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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  April 14, 2022 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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about t. also playing by a new set of rules. california clarifies protocols for those exposed to covid but not knowing symptoms. >> the news at 6:00 starts right now, thanks for joining us, i'm jessica aguirre. >> i'm raj mathai. let's start with jeff ranieri. as we head into friday and easter weekend, what are you seeing? >> we are going to have dry spots in between, but we looking at another storm back behind this. you can see how things really kind of moved in, i just update totals before i came out here. corte madeira doing the best. there is a hope for a few more showers to come toward the south bay as we head through tonight. you'll see on the current scan of storm ranger, it's mainly
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light to moderate rainfall. over to the east bay and you'll see the rain over concord right now. a little bit more off to the south we're seeing the rain showers off to hayward. dublin would keep that activity through 6:05 and livermore 6:31. now san jose, again, it's been slow going as we talked about, but there's showers from milpitas to san jose. we'll talk more particulars about this next storm system for easter weekend, i'll get you ready to go in about 15 minutes. google announced it is going to invest billions of dollars in california to help more people make it in the bay. and a huge chunk of that money is being set aside for the downtown west development. which is going to create thousands of jobs and the housing to go with it. we have a look at the tech company's plans and why not everyone is happy about it.
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>> reporter: we are right across the street from the s.a.p. center. and you see that building? that is part of the new office space google plans to build here. the company saying today it wants to double down on its investments. . >> we're also here making sure we're not taking our foot off the gas. >> reporter: they will invest more than $3.5 billion, including offices in sunnyvale and los angeles. >> most significantly for this conversation, this downtown west. >> reporter: they will create 25,000 new jobs, 4,000 new homes, 1,000 of which will be affordable housing and provide half a million in grants. >> the google investment is going to be an investment in the children in that household,
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allowing them to remain stable and happy and healthy. >> reporter: but not everybody is happy about google's expansion. many sounding off on twitter. one writing promoting the diversity of san jose while bringing in google which will accelerate displacement of people of color. the congresswoman had questions at first but after seeing the plan is confident. >> they are building parks, trails, retail. it's going to be a very nice facility as well as a workplace. >> reporter: the mayor agrees. >> those are a lot of folks who will be filling gyms, restaurants, cafes and all the amenities. it will revitalize the downtown. >> reporter: this investment is
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one of the largest. >> that's a big deal. here's another big deal, and there's no deal yet. a lot of drama unfolding for twitter after elon musk wants to buy the san francisco company. just days after announcing he bought a 9% stake in twitter, musk announced his plan today to buy the entire company for $43 billion and then take it private, buying out all the investors. this would impact thousands of bay area twitter employees. usually when someone offers to buy stock for more than its listed the price starts going up. but today shares of twitter actually dropped, going lower. reaction in silicon valley was mixed. we spoke with someone who runs another social media company. >> he's a very bright guy. i'm sure he knows what he's doing. i think it's okay to have somebody like that come into social media and shake it up.
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it's important. >> and right now the world is really struggling with threats to democracy in a number of countries. and so someone who is going to take a very extreme perspective on free speech is putting at risk, i think, people whose lives are in danger right now. >> musk has indicated previously that he wants everyone to be able to access twitter, people even like president trump who's no longer allowed on that platform. late today twitter had an emergency employees meeting. the company and its board have not yet made a decision on musk's offer. answers to a big mystery that circulated for months. exactly what happened at the oak ridge shopping mall last december. swarms of police descended on the stores over reports of a possible shooting inside. officer left without any explanation. today police announced they've arrested three young men, you
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saw them there, for what really was a shooting. video was released showing a man being approached by a man and his girl. the victim pulled a gun out and began firing at the robbers. police say he used a ghost gun. the spokesman said it was pure luck that no one was hit. >> looks like he fired those 15 rounds in a matter of seconds. prior to the robbery, can you see how crowded the mall was. nobody really knew what was happening until they heard the gunshots and people started running. >> police say they kept this incident a mystery so that the suspects wouldn't know investigators were looking for them. 18-year-old nalen hobson plattner is charged with attempted murder. the other two with robbery. the case has gang ties but they aren't releasing much other information at this time. tonight a student at san jose state is calling for a
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conversation about improving student safety after she says she was harassed on campus. nbc bay area spoke with the student and with campus police about the unique challenges that come with having an open campus. >> i was, you know, at a table. i was trying to get some last-minute homework done. >> reporter: alena was at the student union wednesday evening studying when she says a man came up to her and asked her a bunch of questions that made her feel uncomfortable. >> i tried to tell him, please try to find another student, try to find someone else. he wouldn't stop bothering me. >> reporter: he left and then came back again and insisted on talking with her some more. alena says she went to the bowling alley downstairs and hid. >> 30 minutes of a, i started panicking. >> reporter: san jose state is equipped with these blue light zones that allow students to call police, but where she was
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in the student union, she says there weren't any nearby. university police actually got several calls that day about the same man. they say he's not affiliated with the university. >> they were able to determine that the suspect or the individual was undergoing a mental health crisis. >> reporter: captain frank dell castro says officers connected this man with help. he notes the university is an open campus, so anyone has access to spots hike the student union. >> certainly if there's criminal activity or someone's acting in a manner that endangers the community we need to know about t. >> reporter: alena hopes this ips tent sparks a campus-wide conversation about helping students like her feel safe while also being thoughtful to community members who pass through. alyssa gord, nbc bay area news. new at 6:00, antioch is taking an unprecedented step, showing the support for the
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lgbtq community, by frying the pride flag all year. >> reporter: the flag will be displayed for all of 2022. the mayor says reports of recent homophobic attitudes being expressed spurred them to take the move. >> we're going to do our damneddest. >> i have this in front of my house. >> reporter: the newer progress pride flag which is more inclusive is being flown, but not everybody's happy antioch is displaying a pride flag. >> we have the united states of america flag.
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we have california flag and the city of antioch flag. why do we need another flag? >> reporter: two council members voted against it. >> i was contacted, what about us in november? police officers say what about us? firefighters say what about snus. >> we fly one flag for eight months that are left it doesn't leave us room to do something for anybody else. >> reporter: other organizations can request their flag be flown as well, but many think it's needed. >> i love my hometown flying the pride flag. >> reporter: they're sending a strong statement that the lgbtq community has a place in the city and can be celebrated year
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round. >> it can be a model for many cities to do, and raising the flag for the rest of the year is a huge step and a huge symbol. >> reporter: it will remain up through december 31st. up next, a food processing center catches fire. it caused thousands of people to evacuate homes nearby. and i'll continue our climate coverage and take a look at the extreme weather we've been seeing over the past couple weeks.
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operation here. custom-made pinatas are the shop's speciality. can you find just about every shape, theme and character. she and her husband have been following all of the state's covid-19 guidelines until now. >> for us, we would prefer employees stay home this will they test negative. >> reporter: the state's health department is no longer requiring a five-day quarantine for any one who's asymptomatic, however, they do suggest you get tested three to five days after being exposed. during the peak of the pandemic, she had at least one employee calling in sick every week. >> one person out, it really impacts us. >> reporter: but at the same time, she and her husband realize that if an asymptomatic employee comes to work and gets everybody sick it will hurt this family business big time. >> i'm the only one that makes
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the body here. >> reporter: they decided to keep employees home unless necessary. >> i think we can do it without one employee. if it's several, i may have to rethink that. >> reporter: after reaching out to county health departments in the bay area, nearly all are in line with the state, except for alameda county. they will determine if they still require asymptomatic people to be in quarantine. it could be a good idea when cases start to rise. >> i think we are going to see more cases. >> reporter: so now we need to keep an eye on our hospitalization rates. in san jose, stephanie magallon. it's no secret that staffing is a big problem for police. today it may get worse. in an hours' long hearing they presented data, and the staffing
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numbers look grim. in the past six months, staffing has declined by 8%. that put the department nearly 500 officers short of its recommended level. as a result, they're reducing foot patrol in some neighborhoods, and it is going to take longer to respond to non-emergency calls. why such a dramatic shortage in they are shifting to other cities and counties that are offering higher pay and signing bonuses. they are offering incentives. a tense night in salinas. it broke out at the taylor farms food processing plant and forced nearly 3,000 people who live nearby to evacuate. another 35,000 were told to stay inside of their homes and condos and apartments with their windows closed. the taylor farms plant is known for packaging salads. at one point, firefighters worry
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that this could cause an explosion, leading to ammonia leaks. all hazardous materials have been secured, and the fire is now out. thankfully, no injuries were reported. let's bring in jeff ranieri. let's talk about the rain we're seeing right now. there's going to be multiple chances of rain. >> two more storms back behind this one. some really good news in the extended forecast. eventually tomorrow we will get a little bit of a break. we will take a full look at that rainfall and our radar in just a bit. but i want to continue our climate coverage tonight. we all know we've been experiencing extreme weather this season. we can attribute that to climate change. we psa.
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and now we flip the switch and we've got the storm track and rainfall moving overhead. let's get a closer look at pna. this is all about the jet stream connection from japan to the west coast. we monitor this to see how that storm track is flowing. when it comes to pna, there's two different phase, positive pna brings dry weather, negative pna brings wet weather. we're in a negative phase. the chances of more rainfall next week. let me show you how things are look on this wide map here. just as i showed you, you can see the storm activity from japan hitting us here across the west coast. when it comes to that rainfall, we're looking at our next storm system next saturday. and we get another system to bring us a half to one inch of rainfall. really looking up for us next
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week. be careful if you're headed out to run any errands this evening. it's going to pick up about 6:30 tonight. we're going to be done with this as we head into very early tomorrow morning. for the commute we're going to start it off dry, just a little bit of cloud cover for san jose and gilroy, and plantive sunshine as we head through the tay tomorrow. we're going to start with widespread 40s. keep that jacket with you. daytime highs tomorrow, awesome rebound for us, going up to 69 in livermore, 67 here in san jose. that storm system for the weekend also shaping up for us, really looks like it's going to hit 5:00 a.m. on saturday, heavy, heavy downpours, scattered rain and by saturday afternoon we get drying in here. overall rainfall total, about a half inch for everyone except for san jose. we'll be at a quarter inch or
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less. we're still dry on easter. by next thursday, that next possible storm system into next friday. we could see a half to over one inch. very, very excited about that. we've got lots of time to get there, but this is what we need to keep that fire danger away right now. >> it feels like winter. >> flashback. up next, a car plows right into this coffee shop. the story behind this mess in the north bay. stay with us.
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this is elodia. she's a recording artist. of a new chevy truck with accessories. 1 of 10 million people that comcast has connected to affordable internet in the last 10 years. and this is emmanuel, a future recording artist, and one of the millions of students we're connecting throughout the next 10. through projectup, comcast is committing $1 billion so millions more students, past... and present, can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities. take a look. a chaotic early morning crash in the north bay. a suspected drunk driver crashed into a coffee shop in santa rosa. look at that. first responders had to use the jaws of life to rescue the driver. we're working to find out now his condition. police do say that he will be facing dui charges.
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>> he is a high-profile attorney, but now he's taking on wells fargo. ben crump has joined a racial disparity case against wells fargo. the suit claims wells fargo charged a black homeowner more. a $40,000 scholarship from amazon. congratulations to selma. she's one of the recipients. there are 250 winners from underserved communities across the u.s. they're also entitled to a paid internship at amazon after their freshman year. will a school in the south bay be changing? the decision impacting hundreds
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of families. let's take a look inside 30 rock, inside the control room. lester holt is preparing for nightly news. the new twist on an old crime. cryptocurrency romance scams on the rise. the warning from the fbi to americans looking for love. lester joins us in about three minutes. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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well, happening now, a decision is being made on whether hundreds of south bay
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students will be going to a new school next fall. >> alum rock is determining whether to turn the elementary school into a school for preschool and kindergarten. the board blames declining enrollment. is it a hostile takeover? and do twitter employees want to happen? elon musk offering to buy twitter. but coming up next. a significant blow to russia's war effort. one of russia's most important warships caught fire and sunk. so who's responsible? lester holt joins us from new york right now. tonight a major blow to the russian war effort in ukraine. russia saying its premiere warship has sunk in the black sea. the ukrainians claiming their forces launched a missile strike on the ship, forcing the crew to evacuate russia blaming the damage on an
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accidental fire. our team on the ground in ukraine with the invasion now in its 50th day also tonight, elon musk making a surprise multi-billion dollar offer to buy twitter the backlash and how what could happen next could change the media landscape. the suspect in the new york subway shooting making his first court appearance prosecutors alleging the attack was entirely premeditated. what happened when he faced a federal judge? protests in michigan over video showing a police officer fatally shooting patrick lyoya in a struggle during a traffic stop the family speaking out today. severe storms leaving destruction in the southeast and on the move in the north, and deadly wildfires forcing new evacuations in the west pfizer announcing booster shots raised covid antibodies in children 5 to 11, including against omicron. how soon could kids get them our series, crypto universe a new twist on romance scams costing


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