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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  April 18, 2022 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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curry didn't start the game but looked good coming off the bench, scoring 16 points in 22 minutes. he had limited minutes. jordan poole, though, was the star. 30 points to help the warriors to a 123-107 win. so the warriors lead the best of seven series 1-0. did you watch the game? >> you know it. of course. but i'll be watching your show at 7:00. can't forget about that. >> you can dual screen. exactly. right now at 6:00. we are live at what's left of the store. where investigators now say they've caught the man who burned it down. >> >> also the images are shocking. an organized crew seen vandalizing jewelry stores for months now an arrest.
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>> a sigh of relief. >> police say they're not done yet. the news at 6:00 starts right now. >> i'm audrey asistio in for jessica aguirre. a break in that massive fire at the home depot. investigators are about to announce an arrest and charges as well. ian cull is live from the scene. >> reporter: it was a very chaotic scene here nine days ago. flames were shooting out of the building. the smoke could be seen all the way in santa cruz. they are promising more details at a 11:00 press conference
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tomorrow. we will hear from the district attorney. while there are no serious injuries from the blaze, it forced the evacuation of more than 60 pets from next door. and the atf and investigators are have been look through the debris. at first they thought it started in the lumber section, but days after, witnesses said it started in the roofing aisle. now it appears to be arson. we'll bring you the latest details on air and online. ian cull, nbc bay area news. we've been telling you about them for months. the smash and grab robberies across the bay area. but tonight investigators say
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they have arrested a crew of six young men responsible for the claims, even in los angeles. robert handa joins us from east ridge mall with details of the robbery operation. >> reporter: a security officer stands guard at the jn husk jewelry store, and it's easy to understand why. this is video from a month ago when a crew used hammers and tools to bust into cases and steal thousands of dollars of jewelry. in all they robbed three sfrath separate teams. >> when a group of suspects like this identify a target, and they were able to get a significant haul, more than likely they return. >> reporter: the list of possible victims could get long. this surveillance video is from a january smash and grab on
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story road in san jose, one of at least three san jose robberies this crew is blamed for. police say these six young men ranging from 18 to 20 years old were caught after a long-term, multi-jurisdictional investigation, with help from daley city police and marshals. investigators seized firearms, including two assault weapons, gun manufacturing equipment and one hand made gun. >> we're talking about this almost weekly. >> reporter: the quick repair jewelry store was hit in a smash and grab. the owner is glad the robbers
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got caught. >> it's a good sigh of relief. happy to hear. yes. >> a long, complicated investigation. our robbery detectives continue to do an excellent job in identifying these folks and subsequently arresting them. >> police expect to make more arrests, including focussing on the people who take the stolen goods to sell as well as those who buy them. in san jose, robert handa, nbc bay area news. a teenager who police say opened fire inside of a south bay mall before christmas appeared before a judge. police announced they'd arrested 18-year-old nalen hobson. they say he fired a ghost gun. hobson is charged with attempted murder among other things he was in court today and supposed to enter a plea but the case was pushed back. in the aftermath of
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sacramento's mass shooting, new ways were announced to help those whose lives were shattered by violence. among those attending today's conference was a young woman forced to run for her life at the garlic festival. guilt and ptsd made her life nearly impossible. >> online resources. events, stories and communities, a community forum. so others won't feel forgotten and without support like i was. >> it's a way for victims to reclaim their lives after experiences life-changing trauma. so do you need a mask or not? it appears the tsa will immediately end all mask
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mandates. local transit agencies are still considering what they will do. here's sergio quintana. >> reporter: united airlines says wearing masks will be optional on domestic flights. responding to a ruling striking down the mask mandate. some passengers are celebrating. >> i think it's great. i think we shouldn't have to wear masks. >> reporter: others say they'll keep them on. >> i don't want to catch covid, to be honest. >> i'll still wear my mask, because i don't want to get sick and go to the hospital. >> reporter: the u.s. district judge in florida says the cdc overstepped its authority. that masking rule was just recently extended to may 3rd over concern over the spread of
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the ba.2 variant. the director of the san francisco mta said the same, but added according to data, public transportation has not been a significant transmission point because of air filtration on board. >> while we recommend people wear masks we don't believe it actually necessary to ensure that public transit is safe. >> reporter: amtrak is weighing in, saying it will require passengers to keep mask on their trains pending a possible appeal of that ruling. >> we are constantly updating our streaming app with the latest covid updates. right there on your roku or other streaming device, search nbc bay area and download our app. more than 8,000 sutter health nurses walked picket lines today the hospital scrambled to fill their
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vacancies with traveling nurses and other contracted replacement workers. >> the hospital has come to the negotiations unprepared. and even yesterday, on easter sunday they were unprepared. they met with us for 18 minutes. >> today's one-day strike ended about 6:00, and nurses should be back on the job tomorrow as negotiations on the contract continue. by moving forward with today's costly and leadership has made it clear they are willing to put politics above patients and the nurses they represent. a large firefight in san francisco left one firefighter injured. the flames broke out before noon between north portal and 14th avenues. it was accidently sparked by construction work. three buildings were damaged,
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but no homes. that injured firefighter is expected to be okay. more than half a dozen arrests, and a police officer hurt, all the result of several dangerous sideshows over the weekend. the police tracked at least five illegal sideshows last night alone. this sat capital expressway and capital avenue. you can see there, cars left tire marks and things became more dangerous when police moved in to break it up. that's when guzman rammed his car into a patrol car. >> he hit an officer that was on foot. we located that vehicle later at mckee and white road and arrested the driver. >> officers arrested guzman and several others and issued 40
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citations. three cars were towed. friends sitting down to talk doesn't usually sell out a lecture hall, but today that's exactly what happened. barbara boxer spoke with speaker of the house nancy pelosi. and the speaker spoke out about the attack on the capitol. >> there's still blood and glass on the floor. and we're coming back. they said you could do it here. i said no. the world has to see that the capitol is operational and we are engaged in the peaceful transfer of power. up next, before lighting up, there are new rules that you need to know about, about san francisco's 4/20 celebration. what the city is demanding you do when we back
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i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. you can see storm ranger scan at san bruno mountain. and i'm back in about eight minutes.
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a san francisco fan favorite is upon us. the 4/20 cannabis fess at this times are back. this is what it looked like back in 2019. today city leaders talked about what we can expect on wednesday. new this year, the city is enforcing 21 and age up age restrictions for the very first time and learning from past events to make sure the day runs smoothly. >> well, we have had some challenges with 4/20 as it relates to community and public safety in the past. and so with any large-scale event making sure that the right resources are available to ensure safety. >> so the rules are because this is the first year of the event that cannabis sales are legal here. city is organizing shuttle services to and from b.a.r.t. festivities this year include
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tributes to comedians robin williams and bob saget. and we have another administration tonight. celebration tonight. as a's fans started the party early today, they celebrated the home opener. the parking lot is pretty full. there's a lot more than just tonight's game. here's nbc bay area's sharon katsuda with the excitement. >> we're tired of being caged up. go a's, baby. >> let's go a's. >> reporter: they claimed prepared. >> got my glasses on, the barbecue started and ready to go. >> reporter: and inside, the workers prepped the field and the all-important concessions for the first home game of the season at the aging coliseum. outside, a flag ceremony with
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oakland mayor libby schaaf and amount's president, expressing hope that a vote will end the year-long debate about howard terminal. >> it's actually really nice to have an open stadium with people here we had a whole season with no fans. >> reporter: they don't want to think about the fans leaving. >> we lost the raiders. >> we're talking about more than 25,000 union construction job and 7100 permanent jobs.
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>> reporter: the fans' focus narrows to the crack of the bat and hope for home runs. >> let's go, oakland! >> reporter: sharon katsuda, nbc bay area news. >> the parking lot vibe for the a's is second to none. >> i couldn't help but see the wind blowing her hair and the little boy next to here dancing away. >> and she was playing cornhole. >> a little bit of normalcy. >> we dressed wrong today. look at audrey, she got it right. >> that's right. she stands for all of us. thank you, audrey. there's only the possibility here of a few showers moving through the coliseum tonight. so if you're headed to the game, a couple drops, but i think we're going to be okay with that game moving on. can you seat doppler is hoisted
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up on the back of the truck inside that dome. but i want to give you the overhead view here of what we're tracking tonight, and it's this cold front moving right across northern california, as that continues to jog closer and closer tonight. as we get you into a view tonight, the clouds are moving across. and couple spotty showers to the east bay and peninsula. we'll put a track on this. we're looking at this activity moving to the south and east, picking up light showers by 6:58 tonight. as we continue through 8:00, it will get a little more consistent as the cold front i talked about gets closer, over santa rosa by 8:00 p.m. and east bay and the peninsula at 11:00. just a little bit left for the early morning hours through 6:00 in the morning. overall for the commute, moist
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most of russ starting out dry. it's setting us up with a pretty good tuesday. trace amounts to .2. but if you're headed to the sierra, watch out for wintry conditions. as we move it into your tomorrow morning forecast, we're going to begin with lots of 40s over the south base, peninsula. got you down to 45 for the tri valley. for san francisco, heading there for work tomorrow morning, 49 and the north bay 44. daytime highs pushing up into the 60s. not quite as warm as today. still looks very comfortable. with that afternoon sunshine. that will leave us down to san jose at 65, concord, 67, napa 63, and upper 50s half moon bay to san francisco. we do have more rainfall chances
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coming our way this week. this is such a nice trea. this weekend, it's clearing out for us. and for the inland valleys, warming those numbers up. by saturday, 72. and we'll hold with upper 70s as we head into early next week. a little something for everybody coming this week. but that rainfall is just good news, y'all. >> you think audrey knew she was wearing a's colors today or it was coincidence? >> i got really lucky. i didn't mean to, but it worked out. >> good job. still to come, 116 years after the city was shaken to its core. a look at the 1906 earthquake next.
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it's a natural disaster that was a defining moment for the bay area. and today we commemorated the anniversary of the 1906 earthquake. there was an honor of, moment of silence. the earthquake leveled parts of san francisco and triggered a massive fire. 250,000 people were left without homes, and thousands more were killed. we're waiting and preparing for the next big one to hit. to find out how to bettering prepared, you can head to
6:26 pm gin lee's vehicle was broken in and his backpack with his medals were stolen. they were dropped off at a fire station and no arrests were made. here is a look at what is coming up. lester holt is preparing for nightly news. one of the top stories, the deadline to file your taxes is here
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okay, audrey, he's been called the voice of a generation. >> bob dylan announced he is planning three concerts in june. tickets go on sale this friday. tonight at 7:00, the late developing news. no more masks on flights and public transportation. we'll be joined by a pilot. why he says dropping the mandate is long overdue. that story and more coming up at 7:00. but up next on nightly news, reducing emissions using nature itself. nightly news is next. breaking news tonight. russia launching a major new offensive in eastern ukraine. after bracing for weeks, ukraine says the new phase of russia's assault on the east is now under way. it follows a barrage of russian missile attacks across
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the country. in the west, at least seven killed in lviv the first wartime deaths in a city considered a safe haven. while in mariupol, thousands of ukrainian soldiers holed up in a steel mill, defying demands to surrender. also tonight, the cdc's travel mask mandate r planes and other public transportation struck down by a federal judge. how the white house is responding what to know if you're flying tonight. a rare spring snowstorm moving into the northeast. up to a foot expected. we're tracking it. the manhunt after a shooting at a pittsburgh airbnb left two teens dead the investigation tonight. the deadline to file your taxes and the alert. why it could take months to get your refund. our journey to the hidden treasures along mexico's baja coast. the race to save one of nature's best tools in the fight against climate change and strike up the band four years after the unimaginable tragedy at parkland, our nbc news exclusive as stunt


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