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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 15, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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a good morning to you on this friday. thank you for making us a part of your morning. >> i'm marcus washington. >> i'm ginger conejero. laura garcia is off today. we're broadcasting not only to your tv, you can catch us on roku, amazon fire, apple tv, and online. >> we're going to get to traffic in just a bit, but first we'll start with the forecast. it is friday and we love the friday forecast. >> good friday at that and we're going to see a little more sunshine today, warmer temperatures. as we get a live look outside in san francisco, it may still be a little wet from overnight sprinkles, but we are on a drying trend as temperatures start out in the high 40s and low 50s. livermore is 49 degrees, 44 in saint helena and today we'll see temperatures reaching into the mid to upper 60s, a few spots hitting 71 degrees. it's going to be overall a really nice day. we'll be talking more about that as well as the rain coming back into the forecast coming up in a
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few minutes. ginger? >> thanks a lot, kari. the crisis in hard-hit mariupol growing more intense overnight. this is new drone footage showing the devastation there, with the war now in its seventh week. the head of the u.n. world food program says ukrainians there are being starved to death. the problem should worsen for those still stuck. the u.s. department of state says it will only re-establish a diplomatic presence in ukraine when it is safe and practical to do so. meanwhile, two gop lawmakers visited ukraine's capitol of kyiv yesterday, becoming the first u.s. lawmakers to do so since the war broke out. montana senator steven daines and indiana house member victoria sparts say the world needs to see what vladimir putin is doing. meanwhile, new developments in the sinking of a russian flagship in the black sea. ukraine is claiming success.
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russia has a different take. but now vows to renew air assaults on kyiv. "today in the bay's" brie jackson is live in washington. tell us what we're learning about that sinking. >> reporter: good morning, ginger. u.s. officials say that this is a major strategic and symbolic defeat for russian forces. one of russia's premier warships under water in the black sea this morning. ukrainians claim their cruise missiles inflicted heavy damage, causing the ship to sink. >> we cannot confirm the ukrainian reports that it was hit by a missile, but we are also not in a position to refute that. >> reporter: russia put the blame on ammunition detonating on board. no matter the cause, experts say it is another setback for russian forces. u.s. officials warn russian
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president vladimir putin may consider using nuclear weapons. >> we've watched for that intently. it's one of our most important responsibilities at cia. >> reporter: ukraine is bracing for a major offensive in the east. president zelenskyy blasting european countries who country to rely on russian oil, helping to fund russia's war, saying -- we don't understand how you can make money out of blood. putin claims europe has no alternative and warns attempts to phase out russian gas imports would have a negative impact on western economies. as fierce battles continue, president biden says he's not ruling out sending u.s. officials to ukraine. >> are you sending u.s. officials to ukraine? >> we're making that decision now. >> reporter: as we await a decision on that, $800 million on military aid is now on its way. u.s. military officials say that russia only had three of these
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type of vessels and they were designed for air defense and this is, once again, a blow for russia's military efforts. ginger? >> thanks a lot, brie. i will still continue to be on ukraine there in the coming weeks. 5:03 this morning, many parents frustrated in san jose this morning after learning their neighborhood elementary school will be turned into an early learning center. this is only for pre-k through kindergarten. "today in the bay's" sharon katsuda is live with the board's vote. >> reporter: many parents came out to say they just moved to the school after another school closure. about 200 students at cesar chavez school will now have to move to one of three different schools nearby, elementary schools next year. >> they're basically taking out the third to fifth graders. we're trying to keep our schools
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open in our community. >> environment really matters for these children. they may not have the language, but their brains are ready to learn. >> reporter: board members vote for pre-k through kindergarten. they say it's part of meeting initiatives to help jump-start kids' learning before age 5, a year of school to bridge preschool and kindergarten. many parents said they moved to cesar chavez after their former school closed, but some parents praised the district for doing early learning efforts, but they sympathize with the parents who will have to find new schools this fall. i'm sharon katsuda, "today in the bay." >> parents are upset, moving school to school, year after year. thanks, sharon. bay area asian american leaders are talking about a new infusion of cash to help
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anti-asian hate. california is getting ready to distribute $14 million in grants to dozens of groups, including about 20 right here in the bay area, all of it focused on combatting the surge of attacks during the pandemic on asian americans and pacific islanders. one state lawmaker leading the charge explains the way the money will be used. >> one of the most vulnerable populations are seniors and you have an organization that will do senior escorts. we saw many seniors afraid of going to the grocery store, waiting at a bus stop or afraid of taking a morning walk. they've established escort services in san francisco and they're going to increase that and do that also in san mateo county. that is one way to go and expand that. >> this is just the first release of roughly $110 million in state money to be divvied out to organizations over the next few years. governor newsom authorized the
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plan in his budget last year. a new study to test for covid using your breath. the fda gave approval for what it says is the first device that can detect covid in breath samples. the test used is a breathalyzer machine about the size of a piece of luggage and it identifies chemicals associated with the virus and gives results in under three minutes. the fda says it is 91% accurate in identifying positive samples. people who do get a positive result should follow up with a pcr test. the breath bay area leaders are authorizing new help for people behind on their water bills. council members approved a new program that will provide up to its preliminary stages and it's
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not yet clear how many households will qualify for the program or when applications will become available. taking a live look from sausalito this morning. take a look at the golden gate bridge. hey, it is friday, good friday, indeed. meteorologist kari hall is tracking what we can expect from the weather today. >> we are starting out with dryer conditions, although on your drive to work there may be some puddles and a little bit of water kicked up on the roads from the cars in front of you. watch out for that. taking a look at how much rain we need to catch up to normal, about 7.5 inches of rain needed in santa rosa just to catch up to normal. yesterday we had the drought update showing that we are still in a severe to extreme drought. it is nice to see we do have some rain coming our way. we are dry today. later tonight we see the return of rain, and it just becomes more widespread as we approach sunrise on saturday morning. we'll talk about how much rain
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we could see coming up and vianey has a look at what's going on where some cheaper gas prices are. >> we hunt around and see where they're offering a little bit less painful gas prices, although still expensive. but here's some great options for parts of the bay area. take a look at this. in newark it's going to be end oil on thornton avenue, gas there is $5.59 a gallon. if you're in the city, royal gas on bay shor boulevard will be your cheapest option and in palo alto gas is $5.33 at the palo alto gas and smog on san antonio road. so just some locations where you can hopefully make it go a little further because it's a little more -- i wouldn't say affordable, just a little cheaper. let's talk about your traffic, because there have been a couple of spots that have some accidents that have popped up. here's a closer look at san
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jose. let's get right to the initial crash and this one, i see a second crash pop up behind it. probably unrelated. looks like a third crash along southbound 680. you'll notice slowing through parts of lafayette and or rain da. >> check this story out, our climate in crisis, coming up, an all electric airplane could soon take flight. the way it could revolutionize air travel. >> and a secret mission to ukraine that we can finally tell you about when "today in the bay" continues.
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happy friday to you. it is 5:12. let's check out santa rosa. we're starting out at about 44 degrees right now. you see clouds rolling by, maybe a little bit of mist. it's going to clear out today as temperatures reach into the mid-50s at lunchtime, continuing to warm up to the low 60s. we'll get a look at all of our microclimates and talk about saturday rain in your forecast coming up. >> and let's get a check of your peninsula drive times this morning. southbound 101 from van ness avenue to sfo, 11 minutes. southbound 101 from highway 92 to shoreline boulevard, nine minutes. i'll have a closer look at accidents popping up near vallejo that could impact your commute coming up. good morning, good friday to you as well. it is good friday and passover so the markets are closed today. the rate on a 30-year mortgage just passed 5%. it was just a couple weeks ago i
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told you about 30 years passing over 4%. elon musk spoke about his attempt to take over twitter at a ted talk yesterday in vancouver. this as the twitter board tries to figure out ways to stop him from buying the company outright. musk talked about his desire to free up speech on twitter but acknowledged even a twitter with him in charge would limit hate speech and calls for violence. he also spoke out against the securities and exchange commission, calling the staff at the s.e.c. san francisco office, quote, those, and then a bad word that you can't say on television, unless you're talking about a quentin terrentino movie. this is a community party in marin county to raise money for people in ukraine. some of the kids wrote pen pal letters and a san francisco ceo
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snuck over the border between slovakia and ukraine a short time ago to deliver those letters and supplies. a really short time ago. he asked us to wait to tell everybody about this until he was safely back across the border. and he was delivering those supplies to his ukrainian-based employees and families, and i spoke to him on webcam just before the crossing. >> so going to ukraine first thing in the morning and bringing a bunch of supplies to my team and we've got a busy day meeting with different folks on my team and bringing supplies to the different constituents there. >> are you nervous? >> a little bit nervous. we're right close to the border and we went and saw some of the refugees today and, yeah, it's scary. >> andy runs a company called just answer, one of a number of silicon valley leaders who figured out long before the war that ukraine was actually a
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place to find smart people in tech. the company says it's been doing its best to help from afar, but andy says it was time for something more, especially for one employee who needed medicine. >> got a bunch of big bags here. here's a bag filled with a bunch of body armor. here is another bag. a first aid kit, a bunch of these stop the bleed. another suitcase with insulin supplies. >> insulin is particularly important for one employee who was having trouble getting it. just the amount of stuff he is going to bring across, or brought across, i should say, because he's now safely back into the slovakia, and we can talk about his trip. >> that's very interesting. can't wait to hear that. pretty cool.
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>> how many more trips is he planning after this one? >> he's keeping it a secret for now, but if he does another one, i'll tell you after he's safely back. >> i like the way you do that. >> very heartwarming story there. when it comes to improving our climate in crisis, we typically talk about reducing fuel-burning cars, but how about airplanes? one company is ready to roll out its answer, what you might call the world's first all electric airplane. the commuter jet will likely take its first test flight this summer. its makers tell nbc's tom costello it has the potential to greatly reduce the carbon footprint, not to mention saves money on costly jet fuel. they say they're now working on a plane that could carry not just nine, but 100 passengers. >> wow. now, april 22nd is earth day, all next week, nbc news and nbc bay area will focus on our climate in crisis, and give you
5:18 am
ways that you can help our planet. it's all part of our earth week coverage, which begins on monday. and trending this morning, have you ever left something in an airport and never got it back? gosh, i lose stuff all the time. well, we know where it may have ended up. >> so there's one store in alabama selling lost luggage never reunited with its owners and it's had its share of suitcase surprises. >> a live rattlesnake within the side pocket of a duffle bag. we have a cowboy hat signed by mohammed ali. there's a tinker bell made of paper mache. >> wow. i've always wanted to go, when i lived in tennessee i thought i could drive down. if you're interested, you can watch the full story at nbc lx or you can watch it on xfinity at channel 185 or over the air
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at channel 11-5. >> do they have good deals or is it just -- >> they sell it all. >> wow. >> i'm like, where is the clothes and the sunglasses? >> there's really good stuff that you can find because when the luggage gets lost and the airlines pay you for it, the compensation thing, that's where they send it. >> i'm keeping my eye on that and on the weather this weekend. a lot of stuff is going on. >> all kinds of changes. >> easter weekend. >> you want to make sure it's nice for the egg hunt and everything that you're doing this weekend. let's take a look at where we're starting this morning, and i know you've got to get to work. we're seeing clouds rolling through in the south bay and it's starting to dry out here. let's take a look at the rainfall totals. if you can believe it, we had 3 1/2 inches of rain over the past 24 hours at mount tam, and at mount saint helena, 1/2 of an
5:20 am
inch of rain. san francisco had 1/4 inch of rain yesterday, so it was a nice soaking for areas in san francisco and northward. the next round of rain will be more for all of us and maybe more of a focus on the peninsula and the santa cruz mountains. we start to see that around sunrise tomorrow morning. as we go hour-by-hour, we see the rain clearing out by tomorrow evening, so it's not going to be a total washout. just whatever you have planned early in the day, it may be a little soggy. take a look at temperatures today. we're warming up a couple more degrees as we head for the mid-60s in oakland. livermore reaching 68 degrees. tomorrow because of the start with the clouds and the rain, it won't be as warm. we're reaching mainly mid-60s around the bay area. and then on sunday as you're planning to get out, it will be beautiful and sunny. we're seeing rain starting to
5:21 am
reach in and it comes in tonight with about 1/2 inch of rain possible. next week we have several more storms headed our way and it's fairly active to be the end of april. it's been so dry this season, we welcome it at any point. we are going to see much more rain headed our way going into next week. our near-term forecast, once again the focus will be the rain overnight and early tomorrow morning. easter is looking perfect. i don't know if it gets any better than 70 and sunny. next week we are going to continue on monday and we also get rain coming in on tuesday. vianey, how are the roads looking? >> we have a sigalert to tell you about in the vallejo area, not one but two. they're on completely differently highways. the first one is going to be a sigalert along westbound 80 at tennessee street. there are several lanes blocked. you can see the heavy backup delays due to an earlier crash. there is a second sigalert being reported along westbound 37, also because of an earlier crash
5:22 am
that is blocking several lanes. so if you're traveling through the vallejo area, you definitely want to take surface streets. i'll go ahead and send it back to you. >> thank you. 5:21 this morning, and next on "today in the bay," nbc bay area responds. >> if you're not quite ready to file your income tax returns, it's okay. you can get an extension. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. i'll show you how next.
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now, usually that means that today would be tax day, but not this year. the deadline is next tuesday, april 18th. >> so if you still have not prepared, you can actually get six extra months to file. consumer investigator chris chmura is going to show us how easy it is. >> if you're not ready to file your 1040 tax return, it's okay. there is no reason to panic. the irs will let you file for an automatic extension. let's look at how. the good news is everyone can file electronically, either using tax software or at you're basically filling out form 4868. it's really simple. just nine questions. they don't even ask why you're going to miss the deadline. you submit knit minutes and that's it. just make sure you file it before this year's deadline,
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april 18th. the irs will contact you only if your request is denied. otherwise, filing this form gives you until october 15th to file a return. easy. but getting an extension to file your return is not an extension to pay. the irs says you must estimate your tax liability and should also pay any amount due by april 18th. so what about state income taxes? well, here in california same rules apply. actually easier. the state says we give you an automatic six-month extension to file your return and no application is required. but same as dc, sacramento wants its money now. you have to pay what you owe by april 18th to avoid penalties and interest. >> we've got to circle there y next stop stories we're of commuters, but at what cost?
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the details on a controversial just approved plan. >> and developments overnight in the new york city subway shooting investigation. details on the tip that helped police track down the suspect. >> reporter: the vaccine mandate delayed for students in california, while later today in oakland a decision on whether to extend its mask mandate for schools. you're watching "today in the bay."
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find your purpose at grand canyon university. visit right now at 5:30, new
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uncertainty for some bay area schools. this after governor newsom but covid vaccine requirements on hold. we have new details and one bay area district now debating the future of masking rules. >> and added safety measures coming to more b.a.r.t. stations, license plate readers. the details on the plan and concerns it's raising among opponents. >> a frenzy causing headaches at the oakland coliseum. today's new debate over the oakland strays and how to limit them from multiplying. this is "today in the bay." good morning. i'm ginger conejero. >> and i'm marcus washington. oakland strays, i like that. >> new name, i like it. >> don't forget this morning we're not only here on television. you can take us on the go. we're on roku, amazon fire, apple tv, and online. >> let's start with taking a look at the forecast.
5:31 am
it is friday, we're looking forward to it. kari, what do you got for us? >> it's nice to have a bit of a break, but great to see rain coming back. as you're heading out for work in oakland, we can leave the umbrellas at home. temperatures are in the upper 40s, so definitely a heavier jacket needed. it's going to warm up nicely as we head for 64 degrees there. 69 in san jose and 71 in san martin. in santa rosa look for a high of 64 degrees. we are going to have some cooler weather tomorrow as the rain arrives. i'll have more on that in the forecast as we are going to see some widespread rain for part of your day on saturday. i'll have the timeline of that and some events going on this weekend in a few minutes. >> thank you. students in california won't have to roll up their sleeves this year for a covid vaccine. >> "today in the bay's" bob redell joins us live from pleasanton. the state says it's delaying the vaccine mandate for students, is that right? >> reporter: correct. good morning to you, ginger, marcus. you might recall last fall golf
5:32 am
newsom announced that california would become the first state in the country to mandate covid shots for kids in schools. yesterday newsom announced that it is delaying that mandate until at least next summer, which would be 2023. the governor says the state is waiting for the fda to give full approval for the vaccines for seventh through 12th grade. currently it's approved for 16 years of age and up and there's only an energy use authorization in place for kids ages 5-15. today is the east bay we'll learn whether or not students in oakland will still need to mask up in class. the school district says they'll be putting out an announcement today. despite california lifting its indoor mask mandate for schools last month, oakland unified is the largest bay area school district that still requires masks indoors for all elementary, middle and high school students. reporting live, bob redell,
5:33 am
"today in the bay." >> thanks, bob. new this morning, b.a.r.t. leaders have approved a new plan to install license plate readers at parking lots system-wide. this will ex stand the pilot program in place at the mcarthur b.a.r.t. station. the cost, nearly $2.5 million. it comes after years of concerns raised by privacy advocates. b.a.r.t. stopped using license plate readers in 2016 because of concerns information would be shared with outside agencies like i.c.e. no word yet on the timeline for the expansion. 5:33, and new details emerging this morning on the capture of the suspected new york city subway shooter. nbc's jessie kirch tells us, one teen's social media post was a big help to investigators. >> reporter: good morning, coming up my broadcast exclusive interview with a teenager who says his photos helped the nypd
5:34 am
close in on frank james on wednesday. he posted on twitter images of who he believed to be the suspect from the subway shooting rampage and police saw those images and used that to close in on frank james in the new york city's east bay village in manhattan. we're also learning more from his attorneys that he suffers from leg cramps, asking that he receive a psychiatric evaluation. james has not yet entered a plea. if he is convicted, he could face up to life in prison. we'll have more details from the interview and investigation coming up on "today." now, we're following the latest developments on this shooting on air and online. you can also go to and click on the link on the trending bar, that is where you can get updates 24/7. testimony resumes this morning in the criminal fraud trial for former theranos executive sunny balwani.
5:35 am
on wednesday the former employee testified that he was aware balwani worked hand in hand with founder elizabeth holmes to run the company, but he had no idea they were in a personal relationship. balwani faces similar charges to holmes, who is now awaiting sentencing after being convicted in january. mountain view police this morning are asking for help solving a hate crime at an elementary school. over the weekend someone vandalized a utility room at landels elementary school. so far, investigators are coming up empty on potentially helpful video footage. a live look at the oakland coliseum, and take a look at this, you can't see it from this angle, what you don't see will be the focus of the authority meeting happening later today. what is there lurking in the depths of the stadium right now, a large pack of feral cats. that's what the authority revealed earlier this week,
5:36 am
saying the stadium is being overrun with stray cats and kittens, and it's being compounded by two years of pandemic. animal control teams have already been called in to try to relocate or hopefully adopt the cats out. but next monday the a's will play their home opener, so things might need to move a little faster. other topics today will include the end of stadium covid protocols and an update on the sewage system. look at this. so this is at palisades tahoe and you can see there the snow coming down, the wind is blowing. if you're headed to tahoe this holiday weekend, plan accordingly. winter weather advisories remain in effect. the dangerous driving conditions have caused multiple spinouts over night. train controls are in effect. i know meteorologist kari hall has been tracking that. if you're already up there and you plan to go skiing, this is great news. >> it's great news.
5:37 am
but you have a small window to get there this afternoon, and then tomorrow more snow coming down. we're going to talk about that in a second. let's talk about staying here in san francisco. the cherry blossom festival continues this weekend. tomorrow we'll have a lot of our crew out there representing nbc bay area. we'll start out with showers, but we're going to make sure we do get sunshine at least by the end of the day. sunday if you're planning to do an easter egg hunt in the back yard or at your local church, you're going to see temperatures in walnut creek starting out in the upper 50s and then reaching into the upper 60s. it's going to be perfect. our beach forecast for the weekend is still cool today, but you'll see a mix of sun and clouds from stinson beach to monterey. and the rain once again, especially early in the day. sunday, cool and sunny. for south lake tahoe, we have light snow happening today and it's going to clear out for a little while later this afternoon, road conditions may still be slippery, so take those
5:38 am
chains. tomorrow the snow gets a lot heavier, but it looks like it will be clearing up by the time you're heading back to the bay area on sunday. napa valley, it's going to be nice, reaching into the mid-60s. just make sure you have a jacket. tomorrow you'll need the umbrella. on sunday we're looking at highs in the mid to upper 60s, but pleasant with sunshine and very chilly throughout the morning. you've been tracking a couple of alerts? >> we've got not one, but two sigalerts in the vallejo area. we also have another crash that just popped up causing heavy delays in the east bay. this is along southbound 880 at winston avenue. the number four lane is blocked and they're working to clear that out. if you're going to be traveling through vallejo, you can see westbound 880 at tennessee street, there were previously almost all the lanes blocked, now they have opened some. delays are starting to improve. the overnight sigalert that
5:39 am
happened along 37 at wilson avenue still shows heavy delays from an earlier crash that happened around 1:00 a.m. so expect to see heavy delays through vallejo and slowing along westbound 84 through the tri-valley. back to you. >> thank you. coming up next on "today in the bay," a flag now flying outside of antioch city hall, stirring up some new controversy. we're going to tell you the reason some of the residents are upset. >> the white house says it's seriously considering sending someone to ukraine, but who? we'll take a look when "today in the bay" continues.
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happy friday. right now at 5:41 we're checking out antioch and how the day will shape up. we're starting out with a few clouds and upper 40s at 8:00. at lunchtime it's 60 degrees and we're headed for the mid-60s today with a light wind and feeling really nice. we're also getting ready for more rain. i'll talk about that in the forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> and heads up, east bay commuters, there is a crash along southbound 880 at winston avenue. the number four lane is blocked as you approach the 92 interchange. expect heavy delays. i'll have an update on the sigalerts in vallejo and what to expect in the south bay coming up. 5:42 this morning, and vice president kamala harris is returning to her home state of california on monday.
5:43 am
she will be flying into santa barbara county to visit vandenberg base, which was renamed just last year. the vp will meet with the men and women of space force and u.s. space command and get updates on the work being done to advance u.s. national security. now, the white house is seriously considering sending a, quote, senior official to ukraine. >> scott mcgrew, who exactly could it be? >> it could be a senior defense official, it could be somebody else. it seems unlikely it would be biden or harris. that would be perhaps too provacative. but the white house watched as british prime minister boris johnson walked the streets of kyiv with president zelenskyy. this was an incredible video and a moment of courage for both of them. great britain, of course, a member of nato. earlier this week members from nato members in the baltic visited ukraine as well. we know two members of
5:44 am
congressional, a senator from montana and a representative from indiana, both republicans, just returned from a visit to ukraine. victoria spartz there on the right was born in ukraine, back when it was part of the ussr. the russians now say their missile cruiser moskva has sunk. the ukrainians say they hit it with missiles, the russians say it was damaged because of an accidental firearm on board. american intelligence say we don't know who is telling the truth, but either way for russia to lose one of its flagships literally named after the russian capital, now at the bottom of the sea, is a metaphor too powerful to ignore. the united states next shipment of weapons is on its way, including helicopters, and armored personnel carriers, much bigger weapons than we've sent before. the russians are frustrated and sent a letter of warning to the u.s. the director of the cia talking
5:45 am
about it at a conference said none of us can take lately the threat posed by a potential resort to tact toll nuclear weapons by the russians. it's passever and good friday. the second gentlemen, douglas emhoff helped celebrate with a dinner. >> ever since i was a kid i've been inspired by the story of exodus, at the heart of our seder experience. >> a good holy week to you as well and we'll talk about some of that on social media. on twitter you'll find me @scott mcgrew. prince harry and meghan markle are visiting the united kingdom and they made a special stop to see the queen. they were on their way to the netherlands to attend invictus
5:46 am
games. this is their first visit since moving to the u.s. in 2020 and it comes as the queen rebounds from a covid infection. harry had returned on two occasions, one for the funeral in april and once to unveil a statue of his mother. two more bay area parents are going to prison in the varsity blues college admissions scandal. dr. agreeing colburn and amy colburn have been sentenced to eight weeks in prison. they paid to have someone secretly correct his answers on an act test. both parents have apologized. this morning antioch no longer waiting for pride month to fly the pride flag. the city council made an unprecedented decision to raise the flag now and for the rest of
5:47 am
the year. the mayor says that move comes after reports of recent homophobic attitudes being expressed in antioch. the council voted this week to fly what's called the progressive pride flag that includes plaque and brown stripes. some feel that antioch should only fly the flag during pride month. >> i think we need to be representative of everybody in the community. if we fly one flag for, what is it, nine months now or eight months that are left, it just doesn't leave us to do anything for anybody else. >> it is a historic move. i think it could be a model for many cities to do and raising the flag for the rest of the year, that's such a huge step and symbol. members of the lgbtq community say that the city is sending a message that they have a place in antioch and can be celebrated year-round. well, there's some bad news this morning for sharks fans. it is time to start thinking about next season because last night they were officially eliminated from the playoffs.
5:48 am
they lost to chicago 5-4 in a shootout. to make matters worse, this was their eighth straight loss, and not to rub it in, but this is the first time in franchise history the sharks will miss the playoffs in three straight years. so for warriors fans, meanwhile, the playoffs begin tomorrow at chas is will steph curry be able? >> if you are trying to read the tea leaves, we can tell you that steph took part in a scrimmage yesterday. now, remember, he's still trying to get over an injured foot and it is possible that even if he does get cleared to play that he won't play for very long. but he says just playing at all right now feels good. >> every step has been in the right direction in terms of trying to get back out there. i've never enjoyed practice so much. >> steph missed the last 12 games of the regular season,
5:49 am
coach steve kerr says steph will be a game-time decision and we're all crossing our fingers, saying steph, steph, steph, even in limited minutes. make it rain, make it rain. >> make it rain with threes. swish with the forecast, too, slam dunk. >> it looks pretty good. we like the balance of rain and sunshine. so as we go through the weekend, that's exactly what we see. we start out this morning with a little bit of moisture still left on the roads, so a live look outside in walnut creek after yesterday's rain. things are starting to clear out for you on your way to work. let's talk about how much we measured. if you can believe it, mount tam had 3.5 inches of rain. in castro valley and some of the hills, an inch of rain, san francisco 0.25 of an inch. it drops off for the rest of the east bay and we saw just a trace amount or a few hundredths of an inch elsewhere across the bay
5:50 am
area. now as we are seeing still some light snow coming down in the sierra, we're not seeing much activity around the bay area, but the next round of rain is on its way. it starts to move into the north bay later on tonight mainly at about midnight or shortly thereafter, we see rain moving into santa rosa, quickly spreading across the bay area before sunrise tomorrow morning. and it may be heavy at times with a little bit more of a focus on the santa cruz mountains in the south bay. but then notice by 4:00 it's pretty much clearing out. if you've got saturday afternoon plans, it's looking pretty good for that, just the early part of the day we'll have rain moving through. and we could see anywhere from about 0.3 of an inch of rain in the tri-valley, maybe higher for santa rosa and also for ben lomen. the next chance will arrive late on monday into tuesday with scattered showers and then another round of rain next thursday into friday. and it may also be pretty wet
5:51 am
next weekend with several more storm systems coming in. so great to see that. hopefully we can try to turn the drought around before we head into our dry summer months. and the sierra could see anywhere from 2, maybe even 3 feet of snow over the next week. that is amazing for late april. and then as we take a look at our seven-day forecast, our temperatures will be in the mid to upper 60s, hitting 70 degrees on easter. next week we'll see rain coming in on tuesday and thursday with highs reaching into the mid-60s. vianey, you've been tracking a couple of sigalerts. >> in vallejo we had two sigalerts and i have an update. i have a crash that's starting to really slow things down in the east bay along southbound 880. the number four lane still blocked. you can see the yellow and red, which is a signal on the traffic map for some slowing. now, the good news in vallejo is that one of the sigalerts has
5:52 am
been canceled and the road is officially clear, along westbound 880 at tennessee street. you can see we are in the clear. however, an overnight sigalert is still working to clear out along westbound 37 at wilson avenue. so you can actually see the red right there. that means they haven't fully reopened. as far as the bay bridge goes, friday light commute. the metering lights are still off. tri-valley drive times, also pretty smooth commute along westbound 580 from grant line road to 680. you're looking at about 22 minutes. slowing on 84 because of an earlier crash and they had construction along that stretch. your drive times, because the sigalert earlier cleared out along westbound 880, you're not seeing any delays toward the bay bridge toll plaza, about eight minutes. westbound 580 toward the richmond bridge, seven minutes.
5:53 am
south bay drive times just a little bit of slowing. i noticed earlier along northbound 85 because of an earlier crash, that has successfully cleared out. now you're looking at about 20 minutes from northbound 101 along 280 and 85. i'll send it back to you. >> thank you. and happening now for you, an oordable housing project breaks ground today in west oakland for those struggling to make it in the bay. the $80 million project will build nearly 80 units along the corridor formerly known as harlem west. former party leader elaine brown is expected to turn the first dirt at this morning's ceremony. and boosting business during covid. coming up on "today in the bay," the new partnership helping north bay wineries drive in business. then at 6:00, fighting to stop anti-asian hate. more funding coming to stop rising violence, a bay area lawmaker explains why some of that money will be going.
5:54 am
this is elodia. she's a recording artist. 1 of 10 million people that comcast has connected to affordable internet in the last 10 years.
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and this is emmanuel, a future recording artist, and one of the millions of students we're connecting throughout the next 10. through projectup, comcast is committing $1 billion so millions more students, past... and present, can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities.
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welcome back to "today in the bay." the man convicted of killing a hayward police officer is sentenced to 50 years to life in prison. a judge sentenced mark estrada
5:57 am
yesterday. friends, family of the sergeant were there for the sentencing. as part of the plea deal, estrada admitted to shooting and killing the lunger in 2015. he was a 15-year veteran of the hayward police department. >> he was the embodiment of a good leader, a good officer, an amazing supervisor, mentor and friend. he's somebody that we all looked up to and we miss him terribly. >> in a statement posted on facebook, hayward's police chief said, quote, we will never forget scott. his dedicated service, his love for the members of this organization. new this morning, new business expanding in napa, really helping those 21 and over. so it is really helping pour new life into other family-owned wineries along the way. side car tours booking food, wine and brewery tours for guests. >> it's teaming up with locally
5:58 am
owned wineries hoping to bounce back from the pandemic. our "today in the bay" producers got a firsthand look at the adventure awaiting guests. >> we love the outdoors and we love wine tasting. motorcycles are in our dna. >> driving the motorcycle, you feel it with all your senses, it's the smell, the air, the wind. >> the pandemic really affected many people and it affected us as well, but what we did is really stay resilient and we took the motorcycle and took people out for an outdoor experience where it created an opportunity for us, ourselves, and also it brought business to the winemakers. >> a lot more people coming, a lot of family, friends. we've been working together for the smaller family wineries.
5:59 am
>> we are hoping things were going to come back online, we were still very slow in the weekdays. these guys really helped us increase our weekday traffic. they've been steady fixtures on the weekend. they're creating inertia to get everything restarted. >> with the pandemic, they've suffered quite a bit because people stayed away, restaurants were closed. so the valley is recovering. >> looks like a lot of fun. if you're interested in that, we have posted a link for more about the side car tours on our website. go to right now at 6:00, students suddenly searching for a new school. >> they're taking out our first through fifth graders. all we're trying to do is just keep our schools open in our community. >> one vote has hundreds of
6:00 am
south bay families scrambling. ahead, parents growing frustration after the district's late-night decision. >> using your breath to test for covid? the newly approved device allowing you to do just that with results in just minutes. >> also, a big blow to russia after the warship goes down in the black sea. a live report from washington, d.c. on how this could be a turning point on the war in ukraine. the third hour of "today in the bay" continues right now. it is good friday, and a good morning to you. thanks so much for making us a part of your morning. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm ginger conejero saab. we're broadcasting not only to your tv, watch us live on roku, amazon fire, apple tv, and online. >> we'll get you started with the day. first, we've got to start out with the friday forecast for you. >> it's going to be a great friday and sunshine, warmer temperatures, and also there's some rai


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