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tv   NBC Bay Area News Tonight  NBC  April 12, 2022 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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right now on "nbc bay area news" tonight the manhunt continues for the gunman who opened fire on the new york city subway train. >> i saw maybe a 16-year-old kid, he was sitting on the step coming out of the train station and he had a bullet in his knee. >> that's sort of a terror that i haven't seen before since 9/11. >> ten people were shot, at least 13 others injured. we are live in brooklyn. we will be joined by nbc's chris pollone. ♪♪ good evening. i'm raj mathai. tonight we are also talking about rising prices. why are we paying so much more for groceries, gas and ot goods? also, the star athlete accused of attempted murder in san jose.
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his message for his fans. we start in new york city, brooklyn to be exact. it is well into the night and investigators are frantically searching for the gunman. he opened two smoke canisters and then opened fire inside of a subway car during the morning commute. miraculously it looks like everyone will survive. late today police identified a person of interest. here he is, 62-year-old frank james. police say they found a u-haul key at the crime scene. that u-haul was rented by james and the van was found near the subway station. cellphone video showed the terrifying scene. you can see smoke pouring out of that train as people flee, running for their lives. some of those injured were helped by others. police say the gunman was wearing a green construction vest and fired at least 33 times. he left behind this bag filled
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with smoke canisters and fireworks. nypd is using surveillance video from the surrounding area to try and determine where he went, but surveillance cameras at the actual subway station were not working. as for frank james, police were very clear he is only at this point a person of interest. they did find some concerning social media posts from frank james about homelessness, new york and new york's mayor. >> we know this incident is of grave concern to new yorkers. we cannot lose sight of victims in this city. we will use every resource we can to bring those to justice who continue to prey on the citizens of new york. >> now, back here in the bay area there's no threat that we know of, but both b.a.r.t and vta and muni increased police presence and it will stay that way for the next few days. more on that part of the story in a few minutes. it is now just past 10:00 p.m. in brooklyn. let's bring in nbc's chris
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pollone who joins us near the 36th street subway station which was the scene of the crime. chris, nice to have you on the program. it is hard to rattle new yorkers but what is the mood where you are right now? >> reporter: rattled is a great word for it, for people who take this subway every day, who have been trying to come back from the pandemic, starting to go to school and work and commute again. absolutely rattled. you know, these types of things when they happen here, and they don't happen all that often thankfully, but when they do they tend to happen in high profile areas, times square, maybe wall street, something like that. this happened in a very residential part of brooklyn. people who were on the train, you know, many of them said they really warrant paying attention. they were just taking their ride to work or school when all of this started. so people are really surprised that this happened here, but it is new york so that means that at rush hour there were people honking at each other and trying to jump the light and going on
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with their daily lives, but it was certainly a stunning here today. >> chris, is it just the five boroughs or the tri-state area? where exactly are they searching for the person of interest, frank james, who apparently left behind the u-haul keys at the station? >> reporter: right. yeah, so this person of interest, as they're calling him, left behind some u-haul keys. it looks like that u-haul was rented out philadelphia, it was possibly due back in newark, new jersey. he has has ties to this area, he also has ties to philadelphia and wisconsin. they are combing social media, so it would be safe to say it is a region wide drag net tonight. >> last question. the security cameras unfortunately were not working at the subway station. are they getting other tips and clues from other cameras in the area? >> reporter: yeah, we're hearing that, you know, new york is loaded with security cameras, on the street, you know, in businesses. so it is very clear that if he got on the subway, if the shooter got on the subway at
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some point down the line, maybe a few stops, there will be video of him. >> we are expecting more news from you, chris pollone, in the hours to come in brooklyn. appreciate your time and reporting tonight. as we mentioned earlier the ripple effect in the bay area. you are looking at extra officers around vta stations in the south bay, extra security for muni and b.a.r.t as well. here is nbc's sergio quintana. >> reporter: though images from new york are a shock for san francisco bay area commuters but transit officials increased presence of uniformed officers at stations here in san francisco. the police department sent officers to muni stations like this one. b.a.r.t, which has its own police force, increased foot patrols at stations and trains. the idea of an increased uniformed presence is pretty simple. it is a show of force meant to make passengers feel safer on public transit. in the south bay deputies posted at vta units, they had bomb
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sniffing canines, not to a specific threat but to show they're ready to respond if needed. in new york investigators say they initially had difficulty trying to get an image of the suspect, in part bought the cameras at that particular station in brooklyn were not working actually since friday. we did ask that of the b.a.r.t police chief because, of course, that system has had problems over the last few years with their cameras. the b.a.r.t police chief says all of their cameras in their system and on their trains are currently working. he says they also have people monitoring all of those feeds 24 hours a day. raj. >> sergio, thank you. again, we will continue to cover the story throughout the night. we are expecting more information a few hours from now. our other headlines this evening, the story in san jose is generating interest around the world. the mma fighter accused of attempted murder has a new message to his supporters. quote, justice will be served. today cain velasquez was back in court. he was supposed to enter a plea
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but the hearing was ultimately continued. that didn't keep dozens of supporters from crowding the courtroom. you see the crowd outside. he is in jail on attempted murd ircharges. prosecutors say he tried to gun down a man last month in san jose. you can see cellphone video here. that man had recently been charged for molesting one of cain velasquez's family members. >> we have a family. i fight in the cmt, i'm a father, i have kid. >> for the first time since his arrest velasquez posted this message to his fans on twitter. in it he thanks his family and supporters. he wrote, quote, to the true victims of this case, may god give you the strength to come forward. though it is most difficult to relive the pain that has happened to you, in speaking the truth, justice will be served and your own true healing will start. other headlines tonight, the fire happened three days ago but
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that home depot is still smoldering. firefighters are monitoring for any flare ups in south san jose. our sky ranger spotted crews actually spraying water on the site this afternoon. you also see some other federal agents there. the atf says it is normal to be on hand for a of this size. still no word yet though on the specific cause of what happened at that home depoi in south san jose over the weekend. there's no doubt you are feeling the pinch at the grocery store. in fact, almost everything in our lives is getting more expensive, groceries, gas and even clothing. so far this year prices are up 8.5%. this is the highest rate of inflation we have seen in more than 40 years. actually in 40 years, since 1981. now, we mentioned that 8%. that's actually a bit deceiving here because it is much higher depending on what you buy. this chart shows some of the sharpest price increases. gas, up 40%. excuse me, that's 48%. used cars, up 35%. meat, fish and eggs, up 14%.
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even your pg&e bill, electricity up about 11%. yeah, fruits and vegetables up nearly 9%. how are these prices impacting you? it is clear a lot of people are struggling. >> yeah, with two kid it really helps when buying diapers and wipes, you can buy in bulk and they have a lot of deals where you spend $100 and you get $20 off. >> diapers, produce, yeah, because we go through a lot of produce. it has really, really gone up. >> you have to think now days. we asked you to share your experiences on our facebook, instagram and twitter page, which leads to our question of the day. how is inflation affecting you? on instagram anita woodson writes, less meat, generic household items, not buying anything unless absolutely necessary. less days at the office to conserve fuel. watching every cent. not a bad move. on facebook, buzz morgan says, not really affecting my life at all. also on facebook, demoniey says
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in part it really comes down to money management and do you have help or not. renting by yourself with this inflation would stress anybody out. all right. the million dollar question, why is this happening and what can we do about it? chris chmura is here. quick anecdote for me. i go a couple of months ago to get a brisket for a big group and it was $50. i went last weekend, $75 for the same brisket, same store, same size. that's a big increase. >> what's different? >> you tell me. >> price of oil. >> right. >> i think what we are seeing here is that the price of oil is tied to just about, well, everything. let's look at one item. >> yeah. >> beef. >> okay. >> right up my alley here. >> according to "national geographic", it says here when you take everything into consideration it takes about three-quarters of a gallon of oil to produce one pound of beef including everything from fertilizer in cornfield to the diesel that runs machinery on the farm. then you have to ship the stuff,
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even more oil. it goes from the plant where they produce it to the butcher, to the grocery store and ultimately to your dining room table. you can make that equation essentially x amount of oil per pound of whatever food it is for everything in our pantries. it all really has to be shipped, and so we're seeing it all tied together. >> that's the most simple answer, the price of oil leading to everything going up, even beef, vegetable and fruits. >> yes, and there are other factors. we look at the price of oil shooting through the roof at the same time we see food shooting through the roof and there's a connection. >> we have to restructure our budget, what to buy, when to buy. we can figure out oil. we can't control that, but we can control our spending. >> let's look at casa ma murr awe. more rice and beans, less meat. the rice and beans are cheaper, they will fill you up as much as the meat. if you are looking to cut costs
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you have to do that. also, we are strategic. we try to make sure we have zero waste. when we go to the grocery store we look ahead, whatever we eat for dinner on monday, leftovers on tuesday with ingredients to spice it up so there's zero waste. the there's a $1 loaf of french bread or italian bread or whatever they call it at walmart, that will not be purchased unless we have a plan to ensure we eat every slice of it. we do that with everything because we try to economize with everything. >> we make that brisket and the next morning we try to make it for another type of meal with that meat involved. other families strategies, what people can do? >> i think if you are struggling and in a an emergency situation i think you can turn to food banks. if you -- i'm not talking about people here who want to save a couple of bucks. that's not what a food bank is for. if you are having trouble putting food on the table right now because the price of gas is
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so high, and i can't help you with that, the food banks can help you. you can call 211. you can try loaves and fishes or second harvest here, perhaps churches, other religious organizations can help you out. there are lots of organizations around here. there's lots of food to help families in an emergency. you just have to ask for it. >> that's a good point. there are a lot of resources in the bay area. >> there are. >> good information, chris. >> thanks. coming up next at 7:00, a girl in trouble for using pepper spray to defend herself during a fight. >> there were like four or five girls hitting me and i was on the floor so i had to do something. >> our exclusive interview with the student involved and why her parents say the school wasn't doing enough to protect her. also, remember this story? she said she was kidnapped and now she is admitting it was all a hoax. the apology from a northern california mother. you are watching "nbc bay area news" tonight.
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welcome back to "nbc bay area news" tonight. an antioch middle schooler got suspended after using pepper spray to defend herself during a school fight. her parents gave her the pepper spray because they say the school wasn't protecting her after prior assaults. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez has the exclusive story. >> you're supposed to learn in school. you don't -- you shouldn't have to worry about getting jumped at school and bullying. >> reporter: but that's precisely what 14-year-old tianna says she had to endure at antioch middle school on monday. she says a group of girls
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attacked her, and it was all caught on video. >> i was standing in front of the class and they came up to me and they started pulling my hair and punching my head, and then i fell to the floor and they started kicking me and punching me. >> reporter: that's when tianna says she fought back using a canister of pepper spray her parents had given her. >> there was like four or five girls hitting me and i was on the floor so i had to do something. i didn't want to just sit there while they were hitting me and kicking me, so i grabbed my pepper spray and defends myself. >> in order to protect herself we bought her pepper spray, so there's a lot of jumping that goes on at that school, a lot of bullying. >> reporter: tianna's parents say they gave her the pepper spray after she was assaulted at school earlier in the year, an assault they say the school did nothing about. >> she did exactly what i told her to do. >> we're proud of her. i'm very proud of her. >> reporter: tianna's parents say the school has suspended their daughter for five days but they plan to fight it. they say the school isn't doing
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enough to keep kids safe. >> they need to start doing more and holding these kids accountable. >> i would like for them to do better. i mean you let my kid down. >> i don't think a little kid should have to go through this. >> reporter: we reached out to the school district. they responded by giving us a copy of the message sent out to parents. no mention of the fight, just the pepper spray and the 20 students who experienced eye irritation. in antioch, jody hernandez, "nbc bay area news". some other stories we're watching tonight, a northern california mom is coming clean and admitting to faking her own kidnapping. you might recall this case. it captured national attention, and now it appears it is coming to a close. this morning sherri papini signed a plea deal. she will plead guilty to federal charges. papini disappeared back in 2016 and then she was found three weeks later. at the time the mother of two from redding told police that she was kidnapped by two hispanic women. she said that those women
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tortured her and chained her in a bedroom. last month papini was arrested by the fbi. the feds said she wasn't kidnapped and said instead she was staying with an ex-boyfriend in southern california. now, along with the new plea deal papini released this statement today. i am deeply ashamed of myself, for my behavior, and so sorry for the pain i've caused my family, my friends, all of the good people who needlessly suffered because of my story. it goes on to say, i will work the rest of my life to make amends for what i have done. now, the original charges carried up to 20 years in prison. the plea deal will likely shorten that but right now it is not clear how much her sentence could be reduced. well, over the past six weeks now we've watched the war in ukraine unfold. we're seeing the reality and the brutality of war. it is hard for us as adults to digest, so what about young people? how are they reacting? let's check in with garvin thomas now who has some really inspiring stories of young
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people in the bay area and what they're doing. we like to hear these stories, much more than the other stories that we have to cover. >> raj, you are a parent, i'm a parent. i have been keenly aware of the news that's coming into the house, how it affects the kids, and then how they're dealing with it and processing. that's why when i heard about a couple of south bay kids and what they were doing that really got my attention, a way to take this and turn it into a positive. >> yeah, we have to have these conversations with them, right? >> let's start with carise, a 17 year old senior at lincoln high school. she was wondering, she is a 17-year-old in san jose, what did she do about a conflict half a world away. she has played the violin since sixth grade. she says it has done a lot for her, brought her her friend group. she traveled with the orchestra. a couple of saturdays she didn't have anything to do in the evening and she said, i want to do something. she grabbed her violin and headed to downtown campbell and started playing. she had an organization she found that helps ukrainian refugees so she put the bowl out
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and has been out three saturdays and she has raised more than $1,000. >> she is 17 years old. i have a 13 year old at the house. you have a lot of kids. what about younger kids? >> let's go really young, 7 years old. this was impressive. 7-year-old jacob drinkhouse, a 7 year old living with autism. his parents do their best to shield him from the news but the news of the ukraine war got to him and heat down and wrote a letter to vladimir putin basically saying, vladimir putin, i don't like what you are doing. this is hurting people. can you stop this war. one of things this, jacob brought this letter to his dad and said, give this to the news. russell, encouraging of what his son does, he sent it to us. >> that's great. >> i don't think russell thought he would hear back from us. >> you're on, russell. >> that's right. but the message got to me and i saw it and it just struck mep. i was touched by the fact here
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we are, a 7 year old living with autism and thought to do this, thought to write this. i have to do something, you know, let me just write a letter to vladimir putin. maybe that will do something. to be honest, he wrote the letter, it is on tv now. who knows where it goes from here? but it was really -- it touched me that it really opened my eyes to how children are processing. >> they hear it whether it is at school or whether it is through us parents kind of thinking we are hush-hush on the side of the house but they hear it, on tv and social media. >> and for us, teaching us, what can we do? we can talk about it, but we can also encourage them, write that letter, play that violin. you can do something half a world away that, you know, it may not make the biggest difference but you did something. >> it helps your community. how do people get hold of you, just through social media? you have so many people reaching out to you. i know how to get hold of you about what about the rest? >> garvin thomas on facebook, on twitter, on instagram, always a great way to reach me.
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call the tv station. just google nbc bay area. >> we can find you. >> there's the phone number, they will find me. to be honest with russell, he just sent the e-mail to the station. the station says it looks like something for garvin, here you go. >> that's very nice. you make us smile and cry at the same time. thank you, garvin. let's take you outside, our live cam in san francisco. the ballpark in the foreground, bay bridge in the background. jeff ranieri going to join us next to talk about the sunshine and rain heading our way. stay with us. this is elodia. she's a recording artist. 1 of 10 million people that comcast has connected to affordable internet in the last 10 years. and this is emmanuel, a future recording artist, and one of the millions of students we're connecting throughout the next 10. through projectup, comcast is committing
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>>jeff ranieri is with us. my daughter is talking about easter egg hunt on sunday. today, what is it going to be like? >> we have an awesome slot for the kids on sunday. >> very good. >> leading up to that though there will be rainfall in the forecast. let's get you going on your wednesday morning forecast. we will start it off with 40s. the biggest change will be low clouds and fog also returning as we head through the day. we will keep the clouds moving in. also a winter-like day with temperatures in the upper 50s and low 60s throughout the bay. but the big changes come as we hit wednesday night and thursday. we will see some spotty rain, but the better bet of rain moving in for saturday morning, giving us a widespread chance. also snow in the sierra, thursday to saturday, anywhere from one to two feet at the highest elevation. on the seven-day forecast, on-and-off rain chances wednesday to saturday. dried out on easter for sunday and maybe a few more showers into next tuesday, raj. again, clearing it out for easter for the kids. >> that is active. thank you, jeff.
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>> you got it. that will do it for us here at 7:00. for everyone here at nbc bay area, thanks for joining us. enjoy your evening. we hope to see you back at 11:00.
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♪ ♪ oh, my god, rihanna! ♪ ♪ >> historic. >> as if this beautiful cover of the mom-to-be isn't enough, rihanna gets very candid about her journey. >> i hear all these horror stories. >> yeah. >> that's britney during her last pregnancy as she now shares a fear of perinatal depression could return for this, too. >> the difference between perinatal depression. >> by the end of the next day, 4 million, 10 million, 20 million. >> his weight loss journey has gone


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