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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  April 9, 2022 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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cameras. you see it right there, it is huge. this video just into our newsroom now. let's take a look. this is a viewer walking into home depot, into the section that is burning. i can't say for certain, but i can see that the products in the foreground are paint-related products. i don't know if this is the paint section that's burning. that would explain the incredible smoke and the incredible flames, but this is what we're seeing right now as we have this viewer video giving us a walk into it. people are not running, they're not afraid. they're looking in. they can see the smoke. you can see that fire from miles around, burning at the home depot on blossom hill road. there's a picture again. you can't miss it. yeah, the incredible amount of smoke going up, a fire burning at a home depot in san jose. it is a three-alarm fire, very involved. robert handa, who we talked about at 5:00, taking care of the cherry blossom festival, he
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is now down in the south bay. robert, you join us live. what -- not yet. we don't have that yet. okay. >> just to show you -- well, just to explain exactly where this is. this is obviously a home depot. it is a very busy area south of oak ridge. like terry mentioned, robert was driving through the area. he called our newsroom letting us know he could see it from the freeway, i believe. this is just south of 85. there's a target in the area, an in-and-out right next door, so it is a very busy area. keep in mind, it is 6:00 right now and it is a home depot. a number of people visit home depot on a weekend -- >> saturdays, yes. >> so this is happening in the middle of the day. we are still gathering more information on exactly how this fire started, exactly if there were people inside. i would imagine they were open when this possibly started. you see the workers out there right now, so this is very early on in the investigation. we are getting our crew out
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there right now to figure out exactly what is happening. i would imagine some firefighters are now out there trying to battle the fire. >> i've been trying to get a better handle on where exactly in the store that is. again, there's painter towels and paint equipment in the vicinity. can't say for sure what is burning there. we have new video just in to our newsroom of the fire, and you can see the shot closer than the traffic cam. give you an idea just how black that smoke was when this video was shot, you see it going up into the air and all over the santa clara valley. for cities around, you can make out this fire. one thing that is kind of interesting is it is not being affected by the wind all that much. that picture seems to suggest it is. in the other video we were looking at, it seems to be coming up at least a bit before the wind starts pushing it away. robert handa now joins us live. robert, what do you see and where are you? >> reporter: well, i am fairly close to the fire here.
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i am on blossom hill road near santa teresa boulevard. i am probably about maybe half a block, maybe about three-quarters of a mile away from it. the smoke is just absolutely billowing. i haven't had a chance to see whether you've been able to show much video of it, but i'm sure if you have you can tell that this is one major structure fire. the smoke that is blowing in the air is as thick as i have ever seen it. it is causing all sorts of traffic jams, not only in terms of streets being closed but just everybody stopping to watch because it is an amazing sight. i can imagine that the air quality around here is going to be affected by this, that's how thick and black this smoke is that is coming from apparently the home depot building, which is right across the street from the oak ridge shopping mall. so given the traffic that usually accumulates around the mall as well as the people that are being affected by the traffic stoppage because of the fire trucks and everybody
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arriving, it is really a hectic scene right here. i can't see what kind of evacuations or any kind of action like that is going on, but i would imagine everybody in all of the buildings in the near proximity have been evacuated. >> you know, we are looking at some people, some viewer video, and the people outside the home depot are looking at it very coolly and very calmly. what else is going on the ground we don't know. something else i notice when we are looking at the live camera, the traffic camera, and this is live, it is happening right now, you see the smoke going up for a ways before it starts blowing across. that's kind of good news for people on the ground because the smoke is not coming across horizontally. it is going vertical a bit, and then, as you can see, it really takes a turn, but it is away from where the people are. >> i would guess that's sort of a combination of the wind as well as the force of the fire because, you're right, the smoke is absolutely being pushed
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vertically in really large bursts of billowing smoke. you can almost see big bursts of smoke going up, and you're right, it is going up. i can imagine from where i am because the smoke is going up so directly, straight up, i don't feel in any danger of being engulfed by the smoke. from where i am, it looks like there's an awful lot of smoke on the ground, but i wouldn't imagine that people would be standing too close to it. so it is possible to be near it and not really be hit directly by the smoke. but i wouldn't stay there too long if i were those people there because the smoke is starting to flatten out a little bit. >> all right. it looks like we possibly just lost robert there. but as he was explaining the smoke, you saw that new video we were showing you of just the intense smoke in that area. as he recommended, maybe just not stay in that area for too long. we are taking now a look at a map here of the other two fires we've been following all day
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here, one in benecia. the other happened earlier today in vallejo, not too far from each other, i think about six miles from each other. so firefighters having to deal with that, firefighters are expected to battle the one in benecia for the next day or two. christie smith is staying on top of that one. the fire in vallejo has been contained at this point and we will keep you updated on that. it looks like we have christie smith in benecia to give us the latest. what is the latest at this point? >> reporter: you know, smoke keeps pouring from the fire. when we arrived a couple of hours ago it was actually burning in this area that you can see sort of behind us. since then it has burned through that area but the flames sort of keep moving down the dock towards the west. there were also two ships here very close by, but those were moved out of the area. firefighters said earlier that they were working the fire off bay shore road near the amport
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docks. of course, they are still asking people to avoid the area. the fire chief says this afternoon they were initially dispatched to a structure fire near the pier. the fire dropped and spread from a conveyor belt and caused a pier fire. what is burning is the portion underneath that is difficult to get to. they say there are tanks of gasoline and diesel nearby on the pier that have the potential to burn, and this could take some time to put out. today i spoke with a wedding planner who saw smoke coming from a small structure near the water and called 911. she was working in a building on a hill nearby. >> within moments it burst in flames. i went ahead and went up into the building and was setting up, and the police officers came out and evacuated us. >> reporter: now, according to the firefighters they're prepared to order a shelter-in-place or evacuation if needed. it all depends though on what
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the winds do. they say right now they're cooperating. no injuries have been reported in this. they say that they've had the same type of fire in the past and it did burn for a few days. they say the tide is a factor and this could take 24 to 48 hours before it is extinguished. of course, mutual aid has been requested, so help is coming from surrounding agencies. reporting live in benecia, christie smith, "nbc bay area news". >> christie, thank you. it is good to hear more help is on the way there. vianey, you have been keeping on top of the wind, of course, because it is a concern, at least in benecia. christie told us it is cooperating with them for now, but you are also keeping on top of the wind in san jose because of the fire at the home depot. >> yes, and at this point in addition to the winds it is really all of the dry brush that surrounds those areas that, you know, an ember can quickly fly and then you get another brush fire nearby. so just to give you an idea where the winds are right now
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near benecia, they have significantly calmed down. we are talking 10, 12 miles per hour here near that area. in san jose the winds are from the north right now. you can see the direction of the arrows, at about 17 miles per hour down near where the fire is. you know, that is going to be of concern. again, you can see a fire of that size when you take into consideration everything that's dry around it, you also have to take -- or pay attention to the humidity or the lack thereof. it has been relatively low for quite sometime. we haven't seen significant rain right now in san jose, right about 29%. when it comes to the fire danger index, what that means is that goes up the dryer we get because of the wind that continues to dry us out. we are down to single digits in areas like napa and fairfield, in through parts of livermore as well, and the winds are still expected to get gusty into the overnight hours as well. here is a look at the temperatures in san jose. we are not seeing the scorching 80s or 90s in the forecast, we will cool down to the 50s, but
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the next rain chance coming up in my full forecast. back to you. >> thanks so much. we are returning now to breaking news, taking a look live out of san jose now where a home depot on blossom hill road is burning right now, all of that smoke coming from that area. we haven't heard from firefighters yet. as you can imagine, they are likely on the scene battling this fire. we are trying to get more information from them right now. let's go to video from inside the store. take a look at the flames from inside. so this is happening in the middle of the evening here. it is 6:00. you see some of the workers out there. we are still gathering more information. we do have crews on the scene right now trying to figure out exactly what is happening, but you could see, terry, you were explaining it looks like -- we can't really tell -- >> what is burning in the back there. in the foreground you can see paint towels and paint products. does that mean -- that doesn't necessarily mean if you keep walking forward you will get to the paint, but there's something
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burning quite wildly and thick black smoke going up. again, this is the home depot on blossom hill road across from oak ridge mall. i'll show you exactly where this thing is. if you are driving around in the santa clara valley you may already know where it is because you can see the smoke going up and going pretty much straight up. and then somewhat circulating down back towards ground level, but for the most part going up. you can see where that is, blossom hill road right there, the home depot. many people familiar with it near the intersection of 17 and 85. so a lot of people are seeing this. >> yes. >> we don't know exactly what is going on on the ground where this happened, but based on just those two employees we can see, that's all we can see. they looked in, they saw the fire. they were standing there with the door open, just kind of looking in as the person with the camera walked in. >> and this is another video that we've obtained since we have learned about this fire. now, do keep in mind this is happening in a very, very busy
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area, as terry mentioned, just south of oak ridge mall. there is an in-and-out not too far. a number of stores around this area. it looks like this video is being shot from a residential area. as you can imagine, likely a number of stores out there are getting evacuated. we, of course, are gathering more information when it comes to that situation. once we learn more, we, of course, will bring that to you here. take a look at this video here. you see the petco right there and all of that smoke just coming from that fire. >> it is so black. i mean there's no water getting on it at all and a three-alarm fire, last we heard. it may be more than that now but you can see it is a huge one burning at the home depot in san jose. we will take a break and continue that massive fire for you burning at the home depot in san jose. we will be right back. he oregon. my husband, sam, we've been married 53 years. we love to walk on the beach. i have two daughters and then two granddaughters.
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a marine just out of boot camp or a petty officer from '73 and even his kids and their kids. usaa is made for all who've honorably served and their eligible family members. are we still exclusive? absolutely. and that's exactly - why, you should join. new information just coming in to nbc bay area on this fire that is burning at the home depot on blossom hill road. you can see a live picture of it right there. no, this is video of it. this is video of it. my mistake. san jose fire department tweeting out in the last three minutes that this is now a five-alarm fire. five alarms. no reports of injuries at this time. of course, they're asking everyone please stay away, please stay away from the home depot and the oak ridge mall if you could. that would be much appreciated and the fire department would be
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appreciative of that as well. >> all right. terry, let's look at the video from inside the store now. this is one of the first videos we got once we heard about this one. this is the one from outside, not too far from that area. this looks like this video is being taken from a residential area, but the one from inside the store, you can see some of the workers outside there. keep in mind, this is a fire at a home depot in the middle of a saturday when a number of people were likely shopping at the home depot, and a number of people outside of that area because this is a very busy commercial area. it is also not too far from another shopping center, the santa teresa main street shopping center. if you are driving in the area, robert handa telling us there are traffic jams all over the place because a lot of -- there are a lot of spectators, people trying to see what is happening, but also likely firefighters, you know, law enforcement are trying to block this entire area, possibly evacuating areas
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as well. >> yeah, give them a zone they can have for their own that they can move freely about inside there. >> the good news is we do know that firefighters are on the scene. this is a live look right now from our crew who just got there. it looks like they're trying to situate it, but take a look there. battling the fire right now. we, of course, are trying to get more information on how everything started, exactly what time it started. >> look at the -- the rivers of water they're putting in there. the smoke, yeah, you are seeing some white smoke now meaning they're getting some water on the fire, and how big the fire is. it is a five-alarm fire. when you think about a home depot, i mean you can think about there's the possibility this may be touching the paint area. of course, they have a lot of lumber there, incredible number of flammables. we have no idea, and right now the firefighters probably are not too concerned about how it started. they're more concerned about knocking it down. it will be interesting to find out exactly how a fire like this could start and keep going and get out of control at this home
6:17 pm
depot here in san jose. you are looking at a live picture again. firefighters all over the scene. they've got crews there, they're pouring water on it. they're doing all they can to knock this thing down, but it was well-established when the fire department got there. >> and you can see with the trees swaying a little bit, our vianey telling us the winds right now in san jose are about 15 to 17 miles per hour, so that could possibly be a little bit of a challenge for firefighters battling the flames right now. i know our marianne favro, one of our reporters, will be out there pretty soon to get us more information. robert handa telling us that there is a lot of traffic in that area. right now he is out there on blossom hill road where this home depot is in place. terry, again, letting us know that the san jose firefighters saying no one, no injuries have been reported at this time, so that is good. >> let's take a look at our traffic cam right now. one of the concerns, of course, you think about fire but there's also smoke, smoke inhalation, et
6:18 pm
cetera. you can see how far that smoke has traveled, but if there's any good news here you see the smoke going up before it goes over. when we are looking at the pictures from christie smith earlier in the fire burning at the dock in benecia, those flames -- that smoke seemed to be somewhat going, you know, just right across, a little bit above ground level and then going up. this one goes up and then over, the winds working at least to a degree in favor of the people who are near that home depot there in san jose. >> that plume of smoke is just so massive. so people likely driving on 17 or 85 will likely see that smoke. this is a live look at the smoke right now. just look at how dark it is because it is coming from that home depot. a number of things in there burning right now as firefighters try to get a handle on this blaze. >> they are pouring everything they've got on it, but, again, that seemed to be well along by the time that firefighters got
6:19 pm
there. ive i believe 25 minutes ago it was a three alarm, now it is a five alarm. the good news is there are no injuries to report, but this is a live picture of the firefighters in action trying to do something about the fire at the home depot. >> so if you were planning on, you know, visiting an area, there are a lot of stores out there, a lot of restaurants, this will be an area you want to avoid for quite sometime. again, this is south of oak ridge mall, not too far from another shopping area there. there's an in n out in that area. petco, one of the videos showing us the petco and the fire raging right behind it, all of the smoke coming from there. the cheesecake factory inside that mall, so this is happening in the middle of a saturday when a lot of people are out and about, having a good time. it is dry out there, it is a sunny day, just a little wind. again, if it was an area you are planning to visit, this will be an area you will want to avoid for quite sometime as firefighters continue to try to
6:20 pm
get a handle of this fire inside that home depot. we are still trying to get more information on exactly how things are going with firefighters. our marianne favro is on the way. our robert handa is on blossom hill road right now monitoring the area, letting us know that there is just a lot of traffic out there. taking a live look at all of that smoke right now coming from that area. vianey letting us know that the winds right now are around 15 to 17 miles per hour. >> and what firefighters are saying right now is that -- they're saying five-alarm fire, no reports of injuries at this time. please avoid the area. that is very succinct from the san jose fire department. they've got a fire to fight right now. let's check in with vianey arana and see what exactly the winds will be doing to the smoke that's heading up. hopefully it will keep heading up. >> yeah, you know, that's one thing that's been the biggest concern. the national weather service actually just tweeted a really interesting image. you can see the heat signature from remote sensing from the sector of that fire from space.
6:21 pm
go check it out on the national weather service site. hopefully we can pop the image up so you can see what i'm talking about. it uses remote sensing and it is detecting the heat from the san jose fire. as of now, the winds are expected to be breezy but they're going to get gusty into the evening. temperatures not too hot right now. we are heading into a cooling trend in the 60s and 70s. let's look at the current wind speeds right now because areas near the benecia bridge as well between 8 to 10 miles per hour, so they're a lot calm earp. always we mentioned earlier, down through san jose right now at about 15 to 17 miles per hour, but we are expecting for the increase in that offshore flow into the overnight hours and into sunday as well. pair that up with the low humidity and this is what creates that elevated fire danger index, which is when wind advisories and red flag warnings are emitted. just to give you an idea where we currently are in the san jose area, we are at about 29% of
6:22 pm
relative humidity. so any time that we see that humidity fall less than 40% it brings concern, but i mean down to single digits in napa. what that wind does is it actually continues to dry us out, not really helping in that recovery of the humidity overnight. now, the red flag warning and the wind advisories are expected to remain in place until tomorrow, and this is going to continue to be of concern especially for the north bay mountains and the diablo range where we could see gusts upwards of 50-plus miles per hour. this wind gust map is really important because it gives you an idea on the timing and location. take a look at this. this is shortly after midnight. remember, i said we haven't seen the worst of the wind just yet. look at map awe, 30-plus miles per hour winds. we say 17 and 20, in through livermore about 30-plus miles per hour up through santa rosa. taking the time stamp forward through sunday afternoon and sunday evening, look what happens around the coastline.
6:23 pm
we see an increase in the wind gusts. now we start to get into the 50-plus miles per hour range, the purple hue color you see here, even down through parts of san jose. so any active fires burning today continuing into tomorrow will remain a potential threat. as you guys know the direction of the wind is a big factor because the embers can quickly fly. we have all of the dry brush surrounding it and that could start more problems. as far as the coastline goes, with the increase in the winds we are seeing a high surf advisory that will remain in place through sunday at 3:00 p.m. we are talking about dangerous waves, 18 to 22 feet. never turn your back to a waech. wave. please be safe, admire from a distance. the good news is the long-range outlook shows relief, at least from the dry weather. we have a system moving in on monday and a second system moving in on tuesday. monday morning's commute, rain at times. the system will move north to south, so your early monday
6:24 pm
morning commute will arrive early and by early afternoon we continue to see some heavier pockets down through parts of santa cruz and into the south bay. your seven-day outlook right now, the winds will remain a threat and factor through tomorrow evening. so anything, again, that continues to burn right now, although the winds might be calm right now, are expected to continue to pick up. so it will be a situation that we will have to monitor closely. the dip in temperatures, especially into monday, drops down by at much as 15, 20 degrees in some spots. we are talking only in the 60s. heading into tuesday and wednesday we get some clearing with the return of some rain heading into late wednesday night, early thursday morning. look at the overnight lows. so the wind definitely much a very big factor heading into tonight and tomorrow. i'll send it back to you. >> thank you very much. i want to point out one thing. we were talking about how far away you can be from the smoke and see it, getting a tweet from
6:25 pm
a viewer albert mcmanis, he is seeing it from san martine. >> wow. our marianne favro has arrived at the scene. we see the smoke and the flames behind you. what is the latest out there? >> reporter: this is a five-alarm home. we are at the home depot in the 900 block of blossom hill road. you can see the garden department is in flames. the flames reach to the back of the building. the concern is there is a big neighborhood of homes and there is a concern that some of the embers from this fire may catch on the roofs of the homes in the neighborhood directly behind. now, to given you a perspective of where we are, we are across the street from oak ridge mall. we are near the kohl's. of course, this is home depot. now, we don't know the cause of the fire, but right now it is all hands on deck for the fire department. we still are seeing several engines arrive right now. i am seeing several ambulances arrive and also setting up a
6:26 pm
triage area just in case. so far we have no reports of injuries, but as we mentioned engines are arriving in droves right now. it is a five-alarm fire. so far they have been able to evacuate most of this parking lot and they're also evacuating the parking lot next door near kohl's department store. again, we are across the street from oak ridge fire. now, as we were driving over here from east san jose, we were about ten miles away, we could definitely see the flames, the plume of dark smoke going up. of course, there are a lot of combustibles inside home depot, including paint cans and other flammables, which i'm sure is making this fire even more challenging to address right now. you can see they're trying to fight this from above using the fire hoses, from the ladders,
6:27 pm
and using that to get the water pouring down on to the flames. but, again, as you mentioned, you can see the fire you had said from san martine definitely into east san jose, a plume of thick, dark smoke. firefighters are just trying to get a handle who that, and police here are trying to keep everyone away from this scene. when we have a moment we are going to go behind here and see how the neighborhood is doing behind because, again, the concern that the fire department told us is that there are homes there and some of these embers may catch on to some of those shake roofs of the homes behind there. that's the scene right now. it is a huge fire, again, five-alarm fire and we will keep tabs on this and let you know. more fire engines are arriving as we speak. reporting live in san jose, marianne favro, "nbc bay area news". >> marianne, i'm trying to figure out what the wind is doing there. your hair is not blowing, the trees don't seem to be moving
6:28 pm
much but the smoke seems to be taking off at a very distinct angle. >> reporter: terry, the wind right now is fairly mild. i wouldn't say it is gusty at all, but it is, you're right, going in a certain direction but it is fairly mild, i would say under 10 miles per hour if i were to make an educated guess. >> great. >> reporter: but it doesn't seem too strong. >> great. that's actually very good news. thank you very much. great job. we are continuing to follow this breaking news. massive fire burning at the home depot in san jose right now. stay with us. stay with us. we'll have the very latest.
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