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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 14, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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right now at 5:00 a successful missile attack by ukraine. russian soldiers and the latest on the crisis as it enters its 50th day. plus -- we were able to shrink his world quickly. there was nowhere left for him to run. >> caught and headed to court. the suspect in tuesday's new york city subway shooting facing a judge today. the way police were able to find him. some students in the south bay may soon need to change schools. the key vote that may change one elementary school's future. this is "today in the bay." good thursday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia.
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>> and i'm marcus washington. we are broadcasting live on television but on roku, amazon fire, apple tv and online. let's start with a live look outside, a view of the bay bridge there. parts of the bay area seeing those cool conditions, occasional light rain could stick around through the weekend as well. >> a closer look with meteorologist kari hall tracking that. yesterday i was driving my mom from meeting a friend and there was rain over in the hayward and dublin area. >> kind of spotty. some people look out the window and don't see anything and other people are looking out and it's been raining for hours. that's the kind of weather we're seeing this morning. we're going to zoom in on parts of the north bay where your drive is pretty wet south of petaluma into san rafael and you're seeing the rain heading over to the east bay. we're going to see more of this soggy weather off and on going throughout the morning. it may take a while before it gets down to the south bay.
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we are going to see that wet weather moving in and continuing through the night before we get a break and more rain this weekend. a closer look at the time line coming up. a big new development as the conflict between russia and ukraine enters its 50th day. ukraine says its military forces launched a successful missile attack on the flagship of russia's fleet in the black sea. this is satellite image of theship, the ukrainian military official making that announcement in a facebook post this morning saying the crew onboard were forced to evacuate as a result. russia disputing this. it says that a fire broke out onboard and seriously damaged theship which is what force that had evacuation. meanwhile border officials say more than 31,000 people crossed the border into ukraine yesterday including 27,000 ukrainians. officials say more are returning
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amid the conflict. nine humanitarian corridors are open cluing in mariupol. president biden approving an $850 million military package. now that pledge is for more equipment that comes as russian forces keep pushing forward. brie jackson is live this morning. this is the latest round of aid coming. >> reporter: good morning, marcus. president biden spoke with president zelenskyy for about an hour yesterday and during that call he pledged more security aid. u.s. officials say ongoing support for ukraine is urgently needed as russian forces grow more frustrated. as the focus of russia's aggression turns to eastern ukraine, ukrainian forces are clearing artillery left and preparing for a massive $800
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million military aid package being delivered from the u.s. >> we tailored this list to meet the needs they have asked for with respect to what's going on. >> reporter: helicopters, more javelin missiles and, for the first time, heavy artillery. the pentagon is working with allies to provide even more resources. >> to identify and provide ukraine with additional capabilities, capabilities that aren't in our stocks. >> reporter: the latest round of aid follows a report from the organization for security and cooperation in europe. saying russia committed war crimes. this after president biden doubled down calling their actions genocide. >> we'll let the lawyers decide internationally whether or not it qualifies, but it sure seems that way to me. >> reporter: the presidents of poe lan and three baltic countries met on wednesday and say they saw evidence of russian atrocities. u.s. military experts warn the attacks will only intensify. >> their morale shaky, their
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leadership is even worse. the logistics aren't working. >> reporter: russia's president claims peace talks have reached a dead end. now bracing for a new russian offensive. since russia's invasion of ukraine started, the u.s. has pledged nearly $2.6 billion in security aid to ukraine. marcus? >> a lot going on. brie jackson in washington, thank you. happening today the suspect in the new york city subway shooting is expected to make his first court appearance. police arrested frank james yesterday. james actually called in the tip that led to his arrest saying he was inside a manhattan mcdonald's. new surveillance video from the subway station shows a man in an orange jacket and hard hat walking in before the shooting. that is james carrying a suitcase and backpack. nine victims are still in the hospital.
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all are expected to survive. we'll have more coverage in the next half hour. the "today" show picks up the coverage following "today in the bay" at 7:00 a.m. 5:05. next month marks one year since the mass shooting at the vta rail yard in san jose. new this morning the transit agency has agreed on benefits for the families of those killed during the violence. >> bob redell joins us live to break down what those relatives will receive. bob? >> reporter: good morning to you, marcus and laura. the board of directors unanimously voted to hand out almost $5 million in retirement benefits to the families of the ten victims who were shot -- the victims of the mass shooting at the vta. that will come out to at least $3,000 a month. seven of the ten victims weren't at the vta long enough to qualify for retirement benefits, but the board has agreed to make exceptions for them. the vta agreed to give families one year pay and three years
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paid health insurance. a vta employee shot and killed nine of his co-workers at the light rail facility next door to the sheriff's department in san jose. that gunman died at the scene. a tenth employee, who witnessed the shooting, took their own life a short time after. reporting live, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> such a sad story. thank you, bob. 5:07 for you this morning. happening today hundreds of south bay students will learn if they will be going to a new school next year. the alum rock school board members will vote whether to turn to the chavez elementary school into a school for preschool and kindergartners. first through fifth grade students would have to change schools. they blame declining enrollment saying the school is about two-thirds empty. a change in the school and to an early learning center and partially privatizing it, the district would save about $1 million. new video this morning,
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strong storms laid a path of destruction through the southeast. several tornado warnings were issued in alabama. in newport trees fell on top of mobile homes blocking roadways and knocking down power lines. in tennessee the rising floodwaters left drivers to be stuck. tough go there. very severe weather in the region. here in the bay area it's pretty mild. the severe weather threat going down and the heavy rain moving out into the gulf and to the atlantic. we are seeing light showers moving through here, also notice the snow coming down in the sierra. spotty showers, although this won't have a huge impact we expect the drought monitor update to come in about 40 minutes and we'll have that as it comes out. more rain ahead and i'll have more on that in a minute. vianey is tracking the cheaper
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gas prices. where you might be able to find a little bit cheaper option. for richmond in the central gas on 101 cutting boulevard. $4.99 in san jose. $5.19 on 1143 north capital avenue. and $5.19 on 1100 broadway in burlingame. these are just some locations you might find something less than $5, a little bit of a win. we are noticing a couple of slow spots and one of those chp is reporting near castro valley a crash along crow canyon road. there is a lane blocked which could cause delays. there's not a lot of ways to get around this area so this is the part of your morning commute you want to head out now. overall south bay drive times,
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smooth commute. back to you. >> thanks, vianey. 5:09. would you let your toddler go grocery shopping alone? up next the new show that stretches the boundaries and then some and what some child experts are saying about it. elon musk says he wants to buy all of twitter. is that a realistic thing? we'll take a look coming up. and skipping easter sunday service. new concerns as queen elizabeth passes her normal easter celebration duties. find out who is stepping in to replace her. but first, let's check in with our investigative reporter. >> reporter: we investigate our fentanyl crisis and the risk now to young teens. we dig deep into a santa cruz case involving a santa cruz man and what families need to know to protect their kids. watch the story now on
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right now at 5:13 take a look at storm ranger. you can track the rain on your smartphone and with the nbc bay area app you can get alerts. this rain will be off and on today. we'll take a closer look at how much to expect coming up in a few minutes. your tri-valley drive time. i am noticing slowing to 680, 11
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minutes. a couple delays from grant line road, 22 minutes. well, good morning. a very happy thursday to you. elon musk says he's willing to buy all of twitter $54.20 a share. musk says that's his best and final offer. note the $4.20 in the price. he often includes that in his dealings. he purchased 9% of twitter saying twitter needed to let people say what they wanted with less censorship. musk writing in the required government filings, quote, since making my original investment in twitter i now realize the company will neither thrive in its current form. twitter needs to be transformed
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into a private company. the total offer would cost musk about $43 billion. that's easily affordable for the world's richest person. he's worth $265 billion give or take. coming up at 5:30 we'll talk more about what musk's offer means and what it means if twitter shareholders don't accept. other news, google will unveil today details about how it's investing in california and san jose in particular. google, as you may remember, is developing a mega campus in downtown san jose near the train station and the s.a.p. center. it's also adding on to its mountain view campus and expanding into nasa. google released a financial report showing the company had created more than $600 billion in activity in the american economy. amazon is going to add a fuel surcharge to third party sellers who use amazon's distribution. 5% tacked on to the seller's cost.
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it's reasonable to think they will pass it on to you, the customer, sellers who ship themselves will not be affected. and a bit of news from the world of nfts, that's nonfungible tokens, the sort of license to own something intangible. something people think they're the future. other people roll their eyes. case in point the very first tweet ever made by twitter's founder, you can't put it in your pocket. you can't put it in a glass case, but you can buy the nft that shows you own it. somebody did. they paid $48 million for it. he's ready to sell. the high bid is $280. >> $280? >> yes. >> oh! i was thinking million. >> i was trying to lead but you but, no, $280. >> hmm. >> not a good profit there at all. >> do a little tiktok dance. >> oh, lord.
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anyway, speaking of tiktok, more news for you here. social media giant testing a new feature allowing users to dislike individual comments on videos. tiktok says people can flag comments they find irrelevant or inappropriate. dislike will not be visible to others. users can already dislike videos on apps if they are not interested in that content. and a new netflix series has a lot of viewers buzzing especially among parents with young children. >> it's called "old enough" and is a popular show from japan. why don't you decide if an american version will be dropping anytime soon. >> so the show has toddlers run family errands instead of their parents. while it stretches the limits to children's independence, it may be good television. some child experts are raising
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flags. skeptics wonder if maybe the show is a little more staged than it wants to lead on. the "today" show is asking this morning would you let your toddler do your shopping for you? head to and tell us what you think. you can see the little kid didn't even get past the thing where you put a quarter in. oh, gum. >> i actually watched that clip. he's less than 3 years old and he remembered everything on the list. he got the curry he forgot and came back and picked it up. my thoughts the way the u.s. is kind of set up. >> my kids are getting older and i don't let them out of eyesight. i don't know. >> and those kids were in the age range of 2 to 5. no. absolutely not. i don't have kids and i'm like, no. i guess the little flag, i'm running errands. i'm a little kid by myself, i guess. >> technically they're with the camera show. they're not completely alone. >> just no. no. don't.
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it's time to get up and out and maybe you'll be running some errands. you can take the kids with you or leave them at home, i don't know. we are going to see some of this rain moving through. we're dealing with this on our way to work and a look at the bigger view shows there's more rain farther to the north. for us it's mainly sprinkles as you are heading out the door. i think it's enough to grab the umbrella, make sure you have that close by as we get a closer look at storm ranger. our mobile doppler radar. we can see there are some showers moving through parts of southern sonoma county over to marin. 101 is soggy heading down into san francisco and also with light showers moving around hayward, also union city as we see the rain kind of drifting off to the west to san ramon. a live look at our san francisco camera. you can see the low clouds misting there. we'll continue to see the wet weather with us. at times you may even seep the sun peeking out as our
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temperatures head for the low 60s in the south bay, dublin only reaching 59 degrees. these are the temperatures we've seen for the past couple of days. it does get a little bit warmer tomorrow in some spots. we'll even see some low 70s, a mostly cloudy sky. that nice warm-up won't be here very long. we will see the rain on saturday and that will drop temperatures quite a bit. we see more widespread rain by 1:00 and some light showers. it may take its time before it makes it to san jose and we're not expecting much. friday we're dry and then saturday early in the morning is when the next round of rain comes in and this may be more widespread and heavy. i think that's perfect sleeping in weather. a tenth of an inch possible for san jose much less morgan hill and then you head up to concord t. could be a quarter inch of rain. in total with that next round of rain coming in, this may really
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add up to a decent amount. we are going to see the widespread showers on saturday, dry sunday, and then on tuesday more rain coming in. we could also see another storm system behind that on thursday. i think finally our april showers may lead to may flowers. we're looking at some of the snow also for the sierra and a very late season big snow as we will see some of that coming in. our temperatures will be in the low 60s for today but then low 70s for easter sunday. vianey, how is it looking now for the morning commute? >> we had a couple of fender benders. this is in castro valley along the crow canyon road stretch at norris canyon road. there is a lane blocked through there. hopefully they work to clear out the lane so it doesn't remain blocked.
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580 about seven minutes. you're looking at about 12 minutes and also a smooth commute through there. no delays all the way from the north bay down to the south bay. we're moving along quite nicely and no metering lights just yet. i'll send it back to you. >> all right, thanks. next here on "today in the bay," the reason the queen is opting out of easter celebrations. why some experts are trying to downplay the decision. but first as we head to break take a look at this. vianey arana getting in on a little fun there she shares this photo on instagram. i love it. don't forget you can keep up with vianey giving her a follow on instagram, twitter and facebook. she's filling in for mike here this week. we love to have her around. she'll be up soon 5:22.
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welcome back. it is 5:25 this morning. and rumors are swirling in the uk as the royal family helps get easter weekend celebrations under way. now the talk has as much to do with who will not attend as who is attending. prince charles is stepping in for his mother, queen elizabeth, at today's service at st. george's chapel which commemorates the last supper. this is the fifth time during her 70-year reign as queen she
5:26 am
has skipped the service. one royal expert says mobility issues are the cause and the queen is still doing many of her royal duties. >> she's actually come to a new work life balance, if you like, continuing to do the important things, continuing to be seen but not pushing it too hard. >> you can see the full story this morning on the "today" show at 7:00 a.m. right after us here at "today in the bay." well, it's a big night on nbc. the trio of "law and order" including the mothership show that started it all. >> i need you to do me a favor. i need you to keep working this case hard because people like swanson, bullying who prey on the weak, they node to pay. they need to go down. >> actress cameron manheim guest starred in the first season back in 1990. two more times in seasons three and four. now she's part of the show full time in the role of lieutenant
5:27 am
kate dixon. she plays the boss to detective played by anthony anderson and jeffrey donovan and says the role i about a possible crossover featuring all three shows. >> this is incredible. like back to my roots, the show i grew up on and love so much and i'm going to get to be in the next chapt earp of it. there's bound at some point to be a crossover. you have to stay tuned. >> it airs tonight at 8:00 p.m. followed by "law & order svu" and "organized crime." top stories including your spring break. tahoe spring skiing outlook better and better. what you'll need to keep in mind if you're heading there for the weekend.
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and their eligible family members. are we still exclusive? absolutely. and that's exactly - why, you should join. breaking right now at 5:30, billionaire elon musk shaking up twitter again this time with an offer to buy the company outright. plus, san francisco crime fighting back in the spotlight. police staffing prompting new questions from leaders and why the asian american pacific islander community needing an immediate boost.
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good morning on this thursday. thanks so much for making us a part of your morning. >> we broadcast to your tv, live on roku, apple tv and online. >> we're getting that breaking news for you in just a moment. first a look outside for you where we're tracking cool conditions and light rain in parts of the bay area. meteorologist kari hall with a closer look at how the holiday weekend will shape up for us. the rain on the cameras. we're seeing some very light and spotty rain moving through but we're tracking it all on storm ranger. showing the rain through parts of the north bay as we get a closer look, seeing it over marin county, southern sonoma, napa as well, moving to contra costa county. and then also it extends to hayward and light, spotty
5:32 am
sprinkles for oakland. this is the kind of activity we'll see moving into the peninsula, moving to palo alto. much more of that rain coming in getting heavier by 8:00 this morning. >> thank you, kari. we'll have breaking news this morning. billionaire elon musk offering to buy all of twitter. he filed the financial papers late last night. >> musk owned about 9% of the company but now he wants alm of it. >> he's offering $54.20. he was offered a seat on twitter's board of directors but that seat would have limited his ownership. earlier this week he turned that seat down. he said, my offer is the best and final offer, and if it's not accepted, i would need to reconsider my position as a
5:33 am
shareholder. in other words, he could dump his 9%. it is looking as if people are taking him seriously because the twitter price is up. arenaly is the first offer the final offer. >> right. >> but we'll see. musk continues to get into the news every day with some kind of strange move. >> which makes sense why he didn't want to join the board now. >> good, he can afford to buy it. do you think he will go through with it? >> it's about one-sixth of his fortune which would not be a good financial move, i wouldn't think. could he? the problem with musk you never know when he's being serious. he talked about converting twitter's headquarters into a homeless shelter. he got in trouble with the s.e.c. we never know when he's actually being real or not. >> he's a very wait and see type of person. >> and he stays in the news in
5:34 am
the process. >> here we are. thank you, scott. 5:33. another break today in the sunny balwani criminal trial. prosecutors on what balwani knew and when he knew it. he is facing similar charges to elizabeth holmes who is also his former girlfriend. the former theranos employee said he was aware balwani was working with holmes to run the company but not that they were in a personal relationships. holmes is awaiting sentencing. testimony will resume tomorrow. members of the san francisco board of supervisors will hear from sfpd regarding current staffing of the police agency. the review comes as some communities are looking for a reduction in crimes against the aapi community. >> cierra johnson with more on that. >> reporter: yes, good morning. that meeting kicks off in just a couple hours and as you mentioned will focus on the
5:35 am
strength of sfpd here in the city. so take a look at your screen. these are some of the talking points we're expected to hear from that meeting. now the neighborhood services committee will hear from sfpd. committee members will report on staffing levels, demand for service and recruitment and retention initiatives. updates on crimes targeting the aapi community will also be discussed. that meeting begins at 10:00 a.m. in room 250 at city hall. it will also be streamed online. the meeting comes as a local group is petitioning for a crime alert app to be in asian languages. the group they can't burn us all explains asian elders would benefit from updates on the popular citizens app. those who often don't speak english and don't want to get involved with law enforcement could benefit from understanding the notifications. >> with this app, it's not they won't really have to talk to
5:36 am
anybody. all they have to do is just turn on the app and then, you know, they can communicate. they can report things all without, you know, being uncomfortable. >> reporter: a spokesperson with citizen app tells us they welcome the concept of multilanguage crime alert while at the same time understanding the enorm ti of such a project. we will keep you updated on the meeting at board of supervisorst any developments with the citizens app and the push for more language availability. cierra johnson for "today in the bay." >> thanks so much, cierra. more new yorkers are returning to their normal rush hour subway commutes following this week's train shooting in brooklyn that injured ten people. later this morning the suspect will make his first appearance in front of a judge. a look at what to expect.
5:37 am
>> reporter: that suspect is expected to appear before a judge. sources say he apparently called the nypd's crimestoppers tip line on himself. there were also some witnesses in the area who say they saw him and pointed him out to authorities. we'll have details on that as well as what he is accused of carrying out. we saw the frightening scenes from the subway on tuesday morning during the rush hour community and police say that frank james carried out the assault. we'll have details on the evidence and what james is accused of as well as his past including what authorities say is a rap sheet including at least a dozen prior arrests. all of that and much more coming up soon on "today." marcus? >> thank you, jesse. also, we will continue to follow
5:38 am
the latest developments on air and online. you can go to and click on the trending bar. >> it's spring break for a lot of kids and look at that. a winter storm in spring. it is really coming down. if you're at the top of one of those mountains while you're skiing, i've done it and it's tough to see. some overnight video we're seeing that winter storm that has been -- we've had a trace of it here this is overnight video from kingvale near donner summit. chains are required on eastbound 80 from truckee and chains are needed if you're driving on highway 50 to twin bridges over to the myers area as well. so it's nice to see all the snow we're getting up there. the snowpack, kari, just in time for the weekend but not a dent in the drought. i know you have some new numbers to get to.
5:39 am
a breaking drought update. the sierra snowpack, only 15% of the normal amount of the northern sierra and around where we were showing the video about 28% of the normal amount for this day and, yes, we just got those drought updates just a few minutes ago. take a look at what the drought monitor looked l valley and it's also starting to expand across the region and worsen. and so as we take a closer look at the bay area we can see that much of the north bay still in that extreme drought but also once again it is spreading across the central valley. a lot of our critical farmland dealing with that right now. so we're going to possibly see more water restrictions. once again that's coming at the same time we are getting some good sierra snow happening and for people heading there this weekend you might want to wait for those breaks in between the snow which would be tomorrow as
5:40 am
well as sunday before you travel because saturday is very heavy snow coming down. we'll take another look at that drought monitor update and vianey gets us out. busy in both directions. at least it's moving. there are a couple of things you should probably have a heads up about. we are seeing a report and down through the south bay i was checking in to see what was going on for tonight and for tomorrow, you know, just in case you're getting ready to head out for a night out in downtown san jose tomorrow there is an event, the mma fights. if you have been around the s.a.p. center at that time it gets busy right along those streets another thing you want to watch out for and look out for is going to be this construction project to bear creek road. they will have a couple of
5:41 am
detour areas through this stretch as they work to sort of rebuild some of these areas near boulder creek. heading down to the south bay, we're doing okay. you're looking at about seven minutes. north bay drive times right now, we are seeing a little bit of slowing from westbound 37 sonoma boulevard to lakeville highway. it's starting to build. back to you. >> thanks, vianey. coming up next the operator error that ruined more than just one business and the changes that is on the menu for this restaurant to improve safety. ♪ i keep on falling in and out
5:42 am
of love with you ♪ >> falling into a historic registry. from historic recordings and speeches, coming up this morning we are going to look at this year's new inductees including one with deep bay area roots. much more ahead on "today in the bay."
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right now at 5:44 taking a
5:45 am
look at storm ranger where we are seeing some spotty, light showers moving through. it's nice to see the rain and we do have more ahead. we also have a look at how much more rain to forecast and a drought monitor coming up. >> we are seeing some delays in the tri-valley right now. westbound 580 grant line road to 680, 25 minutes. a couple of delays westbound 84 into 680, about 13 minutes. a closer look at how the rest of up bay area drives are doing coming up. thank you very much. breaking right now just in to our newsroom the latest weekly jobless numbers are out. labor department says 185,000 people filed first-time claims. that's 18,000 more than the previous week. it's also slightly higher than forecast. another 1.4 million filed claims.
5:46 am
lower than expected. a shipment of weapons to ukraine including helicopters. >> and some armored personnel carriers got their start in san jose, scott. the m-113 armored personnel carrier, several hundred are right now on their way to ukraine but they do know the way to san jose. some in action, they were built on coleman avenue in san jose over near the airport starting in the '60s. they built them nonstop for 30 years. they became baa systems before the factory was torn down in the '90s. it's now home of the earthquakes. for years this spot was called home loaded on nearby train tracks. now they are still in active use today particularly by reserve and state militias. this is an ambulance. with the idaho national guard. can we say every m113 is from
5:47 am
san jose? a few other countries like israel kept building them under license. the pentagon spokesperson says all the weapons going to ukraine are coming out of inventory from america. so, yeah, from san jose. >> today the president announced and authorized another presidential drawdown of security assistance valued at up to an additional $800 million. tailored to meet urgent ukrainian needs for today's fight as russian forces shift the focus of their ruthless aggression to eastern ukraine. this authorization is the seventh such drawdown of equipment from dod inventories since august of 2021. >> other news, a battle is brewing between texas and washington. the texas governor who is no fan of president biden has ordered state patrol to double, a check
5:48 am
for how man smuggling. he ordered one border crossing to return to normal checks and normal flow. he's offering rides to immigrants seeking asigh limb. if they want the governor says they can get a ride from texas to washington, d.c. here they are being dropped off in the nation's capital. these folks asking for asylum generally speaking are allowed to cross into america. they are allowed to stay here while the court considers their appeal. the white house response is, thanks for the ride. >> these are all migrants who are free to travel, so it's nice the stays of texas is helping them get to their final destination. they're all in immigration proceedings. >> we're watching everything
5:49 am
happening in washington including that shipment of weapons so huge, $800 million worth. we'll talk about it as we go through the day. on twitter i'm @scottmcgrew. a restaurant trying to get past a tough break that left its business in pieces. this car smashed into a dining parklet outside of the restaurant. it happened early sunday morning and forced the restaurant to close for two days. the owner said it cost more than $40,000 in damage. the driver let them know and to get the insurance information. he's now getting a loan to replace the parklet but this time with a train storage container to keep everyone safe. trying to pinpoint what
5:50 am
sparked the weekend fire that destroyed the south bay home depot. the san jose fire department now confirms the agency hopped onboard yet. saturday's fire threatened nearby homes sending thick plumes of smoke into the sky. they will assist the atf in determining that cause. get the latest updates on the just click on sj home depot fire in the trending bar. trending this morning what is a legendary rock band, a 15-time grammy winning singer/songwriter and disneyland's most famous song all have in common? >> this is for all time by the library of congress. ♪ don't stop believing ♪
5:51 am
>> i love his voice. the way his upper register is just so cool. journey's single "don't stop believing" among those titles selected. each year 25 recordings are selected. other recordings selected include alicia keys' album "songs in a minor." the audio of hank aaron's 715th home run called by milo hamilton in 1974. and the original version of "it's a small world" by the disneyland boys choir in 1964. wow. also, franklin d. roosevelt, complete presidential speeches from 1933 to 1945. >> and it's a small world, once you get that in your head. >> don't do it. >> i'm going to listen to kari
5:52 am
this morning. in my head. >> that over "baby shark" any day. >> i have that one, too. let's just move on so it doesn't stick. radar this morning, great to see rain coming through. it's been nice to see some wet weather and we're shaking the extreme heat for a little while as we see some widespread rain across the region. this is what we've been missing as we get a closer look. the rain for us is not that heavy. we are just going to see just enough rain and it's affecting our morning drive. we see some of the light rain moving through. just as we got that update of the drought monitor how widespread it is across the west and critical areas from agriculture to where a lot of our reservoirs are seeing that now the drought continues to
5:53 am
worsen from severe to extreme and now we have 95.75% of our state in a severe drought so that's really not good news. as we do get some rain moving through we will continue to watch that and the updates today. hour by hour we start to see this really having an impact on the north bay. it's going to be fairly light. tomorrow looks mostly dry. our next round of rain coming in on saturday. much more significant as we are looking at the possibility of about half an inch of rain or more for the north bay and then about a quarter inch or less for areas south of the golden gate bridge. but with the next round of rain in all we could see over an inch of rain for the north bay. san francisco could see more than three-quarters of an inch of rain and possibly a good amount in the tri-valley as well. that's once again with the rain that's moving through over the weekend. so with the widespread rain also
5:54 am
more sierra snow. we take a break on easter sunday and we do continue into next week with several more chances of rain and maybe even next weekend could be soggy as well. our temperatures stay seasonable, warming up from what we've had recently especially tomorrow coming down a few degrees on saturday because of the rain. we'll see a mix of sun and clouds and rain returning into wednesday. vianey, heading out on the roads it doesn't seem like it's too soggy just yet. look at the bay bridge. the metering lights are turning on a little later. take a look at this, moving along quite smathly and in oakland 880 a typical hot spot.
5:55 am
there was an earlier crash. it could be causing some slowing and delays as well. this is right after exit 31. you see the right-hand shoulder is blocked so, again, getting really busy both directions in oakland. back to you. more investments as part of governor newsom's housing initiative in the east bay. the city of berkeley received more than $16 million as part of project homekey that will be used to convert a hotel into housing for the homeless. the state awarded more than a billion since launching the program. stanford nurses threatening to strike. the demands they're asking for and details before they walk off the job. video of a fire overnight at a food processing facility south
5:56 am
of the bay area. the risk for residents being told to stay in their home. new aid to ukraine. breaking down the new funds the united states is providing. details on an apparent missile attack targeting a key russian warship. a lot more news ahead. 5:56. you're watching "today in the bay."
5:57 am
this is elodia. she's a recording artist. 1 of 10 million people that comcast has connected to affordable internet in the last 10 years. and this is emmanuel, a future recording artist, and one of the millions of students we're connecting throughout the next 10. through projectup, comcast is committing $1 billion so millions more students, past... and present, can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities.
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welcome back. 5:58 for you and you're watching "today in the bay." about 5,000 stanford nurses are threatening to go on strike in less than two weeks. those nurses are now in the second week of working with expired contracts working for competitive wages as well as help with staffing. if not they say they will strike on april 25th. stanford sent out a statement, if the strike takes place both hospitals will remain open and our community can continue to count on the safe, high-quality care while we respect our nurses' rights to engage in this work action, we are disappointed that the union has chosen to strike. new research finds health care workers diagnosised with covid were most likely exposed in the work place. the cdc study found the majority of help care exposures happened where they work. researchers focused on data from
6:00 am
march 2020 through the end of march 2021. of those who reported testing positive, half were exposed at the work place. 35% at home. 25% from the community. right now at 6:00, the war in ukraine reaches 50 days. >> their morale shaky, their leadership even worse. >> overnight a successful missile attack. aship suffered major damage in the black sea. we're live with the latest as the crisis continues. and some students in the south bay may need to change schools soon. the key vote that may change one elementary school's future. breaking news on california's extreme drought. the latest update is out. more rain is on the way. this is "today in the bay." and a good thursday morning


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