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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  April 16, 2022 12:37am-1:37am PDT

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[ cheers and applause ♪ >> announcer: from 30 rockefeller plaza in new york, it's "late night with seth meyers. tonight -- taylor schilling star of "bust down," actor and comedian chris redd. an all-new "closer look. featuring the 8g band with todd sucherman ♪ [ cheers and applause and now, seth meyers >> seth: good evening, i'm seth meyers. this is "late night. we hope you're all doing well tonight. and now, let's get to the news house minority leader kevin mccarthy yesterday criticized russian president vladimir putin and said, "i think putin is evil. i think he is a dictator."
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added mccarthy, "that said, i'd obviously still vote for him in 2024." president biden signed an executive order yesterday on cryptocurrency the order specifies that it can no longer be your entire personality. "yo, you pimps talkin' crypto? according to newly released documents, former president trump refinanced trump tower last month and took out a $100 million loan it turns out the guy he usually asks for money is pretty busy right now. during a visit yesterday to the ukrainian cultural center in london, britain's prince william said that the ongoing russian invasion of ukraine makes him feel "useless. really you'd think british royalty would be used to that by now former trump white house senior adviser stephen miller revealed in a new legal filing that he is still on his parents' t-mobile family plan. oh, man that is embarrassing
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they're on t-mobile? nintendo announced yesterday that it will postpone the release of a new war game in light of recent world news, and due to gas prices, the new mario kart [ laughter ] the assistant principal at an elementary school in mississippi was fired last week after he read the children's book "i need a new butt" to a second grade class, following complaints from parents that he used words like "butt" and "fart," or as they call it, critical race theory. the dating app tinder announced yesterday that users will now be able to run background checks on potential dates. although, wasn't everyone already checking the background? "all right, she's cute, but what's going on behind her is that a monster energy drink oh, and looks like -- yeah, that's a chihuahua i'm swipin' left!" tiger woods was inducted into the golf hall of fame yesterday in florida, but he still hasn't heard back from the driving hall of fame.
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[ laughter ] [ audience ohs ] there's still time there's still time he just hasn't heard and finally, in a new interview, a virginia couple claimed that in their over 30-year marriage, they have never had a single argument and if you want to know what their secret is -- lying in interviews and that was the monologue, everybody. we have a fantastic show for you tonight. she's a wonderful actress you can currently see in the hulu limited series, "pam and tommy," one of our favorites, taylor schilling is back on the show and he is a very funny comedian you know from "snl" and "kenan." his new show on peacock "bust down," is great and streaming now. chris redd will also be joining me but before we get to all that, while the biden administration is doing everything possible to counter russia's invasion of ukraine while avoiding a direct military confrontation that could spiral out of control, republicans and right-wing pundits are pitching increasingly reckless ideas that
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would drastically escalate the conflict oh, and donald trump is blaming it on windmills. for more on this, it's time for "a closer look." ♪ [ cheers and applause >> seth: russia's brutal and illegal invasion of ukraine set off a dire humanitarian crisis and united virtually the entire world in opposition. even fast food chains are pulling their business from russia >> several more big name companies announced they are ending at least part of their operations in russia mcdonald's, starbucks, coca-cola, pepsi, kfc, pizza hut, and unilever are scaling back or ending sales of their product in russia. >> seth: even pizza hut. putin tried to out-pizza the hut, but he learned the hard way, in russia, hut out-pizzas you. and kfc too. kfc too. what a bummer for the russian colonel sanders, or as he's known in russia, supreme general dmitri petrov of the russian imperial chicken guard so russia lost its pizza hut and
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kfcs and as a form of further punishment, a sbarros in red square just opened there are no good outcomes for anyone here, including russia. the regime is under intense sanctions, or in the case of the sbarros, sbanctions. and facing nearly universal global condemnation, and on top of that, they're encountering brave resistance from the ukrainian people and their president volodymyr zelenskyy, who said in a new interview that this war can only end with dialogue >> can you make a compromise with putin? can you trust putin? >> trust oh, no, i trust only my family >> how can you make a deal with somebody you don't trust, then >> we have to. we have to because to stop this war, how to stop this war, only dialogue >> what would be your message to president vladimir putin right now? >> right now right now, stop the war. begin to speak that's it. >> and what if he doesn't? >> i think he will
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i think he will. i think he sees that we are strong he will. >> seth: that's really incredible even a guy who is being hunted by one of the world's most barbaric autocrats believes in the power of dialogue. and let's not forget, this guy who is now courageously leading his people in defense of their homeland was once ukraine's top comedian, which makes it even more incredible, because the comedians i know do not believe in dialogue. they believe in monologue. every conversation between my comedian friends is just two people performing at each other, and you know when one of them says something funny, because the other one says, "that's funny. [ laughter ] also, can we go back to this >> can you trust putin >> trust oh, no, i trust only my family >> seth: i mean, that's even more impressive to me, because i don't trust my family even a little bit especially my kids a couple of nights ago, true story, our oldest threw up, so we brought him in bed with us and we got him a bowl in case it happened again 20 minutes, later the 3-year-old starts screaming that he's also
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going to puke. and i said, "i think you're faking it, and i think you just want to get in bed with us too." and he said, "no, i'm really, really sick. so he got in bed he got his own bowl, and tell me based on this photo if you think he was telling the truth [ laughter ] so while i know it can't be easy to talk to putin, at least you don't have to negotiate with axel at 3:00 am. the point is, if even zelenskyy still believes in the power of dialogue, then the rest of us should too because he's right, that's the only way this horrific conflict can end. reckless escalation will only make things worse, which is why irresponsible gop politicians and pundits need to stop floating crazy ideas that would only heighten tension between nuclear powers like for example, when we told you earlier this week that donald trump had come up with an insane idea to bomb russia, but pretend it was china that did it >> according to cbs, trump says we should, "put the chinese flag on some f-22 fighter jets" and, "bomb the [ bleep out of russia.
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now, trump reportedly made the suggestion to top gop donors at a retreat in new orleans this weekend. the crowd apparently laughed when he said this, so let's just assume it was a joke >> seth: no, let's not assume that i mean, a lot of us assume that he was joking when he said he was going to run for president, because, you know, he was a famously broke game show idiot but trump is always joking until he's not he's like a husband pitching a 3-way to his wife and her best friend "ha ha, i mean, that would be so funny. the three of us, right would it be funny? should we do it, though, as a joke?" that's how trump gauges reaction, by pretending he is not serious. remember when he was supposedly joking in 2016 that russia should hack hillary's emails, and then they actually did it? or when he looked one of his science advisers dead in the eye and suggested we should inject people with disinfectant to cure coronavirus, and then later claimed he was joking? if that was a joke, then why did her face look like that? she looks like she just heard they opened a sbarro in d.c.
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that's what trump does he floats crazy [ bleep ] and sees how far he can take it. if one idea gets rejected, he just tries another one "alright, how about this instead of putting the chinese flag on the jets, we give them a fake nose and a mustache or we stack three jets on top of each other in trench coat and pretend they're a businessman. out of town businessman. that could work. would that work? let's remember, no one seriously thought trump would stage a coup either, and then he ended up siccing an angry mob of insurrectionists and werewolves on the capitol or how about trump's obsession with windmills you might think that's all a big joke too, but it's not he's still obsessed with them. in fact, this week, trump was asked about the russian invasion, and used it as a jumping off point to start ranting incoherently once again about how much he hates windmills. >> what do you see happening next, then because it seems like the tensions are high. how does this all end? is this going to be a long-term thing? how do you see it unfolding? >> well, and i said this a long time ago if this happens, we are playing
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right into their hands the green energy, the windmills, they don't work. they're too expensive. they kill all the birds. they ruin your landscapes. and yet, the environmentalists love the windmills and i've been preaching this for years. the windmills. and i had them way down. but the windmills are the most expensive energy you can have, and they don't work. and by the way, they last a period of ten years, and by the time they start rusting and rotting all over the place, nobody ever takes them down. they just go on to the next piece of prairie or land and destroy that >> seth: first of all, i feel like you should like windmills, because you both just go in [ bleep ] circles all the time and make a giant sucking sound i mean, seriously, how did he get from russia's invasion of ukraine to windmills in one sentence trump's favorite game is "one degree of windmills. "give me any topic, and i'll tie it to windmills in one move. "uh, i don't know. inflation. "and with inflation, people are paying twice, maybe three times what they paid for a windmill last year. i'm really good at it. i'm really good at "one degree
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of windmills." this is the leader of the republican party he is their most likely nominee in 2024, and whether he runs or not, he still wields tremendous power over the party republicans are all desperate to lavish praise on him and do whatever he orders them to do. even his supposed critics, like his former attorney general bill barr, who has a new sham book out supposedly criticizing trump's behavior and who said on fox news this week, trump is unhinged >> what do you think was the most alarming or unsettling moment for you in the administration? >> it was certainly unsettling when i went in to talk to the president about the election, and, you know, he was livid and shaking, and you know, showed a lot of temper and yelling. that was a little unsettling but the other thing that was actually unsettling is later, when i went in to actually give him my letter of resignation, he started talking about how he had actually won the election, and how the machines were rigged,
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and that he was actually going to be there for another term and he was very confident of that and i just felt this showed a detachment from reality that was stunning to me >> seth: that's what's in your book you know he didn't just say that [ bleep ] to you, right? he said it to all of us, all the time wait, are we all supposed to be writing books? am i going to walk into barnes and noble and see a tell-all from my neighbor bob? and also, you were stunned really that's the moment it finally sunk in for you that maybe this guy was a little off, right at the end? you're like a person who stopped watching "game of thrones" because it was too violent, in the second to last episode "i don't know, when the hound was fighting the mountain, i just thought, 'that's enough for me.' but just to illustrate the point that trump is still very much the leader of the gop, even barr, who is now trying to cash in with a bull[ bleep tell-all, said in an interview this week that despite trump's supposedly stunning detachment from reality, he'd still vote for trump over a democrat in 2024
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>> if he is the nominee, and your choice is, donald trump or whoever is running on the democratic side, would you vote for him? >> because i believe that the greatest threat to the country is the progressive agenda being pushed by the democratic party, it's inconceivable to me that i wouldn't vote for the republican nominee. >> so even if he lied about the election and threatened democracy, as you write in your book >> well it's hard. >> better than a democrat? >> it's hard to project what the facts are going to turn out to be three years hence, but as of now, it's hard for me to conceive that i wouldn't vote for the republican nominee >> seth: so then why should we care about anything you have to say? trump's detached from reality, but you'd still support him for president? you're like a cop who gets a fax from the zodiac killer and says, "this guy's a sicko, but he'd be a great math teacher." [ laughter ] interviewing this charlatan is such a waste of air time don't help him plug his dumb book there are any number of other books that deserve more attention. if i had a book, that would be a better use of your time -- oh, wait, i do i have a brand-new children's book called "i'm not scared, you're scared. my son axel said it was great.
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and it's not like he ever lies [ laughter ] [ bleep ]. on the one hand, biden is handling this situation very much how you'd hope and expect, soberly and with restraint on the other hand, trump and his supporters are just randomly pitching crazy ideas for escalating the conflict, like fox host jesse waters, who had a retired lieutenant general on his show and started just spit balling reckless ideas for how other countries could get involved, militarily >> see if you think this is a proper idea. what if we started distracting the russians and made them a little nervous what if we had the japanese stir up a little trouble on their eastern flank? what if we sent naval assets into the black sea just say, "hey, you know, we're protecting turkey, our nato ally." what if we scrambled a few jets in the baltics or something? something to make the russians maybe think twice and take their eye off the ball a little bit. >> seth: do you think you're in a pitch meeting for the new steven seagal movie?
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"tell me what you have, jesse. "eastern flank, scramble jets, naval assets, stirred up trouble. "that's very good, jesse the only problem is, the budget for this film is only $45. in what possible world does anyone think the best path forward with vladimir putin is to just [ bleep ] around with him? if you have a rabid raccoon in the corner of your garage, you call animal control, but i bet you could get someone on fox news to say, "no, what you want to do is set off a bunch of firecrackers to freak it out then when it's all confused, you run in dressed like a giant squirrel and say, 'come with me if you want to live. and then when it runs out surprised, you've got a second rabid raccoon you bought on the black market, and now they have to fight bang boom problem solved." russia's invasion of ukraine is an unfathomable tragedy that has resulted in dire humanitarian crisis, and what we need to do right now to help the ukrainian people is find a path forward toward dialogue and de-escalation to end the conflict as quickly as possible. what we don't need are reckless ideas that would escalate the conflict from people who have no idea what they're talking about.
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like former presidents whose brains are - >> rusting and rotting >> seth: this has been "a closer look." ♪ [ cheers and applause we'll be right back with taylor schilling ♪ what if your entire day glided like new dove men ultimate? its hydrating water-based formula glides on
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>> seth: give it up for the fantastic 8g band, right over there. [ cheers and applause all this week, we've had an in-demand virtuoso sitting in with us on drums he's currently playing with rock legend, styx, who are on tour in support of their new record, "crash of the crown. be sure to follow him on instagram @toddsucherman for more information todd sucherman is here thank you! [ cheers and applause awesome having you back. >> thank you for having me back. >> seth: our first guest tonight is an emmy-nominated actress for her work on "orange is the new black. she stars in the limited series "pam and tommy," which is now streaming in its entirety on hulu please welcome back to the show, one of our favorites, taylor schilling, everyone [ cheers and applause ♪ >> seth: welcome back.
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>> i always feel like i'm seeing my best friend my best tv friend. >> seth: you're one of our more frequent guests on this show >> i like it >> seth: but it's been three years since we've seen each other in person. we've done some zoom, but it's great to see you in person again. >> yeah. >> seth: okay. [ laughter ] as always, you have a way with words. >> yeah. thank you. >> seth: one of the things we talked about during the pandemic is that you started suffering from narcolepsy, which is a very serious condition that just seems funny. >> it's very serious >> seth: it's funny when if happens to you >> yeah, i don't want to make fun of people who have - narcolepsy is awful. >> seth: yeah, i can only imagine. >> i fall asleep a lot it's weird i'm getting older. i don't know what's happening all the time to me >> seth: so it is still happening? >> no, no, it's less, except when i'm in cars >> seth: that's maybe the worst time for it to happen. >> yeah. >> seth: not driving >> not driving >> seth: okay, good. >> when i'm in a passenger seat or in the back, i feel very relaxed and i fall asleep. >> seth: i think that's okay, though >> yeah, i think it's okay >> seth: i think, again, as we get older, i would like to be
12:59 am
sleeping more in general >> yeah, that picture of the bowl >> seth: i know. >> on top of - >> seth: he's like, "oh, everyone will love it. and i'm like, "you're a bad kid. you're a bad kid you're a liar. well, i'm mostly just glad that you've recovered from that, because that must have been scary. >> it was. you know, i'm confused it's like, a healthier coping mechanism than others. do you know what i mean? i mean, i prefer that if i'm like, "okay, crisis," i fall asleep, as opposed to doing something else >> seth: well, i guess it's a way of like, shutting you down before you can maybe like, do your worst instincts >> right exactly. exactly. it's helpful i don't have time for my worst instincts any more >> seth: no. it's just better to sleep it off. >> i'm an adult. yeah >> seth: you're of an adult back in new york city we talked a lot about when you were younger >> yeah. >> seth: your early apartments in new york were pretty gnarly, and now you're back. obviously, your career has been met with a fair amount of
1:00 am
success. i'm assuming you've got a great pad right now. >> yeah! yeah, so it's been a hard transition for me, back to new york >> seth: okay. >> i got to my apartment i thought, in the theme of trying to work against my lower instincts, i thought, "it's 3:30 i'll take a bath." you know, i gave the dog water i'm going to drink some water. it's been a long time. >> seth: since you've had water? >> yes well, yes. it's been a long time since i've been in a studio >> seth: oh, interesting [ laughter ] >> so i was like, "okay, i'm going to take a bath." >> seth: okay. >> so i ran a bath and i was like, i took ten minutes and i thought, "okay, i'll go away for ten minutes and the bath will fill up. and then i got back, and it was cold water i was like, "[ bleep ], this place doesn't have hot water okay, whatever you know, new york."
1:01 am
>> seth: right >> and i thought, "alright," and i drained it and then i was like, "what the [ bleep ]? i was like, "did i leave a faucet on downstairs?" and then i walked downstairs, and the water was, the bathtub was draining through a light fixture on the first floor and i thought, "i can't live this way." >> seth: yeah. >> but i've been living this way my whole life. it doesn't matter. it doesn't matter whose apartment. it's a nice place. >> seth: it's a nice place can i make one - please don't take this as a criticism. >> oh, god, what should i have done >> seth: well, i think when you're like, "i ran the bath, and i gave it ten minutes. >> yeah. >> seth: i think that's too much time to leave a bath alone >> oh, [ bleep ] >> seth: yeah. i mean, i think that more often than not ends with, like, water from a light fixture >> yeah. yeah that's actually, that's a good point. maybe that's too long. >> seth: also, you sent us a video of something that happened in your apartment. and i would say i'm pretty easygoing.
1:02 am
i think if stuff goes wrong in an apartment, i can live with it pretty well. i'm not sure i'd be able to handle this. >> yeah. >> seth: and your dog is in this video as well, tank. tank seems okay with it. >> tank is like, "why? why do i have to >> seth: you're making a video of this, and tank is looking at you, saying, "you need to get on the phone with who you rented this place from. let's take a look at the video [ laughter ] >> tank. >> seth: so those are just the lights [ laughter ] that's what the lights were doing. >> he looked so scared >> seth: well, who wouldn't look scared >> it's so crazy i wanted to make sure that they knew well, okay, the water came through the light fixture, and then i tried again to take a bath, and then they had fixed it, and then the water came through a closet >> seth: okay. >> and then later that night, i tried to use the dimmer switch, and that started happening i'm still there. >> seth: you're still in the apartment? >> yeah. >> seth: what do you think the
1:03 am
breaking point will be with the place? >> i don't know. >> seth: yeah. >> i don't know. >> seth: they must think you're the best tenant they've ever had. how is tank, in general? >> she's doing well. >> seth: yeah. >> i think she's aging into this sort of space of, "i understand this world better than you do. like that vibe of her just sitting there, kind of like, "alright, this is what you're going to do right now. cool." >> seth: i want to talk about your fantastic new show. will you stick around, please? >> of course, thank you. >> seth: alright guys, we'll be right back with more from taylor schilling [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> it's kind of sweet. >> it's sweet? >> yeah, i mean, it should be -- i guess it should be disgusting. rich, debauched, famous people just [ bleep ] on a boat, but it's - it's, like, super wholesome.
1:08 am
it's -- it's romantic. >> seth: hey, you guys welcome back we're here with taylor schilling, and that was "pam & tommy." >> yeah. >> seth: and there you are with seth rogen, and a lot has been written about how sebastian stan and lily james, they have to spend so much time in the makeup chair to look like pam and tommy. you guys less so >> well, what i would do is i would go and they'd put a wig on my head and then i'd -- i'd eat a sandwich [ laughter ] i go back into my trailer and i'd eat. >> seth: yeah. so this was like the dream gig >> the dream gig they -- it took them so -- it took them much time they're so brilliant and they both -- they, you know, 50 bazillion hours in hair and makeup and it was me and nick offerman and seth -- seth just put a hat on and went to crafty. [ laughter ] >> seth: here's -- you had some very, very '90s hair that's a fantastic look right there. >> that's right before i ate my sandwich >> seth: oh! >> that was me alone in my trailer being like - >> seth: you're like, "you know what
1:09 am
i'm going to get the picture before the sandwich. >> i'm gonna get the picture before the sandwich. >> seth: and here's another. this is a-- that's kind of nicer hair there >> aww >> seth: did you have a -- did you have some '90s hair that you'd be embarrassed by now personally >> um, no. i once, when i was in sixth grade, tried to cut my hair like maria from "the sound of music." >> seth: oh, wow >> and i was too old to do that. you know that photograph you know that -- you know that look like julie andrews? >> seth: yeah. >> it's a bowl cut essentially, when she's singing on the mountaintop. >> seth: yes >> and i was too old to do that. i was like 11. so all the kids where -- >> seth: did you - >> it didn't go over well. >> seth: did you do it yourself, or did you have a professional do it? >> i mean, a professional did it, but, you know... >> seth: was it one of those things that you immediately knew when you went to school that it was the wrong call >> yes [ laughter ] >> seth: or did you know, like, when you saw - >> wait. i have an amazing photo. the next time i see you, i'll show you i can actually see the photo i'm sorry i don't have any -- i can't show it now. >> seth: i like you went to show me >> i thought i had my phone. >> seth: like this is some magic place where whatever you imagine is here. [ laughter ]
1:10 am
>> i didn't even bring my phone with me. >> seth: well, you're not supposed to bring your phone out here >> no, i know, but i left it in the haunted house. i didn't even bring it with me it's in brooklyn >> seth: oh, you didn't bring it to the show? >> no! >> seth: you can't leave a phone in a place like that >> i know! i know >> seth: the ghosts are gonna be going crazy on your instagram. [ laughter ] >> yeah, i didn't even bring it. >> seth: alright, so but you - but you do have a photo of the haircut. >> yes, because i -- at the time, i had glasses and i would i would ride horses, but i'd wear like a western -- like a cowboy hat while i'd ride the horses >> seth: uh-huh. >> not a helmet. >> seth: okay. >> so weird. it's so weird. >> seth: so, you had a julie andrews haircut, cowboy hat, glasses >> yes >> seth: and you thought, like, this is gonna rule >> i thought this was it >> seth: and then you walked in the door, like, waiting for everybody to -- like the record-scratch moment. >> yeah. they're like, "not what we were thinking." [ laughter ] you know, but i hadn't yet found the people that would have thought that was adorable. it was just -- >> seth: sometimes you have to live later in life >> yeah. >> seth: find people that go for glasses, cowboy hat, julie andrews.
1:11 am
>> yes [ laughter ] they understand my aesthetic >> seth: you -- is it true that you tried to change your name in the '90s >> oh, yes >> seth: okay. >> yeah, i tried to change my name in the '90s i got tired of being confused as a boy, which probably had something to do with my bowl cut, you know? >> seth: that seems like you were maybe doing a lot of things that were adding to the confusion. >> adding to the confusion but [ bleep ] i didn't even really think of that until right now. i'm like, "that was probably because of my haircut. >> seth: yeah. >> but people were - >> seth: you were like saying to your parents like, "why'd you you name me taylor?" >> why'd you name me taylor? >> seth: and they're like, "honey." [ laughter ] >> yeah. so i was upset about my name, but really i was upset about the bowl cut but i was upset about my name, so i changed -- i changed it to tally. >> seth: tally >> yeah. >> seth: how do you spell tally? >> t-a-l-l-y >> seth: okay. >> i don't think i knew what a tally was, and i did it for one season of my soccer league >> seth: okay, gotcha. >> yeah. >> seth: and so but these were people that you had grown up with, right? it wasn't a new school or anything >> no. no. >> seth: so you had to -- that's a weird thing -- >> that was really weird too >> seth: yeah, when you show up
1:12 am
and you're like, "hey, news flash. >> "my name's tally. >> seth: yeah. >> and it's a weird name >> seth: yeah. >> i had a song. i'd be like -- ♪ tally-ho, and ranger joe ♪ [ laughter ] that was it. >> seth: that was -- well, that's helpful >> "tally-ho and ranger joe, they go together." >> seth: well, that's good, because when you have a new name, i think you -- you almost have to bring a theme song to help people remember [ laughter ] >> i can't believe i just remembered that on tv with you i think it was like... ♪ tally-ho and ranger joe, they go together ♪ ♪ they should get married ♪ >> seth: and then was there just like a long silence from your soccer team as they were like, "okay" >> they were like, "put your sombrero away and get on the field! >> seth: were you good at soccer >> no. >> seth: okay. [ laughter ] >> i wouldn't be sitting here with you if i was good at things like soccer. >> seth: wait, this is -- this is your fallback being bad a soccer >> yeah. >> seth: your coach took you aside was like, "listen, taylor, tally, i don't know what it is soccer is not going to work out, but you could be a talk show
1:13 am
host guest one day." >> yeah, yeah. >> seth: and here you are. >> and here i am >> seth: turns out your coach was right. hey, it is always nothing less than a total pleasure to see you. >> yeah. >> seth: thanks for being back good luck at that apartment. it sounds awesome. please don't invite me over. you guys - [ laughter ] that's taylor schilling. "pam & tommy" is now available to stream on hulu. be right back with chris redd. [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ ♪in the jungle where only a few will go♪ ♪ ♪ ♪in the jungle♪ ♪ ♪in the jungle♪ what if your entire day glided like new dove men ultimate?
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♪ [ cheers and applause >> seth: our next guest is an emmy-winning actor and comedian you know from his work on "kenan" and "saturday night live." he stars in "bust down," which is streaming now on peacock. let's take a look. >> i'm going down to that sperm bank, and i'm going go find who's nut it is. >> and i'm going too -- to talk to somebody because i'm a customer there and i need to figure out how to check my account balance online >> seth: please welcome to the show chris redd, everybody
1:19 am
[ cheers and applause ♪ >> wow >> seth: welcome to the show >> yeah, man, i'm here what's this -- this is tight i'm extra bald today >> seth: yeah. really good. and you just walk down the hall. how's "snl" going for you right now? >> oh, it's so good, man zoe kravitz is there >> seth: very excited. i'm very excited for her to host >> oh, she's -- she's amazing, and she's the best and i got a new show coming out, so this has been the best week of my life >> seth: you've been very busy you've got "kenan," where you costar with our friend kenan thompson >> yeah. >> seth: and you got the "bust down." now, for those who don't know, what does the "bust down" refer to what does the term mean? >> well, a bust down in the black culture is - has been a lot of things to a lot of people depending on where you're from. >> seth: okay. >> so, if you're from the south, bust down, like, could mean like if you got a rollie and you want to put some diamonds in it, you bust down your rollie. >> seth: okay. >> in chicago growing up, bust
1:20 am
down meant somebody that would share their body with the community -- >> seth: okay. >> all the time. >> seth: okay. >> in a sexual way >> seth: gotcha. [ laughter ] sort of someone who is philanthropic. >> yes >> seth: yeah. >> ambitious, if you will. [ laughter ] >> seth: ambitious sure what was the inspiration for this show? >> well, i got a -- i had a meeting with a producer, and he showed me this old tv show that -- that was terrible. and -- and it was, like, centered around four friends and he was like, "do you have three other friends? i'm like, "i do. and so - [ laughter ] i took that -- i took that terrible pilot back to my friends and like, "hey, we should we remake this. and they were like, "that's trash. why, chris?" and i was like, "well, if we - if we just do something together, i think we can make it happen." and after some -- some convincing, we just made several different versions of "bust down." that was like five years ago now. today would be our little baby gets to walk >> seth: and so this is four friends -- and a wonderful actor, sam jay, as well. >> yeah. >> seth: who you obviously knew from "snl," and other friends
1:21 am
that were on the writing staff but you're basically four friends, uh, sharing a menial job. and most of it takes place in this break room where you just talking about different things >> yeah. >> seth: and you're being ridiculous and it's super funny. did you -- was menial jobs something that was in your past before you were a comedian >> yeah, i've been a dream chaser my whole life, so i just dedicated my whole life to being broke until i was 30 >> seth: okay. [ laughter ] >> and so i had a lot of -- i had a lot of jobs. i worked at mcdonald's maybe seven times. >> seth: okay. >> it was my first job, and -- and i remember i got fired because i was stealing but they didn't know it because they couldn't prove it, so they just put me on the toilets and i fired myself >> seth: yeah. >> i was like, "i'm not washing pee. i'm fired! like, that's not how you quit. >> seth: yeah. [ laughter ] >> but then my -- my best friend at the time two years later became a manager there, but i had -- had burned so many bridges with so many jobs i couldn't get hired so i would just go there and crack jokes, and that's kind of when i figured out i was funny because i would crack jokes until they gave me food. i was like, "damn, i'm so funny
1:22 am
that they giving me food." but really, looking back, i'm like, i think they thought i was homeless [ laughter ] like, "let's feed this poor boy. [ laughter ] >> seth: now, you did -- obviously, you've had a lot of success doing, you know, rap parodies on "snl," but you actually tried to do rap music professionally >> 100%. i started writing raps when i was 10 years old, and they were not good >> seth: uh-huh. >> i mean, my first rap was about killing barney, and -- [ laughter ] because i didn't want to clean up my room, and i was going to have nobody telling me when to clean up like, chill. [ laughter ] >> seth: i think it's a message 10-year-olds would have been open to, but their parents probably wouldn't have bought for them, yeah >> at all, yeah. but i remember, like, going through a ton of, like, different rap names. at one point i went with john dough - meaning john "dough"as in money. >> seth: okay. >> but it was hard for people to remember who i was [ laughter ]
1:23 am
so it didn't work out that well. >> seth: yeah, twisted in on itself >> yeah, yeah. i was like, "i'm john dough. "who?" "john dough. "who?" "john -- alright, man. it's chris." [ laughter ] >> seth: and you also have a standup special coming out this year, so you really have stayed busy and it's called "why am i like this? "why are you like that?" what is it called? i'm sorry. >> it's called "why am i like this? and i called it that because everyone's been asking me that for as long as i can remember. like, my parents and my pastors and my teachers and friends, girlfriends. but i'm on this journey just, like, trying to figure myself out as far as like my mental health is concerned and all that, and i'm making jokes and i haven't found a funny way to, like, tease my special, so now it just sounds like i'm doing a ted talk about some very emotional things - [ laughter ] but it's -- no, but it's great i even touch on being a rapper because, you know, i took that so serious i used to be like, "yo, this is for the haters it's for the haters that never believed in me never believed i would make it in rap
1:24 am
y'all were right as hell." [ laughter ] >> seth: you're right. that almost never happens. >> never >> seth: in rap songs, no one ever gives credit to the haters for having been right. >> yeah, man, 'cause some haters are just intuitive >> seth: yeah. they're not haters they're knowers. >> yeah, they're knowers they see a weakness and they're like, "you're not good at that." >> seth: yeah, they are constructive criticizers >> like, "i was trying to help you, dawg. >> seth: yeah. "i like good rap i hated what you were doing. yeah >> and i like improvising a lot, so i'm going to improvise on the special, so i've been practicing that and one of the things i've been doing -- it started with black history month, but i just kept it going - is i do -- i play a game called "white person, give me one black fact." yeah, see? yeah. [ laughter ] just as i said that, i heard - i heard like a bunch of buttholes tighten up you know what i mean [ laughter ] just like a symphony of buttholes.
1:25 am
>> seth: if you stood up right now with a microphone and pretended to go into the audience, i think they'd go for the door >> yeah, "oh, so - so the show is over? uh-huh." but it's so fun because people always think too hard about it when there's no rules besides give me a black fact they could really just say, "i'm watching a black dude do comedy right now. >> seth: that's a fact >> yeah. >> seth: yeah. >> but, like, it's so interesting that if you say "black fact," people just get, "oh, i don't know nothing about nothing. [ laughter ] one dude just yelled, "rosa parks! [ laughter ] uh-huh what else? "uh, rosa parks! >> seth: that's fantastic. it must be really fun doing crowd work like that you also are an excellent impressionist on "snl," and i feel like it is a gift to comedy, it's a gift to new york city. we right now have a mayor who loves the job -- >> oh, yeah. >> seth: likes putting himself out there, seems to have a good sense of humor about himself >> 100%. >> seth: and you got to impersonate our mayor, eric adams, on the show.
1:26 am
>> yeah, man it was one of my favorite moments on the show. >> seth: got a photo of you here and it's -- i mean, you fit -- you fit the part, man, i'll tell you that much. >> yeah, we're both equally bald and, um, but it was it was nice because he has the energy of a lot of my uncles i have a huge family and, like, you know, to talk like this and do that be like, "hey, i'm a fly dude i'm a really fly -- i'ma get i'm going to get this city together, y'all. you know what i'm saying like, you know, i'm from brooklyn kind of, jersey a little bit too." [ laughter ] so, you know, i -- that -- you know, when it comes to like political impressions, there's not a whole lot of options - >> seth: yeah. >> for young black men, so when that dude strolled up, i was like, "yeah, i got him i got him. >> seth: i like that he's almost saying to all of us, "i'm going to say three things that make sense and then a thing that totally doesn't -- >> right >> seth: "every time i talk. and i think for most new yorkers, we're like, i'll take 75%." >> oh, you know what i mean? that last thing you thought you was going to say hold it. hold it for the next time.
1:27 am
but, i mean, it's just so funny to me because he just says whatever's on his mind >> seth: yeah. >> he's like, "you know, the city is bored right now. it's real bored. you know, come on. you know,. i just love that energy >> seth: yeah. >> i just hope he does well. >> seth: it is really -- it is so much fun to have a mayor who just thinks we're all like being a little bit lame right now. >> yeah, but he is the coolest dude in the room i mean, the man wears bracelets that i've never seen before. >> seth: yeah, he also -- i think this is a -- he tweeted after you did -- because i think he is -- again, this is the kind of mayor you want. he wants to be impersonated on "snl." >> yeah, yeah. >> seth: and he wrote, "chris redd is hilarious and looked great, but it's not true that i haven't been sick in 60 years," which was one of the jokes, "which is why i got vaccinated and boosted." >> mm-hmm. >> seth: "and all new yorkers should as well." perfect example of a mayor saying what you want to say, and then there's one crazy thing at the end. "p.s., reddsaidit" -- your handle -- "p.s., reddsaidit, you forgot my earring. so that -- he was upset that you did not get that on his thing. >> he called that out. out of all the things i did, he
1:28 am
was like, "you didn't get my earring! and then i googled how many times he's worn an earring, and most times he don't get his earring either [ laughter ] >> seth: i think that's like - i think people say that to him all the time they're like, "you forgot your earring. he's like, "not just me. >> "not just me. he did, too. >> seth: hey, thanks for being here have a great show this saturday, and congratulations on the new show >> thank you >> seth: chris redd! "bust down" is streaming now on peacock, and "snl" is back this week with host zoe kravitz and musical guest rosalia. we'll be right back with more "late night. ♪ (vo) wildfires have reached historic levels. as fires keep raging, the need to replant trees keeps growing. so subaru is growing our commitment to protect the environment.
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1:37 am
the next storm is on the way right now. how much rain could hit your neighborhood and when. i just got my updated forecast. also the family vacation turned into a


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