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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  April 26, 2022 1:37am-2:06am PDT

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agents just walked onto the scene 10 minutes ago. they have been tweeting that they were involved in the case all afternoon long. they were deferring all comments to san jose pd. agents themselves are here and they are here in force. neighbors are stunned such a crime can happen where they live. here in the neighborhood with the kidnapping happened, a sense of shock. relatives feeling terrible they cannot do more and neighbors are unable to believe it happened at all. >> it breaks my heart.
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i am a emotional person. i hope they find the baby. i hope they catch the guy. >> there were mothers that can only shudder when they try to imagine the pain the baby's mother is going through now. >> i feel bad about it, i have two daughters so i have to pay attention. >> reporter: a relative spoke about the frustration he felt this afternoon, unable to comfort the boys mother. >> they feel not powerful now because they do not know what is going on. they are not near the home because this is a active investigation. >> right now we are back out here live on elm street in san jose. what you are looking at is 8 fbi agents and a equal number
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or more of police officers assembled here on the street, on elm street, where brandon was kidnapped at 1 pm this afternoon. we do not have any updates. we have been told there are no updates as of this minute. that can change it any minute and the folks out here are trying to make sure it does. nbc bay area news. is j pd is making it clear they need your help, we mentioned those emergency phone calls coming in tonight. still coming into our newsroom and maybe your home as well. >> child abduction of a infant on the 1000 block of elm street in san jose. >> you see those phone calls, text messages and emails from the county, one alert contains a message for the suspect, if you have the infant, please immediately responder surrender to a local hospital or fire
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station. >> how did this happen? how did a stranger slip into the apartment, take brandon and walk away undetected? tonight the fbi and police are trying to find the baby. it is not just locally, it is statewide. ian has the latest on the search and the few clues investigators have to work off of. >> reporter: tonight surveillance video shows the moments just after a three month old boy was taken away from his san jose home. the family says they have no idea who the man is. >> according to the grandmother, she came home to this apartment located in the 1000 block of elm street, she took the baby into the apartment, went downstairs to unload groceries and in that short amount of time, somebody entered the apartment. you have the images and video of this
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person, and left with the baby. >> reporter: the mother was at work in the baby boy is brandon. he was wearing a white ones leave onesie with dinosaurs on it. the suspect is a hispanic man with a dark complexion and short hair. he was wearing a black face mask. gray air jordans and had a great baseball hat on. the baby carrier is black with a white blanket over it. >> this will get solved with somebody calling us. >> reporter: the fbi is sending the child production abduction response team to help. >> if you have this baby, please give it back to his mother. we can deal with consequences after. anybody who is a mother or father, you do not love anything more than your child. this mother is going through a bad time. >> reporter: nbc bay area news. >> as for the father, police say he is out of the picture
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and currently incarcerated. >> i do not know whether or not that will play into this but obviously we will talk to him soon. we are doing everything we can to locate the baby. >> the boys mother was at headquarters this evening providing information. tonight we talked to mark of the class kids foundation, his 12-year-old daughter was kidnapped from their home and murdered in 94. it was a high profile case that got national attention. he has the wrenching perspective to understand what this babies family might be going through. >> you initially have a lot of hope that this will be resolved quickly but the longer it goes on, the more difficult it is to hold onto that hope. particularly when you are dealing with a infant that needs nothing but attention, love and nurturing. it is a horrible situation for these people. they are probably leaning
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themselves terribly. >> time is of the essence now, the first 24 hours of the search are the most important. >> in addition to 911, they have additional numbers you can call and they are on your screen. you can send in tips by calling any of the numbers. they say officers are standing by. we have the numbers on our website as well. we want to show you a picture again of the suspect one more time. police describe him as a hispanic man with a dark complexion and short hair, he is wearing a black face mask. he is also wearing black pants a dark blue shirt and he has gray air jordans and a gray baseball hat. of course we will continue to stay on top of the story, we invite you to stay with us for the breaking news, online and we will bring you updates when
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we get them. big water use changes could be coming for the east bay, the board of directors is meeting to consider raising the drought emergency from stage i to stage ii. that could mean a surcharge to cover the drought expenses. the board could also decide to charge fees for people that use the most water. the district already asked one and a half million customers to cut use by 10%. >> we have been through a drought before, we will go through a drought in the future, our customers know what to do and our job is to be there and support them. we have a variety of incentives and rebates in place. a lot of information to help our customers make smart choices. >> the last time they moved to a stage two drought emergency was in 2015. it came with a 25 percent surcharge on water use.
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>> after a couple of weeks, speculation, he actually did. elon musk, ceo of tesla and the richest man in the world has agreed to purchase twitter to close to 44 billion. when all of the regulatory stuff is done, no more stock price. the investors will be bought out. what happens next has some people concerned. employees are among those worried. they had a all hands meeting this afternoon and they have concerns about job security. users are concerned about what will happen with the service. twitter has had the reputation of being the most trusted place for news, the question is, does elon musk's promise of free speech diluted that message.
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>> building a social media platform that honors free speech while not becoming a cesspool of disinformation and hate speech may be harder than building cars and rockets. >> employees said they have been told there are no planned layoffs at this time. the board voted to accept his offer which was unanimous. another question is, will donald trump be allowed back on twitter? the president released a statement saying he is not going back to twitter. about 1000 nurses walked off the job today. the strike comes after months of negotiations between nurses in the hospitals. nurses are demanding better pay, more staffing and mental health resources. stanford says both hospitals offer nurses competitive practice packages. stanford announced it will cut health benefits on may 1 for all
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nurses who continue to strike. >> teachers in oakland might be striking later this week. the school district gave that the teachers until noon today to call it off before the district takes action. teachers have not touched, 75% of oakland teachers union voted for a one-day strike this friday. the teachers are upset over planned school closures. the district is saying it will take action now which could include seeking a injunction from the state, public employee relations board. the district said it will take any action it deems appropriate to prevent this illegal activity to protect district students. >> county leaders started a tough conversation tonight about the exploding crisis that is taking the lives of a record number of teenagers. according to the corners office , it is bad. school, law enforcement, public health officials talked about
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last year being the counties deadliest year for accidental opioid debts. they blame dealers adding cheaper but powerful fentanyl to other drugs. a common theme, how do we get kids to understand that any illicit drug could be potentially laced with a lethal dose of fentanyl? >> they should not ever hesitate to reach out. >> this public conversation comes on the heels of reports by our own investigative unit examining overdose deaths of a 16-year-old santa cruz girl, her parents say fentanyl was found in her system. you can watch the investigation on this crisis and how some agencies are responding by going to the website.
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we are back in 60 seconds. next, protecting oakland's chinatown with the help of teenagers and new tools. how they are helping to crackdown on crime. >> not a field of dreams, the reason a high school baseball team can never play a game on their home field again. i am chief meteorologist jeff (music throughout)
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we want to give you updates on the breaking news now in san jose, there is still no sign of this three month old baby or the man who is believed to have kidnapped him from his apartment. tonight we learned a unspecified cash reward is being offered. that little baby, brandon, within the last few minutes, the crime scene truck has arrived. also fbi agents. this is a live look at the scene. you can see several agents and officers out in front of that apartment. this is near 880 and the alameda near the college. police say brandon was taken while his grandmother was unloading groceries out front. this is video moments after, you see the man walking down the street holding a baby carrier. the baby is believed to be inside. if you have any information on their whereabouts, here is a
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photo of the possible suspect and maybe brandon, police are urging you to call them tonight. some positive steps forward coming out of oakland's chinatown. store owners say new measures to reduce crime are working. they said they had a couple of problems over the weekend but volunteers and extra police came to the rescue quickly. we have more. >> reporter: in this surveillance video you can see the pregnant store owner carry the airhorn and chasing away the shoplifter. carl with chinatown's chamber of commerce say these donated tools such as safety alert and pepper spray are helping volunteers prevent and solve crimes. last weekend teenager
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volunteers made a difference. >> somebody holding sharp objects. this young volunteer, when they saw the situation they quickly reported it. >> reporter: jackie is 13 years old, a middle school student. >> we are trained, if we see something suspicious take a photo and send it to our adult volunteers and if it is really suspicious like somebody holding a knife or yelling in the street that somebody, contact the police. >> reporter: jackie and other volunteers carry radios and where body cameras and more surveillance cameras are in chinatown which has helped cut down on time crime. >> we went from 5 incidents
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everyday to only a couple incidents in a few months. that is a huge difference. >> reporter: car vandalism and theft are also down which gives store owners hope that things are turned around. with the warm weather storeowners are hoping more people will come out to chinatown. >> it makes me happy to help out this community. >> reporter: nbc bay area news. a san jose high school baseball team is refusing to play a single home game because the coach says the field is in such bad condition it is dangerous. it is filled with holes and some practically swallowed the coaches fourth. the coach decided to cancel all home games to protect the team. they play all of their games on the road now.
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this year they got new fencing, scoreboard and backstop at the principal says they do not have enough money to repair the field. >> it is unfortunate the public acts education gets put into a position where we do not have the funds to provide the facilities our students need. >> the royals are 5-3 for the season so far. a powerful gathering to help kids tonight, one thing we know from the pandemic, our mental health has suffered. experts agree, the toll it is taking on our kids will last for years. a whose who for bay area community leaders and athletes, you see steve young and jerry rice. this is the sharon heights country club, a fundraiser for the child mind institute come a organization that helps family and kids deal with until health issues. barry bonds, the list goes on. among the issues, realizing you have a problem and getting help. >> i did not know until i was 33
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, it affected my life dramatically at times. i just needed to ask the question. i am talking to myself. do not be afraid. >> the only silver lining as far as i can see is tele-mental health and everybody is talking about their kids mental health because of covid-19 and it has given people license to say i am worried about my child's mental health. >> we have to encourage companies in all of our friends to say, what can i do? how can i get involved? >> steve young had mental health issues, playing for the 49ers, he finally talked with the team doctor about it after a game. he helped raise a lot of money tonight for the institute. let's talk about the rest of the week. what are we looking at? >> we have wind rolling in as we head through the next couple of days. no rainfall like last week so let's take you to the forecast
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and we will get you right to it here as we head into this week. two different systems rolling into help bring us some of the wind. we also get cloud cover on and off at times and comfortable temperatures. let's show you the wind forecast for tomorrow, 5-25 miles per hour, breezy for the morning and then by the afternoon it will kick up, 50-40 miles per hour in san francisco and the northern coastline. we will get the clouds to start and then as we head to the afternoon the sunshine comes in. if you can get over the fact we have a little wind tomorrow we still have a decent day. we begin with temperatures in the 40s across the bay area. 45 in the valley. 48 in south bay. heading into san francisco will be 49 in the north bay. the daytime high tomorrow will not adjust. as we head into the afternoon we find plenty of mid-70s from santa rosa back into concorde.
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low 70s from san jose to morgan hill. we keep the chance for wind gusts in the forecast as we head into wednesday. 50-35, the strongest day will be thursday, 20-45 and we will start to see it move down here. temperatures in san francisco in the 60s and to the inland valleys, we drop down 270 on thursday and this weekend we go back up to the low 80s. after that rainfall last week i have been hearing from folks, when could we get more? the second word week of may is looking promising for more rainfall to get here. that will definitely be some unusual rainfall so we are keeping our fingers crossed. happening now, back on earth, the three businessmen who traveled to the international space station a couple of weeks ago have returned safely. the space x capsule successfully landed off the coast of jacksonville earlier today. it is the first time they
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opened space travel to tourists, it cost each passenger treatments for covid-19 are moving forward with approval for young children and babies. the usda has granted approval for the drug to teach treat infants. babies over 28 days of age are now eligible. it makes the drug the first
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approved treatment for children under the age of 12. a welcome development for any parents waiting patiently for vaccines to become available for kids under the age of 5. mehta is opening its first store. it will be in the bay area. today they announced their first show room will sell the oculus virtual reality headset and other products exploring the meta-verse. it is a effort by the company to connect people in the real world with the meta-verse. the store will open at the campus on may 9. >> are you getting one of those?
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there was drama tonight and a hero for the giants is a guy you never heard of. >> luis gonzalez. tonight we are fully aware of gonzalez. in milwaukee the giants were wrapping up their you road trip. top of the 9th, the game tied at 2. not anymore. gonzalez with a 2 run home run. his first career home run. after the game he says he wished his family was there to see it. the giants were victorious, 4- 2. the nfl draft is this week and today, the general manager john lynch met with the media and addressed the samuel situation. the talented wide receiver still has not signed the long- term contract he is looking for. he is asking for a trade.
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today john lynch the gm spoke glowingly about him and made it clear the 49ers do not plan on trading him. >> he checks that box, he is a great teammate. i think of things like prior to games, he is always throwing the ball with fans. he is a great member of the community so we have nothing but love for him and appreciation but you do not let guys like that walk. i cannot envision a scenario where we would. >> so is show me the money basically.
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before we go we want to revisit this issue of the three month old baby taken from san jose this afternoon. within the last 30 minutes, the crime scene then arrived, also a team of fbi agents. they are looking for brandon and the man believed to have taken him from his apartment near a 80 and alameda. police say brandon was taken while the grandmother was unloading groceries. this is a video of a man walking down the street holding a carrier that police suspect has brandon inside. >> here is a closer look at the suspect, police describe him as a hispanic man with dark complexion and short hair wearing a black face mask. along with lack pants and a dark blue shirt and also gray air jordans with white trim and a great baseball cap.
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a unspecified cash reward is being offered. 911 of course but with any information you are urged to call is jp the social media mega-deal. billionaire elon musk winning his bid to take over twitter. the tesla ceo reaching a deal to buy twitter and take it private for roughly $44 billion. his message about free speech and will ban users like donald trump be reinstated. new footage and body cam from the deadly "rust" movie set shooting alec baldwin seeing rehearsing with a prop gun before the fatal shot and moments after what he told police. donald trump held in contempt by a new york judge in a civil investigation into his company. why he is now facing
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fines of $10,000 a day. russia striking five train stations in ukraine. hours after top u.s. officials visited kyiv secretary of state antony blinken declaring, quote, russia is failing, ukraine is succeeding. our team inside odesa tonight. two days before she was set to be put to death, a texas court halting the execution of a mother of 14. the supreme court hearing arguments over a high school coach who lost his job for praying on the field how the justices signaled they may rule. and my conversation with a nasa trail blazer about to make history in space >> announcer: this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. good evening, everyone twitter is trending on twitter on news that the company has been sold to elon musk, one of the world's richest man who is planning to take the site private and carry out his vow to redef


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