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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 21, 2022 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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right now at 4:30, gusty winds and lots of rain. we're under a microclimate weather alert as a new storm takes aim at the bay area. lucky for us, vianey arana is tracking that weather here and snow in the sierra. mike inouye has more on the slick morning commute as you head out the door. it was a normal day in class. the kids happened to catch him in an outrage. >> an east bay teacher under investigation. his comments in the classroom that have parents and students sounding the alarm. this is "today in the bay."
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good thursday morning. thank you very much for making us a part of your morning. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm kristin sanchez. >> it's time to look at what you can expect as you head out the door. mike, you're tracking the roads because they're wet this morning. vianey arana will talk about the rain. >> we have heavy pockets that pushed through, we have more heavy rain expected. let's look at satellite radar. you can see also some thunderstorm activity mainly into parts of sacramento. look at stormranger, we have heavier pockets pushing through fairfield, concord, the san francisco area, pushing this in closer in san francisco, you can see the highlighted yellow around 280, you can see some of that orange color there. that means heavy downpours at times. through south san francisco.
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then over to the south bay, downtown san jose, just had that rain push out, but just behind it we have more on the way. here's a closer look at what to expect for your thursday. the heaviest rain will be happening in the morning, on and off wins from the southwest, 15 to 35 miles per hour. heading into this afternoon, looking out for the possibility of small hail and also a chance for isolated thunderstorms. with the instability in the atmosphere, this could be a possibility into this evening. also keeping a close eye on that heavy sierra snow. not a good day to be heading out to the tahoe area. hold off and wait for that. i'll give you a closer look at when your best window for that will be and when the rain is expected to move out, how much rain we'll get heading into the weekend and i'll have all the details. first let's check in with mike. >> this is some of what you're talking about. sloppy road conditions. this is 101 in san jose.
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vianey talked about that rain traveling across the map and heading to the south through 101. that leaves behind the wet roadways, the green highlighting here, that's where things are slick. maybe standing water. we have one truck that went off the road here, not a major injury crash, but one lane blocked 680 around jackson, just as the rain came through we got that report. the altamont pass, a lighter build there, but watching for trouble spots. contra costa county, highway 4 back to pittsburg, antioch is where that commute generates right about now. we'll see if the rain complicates things. the slick roadways, especially on and off-ramps. our free nbcbay area app is a great tool when the rain starts to roll in. you can see when it will arrive in your neighborhood. download it keeping track of the forecast and it is more accurate than the iphone weather app.
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also this morning, want to talk about an investigation under way. this is involving a san leandro middle school teacher caught on tape lashing out saying inappropriate things about students. >> he has been removed from the classroom for the time being but his words are creating an uproar with parents and families. cheryl hurd talked with one mother who was outraged. >> she said it is awful, awful to be in his class. >> reporter: this mother reacting to a teacher on cell phone video who appears to go on rant in front of her daughter in middle school. >> didn't say why he was verbally attacking a student. it was normal day in class and kids happened to catch him in an outrage. >> reporter: in this audio clip posted on social media, parents are hearing firsthand what their kids are talking about in class. >> i've been through three tours of combat in the most dangerous places on earth and i'm not in
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the position to let some kid talk back to me. period. that's how it is. >> it makes me upset. it makes me angry as an educator. >> reporter: this woman works with students at the school. >> you don't talk to children like that. don't treat children like that. >> reporter: in another recording, teacher is heard engaging with his students. >> i have shot kids younger than him. you're lucky things have changed this year and i can't put my hands on you and take you out of here. >> reporter: san diego unified superintendent put out a statement to parents saying incidents about inappropriate comments has been brought to his attention and district is activity investigating the circumstances surrounding the incident and in doing so the personnel involved have been removed from the classroom. both say more needs to be done.
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cheryl hurd, "today in the bay." we are learning new details about the criminal past about the man police believe started that home depot fire. police believe dyllin gogue started the fire so he could steal tools. the fire destroyed the entire store, but the fire is not the only legal program. he also is linked to stealing from a macy's at valley fair and from the rei in sunnyvale. in that case, investigators say he was also carrying counterfeit bills and a meth pipe. rick garcia was inside the home depot as the fire started and said it's unbelievable. >> my immediate thought was wow. i can't believe i was that close to the person. then my second thought goes to wow, he did this. intentionally. >> gogue is due back in court in june for the home depot arson. overseas in ukraine, a team
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of u.s. firefighters including two from the bay area joined recovery efforts. those first responders are walking through the rubble in the region outside kyiv searching for people. among them is david zalusky with the contra costa county fire protection district. he signed up with the joint guardian for a rescue and recovery mission in ukraine. for him he says this job is personal. >> i was born in ukraine. i have family here still. ever since the war started, it's been heavy on the heart. just seeing what's going on. wishing i could be there to help >> the firefighters have been training their ukrainian counterparts on debris removal and other trauma response techniques. the group plans to stay there until at least next week. saying good-bye to spotify. still ahead, the reason why well
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known couple is parting ways with the streaming service. and despite the ongoing supply chain issues and rising inflation, tesla revenue is expected to jump. what elon musk is reportedly saying about a possible rise in prices for the company's cars. stay with us. you're watching "today in the bay."
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taking a live look at stormranger, we're under a microclimate weather alert as rain pushes through the bay
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area. we have heavier pockets pushing through san francisco. the oakland area and in through the north bay and south san francisco. expect to keep a chance of thunderstorms through the evening. the timeline coming up in my full forecast. maybe leave a couple extra minutes because of the slick roads. oakland, 880, slick conditions. a couple of spinouts but no major problems. we know what april showers bring, they bring silvana. >> reporter: wall street is set to open higher. the markets coming off a mixed session yesterday. the dow rising 280 points helped by strong results from procter & gamble. the nasdaq was dragged down by netflix, which plunged 35% having its worst day since 2004 when it was just a dvd rental company. in focus today, a report on unemployment and earnings from
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at&t, american airlines and snap. tesla shares are rallying after the electric carmaker reported quarterly profits. revenue jumping more than 80% on strange sales growth and higher average prices for its cars. that's despite continued supply chain issues and a covid shutdown at its factory in shanghai. on the call with analysts, elon musk talked about future projects such as a robo taxi but did not address his bid to buy twitter. barack and michelle obama are leaving spotify. bloomberg reports they won't renew their podcast deal this fall. the production higher ground is talking to other distributors about a deal worth tens of millions of dollars. higher ground reportedly wants to be able to make multiple shows and release them on different platforms at the same time which goes against spotify's exclusive deal. back to you. >> thank you. a reunion three decades in
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the making. next on "today in the bay," after serving behind bars for a crime he did not commit, one man is finally walking free and breathing freely, too. the moment you don't want to miss when we come back. ♪ pop it like it's hooooot. pop it like it's hot.♪ ♪ pop it like it's hot.♪ ♪♪ pop it like it's— pop my $6.49 classic and spicy 50/50 popcorn chicken combo. only at jack in the box.
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wind is kind of blowing things around as well. we'll look at that forecast with meteorologist vianey arana. >> we are under a microclimate weather alert. a ton of ponding water. we all probably hit some on our commute in. we're also going to talk about the chance of thunderstorm activity and possibly hail in the forecast. let's start with satellite radar. live right now, you can see some lightning strikes now. a lot of this a bit further up north. there is the possibility that we could see some of that heading into this evening. i do want to give you a closer look at where we're seeing those heavier pockets of rain. using stormranger, you can see pushing through fairfield, con card, san rafael, near oakland we are getting the heavier pockets. the green is pretty much widespread through downtown san francisco through south san francisco, you can see some of those heavier pockets as well.
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down through burlingame, expect to see that rain over the next couple of hours. san jose, it was clear for a moment, but we have another little round of rain pushing in right now to san jose along 280 heading into the milpitas area. some rain behind it in palo alto. here's what we'll be monitoring into this afternoon. we have the heavy rain expected to happen between now and about 8:00 a.m. so right in the middle of your morning commute. you want to take that extra time today. on and off, winds from the southwest, 15 to 35. small hail is a possibility. isolated lightning as well and heavy sierra snow. let's talk about the temperatures as well. we'll be just slightly cooler but not by much. current temperatures actually pretty mild, in the 50s. you've probably been feeling the humidity. it's running a bit warmer. look at this, 5 degrees warmer in hayward. oakland 5 degrees warmer. let's talk about the
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hour-by-hour outlook. i'll take this into the evening. the heaviest pocket is between now and 8:00. we won't be completely in the clear. we'll have on and off showers around dinnertime. 5:30, look at some of those areas of rain near san jose, los gatos area, san francisco as well. by 8:30, a lot of that rain has cleared out of the north bay, has cleared out of san francisco. we'll be left with that cloud cover. we'll have a couple areas of rain pushing through the south bay as well into the morgan hill, san jose area. into early friday morning, we'll have a bit of that leftover rainfall in the early morning commute, but not as heavy as what we're seeing right now. by friday evening, it will be completely cleared out for the weekend. i talked about how it wasn't a good day to travel to tahoe. here's the reason why. we have a couple inches of snow expected for today and tomorrow. that can make for a dangerous commute and the winds are
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picking up. you don't want to be stuck in that zone. clear out, wait for it to get better. heading into the weekend will be your best window. tonight, we will see the majority of the rain clear out of the north bay and south bay. shower activity friday morning. by saturday and sunday things clear out. temperatures will be mild overall. inland areas will warm up a bit heading into saturday and sunday. we bump up by 10, 15 degrees in some spots. we could see some 80s heading into sunday fun day. 79 degrees. we dry out for the remainder of the week ahead. we still have some chance for activity as far as the radar goes into tonight and into early tomorrow morning. let's check on how the roads are doing with mike. >> you mentioned the ponding or the standing water or the puddles. golden gate bridge, you can see how much sheen is on the roadway. the cones have been lifted up and cleared in the last few
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minutes, we had a crew going on this span. you may find a reason to slow down. the flashing lights, of course, do that. another reason to slow down, when you see standing water, getting off the bay bridge west 80 to 81. going into lombard, there is that transition where there's some puddling going on. be careful. this green highlighting across the north bay, contra costa county, that's where you will have slick conditions. couple crashes on highway 24, nothing major, but we'll get more updates from chp. 84 has these lanes closed, blocked off for the overnight road crews. this weekend they'll close it off all weekend. mission and 680 are your alternates, this weekend we have the full closure all weekend. you can't cut through the canyon along the train tracks. the rest of the bay shows a
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smooth drive. another band of rain coming through here. 280 gets more rain as it comes past the 17 interchange. 17 over the mountain, okay. back to you. well, one san francisco man served 32 years in jail for a murder he says he did not commit. today he is a free man. a judge overturned his conviction. it's the latest case to be reviewed by the innocence project. sergio quintana was in san francisco as joaquin ciria became a free man again. >> reporter: a long-time friend of joaquin ciria hugs him and tells him it's over. ciria served 32 years in jail and always maintained his innocence. he was released. originally from cuba, he thanked the court system and attorneys who helped him overturn the conviction. >> this is a great country, made of great people. >> reporter: he was convicted of murdering his friend, felix bastarrica outside of a motel in
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1990. earlier this week, a san francisco judge agreed that new witness testimony would have prevented him from being found guilty and overturned the conviction. among the first to hug him, his partner at the time and their 32-year-old son, pedro, who was six months old when ciria was arrested. >> very surreal. feels wonderful. hugging him for the first time outside them walls, those gates. >> i have a good son, he stayed out of trouble for all these years. he believed in me. >> reporter: his former partner took their son to visit him in prison over the last three decades. a team of attorneys and law students from the innocence project examined details over two years, sent the findings to the district attorney's innocence commission. this is the first exoneration formed by chesa boudine.
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he's happy he won't have to eat prison food anymore. >> reporter: in san francisco, nbc bay area news. in a 2021 report, 4,000 students said they were homeless at least one day within the year. the university signed an agreement with the student homeless alliance to deal with the crisis. the san jose state administration says 213 students said they had some type of housing concern in the last six months of last year. all of them were given help in some form, from emergency housing to financial aid. a breath taking wedding with just a $500 price tag. next on "today in the bay," the southern california wedding and newlyweds. they explain how they pulled it off. we're listening. why they said they did not want to stray from their budget. but first -- ♪♪
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latin american music awards are tonight. more than 20 of latin music's biggest stars are set to perform including osuna, luis fuentes and prince royce. red carpet coverage begins at 7:00 tonight on telemundo 48. happening now for you, if you live in west marin or novato, you may soon have to pay more for your water bill. the north marin water district is considering raising rates by 6%. that money would go towards repairs and wildfire prevention upgrades due to ongoing droughts. if approved, the majority of customers would see a $9 increase. the board of directors will discuss the hikes in june. we'll be right back.
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. this is cool. a southern california couple pulled off a wedding with a priceless view, and they only spent $500 on their wedding. >> if you're planning a wedding listen to this. the couple got married off a turnoff. it gave them scenic views without the pricey cost of a venue. the price's sister bought them a drone so they could capture the ceremony. >> the energy was great. people were there to truly celebrate. >> the bride said she spent less than $50 on her dress. the couple says they didn't want to go into debt in order to have their perfect day.
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bravo to them. it is really easy to spend a lot of money. >> they'll last forever. >> the pictures, phenomenal. >> smart couple. this morning, the u.s. is hitting russia with even more sanctions. ahead on "today in the bay," a live report on the response from world leaders and why russian president vladimir putin is declaring operations in mariupol a success.
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right now at 5:00, tracking the storm.
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our team issuing a microclimate weather alert as rain moves across the bay area. vianey arana is breaking down how much rain is expected to fall in your neighborhood, and mike inouye is tracking that slick and rainy commute. this is "today in the bay." good thursday morning. thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez. laura is off, so i'm not out there. i'm in here. so thank you, laura. thank you. >> i'm marcus washington. i'll chilling inside as well. don't forget, we're not only here on television, you can take us on the go, we're live on roku, amazon fire, apple tv and online. we have team coverage on the storm. bob is live with the storm and mike has drive times. let's start with vianey arana. >> i'm happy


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