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tv   Sunday Today With Willie Geist  NBC  April 24, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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ge financing on most chevy pickup trucks. plus, now during truck month get a thousand dollar accessory allowance toward the eligible purchase of a new chevy truck with accessories. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. they do not run this state. they do not control this state. good morning. welcome to "sunday today" on sunday the 24th. a new phase in the russian invasion. two of the highest ranking officials in the united states are visiting the country's
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capital city today. president volodymyr zelenskyy announced antony blinken and lloyd austin would visit ukraine. that trip coming as vladimir putin's refocused war shows no signs of slowing down. missile attacks killing several people and claims of new ambitions in ukraine. we will have the latest in a live report just ahead. then our sunday focus on masks. after a legal back and forth this week over a federal mask mandate for planes, trains and buses leads to celebration, frustration, or confusion depending who you ask. we will sort through it all. plus, in our sunday spotlight, harry smith introduces us to an extraordinary man with autism who has found his place on the stage. later, a new sunday sitdown with actress sienna miller on earning respect for her work on screen while being the object of
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tabloid fascination for her life off of it. the popular netflix series where she played a familiar woman in the middle of a public scandal. >> i was drown to it in a psychological tourism way. it was an interesting thing to put myself back into a situation that did feel somewhat familiar and to respond in a very different way to that. >> a sunday sitdown with sienna miller, plus another life well lived all a bit later in the show. let's begin this morning with the latest from ukraine. today, two american officials are set to meet face to face with president zelenskyy. raf sanchez is in lviv for us. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. as russian air strikes continue to rain down on mariupol and other cities, president zelenskyy says today u.s. officials will make a highly symbolic first visit to this war-torn country. this morning, secretary of state
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blinken and secretary of defense austin heading to ukraine, according to president zelenskyy. two senior members of president biden's cabinet, the first u.s. officials face to face with ukraine's leader since russia's invasion began. we will discuss the list of weapons we need, he says, adding he hopes one day president biden will come himself. the u.s. not confirming the trip. plans in secrecy for security reasons. for now, a presidential visit still too risky. in odessa, eight people killed when a missile struck this apartment building. among the dead, this woman and her children. our girl is a year old. her father posting the awful words, my dear ones, the kingdom of heaven, you are in our hearts. the attack shattering the relative peace of a city
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sometimes called the pearl of the black sea. in mariupol, ukrainian troops and civilians still under attack in the steel plant. zelenskyy warning, he will call off peace talks if they are massacred. for now, still open toin moscow attending midnight mass ahead of orthodox easter today. ukrainians marking the very same holiday in a country where churches have too often been targets. here in lviv, sheet metal covers stained glass to protect i from russia's bombs. on this holiest of days, no escaping reminders of war. this statue of the virgin mary in a metal cage to keep it safe. inside the church of the transfiguration, worshipers taking comfort in faith and tradition. prayers going up for their country, their troops, and for peace. now president zelenskyy attended easter services at the cathedral in kyiv this morning
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he says his entire country is united in a single prayer. great lord, save ukraine willie >> raf sanchez starting us off in lviv, ukraine thanks so much kristin welker is nbc's chief white house correspondent. she is co-anchor of "saturday today. she's in for chuck this morning as moderator of "meet the press. it's great to see you on a sunday morning it was interesting to hear president zelenskyy say, yes, i'm so glad secretaries blinken and austin are coming, but i would like president biden to come as well we saw the aid package, $800 million from the united states going to ukraine new sanctions. this visit today what did does it all signal to you? >> well, willie, it's good to be with you i think it signals tha the pressure is mounting to do the biden administration to do more to deliver more. in fact, president zelenskyy saying of this visit by the secretaries of state and defense, quote, they should not come with empty hands, not just presents and cake but with
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specific weapons the question becomes, what will the deliverables be of this visit. it comes on the heels of president biden announcing that new $800 million aid package, which includes heavy military weaponry for the first time, president zelenskyy signaling that they are starting to get some of the weapons that they need of course, he has been asking for more he has been asking for things like a no-fly zone, those polish migs, things that president biden said are non-starters. it comes as russia is moving into eastern ukraine and also now threatening parts of the south and signaling they could be looking to create a land bridge into moldova. this is urgent you have the pressure that's going to mount on the biden administration to deliver more aid and to the point that you made at the top, the pressure may also increase on president biden to visit
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so far, the white house says there are no plans for that to happen but 14 world leaders have visited kyiv so far. president zelenskyy will likely keep up his request to see president biden in person. willie >> it would be an extraordinary sight to see president biden walking through the streets of kyiv, as we said, prime minister boris johnson and others do the same in recent weeks kristin welker, thank you. great to see you. >> thank you >> we will see more of kristen weller on "meet th press" when she's joined by roy blunt as well as the head of president zelenskyy's office, jon finer and elizabeth warren french voters are at the polls today with president emmanuel macron fighting to hold on to his office, facing another challenge from far right candidate le pen the eyes of the world and particularly those of the white house are on the election that will be decided now in just a few hours.
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nbc senior international correspondent keir simmons is just north of paris. good morning >> reporter: good morning to you, willie. this is a small corner of france it's no exaggeration to say that every french vote today could change history behind me, you can see one of their transparent ballot boxes a nice little routine here every time someone votes, the official shout "voted! voting under way this morning in a polarizing french election that could shatter president biden's hard-won western unity over ukraine the ballots, a choice between current president macron or the currently president emmanuel macron or upending politics here with the far right's this man is for le pen.
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it's time for change, he says. anti-establishment marie le pen. this man is for le pen it's time for change, he says. >> we have tried everything, socialist, communist, conservative, the center right, center left. it does not work >> i would say macron is less dangerous, because also le pen t has a lot of like politics against immigration and against rights of the immigrants >> reporter: president macron casting his ballot earlier, comparing this vote to the election of donald trump and brexit, saying millions who failed to vote in the u.s. and britain in 2016, quote, woke up with a hangover. britain in 2016, quote, woke up with a hangover. le pen is a fan of president trump and president putin. she dislikes nato and the european union. she's accused of taking money from russians. she says she's not beholden to russia. the campaign has centered on domestic troubles here. like inflation.
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>> rise of prices, cost of live, fear for the future. all this combine together contributes to negativity and the overall mood of the country. >> reporter: le pen doubles down on those issues branding macron out of touch and elitist. her brand of politics accused of fuelling hatred and division may limit her appeal. last polls on friday suggested she will lose. the only poll that counts under way right now. we have seen a steady stream of voters here. the polls do suggest that there hasn't been the feared drop-off in numbers of people voting. that's good news. the worry was that disillusioned french people might not come to the polls. >> macron defeated le pen by 32 points five years ago. expect it tighter today. keir simmons, thank you so much. we learned overnight of the
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passing of orrin hatch, the longest serving american senator in american history. josh letterman looks back at the legacy of one of the gentlemen of the senate. >> i was here when this body was at its best. >> reporter: from impoverished son of the depression, to the longest serving republican senator, orrin hatch was a force in washington, outlasting six presidents. a relentless advocate for conservative who shaped the right-leaning supreme court and helped pass more than 750 bills. he was not a bomb thrower. he was known for decency. and his friendship with ted kennedy. they passed the children's health insurance program. he was remembered as a man of vision by senator romney. romney writing, few men have made their mark on the senate as he did. orrin hatch was born in 1934 into dire poverty, raised in a
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ramshackle home. he was one of nine kids. two died during hatch's childhood. >> only in a nation like ours could someone like me, the son of a simple carpenter, grow up to become a senate. >> reporter: he was a missionary after high school with passions beyond the senate. like song writing. he wrote hundreds, even one for hanukkah. ♪♪ >> reporter: in 2018, former president trump awarded him the presidential medal of freedom, the highest civilian honor. hatch had six children with his wife elaine. by his side for more than six decades. the hatch foundation announcing his death late saturday without citing a cause. he was 88. josh letterman, nbc news. >> senator hatch well-known for working across the aisle as well good morning.
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i'm meteorologist jeanne rana, and the temperatures will be topping out in the low 60s, the winds in the north/northwest at about 15 miles per hour. it is 49 right now, and expect the temperatures to climb to the lower 70s and low 80s. and we are seeing the winds pick up so be careful around the coastline. straight ahead, the highs and lows of the week, including an emotional run at the boston marathon. the brother of the young boy killed in the bombing there crosses the finish line nearly a decade later. an interview featuring the proud dads of two opposing nba stars during a playoff game turns into a hilarious session of fatherly trash talk. up next, our sunday focus on masking in america. more than two years into the
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transportation. a federal judge stepped in to end it early. then after the cdc insisted the mandate was necessary and legal, the justice department announced plans to appeal that judge's decision. where does that leave us? and are masks gone for good? medical correspondent dr. john torres cuts through the confusion in our sunday focus. >> exercise your freedom. >> reporter: a celebration in the skies this week, as news spread that masks were no longer required on public transportation. not everyone traveling was excited. >> just because we are tired of covid doesn't mean that covid is tired of us. >> reporter: a federal judge on monday ruled that the cdc overstepped its authority in mandating face coverings on planes, trains and buses. now the justice department is
6:20 am
appealing that decision, with the support of the white house. >> it's really important that we reserve the authority of the cdc, the ability of the cdc to be able to reach out in public health crises like this one and protect the american people. >> reporter: masks have been a contentious issue since the start of the pandemic when health officials first advised public not to wear them. >> right now in the united states, people should not be walking around with masks. when you think mask, you should think of health care providers needing them. >> reporter: after seeing how quickly covid spread, officials reversed course. city, state and federal agencies across the country implemented mask mandates. >> counties that demonstrated high rates of masking from the beginning have seen far less deaths from covid-19 than counties that have not mh maski the general public. masks clearly work. >> reporter: the mandates eventually led to frustration, protests by some and disruptions
6:21 am
in public transportation, including the airlines, which saw a dramatic rise of in-flight fights. [ bleep ]. >> reporter: now united airlines' ceo says he is doubtful mandates wills return. >> it's unlikely a mask mandate will come back in the future. >> reporter: a big relief for flight attendants whose job became policing the skies. >>is unbelievable. it's no longer us versus them. >> reporter: there are serious concerns from the immunocompromised and parents with children under 5, like cynthia link, mom to an unvaccinated 14-month-old. >> now since the mask mandate is lifted, i won't fly with her. it doesn't feel safe and fair. >> once we have tools available to more people so vaccines for under 5, more oral anti-virals for those who need it, that's when we can move towards this individual risk assessment. but we're not there yet.
6:22 am
>> reporter: while covid deaths have been trending down, a new increase. leading many to say, they will keep masking up. a new poll even shows a majority of americans want the mandates for travelers to continue. >> coronavirus is spreading. i feel safer around people with masks. >> reporter: for now, the decision to mask up becomes a personal choice. >> dr. torres joins me live. good morning. even president biden said this week the decision about whether to wear a mask is up to us. does it make sense to wear one? does it work if most of the people around you, say on a plane, are not in masks? >> we all need to remember, we're in a pandemic. you can't tell if someone is infected and possibly spreading virus. masking is advisable in crowded settings, especially if cases are rising. one-sided masking does work. if you wear a well-fitting mask,
6:23 am
it will give you good protection from catching the virus. because masking isn't required, it's still recommended. >> that's good topele's persona decisions to wear orany goes a way. thanks so much. good to see you this morning. coming up next, a new sunday sitdown with actress sienna miller on glimpses of her own life in the new netflix searries where she plays a woman in the middle of a public scandal and a prolific career that ranges from shakespeare to big budget blockbusters. the record executive credited with bringing rhythm and blues to the masses and laying the foundation for rock and roll. as we head to break, our photo of the week. the container ship with the ironic name "ever forward" finally moving forward, after being stuck for more than a month when it ran aground in the chesapeake bay.
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good morning. thank you for joining us on this sunday, april 24th. i'm kira klapper. a group of teenagers were robbed at gunpoint while returning from prom. it happened in unincorporated san mateo high where the students go to school. it was after midnight when teens had taken a bus to a student's home, but while they were waiting to their individual uber rides, a different car pued up. a woman wearing a mask jumped out and pointed a gun at them. police say that she grabbed one teen by the neck and threw him
6:27 am
to the ground, and then stole another wallet before she took off. police say crime like this are happening all over. >> you hear about this crime in the city all of the time. >> yeah. but out on the peninsula, and out in this area. >> it is everywhere, i guess. no address is immune. >> reporter: police say that the robber ultimately got away with $40. nobody was seriously injured. while investigating that robbery they found out about another robbery in centre city. happening torp, masks are coming off at oakland public schools. oakland unified announced that the mask will be coming off april 25th, so starting corm, masks will be required inside when there is a positive case on a campus. let's turn to meteorologist to have a look at the warm
6:28 am
sunday. >> yeah, it is going to be nice out there, and san francisco is waking up in the 50s. looking at the temperature trend into the morning. notice we have a mix of sun and clouds, and mainly around the coastline, and meanwhile in the interior valley, we have clearing, and the temperatures are bumping up in the 50s, and the 60s, and maybe a couple of 80s from concord an guilford and antioch area. it is going to be a lovely day, and many of you may want to go to the beach, but there is a beach hazard for entire coastline in effect until 9:00 p.m. for west and northwest-facing beaches, and stay away from the rip current which could bring moderate to large breaking waves. admire the coastline from afar, and one thing is that they are sneaky, and you won't know, and they will sweep you into the ocean. if you have plans over to the
6:29 am
coastline, have a closer look of what to expect with the seven-day outlook, and the longer outlook. >> also coming up in 30 minutes of today in the day. we will hear from the passenger punched by mike tyson at sfo, and wh he is saying that did not happen before the fists started flying. we will have thaten until then, we will send
6:30 am
tell me why you do it. i want to understand. >> i do it for you. you know that. >> no, you don't. >> i do. >> i'm here. your family is here. your children have no father. >> i have to serve my country. >> you don't know when to quit. >> that's sienna miller as the wife of navy seal chris kyle played by bradley cooper in the box office hit "american sniper." which was nominated for best picture at the 2015 academy awards. a the characters sienna miller has
6:31 am
the tabloids that pursued her relentlessly. miller spent the early years of her career in the flashing bulbs and shouted questions of media fascinated by her relationships and her style. standout performances in movies like "factory girl" and "american woman" have forced a change of subject. now the 40-year-old is starring in a new netflix series that has her tapping into those trying years in the spotlight. we got together in new york for a sunday sitdown. sienna miller steps into the eye of the media storm. playing the wife of a powerful british politician caught in an affair and a very public trial in the netflix series "anatomy of a scandal." >> somebody is lying. >> am i looking at him? >> did you say, i've got to play
6:32 am
this? >> i understood the world she was from. i liked how contained she is, which i don't have that kind of english reserve. but she does. >> the character and the story ring familiar to miller. there's an extraordinary scene where your husband is telling you about what's about to come and confessing to his affair. you are sitting on a couch. your heart is beating. >> yes. >> so loudly that, in fact, it's picked up on the microphone. they included it in the show. >> you have to get ahead of this. >> we have to figure out how to protect our children. >> we have to do both. >> that scene gave me so much anxiety. i think because i've been there, you know? that feeling if you are well-known of something coming out or about to come out that you can't bear. >> over the years miller has been hounded by paparazzi for her relationship with jude law and their breakup after law' s
6:33 am
a -- affair but she fought back suing the tabloids and winning. most recently a settlement last year after her phone allegedly was hacked. i wondered if it was a difficult decision to sort of step even fictionally into the shoes of a woman going through that given all you have been through yourself. >> i was drawn to it. in a psychological tourism way it was an interesting thing to put myself back into a situation that did feel somewhat familiar and to respond in a very different way to that. maybe reclaiming something that there is a sense of catharsis in doing that. >> do you consider yourself a new yorker? >> i have always felt a bit like a new yorker. i don't sound like a new yorker. i love it here. >> miller was born in new york. but raised in london. her mother was a model. her father a banker. she was a performer from a young
6:34 am
age. >> i don't remember ever wanting to do anything else. from the age of 3, i think that's what i said i wanted to do. >> do you remember your first performance? >> it was awful. i was the angel gabriel in the nativity. i found out that was a man. i was heartbroken. >> heartbroken but not deterred. at 18 miller moved back to new york to attend the prestigious lee strasburg school. modelling to make ends meet. you were on the cover of 12 "vogue" over the course of your career. >> is that it? that's a lot. >> amazing. >> i was the shortest. i was the personality that made the tall grade models come out of their shell. people wanted me around. >> she's fun. by the age of 22, miller was acting more than modelling. co-starring with law in the 204 film "alfie." >> everything is going to be easy and breezy. sound good?
6:35 am
>> the next year stepping on stage for a west end production of shakespeare's "as you like it." >> for me it's like jumping out of a plane. the anxiety is -- i'm always sick. achieving that really unimaginable horror of the thing, getting to the end is like, ah. >> she received critical acclaim for her 2006 performance in "factory girl" playing a 1960s creative inspiration for andy warhal. people were looking at pictures of you on magazines. so obsessed with other parts of your life. >> it was frustrating. i was working and turning in performances i thought were valuable. everyone would be like, i love your clothes. what about my film? >> boho chic. >> i know. which is now coming back into fashion. i'm really old.
6:36 am
>> we have you to thank for it. with her reputation as a dramatic actor established, miller took a swing at the blockbuster, with 2009's "g.i. joe, rise of the cobra." you can do both in the same career. everything in between. >> congratulations. you saved paris. >> it was something i was encouraged to do because i made autistic choices in independent cinema. as a certain point agents are encouraging you to become bankable. it was not the right fit for me to be a village. they had to add this thing that when i fired, i would touch the side and there would be sunglasses. it was dreadful. >> in 2014, miller was cast alongside bradley cooper in "american sniper." which grosses more than half a billion dollars at the box
6:37 am
office. >> i need you to be human again. >> was "american sniper" phenomenon, that was something else? >> it was so exciting. i had to audition for that film. then bradley call and said, we would love you to do it. it was on the set with clint eastwood. it was such a dream come true. >> these days, miller happily gets more attention for her work than for her personal life. as she raises 9-year-old daughter marlo who she shares with actor tom sturridge. >> i felt more settled, content, my lack of care for what anybody thinks of me, which is relieving. >> it's liberating, isn't it? >> really. there's a vast expanse that i'm excited for. >> you, bradley, "g.i. joe ii."
6:38 am
>> yes. >> another pitch, the musical. >> done. >> that will have a very short run. i accept all the blame. sienna's new series "anatomy of a scandal" is streaming on netflix. subscribe to the sunday sitdown podcast to hear the full interview, including more on her decision to take on the powerful companies behind tabloid magazines. you can find our conversation on apple podcasts or wherever you get yours. next week, a new sunday sitdown with music star and now author janelle monae, featuring the single greatest outfit worn on network television. a conversation about her remarkable rise as the daughter of a custodian and sanitation worker to become one of the most original voices in all of music.
6:39 am
>> good morning. waking up to 51 degrees in san francisco, and the temperature trend by 11:00 in the upper 50s and topping out in mid-50s in san jose and chillier through here at 49 degrees, but we will be warming up into the upper 60s and low to mid-70s and maybe a couple of interior 80s. and there is a beach hazard in place until 9:00 p.m. ahead, our high and lows, including the real estate market that had house sell for over asking, despite it warned of a squatter in the basement. we will explain. harry smith visits the star actor with autism who has found himself by getting lost in character. we will be right back on "sunday
6:40 am
today." and tonight's winning number, 43 yes! noooo... quick, the quicker picker upper! bounty picks up messes quicker and is 2x more absorbent, so you can use less. bounty, the quicker picker upper. ♪ baby got back by sir mix-a-lot ♪ unlimited cashback match... only from discover. april is autism acceptance month. the cdc found one in 44 american children has some form of autism spectrum disorder, which makes communication, learning and human connection difficult. given the disorder's rise in prevalence in recent years, most of us know and love someone with
6:41 am
autism and groundbreaking organizations like autism speaks. in our sunday spotlight, harry smith introduces us to one man with autism who has found his place in the world at center stage. >> it took a while for him to realize, but for most of his life, nicky rowe has an actor in search of a role. >> i had to street perform to make money, because no one else really wanted to hire me. i figured i could hire myself. so i would stilt walk all over here. >> get out. >> twisting balloons for kids or juggling knives. >> seriously? >> mm-hmm. that's what i had to do with a hat out to make money. >> as a person with autism, he has sought to fit in, to him the neuro-typical world felt frightening, but not if he put
6:42 am
on a costume. >> it's a way to get people's attention. what i loved so much about it is, as an autistic person my whole life, people have felt really uncomfortable around me. but whenever i was street performing here, everyone who saw me smiled. >> in his book "fearlessly different," he writes of his difficult childhood, his struggles in school, until a visit to the seattle children's theater. >> as an autistic person, i didn't get a lot of social interaction in my life. i all of a sudden got to experience all these really incredible, wonderful social interactions in a safe way. >> turns out, the play is the thing. on stage, everything is scripted, predictable. he immersed himself in the seattle theater scene. as an adult, he found there were no parts. a local casting director told him about the curious incident of the dog in the nighttime, the
6:43 am
celebrated award winning book and play. >> she felt the main character in this play and in this book was me. so she thought it would be really important for me to read the book and see a story about someone who was -- she felt was like me. >> what did you do? >> i was trying to figure out how i could get an audition for this play in new york city when i lived in seattle. desperation email to the broadway show. it got him not one but two auditions. he did not get a part. >> my hopes were completely dashed. >> he won raves. >> we should feel that we are
6:44 am
wanted places because communities feel like we are an asset, not a liability. this was the first time that i was truly embraced as an asset, not a liability. you want to help me peel it? >> you peel it. >> married in a blended family with four children, he is remarkable. for his determination, yes. but especially for his message to all of us. >> i think so often people want so badly to fit in that they forget what makes them stand out. so i really, really hoped that my book would help people to feel brave t stand out. >> thankit >> he is an inspiration. harry, thank you. we highlight another life well lived. one of the first shots in the rock and roll revolution was fired in new orleans on september 14, 1955 when a 22-year-old artist going by the
6:45 am
name of little richard recorded a song called "tootie fruity." ♪♪ richard recorded that hit for specialty records. the company founded by a ground breaking producer named art rupe. a native of pittsburgh who worked in a los angeles shipyard, he started the independent l.a. label in 1946 to promote and sell the american blues artists who were popular with black audiences but ignored by major record companies. in those days, their albums were known as race records, before the term rhythm and blues was popularized in the late '40s and early '50s. as detailed in a book "rip it up," the label scored its first number one song in 1950 with
6:46 am
"pink champagne." two years later, lloyd price's song became a crossover hit with white audiences. thrusting r & b into the american mainstream. ♪♪ while the electric little richard was laying the groundwork for rock and roll, rupe cultivated gospel groups, including the soulsters whose lead singer was sam cook. rupe sold specialty records in 1990 and focused on his successful oil business. in 2011, the rock and roll hall of fame gave rupe a lifetime achievement award. >> it can be said specialty records was the first rock and roll record label and that our group was the firstrurue believer in rock and roll. >> arthur rupe who cultivated and elevated the defining sound
6:47 am
of 20th century music died last week at home in santa barbara, california. california. he was 104 years old. ♪♪ ♪♪ not everything online is real. but a carmax online offer really is. if you're always asking, "where next?" capital one has a new class of travel card for you. venture x. earn 10x miles on hotels and 5x miles on flights booked through capital one travel. venture x. what's in your wallet? through capital one travel. together or separate? uhh.. if you get this wrong, there will be no second date. no second date, you end up alone. [gasp] just like the psycic said! together! cool. ♪ ♪ fight fleas and ticks with seresto. eight months continuous protection against fleas and ticks.
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it's time for the highs 57bd and lows of the week. henry richard, who finished his first boston marathon on monday, running in honor of his late brother martin. the 20-year-old crossing the finish line into the waiting arms of his parents with his sister jane nearby. henry's little brother was the youngest victim killed in the boston marathon bombing at 8 years old. jane, who was watching with martin that day, lost her left leg in the attack. henry said after the race this week, he imagined martin running at his side and, quote, i know martin would have been doing it with me. i did it for both of us. martin would turn 18 this june and getting ready to graduate from high school. our first low goes to the
6:51 am
insanity of a current housing market that considers this a hot property. the $800,000 listing in fairfax, virginia, went viral this week because along with 3,500 square feet of colonial home comes a squatter in the basement. the online zillow adds there's no access to the lower level due tie resident there with, quote, no lease in place. listing agent saying the basement dweller took advantage of an elderly homeowner and weaseled her way in, living there for three years without paying rent. in addition to the squatter, the home features original windows, some with rot, a dishwasher that doesn't work and at least $25,000 worth of repairs. who would sign up for that? this money pit with a live human in the basement sold in a week for over the asking price.
6:52 am
our next high to a pair of proud nba dads and the entertaining rivalry between them. it started in game one of the grizzlies and timberwolves series when the father of ja morant started jawing with the father of another player. it escalated when they were interviewed together during the game. >> never won in the playoffs. welcome back. >> you are out of here. >> guess what? you know what this means? you gotta catch up. you are behind. >> the dads now have a friendly wager going. if the grizzlies win, towns has to wear a morant jersey. the timberwolves win, morant has
6:53 am
to wear a grizzlies jersey. our final low to a quiet day on the water spoiled by jaws. they were out fishing with their son in western australia when a hungry visitor swung by to see what was for lunch. [ screaming ] yikes. that's a 12-foot great white shark which circled the boat for a full hour with a particular taste apparently for the boat's engine. the shark was, quote, majestic and the highlight of their holiday. his wife certainly will be way day, wayfair's biggest sale of the year is bigger than eve! for two days only, april 27th and 28th, get the lowest prices on thousands of items for your home. shop outdoor furniture up to 65% off... rugs up to 80% off...
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this is elodia. she's a recording artist. 1 of 10 million people that comcast has connected to affordable internet in the last 10 years. and this is emmanuel, a future recording artist, and one of the millions of students we're connecting throughout the next 10. through projectup, comcast is committing $1 billion so millions more students, past... and present, can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities.
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we got more of your "sunday today" mugshots. young robert celebrating his 5th birthday in richmond, virginia. happy birthday. best friends judy and marilyn in florida. charlie and gloria celebrating their 32nd wedding anniversary in south carolina. alison in chicago. happy 50th birthday. lee ann and her dog in new jersey. jackie and judy in georgia. john in california. happy 65th. and rhonda, tona, david and john on the beautiful caribbean island of st. lucia. that's a great place to be. thanks for the picture. send us a photo with the #sundaytoday. you might see yourself next
6:58 am
week. remember, you can get the mug online. see you back here next week on "sunday today."
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good morning. it is sunday april 24th, 7:00 on the dot as we take live look outside of a glorious sunrise over san jose on this orthodox easter morning. thank you so much for starting your sunday with us. i'm kira klapper, and meteorologist vianey arana is joining us, as people are going outside to watch the


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