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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 26, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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we want to start out the morning saying good morning to you. thanks so much for making us a part of your morning. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm laura garcia. don't forget if you're on with us, you can watch on your phone, roku, amazon fire, apple tv, and online. >> first meteorologist kari hall has a look at the forecast. >> it's cooler in spots. headed to work our temperatures very much in the low 50s, what we're used to for this time of year. more peeks of sunshine going into late morning and it won't be as warm as yesterday but still pretty nice for this afternoon. you will notice some higher winds kicking up today and those winds stay gusty over the next couple of days. we'll talk about the changes ahead in the forecast. mike, now you have a crash in the east bay? >> san pablo westbound 80 a critical part of the upper east shore freeway affecting the on-ramp. i'm told you see the speed sensors so it must be visible from the freeway itself as folks are traveling around the bend,
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speeds are starting to recover, should be okay. the build here vallejo highway 37, highway 4 coming through concord and the bay bridge and the toll plaza approaching the metering lights which have been activated. everything else is relatively calm. 6:00 right now, we are continuing to follow this breaking news, the desperate search that's under way right now for a baby kidnapped in the south bay. baby brandon is just 3 months old, was taken from inside his home. it happened as his grandmother was unloading groceries. >> "today in the bay's" kris sanchez live in that neighborhood, this is where brandon was taken, and kris, i know new photos show a vehicle that may be tied to a man and now police are looking for that person. >> reporter: right, and san jose police have said since last night that this case is going to be broken by somebody who steps forward and says or does the right thing. so take a look at that suspect vehicle that we got just within the last hour, this is what you're going to want to watch for as you hit the road this morning. it is a 2011 silver nissan quest
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mini van, with california license plate 7hwf353. there is a circular white sticker on the loer left corner of the rear window. we saw a vehicle towed from the apartment. an officer confirmed this is part not elaborate. it is a small dark nissan suv. we'll keep an eye on that and ask questions later this morning. the fbi is also now involved in the search and deployed its child abduction team. they searched several apartment buildings here in the 1,000 block of elm street near 880 and alameda in san jose last night. san jose police say this is the suspect that they are looking for. it is video of a man holding baby brandon's baby carrier with a blanket over it. police describe him as an hispanic male, dark complexion
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and short hair, he was dressed at the time in black pants, dark blue shirt, gray air jordans and gray baseball hat. he was wearing a black face mask. baby brandon is 3 months old and when he was taken his family says he was wearing a white oncie with little dinosaurs on it, certainly not enough clothing for these early morning hours that are so cold. his grandmother was watching him as you said his mom was at work, took him into the apartment while she was unloading groceries. in that time the suspect walked in and casually walked out with the family. his family are shocked and scared and coort the baby's mot been allowed nearhe are urging suspect to surrender baby brandon safely. >> if you have this baby, please get that baby back to its mother. we can deal with consequences after. anybody who is a mother or a father, you don't love anything
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more than you love your child. this mother right now is going through a very, very bad time. >> reporter: sklar county has been sending alerts to phones in the area urging anyone with information to call in. take another look at the suspect vehicle description, see if you can help with more eyes on the roadways. this is considered a stranger abduction at this point, because the family says that person who took baby brandon, they have no idea who he is. >> kris, before you go, yesterday police were saying they had not issued an amber alert because they didn't have a description of the vehicle. now we have one, so why have we not seen an amber alert go out yet? >> reporter: you know, these things take time and there is a specific protocol, law enforcement don't want people looking for a vehicle that might not be the right one. it took this amount of time to get the suspect vehicle description and i expect that perhaps later this morning, now that there is actionable information, we may be seeing those amber alert boards
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lighting up on the freeway. >> certainly hoping for a safe return for little baby brandon. >> maybe they can track down who owns the vehicle and how it's connected. thank you very much. we'll show you a picture once again of the suspect, police describe him as a hispanic man with a dark complexion and short hair. he was wearing a black face mask along with black pants and a dark blue shirt. he also had an gray air jordans with white trim and a gray baseball hat. stay with us for the latest on this breaking news on air and online at we'll bring you any updates in this newscast as soon as we get them. >> 6:05. new development on the covid front. federal regulators approved the first treatment for children under the age of 12. the fda will now allow children as young as 1-month-old to be treated with the covid drug remdesivir. it was made by foster city-based company gilead and it may help doctors battle the recent surge in child hospitalizations from the fast-spreading omicron variant.
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happening today, dublin teachers plan to hold a rally and march to district offices. teachers argue the district is not prioritizing in retaining and recruiting the best teachers. the district is focused on expanding and modernizing its campuses. the rally starts today 4:00 p.m. outside of dublin high school. developing this morning in oakland, oakland teachers are expected to provide an update later this morning on plans to hold a one-day strike on friday. the union ignored the district's noon deadline yesterday to call off the strike, instead saying 75% of its members voted to authorize the strike. the district calls the whole thing illegal. the teachers are angry about planned school closures which will start taking effect this fall. big developments in the world of business. elon musk purchases twitter. >> scott mcgrew, everyone wants to know what this will mean for the social network and their accounts more importantly. >> i want to know the same thing.
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marcus and laura, anyone who tells you they can say what's going to happen when the world's richest and sometimes quirkiest man takes control of a social network, we've seen seen a situation like this. it's unpredictable. we can look back at some of the things musk has said in the past. he says he wants to open up the platform, "freer speech" he said that "free speech is the bedrock of a functioning democracy" and twitter is the digital town square. free speech is a mine field for any business leader, look at mark zuckerberg who created facebook. he still hasn't got it properly worked out for free speech. he often changes his definition. i think on top of everyone's mind whether musk will give former president trump his twitter account back. twitter suspended trump. permanently for fomenting violence. trump told our sister network cnbc he's not coming back to twitter because he's be on his platform truth social. the one thing we can say is musk isn't doing it for the money.
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twitter makes about $3.75 billion in annual revenue, not profit, that's revenue. to give you perspective how big of a company twitter is, it is about the same size revenue wise as olive garden. twitter founder jack dorsey reacted favorably to the sale. he said while no one person should own twitter, he added solving for the problem of it being a company, elon is the singular solution i trust. "i trust his mission to extend the light of consciousness." not the same reaction from elizabeth warren who said the deal is dangerous for our democracy. billionaires like elon musk play by a different set of rules, than everyone else, accumulating power for their own gain. >> another big question, will he keep twitter in the bay area? >> right, so this is a question we've been debating back and forth and twitter barely is in the bay area as it is. >> yes. >> it's a remote operating company so they're allowed to stay home. i don't think so in the
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long-term, no. even in the short term, they're not really in their offices. >> interesting. so what happens next? >> you can have a shareholder meeting. you have to have one for the shareholders to actually make this official. you can have it any time but they were already having one scheduled for may, so they might as well do it then. >> they'll cover it then. >> thank you. >> all right. >> we were talking about free speech and he's so local as well but doesn't allow a lot of that in his company. >> free speech for me but not for thee. a half dozen examples but a situation where they fired a tesla employee for union organizing and the national liberal relations board say that's super illegal. that guy had a right to do what he did and they had to reinstate him back in to tesla. so musk talks about free speech but doesn't always practice it. >> very interesting to see what happens next. >> thanks, scott.
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6:09 for you this morning. hey, the sun is starting to come up, we're seeing the daybreak, yes? this is "today in the bay" in san francisco for you this morning. meteorologist kari hall has been monitoring what we can expect from temperatures throughout the bay area today. it's starting off cool. how is it going to shape up for us? >> another really nice day as we take a live look outside in fremont. we always keep an eye on this camera when we know it's going to be a windy day to see how the flags are moving in our live camera. a little bit of a breeze starting out. in the delta coming to work or just enjoying the day out there, it's going to be in the upper 50s to start and as those winds pick up, the temperatures will increase to about 75 degrees, a little bit cooler than that we've seen recently as the cold front is sweeping through. we start out with clouds. we'll see it clearing and it's going to be a very windy day especially near the coast. we'll talk more about that coming up and mike you're saying the sensors are suddenly looking a little odd. >> don't look too closely. the colors they are turning toward yellow and orange kind of
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eased up toward the green. speeds are a little better in san jose which we kind of expected. we don't expect the second slowdown to kick in for another half hour. hayward we usually see a steady build. it lightened up toward union city and highway 84 looks like it's lighter as far as the speed goes, a little bit faster, going through vallecitos, nothing big deal. your traditional build toward 35 minutes byron to 580 for vasco and the bay bridge metering lights are on so we have that traditional spot. the next story, mike, you'll probably enjoy, keeping things car-free 24/7, next on "today in the bay" we'll talk about that, two popular bay area destinations got more popular during the pandemic once cars were banned. the decisions happening today that may make the road to reopening a whole lot longer. plus, all new this morning, one popular ford going green for the first time ever. a look at production starting today for the first all-electric
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pickup truck. ♪ and i will always love you ♪ >> and the legend heading back to the big screen. we have your first look at the new whitney houston bio pic. we'll be right back.
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new whitney houston bio pic.
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right now at 6:14, as you're headed out in the east bay, parts of the tri-valley, starting out with clouds, temperatures in the low 50s. we have a light breeze right now but those winds really pick up today as a cold front moves through and it won't be as warm as yesterday, as we get a mix of sun and clouds. we'll talk about the changes ahead in our forecast, coming up. and we had a lighter backup at the bay bridge toll plaza, but there it is, filled in now. all of the lanes back to the 880 overcrossing. we'll talk about the different pattern you might expect for the next couple of days coming up. >> what a difference from 4:30 this morning. at 6:15, a heads up if you're in the north bay this week and spot a small plane flying low and slow. it may be a pg&e team and a six-winged cessna inspecting not just power lines but gas lines underground. the planes are also looking for any human activity that could damage the lines along with any natural movement like landslides.
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>> the airplane has an hd camera affixed to it and it has infrared capabilities that could see the pipeline which is obviously underneath the ground so that will help the airplane locate the pipelines and check to see if there's any digging or construction or anything that could impact the pipeline or obstruct pg&e's access to that pipeline. >> some of the utility lines can sit just inches below the surface so pg&e reminds everyone to call 811 before you start a project where you live or work. whether it's a big project like digging a trench, replacing a fence post or just planting a tree, pg&e will show up to mark where the lines are so we can work safely. san francisco leaders may be ready to permanently make part of jfk drive through golden gate park car-free. the one and a half mile closure has been closed since the start of the pandemic. the stretch is becoming a popular space, people enjoying biking, skating, walking, taking a jog as you see there. more recently, people have been calling for all or part of that road to reopen. today's discussion will be part
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of a regular supervisor's meeting starting at 2:00 p.m. san francisco not the only place where the car-free debate is playing out today. san jose leaders are weighing keeping san pedro street permanently off-limits to cars around the area around san pedro square between west santa clara and st. john streets, and this area has seen a big boost in pedestrians since the street closed to cars during the pandemic. councilmembers are considering the partial closure of post street in the area around south first but only between thursday night and sunday. 6:17 right now, ford is producing his f150 lightning truck. they will be on hand when the assembly line starts rolling. ford is hoping to produce 150,000 lightnings per year. it already has about 200,000
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reservations. lightning starts in just under $40,000 with a standard battery good for 230 miles. mid range battery will set you back about $54,000 and the long range f150 starts at 75 grand. both models can travel 320 miles. trending this morning a first look at the much-anticipated upcoming whitney houston bio pic. this is hoag naomi aki as the singer. fans saw a short clip at the cinemacon convention in vegas but it's not yet been released. that film called "a wanna dance with somebody" is due to hit theaters in december. that should be a good one. >> yes. >> all right. also trending for you this morning, movie over spider-man, because marvel has a new hero. >> that's right, move over,
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spider-man. bad bunny is starring in "el muerto" bad bunny will star as hero ricardo sanchez, the first latino act yar to lead a live action movie. "el muerto" is set to hit theaters in january 2024. >> bad bunny is good marvel >> big ears. >> "hop" to it! >> it's going to draw a lot of fans. here we have our own superhero, meteorologist kari hall always keeping us updated with what we can expect. >> i don't know about that. i would make it rain if i could a little bit more. >> dollars or precip? >> we need rain like real rain. money you can't do anything with that in these situations but take a look at this sunrise this morning, that's worth a thousand
6:20 am
bucks. if you take a picture, tag me and on social media @karihallweather. clouds and temperatures in the mid-50s. as we go into today some peeks of sunshine around 12:00 to 11:00, shortly thereafter. we'll see winds picking up as a cold front moves through. let's look at our high temperatures for today. 71 in milpitas. 72 in los gatos. not bad. we'll still have the comfortable weather but won't be as warm as yesterday. walnut creek reaching 74 degrees, while oakland will see a high of 68 and we'll be in the low 60s for daly city. a windy day in san francisco, only reaching about 63 degrees there and 74 in santa rosa. as we go through this forecast, we can see what's happening here, long line of clouds and all that rain staying to the east of us. unfortunately we're not getting in on much of the wet weather but the cold front comes through and does stay dry with rain just to our north, all the way up until monday.
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that's our next chance of getting at least a chance of showers, and there could be some more right behind that but for early may, that's not bad. we typically see some rain during the month of may but that's when our window of getting some significant rain well starts to close, and then we take a look at our temperatures here in napa for the next ten days, we do see some mid-70s for the weekend, a little bit cooler on monday with that chance of showers but then temperatures bounce right back up to the mid-70s and so it's going to be quite a bit of a warmup as we go into the weekend, with some highs in the mid-70s today, low 70s tomorrow. gusty winds continue on thursday, but then warming up in time for the weekend. mike, how is it looking in the south bay? >> it's all right, kari. nothing dramatic. a slowing from san martin to morgan hill, another 15 or 20 minutes until this starts to slow more in san jose north of 680 up to oakland road. a little build continuing for the tri-valley and dublin interchange, nothing dramatic. but again, a little bit slower
6:22 am
down through hayward and in toward union city so we do see the build. moving west and pushing there for highway 4 and highway 37 and of course the bay bridge, that slowing past san pablo dam road still there, we could still see the crash at the on-ramp. back to you. >> thanks, mike. next here on "today in the bay." "nbc bay area responds." >> her brand new car runs great, but she can't legally drive it and no one is helping correct it. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. "nbc bay area responds," next. look who is out and about. kari hall, that's right, a little spring break hike. she was out with her family and you have any ideas of where to go hiking? hit up kari on instagram, facebook, twitter, for a look at more of her outdoor family adventures.
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you're a champion. you're not a quitter. quitters don't do what they're supposed to. champions do. and you're a star. and you shine. that's what you do. that's what you do every day. [inspirational music]
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6:25, a live look along elm street near 880 in the alameda and san jose where a desperate search is under way right now for a missing baby. within the last 90 minutes, the chp say they're looking for this vehicle, it may be tied to the disappearance. a 2011 silver nissan quest, california license plate 7hwf353. it also has white circular sticker in the lower left corner of the rear window. multiple agencies including a team of fbi agents now assisting in the search for 3-month-old brandon cuellar, taken from his
6:26 am
apartment yesterday afternoon. surveillance images show a man holding a baby carrier, casually walking down elm street. police say he was dressed in black pants, dark blue shirt, gray air jordans and gray baseball hat. he walked into the apartment and took the baby as the grandmother was unpacking groceries from the car. take a look at the numbers. if you have any information, police need your help, urging you could call them, call 911 or one of the hotlines that they have set. . we're posting them on all of our social media pages for you as well this morning. >> 6:26 this morning. nbc bay area responds to a south bay woman who could not legally drive her brand new car. >> so she called consumer investigator chris chmura. >> good morning. the hiccup for chris lazano in san jose was her temporary license plate. it expired. chris bought her honda civic in december and got her paper tag.
6:27 am
her contract said that the dealer would register the car by the contract but by february, no registration, no permanent plates. chris said she hounded the deal per >> numerous phone calls, waiting waiting, voice mails, nothing. >> when the paper plate expired she stopped driving the car and contacted us. we called envision honda. it then registered chris' car. the manager explained the dealer was under new management that took over the day after chris had bought her car and perhaps chris' registration got lost in the shuffle. there's more to this story. tonight at 5:30 we'll unravel the mystery of a supposed "grace period" on temporary tags. we'll lay down the law direct from the dmv. if you have a car dealer dilemma, tell us about it online at or you can call us, the number is 888-996-tips. next, top stories we're following today, including a worsening drought in the bay area, the million-plus customers in the east bay who could be asked to cut back more on their water usage.
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breaking right now at 6:30, the desperate search for a 3-month-old baby taken from his home in the south bay. escalates overnight, new developments just coming into our newsroom, including police getting a big assist in the investigation and the vehicle everyone is being asked to keep an eye out for. we have been through drought before. we are in a drought now. we will go through drought again in the future. our customers really know what to do. our job is to be there to support them and help them to do
6:31 am
it. >> fighting our climate in crisis the big cutbacks east bay water customers can expect as our state continues to battle the worst drought in decades. this is "today in the bay." good tuesday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. if you're on the go, don't you worry. you could also watch us live on roku, amazon fire, apple tv, and online. tonight at oracle park the return to the bay area's biggest baseball rivalry will take place, the bay bridge series. the oakland a's travel all the way across the bridge to san francisco and take on the giants at oracle park in the first of two games there. we'll check in with cierra johnson, she's live at oracle this morning. we'll check in with her at about 6:45 with all the fun that fans can expect. >> the fans want to know what is the weather going to look like and feel like tonight? >> it's going to be windy out there at oracle park. we're starting out with the
6:32 am
light breeze as you head out the do are in oakland. our temperatures in the low 50s, not as warm as yesterday but still pretty nice as we head for the low to mid-60s there today, reaching up to 68 degrees in oakland, 73 in martinez, and santa rosa up to 73 degrees, and we'll see some lower 70s compared to the upper 70s and low 80s we had the past couple of days. we'll talk about more changes ahead in our forecast in a few minutes. >> we'll check back with you. new developments overnight on the breaking news that we've been following in san jose and the search for a missing infant. this is a live look right now along elm street near 880 in the alameda in san jose. the 3-month-old baby was kidnapped from his home yesterday afternoon. stop what you're doing. take a look at your screen right now. a short time ago, the chp posted and pulled this image of a vehicle which may be tied to the abduction. it is a 2011 silver nissan quest with california license plate 7hwf353.
6:33 am
there is a white circular sticker in the lower left corner of the rear window. >> along with chp, a team of fbi agents now assisting in that search for brandon cuellar. police also looking for the man believed to have kidnapped him from his apartment, near 880 and the alameda. investigators say brandon was taken while his grandmother was unloading grocery. in the home, this is video of the man taking the baby, video just short a after that. you can see him carrying the baby carrier, casually walking down the street. this is elm street and this is near bellerman high school. of course, this is something that has been shocking to the whole community. >> let's take a closer look at the suspect. police describe him as hispanic man. dark complexion and short hair, dressed in black pants, dark blue shirt, gray air jordans and white trim and a gray baseball hat. we have learned an unspecified cash reward is being offered in connection to this case.
6:34 am
if you have any information, police are urging you to call them. either 911 or one of these hotlines that they've set up. the numbers right now on your screen. we've also posted them on our website and we're posting them to all of our social media pages. >> it is 6:34. to our climate in crisis. later today, more than 1 million water customers in the east bay may be asked to cut back on their water use or face fines. "today in the bay's" bob redell live this morning. east bay mud could also impose a drought surcharge. >> correct, marcus. staff at east bay mud is recommending that when the board meets later this afternoon, that they impose a penalty of $2 for every unit of water that customers use over 66 units per month. the board is also expected to declare a stage 2 drought emergency and ask the 1.4 million customers in the east bay to cut back water usage by 15%. you might recall last year, east
6:35 am
bay mud customers were asked to cut back 10%, but as of a few weeks ago, customers had only conserved 7%. the water provider points out reservoir levels are at only 71% capacity and not expected to refill after the spring snow melt from the sierra, nevada. >> i'm not watering my landscaping as much as i used to. i'm trying to cut it down to one day a week. and if it's raining i don't run it at all, i wait a couple of days. >> reporter: are you prepared to do more if they ask? can you? >> god, i don't know. that's the hard thing because we already cut back quite a bit. you know, i mean how much more can you do? >> this year we're totally removing all the lawn. that's our move this year. we keep looking every year. we've been trying to cut back as we go. >> east bay mud also expected to limit landscape irrigation to no more than three times per week between the hours of 6:00 p.m. overnight until 9:00 a.m. no runoff allowed and no watering within 48 hours of measurable rainfall. marcus, the board meets virtually at 1:15 this
6:36 am
afternoon. there will be public comment before voting on the measures. >> i was saying earlier, i could imagine a lot of people have a lot to say. that some wade i cut back so much and to add a surcharge, it's hard making it in the bay. this is going to be harder and harder. >> unfortunately, as the circumstances we are dealing with a drought it's unpredictable. >> thanks for the update. >> absolutely. in just a few hours a former theranos lab director in the trial of sunny balwani. during testimony last friday, the lab director suggested balwani served as acting manager who took part in day-to-day decision-making. the defense is trying to portray balwani more of a wealthy observer. other witnesses expected to testify this week include patients who claim they received inaccurate results from the company's blood testing machines. a follow-up, negotiations are expected to resume today involving striking stanford medical nurses.
6:37 am
about 5,000 workers there and at stanford's lucille packard children's hospital walked off the job yesterday with contract talks at a standstill. stanford says its hospitals offer nurses some of the best benefits in the country. nurses say it's not enough and calling for longstanding staffing issues to be addressed. stanford says nurses who continue to strike after may 1st may lose their health benefits. happening now, representatives from fire fighting agencies around the globe are water are gathering in the bay area. they're in san francisco and taking part in a two-day wildfire management summit. those topics include wildfire prevention, detection, prediction and suppression. organizers say the federal government spends now more than $5 billion per year on wildfire management throughout various agencies. california meanwhile spent $2 billion just last year. a live look at dublin this morning, where you can see right there a little foggy to start the morning.
6:38 am
meteorologist kari hall, we're seeing this across the bay area this morning. >> we're starting out with changing conditions as a cold front moves through the bay area. more clouds throughout the morning. a live look in san jose, the sun peeking through, even though we're starting out cloudy, it won't be like that all day. in pittsburg, much of the delta will see those winds increasing as our temperatures come down a few degrees, going from the upper 50s to the mid-70s. yesterday was warmer than that, as we look at all of our microclimates today, expect a high of about 75 in concord, and san martin, 7 degrees. and 64 in san francisco. santa rosa will see a high of about 73. we'll talk about more of those high winds in the forecast and when we'll see winds gusting in a few minutes. mike, you're seeing a delay for i-80. >> this portion of i-80, upper east shore freei would through san pablo. the last ten minutes has shown a lot of slower speeds, headed to the area passing by san pablo
6:39 am
dam road the on-ramp has a crash must be visible from the freeway. chp arrived a few minutes ago, probably an added distraction and may be temporarily blocking one lane to remove a car. no major injuries but a distraction. the rest of the speeds through contra costa county, standard pattern no big surprises. looking ahead, i'll warn you about this, giants versus a's in oracle park tonight just before 7:00 so expect about 5:30 crowds off king and third and 7:00 maybe 6:30, close one lane of westbound 92 like they did last night, same thing tonight and the following, it will be reopened by 5:00 tomorrow. back to you. >> glad you're keeping track of it. thanks, mike. 6:39, up in flames. ahead on "today in the bay" the dramatic video of a rescue in the south bay, a close call for one man overnight. but first we check in with our digital or respondent abbey fernandez. >> i'm aby fernandez but she
6:40 am
does great stuff on instagram. we'll go out to the dow industrials again, it's been a rough week, falling again. the battle of the bay tonight at oracle park. coming up, we'll have a preview of the game and the trophy at stake. you're watching "today in the bay."
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this morning on "california live" paula abdul is here dishing about her white hot performance this weekend in the desert. that's this morning on "california live."
6:43 am
good tuesday morning. at 6:42 it's a nice cool start to the morning and santa rosa it's clear, 50 degrees and we'll see temperatures feeling comfortable. near 70 degrees at 1:00 and also going to be very windy especially along the coast and in the hills. we'll go hour by hour with your forecast coming up in a few minutes. and right now we're looking at the south bay starting to build, the morning commute 280 coming toward us, 880 over that freeway. also a few more traffic headed into downtown. sharks under the water i guess technically and ducks above the water but tonight they're on the ice downtown. keep that in mind. look at this dramatic video of the man on the ground recovering this morning after that firefighter pulling him to safety. this is dramatic life-saving rescue here, it happened during an overnight fire at a san jose gas station. that was a scary and frightening
6:44 am
sight. the man is recovering in the hospital, dragged safely from the burning gas pump at a chevron along north forest street and east younger avenue. at one point video shows the man up on his feet. there's no word on the man's condition or even how that fire started. >> 6:44. the russians have sent a letter to the white house, it says stop sending weapons to ukraine. >> scott mcgrew, there's an "or else" in there as well. >> there is. the russians said they will attack the convoys carrying the american weapons and of course it's not just american weapons, it's german, british, canadian and a host of other allied countries as well. russian foreign minister sergey lavrov talking about nuclear war again, saying on russian tv last night "the threat of nuclear war should notten underestimated." this comes a day after our secretary of state and secretary of defense travel to kyiv. there's something notable about the secretary of defense lloyd austin on the left. he and by extension america no
6:45 am
longer talking about just helping ukraine, but permanently weakening the russian military forever through attrition and good weapons we're sending and sanctions. russians are unable to get their hands on electronics and spare parts. that's a pretty significant change to u.s. policy, and it seemed to happen overnight. austin's counterpart, secretary of state blinken will talk before congress today. we'll be watching for more evidence of this change of tone that has the russians so worried, they're back to talking about nuclear war. the supreme court today will hear a case involving immigrants who come across the u.s. border looking for asylum. states argue the biden white house didn't follow the rules when it changed a trump policy that forced asylum seekers back to mexico. the case really is not about whether remain in mexico is right or wrong. it's about the bureaucratic steps one administration must take to reverse the policies of a previous administration.
6:46 am
the biden white house argues it should be very easy for a new administration to make a change, voters voted for change, but it's lost that argument in almost every court so far. we'll be watching that today and we'll watch secretary blinken talking about it on social media on facebook. it's scott mcgrew tv. >> thank you very much, scott. 6:46. sorry to kill the suspense for you but you did not win last night's powerball jackpot, but guess what? neither did anyone else. so the next jackpot will grow $4 1 million and when you win that grand prize, your cash option would amount to $252 million. by the way your chances to win are a mere 1 in 292 million so good luck to you. baseball fans can hardly wait for tonight, the bay bridge series is getting under way at oracle park. >> that's where we find "today in the bay's" cierra johnson live for us this morning.
6:47 am
cierra records hardly matter to date. it is all about the bragging right. >> reporter: it is definitely all about the bragging rights. we're here early, the first pitch isn't until 6:45. as you can imagine fans of both teams waking up extremely excited for the first game in the series. it is important the a's were off yesterday but the giants won in dramatic fashion in milwaukee with the giants trailing 1-0 in the eighth inning. new giant and palo alto native jacques petterson hit a two-run home run after being heckled by fans behind home plate that gave the giants a 4-2 victory. what's at stake at the series, not only bragging rights, which is extremely important, but we are also at a new year for the bay bridge trophy called the bridge tom palak memorial trophy. palak with as a beloved member of the nbc sports family. he passed away in 2020.
6:48 am
the beginning of the series but fans of both sides waking up this morning ready to see what the outcome of tonight's game again at 6:45, first pitch. mike all morning has been talking about the traffic delays. get out here early to see your team take home that first one. >> nobody has to tell me, i'm sure you're going to flow the first pitch out but 6:45 is too late. you have to get to bed so you can come out here tomorrow morning. >> reporter: sure, yeah. >> we're going to go with that. [ laughter ] thanks, cierra. >> a lot of people feel like you have to go to the game out there, get bundled up? >> the way it is in oracle if it's in the 50s and windy, it feels like you're in tahoe. you need to be bundled up as we take a live look at oracle park, i could see the seagulls sliding by and we're going to see them out there, of course, this evening. take a look at these wind gusts at about 23 miles per hour around first pitch time, it's in the upper 50s. going through the game, those
6:49 am
temperatures continue to cool off and by the end of the game, we may only be at about 53 degrees so yeah, that's going to feel really cool and at least we are going to have a nice warm afternoon as we take a look at our highs for today, napa, martinez reaches 73 degrees and 69 in san jose. 71 in livermore. that's a little bit cooler than what we had yesterday, also the wind is the big story as the cold front passes and so we're getting this strong westerly wind right here at 3:00 this afternoon. the gusts in san francisco at 34 miles per hour, but notice all along the coast you have these bright colors, that's where we will see the peak wind gusts, also for some of our east bay hills, we are going to see some of those high winds continue and then gradually start to calm down tonight. now, even though we're starting out with some clouds and we normally do, it's mainly right now because of this cold front passing, we can see the clouds extending across northern california, and unfortunately no rain with it. as we go to the next few days,
6:50 am
we're going to see these cold fronts passing, rain missing us but by early next week to kick off may, we may start it off with some rain, and we'll see another chance right behind that for next wednesday into thursday. so it is good that we are seeing some rain chances in the distant forecast. in the near-term we cool off as the cold front moves through, highs in the upper 60s for gilroy and for the weekend it's going to warm up back into the upper 70s and then cool down once again. take a look at all of our inland folks for the next seven days, it's going to once again be windy, cool, mix of sun and clouds and a little bit cooler for the next few days but a boost for the weekend with highs in the low 80s and we do see those gusty winds continue through the forecast, and san francisco with highs in the low to mid-60s. mike, you're seeing the evening delays tracking the rain forecast. >> predicting those for the bay bridge because the series is on the peninsula side. oakland fans will head across the bay. getting to the bay bridge we have delays, the top number at 35 minutes, that's the slowest
6:51 am
or longest delay that we have outside of your speed limit drives coming through san pablo. we have a slower drive because of the crash still at the on-ramp for san pablo dam road visible from the freeway. the chp is there lending assistance. no major impact for the commute. typical slow spots walnut creek through 680 off of 24. the build here for 680 coming through pleasanton a little more pronounced over the last few. south bay and peninsula not so much. >> thanks, mike. 6:51. many people seeking higher education are considering taking a break. those are the findings from a new gallup poll in partnership with private educational foundation. three-fourths of students in bachelors programs and two-thirds of those seeking masters degrees cited emotional stress as a top concern. that poll was conducted in october/november with the results just being released, about half of those surveyed also say that the pandemic is likely to affect their enrollment. next, a quick look at the
6:52 am
top stories, including that breaking news. the search for the baby kidnapped in san jose. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez has been at the scene all morning. kris? >> reporter: hi there. we have new actionable information this morning, the california highway patrol putting out a suspect vehicle description that might be useful to you. we also saw another vehicle towed at the scene. we'll give you all of the details as we continue that search for baby brandon cuellar. and the first treatment option for young children who get covid. the drug just approved and its ties to the bay area company. but first let's abbey fernandez. >> on our latest episode of "synced in" we talk about the fentanyl bust and the details and how much is now off the street. watch it now on our instagram page at nbc bay area.
6:53 am
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♪ ♪
6:55 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ it is 6:55 this morning. welcome back. here's a look at the top stories on "today in the bay." >> first, we continue to follow this breaking news on the desperate search right now for a baby, kidnapped in the south bay. baby brandon just 3 months old was taken from inside his san jose home, it happened as his grandmother was unloading groceries. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez is live in the neighborhood where the little baby was taken. you've got some new info, kris?
6:56 am
>> reporter: well, san jose police said this case will be solved by somebody who steps up and says something or saw something. here is some actionable information this morning, the california highway patrol put out a tweet earlier this morning showing a possible suspect vehicle description. however, the sjpd has not confirmed this yet. 2011 silver nissan quest with california license plate 7hwf353, there is a white sticker, circular on the lower left of the rear window. within the last hour, we saw this vehicle being towed this morning from the scene an officer out here did confirm to me that this is part of the investigation though he could not elaborate. it was a small dark nissan suv. the fbi is also now involved in the search and deployed its child abduction team and they searched several apartment
6:57 am
buildings in the 1,000 block of elm street near 880 and the alameda and san jose. san jose police say this is the suspect they're looking for. he's described as an hispanic man with dark complexion and short hair. he was dressed at the time in black pants, dark blue shirt, gray air jordans and a gray baseball hat. police say he was also wearing a black face mask. baby brandon cuellar is just 3 months old. when he was taken, he was wearing just a little white onsie with dinosaurs on it. certainly not enough clothing for these chilly early morning hours. his grandmother was watching him while his mom was at work and took him into the apartment while she went back out to the car to pick up some groceries. from the car, something that a lot of parents have done, in that time the suspect went in and casually walked out with the baby. family is desperate to find him and to comfort his mother, but they say police have not allowed them to talk with her nor approach the home. >> if you have this baby, please
6:58 am
get that baby back to its mother. we can deal with consequences after. anybody who is a mother or a father, you don't love anything more than you love your child, right? this mother right now is going through a very, very bad time. >> reporter: now the chp again put out that suspect vehicle information. we are trying to consolidate that information with what we know from san jose police. you may be getting alerts on your phone about the information that is already out there. but this is considered at this point a stranger abduction as the family says they have no idea who that man was in that video with the baby. back to you. >> i cannot imagine the despair this family must be going through. >> reporter: cannot. >> i pray that baby is okay. thanks, kris. we'll show you a picture of the suspect one more time. take a look at it here, and stay with us for the latest on this breaking news on air and online. we're bringing you any updates as soon as we get them and follow us all online as we it
6:59 am
try to spread the word and bring this baby back safely. >> we are all hoping so. federal regulators approved the first covid treatment for children under the age of 12. the fda will allow children as young as 1 month old to be creted with a drug called remdesivir, made by the foster-city based company gilead. it could help child hospitalizations from the fast-spreading omicron variant. time to look at the forecast for you. meteorologist kari hall has been monitoring what we can expect today. >> a little bit cooler today, really high winds especially this afternoon, for our inland areas, highs in the mid-70s and those temperatures come down a few more degrees over the next couple of days. >> how is that commute? >> it's looking all right, just a little slowing through san pablo an earlier crash clearing. >> let's look at what's coming up on the "today" show. new details on elon musk's $44 billion takeover on twitter. also ahead live interview with mexico sheriff talking about the release of new evidence and video from a shooting on the
7:00 am
"rust" movie set. and a closer look at the soaring costs millions are facing, this is as the return to the office and ways to save money, don't want to miss that. we'll see you back here tomorrow morning. >> that's what's happening "today in the bay." we'll be back in half an hour. good morning. ominous threat. russia rattles warning the west, the risk of nuclear war is real. hours after the trip to kyiv by members of the u.s. secretary of state and defense and launching new overnight. sold. elon musk buys twitter for $44 billion. inside the world's richest man's


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