over the weekend. nypd's special ops unit helped with the rescue, jumping in despite freezing temperatures. the dog was reunited with its owner a short time later. that is swift, too. >> we saw one down in southern california just last week similar to that. >> these dogs, what are they doing? also trending this morning, we are celebrating a big day here at "today in the bay." >> yeah, bring it in. >> it's national hug a news person day, so of course i went around the newsroom getting my hugs. >> hey, this morning is national hug a news person day, so today i'm getting my hugs. hey, rob, give me a hug. come on. who is this? >> justin. >> give me my hug. i know who justin is. got to dug justin, producing the show right now. getting my hugs in today. if you see a news person and you say, hey, i want to give you a
6:50 am
hug, ask first, and then if they say okay, you can hug them. if not, you respect their personal space. >> also confirm they're a news person, otherwise it's awkward. >> i just work at a bank. that's why i'm wearing a suit. all right, well, you're going to want to hug kari because the weather is going to be so nice later. >> you'll want to make sure you keep checking in, too, every day because it's going to be all over the place. the kind of weather we'll see this week, we're starting out with a system dropping in from the north. it's bringing in gusty winds. we're feeling the cooler air and clouds. it's been a beautiful sunrise this morning. it stays windy as we go late this morning into the afternoon. some gusts may top about 20, 25 miles per hour and still staying pretty gusty later this evening. calming down later tonight. it's going to be a windy day as our temperatures only reach into the mid-60s. in concord we're in the upper 60s. and reaching 72 here at 4:00
6:51 am
this afternoon. we'll also see some upper 60s and low 70s for the south county and novato up to about 66 degrees. later tonight upper 40s and low 50s as we head toward tomorrow morning. what's happening here, we're still looking at dry conditions and a strong area of high pressure is going to really heat up our temperatures for the middle of the week. but then that starts to kind of fade and allow for some cool air to move in and we'll see extremes this week. let me show you morgan hill in our ten-day forecast. we're starting out with 70s. by wednesday the temperatures ramp up. we peak on thursday, reaching 93 degrees. we know it's not supposed to be this hot this early in april. and then we only see highs in the upper 50s early next week. so, yeah, we have a lot to get ready for over the next several days. unfortunately, there's still no rain here and we're looking at extremely dry conditions as we reach these record highs. that's going to dry the vegetation out even more.
6:52 am
then going into a windy weekend as the temperatures start to drop once again. and heads up for san francisco, also get ready for some summer heat, reaching 85 degrees on thursday and then highs in the mid-60s by sunday. mike, you're also seeing a shift. it's in the south bay. >> not as dramatic as yours, those temperatures. in fact, it kind of cleared from the sensors. i'll talk about what i saw and what it means. north 101, showed that slowing in san jose. then i saw a lot of snowing 101 north around ellis and also 237 coming into the backup. that has just cleared but that is one of the spots we typically see. now that it cleared up later in the morning we should see lighter traffic volume. that's one of the indicators. we're still tracking that because 87 does show slowing into downtown. the build for hayward and fremont typical. the bay bridge has the metering lights on. slow throughout the east bay and contra costa county. >> thank you. happening now, you can no
6:53 am
longer take your dog on certain trails in the presidio because it is coyote pupping season. the park trail from mountain lake to presidio promenade is off limits for canines. it applies through early september. it also applies to the ridge trail from the campground to the golf course. during pupping season coyotes are especially protective of their young and can get aggressive, so watch your kids, too. next a quick look at the top stories we have. an update on the mass shooting in downtown sacramento. new information on the victims and possible clues as police try to track down those shooters. >> reporter: and a new billboard highlights the beauty of the city, the intelligence of its people, but the drug problem here in san francisco. we'll have that story coming up. >> and join us live right now on facebook. kris, kari, mike and i, we're all here today as we give you the headlines and much more. if you're watching online, you would have seen a wardrobe
6:54 am
malfunction. >> racy. >> we'll talk about it online. i'm marcus washington at nbc bay area on facebook. and we'll talk about it. we'll be back in two minutes on air with more news.
6:55 am
6:56 am
when it comes to cybersecurity, the biggest threats don't always strike the biggest targets. so help safeguard your small business with comcast business securityedge™. it's advanced security that continuously scans for threats and helps protect every connected device. on the largest, fastest, reliable network with speeds up to 10 gigs to the most small businesses. so you can be ready for what's next. get started with internet and voice for $64.99 a month. and ask how to add securityedge™. or, ask how to get up to an $800 prepaid card. welcome back. here's a look at our top stories on "today in the bay."
6:57 am
first, that manhunt still under way after the mass shooting in downtown sacramento that killed six people and injured 12 others. >>. >> the if you know fire erupted near city hall around 2:00 yesterday in the morning. it's believed multiple people opened fire. this is video that you see of the scene, but also there was a fight that happened at the same time. so far, police are not confirming if there's a connection with the fight and the shooting, but they are asking for the community to help identify the shooters. police are also now saying that three men and three women died. in moments, the "today" show will be live there on the west coast to update on the story. >> happening today, a group of angry bay area mothers want to make their voices heard and they're putting up a graphic new billboard in the heart of san francisco to make that happen. "today in the bay's" cierra johnson is live in the city. they're really trying to send a powerful message about rampant drug abuse in the city. >> reporter: good morning. yeah, and they're hoping that
6:58 am
powerful message is seen by a lot of folks. they're placing the billboard at the intersection there of gearey and stockton. it overlooks union square. and take a look at the billboard. it's going up later today. it says, quote, famous the world over our brains, beauty, and now dirt-cheap fentanyl. the organization says they're spending $25,000 for the billboard to remain up the entire month. the group says they are hoping to get the city to shut down those open fentanyl dealings and the tolerance toward the open use, as well as the sale of drugs. if you recall, this comes after san francisco mayor london breed let the 90-day state of emergency in the tenderloin expire. the state of emergency allowed for more police in the area, as well as more services to address that drug problem. now, again, we're not sure exactly what time that billboard is going up, but we'll definitely continue to follow this. the organization says they hope to take this plan international, not only having the billboard here in union square, but also in other states to highlight the drug problems.
6:59 am
cierra johnson for "today in the bay." >> thank you. and for the first time in more than two years google today welcomes back workers to the office. here's a live look at the mountain view campus. the company introducing new hybrid work model. that means most employees will work in the office about three days a week and two days off site. all returning workers will have to be vaccinated against covid or follow company-approved restrictions, including masking and regular testing. we want to get a look at our weather forecast. it's a roller coaster. >> we're starting out down, we're about to head up and then back down for the weekend. and that peak is really high, reaching 93 on thursday. >> we're heading up for the volume in traffic in the south bay where we're looking at a smooth flow of trafficking at north 87 and 101. you called out google, more folks back to the office. even though it's spring break for some colleges in the area, we see more traffic coming into mountain view. it's not too bad right now.
7:00 am
>> you can't be late on your first day back after two and a half years. and don't forget to take off your pajamas. >> that does it for us here on "today in the bay." we'll be back at 7:25 with a live local news update. >> don't forget we have all the day's news at 11:00 this morning. you're watching "today in the bay." ♪♪ test good morning, aftermath, the disturbing new images from ukraine this morning revealed after russian forces pulled back from parts of kyiv, evidence of mass graves, civilians, executed in the streets accusations of rape and loot growing outrage and calling new and harsher punishments for vladimir putin richard engel is live on the front lines. man hunt, multiple suspects on the loose at a mass shooting in california's capital. six killed at least 12 others injured in the rampage. we'll have the latest this morning.


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