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tv   NBC Bay Area News Tonight  NBC  April 5, 2022 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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. raj mathai. next on nbc bay area news, not just thoughts and prayers but action. some think we need to do more for ukraine, but what are they proposing? and back to the future. once rivals, now allies inside the unusual partnership between taxi drivers and uber. how it might change your next ride. and he's back in the white house. >> that was a joke. >> president obama bringing jokes. we'll tell you why he was back in washington, d.c.
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good evening, this is nbc bay areas. i'm raj mathai. a total of three people have now been arrested. two of them are brothers, but none of the three is actually charged with the actual shooting at this point. one of the men, 26-year-old d'andre martin, appeared in court this afternoon. it didn't last long. a judge pushed back this hearing to give his attorney more time to look at the evidence. his older brother, smiley martin, is also under arrest but at a sacramento hospital. he's one of the ten people who were wounded on that night. a source told the associated press that smiley martin streamed a video on his facebook page showing off a gun just hours before the shooting. the ap also reports that law enforcement previously asked that martin not be released from parole. but he was released in february. he served a ten-year prison sentence for assault weapon convictions.
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>> you can't let people out of jail on a felony. i don't care about no pandemic or none of that stuff. you cannot let them out. you see what can happen. >> that was pamela harris, the mother of sergio harris, one of the six people killed in the shooting. she says she's shocked and angry but also relieved to see sacramento police moving fast to make arrests. as for the third person arrested, police say he was found at the scene with a gun. he is charged with having that gun illegally, but police do not believe his gun was used in this shooting. the violence in sacramento is renewing the push for action when it comes to gun violence, but is this all just talk? will anything really get done? as we speak, a vigil and rally for the victims in sacramento is actually happening in san francisco. among the people there this evening, police chief bill scott and district attorney chase bodine. our own terry is there in the
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city. we've been through this so many times, these calls for action. what are the proposals right now behind you? >> reporter: there seems to be a call for unity from chief scott. there seems to be a vow to do more from d.a. bodine, from the city attorney david chu. as far as a concrete measure, this is what we're going to do. this lacks that. what you can see, behind me there are some people talking. this is in front of united players clubhouse. united players is a group that are survivors of gun violence. they're people out there talking right now. what they're calling for is some kind of getting together, the chief issuing this, talking about different ways you can approach this matter. but you asked for specifics. there aren't a lot out here. but there was one suggestion
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from supervisor walton that kind of caught a lot of people's attention of the let's-- let's listen to that. >> we have to start talking about people's lives. there are people who want to protect their property more than they want to protect people's lives. that has to stop. >> it's time for us to put our many differences aside and care about each other and come together. so no other mother or father or sister or brother or aunt or uncle or cousin or friend has to lose somebody they love. >> reporter: saying the right things, terry. we've seen this before. we talked about chief bill scott. has d.a. bodine spoke yet? >> he spoke, talked about cracking down more on ghost guns
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because ghost guns are guns you cannot trace. he's seeing what he can do on that issue. but, really, maybe the most impactful speaker out here was a woman named mieka. her godson was one of the two killed in san francisco at a mission by the playground. it was hard for her to keep it together, but she did. and she's lost others, and she wants it to stop. she's calling on everybody to do something. you heard chief scott say he wants to do something, all the different organizations, and maybe that will happen. maybe it will happen this time. >> the exposure is nice, but yes, we keep on talking about doing something. we're just waiting for things to be done. terry sweeney live in san francisco for us. thank you, terry. also tonight, a teenage girl attacked at a nearby school. they want to stop these attacks from getting even worse. take a look.
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the assault happened two weeks ago in south san jose right across from steinbeck elementary. you can see that man pushing the girl into a fence. this is in the middle of the day. witnesses thought it appeared he was going after the 15-year-old girl's purse. she fought back and he pushed her to the ground. within minutes police arrested 38-year-old derek boykin. >> i don't want him near a school or any school. i don't want him to think this is okay, and they'll let him back out, and he can just do it again and the other girl might not be so lucky. >> the girl is shaken but is otherwise okay. busted for price gouging during the early part of the pandemic. grocery shortchanged smart & final getting hit with a fine tonight. a state investigation found that smart & final overcharged for
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eggs. the state attorney general's office accuses the chain of raising prices for premium eggs by as much as 25% back in 2020. that's despite an order from governor newsom declaring a state of emergency which puts protection against price gouging in place. >> our investigation found the company sold over 100,000 car tons of unlawfully priced eggs, undoubtedly earning smart & final a nice profit. today the company will pay the price for those actions. >> we're all struggling, and what right do they have to charge more for a product that maybe some families can't afford, but is also a necessity. >> so what are they going to have to pay? smart & final must pay $175,000. we reached out to the store but did not hear back. what's the old saying, if you can't beat 'em, you got to join 'em. that's exactly what's happening in san francisco. uber and taxis are teaming up.
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old school meeting new school. here's the skinny. if you need a ride, you can order an uber or a taxi through the same app. the planning for this partnership started last y.
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>> some people have been part of it since last year, taxi drivers and uber drivers who were part of the testing in this. if you were included in that umbrella, you would have been part of the pilot program whether or not you wanted to or you signed up for it. what's happening so far is a lot of data gathering but actually pushing out to the public and the riders. that part hasn't happened just yet. >> so what happens? we mentioned that date august 5th. what happens august 5th? will it get the official green light? >> that's the expectation. hopefully you have uber, the taxi companies, the taxi booking apps and the drivers themselves all able to hammer out the details. there are a lot of details. listening in to that hearing
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today, there are a lot of concerns from the drivers themselves about their bottom line and a lot of things that haven't been thoughtfully carried out to this point. >> so the drivers are a bit hesitant. uber, obviously, is very excited about this because there is an uber driver shortage, so they're really using the taxis, right, to backfill their staff. >> reporter: and taxi drivers are excited about this, too, because they are very open to admit the taxi industry has been really suffering, even before the pandemic. so this also means more business for them. some of the taxi drivers that we spoke to that are hesitant are really hesitant about what this means for their bottom line. they want a commission cap for uber, they want to know what their base rate is going to be paid, they want all those guarantees before they continue further on. >> final question. i think new york is doing the same thing. where are they in the process in terms of new york city? >> well, as far as new york is concerned, it seems like they've
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kind of skipped the pilot process and have actually rolled it out already. one of the taxi drivers that we spoke to today says that there is a big difference between san francisco and new york. while the idea is similar, the difference is uber is not regulated here locally. it's regulated on the state level. whereas in new york it is different. there is local regulation for it. so uber and taxi companies were able to get on the same page a lot faster than they are here. >> good information. so august 5th we could see this for all of us to use, this partnership between uber and the san francisco taxi companies. thank you. let's move on now. get ready for the heat, the hottest weather since october. you're looking live at our camera in dublin. we're talking about 90s inland and 80s in san francisco. let's bring in rob mayetta, our meteorologist. we are in march, right? >> april. >> i mean april. raj, we're in april. >> it's august.
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>> it's going to feel more like august. as you see here, we had temperatures today in the 70s. watch what happens as we get to thursday. you mentioned it, october was the last time we had 90-degree temperatures, but it's not normally until mid to late may that we get those 90s in the valley, so this is well ahead of schedule. >> even in san francisco, we got the giants opening day on friday afternoon at the ballpark. it's going to be hot. >> good thing it's on friday, because we've been pointing out the hottest day likely will be thursday. san francisco, look at that, 83 degrees. 90s in san jose. all the population centers in the east bay, too, 90s. >> when is the cooldown coming? >> you saw the title there, weather whiplash. it's going to live up to its name. your weekend plans will see big changes on sunday. watch that area of low pressure go down. 30 degrees difference of cooling between monday and thursday. this is a roller coaster ride of temperatures. 90s in livermore on thursday. could be in the upper 50s in
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some parts of the bay area on monday. we could see a chance of showers. >> i know you're not a 90s day forecast, that would be irresponsible, but will we see this whiplash throughout the spring? >> since the winter was so dry, it's possible. when you get these ridges of high pressure this strong early in the year, it can be a forward-looking indicator for how the summer could be setting up. so i do think the early arrival of these 90s means the start of summer will likely see more mid to upper 90s. >> officially it starts in late june? >> yeah, but it's here thursday. >> you can track the temperatures in your neighborhood anytime. download the nbc bay area app. it gives you information tailored to your neighborhood, and yes, it's more accurate than your iphone weather app. it was done for centuries to prevent wildfires, but
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ultimately it was banned. we're talking about controlled bans by native americans. coming up, we're talking about how california is reversing course. plus -- what did he say? what brought former president obama and his jokes back to the white house for the first time in five years? and episode 6 has just dropped. our streaming series called "saving san francisco," one-on-one jailhouse interview of a homeless man who was terrorizing the neighborhood. watch the entire series by downloading the nbc bay area app by roku or another streaming device. we're back in a moment.
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elon musk has been only on twitter's board of directors for one day and already there is a bit of confusion. musk joined the board after buying more than 9% of the company's stock and becoming its largest shareholder. today he tweeted a poll asking twitter users if they wanted an edit button, jokingly misspelling the word yes to make his point. he said, we've been working on an edit button since last year. no, we didn't get the idea from a poll. he said he would test the feature on the paid service twitter blue in the coming months. let's take a live outside
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look at the bay bridge with the ballpark in the foreground. rob will join us with the forecast, next. stay with us.
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liver or kidney problems, are or plan to become pregnant, or are breastfeeding. for more information about side effects talk to your doctor. be in your moment. fantastic! ask your doctor about ibrance. welcome back to nbc bay area news tonight. the 90-degree weather is coming later this week and this is just the beginning. barring a turn of events, we are in for a rough year when it comes to the wildfires. the entire state experiencing moderate to extreme drought conditions. look at that map there and it's
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only getting dryer. what can we do? for thousands of years, native americans and indigenous people cut down on fire danger by carefully lighting fires in order to get rid of types of vegetation that becomes fuel for wildfires. the practice, also known as cultural controls or planned burns. but it was eventually prohibited. now california is changing course. recently governor newsom said it will partner with the indigenous community to widely use the tactic they used for years. how will this work? we're joined by red bird who has been teaching about these controlled burns for years. red bird, nice to have you on the program. what's your reaction here? are you surprised, are you pleased that governor newsom is doing this? >> it's been a long time coming.
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we've tried to talk about this for a long time, trying to get people to take care of california in a certain way. i like it. i like that people are moving, but it took tragedy and catastrophic fires to make people listen, and now people are listening. >> red bird, why did we stop doing this? what was the point in time? was it a danger purpose, or was it a safety purpose, or was it a political issue? >> well, there were some big fires back -- over a hundred years ago there were big fires that scared people, and then it became the practice to suppress fires. we were only supposed to put fires out, and there was this way of thinking that fires were bad and we didn't want them anywhere. that's when it started over 100 years ago. >> what do you say to these
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people who say these prescribed burns are bad for the air? >> now people are realizing there is either that, whether it's just a small inconvenience, or there's the big inconvenience where we have 300 pp, whatever it is, particles in the air, and 600 at some point, at one point in the past couple of years. that's a whole lot worse than just the small prescribed burns. >> sure, that makes sense. can this be done safely? i know indigenous people have been doing this for centuries, but now in this day and age, can these prescribed burns be done safely? >> one of the first things i should say that skill and knowledge and practice to do it the right way. what we need to do is start training people who can't do it the right way.
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when it's done the right way, it's safe. >> how do we train these people? is that when your organization comes in? >> there are a lot of people doing it right now -- i live in sonoma county, and here in sonoma county, there is this organization called fire forward, and their main mission is to train up people, train up burn bosses. what we need are burn bosses, and those are the people that are trained that can go out and lead burns around, and they've been training people for a while now. we need to do that. it needs to be a bigger movement. it needs to be done statewide. we need to start training people statewide. >> it looks like that might start happening. what exactly are you burning and how big a parcel of land here? >> it depends. you could do one acre, you could do 100 acres. there's a lot of ways to do it depending on the conditions and the place and the time. it's pretty variable.
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you could do large-scale controlled burning under the right circumstances. >> we are going back in time to help us here. red bird, thank you so much for your perspective and your time tonight. >> thank you. let's move on. i take you outside now to san mateo bridge. a little rush hour traffic. rob mayetta back with us. talking about controlled burns. anything to help us and this is something that can help. >> it's kind of an insurance policy against bigger fires that we can't control. as the weather conditions tend to be dryer, those conditions will spike up during the week. temperatures in the 40s and 50s. lunchtime temperatures in the 70s, and our highs tomorrow will climb up into the 80s. now we're talking about 90s in reach for thursday and friday. we'll still see those warm temperatures inland. cooling, though, for san francisco. the giants home opener looks
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pretty good. 70s in the forecast there and we'll begin to see cooling changes heading into the weekend. there you see temperatures in the 60s and 70s by saturday. summer cooling by the weekend. >> do you have tickets for the game? >> i'm sure i do. thanks for joining us. enjoy your evening. we'll see you back at 11:00.
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one of the biggest things in her life. >> what just happened in vegas? did kourtney and travis make the most of their grammy weekend with an elvis wedding in sin city? and more breaking news for you. who else just said i do? >> i mean, raw emotion. ♪ you never know how good you have it ♪ >> you're like i don't want to let go of that. >> new music from shawn mendes. how his personal journey shaped the songs. new thomas rhett tunes too. and is he ready for more after baby number four? >> i think my wife really wants to have five. >> everybody went gaga.


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