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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  April 17, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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ck job-lot quantities and installation materials, or a powerful partner to help take your business to the next level, we've got you covered. discover floor and decor today! right now at 5:00, a tragic start to easter sunday.t a big party in pen. what police have learned about who might be responsible. plus, another sign of returning to normal, churches packed for easter service for the first time in two years, many are keeping the war in ukraine in mind. but first, the native talks about how a thief made off with his personal treasures and how he's trying to get them back. news at 5:00 starts right now. thank you for joining us. i'm terry mcsweeney.
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a par limb peian is desperate to get his gold medals back after someone stole them right out of his car. the thief was caught on camera in the act. we report this is not about money because what was stolen truly is priceless. >> reporter: his tesla was parked in san antonio saturday when the car's camera captured this video after a man breaking in then running off with lee's backpack. >> the backpack was a backpack that i got when i was competing in beijing just this last month. >> u.s. win gold medals in 2014, 2018, and 2022. all three medals were in this backpack. >> it was one of those hard type of feelings. >> when we caught up with lee, he was retracing his past. >> pretty much so if you like -- like if i can turn the camera
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around, that's pretty much the parking garage where i'm at. i'm not exactly at the same spot, but it's from like the same area, and i'm maybe two or three spots away from where the car was broke into. he was looking in dumpsters for the backpack, but so far no luck. the san antonio police chief even shared his post. >> i take responsibility for not being more cautious. >> he knows he shouldn't have left the medals in his car. still, he's making a plea to the person who took them. >> keep the backpack. keep whatever other items in there, but i really just want the gold medals back. again, it's medals that are something like i cherish and the memories that i bonded with so many people along throughout this journey. alice si gord. let's take a live look at our camera across the bay area. it has been just a beautiful
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sunny easter sunday, but another round of rain is on the way. actually, rob, several rounds of rain rb right? >> yeah, and that first round will be coming later tomorrow. this is sort of the initial band that will be following. as we head to tomorrow night, we begin to see that light rain. as we head into tuesday morning, a bit of an impact on the south bay, but that storm should weaken as it passes through san jose. there's more behind that. we're really looking at daily chances of rain. the first one coming tomorrow afternoon followed by more chances wednesday, thursday, into friday. and that's that thursday storm where we could have some thursday. if we get that rain, that's pretty much your april monthly average in a day. by the end of the day, we could see another 2 feet or so of snow fall in the area.
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terry, back to you. >> sounds good. pope francis celebrating easter mass at the vatican this morning. tens of thousands packed to hear the pope. he called for peace. despite talking about ukraine for most of his address, the pope never mentioned russia. he did praise other european countries for opening their doors to ukrainian refugees. mass has been much smaller the past two years because of the pandemic. russia called to save the lives of ukrainians if they surrendered today. the ukrainian military said no deal. the scene of the war's heaviest battles. surrendering would have possibly given russia its biggest victory of the war. the ukrainian prime minister said they will keep fighting to win the war and end this war. >> a ukrainian church is praying
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for an end to the war. the orthodox church joined in for a special prayer to an end to the slaughter of innocent civilians. they also say it is heart breaking that many ukrainians are suffering and cannot go to church during this holy week. >> not everyone can go to church where theically because a lot of refugees, a lot of people have to leave from places where they usually live and it's a family holiday, like everyone go to church, and right now, they cannot go to their church. >> in ukraine, it's known as willow sunday. willow branches are collected in the church. people tap one another with those branches. at st. mary's cathedral in
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san francisco, spoke at easter mass. like most church services on this sunday, the main focus was ukraine. archbishop called for peace and prayer for the end of the war. ♪ hallelujah ♪ and at the 3rd baptist church in san francisco, he took time to recognize a more normal gathering on this sunday versus the past couple of easters. the easter bunny stopping by an east bay church today. this is at the graceway church in plezington. you can see the kids were in on the hunt looking for eggs, putting together arts and crafts. around 200 people showing up. for many o of them, it was the first time gathering for easter since 2019. >> i like how we sung so many different songs together and the
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easter hunt. >> some of the kids also said they liked performing in the play and of course opening up the eggs filled with candy. people may be rying to get back to normal, but covid is not done with us quite yet. the white house's covid coordinator says we're on the right track even with an uptick in cases. >> let me start with the current state of the pandemic. are we in the middle of a new surge? >> yeah. so first of all, as you pointed out, really important to take that bigger picture perspective. we are in a much better place than we were in january, and that's really good. cases are ticking up, and we're going to want to watch this carefully. it's being driven primarily by ba.2, this highly contagious variant of only to kron. hospitalizations largely flat, maybe inching up a little in a few places. we're going to have to pay
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attention and see where this goes. >> he mentioned a slight uptick. the current seven-day average for new admissions about 1,500. that's up a little more than 1% from the past seven-day average. in the big picture, hospital admissions have plummeted since our peek since the pandemic started in january saw the highest average of patients. more than 21,000 people admitted on average from january 9th to january 15th. our current average is down to less than 1,500 people. that's a 93% drop credited to vaccines and boosters, renewed safety measures and immunity building up. another day, another mass shooting. this time in pennsylvania. the home was rented through airbnb. police say as many as 200 people were at that party when a couple
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of them started shooting. two teenage boys were killed. at least eight others are being treated for gunshot wounds and other injuries. some were hurt jumping out of windows to get away from gun fire. a brutal morning in san francisco where four people were stabbed. a video shows the crime scene happened about 5:30 at the corner of hide and eddie street. one man walked up, took out a knife and attacked. all four ended up going to the hospital, one with life-threatening injuries. an update on a shooting we brought you last night. it is now a homicide. the man who was shot near -- has died. still no word of what led up to that shooting. police have not identified a suspect. this is san jose's eighth
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homicide of year. center of health announced that its late contract negotiations with nurses have failed and the nurses will go out on strike tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. those health care workers have been negotiating for ten months now arguing for better health and safety standards the strike is scheduled to last one day at 15 facilities the. they say it's calling in contract to nurses to fill in and keep facilities open. we have reached out to nurse's union as well but have not heard back yet. if you thought you were done with mask mandates, guess again. if you go to the opener tomorrow, you might still need to show proof of vaccination depending on where you want to go. we'll tell you why. plus, the bizarre kidnapping. a business that helps keep us safe from wild fires needs help finding a baby goat. what we know about it after the break.
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an injured hiker on mount tamalpais had to be rescued by two different helicopters. the hiker needed urgent medical care, but they could not land on the terrain. so they dropped off a crew member to help out the hiker. a sheriff's county officer was called in to pluck the patient out of the terrain. the hiker was put in a rescue device, flown to a nearby
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parking lot. the hiker then went to the hospital. no word on the patient's condition. we'll have a look at the open coliseum after starting the season with ten straight games on the road. the a's game tomorrow against the boston oirls. if you go anywhere indoor at the sol see yum. fans do not need proof just to go to the game, but you will need it for any indoor spaces because they still have an ordnance in place for the indoors. we mean the tree house, the bullet bar, and two indoor team stores. new at 5:00, dog nappings have become fairly common. the search is on for a stolen goad. it is truly a kidnapping. someone swept the newborn animal while a small hood of goats was
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waiting to be transported back to the homeland. they had hired goats are us. the silver or gray car stopped, a young woman got out, snatched the baby goat. the owner of the goat is pleading with whoever took the animal to bring it back. the newborn won't survive long without the mother. the mother to appears to be heart broken without its baby. where is that goat? the theft happen on friday. as we look for solutions to our climate in crisis, these new boats could be the way. boats of all shapes and sizes from ferries to cargo ships powered by electricity. it's a change that could have a massive impact on reducing carbon emissions. >> is this an experiment, or is this actually something that you believe we will see more of? >> it is not an experiment for
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us. it is a first of the kind. but it will be in the regular commercial operation, and i believe -- and i strongly believe that we will see more of it. friday, april 22nd is earth day, and all week long, nbc news and nbc bay area will be focussing on our crisis in climate. ways you can help our planet. our coverage begins on monday. speaking of earth week, i don't know what's going on around here. we have wonderful rain this week. we didn't get much for a couple of months in a row. >> it wasn't here when you expected it. now it's april, and here it is. we're going to have some daily rain chances, and the totals may surprise you when you take a look at the week. let's take you outside to show you the semp churs. as you see, cooling around
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temperatures on the coast, the sea breeze is picking up. inland, near 70 in fairfield, near to upper 60 down where you're seeing those sunny skies. currently about 62 decrease. looking back to san francisco, 54, wind starting to pick up now. there's a look at the oakland coliseum. all eyes as the a's have their opener. notice the future cast right there. if this game goes to extra innings, you may begin to see a few sprinkles. as we get closer to midnight, light rain chances will be on the increase. patchy fog or the fact that it's cold in the morning. by the afternoon, one change from today will be increasing clouds. and by 3:00 you could begin to
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see a few isolated light rain showers. the main event with this storm will be coming in mostly overnight and moving out before we get to that tuesday morning commute. by the time it arrives in the bay area, it's going to lose some energy. here's a few isolated showers. by midnight now, this is the first main event that's going to happen with this storm. by 5k a.m., just some isolated showers around san jose. so as we look at how much rain we're expecting with this first weather system, looks like probably less than a quarter inch of rain, but there's better opportunities to follow as you can see. probably the best in the series will be from thursday late afternoon into friday morning's commute. you can see scattered showers, so as you add all of this up, look at the hilltops, they could
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see one to 2 inches of rain. it will be cold enough we could finish the week with 2 feet or more of snow above 6,000 feet. so there you go. april continues in that seven-day forecast. this is perfect timing. you got best rain of the week likely will fall wednesday evening for the north bay, then the entire bay area, right now thursday looks to be the main event with some slight showers, but just like that clearing just in time for next weekend. we really need to see more of this right now. looks like this week will deliver here. >> friend of mine was up here skiing and it was just great and going to be better now. >> another 2 feet coming down by the end of the week. up next, the other twitter controversy for elon musk. we'll tell you about it.
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another successful launch for spacex today. company sent a spy satellite into orbit. because of the sensitive nature of the spy satellite, we don't know a lot about it, what its mission is. it ended its broadcast earlier than normal because of the classified cargo on board. one final thing we did get to see, the first stage of the falcon nine made a perfect ten-point landing. happening tomorrow,
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vice-president kamala harris will be meeting with members of the space force and space command. going on at the base. harris has visited the first presidential stop since mike pence was there in 2019. a win for shareholders. tesla ceo elon musk sent out in 2018. you might remember, musk admitted he was think about taking tesla private. shareholders ended up losing a lot of money on that and they the sued musk. they charged musk with civil securities fraud. on friday, a judge ruled that musk knowingly made false statement. he had not yet gotten the funding to take the automaker private. if they win the lawsuit, damages could amount to billions. we'll be right back.
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you might remember this. in 2020, johnson bloom introduced you to the batman o san jose. his goal was to help the homeless downtown. turns out, he's continuing that fight, this time on the east coast. stephanie dupre caught up with him in new york. >> hopefully see him walking around just to help people out. >> reporter: if you've seen a black figure with a cape roaming the city streets, have no fear, batman is here. >> just dropping some stuff off. i'm not sure if the person who stays here is going to be coming back, but i remember seeing them pretty recently. i just want to make sure they
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still are have a lot of blankets. just want to make sure they can stay warm. >> reporter: keeping his identity private, the batman did tell us he's an rit student. he's from san jose, and that's where his bat signal lit up for the first time. >> big cape, pony ears, it's really hard to miss. i figured i might as well try to do this to draw attention to people's attention to homelessness. seeing people but not seeing people. >> reporter: the caped crusader may not fly, but he pulled a wagon full of supplies across rochester. >> we're going to go down that ramp underneath here. >> reporter: and inside the wagon. >> juice for people who need sugar, blankets, lots and lot of water. sometimes i get special items,
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sometimes i get tents depending on what people need. >> reporter: batman said he's not helping people for the superhero title. he wants it to gravitate others to lend a hand. >> these people don't deserve any less help. they deserve just as much help as anybody else. >> if you want to watch the story we did on batman back in 2020, just go to nbc bay and search the batman of san jose. we'll be right back. if you're a small business, there are lots of choices when it comes to your internet and technology needs. but when you choose comcast business internet, you choose the largest, fastest reliable network. you choose advanced security. and you choose fiber solutions with speeds up to 10 gigs to the most small businesses.
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if there were auditions for an easter bunny substitute, this little kangaroo might score pretty high marks for hopping. this is from the san antonio zoo
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posting this video on twitter today. a baby kangaroo goes from curious to startled to suspicious in the blink of an eye. maybe we'll stick with the easter bunny. thanks for watching. nightly news is right now. see you again at 6:00. tonight, defiant ukrainians trapped inside a battered city refuse a deadline to surrender. thousands troops now prepared to fight to the end as russia closes in. there are new missile strikes throughout the country as ukraine braces for a new russian assault. plus, a bomb destroys a kitchen linked to a celebrity chef which was feeding thousands of starving ukrainians a shootout at a house party packed with teenagers two killed, ten injured. the video from inside as hundreds flee [ sound of gunfire ] it is the third mass shooting in two days clashes in jerusalem on this holy weekend. hundreds hurt. now the fear of a larger conflict brew


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