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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  April 5, 2022 1:37am-2:06am PDT

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[ cheers and applause ♪ >> seth: i want to thank my guests, leslie mann and robin thede. i want to thank johnny rabb and the 8g band. stay safe. get vaccinated get boosted. we love you. [ cheers and applause ♪ good evening, they came together in sacramento to mourn and demand an end to the violence.
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a candlelight vigil two days after mass shooting that left six dead, 12 others. i'm jessica aguirre, a sadly familiar moment of sorrow and frustration over another deadly shooting. call for change not just from lawmakers but their community. sergio harris, joshua hoy, three women. jojo just gotten her place. another, melinda davis. she was living in the streets when shot, and martinez andrade. man is under arrest but not charged with the shooting. more with cheryl hurd.
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>> reporter: more money for young people and to fight gun violence is the message in sacramento. >> the second mass shooting we've had in sacramento. what are we going to do about that, city? our voices can no longer be silent. >> reporter: call to action from members of the community. >> you must be heard, your public officials are right here to hear you. >> reporter: city and community leaders coming together for candlelight memorial, three blocks from sunday's mass shooting where six people were killed, 12 injured by rapid gunfire. >> change has to start. >> reporter: jackie henderson's cousin sergio harris is one of the victims and he's demanding city leaders take action. >> doing the same damned thing again, same thing. so who is going to stop it?
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because ain't nobody bringing sergio back. >> reporter: sergio's family brought balloons and candles to the area. one suspect is behind bars. police say multiple people opened fire. happened after a big fight when a bar closed but police aren't saying if they're related. city leaders raw with emotion. >> joshua -- alexander. >> reporter: promising action by allotting more money for young people. >> there's too much hopelessness and feeling like they don't know what their future is or if they have a future. >> reporter: a community tonight saying all of it must change. >> if you're not passionate or looking for a purpose, this is now the time. >> reporter: in sacramento,
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cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> the man in custody, 26-year-old dandre martin, due in court on assault and gun charges but not homicide. sacramento's police chief told sister station they're trying to figure out his role as they look for additional shooters. we'll continue to follow all the developments in shooting. between the news casts,, click on the link. developing news out of san francisco. fire in four story apartment building has displaced nearly 50 people this evening. video from citizen app. started 8:30 in ashbury heights neighborhood, no word how it started. we're talking a big warm-up. it's cold and windy right now,
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going to heat up. we're going have a much hotter city. meteorologist rob mayeda joins us with a major jump in temperatures. >> august in april starting wednesday, thursday, into friday. right now the strong sea breeze keeping temperatures in the 50s in san francisco, and a setting crescent moon west of san francisco. notice the strong onshore breeze, breezy tonight. as the wind changes direction tomorrow and starts to turn offshore, will set the stage for warming ahead. could see record temperatures by thursday. look how the summer sized ridge of high pressure builds. we could break record highs on thursday. just as quickly, watch the u-turn in the forecast for the weekend. plunge in temperatures arriving early as sunday. case of temperature weather whiplash headed our way. we'll talk how hot rest of the week and if the cool changes
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involve showers, coming up in ten minutes. >> follow the heat in your neighborhood with the nbc bay area app. download for free. we all know it takes a lot of money to own or rent in the bay area but new numbers that reveal eye-opening detail, just how recently and quickly the bay area's middle class has gotten priced out. nbc bay area's terry mcsweeney has more. >> 1859 vallejo street. two bedrooms, two bath. >> reporter: michael billings has this unit at $1.5 million and expects it to sell in a matter of days. >> median price for condominiums is $1.25 million, single family, $1.75 million. >> reporter: new study says more and more homes in much of the bay area are out of reach for
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the middle class, defined as making 80,000 to $165,000 per year. >> in san francisco you have to make upwards of $200,000 to afford a home in lower segment of the housing market, supposed to be starter homes. >> reporter: report says in 2010 47% of homes were affordable to members of the middle class. in 2019, 24%. alameda and santa clara counties it's steeper. 64% in 2010, 2019, it's down to about 30%. >> we've seen wage growth 23% roughly last ten years but pales in comparison to appreciation in home prices, 180%. there's reasons for this, chief among them, we haven't built enough homes. >> reporter: it's getting
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tougher for renters, too, roughly half paying higher portion than in 2010. >> might be time to think of something else. if i ever want to buy a house. in the south bay, vta says the riders are coming back. 61,000 of weekly riders, 60% of prepandemic numbers. when it started, ridership plummeted to 27,000. omicron ba.2 subvariant is taking over as dominant strain. now responsible for 72% of covid cases in the u.s. experts say will likely displace earlier version of omicron in the coming weeks. but chief medical adviser dr. fauci says don't expect
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another major surge. a bay city could be scaling back covid restraints that you probably thought were no longer in place. san jose city hall will vote to officially drop the mask mandate. it will eliminate inconsistencies and minimize confusion about masking indoors and public plasz. california and santa clara county lifted mandates beginning of march and san jose effectively did but never technically repealed the requirement, the council will take care of it tomorrow. senate leaders have struck a deal on another covid response package. $10 billion in additional funding, half to therapeutics and rest to vaccine and testing. missing one key aspect the white house wanted, funding for overseas efforts to fight the virus. the money is coming from unspent
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cache of funds from last two stimulus packages. war in ukraine, president zelenskyy will address the security council tomorrow after he visited bucha where russia is accused of torturing and kills civilians. fresh sanctions are not enough for what he saw there, he says. accused russians of targeting civilians in campaign that left 400 dead before they pulled out. judge ketanji brown jackson's nomination has moved to full senate. 53-47 vote, three republicans joined every democrat to advance the nomination to the senate floor. the judiciary committee deadlocked with no republicans voting for judge jackson.
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gop senators who voted to move the nomination to the floor, mitt romney of utah, susan collins of maine and senator murkowski of alaska. ready to pay for more police. mayor of antioch announced recruiting bonuses to solve the staffing shortage. says it has ten open positions to fill and offering $40,000 in signing bonuses to attract new recruits. plus up to 60,000 to help them by homes in antioch. council member believes department and city have fundamental trust issues that need to be addressed to attract quality candidates. >> have been people in the process that have seen things gone on with this council and their interpretation is i'm not going to be supported there. i can't risk going there. and becoming part of this political issue. i'll go somewhere else. >> mayor appointed a new interim
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police chief who won't start until next week. will ask the new chief to over hire ten officers because of a corruption investigation ongoing in antioch. sharing sorrow in hopes family's tragedy helps others. 17-year-old son took his own life over what the police call cyberblackmail. we spoke with the mom with a personal message for every parent. >> reporter: takes frequent walks around paradise park thinking of ryan. senior at sobrato high school, headed to washington state university. >> so excited. we were going to tour the campus. >> reporter: but one night in late february got a message on social media from someone who
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appeared to be a girl. struck up long conversation. >> they sent him a picture, asked for one in return. and as soon as he did, they demanded $5,000 from him. >> reporter: the message, pay or else. scared ryan sent some money from college fund, only for the blackmailer to demand more. that's when ryan took his own life. >> they wouldn't give up until he felt he had no choice but to do it to protect his family. and he loved us so much he wanted to protect us from the mistakes he had made. >> reporter: police are investigating but say this sort of blackmail trap is becoming more common. victims often teens not fully understanding risks that come with sending risque photos. >> 20, 30 years ago predators go to playground or park. now there's a virtual world to
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get into and pick victims that way. >> reporter: all unfolded in single night. even the parental controls they have on the family devices didn't help. she hopes other families learn from the devastating loss. >> let newer children know, no matter what, mistake is a mistake and they can get past that. also, if someone reaches out, don't trust they are who they say they are. >> reporter: advice from a grieving mother hoping no one else ever has to feel this agony. nbc bay area news. >> so tragic. want you to know if you or someone you know is struggling, there is help 24/7. call the number on the screen 1-800273-8255 or chat online,
1:52 am four men with hand guns pointing at my face, took off running up the stairs, two chased me. >> men stole his french bulldog at gunpoint. back in 60 seconds with a very scary morning in the south bay. there for the world to see, only on nbc bay area
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tonight. violent dog napping in south bay. two french bulldogs taken at gunpoint in home invasion. marianne favro. >> reporter: around 1:00 went to investigate a commotion at front door. >> four men with hand guns pointing at my face. took off running up the stairs, two chased me. >> reporter: warned his mother, locked himself in the bathroom and called 911, said that's when the suspects stole his french bulldogs. >> mean everything to me, obviously. >> reporter: police are investigating. >> responded in santa clara for a home invasion/robbery involving four suspects, all armed with hand guns. >> reporter: police say it's not first time french bulldogs have been a target in santa clara. >> in november of 2021, we had a
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french bulldog stolen in one of our local shopping centers at scott and el camino. >> reporter: in that place police say the suspect also had a gun. rodriguez considers dogs part of his family, trying to get word out on social media and with flyers, spent $30,000 on purebred show dogs and believes that's why they stole them. relieved he and his mom were not hurt but worried about the lilac sisters. offering $5,000 reward. nbc bay area news. new billboard in san francisco catching a lot of attention tonight. reads -- famous the world over for our brains, beauty and now dirt cheap fentanyl. it's time to close open-air drug
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markets. the group responsible, mothers against drug deaths says repeated protests have gotten them nowhere, so got $25,000 together to put together the billboard to force everyone to pay attention. >> foil, straws, syringes on one side of the street and00 of dealers lined up on the other side of the street. >> mayor's office say they know more needs to be done but also needs to be accountability for people dealing drugs, committing acts of violence and making communities less safe. first two months of 2022, recorded 96 accidental overdoses. if we can save one homeless man, can we save the city? final episode of "saving san francisco" is out.
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jailhouse interview with james dergen, talking about alleged obsession with ann ray in the residio. >> seems you're obsessed with her. >> that's a strong word to use. >> how would you describe your relationship with ann? >> my relationship with ann? well, i don't have one with her. i've never spoken to her, never actually met her. >> do you remember showing up to her house naked one night? >> do i remember that, gosh, what do i say? do i remember? let me try this. i showed up without clothes on because my friend recommended to me i just show how sorry i was about things. >> you can watch all six episodes of "saving san francisco" by downloading the nbc bay area app for roku or
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streaming device or francisco. 91% of the world's population is breathing poor air quality. caused by transportation, agriculture, desert dust and burning of waste. group calling for more action to reduce the fossil fuel use. scientists say it's now or never with fighting global warning. greenhouse gas emissions need to peak before 2025 and never go higher after that or we're doomed. that's the new report released by intergovernmental panel on climate change to keep it from heating 1.5 degrees celsius
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above normal. they say we're reaching the point of no return. warmer springs and more frequent droughts are by-products. >> which we're seeing now. typically the first 90s of the year are mid to late may, not the case this week. right now enough ocean air conditioning to keep it comfortable and bring in low clouds, but that's changing big-time the next 48 hours. 55 degrees in san jose, north wind. misty skies for morning commute. 54 degrees, good wind, southwest at 13 miles per hour around the tri-valley, 57, walnut creek and patchy low clouds in the morning. 53 in san francisco. areas of low clouds, still
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brought in by onshore winds, as it changes direction tomorrow, north wind, then offshore, which will set the stage for warming middle of the week. start off with patches of low clouds in the morning, temperatures in the 40s, climbing through the 60s lunchtime and topping out mid-60s for san francisco. near 70 in oakland, low 70s in san jose, tri-valley. warming trend on wednesday. 70s around san francisco and oakland, mid-80s into san jose and notice what happens on thursday. if these temperatures verify, low to mid-90s san jose, near 90 in oakland, close to breaking records thursday. then cools a little bit. bigger changes on the coast in san francisco as the sea breeze fights its way back. still upper 80s to near 90
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inland on friday. but roller coaster ride through the weekend. must cooler area drops down the coast. look at the changes in seven-day forecast bottom of the screen. keeping eye on the potential for showers a week from now. there's at least a potential for that. bigger impact and funny looking icons on the bottom of the screen, that's a lot of wind and big drop in temperatures. san francisco, 70s and 80s, through wednesday and friday, dropping into 50s in another week and similar inland into the 90s, breaking records probably thursday, cooling rapidly through the weekend to 50s. >> 58? 93 to 58? >> looks like denver, colorado. 40 degree swing in temperatures some places. thursday to monday of next week. fingers crossed for showers a week from now. >> thank you very much. happening now, former
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theranos ceo sonny balwani is back in court and new witness will be testifying but unclear who it is. prosecution showed a series of emails from him to staff and what appears to be
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accidental death at construction site in walnut creek today. cal osha is investigating reports that worker flagger was run over and killed by truck driver. no word on the companies either person involved was working for. stanford nurse close to a strike meeting with federal mediator this weekend. informational picket in front of hospital in palo alto, asking for pay increase, mental health support and changes in policy. stanford health says it's offered all the issues. last walkout was in 2000, nurses went on strike for 50 days. march madness is
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turns out the kansas jayhawks on on top of college basketball once again. won the national championship but wasn't easy. north carolina going in up 15 points but late kansas takes lead with a big three-pointer. north carolina had a chance to tie it up end of the game but the shot was off the mark. kansas wins, biggest comeback in national championship history. will he or won't he? lot of eyes on tiger woods as he tries playing in this week's masters tournament. begin thursday. tiger practiced last two days on the course at augusta national, continues to say it's game-time
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decision if he's able to compete. would be first pga tour event in more than 17 months. february of 2021 he was seriously injured in car crash, almost had to amputate his right leg after he crashed doi young athletes got to hone their skills on the gridiron with the help of pros this weekend. that's 49ers football camp at levi's stadium, back first time since 2019. athletes 8 through 12 grades go to the field and 49er alums put them through their paces. learn about nutrition and building a personal brand. impacted more than 200,000
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students. how fun that would be. do they take 50-year-old women? you're in shape, you can do it. that's it for us. have a great weekend -- weekend? have a great night. tonight, president biden calling for vladimir putin to be tried for war crimes, as images of the atrocities in ukraine shock the world, growing outrage over the disturbing images of bucha, kyiv's suburb, after russian forces retreated new evidence of mass graves and civilians executed president biden calling russia's actions outrageous, and vowing new sanctions. ukrainian president zelenskyy visiting
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bucha today, accusing russia of genocide also tonight, the arrest in the deadly mass shooting in sacramento the 26-year-old man in custody. police saying more than 100 shots fired the six victims killed now identified and the manhunt for suspects still on the loose. the historic vote on ketanji brown jackson's supreme court nomination how an in-flight medical emergency delayed the proceedings. tracking severe storms and the tornado threat in the hard-hit plains and south. al roker is tracking it all. the alarming new report what top scientists say must be done right now to avoid the worst impacts of climate change. the plane crashing into a new jersey neighborhood the pilot escaping with only minor injuries. and more flight cancellations snarling spring break travel. what to know before you fly. "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. good evening as our regular viewers know, we often caution before a particularly disturbing or graphic piece of video runs. tonight, let me warn you from the start, many of you will want to look away for our top story. it's about the unspeakable trail of horror retreating


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