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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  April 18, 2022 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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>> i'm in for laura garcia. right now more than 8,000 sutter health nurses are on the picket line as the contract talks broke off only after 18 minutes of negotiations. >> nbc bay area's kris sanchez is joining us live. this is one of those hospitals
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being impacted here. i see a lot of the nurses behind you. what does that mean for the patients inside? >> we talked with one gentleman whose mother is having a surgery after waiting two long years during the pandemic to have the procedure. he said as he arrived, there were administrators holding up signs for the traveling nurses who are filling in for these nurses now on the picket line. i'm at the hospital in burlington game. more than 8,000 nurses and other health care providers have been striking. outside 18 health care facilities in the bay area and beyond in northern california. both sides say they differ with how to get the nurses back to the bed sides. >> the hospital has come to the negotiations unprepared and even yesterday, on easter sunday, they were unprepared. they met with us for 18 minutes.
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>> sutter help didn't offer an interview on camera but said in part, by moving forward with today's costly and destructive strike, they have put this above the patients they represent. we hope they will enable our nurses to turn their focus back to the union. the union has asked them on walk away. they will strike until 6:00 later today. here in castor valley, oakland, san francisco, berkeley and antioch. the head of the nurse's union here told me since 2007, 2008, that contract year, they've had to go to strikes. every one of those contract negotiations in order to come to some sort of agreement. this will continue until 6:00 tonight. kris sanchez, nbc bay area news. >> hopefully they can find some middle ground soon. thank you. at least seven people are
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dead. another eight injured after a missile strike in ukraine. >> scott mcgrew, this happened in the far western part of the country. >> very close to nato's border. good morning. it's about 40 miles from lviv where the missile strike was to the polish border. now, had one of these gone off badly off course into this area, we could be looking at an entirely different sort of war. the other unusual and notable thing about this particular strike on the area is it hit military targets. now that's unusual because we have not seen that very often from the russians. nbc says it hit military infrastructure and a tire repair store. the tire repair store seems to be collateral damage. one could argue the russians have no business striking any target other than the military targets. and that is certainly the way the u.s. army would handle it.
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we've seen so many examples in the past of the russians hitting civilian targets. leveling apartment blocks, schools and hospitals out of bounds for any modern army. one of our nbc crews in lviv was there as the missiles flew overhead. >> that was a cruise missile. wait for one more. they fire them in 30-second intervals. stand by! cruise missile. stand by! >> five, six -- >> eight, nine, ten, 11, 12, 13 -- >> there's the smoke. just circle. lviv has been able to escape the brunnel of the attacks. most of the destruction has been the east and the south. in fact, the general in charge. ukrainian forces just posted to facebook saying he expected the next push by the russians to begin in the east.
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marcus and ginger, in the next few hours. >> all right. scott, thank you. new at 11:00, a tent fire in san francisco. this video was posted on the citizen app. several buildings nearby had to be evacuated. no injuries were reported and no one was displaced. according to the chronicle, encampment fires have risen across san francisco. there were 757 in 2020. and so far this year, there have already been 773 fires. also new at 11:00, six men are facing charges for a series of smash and grab robberies in san jose. police say the crimes targeted jewelry stores between october and january. officers say the suspects stole thousands of dollars in valuables. they range in age from 18 to 20 years old and are residents of
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several communities. the group allegedly entered the businesses wearing masks and used sledge hammers to break open display cases. multiple guns were seized during the arrest including ghost guns. now, two other people unrelated to the robberies are also facing firearm charges. >> the city of san francisco commemorating the anniversary of the infamous 1906 earthquake. a moment of silence held this morning in honor of those killed. cierra johnson has more on the ceremony and how you can prepare for the next big one. >> reporter: today the city of san francisco commemorated the 116th anniversary of that great earthquake and fire here in the city of san francisco. it was a morning full of events, starting downtown san francisco where there was a ceremony to honor the lives lost, and ending here where folks pay tribute to those who work to save others and the lives lost at this
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historic fire hydrant. now, the first of the two stops really took place at market and geary. that's where city leaders spoke about how monumental this day was for the city and some of those first responders. we heard from mayor london breed, as well as former mayor willie brown. there was a moment of silence at that exact time the earthquake could be felt across the bay area. moments later, sirens broke that moment of silence to signify when the shaking stopped. we heard a musical selection of a song honoring the city, and from there, everyone relocated to the park. it was there folks painted a golden fire hydrant at the intersection of 20th and church. this hydrant is significant. it was found to be in working condition back in 1906. ultimately saving many lives in the wake of that deadly quake. to really set the scene, that quake, as you can imagine, a major one.
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7.9, leaving 250,000 people homeless. killing thousands more and causing thousands of others to leave the city, some of which ultimately came back. we did have a chance to speak with the san francisco fire chief. she says the agency is still learning from the it is mistakes made in 1906 as many await the next big one. >> to the department of san francisco, we learned lots of lessons. we learned lots of lessons from events that have happened in order for us to be more resilient and move forward and do better. >> reporter: something that was brought up on more than one occasion, the next big earthquake could be days, months or years away. so it is important to be prepared. you can find information on how to be prepared on our website. we have facts as well as what you should pack in that to go
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bag. something else happening today. sonoma county will have a shakeout earthquake drill. you can find more information on that event on our website as well. cierra johnson, nbc bay area news. now to a look outside at san francisco. cierra has been following the commemorations all morning. maybe the sun is out? maybe keri hall has what we can expect? >> i think it helps a little bit when it is sunny. but you will have some cool temperatures out there. it is starting to warm up. we get ready for that home opener for today. take a look at our high temperatures. we'll reach into the upper 60s and it will be about 71 degrees in san jose for a high. and so even though we had a cool start, it will overall be a really nice day. and we will see that rain returning to the north bay, starting late tonight. take a look at that storm system farther to the north and that will be working its way into the
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north bay. as we go into this evening. so it does hold off a little while longer. just keep in mind that we'll see the rain moving in shortly after the evening commute for the north bay. and then around mid night for san francisco, the peninsula, into the east bay. we'll be tracking this. we'll talk more about that incoming rain and how many you may get. that's in the forecast coming up. the community has been hit hard by inflation. still ahead, we have tips to help families who are trying to make it in the bay. plus, more snow heading to the sierra. why experts don't think it will make a big enough difference to our water supply. and it's a big week for kelly clarkson. the multitalented performer is turning the big 4-0 and you know she is having a big week leading up to it, including some '80s
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throwbacks. we'll be right back.
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thanks for sticking around. so record inflation hitting many people who are just trying to make it in the bay. we're talking about gas prices, groceries, prices are rising pretty much everywhere. i was able to talk with max vargas with economic justice with the latino foundation. we talked about a lot of things including the impact of these rising costs. >> in california, as you may well know and a lot of the viewers know, the costly living is already significantly high. especially in some of our large metro areas. such as san francisco bay area, silicon valley area, that's where we're seeing some pro announced impacts from the inflation from existing high costs. for the latino community who have been bearing the brunnel from the economic fallout from
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the pandemic, this is exceptionally high. some of the highest costs around inflation have been around energy and food. on the energy front, we're talking utilities. some basic necessities that are starting to squeeze folks on top of other costs such as housing and so forth. for the latino community, in particular, you add when the pandemic struck they were twice as likely to have lost their jobs and were already starting with some of the largest wage gams. >> talk to us about some of the things la ten latino families can do? how can they get help? >> we're excited to announce that we've awarded 1.4 million foundations across the state, especially to leverage these efforts for recovery. you've heard the large federal numbers, right? the $1.9 trillion in the american rescue plan. and our dollars at the local level and state level to support
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local organizations throughout the state including in the bay area, several in sill everyone valley as well that can help support our communities in accessing those dollars. we know when things happen at the federal level, as well intentioned as they are, we want to make sure it reaches our communities. their pocket books and our state overall. we can't have a really full and robust recovery if our latino families aren't recovering in california. i will add, in addition tom, that there is still time, right? the 18th is the last day to file taxes and file for the earnings and tax credits. so the california earnings tax credit is vital for many families in many communities. unfortunately, $76 million goes unclaimed every year. and half of that is for latino households. so there is money on the table that can be they know latino community, the state overall and the recovery if folks would file for the tax credit. >> i wish you the best in your
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position and bridging that gap to help the families need it. thank you. >> thank you. >> max and i spoke about much more. he was recently named vice president of the foundation less than two weeks ago. you can hear more about how he plans to tackle the economic difficulties head on. watch that full at now to a live look at the sierra, this is palisades tahoe where we could see more snow later this week. the recent storms brought several feet of snow to that area and it was cause for a busy weekend in tahoe. long term, these late storms will barely make a dent in what has been a dismal snow and rain season. for now, skiers and snow boarders are happy with what they're getting. >> i'm still worried about the lack of rain. we're fortunate that we're getting some snowfall. >> these storms, you know, as we
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said, they haven't really been making much of an impact on how much rain we should be getting. >> the numbers are very low. we just got to updata little while ago with the sierra snow pack. it has gone up a couple of percent but when you look at the big picture, it is still only about 31% of the normal amount of snow we have for the middle of april. so you can see that even though it was great to get that snow, we still do have a lot of work to do. the later you get into april and may, it is more likely the incoming storms will just fall as rain and actually melt a lot of the snow. we do have snow in the forecast this week. we're talking about possibility of another ten inches of snow at south lake tahoe. maybe close to two feet at twin bridges. and over two feet at kingdale. that would be really great to see that. especially with kids being on spring break and maybe headed to the sierra. the seven-day forecast is coming up as we get a look at what's coming our way.
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another round of some very beneficial rainfall that is hopefully holding off the fire season and not a lot of rain. it starts out very light and in parts of the north bay, there may be some pockets of decent down pours. as it continues to move into san francisco, parts of the east bay, a lot of the rain falls apart. by 8:00, we're seeing it clear the south county. there may be a couple of lingering showers for the morning. and as we go into the day, the sky will be clearing. the second round of rain comes in. late wednesday morning into the afternoon. once again starting in the north bay. as we look at how many rain we could see, it is possible for the north bay about, a quarter inch of rain or more. then about a tenth of an inch of rain to the east bay and down to the south county. more storms coming our way. in total, there could be about an inch of rainfall from santa rosa up to ukiah and then to the east bay where it is anywhere from a quarter inch of rain to over a half inch.
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that would be really great. you can see the activity that we have coming our way. several waves of rain. what we sue on thursday will linger into friday and it clears out in time for the weekend. after that, it looks like the storms head to the north and kind of fall apart before getting here. that's what we've seen for much of our winter season. spotty rain overnight into early tomorrow morning. tomorrow afternoon is looking good. off and on rain from wednesday through friday. and in san francisco, once again, kind of spotty showers. it won't be raining the whole week but we'll have a chance every day. and the weekend will be nice with highs in the mid 60s. now as we turn to our climate in crisis, we're kick off earth week on nbc bay area. we have our meteorologist showing us some ways that you can make a positive impact. and she will show us some ways that you can reduce our plastic waste.
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>> body wash. a lot of items we use every day come in a plastic container and that's a waste. >> here's the problem. according to earth, around 583 billion plastic bottles were produced in 2021. that number is 100 billion more than were made just five years ago. let's find a mass-free option instead. check out the refill shop in oakland. >> the store is a reflection of our values but also our pantry at home. >> matt is a sustainable shopper himself and now he's co-owner of the shop. he said the lag of ecofriendly spots is what inspired him and his co-owners, helping shoppers discover a different way of consuming is the goal. they opened in the middle of the pandemic with two years ago. >> rethinking the grocery store with eliminating the single use glass and plastic and aluminum. people bring their own
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containers and keep refilling them. >> come to any product that you want to and fill with what makes sense to you. so i'm going on get some laundry detergent because i ran out. i'll just pop my bottle or any container in the laundry and fill up. i'm only going to pay for what liquid i'm putting in here. so it is make your own adventure. >> recycling is important but not enough. plastic containers produce thousands of micro plastics. scientists discovered that there are more plastics than plankton in the pacific ocean. reusing the bottles your household liquids come in will keep some of that out of the ocean. >> keep checking in for more of our earth week stories. go to our website and click on the climate in crisis tab. now to a live look at the coliseum. this is where the oakland a's will be playing.
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after starting the season with ten straight games, the team's home opener is tonight against the baltimore orioles. you can plan to go to that game. if you do, be prepared to show proof of vaccination for covid. now, fans do not need to show proof of vaccination to attend the game. but you will need it to enter into any indoor spaces. that's because the city of oakland still has an ordinance in place for indoors at the coliseum. that includes the tree house, the bar and two indoor team stores. they are excited to see their teams on the field. >> the miracle a's. nobody expected this to happen. they lead in runs, hits with runners in scoring position, and incredible pitching. and there is no better place to watch a ball game than the coliseum. come on out and enjoy the swinging oakland a's, the miracle a's this year. >> i want him to pump me up.
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the action gets underway at 6:40 tonight. we'll have that tonight on the news at 11:00. from baseball, head over to basketball. the warriors are set for game two against the denver nuggets tonight at the chase center. the team welcomed back steph curry saturday night in game one. curry didn't start but he still scored 16 points in just 22 star of the an easy 123-127 win. tip-off is tonight at 7:00 p.m. >> happening now, if you haven't filed your taxes, the clock is ticking. literally. the deadline is tonight. this is for individual filings as well as the payments. usually it is april 15th. but this year because of the way the holiday fell, people got a
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few extra days. midnight is the cut-off time. if you are desperate on, our consumer investigator can show you how to file that extension. you might need it if you don't file by midnight.
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it's tradition for kids to
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take pictures with santa and the easter bunny but sometimes they don't work. >> that's blake shelton dressed up as an easter bunny. and look at her. she's screaming. she's saying i want to go. she didn't want to be around the easter bundly. she wasn't necessarily a fan of shelter only's but hey, somebody is laughing. >> let's look at how keri hall spent her easter. her kids are hunting for eggs on instagram. be sure to follow her on twitter and facebook and instagram. >> i found one in the backyard. oh, we'd better get this before the ants get to it. yeah. we had some nice weather over the weekend that continues today. make sure the patio and
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everything is covered up for the showers that are coming. >> not a bad forecast west need some of that rain. >> yes, we do. >> thank you for joining us. >> you can get the latest information all day at have a great day.
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right now on "california live," meet the sisters who are carrying on their father's foodie legacy. >> we went to college and all moved back. we won't let everything my dad worked for go to waste. >> i'm in the livermore valley, one of california's original certified sustainable windries. >> all these products will help me calm down and be happy and be a better mom. >> and he's on th


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