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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  April 21, 2022 1:37am-2:06am PDT

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♪ [ cheers and applause >> seth: i want to thank my guests, kaley cuoco, aasif mandvi, amyl and the sniffers, everybody! aric improta and the 8g band stay safe. get vaccinated get boosted. we love you. have a great night, everybody. [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ we're under microclimate weather alert. new storm rolls in. tracking thunderstorms to sierra snow and updated time line for
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the morning commute. a middle school teacher under investigation. controversial comments he made in class that has parents sounding alarm. cold case breakthrough, search may be over for woman who vanished from napa more than 20 years ago. stunning confession from alabama. >> do you need a mask in bars or at airport? the moves the department of justice and cdc made late today and what it means for you late in the future. it is arriving right now. another late season storm set to drench the bay area. you can see it on our radar. also on live cameras tonight. many parts of the bay area are wet and windy. this is just the beginning. >> let's get to chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. it's not just wind and rain, talking about chance of lightning, hail, lots of snow in the sierra. left side of the menu we like to
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say. >> little bit of everything, on storm ranger mobile doppler radar, we're tracking it. red sweep, storm ranger is active with the red sweep on. isolated heavier pockets. get a look. south of oakland, had moderate, little bit of heavier rainfall move in. pushing east over san ramon. you'll be staying wet next hour. peninsula, rain over belmont to fremont 11:45 tonight. spotty showers in san jose, but all of this over north fair oaks and san mateo is pushing your way next two hours. second wave will come our way in morning commute. on top of that tomorrow going to be on the lookout for isolated thunderstorms that could bring small hail, wind gusts 15 to 35.
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full wrap-up of all the chances in 18 minutes. >> thanks very much. up to the sierra right now. this is i-80 in kingvale. could see more than 2 feet of snow. palisades, snow is falling at tahoe. plans to stay open until may 15th. but only open friday through sunday. storm ranger is activated up on san bruno tracking the storm as it moves through the region. download the nbc bay area app with tailored weather reports for your area and track live radar, see when the rain is going to hit your neighborhood. new at 11:00, investigation under way involving a san
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leandro middle school teacher caught on tape lashing out and saying inappropriate things to student. he's been removed but words are creating uproar with parents. cheryl hurd talked to a mother who was outraged. >> said it's awful to be in his class. >> reporter: reacting to teacher on cell phone video who appears to go on rant in front of her daughter in middle school. >> didn't say why he was verbally attacking a student. it was normal day in class and kids happened to catch him in outrage. >> reporter: in the audio clip posted on social media, parents are hearing firsthand what their kids are talking about in class. >> i've been through three tours of combat in most dangerous places on earth and i'm not in the position to let some kid talk back to me. period. that's how it is.
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>> makes me angry as educator. >> reporter: she works with students at the school. >> you don't talk to children like that. don't treat children like that. >> reporter: another recording, teacher is heard engaging with his students. >> i have shot kids younger than him. you're lucky things have changed last year and i can't put my hands on you and take you out of here. >> san diego unified superintendent put out a statement to parents saying incident by inappropriate comments has been brought to his attention and district is activity investigating the circumstances surrounding the incident and personnel have been removed from the classroom in doing so. brian and ramos want more done. cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. warning to mountain bikers in oakland. be on the lookout for armed robbers trying to steal your
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bikes. published reports say four armed robberies in past months. police say the thieves are carrying guns and targeting mountain bikers in the oakland hills. if you go, be vigilant and if you encounter the thieves, do not resist. missing more than 20 years, tonight a man in alabama has confessed to killing her. 2002, janet's daughter called napa police to report her mom missing. last month, brian jones called police to report he had accidentally killed luxford. said it happened in 2001. two had a fight staying at hotel near birmingham, alabama. led police to where he left her remains. investigators are trying to identify the remains formally. but jones is charged with the death.
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expecting a major announcement in east bay, breakthrough in decades old cold case out of richmond. they're holding a news conference tomorrow with all the details and we'll have a crew there. >> notorious defrocked priest and registered sex offender is set to appear before judge tomorrow, accused of drunk driving in crash that killed a walnut creek man. saturday. police say he hit a couple walking on the sidewalk. man died at hospital and wife suffered minor injuries. he's set to report, dui vehicular manslaughter. learning more about the criminal past of the man police believe started the massive fire at san jose home depot. told you police believed he set the fire as distraction to steal tools. fire ended up destroying the entire store on blossom hill
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road but isn't his only legal problem. showed you exclusive him steali wig after confrontation with employee. also accused of stealing from macy's at valley fair and rei in sunnyvale. also carrying counterfeit bills and meth pipe. garcia says this is all mind boggling. >> immediate thought was wow. you know. i can't believe i was that close to the person. then my second thought goes to wow, he did this. intentionally. >> he's due back in court in june for the home depot arson. from san jose to los gatos, the city is getting tougher on teenage house parties with alcohol or drugs. city started working on new law
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soon after arrest of the so-called party mom, shannon o'connor, which stunned the community. law holds adults responsible for hosting gatherings with minors in presence of alcohol or drugs. ordinance was written with input from school officials, police and city leaders. mass confusion over mask mandates on mass transit is not over. the mandates are set to go away and justice department announced it's appealing the decision that all but ended them in first place. what does it mean for next plane, bus or train ride? ian cull has update for passengers and what doctors are saying about it. >> reporter: starting 12:01 thursday, san francisco muni riders don't need to wear masks, joining other bay area agencies. for many riders it's a welcome change after two long years.
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>> little bit less of burden for the transit operators when the operator would tell the passenger to put on the mask in name of following the law. oftentimes the operator would get put in a nasty situation. >> reporter: late this afternoon, b.a.r.t. and cal train say recommended but not required. >> i'm vaccinated but still like to wear it to be safe. >> i believe at this point should be a choice. >> personal choice. everybody should do what they feel best. >> reporter: also cropping requirements for state guidance but late this afternoon the department of justice and cdc announced they're going to try to reinstate the mandate for flights and public transportation. filed appeal to the court
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ruling. covid expert dr. peter chin-hong said it would be safer. >> easier to protect the public with everyone wearing masks at this time. not indefinitely but given how dynamic the numbers are looking right now, not sure where it's going. >> reporter: the state's public health director says we continue to monitor federal action and will announce additional changes to state policies as needed. but tonight it's up to passengers if they want to mask up. south bay, ian cull, nbc bay area news. happening tomorrow, not one but two high profile political visits to the bay area. vice president kamala harris in san francisco. among stops, ucsf to continue efforts to address maternal health. tour a health care facility, visit with expecting families and talk about the maternal health crisis.
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last time she visited was september when she campaigned for governor newsom in the recall effort. former president obama will be at stanford to deliver a speech about the way we create and consume information and how it threatens democracy. cohosted by cyber policy center, stanford and a foundation. we'll have coverage on air and online. paralympian who got his medals stolen got them back. lee is reunited after the medals were recovered by san antonio police department. robbery took place on saturday. car's camera caught someone breaking in and stealing backpack with the medals inside. police say it turned up later in movie theater parking lot. u.s. marshals arrested solis in connection with the robbery.
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lee has bay area ties, grew up in daly city, lives in texas and plays on the paralympic sled hockey team, won last three gold medals. back in 60 seconds, wrongly convicted and spent 30 years in jail. tonight a free man. show you moment he was reunited with his family and team that fought for his release. wedding in l.a. with breathtaking views and cost a couple $500? how? we'll tell you. rain coming down on storm ranger mobile doppler radar. top totals, 0.52 in ross. more rain and thunderstorm
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building had to be evacuated. baseball pregame show. miscommunication with the army golden knights parachute team caused it. performing from the washington nationals game. parachuted in the stadium blocks from the capital as part of military appreciation night. congress in recess tonight, fewer in the building but didn't
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stop speaker of the house nancy pelosi to show frustration in a statement. in part quote, the faa's apparent failure to notify capital police of the preplanned flyover is outrageous and inexcusable. the unnecessary panic was particularly harmful for members, staff and institutional workers still grappling with the attack on their workplace january 6th. developing story in ukraine. russian forces surrounding a steel mill in mariupol, ukraine's last stronghold there. ukrainian commander holed up inside said soldiers are outnumbered, without help could be down to last days or hours. not alone, civilians taking shelter in there as well. constant bombing by russian forces prevented any evacuation of people trapped inside the city. in another part of the ukraine, team of u.s.
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firefighters, including two from bay area, have joined recovery areas. first responders are walking through rubble outside kyiv searching for people. david is a firefighter with contra costa county fire district. signed up with firefighters united task force for rescue and recovery in ukraine. for him it's personal. >> i was born in ukraine. i have family here still. and ever since the war started i've been -- heavy on the heart, seeing what is going on on the news. wishing i could be there to help. >> also been training ukrainian firefighters on debris removal and other trauma response techniques. group plans to stay through next week at least. in the bay area, served 32 years in jail for murder he didn't commit. san francisco man is free after
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judge overturned his conviction. latest case to be reviewed by the innocence project. sergio quintana was in san francisco as joaquin ciria was freed again. >> reporter: longtime friend tells him it's over. served 32 years in jail and always maintained his innocence. today he was released. originally from cuba, he thanked the court system and attorneys who helped him overturn the conviction. >> this is a great country, made of great people. >> reporter: convicted of murdering his friend outside a motel in 1990. but san francisco judge agreed that new witness testimony would have prevented him from being found guilty and overturned the conviction. his partner and their son pedro who was 6 months old when he was arrested. >> surreal, hugging him first
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time outside the walls. >> i got a good son, he stay out of trouble for all these years. believe in me. >> reporter: former partner took their son to visit him in prison last three decades. team of attorneys and law students from the innocence project examined details over two years, sent the findings to the district attorney's innocence commission. this is the first one. he's happy he won't have to eat prison food anymore. >> today i would like to eat some cuban food. >> reporter: in san francisco, nbc bay area news. >> hope he's enjoying that now. microclimate weather alert. video from orinda, the storm has arrived. audrey, you, me and jeff are
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driving home in rain tonight. >> thanks for reminding me. >> extra slow. >> take it slow. >> couple of rounds of rain coming next 24 hours. microclimate coverage continues tonight. show you view of what we've got. first cold front bringing rainfall tonight. second cold front, this is just right behind it. through tomorrow morning. then a third chance tomorrow night. that will be best possibility of thunderstorms coming from upper level area of low pressure. one, two, three punch as you move into tomorrow's forecast. live radar, storm ranger mobile doppler radar, the only one in the bay area, it's active when you see the red sweep. heavier rainfall we saw in orinda going through contra costa county, approaching dublin next 10 to 15 minutes.
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out to livermore by 11:56 tonight. down to the peninsula, heavier pockets of rainfall will sweep through west menlo park, east palo alto. next 20 to 30 minutes. south bay not much. gets rain shadowed in the beginning but there is rain through the santa cruz mountains and will fill in through the next few hours tonight. tomorrow morning, really want to fast forward to the commute. start off at 4:00 in the morning. this is the second cold front i just showed you, going to drop down over the north bay. then moves over the east bay, peninsula and south bay through 7:00 in the morning. going to seem like we're under a break by 11:00, even get sunshine coming in. but through the afternoon we get instability and chance of scattered thunderstorms to stay with us into 10:00 tomorrow night. through the peninsula and south bay the better bet of
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thunderstorms. we hold on to straggling showers then friday afternoon clear out for a nice weekend. rainfall totals for april storm impressive. half to 1 inch through the north bay. half to three-quarters in the east bay. south bay getting what could be half inch or more, all banked on the fact we would get chances tomorrow night. if the thunderstorms move little bit more south or north and miss the south bay, totals will not be as high. but grateful to see this after how the rain season started. sierra snow will be treacherous traveling up there. 1 to 2 feet. 28 inches at kingvale. seven-day forecast, we will clear out this weekend. 67 in san francisco sunday. dry through next week the way it
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looks now. through the inland valleys looking at temperatures warming up to 70 for saturday, 79 by sunday. coming in >> storm ranger is wondering what's going on, i'm usually in the barn this time, relaxing for summer. >> when i get behind the wheel it will know what's happening. south bay fire chief is making history tonight first time in 75-year history. santa clara fire has a female chief. she took over today as fire chief after serving as acting assistant chief. been with the department 20 years and served
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a follow-up on the kristin smart case. cal poly student who disappeared in 1993. trial is moving to monterey county. defense attorney asked to move locations saying two men wouldn't get fair trial in san luis obispo because of the case. body was never found. father accused of helping him hide the body. on earnings call today, tesla ceo thinks inflation is worse than reported and will likely continue.
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8.5% is the current rate, 40-year high. musk noted some suppliers have raised cost of parts as much as 30%. he does not think tesla will raise car prices again soon he thinks. a well-known road through fremont will not be changed for now despite concerns about speeding drivers. rejected proposal to reduce number of lanes from four to two-on-one mile stretch of paseo. along the stretch are homes where cars speed by. council said if lanes were taken away, traffic congestion would be a big problem. after swept in double-header yesterday, giants
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were you able to see it? giants saw the five-game winning streak snapped yesterday when they lost twice. >> in the same day. dropped both games of double-header. didn't affect them tonight. game three of four-game set in new york, came out swinging. scored three times in first inning. first off rbi double off bat of joc pederson. didn't stop there. brandon belt hit a solo home run, that was enough for the giants to cruise to a 5-2 win. a's started today's game against the orioles 3 1/2 hours
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early to beat the rain in the forecast. that led to just 2,700 fans being in attendance after only 3,700 last night. either way wasn't much to see. orioles scored only run on error and baltimore wins 1-0. football now. arguably the 49ers' most important player apparently wants to leave the team. according to espn deebo samuel requested a trade. wants new contract and grown increasingly unhappy with the 49ers trying to work out a new deal. samuel has gotten rid of all ties to the niners on social media and not attending off-season
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this is amazing. southern california couple pulled off a wedding with priceless view and they only spent $500. couple got married at turnoff along angelis crest highway without the cost of venue. >> it was great and people were
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there to celebrate. >> spent less than $50 on her dress. looks like a million bucks. >> and parking, so easy for the guests. right there. >> so beautiful. have a great night. breaking news tonight. the biden administration appealing the order overturning the federal travel mask mandate. moments ago, the justice department filing an appeal at the request of the cdc after a florida judge struck down the mask mandate for planes and other forms of public transportation the cdc saying it's still necessary for public health. what you need to know tonight. also, russia saying it has launched a new nuclear capable intercontinental ballistic missile while in mariupol, the commander there saying they may have only days or hours left the damning new report on the shooting of the set of rust.
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producers hit with a maximum safety fine. the battle escalating between florida's governor and disney after the company spoke out against the state's so-called don't say gay law. netflix stock tanking after losing subscribers for the first time in a decade could ads and a crack down on password sharing be coming and will prince harry make it back for the queen's platinum jubilee? does he miss his father and the connection he still feels with his mother, princess diana >> announcer: this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt good evening, everyone we begin with breaking news. there is word in tonight the justice department will appeal a judge's order that struck down the federal mask requirement on planes and other transport the cdc saying they believe it


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